High Strangeness


UFO Crash in North Texas 1891

When dozens of people in Erath County, Texas spotted a half mile-long UFO in the skies above them in January 2008, a couple of area residents turned to local history books for clues about what happened. Located 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth, the neighboring towns of Stephenville and Dublin lie in the very midst of what has been, historically, a hotbed for UFO activity. In fact, it has recently come to light that 56 years before the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947, the tiny town of Dublin was the site of a Roswell-like event, involving an aerial explosion of a UFO, followed by the discovery of strange debris containing mysterious, undecipherable writing.


Are We Covertly Being Colonized By Aliens?

Those of us involved in the emerging field of exopolitics attempt to make sense out of the huge body of evidence available to us involving extraterrestrial reality. I believe the stakes are very high for all of humanity that we collectively understand our situation relative to UFO/ET reality. Developing this situational awareness involves understanding the real reasons for 60 year old UFO/ET cover up even while we struggle to end it.


Unidentified Flying Objects not new to North Texas

A breathless farmer burst into the Stephenville office of the "Dallas News" on Apr. 17, 1897 and excitedly announced, "I have found it!"

"Found what?" asked the local correspondent for the big-city paper.

"Found the airship the 'Dallas News' has been talking about!"

The mysterious airships, presumed to be plural because of the many sightings, were the talk not only of Texas but the western half of the country. First observed over Sacramento, California on Nov. 17, 1896, the phantom fleet had since moved steadily eastward reaching the Lone Star State in early April 1897.


Scotland: UFO mystery in the sky at night

Rising eerily into the night sky, they're unidentified, flying and orange.

ufo scotland


Ohio, US: Strong odor that caused evacuation still a mystery

Akron General outpatient facility back to normal

The cause of the strong odor that forced the evacuation of an Akron General Medical Center outpatient facility Wednesday still has not been determined.


Zimbabwe: Mysterious fire guts hut

In a suspected case of witchcraft that left villagers in Lalapansi in a state of shock, a 48-year old man had his hut gutted by a mysterious fire while his clothes were burnt to ashes, but the wooden wardrobe they were in remained intact, police confirmed.

Evil Rays

Beeping Creatures


An interesting characteristic of Bigfoot, UFO and alien encounters is the electronic, beeping sound many witnesses report hearing during these incidents.



UK: Have UFOs come back to the South?

The Daily Echo has been receiving reports of some strange and suspicious looking lights shining in the night sky above Totton and the New Forest.

Some puzzled readers have spotted unidentified lights and believe it could be another UFO sighting above our region.

One confused reader commented: "I saw lots of lights in the sky above Totton at about 9pm. Can you shed any light on these? Did anyone else see?"


Mexico: Hairy Creature Attacks Sheep in Pustunich

The bizarre deaths of four sheep in a small ranch of this community has caused trepidation among local residents, as there are those who claim that the "Chupacabras" is to blame.

Some locals claim having seen "a hairy animal standing nearly 2 meters tall" in the dark of night.

This situation has caused the town's habitual repose to be interrupted, especially that of the ranch's owner, who has even decided not to breed any more animals to avoid attracting the strange entity.


Minds from Other Times

Psychiatrist Arthur Guirdham wrote extensively about a patient: a 'Mrs Smith'. Going to Guirdham following nightmares in her early 30s, she began having memories of being a member of the sect, the Cathars, in 13th century France.

Mrs Smith had suffered inexplicable blackouts since she was thirteen, describing them as if she was 'going out of time'. The knowledge she woke up with allowed her to write down the lyrics of an old medieval song in an obscure French dialect. Her therapy came to a head in February 1966 when she actually re-lived her death by fire in graphic detail.