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Soccer world cup 2022: 'Over 500 Indian migrants died in Qatar since 2012'

© AFP Photo / Carl Court
Protesters demonstrate against the perceived exploitation of workers in Qatar, the location of the 2022 World Cup, before a UEFA Congress in central London on May 24, 2013.

Since the beginning of 2012, more than 500 Indian migrant workers have died in Qatar as Doha prepares for the 2022 World Cup scheduled to be held in the country.
According to official figures confirmed by the Indian embassy in Doha, 237 Indians died in 2012, while 241 lost their lives in 2013. Another 24 deaths have also been recorded for January this year.

The Indian embassy also said that since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar in late 2010, a total of 717 deaths have been registered. In 2010, 233 Indian migrants working on construction projects lost their lives, while another 239 died in 2011.

Indian officials have not yet released information such as the migrants' identities or the exact causes of deaths.

Meanwhile, Qatar's National Human Rights Committee has described the number of deaths to be "normal," saying Indians form the country's largest community.

"Indians make up the largest community in Qatar... twice the number of Qatari nationals," the committee said in a statement.


Meet Thomas Galante - The corrupt head librarian with a $2 million golden parachute

© Christie Farriella/New York Daily News
Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante, shown, is in Queens Borough President Melinda Katz's crosshairs after his $2 million golden parachute, $392,000 salary, $200,000 secret job and bill for $140,000 in renovations to his executive offices came to light.
An incredible story of shameless corruption by a "public servant" has been exposed by the New York Daily News. Sure we've all heard of banksters and Congress getting away with wild amounts of theft and lawlessness at the public's expense and then walking off even wealthier for it, but it appears the epidemic of theft is spreading fast throughout society.

Meet Thomas Galante, head of the Queens Library. As "chief executive" of the library, we find out that his many duties consisted of a taxpayer funded $329,000 salary, a sports car, $140,000 in renovations to his office, including a $26,000 private smoking deck.

Oh, but that's not it. No, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Galante was also working a side job as a "business consultant" for the Elmont Union Free School District in Long Island, a role that earned him an additional $143,000 annually. Wait, it gets even better. Now that all of this has been uncovered, he is set to receive a $2 million golden parachute if he is fired. $2 million for a head librarian.

This guy has learned very well from his proximity to Wall Street.

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Chevron apologizes to residents of small town after their fracking well exploded and burned for five days leaving one dead...with a coupon for free PIZZA


What the frack? Residents of Bobtown, Pennsylvania got an apology for a massive fracking well explosion in the form of a coupon for pizza
* Residents of Bobtown, Pennsylvania received coupons for a free large pizza as an apology the massive explosion in their tiny town

* Townspeople heard a deafening boom and and then saw flames shoot into the air February 11

* Many residents were concerned over what toxins were released into the soil, water and air

* The coupon also entitles them to a free 2-liter of soda

One hundred residents of a tiny Pennsylvania town where a fracking well exploded last week into a specular and deadly tower of flame, killing one and burning extremely hot for five days, have received an apology in the form of a pizza coupon.

Chevron sent the people of Bobtown a certificate that entitles them to a large pie at their local pizza joint, along with a letter dated February 16 assuring residents of the $250 billion company's dedication to safety.

The gift certificate also gets its holder a free 2-liter of soda.

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Denmark accused of anti-Semitism as it bans religious slaughter of animals for kosher and halal meat

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The Danish government has passed a law banning the religious slaughter of animals for halal and kosher meat.
The government in Denmark has been accused of anti-Semitism after passing a law banning the religious slaughter of animals for halal and kosher meat.

After years of campaigning in the Scandinavian country, the ban came in to law yesterday.

The change has been described as 'anti-Semitic and 'a clear interference in religious freedom' by a group petitioning against the change.

Under European regulations, animals are required to be stunned before slaughter unless an exemption can be found on religious grounds.

And animals must be conscious when killed for the resultant meat to be kosher under Jewish law and halal under Islamic law.

But, following criticism, the country's Minister for Food, Dan Jorgensen, told Denmark's TV2 that 'animal rights come before religion'.

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Son, 14, of oil millionaire is 'murdered by man after being groomed through computer games'


Victim: Breck Bednar, 14, who was allegedly stabbed to death by a man he met off the internet
The 14-year-old son of a U.S. oil millionaire was allegedly stabbed to death after being groomed over the internet while playing computer games. Breck Bednar apparently told his parents that he was going to a friend's house for a sleepover close to his home in Caterham, Surrey.

But instead he got the train and travelled 30 miles to Grays, Essex, where he was found with knife wounds on Monday morning. He later died despite attempts to save him.

Today Lewis Daynes, an 18-year-old computer engineer, appeared before a court charged with murdering the schoolboy. Breck's father Barry, 49, who is an oil futures trader, described his son as a 'happy, gentle and smart boy'.

Mr Bednar, from Houston, has worked as a managing director for BCG shipping brokers in Canary Wharf. According to his LinkedIn profile, he currently works as a partner for Tandem Partners SARL.


Satire! Clipping Queen Bee's wings: Lorde's real Grammy speech suppressed

The singer-songwriter Lorde shocked USA America's music industry when accepting her second miniature gold-coloured gramophone for the night at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday January 26 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The shock was not because the singer-songwriter won two Grammy awards, Best Solo Pop Performance and Song of the Year, for her hit single 'Royals'.

Rather, it has emerged that Lorde delivered a lecture-like speech that was a scathing indictment of global capitalism. But, the apparent 'live' broadcast had a one-minute delay and was switched to a 'rehearsal take' that had been shot earlier.

All of the nominees had been filmed earlier as a precaution, so that if any winners talked for too long or if their speeches or outfits revealed contents that breached its censorship rating, the Grammy's studio could edit such moments without the wider world being any wiser. The near-seamless insertion of the 'rehearsal take' occurred after a wide-shot of the auditorium as Lorde, and her Grammy co-winner Joel Little, made their way up the steps to the stage.

Evidently, Lorde, whose real name is Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor, was miffed about the introduction of a 'rehearsal take' and prepared a lengthy speech. Yelich-O'Connor's unexpected oratory nuclear-bomb shell nearly exploded the subterfuge of the ruling class both present and absent, and that of their media-guardians that watch over the White House-Hollywood Military-Media Complex.

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New York McDonald's fires 8-year worker after she donates food to firefighters

A McDonald's restaurant in New York fired a worker after 8 years because she "opened a whole bee's nest" by buying food for firefighters after they put out a house fire, she said this week.

Heather Levia, 23, told WIVB that she was working as a manager when the group of firefighters came in and ordered 23 breakfast sandwiches after fighting the blaze. It was a cold day so Levia covered the $83 cost of the meals herself.

"Just because I appreciate everything they do," she said.

When more firefighters came in and ordered $70 worth of food, Levia wanted to cover those meals too. But she is a single mother with twins who is working two jobs to put herself through nursing school.

So, she called her boss, thinking he might pay for the meals because he often gives food to police officers.


Maryland man accused of sexually abusing teen while he was a church deacon

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Prince George's County authorities have charged an Accokeek man with sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl when he served as a deacon in the District church they attended about a decade ago.

Police arrested Maurice Blanchard, 45, last week, charging him with child abuse and sex abuse in connection with incidents that spanned almost a year starting in July 2003, according to charging documents.

As part of their investigation, authorities set up a phone call in December between Blanchard and the husband of the now-26-year-old woman, documents show. During the call, which police recorded, Blanchard admitted to having sex in 2004 with the woman when she was 15.

"During the conversation the Defendant admitted to having vaginal intercourse with the Victim in 2004," the charging documents state.

Sandra Seegars, the woman's godmother, said her goddaughter was babysitting for Blanchard's family at the time. She did not go to police partly because she was scared, Seegars said.


Assisted suicide charge dropped against Pennsylvania woman

© The Inquirer/David M. Warren
Barbara Mancini with husband Joe the day after a judge threw out her case.
A Pennsylvania judge threw out an assisted suicide charge Tuesday against a nurse accused of handing her 93-year-old terminally ill father a bottle of morphine, a decision that brought elation and relief to the defendant and her family one year to the day after his death.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office failed to prove a crime occurred and based its case against Barbara Mancini on speculation and guesswork, Schuylkill County Judge Jacqueline L. Russell said in a 47-page opinion.

"Needless to say, we're all just elated and very happy and very redeemed," her husband, Joe Mancini, told The Associated Press. "Now is the time to heal."

Mancini, 57, of Philadelphia, was charged last summer with giving a nearly full bottle of morphine to her father, Joseph Yourshaw, at his Pottsville home in February 2013 for the purpose of helping him end his life. Yourshaw died at a hospital four days later after a hospice nurse called 911.

The judge said that prosecutors had neither established that Yourshaw intended to take his own life, nor that Mancini helped him do it.

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Psychopath: NSA agent charged with beating his 3-year-old son to death only months after adopting him from South Korea

© AP
Brian Patrick O'Callaghan, seen in his mugshot, is a decorated Iraq War veteran and high-level NSA official.
Brian O'Callaghan fought in Iraq, mastered Arabic and became a division chief at the National Security Agency. Last year, wanting a second child for their young family, he and his wife adopted a 3-year-old boy from South Korea.

"He was so loving of him," a family member said.

It is a background that made allegations revealed in Montgomery County District Court on Tuesday seem all the more stunning: Alone with the boy - with his wife out of town, his other son in a different part of the house - O'Callaghan repeatedly struck the child, hitting him so hard that the boy died two days later.

"An absolutely horrific crime on an absolutely innocent young victim," said Assistant State's Attorney Donna Fenton, listing injuries to the boy's head, neck and back. "Basically this child was beaten to death from head to toe."

Based in part on her assertions, Judge William Simmons denied bond for O'Callaghan, who has been charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. The hearing was the first in the case, one that O'Callaghan's attorney said was not what police and prosecutors were making it out to be.