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Woman attacked by bear in India


Bear prints
A 45-year-old woman was attacked by a bear in Kalvarayan Hills here on Sunday.

The victim was identified as Lakshmi, wife of Annamalai, of Thalakkarai of Kelnadu Panchayat.

On Sunday morning, while she was walking through forest area, a bear suddenly attacked her inflicting injuries.

On hearing her screams, people nearby rescued her from the bear.

She was taken to the Government Hospital in Attur and later to Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital in Salem. Forest officials said that human-animal conflict was rare in the area.

However, they are closely monitoring the area, they said.


Zoo chimpanzee knocks drone out of the air with a stick in the Netherlands


Take that!
A chimpanzee at Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands has been filmed using a stick to strike a drone that flew into his enclosure. The animal can be seen patiently waiting on a branch for the drone to approach. He then uses a stick to knock the drone out of the sky.

The video shows the drone tumbling to the ground only to be picked up and examined by the primate. However, the flying object does not manage to capture the chimpanzees attention for long.

The drone was used for filming for the Dutch television programme and nbsp;Burgers Zoo Natuurlijk. The zoo reports that while the drone was completely destroyed by the attack, the GoPro attached to it turned out to be fine.

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorm kills and injures over 200 birds across Ahmedabad, India


Sunday's hailstorm killed a large number of birds. Parrots, kites and crows were among the 217 birds which died or were found critically injured at Vasna barrage, in Paldi and other parts of new west zone. At the Jeevdaya Charitable Trust, Gira Shah, one of the trustees of the veterinary hospital, was attending to 70 birds.

"Casualty figures have crossed 200. It is one of the rare instances when hail has killed so many birds," said Shah. Nanu Desai, an animal lover from Vasna barrage area, said: "Close to 60 crows in our neighborhood died. Around 22 parrots and 10 to 20 kites had also lost their lives."

Comment: See also: At least 5,000 birds killed by hailstorm in Bangladesh

Hailstorm kills 300 birds in Ivaiporã, Brazil

Large hailstones kill horses, birds and ravage cotton crops in northern New South Wales, Australia


Wildfire spreads quickly in Minnesota, destroying buildings

© AshLee Ervin-Tupper
A fire grew quickly east of Aldrich Saturday evening. Four fire departments were battling the blaze.
Several fire departments and the DNR continued to battle a large fire southeast of Aldrich into the early morning hours Sunday.

The fire spread quickly with windy, dry conditions. The Staples (Minn.) Fire Department was on the scene, along with fire departments from Wadena, Hewitt, Verndale, Sebeka and Menahga, Minn. The Department of Natural Resources also aided the fire departments with aircraft and grass units.

Todd County Sheriff Don Asmus issued a news release late Saturday night asking people to stay out of the area to allow firemen complete access to the area.

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100 acres burned by another wildfire in North Carolina

© WRAL News
Another wildfire burning in Black Mountain, North Carolina
The U.S. Forest Service said trails and roads are closed for a wildfire burning near Linville Gorge.

The Blue Gravel wildfire is burning in a remote area east of Shortoff Mountain outside of the Linville Gorge Wilderness area on the Pisgah National Forest.

The size of the fire is estimated at 100 acres.

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Colorado's wildfires continue to rage

© Park County Sheriff's Office
A wildfire burned Sunday afternoon in the area of US 285 and County Road 56 -- about 19 miles north of Fairplay and three miles southeast of Kenosha Pass.
The U.S. Forest Service says "human shooting" sparked the 250-acre wildfire that is burning in the area of US 285 and County Road 56 - about 19 miles north of Fairplay and three miles southeast of Kenosha Pass.

Authorities are calling it the Snyder Creek II Fire because there was also a fire in the same area last year.

As of 10 p.m. Sunday, the blaze was 10 percent contained. It's estimated to be fully under control by 6 p.m. Monday. The Snyder Creek II Fire was reported just after 4:20 p.m. Sunday.

Comment: While it is possible that the wildfire was man-made, it's also possible that the fireballs we've seen have had a role to play. Check out SOTT Worldview for a look at the wildfires and meteors just this week:

Cloud Precipitation

Israel sees 'unseasonable downpours', flooding, and the coldest temperatures in decades

© Maxim Dinshtein/FLASh90
Illustrative photo of Israelis watching flash floods in Nahal Og that empties into the Dead Seat, November 26, 2014.
Heavy rainfall closed a road near the Dead Sea on Sunday as unseasonable downpours and stormy conditions continued to lash much of Israel over a wet weekend.

Parts of route 90 were closed to traffic as the Nahal David and Nahal Tze'elim streams, which run off into the salt-water lake, flooded the road. The highway was blocked south of Metzukei Dragot and north of Ein Bokek by the water.

Police and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority closed to the public hiking routes along wadis in the area as a safety precaution. The wadis are popular attractions during rainy seasons with hikers hoping to catch sight of rainwater from mountainous areas rushing along the riverbeds.

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Flying Asian carp 'attack' Missouri rowing team at Creve Coeur Lake


Rowers attacked by flying fish
Benjamin Rosenbaum captured footage of the struggle between Washington University's rowing team and the Asian carp of Creve Coeur Lake.

A man filming a Missouri school's rowing team practice captured the moment dozens of Asian carp started leaping from the water, striking some of the rowers.

Benjamin Rosenbaum was filming the Friday rowing practice for the Washington University freshman team in Creve Coeur Lake, outside of St. Louis, when dozens of Asian carp started jumping from the water, surrounding the boat.

Some of the fish struck the rowers and landed in their boat.

"The fish was flopping on my legs. It was so slippery that I couldn't get a grip on it," team member Devin Patel told CNN.

The rowers said no one was injured, but the smell of fish lingered once the waters went quiet.

Cloud Precipitation

US: Flash flooding closes roads in Alabama

© Unknown
Flash floods hit Alabama
An afternoon and evening filled with rainfall is causing flooding in some areas of the county.

A Flash Flood Warning remains in effect until 2:45am for southwestern Mobile County. Doppler estimated rainfall totals of over 7 to 8 inches have fallen near Grand Bay.

Multiple roads have been closed in southwestern Mobile County, including Ramsey Road, Highway 188, McGehee and AL 188, Potter Tract and Cemetery, Old Pascagoula, Serenity Gardens, McDonald Road, and I-10 at the Waffle House, Three Notch and McFarland.

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12 years later gorilla remembers girl after being released in the wild

For the past 15 years the Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive gorillas back into the wild. They go from the Howletts Wild Animal Park In England to their million acres in West Africa.

In the following video a father Damien and his daughter Tansy set out on a trip to West Africa to find their beloved gorillas Djalta and Bimms which they raised and released in 2003. It has been 12 years since they have seen their friends, and they have traveled half way around the world to find them. Will they find them? Will the gorillas accept Tansy after not seeing her for 12 years?

Watch the video below to find out. Do you think the gorillas would remember them after 12 long years? leave a comment below

Comment: Amazing how animals can not only form bonds with humans but can also remember them years later.