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A Large Ball of Fire

A meteorite slammed into a sparsely populated area of Honduras last month, terrifying residents and leaving a 165-foot-wide crater, scientists confirmed Sunday.

Villagers reported seeing a fireball crash and break into small red and yellow pieces on Nov. 22 near San Luis, in the western province of Santa Barbara. But Sunday's statement was the first official word that the object was a meteorite.

Maria Cristina Pineda, a physicist from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, said Sunday that the meteorite was composed of materials that were 4 billion years old, Pineda said.

UFOs over Cyprus?

Two British expats said yesterday they had seen four UFOs flying over Pervolia in the early hours of Friday.

Giving their names as Anthony and Jimmy, the two men said they were driving home from their night shift between 5am and 6am when they spotted four objects moving in the sky.

One was green, Anthony said.

They followed the UFOs, which they said were moving towards the lighthouse and continued to see them from the verandah of their house.

Anthony said the UFOs were clustered, with two a little higher up.

The unidentified craft then moved higher in the sky and disappeared. The two men were watching the phenomenon from the house for a full 15 minutes, they said.

US: Mysterious light puzzles Albany man

Brian Wright of Albany saw a circular, bright light in the eastern sky about a year ago, and he's wondered about it ever since.

He said he called the military and cable news organizations right after he saw the object, but no one seemed to be interested, and he couldn't find anyone else who had seen it. Then with recent reports of UFOs spotted elsewhere in the country, he contacted the Democrat-Herald.

©David Patton/For the Gazette-Times
Brian Wright of Albany shows a video he shot of what he describes as a strange light in the sky over south Albany in February 2007.
Grey Alien

Argentinean Police Officers make report on UFO

Two police officers, Luis Bracamonte, and Osvaldo Orellano, were patrolling Near Irene, Buenos Aires on 7 December 2007, in their trucks near the Felipe Fernandez ranch. This is a rural area. At one point they stopped the truck while Orellano exited the vehicle and walked around the area while Bracamonte remained inside the vehicle re-charging his telephone card with his mobile phone.

While looking at his phone Mr. Bracamonte notices a small light at about 1:30 AM, which was approaching their location at fairly high speed. Suddenly the light became much larger and brighter, now resembling a large "grey truck".

UFO said seen during Azeri jet crash in Caspian Sea

Azerbaijani military website www.milaz.info has said that something resembling an unidentified flying object was seen over the Caspian Sea at the time of the MiG-29 jet crash on 29 January, Ayna newspaper reported on 31 January.

"Residents of Surabad village in Xizi District, which is close to the scene of the incident, have said this. It is reported that some people saw that flying object although the weather was gloomy," the report said.

Ayna added that it had failed to confirm the accuracy of the information.

"However, according to local residents and traffic police officers serving in the area, the fighter aircraft first flew over the ground. But suddenly a bright object appeared on the surface of the sea and it was like an unidentified flying object. The plane suddenly flew towards that object and then exploded," Ayna reported.

US: Cato caves on UFOs

Free-market economist and commentator Dom Armentano never considered his occasional reflections on America's UFO conundrum to be particularly gutsy. After all, this stuff's on "Larry King" now. But his Jan. 8 op-ed piece in the Vero Beach Press-Journal advocating government declassification was evidently too much for his bosses at the libertarian Cato Institute.

A few days after his column appeared, the Vero Beach resident got a letter informing him Cato was in the "process of overhauling" its adjunct scholars program. More to the point, it was canning Armentano as an adjunct scholar.

Comment: Dom Armentano's editorial can be read here.


California, US: Who else saw 'mystery orb'?

A few weeks before the UFO sighting in Texas, I saw something incredibly familiar in Arcata. Between probably 8 and 10 in the evening, my roommate, who was smoking a cigarette out front, yelled for me to come outside. When I did, I saw a glowing red orb moving slowly across the sky, east to west.

This "orb" was completely silent, and as I watched, it changed its direction and began to move north-northwest. It then picked up speed and flew out of sight faster than I've ever seen anything fly, still no sound.

At this point I saw another aircraft, which looked as if it was military, traveling from the south. This aircraft seemed to be following it.

US: Weird Los Angeles: The Goatsucker!

Something strange is decreasing the abundant and once bold populations of coyote's in Southern California, and it's not from this planet!

On February 18th 1996 two men traveling on the 101 West Freeway encountered a peculiar 'animal' which was running alongside the vehicle. The weird beast caused such a distraction that the driver veered the motor into a ditch, causing other drivers to stop as they passed. Suddenly, all witnesses involved, saw two odd, goat-like yet bipedal figures walk towards an eerie glowing orb in a nearby field. The creatures were grey in colour, appearing scaly on their backs, but their spine was noticeable as a line of spikes, and their tear-drop shaped eyes were bright red.

England: We've had crop circles - now we've got a mysterious SHEEP circle


There were strange goings on at the farm today when a flock of sheep made their own version of a crop circle.

About 100 of the woolly creatures formed an orderly ring - baffling the farmer and passers-by.

But after hearing the roar of the boss's tractor the animals scattered like a group of naughty schoolboys.

Photographer Russell Bird, who captured the amazing scene, said:"I was quite taken aback. I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he said.

US: Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards Tells His Son Of His UFO Encounter As A Test Pilot

Date: April 1955

Time: Midday.

Location of Sighting: Edwards AFB Turbine Testing Group.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Cigar, orange, glowing and stationary at 6K'.

HBCC UFO Research Note: Permission was granted to leave the serviceman's name in this report. Also 3 prior test pilots lost their lives to other UFO encounters which you will read below. Also I should point out that this story has never been told before. Also I will not be releasing the other documents I have received due to the personal information they contain in them.