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Researchers: 'Biggest volcanic eruption in last 500 years' devastated Europe's climate

Man and frozen crops
The Cold Summer of 1816
Scientists have long believed that the 1815 Tambora volcanic eruption could not, alone, have been responsible for the drastic climate change in 1816, nicknamed "Year Without a Summer" and "Eighteen-Hundred-and-Frozen-to-Death." Now, joint research by scientists and historians at the Cabot Institute believe they have pinpointed the date of what is called, in the scientific literature, the "Unknown eruption."

The global climate changes that accompanied these two eruptions created an unseasonably cold winter, which led to massive crop failure and a famine across both Europe and North America. These extreme conditions are also thought by scholars to have inspired literary works like Lord Byron's "Darkness," as well as the ice-framed narrative of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.

According to Caroline Williams, of the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, and Alvaro Guevara-Murua, a doctoral student in the School of Earth Sciences, and Erica Hendry, a professor in the same, the "Unknown eruption" likely occurred in South America sometime between mid-December 1808 and mid-February 1809.
Cold Europe

Comment: The large amount of volcanic debris swirling around in the air during the year 1816 resulted in extensive agricultural failure and mass migrations, giving insight as to what might happen when humanity is faced with an atmosphere shielding event such as an asteroid collision, a chain of strong volcanic eruptions, comet debris or a nuclear winter in the near future.

An estimated 80,000 people died. Prices for staple foods like corn and grain skyrocketed and oats escalated to eight times their normal price, leading to a sell-off of livestock and bread made from straw and sawdust. Should similar circumstances repeat themselves, today's sun gazers may not be as prepared to adapt as those who lived in 1816...nor may we be as lucky.

Did you catch the references to the human activity during this period of extreme weather...wars and independence, diverted attention...Human-Cosmic connection?

To fully understand the various additional factors that are influencing our climate, read Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.


Man gets arm 'ripped off' by his two American bulldogs in High Pittington, United Kingdom

A man is in a serious condition after being mauled in the street by his own American bulldogs (file image)
* Man mauled by his American bulldogs in High Pittington, County Durham

* Eyewitness has claimed the attack was so bad the man's arm was 'torn off'

* Bystanders tried to make the dogs stop by attacking them with golf clubs

* The 47-year-old is in a serious condition in hospital after attack last night

* One dog was destroyed by a police marksman after it was found nearby

* The other was contained at the scene and has been taken in to kennels

* American bulldog not on list of breeds banned under Dangerous Dogs Act

A dog owner screamed for help as two of his American bulldogs mauled him so badly his arm was 'torn off', an eyewitness has claimed.

Brave bystanders tried to make the dogs stop by attacking them with golf clubs and garden tools before the pets eventually ran from the scene in Pittington, County Durham.

People living nearby were terrified until one dog was shot dead by police and the other was caught. The search operation last night involved the force helicopter and armed officers.


Black bear kills hiker near West Milford, New Jersey - fifth fatality this year in North America

An Edison hiker was found dead Sunday after an encounter with a bear, police said.

Darsh Patel was 22.

Patel was part of a group of five Edison men hiking through the Apshawa Preserve, a wooded area of West Milford, Police Chief Timothy C. Storbeck said in a press release. They ran in different directions when a black bear began to follow them.

Comment: The other deaths caused by bears in 2014 in north America -

Bear attacks - fourth fatality this year in North America: Bear kills hunter near Norman Wells, Canada

Bear attacks and kills 31-year-old man in Wyoming

Rick Cross, missing Kananaskis hunter, killed in bear attack, Alberta

Woman killed by a black bear in Fort McMurray, Alberta

By way of comparison the number of deaths in the recent past (years 2000 - 2013) seem to average out to about just two a year, going by this wikipedia list -

List of fatal bear attacks in North America

A number of fatalities has also occurred recently in Russia -

Bear attacks kill at least three people with many others injured in Siberia and far-east Russia


Chimpanzee kidnaps and kills 2-year-old boy in Uganda

© Ismael Kasooha
One of the children that narrowly survived the chimpanzee attack in Muhorro town council. PHOTO/Ismael Kasooha
A two-year-old child has been killed by a chimpanzee, which kidnapped her in the garden in the presence of the parents.

Mujuni Semata, the son of Zabroni Semata of Kyamajaka in Muhorro town council, Kibaale district was kidnapped by chimpanzees on Sunday and died hours after his parents found him lying unconscious in the forest.

"We were in the garden burning grass after clearing the fields. As the children and their mother settled down for a late lunch, a group of chimpanzees attacked, taking the child with them," said Semata.

The bereaved mother, Omuhereza Ntegeka, 21, said: "As we shared the meal, one of the children asked for drinking water. I moved to get the water from the jerrican, about five meters away only to see the chimps emerging from the nearby bush and get hold of two children. They, however, dropped one and sped off with Mujuni."

Wild boar fed up with being hunted - charges hunters in France

Wild boar have apparently had enough of being prey for hunters and are striking back.

At least two videos have been posted on viral media in the last couple months showing cases of boars getting their revenge.

This video, shot from a French hunter's perspective and time-stamped Jan. 4, recorded a dog barking in the background. The hunter raised his firearm and, before he can even think about firing a shot, he was run down by a speeding boar.

Snowflake Cold

Burlington NY temperatures reach freezing mark for first time since 1964

© Fox44/ABC22
Low temperatures versus records
In Burlington the temperature reached the freezing mark for the earliest time in the season since 1964! That data is according to the National Weather Service in Burlington.

Low temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s across the area and broke/tied records in some cases. A record low was established in Massena, NY for Thursday and Friday. A record low was tied for Friday in Burlington and St. Johnsbury. These temperatures were 10-20 degrees below average for this time of the year!

It means the end of the growing season for 2014 for many. This is particularly early to see this kind of cold weather. Typically the Champlain Valley does not get frost until the first week of October. However this year for the Champlain Valley it has come nearly three weeks early.

TV cameraman viciously attacked by a wild boar on Japanese street

Knocked down: Footage shows the tusked hog charging through the streets and knocking a woman over before turning its attention to the cameraman
A TV cameraman in Japan has been left on crutches after being savagely attacked by a wild boar in the street.

The terrifying incident was filmed by bystanders, who kept a safe distance from the manic animal.

Footage shows the tusked hog charging through an urban area and knocking a woman over. It then turns its attention to the cameraman.


One dog killed after another muskox attack in Nome, Alaska

© Jenn Ruckel/KNOM
Mitch Erickson’s dog pen was smashed by a muskox this weekend, and his dog Onslo was mauled.
Yet another muskox attack over the weekend has left dog owners aggravated, while Nome residents and wildlife officials dispute who is responsible for coming up with a solution to the problem.

This time, the victim was Mitch Erickson's dog Onslo, who was tethered to a dog box at the lot Erickson shares with Diana Adams. Last week, Adams was cited for killing a muskox in Icy View.

Erickson explained how he found his dog lot. "You could see the pen was thrashed and the two dogs that were in it were loose. And I realized one was missing," said Erickson. "He was found about an hour later and we had to put him down cause he was all torn up."

This isn't the first time muskox have threatened Erickson and Adams's lot. Last year, two separate incidents left their dogs injured or worse.

"So we're two dead and one wounded," said Erickson.

Eruption of Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano could trigger decades long climate disruptions

Eric Worrall writes: The British and Icelandic MET offices are expressing concern about the possible effect on the climate, of a potentially enormous volcanic eruption in Iceland.

According to The Express, a UK daily newspaper;
"BRITAIN could freeze in YEARS of super-cold winters and miserable summers if the erupts, experts have warned.

Britain could face a freezing winter if the Icelandic volcano erupts.
Depending on the force of the explosion, minute particles thrust beyond the earth's atmosphere can trigger DECADES of chaotic weather patterns.
The first effect could be a bitterly cold winter to arrive in weeks with thermometers plunging into minus figures and not rising long before next summer.

The Icelandic Met Office has this week warned of "strong indications of ongoing magma movement" around the volcano prompting them to raise the aviation warning to orange, the second highest and sparking fears the crater could blow at any moment."
The Bardarbunga eruption could yet be a fizzle - the climatic damage caused by the eruption very much depends on the scale of the eruption, the amount of sulphates and ash hurled into the atmosphere, and even the direction of upper atmospheric wind patterns.

Comment: With the continuing volcanic eruptions around the Ring of Fire, coupled with the huge increase in meteors falling worldwide, the earth's atmosphere is already experiencing increases in particulate matter. These, in addition to the decrease in solar activity have been contributing to the cooling of the earth over the past 17 years. It is looking increasingly likely that we are headed into an ice age.

To fully understand the various additional factors that are influencing our climate, read Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.

Cloud Precipitation

7 dead, 3 missing in Burmese flash floods

Burma flood
A scene of devastation after flash floods in Katha, Sagaing Division, on Friday, 19 September 2014.
Seven people, including a baby, lost their lives and three are still missing as heavy flash floods hit rural areas of Mandalay and Sagaing divisions on Friday morning.

Speaking to DVB on Friday, Katha-based writer Hercules said that three people were killed when a flash flood swept them away in the middle of the night in Inn Daw Township in Katha, Sagaing Division.

"Torrential rains started at 2:55am on Friday and continued for about three hours. Rainfall measured 4.92 inches," he said. "A strong flash flood developed from a mountain stream and it destroyed five houses. Two women were carried away in the current, a 58-year-old mother and her 20-year-old daughter. Their bodies were discovered among some bushes at around 10 the next morning.