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UFO followers flock to Aztec

Aztec - Legends sometimes are born from facts; other times they come from hope or fear.

Either way, legends prevail when people listen with open minds.

An open mind is all organizers of the 11th Aztec UFO Symposium asked Saturday from the dozens of participants who flooded into the Masonic Lodge.

The symposium, near the alleged UFO crash in Hart Canyon north of Aztec, attracts believers and skeptics from across the country, each looking for evidence of alien life.

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The Mysterious Case of Two Spheres Falling to Earth in Australia and Brazil

On the March 24th, a story hit the web from Brazil asking for help identifying a mysterious-looking sphere found in farmland. The black, shiny object appeared to be wrapped in fibrous material and it was hot to the touch. Immediately thoughts of extra-terrestrial origin came to mind...

Today, several news sources covered the discovery of a mysterious spherical object found in the Australian outback last year. The farmer who made the discovery has only just started to make inquiries into what the object actually is.

Space Spheres


Back from the Dead?

Debunkers and pseudo-skeptics claim that the phenomenon known as the near-death experience (NDE) is nothing more than an hallucination or some misfiring of the brain caused by chemicals or a lack of oxygen. However, to those with an open mind, the NDE appears to be one type of out-of-body experience (OBE) -- an experience that suggests we have a spirit body or etheric body in addition to our physical body. The case of "Pam Reynolds" is often cited as one of the best, but skeptics have attempted to pick holes in that case. Now, the "Sarah Gideon" case seems to plug those holes. In The Scalpel and the Soul, a new release, Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, a Tucson, Arizona brain surgeon, tells about the Gideon case.


UFOs Continue to Invade CNN's Air Time

From the July of last year, mainstream talk show "Larry King Show Live" that airs each day on CNN has devoted his air time 4 times to the subject of UFO's. We were able to watch debate about 60th Anniversary of Roswell and announcement of the exclusive press conference in National Press Club about UFO's that happened in the last November. In the later shows, Larry has presented different views about Stephenville UFO sightings.



UK: UFO spotted in Wigan

It's a grainy image of a light moving steadily across the Hindley sky before abruptly stopping and shooting off.

A helicopter, plane ... or something out of this world?

There's no doubt in the mind of the Hindley man who captured this very "weird" moment on his phone camera on Friday, March 14.

He first noticed the "big ball of light" running right to left across the sky as he was stood having a smoke outside the Wiganer pub.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: "As it flew over the old folks home and reached the end of the roof line of that building it suddenly changed direction and appeared to go straight up in the sky and away from us at the same time.

MYSTERY: Is this a UFO photographed over Wigan?


US: Seeking UFOs, deep underground

"That door," he says with dramatic pause. "That door weighs 4,000 pounds. It's been reinforced to withstand a nuclear blast."

Peter Davenport has a radio voice, the kind of exaggerated baritone that cuts through walls and most doors, but not this one. This is solid steel and a foot thick.

It is Davenport's door, which opens into a tunnel leading below ground to what was once a nuclear missile complex here in the desert of eastern Washington.

The Air Force decommissioned the site in the mid-1960s and it sat empty for most of the time since.

Davenport, longtime director of the National UFO Reporting Center, a nonprofit clearinghouse and 24-hour hotline for UFO sightings, bought it for $100,000 two years ago to turn into his new headquarters.

©Ingrid Barrentine / Associated Press


Nigeria: Babura - Where Mystery Fires Ravaged a Community

It was stranger than fiction. Samira, a 16-year-old teenage girl saw the first fire and she immediately became the 'eye' of the town of Babura, Jigawa State, in a mystery that has so far defied any rational explanation. It started at random across Babura, and for three days, the residents of the usually quiet town were harassed by the mystery fires. Taiwo Olawale writes.

The mystery started on the afternoon of the first Friday of the month of March. Around 2.30pm, shortly after the Friday congregational prayers, young Samira was running an errand within the vicinity of her Kofar Arewa home when she stopped suddenly. Shaking with fear, she screamed, "Ga wani ze sa wuta a gida" (someone is going to torch a house). Those who heard her screams ran towards her. But no one saw anybody with any that could ignite a fire.


UK: UFO spotted over Corby

This amazing picture was taken by a friend of our resident UFO spotter Krzysztof Dreczkowski, wo was a member of a UFO club in his native homeland of Poland before he moved to Corby.

©Krzysztof Dreczkowski
Is it a bird?

Black Cat

The Deep Ones and the Madness of Crowds

"I could not but feel that some noxious marine mind had declared a war of extermination upon all the solid ground" - HP Lovecraft, The Crawling Chaos

©Jeff Wells

This, I think, is the deep context in which we should situate the perpetual travesty machine of American politics. Here too, restrained predation "doesn't quite kill or does kill only slowly." Here, rather, it "keeps hope alive." All through the Bush years, scores of non-Republicans have anticipated the brutal full-flowering of traditional dictatorship with all the trappings: martial law, mass internment and the cancellation of elections. Through much of the Clinton years, many non-Democrats looked for the same. It didn't come (though some are still waiting). It's as if they've not only expected the worst, but sought it, to put them out of their misery. But the worst exceeds their expectations, and their misery is to be protracted indefinitely.


Australia: Mystery metal ball an outback space oddity

AN outback farmer is on a mission to identify a strange ball of twisted metal - purported to be fallen space junk - which mysteriously turned up on his remote property.

James Stirton of Cheepie, 130km from Charleville in southwestern Queensland, was heading out to feed cattle on his 40,500-hectare property when he came upon the bizarre-looking blackened ball.

"It was just off the road and I had been going up there every couple of days to feed cattle so I would be surprised if it had been there more than a week," Mr Stirton said.

©James Stirton
The ball of twisted metal - thought to be space junk - on James Stirton's Queensland property