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Sun, 07 Feb 2016
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New Worries About Gardasil Safety

Gabby Swank was a straight-A student and cheerleader.

But that was before she became very ill following the standard dose of three Gardasil vaccinations, Attkisson reports.

You know the commercial. It showed teenage girls saying "I want to be one less" who gets the HPV virus, which is linked to cervical cancer.


Unnatural Selection: How Far Will Parents Go?

Picture this: prospective parents excitedly clicking through an online catalogue, ticking off the optimal mix of traits for their yet-to-be-conceived child.

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Blood serum samples in a clinic in Manila.
Will they opt for blue eyes or brown. Perhaps green, for a touch of originality? What colour skin? And do they want a boy or a girl?

Are they aiming for an Olympian athlete, or will they stack the deck in favour of intellectual prowess? Why not both?

For some people, this would be a dream come true. For others, a nightmare of widening inequality touching on eugenics.

For biologists, it raises acute questions about evolution.


Kissing feels so pleasurable due to hormone surge, find scientists

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Couples who share a passionate kiss this Valentine's Day will enjoy sensations of relaxation.
The reason that kissing feels so pleasurable is that sparks a surge of hormones in our brains, according to new research.

Couples who share a passionate kiss this Valentine's Day will enjoy sensations of relaxation and excitement because of a complex series of chemical processes, as well as their love for their partners.

The study showed that women need more than just a kiss to experience the same chemical high as men - with additional features such as a romantic atmosphere of dimmed lights and mood music also required.

Wendy Hill, professor of psychology at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania began the research to find out why the mundane physical activity of rubbing lips can elicit such a gratifying emotional response.


Treat Candida with Garlic Supplements

The numerous medical treatments for candida all share one quality: they are ineffective. Prescription drugs for candida often don't work at all, or even if they do, it's generally just a matter of time before the candida flairs up again. If you've been struggling to treat your candida with prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs, it's time to turn to more effective natural remedies such as garlic supplements.

It's the antifungal and antimicrobial properties of garlic that help keep candida at bay. Yeast and garlic simply can't coexist, so regular garlic intake is a highly effective method for controlling candida. Garlic is also known for improving immune system function, which can further help your body fight off candida naturally.


Obesity 'Virus' Spreads Like Common Cold, Scientists Say

Obesity can be "caught" as easily as a common cold from other people's coughs, sneezes and dirty hands, scientists said Monday.

The condition has been linked to a highly-infectious virus which causes sniffles and sore throats.

Nikhil Dhurandhar, an associate professor at The Pennington Biomedical Research Center, in Baton Rouge, La., said the virus, known as AD-36, infects the lungs then whisks around the body, forcing fat cells to multiply and also causing sore throats.

"When this virus goes to fat tissue it replicates, making more copies of itself and in the process increases the number of new fat cells, which may explain why the fat tissue expands and why people get fat when they are infected with this virus," Dhurandhar said.

Evil Rays

Peanut plant knew product was tainted with salmonella

The Georgia company whose peanut products have been blamed for a nationwide salmonella outbreak shipped some products even though they had tested positive for the bacteria and no other tests indicated they were safe, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday.

Previously, Peanut Corporation of America had said it shipped products only after subsequent tests on them came back negative. Items made with its peanut products have been linked to more than 500 cases of illness, including eight deaths.

The agency said the company's management told FDA inspectors last month during an inspection of the plant that they shipped products that first had tested positive for salmonella, but only if they later had tested negative.


England: Doctors baffled by mystery illness of Belle Isle girl - MMR Jab Implicated

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Six months ago Belle Isle youngster Melody Brook was full of life.

Now an illness baffles medics has left the five-year-old struggling to speak, walk, feed herself or even support her head.

Melody has been in hospital for months while doctors try to work out what's wrong.

Her mum Alicia Ellis said: "It's awful and unbelievable. I want her back like she was."

Melody started showing symptoms a few days after having her joint measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination in July.

Comment: If you go to the search function at the top right of this page and type in: "intext: vaccine" without the quotation marks, you will come up with at over 450 articles dealing with vaccines.

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CPSC Decision to Delay Phthalate, Lead Rules Overturned

Small businesses have been fighting to have a chemical and toxin ban created to protect America's children overturned. While consumer groups and environmentalists are pushing for the phthalate and lead bans, small businesses have been fighting to keep it off the books, said the LA Times. As we reported earlier, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) had bowed to the pressure, and had announced it would delay the new rule for a year. But a federal judge has overturned the CPSC decision and ruled that manufacturers and retailers are prohibited from selling children's items containing phthalates and certain lead levels after Tuesday.


A dose of laughter: How one man overcame cancer with the help of humor

I had an incredibly full day Sunday, in fact, much busier than I like. I met an old friend for breakfast, caught two concerts, made three pick ups of donated winter clothes, dropped off a package, and went downtown to visit my mother. I did not watch the Superbowl.

While in transit, I caught part of Tavis Smiley's radio show. His guest was a comedian that I didn't know. Two things about that interview immediately struck me. Tavis didn't stop laughing the entire time. And, cancer was definitely an unusual choice of material for comedy. But, the more I listened, the more compelling Robert Schimmel became. He has taken a taboo and shone a bright light into its every nook and cranny. Not only has cancer become the soul of his routines; he wrote a book about it: Cancer on five dollars a day (chemo not included): how humor got me through the toughest journey of my life. Schimmel and cancer are clearly on intimate terms with one another.


School Shootings and Massacres - Interview with Joseph Lieberman

Scott Vogel, Communications Director of the Freedom States Alliance, recently conducted an in-depth interview with Joseph Lieberman, author of the new book School Shootings: What Every Parent and Educator Needs To Know To Protect Our Children.

They discussed the four categories of school shootings, the psychology of those who carry out these acts, and how we can begin to ensure such tragedies never happen again.