Earth Changes


Glacial river flood under way in Iceland

© Jón Grét­ar Sig­urðsson
East cauldron of Skaftá.
The Icelandic Met Office has just announced that a flood of the Skaftá glacier river in Iceland's mighty Vatnajökull glacier has begun.

Flood water is reportedly discharging from the east cauldron of Skjaftá. According to an IMO Facebook post, floods from the east cauldron are bigger and rarer than floods from the west cauldron.

The last time a similar event occurred was in June 2010.

Experts predict water flows of 1,300-1,400 m3/s. The flood has not yet reached the IMO's first measuring station, so no exact figures are yet available.

The flood should take 48 hours to hit the national ring-road. Bridges are not considered to be at risk, but some roads may be flooded.

Cloud Precipitation

Hundreds displaced by floods in Tamale, Ghana


Hundreds displaced by floods in Tamale
The heavy rains, which lasted for about an hour and half, flooded homes of the residents and destroyed many properties.

Hundreds of residents in Bilpela and Kalariga, suburbs of Tamale have been left homeless and cut off from the rest of Tamale after torrential rains swept through the Northern Region capital.

The heavy rains, which lasted for about an hour and half, flooded homes of the residents and destroyed many properties.

Residents have attributed the latest floods to an abandoned road project, even though this is not the first time the communities have been flooded

Some residents told Joy News the flood could have been prevented had the abandoned road project - which has an accompanying drainage system - been completed.

Bizarro Earth

Taiwan ravaged by super-typhoon Dujuan leaving half-a-million without power

'Super typhoon' Dujuan, which has been sweeping across northern Taiwan, has killed two people and displaced 12,000, while also cutting electricity to about half a million Taiwanese. More than 300 people have been injured.

The storm also hit the Chinese coastal city of Putian on Tuesday morning, according to Xinhua, but no reports of damage followed.

In Taiwan, flying debris was thrown about like paper, with gusts of wind so strong they knocked people off their feet, tore up trees and smashed windows. Multiple landslides were also registered.


Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts again


Ubinas volcano
Spectacular footage of the Ubinas Volcano in south-west Peru erupting on Monday, sending clouds of ash up 4,000 metres into the air. Marco Rivera, a coordinator for local volcano-observation group Ingement, says a body of heat was also observed inside the crater of the active volcano. Authorities have issued an ash alert for towns and communities surrounding the volcano.


Earthquake measuring 5.4 shakes Argentina

A major earthquake was reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) on Sept. 28, 2015, following a series of tremors in South America. Today's seismic activity so far has produced a 5.4 magnitude earthquake, 32 miles northwest of San Antonio de Los Cobres, Argentina. During the last 10 days, the adjoining countries of Argentina and Chile have experienced tremors measuring between 5.4 and 6.6 on the Richter Scale. Also, this morning, Honduras, which is approximately 3900 miles north of Argentina experienced 5.1 magnitude tremor, only 30 minutes earlier.

The seismic activity occurred on the Nazca plate region, which includes the offshore plate that has been jolting Chile's coastal city, Coquimbo, for the past several weeks. The largest tremor measured an 8.3 on the Richter Scale Sept. 17, 2015. CNN reported one million people were evacuated before this earthquake, which also put the region on a tsunami watch, as far away as New Zealand, over 6,000 miles from the epicenter.


3.9 magnitude earthquake hits Redwood Valley in Northern California

A 3.9 magnitude earthquake struck Northern California's Redwood Valley area Monday and was quickly followed by a 2.7 aftershock, according to the U.S. Geological Survey

A quake hit the region about 2:30 p.m., followed a half-hour later by the aftershock, officials said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

In August, a 4.0 earthquake shook up the Bay Area, with an epicenter in Oakland.


Wrong place, wrong time: Yellow-rumped warbler and Hooded oriole seen in Alaska for the first time

© Steve Schaller
This yellow-throated warbler showed up in Glacier Bay National Park where Steve Schaller and Emma Johnson spotted the bird on Sept. 22.
Just three days after a mother-son team spotted a hooded oriole in Juneau, two National Park Service interpreters spotted a yellow-throated warbler outside their offices in Bartlett Cove. It's the first time the bird has been seen in Alaska.

Steve Schaller said he and Emma Johnson spotted the bird Sept. 22.

"When we first spotted it, it sort of looked like a yellow-rumped warbler, but then we started to notice its behavior was different, and it had a longer beak," Schaller said. "We started realizing that this was something new."

Right now, the bird is feeding on insects, he said.

"It's coming up to the windows on the sides of the building, nabbing spiders and other insects," he said.

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Huge sinkhole opens up across 3 lanes of road in Melbourne, Australia


The dangerous hole has swallowed three lanes on Glen Eira Road (pictured) in Caulfield North and has stopped traffic in both directions
A burst water main has opened up a huge sinkhole in the middle of a busy road.

The dangerous hole has swallowed three lanes on Glen Eira Road in Caulfield North, Melbourne, and has stopped traffic in both directions.

VicRoads received a report about the hole at around 2.18am on Tuesday, sending South East Water to repair the damage.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills one in India

Rain wreak havoc in hilly regions of Kozhikode causing damages and losses. A woman died after being struck by lightning. The dead has been identified as Kattippara Mampalikkara Surendran's wife Pushpa.

At Parappan Koyilil three houses were damaged after a tree fell on it. More agricultural and financial losses are being reported as it continues to rain heavily.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills one, hurts three other in Cambodia

A lightning strike killed one worker and injured four others while they were loading cassava onto a truck in Battambang province's Kamrieng district on Sunday afternoon, police said yesterday.

According to Pich Kin, the O'Da commune deputy police chief, survivors told authorities that they were loading cassava to take it into Lumphat village when a torrential rainstorm swept in, but the five continued working.

"Suddenly, the lightning struck - and it sounded like a bomb - right into the cassava pile where they were loading them onto the truck. It hit Sem Borie hard and he died instantly at the site," Kin said, referring to the 25-year-old victim. "Another four workers including a four-month pregnant woman fell unconscious."

Pean Manet, a technical officer at the Kamrieng district police station, said that the two women injured in the lightning strike, Thear Keun, 20 and Yi By, 22, were treated at the Ta Krei commune health centre.