France puts itself on suicide watch: MIVILUDES vilifying 'cults' to justify its own existence

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16 people including 3 children are shot dead, then burned with a flame thrower on December 23, 1995, on the Vercors Plateau, near Saint-Pierre-de-Cherennes in France
A government agency is taking on superstitious cults with unusual zeal

No other nation in recent history appears to have taken so fervently to apocalyptic prophesies as France has, reports the London Times. Then again, not many nations have a government agency specifically responsible for investigating "cults and suspicious spiritual activities." Indeed, the French agency - known as MIVILUDES - delivered a mass-suicide warning last week, apparently worried about a possible suicide frenzy come Dec. 21, 2012, the day the 5,000-year-old Mayan calendar ends. MIVILUDES contends that the Internet age, natural disasters, and economic turmoil - combined with the ancient Mayan prophecy - have inspired widespread belief in a coming Armageddon (there has been a recent migration of people to the hilltop village of Bugarach, said to be a place immune to apocalypse).

The agency's concern is not entirely outlandish: in the 1990s, 74 people belonging to a cult called the Order of the Solar Temple - 16 of them in France and eight in Quebec - died in murder-suicides to avoid an Armageddon. But cult expert Susan Palmer of Concordia University says that "MIVILUDES is creating artificial emergencies to support the state-sponsored anti-cult movement." Palmer, whose upcoming book The New Heretics of France, about the French anti-cult movement, believes MIVILUDES spends more time vilifying cults than actually researching them - "obviously trying to justify its own existence."

Comment: The 16 mentioned above who were killed in France (well, it appears that 14 of them were killed by the other 2) were connected to the Order of the Solar Temple suicides in Switzerland and Quebec over a year previously. It seems that the very suspicious deaths which took place in France were deliberately conflated with the OST deaths in order to justify the beginning of the French state's witch hunt of people it considers to be subversive.

The suspicious deaths in Vercors, France on 23rd December 1995, took place just one day after a report of the Parliamentary Commission on Cults listing 172 'cultic movements' was ratified unanimously and published in just 50 minutes by only 7 MPs in the French National Assembly. Thus began France's witch hunt.

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France: Three policemen kill themselves on same day

Comment: Glorious country: Epidemic of suicides in the police; France, number one in the consumption of anti-depressants; an oppressive educational system which breaks children, sometimes even driving them to suicide at ages as young as FIVE; and the MIVILUDES' anti-cultists are worrying about "cults" committing mass suicides in 2012???

Three police officers in the Paris area committed suicide on Thursday, all within a few hours of each other.

Daily newspaper Libération reported that the first of the three officers was found dead some time around 8am on Thursday. The 29-year-old had killed himself "with the help of his service weapon in an unmarked car" in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, according to a source quoted by the newspaper.

The second police officer shot himself about one hour later, at 9am, after shooting and killing his ex-wife.

Reports said the woman had just returned home from taking her two children, aged 5 and 7, to school in Chevilly-Larue, south of Paris.


Corruption in high places is rampant in France: French 'supercop' arrested on suspicion of colluding with drugs barons

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Corruption in high places: Michel Neyret of the Lyon Police force.
Lyon's deputy police chief suspected of compensating informants with batches of confiscated drugs and working with criminals

The French police force has been shaken by what could become its biggest corruption scandal in decades after Lyon's deputy police chief, nicknamed "Supercop" for his fight against drugs, was arrested on suspicion of colluding with international drugs barons.

Michel Neyret, 55, the bouffant-haired and charismatic Lyon detective, was arrested at home along with his wife and is being held in custody.

He is suspected of having compensated informants with batches of confiscated drugs; police claim that Nyret then worked with the criminals to resell the products. He is being questioned about corruption, international drugs trafficking and money-laundering.

Neyret, however, is regarded as a hero for his success in cutting drug crime and stopping jewellery heists in the Lyon area. He had appeared regularly in the media to talk about Lyon's success in busting crime; he was also a script adviser on a recent feature film about Lyon gang crime.

Comment: This is the kind of police force that is "investigating" SOTT/QFG?


Absence of Evidence: The Progressive Policy of Imperial Murder

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Aftermath of unmanned US drone strike in Pakistan
The president of the United States murdered two American citizens this morning. He had some nameless functionary -- who was sitting comfortably and safely at a computer console somewhere on a well-guarded, probably secret military base -- push a button. A missile was then fired from a robot drone buzzing maleovently in the sky over Yemen. The missile then murdered two American citizens who -- let it be carefully noted -- had not even been charged with a crime, much less tried and convicted in a court of law of any offense.

The New York Times story on the murders relates a number of accusations against the chief target of the attack, Anwar al-Awlaki. Assertions are made, mostly by anonymous officials, that al-Awlaki was "operationally" involved in terrorist plots, although not a shred of evidence for this "operational" involvement has been offered. (Another American, Samir Khan, was also reported to have been killed in the drone hit. It goes without saying that Khan had also not been charged with any crime nor was there any evidence that he ever took part in a terrorist operation.)

It is true that the two American citizens murdered by the president did engage in a great deal of fiery rhetoric urging violent uprising against the American state. This might not be very nice -- but it does happen to be protected speech under the Constitution of the United States. Of course, that quaint document from the horse-and-buggy era has long since ceased to apply, even fitfully and imperfectly, to the operations of the United States government.


COINTELPRO: Pied piper Charlie Veitch pulls a 9/11 U-turn, says people who disbelieve official story are part of 'paranoid cult'

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Another pied piper with a bullhorn reveals its true colours...
Back in 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Cass Sunstein co-wrote a paper titled "Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures" proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and "independent" advocates to "cognitively infiltrate" online groups and websites, as well as other activist groups that have "anti-government conspiracy theories" and his primary target is the 9/11 Truth Movement. Cass Sunstein now works for the Obama Administration. This brings us back to today. The founder of the Love Police Charlie Veitch has released a new video where he says he no longer believes 9/11 was an inside job.

In this new video, made just 11 days after Charlie attended an event his girlfriend helped organize, that brought Richard Gage from AE911Truth to Cambridge University, we see and hear Charlie say after 5 years he has changed his mind and he doesn't think 9/11 was an inside job. He thinks the Government was caught with "their pants around their ankles" just like the official conspiracy theory. Along with the video Charlie included a brief description:
My anarchism and libertarian mindset has strengthened.

So I've spent 5 years listening to the conspiratorial view - then I got the opportunity to grill the historical/accidental view of 9/11 proponents.

Where I stand now is that America's defenses got caught with their pants around their ankles. I do not think there was high level evil complicity in the events of that day. Yes, I have changed my mind.

To change one's mind when presented with evidence that contradicts one's mind, is to be scientific, logical and rational. The CIA fucked up. No-one got fired. Condi Rice lied to the commission. Bush and Cheney would not testify under oath. No-one wants to take the blame for the incompetence that killed over 3,000 people.
So to be clear Charlie is filming his own TV show and he suddenly decides after 5 years that 9/11 was just as the government said it was all along. Does anyone else smell bullshit?! Another truth seeker and radio host MistrBrit has confirmed by calling Charlie directly, that this is not a joke or a test of some sort.

Comment: Perhaps we should not be so disappointed by this truthseeker's™ auto-suspension of his critical faculties and apparent conversion experience. Charlie Veitch's ardent beliefs in anarchism and his involvement with inciting protests in the UK and elsewhere (along with his home movie escapades where he has others film him goading police and other right-wing authoritarians into arresting him) meant that he would always wind up supporting the global Zionist agenda for World Revolution and totalitarian control by, for and of psychopaths.


9/11 - Occult Trauma-Based Mind Control

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Note clever embedded SS on top tower and Mason symbol, 33 and Anubis shadowed on right building
The spiritual supporting pillars of the world's societal structure were essentially demolished on 9/11...symbolically, allegorically, ritualistically and literally.

Imploded and destroyed. The rest followed.

It was quite a sinister "stroke of genius" and so exemplifies how these dark controllers operate. This is why the wake up to 9/11 Truth is so shocking to people's systems and they just can't handle it. It's overwhelming, which it was designed to be. And so the vast populace rolls over and buries its head back in the sand.

Nicely done, except....

Tell A Big Enough Lie

...and you'll eventually get exposed. So full of lies are these controllers it's beyond the grasp of normal sentient beings. And they revel in the power of that. It's amazing they can be so brash yet hidden in plain sight.

And these entities apparently rarely even know each other or their own ilk's identities. It's a hidden, and not so hidden, cult of non-feeling self-appointed elitist power mad psychopaths out to subdue humanity like it's some kind of a game.


MIVILUDicrous! Mass suicide fears as French cult predicts end of world in Dec 2012

The French Government has alerted the country to the risk of mass suicides by people who believe that the world would end by December 21, 2012.

A government watchdog, which monitors cults and suspicious spiritual activities, is keeping an eye on the hamlet of Bugarach in the south of France, which is said to be the only place in the world that will survive an Apocalypse next year.

The remote hilltop villages have had an influx of New Age visitors in recent months.

Comment: We, here at SOTT, do not think that the "End of the World" is coming - and certainly not in 2012 (remember all the hoopla about the year 2000?), though we do regularly assess the scientific evidence that the Earth is in for a rough ride for a few years. We further do not assess the signs as indicating any special dispensation falling on Bugarach - or anywhere, for that matter. What is coming is global climate change for sure, and possibly localized cometary bombardment. No one is going to escape the former and the latter is a crapshoot - a matter of luck.

We naturally abhor the frenzied speculations based mostly on ignorance and pathology that have taken the field in such venues as "Project Camelot" and elsewhere, including ridiculous ideas such as Richard Hoaxland's about Comet Elenin. It is just that sort of wild rumor-mongering and craziness that led to the deaths of many gullible people belonging to the Heaven's Gate group back during the Hale-Bopp fiasco. So, certainly, there is some concern about this sort of thing, and rightly so.

However, for a government to step in as the French government has, and to authorize a group of people belonging to a real cult, (Miviludes) to decide who is or is not a cult, is taking the thing a bit too far. It amounts to establishing a Theocracy where one religion has the right to declare all other beliefs heretical. More than that, it is a government that has abdicated its responsibility in terms of making the facts - the Scientific Truths - available.

That is the gap that we, here at SOTT.NET, try to fill.


The Evils of Religion

"This cult has to be the most evil organisation I've ever encountered - children are exposed to graphic images of a near-naked man being tortured, and told that eating his flesh and drinking his blood are some kind of passport to paradise," says a shocked Chris Rooty, an undercover reporter who spent six months infiltrating a sinister religious movement which has been insinuating itself into every aspect of British life, including schools, social clubs and even the armed forces, in its relentless quest for converts. "Worse still, they encourage these same children to confess their 'sins' - which can include anything from supposedly impure thoughts to sexual experimentation - to the cult's priests, invariably older men, for their vicarious pleasure!" Indeed, Rooty strongly suspects that the priests derive some form of perverted sexual gratification from these confessions, fuelling their own warped fantasies of underage sex. "I have no doubt that they sit in those confessionals whacking off to those kids giving up their secrets," he says, although he admits that doesn't have any actual proof that this has ever occurred.

"Certainly, they seem to have an unhealthy fixation with children, particularly pre-pubescent boys, the prettiest of whom they get to dress in frilly, effeminate robes and sing devotional songs whilst the priests look on in ecstasy! These boys are also often required to stay behind after services and 'help' the priests." The cult justifies its child fixation through the words of its prophet who, they claim, ordered 'suffer the little children unto me'. "This cult - the Church of Christ, or whatever it is they call themselves - is clearly simply a cover for systematic child abuse, " opines Rooty. "For goodness sake, they even admit that their chief prophet used to send his band of all male disciples out to procure children for him! When he wasn't doing that he was apparently indulging in some form of masochistic autoerotic practices which eventually went too far and resulted in his death!" Despite the cult's unsavoury practices, and the fact that its most senior priest is a former member of the Hitler Youth, it enjoys the support and patronage of many of Britain's rich and famous, including royalty. "I was shocked to find that the Queen herself is the honourary head of one of its major sects - the so-called Church of England," says Rooty. "It is thanks to support of her and other establishment figures like Tony Blair, not to mention influential celebrities of the calibre of Cliff Richard - that it has evaded proper scrutiny for so many years."


America's Dirty Secret: How a Psycho-Sexual Cult Holds America Prisoner


Ground Zero, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs
On 9/11, the United States Air Force failed to respond to multiple hijacking reports, as required by well-established procedure. Additionally, the NORAD defense system was placed on "stand down" for the first time in its history.

Was the command and control of America's defenses compromised because military leaders had joined a religious cult that believed a "9/11 type" attack, a "Pearl Harbor" as it were, would justify a "holy war" coinciding with fringe interpretations of biblical prophecy?

Has an extremist cult "wormed" its way into de facto control of America's military forces?

Controlling the military services through a "takeover" of the service academies and officer corps and, financed though moneyed special interests, achieving key control of all military oversight, both in congress and the executive branch, have religious extremists, a virtual American Taliban, become a threat to America and the world?

Through the bungling of high ranking members of a secretive "crusader cult," headquartered at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, can we now explain the mysterious failures of the "war on terror," the WMD hunt in Iraq and the Osama bin Laden fiasco, withholding the announcement of his death in 2001?


Georges Fenech of MIVILUDES, Nemesis of the Scientific Method

Lack of scientific rigor at MIVILUDES exposed by sociologist Olivier Bobinneau, former scientific expert on MIVILUDES

Comment: The following video is excerpted from a debate on French TV where Olivier Bobinneau, a sociologist, takes apart the arguments of George Fénech, President of MIVILUDES, and the unscientific approach of his organisation in its absurdly broad legal mendate to persecute "cultic abuses".

Comment: Indeed, the paranoid premises on which this whole 'anti-secte' policy has subsumed the French state are designed on the one hand to suppress the growth of independent healthy thinker and on the other to camouflage the real conspiracy, one based on objective science and observable through the scientific method, of pathological deviants like Fénech instituting a fascist takeover of once-free France.

Political Ponerology: The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes