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Extraterrestrial reality, societal decline and collapse

One of the major stumbling blocks that I come across in regards to informing the government and mass media propagandized public on UFO issues is exemplified in a question I hear a lot from lay people. The question is, "So what if extraterrestrials are real, what difference does it make if aliens exist? I don't see how any of this is effecting or going to effect me for better or worse?" Questions like these are always in the back of my mind as I try to do my part in fighting for the peoples right to know the truth about extraterrestrial realities. In this article I try to point out that UFO/ET reality is a significant contributing factor to global and national societal collapse and that affects everybody! Also if you think that you are not a victim of government -- corporate media propaganda, you should take the time to read the following lengthy and well documented article.

Missouri, US: Mystery Explosions are being investigated

The Greene County Sheriff's Department was investigating Saturday night a series of explosions heard over a 10-mile area west of Springfield.

According to Capt. Randy Gibson of the Greene County Sheriff's Department, the department received "eight or nine calls" of explosions in the area of Greene County EE.

"We got reports from as far away as (Missouri) 266 west of town and north to Willard of explosions and light flashes. Some were loud enough to rattle windows at residences north of I-44 and some were barely audible.

Wales: Residents line up to confirm UFO sightings

Wrexham - More and more people are claiming they saw UFOs in Flintshire during the Christmas period.

Last week, the Leader reported on the sighting, made by Harry Hughes, of Mynydd Isa, as he was going out to his shed on Christmas Day.

Mr Hughes saw several orange-red orbs moving "faster than a plane" through the air, and glowing in the night sky. The incident matched a sighting over Wrexham last year.

Now, three more reports have come in from people saying they saw the same objects on the same day.

David Clark, of Elwy Close in Bryn y Baal, says he can confirm that everything Mr Hughes says is correct.

UFO allegedly splashed down in Kazakhstan

Pavlodar - An unidentified flying object might have fallen in the Belaya river in the May district in the Pavlodar region, northern Kazakhstan, a source with the regional emergency situations department told Interfax referring to an eye-witness.

The chief of a local police department saw a shining flying object falling in the river in the early hours of January 5, the source said, adding that the policeman "reported about it to higher authorities."

According to the emergency situations department, divers examined a 15-meter air hole and officers of the local sanitary and epidemic office took water samples.

UK: The Truth is Out: X-Files go public

British UFO 'sightings' investigated by a secret branch of the MoD are soon to be revealed and officials are braced for a torrent of inquiries

Without warning, the orange UFO swooped toward them. The crew of the RAF Vulcan bomber banked hard and radioed they were being chased across the Atlantic by a large mysterious object. The incident was classified as a UFO sighting and the details were immediately locked away.

Now, 30 years later, the extraordinary encounter is among thousands of previously secret cases contained in the government's 'X-Files' that officials are to release in their entirety.

The cases, many from a little-known defence intelligence branch tasked with investigating UFO claims, will be published by the Ministry of Defence to counter what officials say is 'the maze of rumour and frequently ill-informed speculation' surrounding Whitehall and its alleged involvement with Unidentifed Flying Objects.

Comment: A lot more people are reporting sightings of UFOs in recent times, and all of them want to know what exactly they saw. This release is very likely to be a "whitewash effort by the MoD", as such efforts are often carried out by governments in order to keep people in the dark regarding UFOs. One might want to listen to what Richard Dolan has to say, author of UFOs and the National Security State, who has researched the US government's attempts to keep the subject of and info on UFOs secret.


England: Many more claim seeing spaceships after Cornwall UFO sighting

London: A British tabloid has been swamped with calls from people who claim to having seen spaceship-like flying objects, after it reported of a UFO sighting over Cornwall in South-west England.

The Sun reported on December 29 that one Kelvin Barbery had clicked the picture of a saucer-shaped flying object, believed to be an UFO, from a coastal path between Swanpool and Maenporth, near Falmouth.

Now, a number of people are claiming to having seen alien spacecraft off the same bay in Cornwall where the original UFO was snapped, says the newspaper.

Video: Soldiers witness strange lights in night sky in Iraq

January 02/08...Soldiers witness what they think is some sort of natural phenomenon in the sky over Iraq.


UFO sightings over Worksop, UK

Several Worksop residents had a close encounter of the third kind on New Year's Eve with reports of UFOs over the town.

As the champagne corks popped to welcome in the new year some unexplained lights are reported to have been hovering over Worksop skies at about 12.15am.

Jan and John Harvey, of Carlton Road, were getting ready for bed when they looked out the window and saw something they couldn't explain.

"At first my husband thought I was seeing things. I said it wasn't fireworks or a police helicopter. They were these strange lights drifting along like a helium balloon. They were in a line like pearls lined up in a necklace," said Jan.

Canada: Definitely unidentified: couple capture on videotape mystery object hurtling toward Earth

A video of what appears to be an object trailing a dark spiraling plume behind it and plummeting toward Prince Edward Island's Northumberland Strait is the focus of intense speculation.

©Tony and Marie Quigley
Environment Canada and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada can't explain just what it was a P.E.I. couple filmed in the Island skies on Wednesday evening. When Tony Quigley and his wife Marie of North Tryon, just east of the Confederation Bridge, saw a dark spiral in the sky they went for the video camera.

A P.E.I. couple captured the strange event on video on Dec. 26, but witnesses and experts alike aren't certain what they're observing.

"We were kind of dumbfounded," said Tony Quigley, the P.E.I. farmer who videotaped the apparent unidentified flying object with his wife, Marie Ford-Quigley.

UK: UFO spotted 'zooming over downs'

Little green men may have been spotted once again in the skies above Sussex.

Michelle Huggett, 31, was left gobsmacked by the UFO she says she saw zooming across the Downs near Lancing.

The red and orange object was behaving unlike any conventional aircraft she had ever seen.

The mum of one, from Tower Road, Lancing, said: "I was walking through town when I spotted it. It was moving very fast east to west but then just suddenly stopping. There was absolutely no noise at all. It was spooky."