Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills nine people within 24 hours in Bihar, India


Lighting struck some women while they were planting paddy saplings on farmland.
Kaimur district registered four casualties, all of them women, while three others sustained injuries after lighting struck them in different villages under Bhabhua, Sonhan and Bhagwanpur police station areas.

Nine persons, including five women were killed and 13 others injured in Kaimur, Nawada and Aurangabad districts of Bihar due to lightning in the past 24 hours, officials said today.

Kaimur district registered four casualties, all of them women, while three others sustained injuries after lighting struck them in different villages under Bhabhua, Sonhan and Bhagwanpur police station areas today, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Madan Kumar Anand said.

The victims were identified as Malti Devi (45), Sanju Kumari (18), Hemanti Devi (40) and Arti Devi (35), he said adding that the bodies have been sent for post-mortem.

The injured persons, identified as Demanti Devi, Parvati Devi and Somari Devi have been admitted to Sadar hospital for treatment, Anand said.


Another deep-sea dwelling oarfish surfaces, this time in Antique, Philippines


The oarfish caught by a fisherman in Antique. Oarfish are deep-sea dwellers and scientists are still trying to find out why some oarfish swim to the surface.
Julie Miranda was fishing in Barangay Indalog here on Thursday when he saw a shark chasing a big fish.

Shortly after, the shark swam off and the big fish started to float.

Miranda loaded the fish onto his boat and brought it to shore.

But the fish was no ordinary find. It was a 3-meter long oarfish weighing 14 kg.

"It was our first time to see a very big and very long fish in this town. Even the old villagers do not know the local name of this fish," said Lourdes Sarad, municipal agricultural officer of Tobias Fornier.

Oarfish, or king of herrings, was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest bony fish to be recorded in 2015.

The longest oarfish, which was hit by a steamship, was 13.7 meters, longer than a bus.

Comment: This is the third report of oarfish emerging from the deep sea since April, here are the others -

Rare 17-foot-long oarfish found dead off Catalina Island, California

Rare deep sea oarfish washes up on marsh in Aramoana, New Zealand

See in addition: Rare oarfish: New Zealand sea serpent maybe a harbinger for natural disaster, says scientist

Ice Cube

Look at how much ice remains over Hudson Bay!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That looks like enough ice to cover all of the state of Illinois.

Not sure I'd want to go kayaking there quite yet.

Thanks to J Philip Peterson for this link


Woman killed by pack of dogs in Wagoner County, Oklahoma


A woman was attacked and killed by a pack of dogs in the town of Red Bird.
Neighbors in the small town of Red Bird were stunned to hear a woman was violently attacked by a pack of dogs, just feet away from their homes.

Friday afternoon, deputies said 68-year-old Carolyn Sue Lamp of Coweta was killed when three dogs attacked her in the Wagoner County town, just southeast of Coweta.

A neighbor saw the attack and tried to save her by running off the dogs and getting her water, but sadly it wasn't enough to save her.

Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert said Lamp parked her car and was walking down Main Street in Red Bird, collecting cans from a ditch when the three dogs came running up to her.

"It's a tragedy this had to happen on a terrible hot day, this lady is out walking trying to make some extra money and gets mauled by a pack of dogs," he said.


Tens of thousands of black sea hares found on Treasure Coast, Florida

Hundreds of sea hares were found on Waveland Beach in St. Lucie County.
Beach goers noticed hundreds of black sea creatures washed ashore Thursday at Waveland Beach.

Those creatures spotted along beaches in Martin and St. Lucie counties the past several days are, according to experts, black sea hares — and they pose no threat at all to beach goers.

"Think of them as a snail without any shell," said Zack Jud, Ph.D., director of education at the Florida Oceanographic Society. "They are absolutely harmless."

Jud said the sea hares are a part of the mollusk family and grow up to 15 inches long. Cold water upwelling is likely pushing them closer to shore.

"The water is getting so cold that they're not swimming very well," Jud said.


Decomposed body of whale found on Ullala beach, India


Dead whale
A giant dead whale was found at Mogaveerapatna sea shore on Friday morning July 24.

The 15 feet body of the fish was in completely decomposes state. As the stray dogs started barking, Praveen Kotian a local resident and member of life guards association reached the place and found the dead whale.

He then informed the matter to the police and Ullala purasabha members. Police and purasabha officers rushed to the spot and a huge crowd of enthusiast people gathered at the spot.


Diver killed in shark attack in Tasmania

A diver has died in the shark attack Saturday near Maria Island 8 kilometers to the east of Tasmania's coast.

This is the first case of a deadly shark attack in Tasmania over last 17 years.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 7 people in Mexico

© ITAR-TASS/Vladimir Sayapin
Three women and four children have been killed by lightning during a heavy storm near Guanajuato in central Mexico, local authorities said on Saturday.

All people were members of one family. Two other persons were injured in the lightning strike, but doctors say their condition is stable and their lives are not in danger.

The three unidentified women, aged 19, 32 and 44, were killed in the electrical storm near the town of Mesa Cuata, Guanajuato state in the mountainous Sierra Gordon region as they worked in a field.

The children, who have not been named, were aged three, five, nine and 14 years old.

A 26-year-old woman and another child were also injured when the storm struck, but the state's Department of Public Safety confirmed that their lives were not in danger.

In a separate incident a 51-year-old man was killed by a lightning strike earlier on Friday while he was shepherding animals in the Ocampo municipality.

Additional reporting by Associated Press


Dead Pygmy sperm whale found on Maui shores, Hawaii

© Peg Alm via Ocean Defender Hawaii
Dead pygmy sperm whale
An adult pygmy sperm whale was found dead Wednesday morning on the shores of on Maui.

According to David Schofield of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA's Marine Mammal Response Network responded to reports of the beached whale at around 6:30 a.m. By the time crews arrived, the 985-pound whale was confirmed dead.

A Hawaiian cultural practitioner was called to perform a blessing over the whale, Schofield said, before crews transported the carcass to Oahu via Aloha Air Cargo, where it was then taken to Hawaii Pacific University.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. that night, a necropsy was performed and officials determined the animal appeared healthy, meaning there were no clear signs of disease. However, there was a fracture near the whale's jaw area.


Rampant locust swarms appear across Inner Mongolia

Locusts are seen on grassland in Chifeng, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, July 22, 2015. An area of approximately 27,200 hectares in Chifeng’s Baarin Left Banner is under attack, with an average concentration of 42 locusts per square meter. In some areas, the density rises to 123. Both chemical and biological means are being used to fight the locusts.
Local governments across Inner Mongolia are taking steps to try to battle a massive locust infestation said to be taking over large parts of the region.

Both chemical and biological means are being used to fight the locusts.

Around 200-thousand hectares of farmland has come under attack since Friday.

Bateer, a local grassland management official in the city of Chifeng, says this is something they have to cope with on an annual basis.