Earth Changes


7 dogs destroyed after suspected attack on teenager at Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

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Camp dogs.
Seven dogs believed to have attacked and killed a Kimberley teenager have been destroyed.

The 18-year-old woman was found dead in the backyard of a house in Fitzroy Crossing on Saturday afternoon.

Senior Sergeant Andrew Stephens said that while she had been mauled by dogs, it was not clear whether that had caused her death.

"Unfortunately this young girl was found deceased, and she'd received injuries which were consistent with dog bite wounds, " he said.

"But at this stage the cause of her death has not been determined.

"She's been sent down to Perth now for a post-mortem and we're waiting for the results of that, but unfortunately it will take some time to determine how this girl died and what the circumstances were."


5-mile long wildfire breaks out in St. Joseph, Missouri


St. Joseph wildfire prompts evacuations
Mandatory evacuation orders are in place for part of St. Joseph because of a 5-mile long wildfire that broke out Sunday afternoon.

People have been ordered out of homes along Elwood Street in St. Joseph, and firefighters want people to stay away from an area between Wyeth Hill south to River Front Park downtown.

The St. Joseph Frontier Casino has also been closed.

Those forced to evacuate can go to the American Red Cross for shelter at 401 N. 12th St.

Bizarro Earth

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck off the Papua New Guinea island of New Britain on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The quake struck 6 miles (9 km), northwest of the town of Rabaul, on the northeast tip of New Britain island, it said. There were no immediate reports of any damage or casualties.

Snowflake Cold

Newfoundland blizzard traps drivers in their vehicles

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Heavy snow drifts in the St. John's metro area Monday morning meant some cars were better off than others. Dave Sullivan said his car was nearly buried in snow, while some neighbours were able to get out.
Snow delays airline, bus and ferry travel, St. John's cancels garbage collection, MUN closed for day

A March blizzard hammered most of Newfoundland Monday morning, on a day when most schools and many offices were already closed for the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

RCMP and the Department of Transportation and Works were advising drivers to stay off most of the province's roads and highways, with conditions deteriorating due to the heavy snow and strong winds.

In western Newfoundland, two vehicles were reported to be stranded on Route 480, also known as the Burgeo Road. RCMP said they tried to reach the drivers but had to turn back, given zero visibility and heavy blowing and drifting snow. Further attempts will be made when the weather improves.


California reverts to desert conditions


Drought conditions.
Once upon a time, much of the state of California was a barren desert. And now, thanks to the worst drought in modern American history, much of the state is turning back into one. Scientists tell us that the 20th century was the wettest century that the state of California had seen in 1000 years. But now weather patterns are reverting back to historical norms, and California is rapidly running out of water. It is being reported that the state only has approximately a one year supply of water left in the reservoirs, and when the water is all gone there are no contingency plans. Back in early 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the entire state, but since that time water usage has only dropped by 9 percent. That is not nearly enough. The state of California has been losing more than 12 million acre-feet of total water a year since 2011, and we are quickly heading toward an extremely painful water crisis unlike anything that any of us have ever seen before.

But don't take my word for it. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jay Famiglietti "is the senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech and a professor of Earth system science at UC Irvine". What he has to say about the horrific drought in California is extremely sobering...

Comment: U.S. Drought Monitor: California drought covers 100% of state

Only 1 year of water left in California - NASA scientist suggests rationing

Cloud Grey

Rarely seen disc-shaped clouds sighted over Cheshire, UK

Rare spectacle: These lenticular clouds, also known as altocumulus standing lenticularis, are hardly ever seen in British skies
Swirling through the air in mesmerising saucer-like shapes, these exceptionally rare lenticular clouds are the most common explanation for UFO sightings. The remarkable-looking disc shapes were spotted by amateur photographer Glenn Spencer, 42, in the sky above Chester in Cheshire.

The formations, also known as wave clouds, were scattered over miles, producing a stunning spectacle. Rarely seen in the UK, lenticular clouds are formed when a tall geographic feature, such as the the top of a mountain, obstructs a strong wind.

The interruption in airflow creates a wind wave pattern in the atmosphere on one side of the mountain and at the top of these waves, moisture in the air condenses and forms a cloud. As air moves down into the trough of these waves the water evaporates again, leaving behind clouds in a characteristic lenticular shape.

Mr Spencer noticed them while driving to the shops and was so amazed that he stopped the car to retrieve his camera from the boot. He said: 'I tried to follow them to higher ground to get a good view. They were just so mesmerising and I thought they looked amazing. It is easy to see why people mistake them for UFOs. They are brilliant. I've never seen anything like it.'

Comment: There have been a number of rare cloud formations observed in the skies lately. Some, such as this one in Australia have a recognizable cause, this one being a Fallstreak Hole. Other factors which may contribute to these 'strange skies' are possible comet dust loading and changes in the layers of the atmosphere.

An indicator of this dust loading is the observed intensification of noctilucent clouds. As explained in Pierre Lescaudron's book, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection:
The increase in noctilucent clouds is one of the effects - among others - of increased dust concentration in the atmosphere in general, and in the upper atmosphere in particular. We suspect that most of this atmospheric dust is of cometary origin, while some of it may be due to the recent increase in volcanic activity.


Elephant kills mahout in India


Asian elephant
Gajendra, a fiery-tempered tusker which used to take part in Mysuru Dasara Utsav, on Sunday went berserk and killed its mahout at K Gudi Elephant Camp which falls under under Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple Tiger Reserve area in the district.

The incident occurred when the victim Ganapathi (50), a resident of Nagalapur in Hunasusu taluk, tried to cool down the flaring tempers of the tuskers Gajendra and Srirama. Gajendra attacked the mahout, who suffered serious injuries and bled to death after a while.

Ganapathi used to work as mahout at the elephant camp for the past two decades. His job was regularised only two years back.

Forest Conservator and Director of BRT S S Lingaraju visited the camp and reviewed the situation. Ramasamudra East police have registered a case and investigations are on.


Carabao (water buffalo) runs for freedom from slaugherhouse, injures 3 in Quezon City, Philippines

After a trip from Naga City, the animal ends up as a “detainee” at the QCPD-Cubao station on Saturday.
A carabao's wild run for freedom from a Quezon City slaughterhouse wreaked terror in a commercial area early Saturday, forcing an evacuation at a call center and tossing furniture in the lobby of a small hotel.

Before it could be restrained, the water buffalo injured three people, including a butcher and a call center agent. At press time, the farm animal remained tethered and caged in a freight container outside a police station in Cubao, more than a kilometer from the abattoir, where its two-hour rampage ended.

Police said the animal, a three-year-old female weighing about half a ton and with potentially lethal 18-inch horns, escaped around 3 a.m. from the Mega Q-Mart slaughterhouse on Ermin Garcia Street in Barangay (village) E. Rodriguez, after it was unloaded from a truck carrying livestock from Naga City.

"Maybe the smell of blood made it run wild," Dante Floresca, one of the workers who delivered the animals, said in an Inquirer interview.


Woman killed by pack of wild dogs on Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

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Feral dogs.
A woman in the Lower Swift Bear Community on the Rosebud Reservation has been killed after being attacked by a pack of wild dogs.

The Mellette County Sheriff responded just before 6:30 Saturday morning. He reports that when he arrived, multiple dogs were still on the scene surrounding 49-year-old Julia Charging Whirlwind. The sheriff shot and killed two of the dogs so emergency crews could reach her.

Charging Whirlwind was taken by ambulance to a Rosebud Hospital, where she later died.

The Mellette County Sheriff also said that there have been multiple reports of wild dog attacks in recent weeks.

Comment: Other recent dog pack attacks in America: Man found dead near New Mexico reservation may have been attacked by dog pack

Pack of dogs kills 8-year-old girl on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

Man likely to have died from a dog pack attack in Madison, North Carolina

Feral dog pack found to have killed woman on Wyoming Indian reservation

Denison, Texas woman attacked and severely injured by dog pack


Thousands evacuated due to raging forest fire near Valparaiso, Chile

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Plumes of smoke from a wild fire rise over Valparaiso, Chile, Friday, March 13, 2015.
A serious forest fire spread quickly on Chile's coast Friday and threatened to reach the nearby port cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.

Officials said the fire began at an illegal garbage dump in the afternoon and flames were spread quickly by high winds, leading authorities to declare a state of catastrophe in the area. Deputy Interior Secretary Mahmud Aleuy said that about 4,500 people in six neighborhoods had been evacuated as flames advanced nearby and that an additional 10,000 might need to be moved.