High Strangeness


Argentina: UFO Over Santa Rosa - La Pampa

Date: 14 January 2008
Time: 22:30
Temperature: 30 degrees Centigrade
Skies: Clear
Number of Witnesses: 4
Sighting Duration: 25 seconds
Sounds During Sighting: None

The evening of Monday, January 14 was completely clear and as is normal for this time of year, the temperature was steady at 30 degrees C. Four people identified as MM, SS, OM and ED were in Zona Quinta in the southwest of Santa Rosa, enjoying a wading pool. One of the witnesses (SS) was lying at the edge of the pool and saw a light to the southwest that immediately drew his attention. It was far larger than any star.

Argentina: Locals Claim Seeing UFO in Rio Cuarto

Hundreds of local residents reported a strange flying object that traveled over the area in an unusual manner. They contacted a radio station to report on the luminous form that was visible in the sky.

Carlos Oyola, a spokesman for the Argentinean Air Force, said in a radio presentation that at the time that the undefined flying object was reported there were no flights scheduled, neither private, nor commercial, nor military.

Puerto Rico: UFO Over Lares

Mr. Blacky and his mother were watching the Moon on Saturday, January 12, 2008 when they suddenly became aware of 3 lights in motion. These lights were engaged in a circular movement, with the trio of light sources forming a circle and joining into a single light. All of this occurred in front of their house around 9:57 p.m.


Puerto Rico: Strange Lights in Late 2007

On December 22, 2007, Wilmar and Frank were heading back toward Bayamon from the city of Ponce. Upon reaching Av. Los Filtros around 6:10 p.m., they watched the sunset and the arrival of twilight. Suddenly Wilma looked at the sky and saw what she at first thought was a jet. She quickly realized this was not the case, and that it could be a shooting star, but dismissed the possibility as the object remained in view and grew larger in size. She then thought it was a meteorite or something that had broken away and was falling toward the ground. That's when she asked Frank to look up, thinking that it was a meteorite or something similar. Frank told her it was a jet airplane. Wanda replied that those airplane left smoke in their wake, and this one had light. She added that it wasn't a normal aircraft, as it was flying forward and not the customary route followed by commercial planes.

Argentina: Sighting at Bahia Blanca

Argentina: Meditation Draws Down UFOS?


On December 27, 2007 in the city of Bahia Blanca (Prov. of Buenos Aires) a 14 year-old boy took three photos of an immense vehicle that approached a window in his house while his parents were elsewhere in the structure in the company of colleagues who were engaged in meditation exercises.

Puerto Rico: UFOs Over Quebradilla

Mrs. N.R. (name remains anonymous) reported the following to Ovni.Net on 01.12.08 :
"I live in Quebradillas's Barrio Cacao, near the Guajataca River. In recent nights we have been looking at the starlit sky. On December 18, 2007, we saw a brilliant light toward the south that changed colors and pulsed, remaining static. It was possible to see the colors red, green and blue, all very dim and at a great height. Today, January 12, 2008 at around 9 p.m., we saw three brilliant lights moving in different directions toward the same vicinity -- south over the river, I'd say. They joined and separated without following any specific pattern. They did this for an hour or more and suddenly vanished into infinity. This is new to me. What it is that I saw?"

Mexico: Alleged UFO in Chichen Itza

©Judith Trujillo

Photo taken on December 18, 2007 by Judith Trujillo, a Mexican national residing in Canada. The witness visited Mexico to see her family, and during a tour of the Chichen Itza archaeological site, she took photos of the Mayan ruins. Only one of those photos displays what could be an unidentified flying object, which was not visible when the shutter was pressed to capture a image of the Kukulkan Pyramid, also known as El Castillo.

Canada: What's at the bottom of mysterious Alberta hole?

Maybe it's a meteorite and maybe it isn't, but it's unlikely the source of a mysterious hole at an Alberta golf course will be discovered any time soon.

The octopus-shaped opening in the slushy ice of a golf course pond just west of Edmonton has neighbouring homeowners abuzz with the possibility a small piece of space could have plummeted to earth in their very backyards.

But the mystery will likely stay submerged in the seven-metre-deep pond that provides water to irrigate the golf course, Glen Andersen, a superintendent at The Links in Spruce Grove, said Monday.

Man Claims To Have Video Of Alleged UFO

The military now says it was training over Stephenville the night dozens of people reported seeing UFOs.

But a video surfaced yesterday of the so-called sighting.

Texas: F-16s Were in Area Where UFO Reported

Fort Worth, Texas - Fighter jets were training nearby the night dozens of Stephenville-area residents reported seeing a UFO this month, Air Force Reserve officials said Wednesday, backtracking on earlier statements.