Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports!

The European Union on Monday prohibited the use of X-ray body scanners [1] in European airports, parting ways with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which has deployed hundreds of the scanners as a way to screen millions of airline passengers for explosives hidden under clothing.

The European Commission, which enforces common policies of the 27 member countries, adopted the rule "in order not to risk jeopardizing citizens' health and safety."

As a ProPublica/PBS NewsHour investigation detailed earlier this month [2], X-ray body scanners use ionizing radiation, a form of energy that has been shown to damage DNA and cause cancer. Although the amount of radiation is extremely low, equivalent to the radiation a person would receive in a few minutes of flying, several research studies have concluded that a small number of cancer cases would result from scanning hundreds of millions of passengers a year.

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Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran

[Editor's note: Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, has had many of his articles published by in the mainstream press over the past 15 years. Over the past few weeks however, all mainstream press outlets (including the supposedly 'liberal' ones) that were contacted with a view to publishing this particular piece refused to do so, for unspecified reasons.]

The picture on the left shows Matthew Gould, second from right, British Ambassador to Israel, at a meeting of the Leeds Zionist Federation that was also the opening of the Leeds Hasbarah Centre. The Leeds Zionist Federation is part of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, motto "Speaking Up for Israel." A collection was made at the meeting to send packages to members of the Israeli Defence Force.

On 29 May 2011 The Jerusalem Post reported: "British Ambassador Matthew Gould declared his commitment to Israel and the principles of Zionism on Thursday".

Remember this background, it is unusual behaviour for a diplomat, and it is important.

The six meetings between British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould and Minister of Defence Liam Fox and Adam Werritty together - only two of which were revealed by Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell in his "investigation" into Werritty's unauthorised role in the Ministry of Defence - raise vital concerns about a secret agenda for war at the core of government, comparable to Blair's determination to drive through a war on Iraq..

This is a detective story. It begins a few weeks ago, when the Fox-Werritty scandal was first breaking in the media. I had a contact from an old friend from my Foreign Office days. This friend had access to the Gus O'Donnell investigation. He had given a message for me to a trusted third party.

Whistleblowing in the surveillance state is a difficult activity. I left through a neighbour's garden, not carrying a mobile phone, puffed and panted by bicycle to an unmonitored but busy stretch of road, hitched a lift much of the way, then ordered a minicab on a payphone from a country pub to my final destination, a farm far from CCTV. There the intermediary gave me the message: what really was worrying senior civil servants in the Cabinet Office was that the Fox-Werritty link related to plans involving Mossad and the British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould.


Consciousness: What You Don't Know Might Kill You

Ever ask yourself, "Where does consciousness come from?" Or, "Can consciousness come from an absence of consciousness?" Albeit, not the subject of your everyday discourse, these are still interesting and relevant questions. When inquiring about consciousness a valid qualifying question might be, "What type of consciousness are we talking about?" For example, dreaming consciousness comes from the REM cycle. A medical coma consciousness comes from pharmaceutical drugs. Enlightenment consciousness comes from meditation or some other practiced ability to observe and focus attention. However, when it comes to your physical consciousness, such as how emotional and mentally astute you are and how healthy you are on a cellular level, the answer might surprise you.

The Eastern sciences, such as Indian or Tibetan Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, have a very clear-cut and direct answer to this last aspect of consciousness. These ancient sources of wisdom say that the food you eat is the foundation upon which your emotional, mental and physical well-being is based upon. Ayurveda has a very succinct term for the physical body. It is referred to as the "Food Sheath." They call the physical body that because it requires a myriad of different types of food. It requires oxygen food, light food, physical "tactile" food, hydrating water food and solid alimentary food, all as sources of nourishment. The "Food Sheath" term eliminates all the "judgment" issues from the physical -- no charges about the butt being too big or small, no painful comparisons or emphasis on beauty of any kind. The body is simply the "Food Sheath."

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The "Empowered" Whore Archetype Destroying the Feminine

© Thomas Sheridan
Mass media is too powerful/invasive and has led to the destruction of the feminine aspect of Western culture - which once represented wisdom and nurturing, and replaced it with "empowering" whore archetypes such as the airbrushed, nymphomaniac dregs on shows like Sex and the City. This has derailed Western society away from notions of feminine wisdom towards a completely superficial narcissistic bling-culture-on-herpes-medication in heavy Max Factor packaging. Because this is how the present psychopathic mainstream considers women to be.

Society should be female - currently, society is a psychopathic male in terms of what it delivers to all of us.

This damages both men and women - as most men today expect a woman to be a tart, and many women seek and marry plastic surgeons in the hope of not being discarded. So Western society has become increasingly misogynistic even with the success of women's lib and so. A man can not marry a woman who is intelligent, loving and secure unless she is also "hot" - likewise women are coached to look for men who will finance their media driven delusions of what being beautiful is. The rest of us are discarded for not being superficial enough. Psychopaths control the mass media and this insanity has distorted a lot of the population to emulate this pathology as the new norm.


The Cost of the Iraq War

© Trussell & Trussell
The President has ordered our troops home from Iraq by year's end, but it was President George W. Bush who first announced this withdrawal date of Dec. 31, 2011. President Barack Obama is enforcing that timetable despite the opposition from some.

Bush is the person who ordered us into the war in Iraq and now we need to consider the benefits and costs of that fateful decision.

First, Americans remember that we were led to war by falsehoods. Again and again President Bush and his top officials, including Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld misled the American people about Iraq's supposed possession of "weapons of mass destruction." Why and how we got into this misbegotten war is critical and we must not forget the lies told from on high, which continue to eat away at our nation's body politic.

It is also important to remember the costs and casualties. As of the beginning of this year, the U.S. has spent and approved $900 billion on the Iraq War. Few can fathom that amount; so think about it this way: at the height of spending in Iraq, we were going through $5,000 each second. Yes, taxpayers' money.

According to our government's Special Inspector General Stuart Bowen, $6.5 billion for reconstruction of Iraq's buildings and infrastructure was reported stolen. Bowen calls it, "the largest theft of funds in national history." Certainly the money was stolen by people and companies in the private sector as well as by Iraqi officials.


Milk: The Poison

In my other blog on milk I explained why milk is not a great source of calcium for humans. Now it is time to look at the health problems associated with milk.

Evidence has been steadily mounting during the past few decades of the potential negative effects of dairy on human health from colic and gut disorders to cancer. Milk is associated with many digestive disorders, poor gut health, food in tolerances and allergies. Many children develop food in tolerances to milk which, at the very least, cause overproduction of mucous and lots of phlegm and runny noses. Worse, these in tolerances can cause severe allergic symptoms. This is often related to the negative impact dairy products have on the gut. Associated with this I have seen colic clear up in many infants once they are taken off dairy.

Lactose intolerance is a "condition" in which the body cannot digest the sugar efficiently (or at all), leading to poor gut health and excess mucous, acid and gas production and varying degrees of abdominal discomfort (1). People with lactose intolerance also experience reduced absorption in the gastrointestinal system (2). Approximately 75% of the world's population (particularly in Eastern countries such as China, India, Africa and in minority populations such as Australian Aboriginals and Native Americans) has a level of lactose intolerance (1), and it is now generally accepted that this "condition" is actually the norm for the human species. It is more prevalent in Asians (about 85%) and African Americans (about 50%) than Caucasians (about 10%). It should be highlighted that the inability to digest lactose is exacerbated by pasteurisation destroying all the enzymes naturally found in milk that would normally help with digestion of the milk.

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Academic Impacts of Vegetarian Childhoods

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Teens are always looking for creative excuses for late homework, low test scores, and waning attention in class. Any who stumbled onto a copy of the September American Journal of Clinical Nutrition may have uncovered the basis for a particularly novel rationalization: "My parents made me a vegetarian."

Plants do not make vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin. Diets that eschew all animal products can therefore lead to B-12 deficiencies. Because the vitamin plays a key role in some brain functions, toddlers raised from weaning on strictly plant-based foods can experience delays in the acquisition of certain motor skills. In a few instances, infants in strictly vegetarian families have shown severe anemia, dramatic growth retardation, irritability, and in at least one case, went into a coma.

Now, researchers in the Netherlands find that even when parents begin adding animal-based foods to the diets of their formerly strict-vegetarian kids, neurological impairments may persist into adolescence.


Corpses Don't Rebel: A former follower of Michael Pearl's "To Train Up A Child" reacts to the death of Hana Williams

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of infant and child abuse.

© AP
The death toll from parents following Michael and Debi Pearl's teachings continues to mount. Another child is has been "biblically chastened" to death via corporal punishment, and Michael Pearl is defending his teachings in the mainstream media while promoting his new book. Gary Tuchman and Anderson Cooper both reported on the death of 13-year-old Hana Williams, whose adoptive parents Larry and Carri Williams subjected her to beatings and neglect while following the teachings of the Pearls.

Michael Pearl defends himself and his teachings during his CNN interviews using two arguments:

First, the presence of his book, To Train Up a Child, and the presence of his other teaching materials on "biblical chastisement," in the homes of homicidal parents, is purely circumstantial. It makes no more sense, Pearl argues, to blame To Train Up a Child for discipline-turned-abusive-turned-murderous than to blame Alcoholics Anonymous brochures in the home for deaths due to drunk driving, or weight-loss materials in the home for obesity.

As Anderson Cooper pointed out, this defense is illogical. AA literature says not to drink, especially while driving. Pearl literature emphasizes inflicting physical pain on children in order to break their wills and achieve total obedience to parents. In the Cooper interview, Pearl talks about physically chastising to "get the child's attention." What if your child still isn't paying attention?

Pearl's second argument comes up every time his teachings are linked to children beaten to death: kids end up abused and killed because parents, despite owning copies of his teachings and trying to follow them, aren't really following his teachings. They are missing the joy part, the reconciliation part, the praying part, the loving part, or whatever. They discipline in anger instead of in love.

Or - and I suspect this is what Pearl really thinks but can't say without contradicting his own child-training directions - they should have known when to stop, when they were being cruel and abusive instead of loving, even if the child was still in rebellion and hadn't budged an inch. At some point, a loving parent with some sense and a conscience will stop inflicting more pain. This is what Pearl believes, or at least one would hope this is what he believes. This isn't what he teaches.


Water Fluoridation War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out

It was only a few years ago that if you labeled fluoride as a dangerous substance, you would be laughed at and scorned. For years, a select minority of individuals were the only ones raising the awareness of this health concern. Their cries have been and continue to be met with dissonance, despite the fact that the public's opinion on fluoride has changed much in just a short time.

In fact, even the United States government has called for lower levels of water fluoridation following a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, which found that increased fluoride consumption led to decreased IQ in children.

Communities are attempting to end water fluoridation, mainstream news is acknowledging its negative effects, and even a number of professional dentists have recognized the dangers of fluoride, and spoken out against its use and distribution. Most recently, the Palmer City Council of Alaska passed an ordinance repealing the town's water fluoridation mandate.

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US: As Dolphins Die, Gulf Residents Ask What About Us?

© Unknown

Willie Seaman of Irvington, AL, lays carpet and floors for a living. But last summer, as the BP well gushed thousands of barrels of oil daily into the Gulf, Seaman signed up with the BP cleanup program, working on a shrimp boat several miles off shore.

It was brutally hot and the smell of oil was putrid, Seaman remembers. His job was to use a net to try to pull in the thick, reddish BP crude that he says was up to a foot thick in places. Problem was, the white protective suits didn't do much to keep the oil off, Willie recalls. Instead, he says they acted like absorbent pads, soaking up the oil that would rub against his skin.

Seaman says before long he started breaking out in blistery red hives on his hands and feet. The itching was so bad a coworker said Seaman would scrub his feet with a wire brush until his skin sloughed off like scales of a fish. Despite shots of steroids and numerous doctor visits, Seaman endured countless bouts of painful hives; and he still gets them, he says, especially after eating seafood from the Gulf. He also says he knows others who have broken out in hives after eating seafood.

"They took advantage of everyone down here because we were all poor and broke," he says. "They told us in hazwhoper class that we didn't have to worry about the toxins because the oil was weathered and there were no fumes. We'll it was so bad my eyes were on fire and I had tears running down my throat."