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Napa earthquake's bizarre side effect: Creeks flowing again as groundwater rises

Wild Horse Creek
© Michael Macor, The Chronicle
Wild Horse Creek which flows through Green Valley in Fairfield, Calif., suddenly flowing with water after the August 24, 2014 Napa earthquake.
When the ground stopped shaking after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake last month in Napa, California, something really surprising happened next.

Local residents noticed that some creeks, which had previously run dry due to the state's prolonged drought, were filled with water again.

The strange phenomenon occurred in Solano County's Green Valley, according to, and it's believed it was caused by groundwater that was forced up to the surface when the Earth jolted.

At first, water running through the drought area may seem like a good thing, but that may not be the case this time.

Homeowner films the dramatic moment a huge waterspout tears his garden in Germany

© Michael Fuhrmann
Here it comes! A waterspout approaches the home of Michael Fuhrmann in northern Germany
A homeowner has captured the dramatic moment a waterspout swept through his garden in northern Germany.

The awe-inspiring but slightly frightening event occurred on a small lake in Eckwarderhorne.
Cloud Precipitation

Flood rescue effort expands in India, Pakistan as death toll tops 350

Inida floods
© Arif Ali / AFP/Getty Images
Pakistani villagers gather on higher ground as floodwaters enter in the Hafizabad district in Punjab province on Monday.
The death toll from nearly one week of heavy monsoon rains in India and Pakistan has surpassed 350, officials said Monday, as elite Indian troops joined an urgent rescue effort to reach residents marooned on rooftops and stranded in submerged homes.

The floods in the Himalayan region of Kashmir and eastern Pakistan, described as the worst in decades, have left thousands without food and water and destroyed homes across a wide swath of both countries.
Cloud Precipitation

3 dead after Bulgaria sees yet more flooding

A day of mourning has been declared in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria, today 08 September 2014, after three people were killed in floods there in the last few days. This is the fourth time in four months that Bulgaria has been hit by deadly floods.

Bulgaria was battered by heavy rainfall from Wednesday 03 September. Floods were soon to follow and by Friday 05 September 2014 as many as 80 municipalities had been affected. The heavy rain continued through Saturday 06 September.

Three people died in the floods in the Burgas district on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast. All three were drowned in the overflowing Ropotamo River. Two of the victims were in their vehicles at the time.

The areas around Harmanli and Simeonovgrad were also badly affected and authorities declared a state of emergency on Saturday 06 September. Several other cities soon followed, including Primorsko, Dimitrovgrad, Radnevo and Misia. Local media say that more than 1,000 people were evacuated in Haskovo province during the floods.

In a response to the recent floods, caretaker Interior Minister Yordan Bakalov suggested that local authorities in Bulgaria have done little to prevent floods, such as improving drainage. According to local media, he said that sanctions could be imposed on those municipalities failing to carry out prevention activities against floods.

Black Cat

A third cougar attack within a month leaves six-year-old California boy injured

Attack: A six-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion (file picture) while hiking with his parents and another family in California on Sunday - and he was only saved when his dad fought the animal off
A mountain lion attacked and injured a 6-year-old boy hiking with family and friends on Sunday along a wooded trail in California's Silicon Valley before two adults managed to frighten the cat away, a state wildlife official said.

The attack occurred at about 1 p.m. local time in an open-space preserve adjacent to the historic Picchetti Ranch Winery just west of the town of Cupertino, said Lieutenant Patrick Foy of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The victim's parents reported that the child was walking about 10 feet ahead of the rest of the group - two adult couples each hiking with their three small children - when "the mountain lion came out of nowhere" and grabbed the boy.

Comment: This is the third cougar attack on humans within a month, see also: Some wild animals are losing fear of humans: Biologist recovering after cougar assault in Grand Prairie, Alberta

Teenager attacked by cougar in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

There was also this: Mountain lion 'stalks' woman near Telluride, Colorado

Cloud Precipitation

'Wettest day on record' - Phoenix suffers more major flooding from former Hurricane Norbert

© Michael Chow/The Republic
Cars are stuck in flood waters on Interstate 10 east at 43rd Avenue after monsoon rains flooded the freeway in Phoenix Sept. 8, 2014.
Record-breaking rainfall in the Valley of the Sun played havoc with early morning commuters, closed schools and caused extensive power outages. Heavy downpours early Monday morning brought freeway traffic to a crawl, closed many surface street intersections and placed the state on a flash flood watch for the rest of the day.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport reported 3.06 inches of rain since midnight, breaking the record for the date by nearly 2 inches, Ken Waters of the National Weather Service said. It marked the wettest day on record for Phoenix since record keeping began in 1895, Waters said.

Buckeye received nearly 5 inches, according to the Maricopa County Flood Control District. The National Weather Service extended a flash flood warning until 10:30 a.m. for Maricopa, Pinal and Yavapai counties.

Interstate 17 was closed at Indian School Road and U.S. Highway 60 (Grand Avenue) was closed between 51st and 59th avenues because of heavy flooding, the Arizona Department of Transportation said.

Traffic was brought to a crawl on Interstate 10 in the Buckeye area and water was up to the hoods of several vehicles and at least 27 vehicles were stalled in the standing water at 43rd Avenue and I-10, Bart Graves of the Arizona Department of Public Safety said.

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3 days of heavy early snowfall results in 174 lost and 200 trapped on Pakistan's Deosai Glacier

The trapped and missing people are mostly shepherds and their families who move with their herds during the season.
At least 174 people are missing and around 200 people are trapped in Pakistan's northern mountaineer 'Deosai' glacier site as massive snowfall which continued over the last three days has blanketed the region, local officials said.

Around 200 people, including women and children, are trapped in the Charagah area of Deosai while 252 people were rescued Saturday night, Tariq Hussein a local administration official told reporters.

Many among the rescued people are injured as the region faces an unseasonal amount of snowfall, the official said. The trapped and missing people are mostly shepherds and their families who move with their herds during the season.

Giant 18-inch-long shrimp-like creature caught in Florida waters

© Unknown
Chances are you've never seen a shrimp like this before.

A Florida fisherman got more than he bargained for when he pulled an 18-inch-long shrimp-like creature from the water while doing some nighttime fishing from a dock this week in Fort Pierce, Florida, a coastal city about a two-hour drive north from Miami.

Steve Bargeron, who was fishing on the same dock where the creature was snagged, snapped the photos above and shared them with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service. After FWS posted them on the agency's Facebook page, the photos went viral and have since garnered more than 7,600 shares.

Comment: Creatures from the deep signal major Earth Changes: Is anyone paying attention?


Gas tornado caught emerging from fiery volcano

volcano tornado
© nicarnicaaviation
This is pretty hot stuff. A swirling 1-kilometre-high tornado of gas has been caught emerging from the lava pouring out of a fissure on Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano. The image was captured on 3 September by an infrared camera designed for aircraft, to let pilots see volcanic ash clouds.

It is not entirely clear what is causing the tornado, says Fred Prata, inventor of the ash camera at Nicarnica Aviation in Kjeller, Norway.

"The generation mechanism is probably the same as that for dust devils, but in this case the tornado funnel is most likely filled with sulphur dioxide, gas and volcanic ash."
iceland volcano

Bardabunga lava fountains
Seismic activity and eruptions around Bardabunga have been occurring since mid-August, but the Icelandic Met Office says the "effusive lava eruptions and fire fountains" currently present no threat to flights.

Comment: The new book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection has a lot to say about the electrical nature of tornadoes of all types.


Hunter attacked and bitten by black bear, Longview, Washington state

A Washington state hunter is recovering after surviving an attack by an angry black bear that chased him up a tree, chomped down on his leg and clawed him with one of its big paws.

Retiree Jerry House knows how lucky he is to have fended off the bear. He said he got the bear off him only after he kicked the animal in the nose as he hung onto a tree branch.

"It totally amazes me how fast that bear got on me. In three seconds it was on me," Hause, 60, told The Longview Daily News Thursday. "I was thinking, 'If it gets me out of this tree I'm a dead man.' It was mad, it was growling. It was serious about what it was going to do."

Hause was out hunting for deer with his 26-year-old son on Labor Day when he came face to face with the bear. They were in a remote wooded area about eight miles west of Longview.

Comment: See also: Bear stalks 2 women in 3-hour ordeal

2 men stalked by black bear while jogging in northern Alberta

Woman killed by a black bear in Fort McMurray, Alberta