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Cloud Lightning

Rare 'mountain wave' forms in Orange County, California

© Debbie Cavers
I receive weather photos from readers almost daily, few which are as pretty and interesting as this one. , a project manager for the Orange County Parks system, says, "Coming into work this morning at approximately 8:15 a.m., I captured this unusual cloud formation, which was shaped like a pyramid.

"The photo(s) (there are two) were taken on Villa Park Road/Katella near Hewes heading east toward Saddleback Mtn. Within seconds, it disappeared. I don't think I'll ever see anything like this again."

Noel Isla, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, says the photo shows "mountain wave turbulence. Strong winds formed stratrocumulus clouds into the shape of a pyramid. You can see the wave of the cloud on the right side. The lower part of the cloud is 4,000 to 6,000 feet high, and was hiding the mountains. This is rare for the Orange County area, but not in the mountains further inland, where there is more turbulence."

Winds were very strong this morning, gusting to almost 40 mph in parts of Orange County and above 40 in the upper San Bernardino Mountains.


Ocean smoke off California puzzles forecasters

© Tracy Sizemore
A photograph recently sent to us by reader Tracy Sizemore has National Weather Service forecasters puzzled. The image was taken on December 15 and shows what appear to be rows of smoke flowing offshore at the ocean's surface in Aliso Beach. The photo was reportedly taken at 6:50 a.m., on a day when the wind was blowing offshore. The ocean temperature was 59 degrees.

"I'm not sure what this is," said Miguel Miller, a veteran weather service forecaster. "It might be some kind of evaporation. But this isn't the sort of thing you'd see on a warm day over a cold lake."

Cloud Lightning

Winter storms blast U.S., headed for Canada

A massive winter storm that is being blamed for at least 23 deaths in the United States has made its way north, to parts of Canada.

Areas of southern Manitoba were to be hit with as much as 25 centimetres of snow on Christmas Day, according Environment Canada.

The federal agency also issued freezing-rain warnings for parts of Quebec and Ontario, including Ottawa.

In the U.S., meanwhile, as much as 61 cm of snow was expected by late Christmas Day in some northern states, with blizzard warnings issued from Texas up to North Dakota on the border with Canada.

Cloud Lightning

1 Death Blamed on Storms in Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana - Powerful thunderstorms swept across Louisiana, producing possible tornadoes and high winds blamed in the death of one person.

Capt. Kip Judice, patrol commander of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, says a man in Scott, outside Lafayette in south Louisiana, died and his wife was injured when high winds toppled a tree onto their home Thursday morning.

Maxine Trahan, a spokeswoman for the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, said that near Crowley, which is about 30 miles west of Lafayette, several homes in a subdivision were damaged -- and some destroyed -- by a possible tornado.

The storms came just over a week after drenching rains caused flooding in parts of southeastern Louisiana and produced one of the wettest months on record for the New Orleans area.

Cloud Lightning

US storm puts the freeze on Christmas

A fierce Christmas blizzard forced scores of US churches to cancel Christmas Day services as snow and freezing rain brought a holiday headache to millions across a huge swath of the country.

At least 23 deaths have been attributed to the storm system that blanketed the central United States beginning on Wednesday, closing several interstate highways, stranding thousands of motorists in whiteout conditions and coating roads in a glaze of ice during one of the busiest travel periods of the year.

The system, the second brutal winter blast to hit much of the United States in the past week, is not expected to clear before Saturday.

"This is a holiday mess" spanning two thirds of the country, bringing severe thunderstorms to the Gulf Coast to ice along the eastern seaboard and a raging blizzard in the Midwest and plains states, Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the National Weather Service (NWS) said on Friday.

Cloud Lightning

Record Setting Snowfall Across Oklahoma, Most Interstates Closed

Oklahoma City -- Thousands of Oklahomans remain without power as a massive winter storm blew through the state bringing record setting snowfall to a large part of central Oklahoma. Will Rogers World Airport reported receiving about 14 inches of snow.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said roads remain slick and hazardous, and they discourage travel Friday.

All interstates in the Oklahoma City Metro were closed due to weather Thursday but were reopened Friday. Numerous accidents and stranded vehicles are blocking all roadways.

Travel in western and southwestern parts of the state is strongly discouraged. Blizzard conditions in far western and southern counties have reduced visibility. Highways remain slick in the western two thirds of the state, and conditions continue to deteriorate.


'Global Warming' dumps snow across US: Treetops glisten, but storm snarls Midwest holiday

© Unknown
Residents across the Midwest and the Plains who made it home for Christmas were digging out on Friday after a fierce snowstorm while those who spent the night in airports and shelters tried to resume their journeys. Meteorologists warned that roads across the region remained dangerous.

The National Weather Service said blizzards would hit parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin through Saturday. The storm had already dumped significant snow across the region, including a record 14 inches in Oklahoma City and 11 inches in Duluth, Minn., on Thursday.

Slippery roads have been blamed for at least 21 deaths this week as the storm lumbered across the country from the Southwest. Ice storm warnings and winter weather advisories were issued for parts of the East Coast on Friday, but the region was largely spared.

Paul Mews, who drove from Faribault, Minn., to a relative's home in Plum City, Wis., on Friday morning, said the first 15 minutes of the 80-mile trip were clear, but a surge of heavy snowfall produced a stretch of near-whiteout conditions.

Evil Rays

Microwave Cooks Our Ionosphere: Missing from All Climate Debates, Science & Conferences

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) technology uses multi-billion-watt beams that are directed right into the atmosphere. This chilling technology uses radio frequency to alter subatomic particles in our atmosphere. At such high altitudes, HAARP technology can mimic the effects of the sun. This is totally missing from the conversation and education process regarding weather and climate. It includes, but is not limited to, the use of weather modification technology.

As the sentiment of people around the world is concentrated in the atmosphere of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, it is imperative that you all become informed about this technology. By leaving it out of the overall picture of weather and climate and considering it a non-factor, we are closing our eyes to a MASSIVE contributing factor to the alteration of our weather and to the devastating and unforeseen effects it has on climate.

The military-industrial complex has the power to secure patents that enable them to literally cook our atmosphere. Furthermore, they have free reign to use this technology as if earth is "their" lab. It is practically beyond my comprehension that not one person has raised these issues in the context of climate justice, debate, law, industry, science and the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Comment: The author conducted a brilliant interview with real experts on the mechanisms that drive our climate who tore apart the man-made global warming theory, but in the above article has not backed up her strong assertions that HAARP is a big factor in "cooking the atmosphere". The fact is, the earth's upper atmosphere is actually cooling.

Saying that HAARP is a "MASSIVE contributing factor to the alteration of our weather and to the devastating and unforeseen effects it has on climate" ironically returns climate change to the fault of man (well, the PTB) and neglects the substantial extraterrestrial factors involved (cosmic radiation, the sunspot cycle and the solar system entering a region of increased density of cosmic dust from cometary debris).

From what we understand of HAARP, its likely primary function is for social control:

Mind Control and HAARP

Evil Rays

'Bee-ing' in a Complex World

© The Epoch Times
The upscaling of agriculture might have caused Colony Collapse Disorder in this species.
Since 2006, a number of honey bee colonies in the United States and Europe have reportedly collapsed because of the sudden death of 50 percent or more of their worker bees. Tjeerd Blacquiere, entomologist at Plant Research International and bee keeper, discussed with The Epoch Times the possible causes of this phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

According to Blacquiere, CCD might be largely due to the upscaling of agriculture. Instead of the smaller, more diverse fruit and vegetable plots that were planted a few decades ago, there are now fields of crops like corn, grain, and rapeseed, which are less nutritious for bees. Bees are weakened from not having enough easy-to-get, high-quality food.

Bees of different ages perform different tasks for the colony. Older bees fly out for honey, while younger bees take care of the brood. Since young bees get more nutritious food, if they are not well fed, they will be considered old bees and will start behaving like old bees.

Bizarro Earth

South Korea Marks Fifth-Hottest Year on Record in 2009

The South Korean government's weather office on Monday said that 2009 will mark the fifth warmest year on record, indicating the continuing effects of global warming.

The average temperature of six of the largest cities across the country recorded 14.0 degrees Celsius in 2009, the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said in a press release.

The figure is the fifth highest since the country first started keeping track of the average temperature of those six cities in 1912, as the annual temperature has continued to rise by 1.7 degrees Celsius on average, the release said.

The highest record was set in 1998 at 14.5 degrees Celsius followed by 14.4 degrees Celsius in 1994, 14.2 degrees Celsius in 2007, and 14.03 degree Celsius in 2004.