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Israeli soldier put in military prison for speaking out against Israeli racism, occupation

This week, during the filming of Deutsche Welle's "The New Arab Debates," Corporal Shachar Berrin, a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spoke out about the actions of his fellow officers. During a discussion about the military situation in Israel, Berrin stood up to address the panel about how members of the Israeli military would treat Palestinian people like animals. He also expressed that this is a systematic problem that exists pretty much across the board in the IDF.

During the Q&A section of the debate, Berrin stood up and said:

My name is Shachar Berrin and my question is for Dani Dayan. It was mentioned that Israel is the 11th happiest country in the world. Other organizations and institutions put it at the mid-30s or different statistics, but it doesn't matter. I propose that what makes a country good isn't whether it is happy or not, it's about the ethics and morality of the country.

When soldiers, when we, are conditioned and persuaded on a daily basis to subjugate and humiliate people and consider other human beings as less than human, I think that seeps in, and I think the soldiers, when they go home ... they bring that back with them.

Comment: The young corporal could not be more correct or wise in his assessments. And the Israeli government mouthpiece could not be more blustering, deceitful and obvious in his attempt to refute him.

Taking it a big step further, Breaking the Silence, the organization that is referenced in the TV program, has documented many acts of unwarranted violence and brutality inflicted by the IDF on Palestinians - as stated by the IDF soldiers themselves - who had the will, the courage and the conscience to speak up about it. Here are but two:

Red Flag

Hysteria: Students who released over 72K ladybugs in school prank face criminal charges

© AFP Photo/Sephane Mainsant
Seven Maryland high school students are facing burglary and other charges for allegedly breaking into their high school and releasing thousands of ladybugs as part of a senior prank.

According to the St. Mary's County, Maryland Sheriff's Department, five male suspects wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts forced their way into the Chopticon High School at around 3:40 a.m. on May 20 and released approximately 72,000 ladybugs purchased over the internet. Two male suspects waited outside in a car while the others entered the school.

Four juvenile suspects are being charged with fourth-degree burglary, property destruction under $1,000, and disruption of school activities, the sheriff's office reported. They were released into custody of their parents.

The three other adult suspects will be charged through criminal summons.

Heart - Black

Court unseals photo of corrupt cops who put antlers on black man's head

© Chicago Sun-Times
A shocking photo has emerged of two former police officers posing with a suspect dressed as a hunting trophy. The picture was unsealed by a Chicago judge as one of the officers fired over the incident appealed the decision.

The Chicago Sun-Times published the troubling polaroid on Tuesday, showing Special Operations Section (SOS) officers Timothy McDermott and Jerome Finnigan kneeling over an African-American man with deer antlers strapped to his head. It was taken sometime between 1999 and 2003.

Finnigan was convicted of leading a group of rogue cops in a string of robberies and home invasions, and given a 12-year prison sentence in 2011. Federal prosecutors shared the photo with Chicago police two years later, resulting in a 5-4 police board vote that saw McDermott's fired as opposed to merely suspended. The majority opinion stated that "appearing to treat an African-American man not as a human being but as a hunted animal is disgraceful and shocks the conscience."

Cook County Judge Thomas Allen decided to unseal the photo, although attorneys for both McDermott and the Chicago police requested it remain secret, citing concerns over the privacy of the yet unidentified man posing as the crooked cops' "trophy."


Methodist Church in Britain exposes child sexual abuse scandal spanning decades

© Reuters / David Ryder
The Methodist Church in Britain (MCB) published a damning report from an independent inquiry on Thursday, which found nearly 2,000 incidents of physical and sexual abuse going back as far as 1950.

The inquiry was carried out by Jane Stacey, former deputy chief executive of the children's charity Barnados, and took three years to complete its findings.

It considered all cases that ministers and members of the church could remember as well as those for which there were written records. These included cases that were carried out within the church and those that were reported to the church, but which occurred away from it.

Comment: Child sexual abuse is frightening and everywhere. It is a deep cancer of society that, if not rooted out, will be the destruction of said society.

Whether Church or State, the 'Establishment' connections ensure these depraved pedophiles invariably escape due justice. Further information such as their modus operandi, is explained in this article:

UK 'Establishment': Unmasking psychopathic faces - Pedophilia and murder in VERY high place

Life Preserver

Prepare yourselves, your homes, and your neighborhoods for the violence that is going to sweep America

The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is beginning to disappear, and a new era of chaos and anarchy is coming to our cities. I don't know if you have noticed, but violence is increasing on the streets of America. Over Memorial Day weekend, 29 people were shot in Baltimore and 55 people were shot in Chicago. But of course the trend that I am talking about is much broader than that. According to the FBI, the number of police officers "feloniously killed" in the line of duty rose by an astounding 89 percent in 2014. We live at a time when Americans are becoming extremely angry and extremely frustrated, and this is only going to intensify as economic conditions worsen. But already we have seen some of this anger and frustration boil over into violence in Ferguson and in Baltimore. And you know what? The vast majority of Americans expect more of the same in the coming months. According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey that was recently released, 96 percent of all Americans believe that there will be more civil unrest in America this summer. What we have seen up until now is just the warm up act. The main event is still to come.

If things are this bad already, how bad will they be when the next great economic crisis hits this nation and unemployment skyrockets and poverty is everywhere?

Comment: The following book by the author of the above article is a good start if you haven't yet started preparing (or even if you have).

Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It

See also: Situational Awareness - Observe, Orient, Decide, Act


No justice: Ex-police chief gets 50 days in prison for abusing his four adopted children

Cheryle and Richard Burton
What started as a tragically common report of a missing teenager, turned out to be a far more sinister saga with a conclusion so bereft of justice, it attests to all but irrefutable proof of law enforcement impunity. In case after case, incidents of undeniable police brutality and murder become opportunities for public victim-blaming; and when no punishment is wrought on the perpetrators, that blame turns to self-righteous indignation. Because law enforcement is infallible, right?

A 13-year-old boy was reported missing the evening of November 5, 2012 in Habersham County Georgia, but when located the following morning, authorities quickly realized he wasn't another disgruntled runaway. Sheriff Joey Terrell discovered marks and bruising on the boy's neck and back inconsistent with spending one night outdoors, and the teen subsequently explained they were the result of being "hit on" at home. After child welfare advocates interviewed the boy, authorities were dispatched to arrest his mother, father, and 17-year-old sister.


Thousands protest in Japan demanding removal of U.S. military base in Okinawa

Japanese protesters gathered outside the parliament building in Tokyo on Sunday to demand the removal of a US base on the island of Okinawa. Numerous rallies have been held recently, both on the island and the Japanese mainland, to oppose the US military's presence in the country.

An estimated 15,000 people took part in Sunday's protest, denouncing plans to move the US Marine Corp Air Station Futenma base to a new location at Henoko, which is currently being constructed. Futenma is located in the city of Ginowan, while Henoko sits along a less populated coast in Okinawa. Many people held banners reading, "No to Henoko." They demanded the base be removed from the prefecture altogether.

One protester, Akemi Kitajima, told the press: "We must stop this construction. The government is trying to force the plan, no matter how strongly Okinawa says 'no' to it." The demonstrators also expressed opposition to US plans to deploy CV-22 Ospreys to the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo.

A larger protest took place on the previous Sunday, when 35,000 people gathered on Okinawa to oppose the base relocation plan. The protests began that Friday and continued throughout the weekend. On the Saturday, demonstrators marched around the Futenma base and were joined in other cities across the country by approximately 2,600 others. Besides their opposition to the base, people shouted slogans, such as "Oppose enhanced Japan-US defense ties," directed against Japan's turn to militarism.

Plans to move the Futenma base have been in the works since 1996, following the 1995 brutal kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old Okinawan girl by three US servicemen, which resulted in widespread anti-US protests. Other, less publicized crimes by US personnel have also stoked anti-US sentiment.


Failed war on drugs: Doctors create more heroin addicts than street dealers

A recently released Drug Enforcement Administration report reveals not only that heroin use has exploded, but that 4 out of 5 new users have previously abused prescription drugs. The details of the analysis, titled the "National Heroin Threat Assessment," unwittingly demonstrate that the Drug War has failed to curb drug use and has actually exacerbated the problem.

The report opens with an overview of heroin addiction:
"The threat posed by heroin in the United States is serious and has increased since 2007. Heroin is available in larger quantities, used by a larger number of people, and is causing an increasing number of overdose deaths."
The report acknowledges more specific data about heroin use. It explains that the strength of the drug has skyrocketed since the 1980s, increasing from 10% purity in 1981 to 40% in 1999. Due to this purity, the drug has become easier to snort and smoke, which broadens its appeal. Alternatively, the reformulation of Oxycontin in 2010 made the prescription opiate harder to inject, leading some pill addicts to turn to heroin for a drug they could use intravenously.

Comment: See also

Alarm Clock

Hysteria: Two high school students charged with felony after putting alarm clocks in lockers as prank

© Statesville Record & Landmark
Shannon Marie Farrell, 18, is led from the Troutman Police Department by Sgt. Corey Richard as she was taken to jail Tuesday morning.
Two South Iredell High School seniors each face a felony charge after a senior prank led to the evacuation of the school Tuesday morning.

Shannon Marie Farrell, 18, of Troutman, and Lekia Hall, 18, of Statesville, were charged with perpetrating a hoax by use of false bomb or other device in a public building, said Troutman Police Chief Matthew Selves.

Farrell's father, Dan, said his daughter and a few other seniors planned the prank, which involved bringing alarm clocks to school, setting them to go off at different times and placing them in unused lockers.

Selves said it was those unused lockers and the way they were secured that sounded the alarm Tuesday morning. He said School Resource Officer Kerry Baker called for assistance after finding one of the lockers, which had been zip-tied by staff members, secured with a lock instead. "They cut the zip ties and put their own lock on the locker," Selves said.

Comment: The adults in our world are sending a clear message to our children: Don't think out of the box, don't waste the time of authority figures, and definitely don't attempt anything fun anymore! Just keep your head down and get with the program of being a wage slave to the owners of this world.


Singapore Airlines jet plunges 13,000 feet after losing power in 'both' engines

© Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images
Singapore Airlines said power was restored after the pilots ‘followed operational procedures’.

Airlines announces investigation after Airbus A330-300 carrying 194 people suffered engine failures travelling from Singapore to Shanghai

A Singapore Airlines Airbus with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board lost power to both engines en route to Shanghai - falling 3,962m (13,000ft) - the airline said on Wednesday as it announced an investigation into the incident.

The Airbus A330-300 flight on 23 May "encountered bad weather at 39,000 feet (11.9 km) about three and a half hours after departure" from Singapore, the airline said in a statement.

"Both engines experienced a temporary loss of power and the pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation of the engines," it said.

"The flight continued to Shanghai and touched down uneventfully at 10.56pm local time," it said.

It added that the Airbus A330-300 plane's two Rolls-Royce engines "were thoroughly inspected and tested upon arrival in Shanghai with no anomalies detected".

"We are reviewing the incident with Rolls-Royce and Airbus," Singapore Airlines said.

In a Twitter post late on Tuesday, Flightradar24 said the flight, codenamed SQ836, "lost power on both engines & 13,000 feet before power returned".

Comment: In April, the Serbian President's plane suffered an engine failure, sending the aircraft into a horrifying 60-second plunge over the Adriatic Sea. A few days later it was revealed that the "co-pilot had spilled coffee on the instrument panel" causing the accidental descent!

Recently a cargo plane, Carson Air Flight 66, crashed in Vancouver's North Shore Mountains following an "uncontrolled descent". According to Transportation Safety Board investigator Bill Yearwood:
"The radar track showed a very steep descent," he said. "The crew did not call, declare an emergency or have any stress, which gives us an idea that whatever happened, happened suddenly. The radar track gives us information on how fast it was descending ... and that is consistent with uncontrolled flight."
What is going on?

As well as these planes 'falling out the sky', we also have planes suddenly 'disappearing' from radar, sometimes in "unprecedented" blackouts; more planes diverting due to "electrical burning and smoke smells", "engine fires" and plane wings "bursting into flames"; statistics showing a disturbing trend in "air rage"; the tragic Germanwings crash not being the full story and the still unresolved mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?

SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Year of the planes Cluster of plane problems as 2014 comes to a close