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Landslide kills two as storm death toll reaches 11 in Italy

Flooding in Genoa.
A landslide triggered by torrential rain engulfed a house on the shores of Italy's Lake Maggiore on Sunday, killing a pensioner and his granddaughter in what a neighbour described as a "horrific" tragedy.

The 70-year-old man died after the house was partially buried in a "sea of mud" unleashed after the hill behind the building gave way as a result of the unprecedented volumes of rainfall experienced across swaths of northern Italy in the last two weeks.

Rescue workers managed to drag the 16-year-old granddaughter from the rubble after more than four hours of digging but she died later in hospital.

Her parents and grandmother survived. The family's small, two-storey villa was the only property affected in Cerro, a hamlet on the outskirts of Laveno Mombello, a popular holiday spot.
Snowflake Cold

Meteorologists agree: Europe is in for a 'damned cold' winter

Grand froid en Europe centrale
© Euronews
When alarmist climate institutes roll out papers claiming global warming is going to cause severely cold winters, then you have to wonder if they know something is up and are acting preemptively to salvage their crumbling climate science, which not long ago predicted with high confidence balmy snowless winters.

A few reports have already come out indicating this winter could be a real doozy - at least for wide parts of North America. But now we are starting to see such reports popping up for Europe as well.

Record-breaking arctic cold temperatures, subzero expected in Northern Rockies, High Plains

Arctic air is now firmly entrenched over much of the nation's mid-section, Northwest and, finally Northeast, sending temperatures crashing to values you might expect in mid-winter in some areas.

Here are some cold notables so far:
- Burlington, Colorado, on the eastern Plains near the Kansas border, dipped to -10 Thursday, setting a new record low for the month of November.

- Casper, Wyoming, dipped to -27 at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday night, shattering their all-time November record low of -21 on Nov. 23, 1985 (records date to 1939). The temperature stayed at -27 at midnight Thursday, making it the new record low for Nov. 13 as well. Previously, the soonest Casper plunged to -27 was on Dec. 5, 1972. Casper's high of 6 on Nov. 11 was the record earliest single-digit or colder high temperature there. (On Nov. 15, 1955, the high was only -3 degrees). Wednesday, Casper only managed a high of 3 degrees!

- Denver's high of 6 on Nov. 12 was the coldest daily high so early in the season. Only three other November days had daily high temperatures colder in Denver, dating to 1872. Early Thursday morning, Denver chalked up a bone-chilling -14 degrees, easily the coldest temperature so early in the season. (Nov. 17, 1880 was the previous earliest such cold reading in Denver.)

- Livingston, Montana, dipped to -21 Wednesday, their coldest so early in the season. That said, they once dipped to -31 degrees just one day later in the calendar, on November 13, 1959.

- Riverton, Wyoming had a daytime high of 0 degrees Thursday.

- In the Southern Plains, Amarillo (21), Lubbock (27), Childress (29) and Goodland (14) all set their coldest daily high temperatures on record for so early in the season on Wednesday.
Next, we'll hit some cold highlights in both forecast highs and lows, then ask how long this will last.

Sled dogs clash with muskox again near Nome, Alaska

© Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
“Muskox family.”
In yet another clash between canine and ungulate, two dogs were injured last weekend by a muskox near a biking trail in Nome.

The dogs, which belong to musher Kirsten Bey, were flown to Anchorage for veterinary care and are now recovering. This latest incident comes after a series of muskox attacks throughout the summer and fall.

In late July, a dog belonging to Mitch Erickson was killed by a muskox in Icy View. Earlier that month, Nome resident Diana Adams was cited for taking a muskox out of season when it charged one of her dogs on the same lot.

A third dog was gored in an attack by a muskox on Anvil Mountain in early August. And a dog owner shot and killed a muskox near Wales later that month.

Comment: See also: One dog killed after another muskox attack in Nome, Alaska

Strange animal behaviour: Muskox repeatedly charged dog despite warning shots in Wales, Alaska - other similar incidents reported


Deep ocean sunfish found on beach in North Queensferry, Scotland

The sunfish can grow to 4m in length and weigh more than a tonne
An oceanic fish which normally lives up to 600m (1,968ft) below the surface has been washed up on a beach near Deep Sea World in North Queensferry.

The sunfish was discovered by a member of the public at East Bay beach who contacted the nearby aquarium.

Aquarists retrieved the stranded fish, which was around a metre long, however, it later died.

Deep Sea World's Chris Smith said: "This is the first sunfish stranding I have seen in the local area."
Black Cat

Odd puma behaviour? Vancouver Island woman slams door on curious cougar

Cougar at Carmanah Lighthouse station on the West Coast Trail. A Vancouver Island woman was alarmed to find a cougar staring straight at her — separated by only a screen door — on Thursday afternoon.
A Vancouver Island woman was alarmed to find a cougar staring straight at her - separated by only a screen door - on Thursday afternoon.

"I ran toward the glass door and slammed it shut, and he turned away and ran," said Riley Nicholson from her Creekside Glen townhouse on Atkins Road, which backs onto a ravine.

"What if he had just jumped through the screen?" she said. "That was scary - I think people need to know."

Nicholson was packing up to move when she saw the big cat on her patio about 4:45 p.m., and she wondered whether it was attracted by residual cooking odours caused by having her oven set on "clean," or by her cat, which had been outside playing a short time earlier
Eye 2

Symbolic? Brown tree snake discovered dead still biting its neck, Australia

This dead snake was found home at Earville, just south-west of Cairns, on Saturday still plunging its fangs into its own neck
Did this snake kill itself using its own venom?

It certainly looked that way when Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers found the dead snake on Saturday still plunging its fangs into its own neck.

He was called to a home at Earville, just south-west of Cairns, after a woman found the 1.5 metre Brown Tree snake on her doorstep.

Swedish hunter rushed to hospital after bear attack

© Mastassus/Flickr
A brown bear.
A hunter was rushed to hospital after being attacked by a bear in Jämtland in eastern Sweden on Saturday.

The hunter was attacked by the bear while out elk hunting in with his dog in the vicinity of Hammerdal in eastern Jämtland.

The man was taken by ambulance to Östersund Hospital and the hospital later confirmed that his injuries are not life-threatening.

The man was born in 1993 and was part of a hunting party with a total of four hunters. According to Hans Ängquist, county spokesman at Östersund police, it was a female bear with two cubs who suddenly appeared and attacked the man after a dog started barking at an elk during the hunt.

Indonesia: 7.3 quake with potential tsunami

map Moluccas
Site of 7.3 earthquake near Ternate island, Moluccas.
A major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 was recorded off the Moluccas in Indonesia on Saturday, the national disaster mitigation agency said, causing residents near the quake to flee their homes after a tsunami warning was issued.

The earthquake was felt strongly on the Sitaro islands, where authorities also warned people to stay away from beaches and riverbanks, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman at Indonesian agency, said in a statement. There were no reports of casualties or major damage. MetroTV reported power cuts in some parts of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province.

"It was strong," said Regina Saerang, an eyewitness in Manado. "I felt it for about a minute. There was no damage but people on my street are pouring out of our houses." The head of the disaster mitigation agency had ordered the preparation of aircraft and logistics in case they were needed and further checks of the affected areas were being made, Nugroho said.
equake bubbles
The earthquake parameters provided by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said hazardous tsunamis were possible within 300 km (185 miles) of the quake's epicenter, although there was no danger of a Pacific-wide tsunami.

It had also warned that tsunamis could be expected to reach Indonesia, the Philippines, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands, and even as far away as Taiwan and Japan's Okinawa. The first waves could reach land within 30 minutes and the last within about six hours. "The initial wave may not be the largest," the center warned.

Comment: Based on USGS data, earthquake frequency has risen sharply by more than 30% since the 1990s. There is a strong correlation proven between earthquakes and sunspots. An intensification of the magnetic field has implications for Earth's crust, triggering earthquakes. Precursors that indicate alerts of this potential rise also include increases in: low frequency electromagnetic emission, magnetic field anomalies, earthquake lights from ridges and mountain tops, temperature anomalies over wide areas and changes in plasma density of the ionosphere. While we think of rocks as being poor conductors of electricity, there are times when this is the reverse, as when under severe stress from the slowing down of earth rotation, the reduction in gravity that allows for an "opening up" phenomenon that increases the chances for strong earthquakes, and the reshaping of Earth from more ovoid to spherical. The Pacific Rim has proved to be one of the most regions conducive to the rising magnitude levels and frequencies of major earthquakes of late.*

Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The Secret History of the World - Book 3

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding clean-up underway after deluge in Northern Ireland

Bridge Street in Newry has been badly affected, with cars under water
A clean-up operation is continuing after homes and businesses were flooded during torrential rain in many parts of Northern Ireland on Thursday.

The worst flooding was in Counties Armagh and Down, particularly Newry.

Several homes and shops were evacuated on Bridge Street, Newry, on Thursday afternoon because part of the street was under two to three feet of water.

On Friday evening, some roads were closed in parts of County Armagh, including in Portadown and Loughgall.

Earlier, Trafficwatch NI advised staff in Greenbank industrial estate in Newry to leave before a high tide at 16:00 GMT.

Further problems on Friday meant Bridge Street and several other roads across Northern Ireland were closed, although many have now reopened.

Newry businessman, Shealan Strain, who owns The Gentry clothes store on Bridge Street, said he tried to protect his shop with sandbags on Thursday afternoon but had to evacuate because of the volume of water.