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The Cassiopaea Experiment Transcripts 1994 (Volume 1)

by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The Cassiopaea Experiment is unique in the history of channeling, mediumship, and parapsychology. For years prior to the first Cassiopaean transmission, Laura Knight-Jadczyk went to great lengths to study the channeling phenomenon, including its history, its inherent strengths, weaknesses, dangers, and the various theories and methods developed in the past. After having exhausted the standard literature in search of answers to the fundamental problems of humanity, Laura and her colleagues (including her husband, mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk) have held regular sittings for more than twenty years.

For the first time in print, this volume includes complete transcripts of 36 experimental sessions conducted in 1994. Questions and answers have been annotated extensively, giving unprecedented insight into the background and interpersonal dynamics of the early Cassiopaea Experiment. The sessions of this year introduced many of the themes that would recur in more detail over the next twenty years, including such topics as cyclical cometary bombardment of the Earth, the solar companion hypothesis, ancient history, metaphysics, the hyperdimensional nature of reality, and the possibility of evolution of humanity.

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High Strangeness


US: Sighting draws UFO research

Lacomb - One clear evening last September, Raye and Derral Laufer spotted what they thought were strange objects in the sky above their home on Moran Lane in Lacomb.

They reported the incident to the National UFO Reporting Center, and the
Democrat-Herald reported on their experience in October.

Since then, Raye has heard from about 100 people who have seen strange things in the sky, and a few saw what she and her husband did: Two silver, bullet-shaped objects heading across the sky and a glowing ellipse size of a Greyhound bus that hovered for about a minute above the treetops of their forested backyard and emitted sparks.

One caller was upset that the couple didn't take any pictures. The Democrat-Herald touched base with Raye again last week.

US: NASA forced to turn over files on '65 UFO

A federal ruling requires the space agency to turn over any records it might have related to a 1965 incident in a small Pennsylvania town

The U.S. government says nothing of note happened in this small town in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania at 4:47 p.m. on Dec. 9, 1965. A meteor may have passed by, but no alien ship or Russian space probe fell to Earth, as many here believe.

Still, Bill Bulebush, 82, says he knows what he saw, heard and smelled, despite the doubts of the government and others in this community 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

"I looked up and saw it flying overhead and it was sizzling," said Bulebush, a retired truck driver. "I found it in the woods down there [in a valley] and I got to it 15 to 20 minutes after it landed. I saw it 10 to 15 feet away from behind a big tree -- because I was worried it might blow up -- and it smelled like sulfur or rotten eggs and was shaped like a huge acorn, about the size of a VW."

FBI Deleting UFO Files and Fortean Material

As I noted in my post here yesterday, the FBI has quietly removed from its website a PDF collection of documentation on alleged cases of spontaneous human combustion. Instead, all you get now is a summary of the files in question.

Interestingly, the FBI has also begun to remove other Fortean files, and UFO-related data, from its site too.

For example, up until very recently - but no longer, sadly - you could also download in PDF format the FBI's 135-page file on Silas Newton, who was a key player in the legend of the alleged UFO crash at Aztec, New Mexico in March 1948.

Also: the FBI's 42-page file on Philip Corso, of The Day After Roswell, has been completely deleted from the FBI's site. All you get now is a name check listed in the "C" section of the Bureau's online research page.

Research of WWII events uncovers the unexplained

©Sun photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor
Keith Chester (pictured) wrote his book after talking with Leonard Stringfield, an American flier who reported having a UFO experience in the sky near Japan.

The peculiar red orb hung motionless in the summer sky near Frederick.

A boy at the time, Keith Chester vividly recalls that day in 1966. It was about 6:30 p.m. and Chester was on his way to a friend's house. As he walked, he noticed a shiny red ball in the sky near the Catoctin Mountains.

"The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up," Chester said. "I was so scared that I ran into my neighbor's house. I still think it was a UFO." To this day, the 50-year-old Bel Air resident has not been able find an explanation for the object, but incident sparked an interest in unidentified flying objects.

Nigeria: Mysterious Death Hits Egbin Station

Can the death of three senior staff of Power Holdings Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Egbin thermal station at Ijede near Ikorodu be attributed to "juju" power or is it a mere coincidence?

This has been a big question that could not get instant and definite answer at the Egbin power generating station. There has been an alleged juju scare in the station in the recent time while accusing fingers are being pointed at the senior officials who are not in the good books of the junior officials.

Sunday Trust gathered that one Engineer Adeleye, died after seeing the juju prepared in a calabash and placed in front of his office one morning not long ago.

Another Engineer, one Mr. Olanitori who was the Head of Maintenance Department in the station died in a mysterious way after relaxing in the PHCN's Egbin Club House. Sources at the station said the late Engineer drank some bottles of drinks, played chess game with some people in the Club House only to return home and collapse. He died few hours after he had writhed in pains, complaining of stomach ache. It was gathered that he was being rushed to a nearby hospital by his neighbours but gave up the ghost before he got to the hospital. The nature of his sudden death led to some junior workers believing that he was poisoned.

England: Mystery Lights in the Sky


South Devon - Spooky lights spotted over Teignmouth have freaked out some locals.

There were dozens of reports about the strange, whitish-coloured shapes moving up and down the estuary early on Monday evening. Was it extra terrestrials, or did the objects in the sky have a simpler, down-to-earth explanation such as lasers?

TV team finds footprints of Nepal's mysterious Yeti?

Beijing -- Television production team members investigating the existence of the legendary Yeti -- aka "abominable snowman" -- said Friday in Katmandu, Nepal, they have discovered footprints that merit further investigation.

The team of nine producers from Destination Truth, equipped with infrared cameras, spent a week in the frigid Khumbu region where Mount Everest is located and found the footprints on the bank of the Manju River at an elevation of 9,350 feet (2,850 meters).

One of the three footprints found is about 1 foot (30 centimeters) long, and looks a lot like those shown in sketches of the creature, the team said.

US: Mysterious Odor Forces Evacuation

A mysterious odor forced the evacuation of a Gwinnett County office building Wednesday morning, and sickened at least one employee.

Firefighters allowed everyone back inside within an hour because the odor dissipated on its own and the HAZMAT team could not find the source.

Employees of the McKesson Corporation were briefly evacuated from the building.

Lieutenant Thomas Rutledge of the Gwinnett County Fire Department said five employees who work on the second floor of McKesson Corporation at 1605 Lakes Parkway noticed the odor, thinking it was a possible gas leak.

Rutledge said at least one of the five experienced nausea and vomiting.

UK: 'Dorito UFO' seen in skies

A UFO, described by witnesses as looking like a huge "Dorito" crisp has been filmed over the skies of the Black Country, according to a paranormal group.

A flurry of calls has been made to Stourbridge-based UFO Research Midlands (UFORM) from those claiming to have witnessed the flying object in the sky.

Witnesses say they spotted it in Halesowen heading towards Stourbridge on Wednesday at around 7pm.

UFORM is now appealing for anyone else who saw it to get in touch to help it compile its X-files.Steve Poole, UFORM chairman, said one man filmed more than 30 seconds of footage of the craft traveling in a westerly direction from Halesowen to Stourbridge. He said: "The object has been described as looking like a huge Dorito and had distinctive red lights on its underside, which moved position while the craft was flying."

UK: Schools closed by mystery smell

A thousand pupils at two Bradford schools will remain at home for the rest of the week after being forced to leave their lessons by a mysterious smell.

Horton Grange and Farnham primaries have been closed since the start of the week when the strong odour was reported.

Although engineers initially suspected a gas leak, it is now believed the stench was caused by faulty drains. The schools are located next to each other in Stratford Road, Great Horton.

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said: "Yorkshire Water has been on site since yesterday morning and investigations are continuing into the source of the odour.