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Woman mauled by bear in northern Sweden - second attack within fortnight

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A brown bear.
A Swedish woman was rushed to hospital on Wednesday after she was attacked by a bear in northern Sweden.

The bear struck in the forests of Västerbotten's Bjurholm, biting the woman on the face and head, reported the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The woman was still conscious after the attack, and contacted emergency services who took her to the Umeå hospital.

Police have sent two professional hunters to the scene of the attack.

It remains unknown what the woman was doing in forest, nor why the bear attacked her.

It marks the second time in recent weeks that a bear has attacked someone in Sweden, after a hunter was mauled in central Sweden in late August.

Hunter mauled by bear in central Sweden

Roles were reversed in a bear hunt on Thursday night, when a Swedish hunter was attacked by his prey, leaving the man in hospital in a serious condition.

A bear hunt between the towns of Ingels and Bingsjö in Dalarna, central Sweden, quickly took a turn for the worse on Thursday. A hunter suffered a rough encounter with a bear, sustaining severe injuries before the bear was brought down.

"It seems to have been a male bear," Stig-Åke Svenson, director of nature conservation in the country, told newspaper Expressen.

The county administrative board has launched an investigation into the attack.

"One of our inspectors has been there and spoken with the leader of the hunting group," said Svensson, who said it's still unclear precisely what happened.

Soldier attacked by grizzly bear in third mauling this summer near Anchorage, Alaska

A National Guard soldier was mauled by a brown bear on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson while participating in a training exercise Sunday morning, officials said. A JBER release said the soldier was mauled by a sow defending her cubs -- the second such attack in just more than two months on the Anchorage base.

The soldier was in stable condition as of Sunday afternoon. His name had not yet been released.

The Alaska Army National Guard soldier was a participant in a daylong "land navigation exercise," said Alaska National Guard spokeswoman Maj. Candis Olmstead. During the exercise, soldiers are given a compass and map and are timed as they navigate alone to hidden locations on the course.

Woman walks over a mile for help after grizzly bear attack in Alaska

A woman mauled by a sow brown bear with two cubs while running late Sunday morning on an unpaved road on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson barely remembers the details of the attack.

The woman, who asked military officials not to identify her, remained at Alaska Native Medical Center in stable condition on Monday, a base spokeswoman said.

Bleeding from slashes on her head and arms, she nonetheless managed to walk a mile or more uphill back to the Davis Highway, where her pickup was parked, according to Mark Sledge, senior conservation officer on the base. A passing driver, a soldier, picked her up and brought her to the base hospital.

"The lady had the wherewithal, the will to survive and work her way back to her truck," Sledge said Monday afternoon.
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Russian man drives out of his garage... into a tornado

The intense footage shows as he tries to make a hasty retreat back to the garage - which has blown away

The day started like any other for this Russian driver.

But reversing out of his garage - he never could have anticipated what would happen next.

He had driven straight out into a tornado as this gripping footage from his dashboard camera - an increasingly common instalment in Russian cars to prevent insurance fraud and police corruption - shows.

The terrifying clip plays on and the man tries to return to his garage - only to see it flattened by the sheer force of the tornado before his very eyes.

The incident happened late last month in Bashkiria, Russia and the video uploader hs clarified that while the dash cam date says it was filmed in 2012, it actually happened on August 29.


Wolves kill at least 2 dozen sheep in Stevens County, Washington

© Washington Department of Natural Resources
Remote camera image of pups from another wolf pack, the Diamond Pack in Pend Oreille County, Wash., July 2009
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said Thursday it is cautioning other ranchers in Steven County to be vigilant as members of the Huckleberry wolf pack moves about their range.

Stevens County rancher Dave Dashiell, with the help of WDFW, moved his sheep away from the site where wolves killed at least two dozen of the animals in recent weeks, it said.

Working through Labor Day weekend, Dashiell rounded up his flock of 1,800 sheep and herded them to temporary holding pens five miles away, and has begun trucking them to their winter pasture in the Columbia Basin.

"The threat to one rancher's flock has passed, but there are other ranchers and other livestock in that area," Nate Pamplin, director of WDFW's wildlife program, said. "We need to make sure that the owners of those livestock operations - large and small - are aware of the pack's presence and are taking necessary precautions."

Pamplin said WDFW field staff will continue to monitor the movement of the Huckleberry pack and will contact other ranchers in the area to discuss appropriate protective measures, such as maintaining a human presence around their stock, using guard dogs, and removing animal carcasses whenever feasible.

Coyotes killing pets in Seal Beach, California

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A coyote in a suburban neighborhood. The animals have become an issue in Seal Beach.
Dave Pincek was gone for only a couple of hours when he left his dogs, Buddy and Swiffer, in the backyard of his Seal Beach home to attend his daughter's elementary school talent show.

When he came back, he heard yelping, whimpering and muffled barks. Pincek thought that one of the dogs fell into the pool.

Instead, he found two coyotes attacking his 15-year old bichon and two-year old maltipoo, which were writhing in pain and covered in blood. When the coyotes saw Pincek, they leaped over his 13-foot fence, escaping into Gum Grove Park.

"I don't want to co-exist with the coyote here in Seal Beach," Pincek told the Seal Beach City Council Aug. 11. "I want my daughters ... and my wife to walk the dog through the neighborhood and feel safe - and we don't."

Pincek's dogs are just two of almost two-dozen Seal Beach pets that have been mauled to death since 2013 as the city struggles to find a solution to a growing coyote problem.

The predator animals have become a regional issue that Seal Beach City Council members say requires a town hall meeting involving multiple cities and agencies. A date has not yet been set.


Tourist bitten by black bear near Canmore, Alberta

© H Barrison, Wikimedia Commons
Black bear in the Canadian Rockies
Denmark visitor was bitten by bear near Quarry Lake

A visitor from Denmark got a scare from a bear near Canmore this weekend.

The man was bird watching on the power line above Quarry Lake when a bear approached him Saturday night.

Kim Titchener works with Wild Smart, an organization that works to reduce conflicts between people and wildlife in the Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country. She says the man was surprised by the bear.

"The bear did make contact with him," Titchener said.

"He has superficial injuries. He was bit in the arm and he has some bruising, a torn jacket. but did not require hospitalization so he's doing okay."

Titchener says there is a cinnamon coloured bear with two cubs in the area and it might have been a defensive attack by the mom.

A bear trap has been set in the area.
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USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.2 - 122km SE of Modayag, Indonesia

Modayag Quake_100914
Event Time
2014-09-10 02:46:06 UTC
2014-09-10 10:46:06 UTC+08:00 at epicenter

0.143°S 125.092°E depth=20.5km (12.8mi)

Nearby Cities
122km (76mi) SE of Modayag, Indonesia
161km (100mi) S of Tondano, Indonesia
165km (103mi) S of Tomohon, Indonesia
175km (109mi) S of Bitung, Indonesia
932km (579mi) N of Dili, East Timor

Scientific Data
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Raging monsoon floods inundate Pakistan and India: 700,000 people told to evacuate

floods pakistan sept 2014

Kashmiris hang on to a tree to prevent being swept away by floodwaters in Srinagar, India, Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014. The death toll from floods in Pakistan and India reached 400 on Tuesday and have put more than half a million people in peril and rendered thousands homeless in the two neighboring states.
Raging monsoon floods sweeping across India and Pakistan have killed more than 440 people, authorities said Tuesday, warning hundreds of thousands more to be prepared to flee their homes as helicopters and boats raced to save marooned victims.

Authorities in Pakistan say the floods, which began Sept. 3, are the worst since massive flooding killed 1,700 people in 2010. Pakistan's minister for water and power, Khwaja Mohammad Asif, warned parliament that some 700,000 people have been told to leave their homes, which could be inundated in the next four days.

Pakistani and Indian troops have been using boats and helicopters to drop food supplies for stranded families and evacuate victims. However, the challenge of the situation grows as more than 1.5 million people are now affected as the rushing waters have destroyed the homes of thousands of families.