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Weather chaos: Kashmir receives snowfall when other parts of India reel under severe heat


Snowfall in Kashmir
While the rest of India continued to simmer under intense heat wave, higher reaches of Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir received fresh snowfall. It has been snowing in Rajouri intermittently since Sunday (May 24) causing the mercury to drop considerably.

People have once again pulled out their woolens. Though snowfall in Rajouri is unusual for this time of the year, no one seems to be complaining. Instead people from nearby areas of Shopian and Poonch are thronging the place to enjoy the weather.

The sudden change in weather has reportedly been caused by a prevailing western disturbance over the region. As a result of which, the lower reaches of Rajouri received snowfall. Heat wave in the rest of India has so far claimed many lives.


Young boy mauled to death by pit bull terrier in Chicago


Pit bull terrier
A 5-year-old boy was mauled to death by a dog Monday night in the Washington Heights neighborhood.

The boy was attacked around 9:30 p.m. in the 8900 block of South Carpenter Street. Neighbors called 911 after hearing his mother screaming for help.

"I heard the lady come out the house ... and the dog had her son's neck in his mouth, and she said, 'Oh, my God, can someone please help me?'" neighbor Bianca White said.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's office identified the boy as James Nevils III.

Witnesses said the attack started inside a home, and the boy's mother was able to drag the dog and her son outside, and began asking neighbors to help her get the dog off her son.

"I saw that it was a dog had mauled a baby at the neck, and like by his shoulder, and was just attacking him, and the mom was trying to get the dog off the baby, and I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, please, somebody help,'" White said.

Cloud Precipitation

State of disaster declared in Texas due to severe weather conditions

This May 24, 2015 Handout photo provided by the Blanco Police Department in Blanco, Texas shows the bridge on Rte 165 spanning the Blanco River that was washed away by flash flooding caused by torrential downpours.
The governor of Texas declared a state of emergency in 2 dozen counties, as more severe weather conditions are in store for the region, where storms have already killed at least 3 people. Across the border in Mexico, 13 people were killed by a tornado.

Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster in 24 counties, citing deadly weather conditions that have been tormenting the state since early May.

The first emergency proclamation, issued on May 11, had to be amended to include more counties.

Houston, the nation's fourth most-populous city, has seen parts of the city covered in water.

© Reuters / Rick Wilking
Houston, Texas
An unidentified man was found drowned in Texas, while at least two more victims reportedly died in Oklahoma. One woman died after her car hydroplaned and a firefighter was killed when he was swept into a storm drain, CNN reported.

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Sinkhole closes runway at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

© Unknown
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport closed a runway this morning after a sinkhole opened near it.

The airport closed Runway 18L temporarily as a precaution while airfield operations crews assess a sinkhole that has been reported in a grassy area about 250 feet between a taxiway and runway 18L, the airport said in a prepared statement.

The sinkhole is not on the runway or taxiway itself, but in an area called the safety area, airport spokesman David Magaña said.

Comment: This sinkhole has been reported to be 25 feet x 25 feet, with an unknown depth. To learn more about what's causing all of these sinkholes, check out the SOTT Radio Show - SOTT Talk Radio show # 70: Earth Changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man made?


Numerous sea creatures killed by the oil spill on Gaviota coast, California

© Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
This young sea lion was found Friday caked in oil and shivering on Sands Beach.
Since last Tuesday's oil spill, more than 20,000 gallons of death-dealing crude has sickened or killed pelicans, cormorants, grebes, dolphins, sea lions, elephant seals, bass, guitarfish, spiny lobsters, rock crabs, urchins, octopi, shrimp, muscles, sea hares, sponges, anemones, coral, and whole swaths of smaller sea life along the long-protected and once-pristine Gaviota Coast.

Exactly how many creatures are being killed is hard to say because most of the carnage is happening underwater. Federal and state agencies, now in total control of the affected area, have imposed such exceptionally strict closures that volunteers, reporters, and even local biologists have been denied access.

The FAA flight restrictions now block aircraft and drones from getting within five miles of the Refugio site. El Capitan and Refugio beaches are closed until June 4, nearby fisheries have been shut down indefinitely. "All the secrecy suggests there's a big problem," said Greg Helms with the Ocean Conservancy, an environmental watchdog group. He speculated, as have many conservationists and local officials, that more wildlife may have been killed, or more oil spilled, than authorities are saying.


Symbolic? Eatonville man spots bald eagle falling from the sky in Eatonville, Washington

© James Zilka
Fallen eagle
James Zilka and his family were headed out on a fishing trip Saturday morning when they saw a bald eagle drop from the sky, diving from a light pole to the ground below.

At first, James thought the majestic bird was dive-bombing for some prey along SR 161 near 304th Street E.

But after hitting the ground, the eagle wasn't moving — laying still in the road.

"There is a lane for the dump trucks to use to merge out of the dump. That's where it lay," James told Q13 FOX News. "We stopped just in front and I grabbed my phone and called 911."


Portents and signs: Mutant pig born with strange features and appendage in China

© australscope
Birth shock ... a mutant piglet was born a with a penis-like appendage on its forehead and a human-like head. Picture: Australscope
Snaps of a mutant piglet born with a human face and appendage on its head have gone viral, with speculation rife about what could have caused the abnormality.

The runt of the litter was born alive and squealing on a Chinese farm, but died after being rejected by its mother and refusing to bottle feed.

There are reports the newborn pig may have suffered from cyclopia, an extremely rare birth defect which results in just one eye where the nose should be.

It occurs when genetic problems or toxins disrupt the embryonic forebrain-dividing process.

Humans and animals born with this condition die shortly after birth.

Comment: 2015 has been quite the year for these freak animal births, see also:

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Portents and signs: Mutant pig born in Scotland


The piglet was born with a deformed face
A piglet has been born in Scotland with a 'human face' and a 'penis' on its forehead - just days after the same genetic mutation was found on a Chinese pig.

The animal who had a deformed face and snout, was born at a Scottish farm but is thought to have died at birth.

A farmer in China, was mobbed by crowds after his pig gave birth to a similar looking piglet, which was described as having a 'penis on its face'. The piglet, which later died, was said to have been part of a bizarre bidding war.

Staff at the farm, who don't want to be identified, have said that they have never seen such a serious deformity on a piglet, and although defects were not unlikely in high volumes of piglets, this is the rarest they have ever seen.


Waterspout in Florida lifts bounce house 50 ft. up into air, injuring kids inside (VIDEO)

Still from YouTube video/ALLTVCHANNEL2
A Memorial Day attraction at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park in Florida went terribly wrong when a sudden waterspout uprooted and overturned an inflatable bounce house, injuring children inside, before lifting it some 50 feet (15 meters) up in the air.

The video of the accident posted on YouTube shows the inflatable house flying above palm trees, across a parking lot and over four lanes of traffic.

Bizarro Earth

Galapagos volcano erupts for first time in 30 years

© Photo: EPA
The eruption of Wolf volcano, at Isabela island, Galapagos, on 25 May 2015.
A volcano in the Galapagos Islands erupted for the first time in more than 30 years on Monday, spilling streams of bright orange lava and raising fears for the world's only colony of pink iguanas.

The Galapagos National Park warned on Twitter that Isabela Island, where Wolf Volcano erupted at dawn, holds "the world's only population" of the critically endangered Conolophus marthae, also known as the Galapagos rosy iguana.

But the park later said the iguanas' habitat on the volcano's northwest side appeared to be out of danger.

The iguanas, "which share the habitat with yellow iguanas and giant Chelonoidis becki tortoises, are situated on the northwest flank, which raises hopes that they will not be affected," it said in a statement.

The fiery streams of lava that trickled down the volcano on Monday morning were on the opposite side, officials said.