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Cloud Precipitation

Flood situation in Nicaragua deepens - 24 dead, 32,000 displaced

© E. Lopez / La Prensa
The neighborhood Chorizo, Leon, was one of the most affected by the rains of the weekend. One hundred and sixty homes were flooded.
The flooding in Nicaragua that we first reported here has continued to affect the country, leaving 24 dead and 32,000 homeless. All 17 of Nicaragua's departments have been affected.

Over the last few days the flooding has affected parts of the capital Managua, where at least 9 people died after 4 houses collapsed in one of the city's poor communities.

The rain has been so relentless there is simply no place for the water to go. A report in Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa said "There is no end to the rain and the ground is saturated".

Local authorities say that over 4,500 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Over 5,000 are living in relief camps after being evacuated.
Cloud Precipitation

6 dead due to floods in Guerrero, Mexico with 4,000 evacuated

© Efrain Montero
Flood damaged roads in Ometepec, Mexico.
Heavy rainfall in the wake of Tropical Storm Trudy have caused flooding and mudslides in Guerrero and Oaxaca states in southern Mexico. Over 4,000 people have been evacuated and a state of emergency has been declared in 36 municipalities.

Four died in a mudslide in the municipality of Ometepec. In the same area one man was swept away by a swollen river. The other death occurred in Tlacoachistlahuaca.
Snowflake Cold

Extreme hail sparks state of emergency in Lages, Brazil

Last Monday, an apocalyptic hail storm swept through Lages, a small town situated in the central part of the state of Santa Catarina. After looking at the extreme pictures below you will understand why a state of emergency was decreed after this intense and rare hailstorm in Lages. According to officials, more than 60% of the city has been hit by the terrible storm. This extreme weather event injured many people. The large hail - the size of golf balls - destroyed roofs, windows, cars and trees. A real hail apocalypse!

Comment: We know extreme weather is the new normal, but the frequency of intense hail storms (among many other anomalous weather phenomena) hitting places that rarely see traces of milder variables, is hopefully enough to make more sit up straight and snap out of their normalcy bias. Our weather system seems to be heading towards an ice age, and these freakish hail storms are indicative of such a transition, see why: Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection


Evidence of historical 'monster tsunami' prompts Honolulu officials to revise their emergency strategy

© Credit: USGS
Hawaii's evacuation maps are based in part on the 1946 tsunami, the most destructive tsunami in Hawaii's recent history. But new research shows that mammoth tsunamis, many times the size of the 1946 event, have struck the island in the past, and may again in the future.

A mass of marine debris discovered in a giant sinkhole in the Hawaiian islands provides evidence that at least one mammoth tsunami, larger than any in Hawaii's recorded history, has struck the islands, and that a similar disaster could happen again, new research finds. Scientists are reporting that a wall of water up to nine meters (30 feet) high surged onto Hawaiian shores about 500 years ago. A 9.0-magnitude earthquake off the coast of the Aleutian Islands triggered the mighty wave, which left behind up to nine shipping containers worth of ocean sediment in a sinkhole on the island of Kauai.

The tsunami was at least three times the size of a 1946 tsunami that was the most destructive in Hawaii's recent history, according to the new study that examined deposits believed to have come from the extreme event and used models to show how it might have occurred. Tsunamis of this magnitude are rare events. An earthquake in the eastern Aleutian Trench big enough to generate a massive tsunami like the one in the study is expected to occur once every thousand years, meaning that there is a 0.1 percent chance of it happening in any given year - the same probability as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan, according to Gerald Fryer, a geophysicist at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Starving and desperate: Man repelled Siberian bear attack with computer

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich
A man in a Siberian village was suddenly confronted by a bear apparently looking for food. The man, however, kept his cool and repelled the attack by throwing a computer component at the animal.

The incident happened in a village near the city of Tomsk in Western Siberia, Russia. A local man decided to walk to a dump apparently in search of non-ferrous metals when he suddenly saw a bear, the district's regional game commissioner told RT.

A medium-sized bear rushed, or maybe just moved, towards the man. But the man kept his head and shouted at the bear, furiously. He picked what was near at hand at the dump - a computer part - and threw it right at the predator. The move evidently confused the bear.

"The bear rushed to one side, the man to the other," added Sergey Yelnikov who arrived at the scene to investigate the incident and later tracked the animal.


Bear attacks search party in the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

© The Siberian Times
A one-way ticket for humanity to quit the planet, please...
The search for a missing 60-year-old man was suspended on Sunday evening after a bear attacked members of a rescue team in the Bieszczady Mountains of south east Poland.

According to the Bieszczady branch of Poland's Mountain Rescue Voluntary Service (GOPR), the incident marks the first such bear attack in the region in 50 years.

Two members of GOPR were searching the national park on a quad when the bear struck.

The two men managed to flee unharmed, but when they returned to the vehicle, traces of blood indicated that the bear was injured.

GOPR has stated that the animal could be highly dangerous if wounded, and accordingly, no access to the area is allowed until the bear has been tracked down.

Claudia Huber, Yukon woman, killed in bear attack: 6th fatality in North America this year

© Facebook
Claudia Huber, right, died after an incident involving a bear in the Teslin, Yukon area Saturday.
Claudia Huber, who operated an adventure tour company, died Saturday

A woman from the Teslin, Yukon area has been killed by a bear.

Claudia Huber, who was in her early 40s, was taken to the Teslin Community Health Centre, a 50-kilometre trip, by her husband, who told officials about the incident.

It's not clear whether she had already died by the time he got her to the centre.

Huber and Matias Liniger operate Breath of Wilderness, a year-round adventure touring company. The company website includes a German translation.

Comment: The other deaths caused by bears in 2014 in north America -

Black bear kills hiker near West Milford, New Jersey - fifth fatality this year in North America

Bear attacks - fourth fatality this year in North America: Bear kills hunter near Norman Wells, Canada

Bear attacks and kills 31-year-old man in Wyoming

Rick Cross, missing Kananaskis hunter, killed in bear attack, Alberta

Woman killed by a black bear in Fort McMurray, Alberta

By way of comparison the number of deaths in the recent past (years 2000 - 2013) seem to average out to about just two a year, going by this wikipedia list -

List of fatal bear attacks in North America

A number of fatalities has also occurred recently in Russia -

Bear attacks kill at least three people with many others injured in Siberia and far-east Russia


Man trampled to death by jumbo in Coimbatore, India - 7th fatality in the area in 10 months

A 52-year-old man was trampled to death by a wild elephant
A 52-year-old man was trampled to death by a wild elephant in Karamadai on Saturday, the third person to be killed by a jumbo in just two months in Coimbatore.

Vegetable vendor K. Murugesh came out of his house at Periyar Nagar in Karamadai to answer nature's call around 5.30 am when two tuskers standing near a bush, almost seven km from the forest boundary, charged towards him.

As it was dark, Murugesh did not notice the pachyderms and was close to the tuskers when they trumpeted and came charging from the bush. Though Murugesh tried to escape, one of the elephants chased and attacked him, causing grievous injuries.

A few villagers, who came out on hearing his loud screams, rushed Murugesh to the government hospital in Karamadai. However, he died on way. The forest department staff are now battling to drive away the two tuskers into the forest.

Couple attacked by bear outside house in Pasadena, California

© Reuters
Bears are coming closer to cities in the search for food
Bob and Irene McKeown were lucky to survive a terrifying encounter with a bear in California.

Surveillance video footage shows the couple leaving their holiday home, unaware that the bear was close behind them.

As the couple walked towards their car, they were followed by the young animal, which lunged at Bob McKeown.

After helping his wife into the vehicle, McKeown felt something on his leg.

"I closed the door and I looked.... a bear!" McKeown told news network KTLA. "You don't know how scared you are, you just see a bear. I've never encountered a bear," he added.


Bear attack critically injures man in central Kashmir, India

A 50-year-old man was attacked and injured critically in the central Kashmir district of Ganderbal, official sources said here today.

A bear entered the village Chount Waliwar in Ganderbal from nearby forest and before the locals could do anything the wild animal attacked and injured Mian Chichi, they said.

The injured was immediately rushed to local hospital from where he was referred to S K Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) in a critical condition. The wild animal later escaped back into the forest, they added.