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The FDA approves of paint thinner as ingredient for children's cereals

The challenge to be informed about what we are eating grows ever more complex. Many people trust Trader Joe's as one of the smaller grocery store chains offering higher quality foods without unnecessary additives, and other harmful ingredients that can cause cancer, neurological damage, or developmental delays. But one mom recently found trisodium phosphate, an industrial strength paint thinner in her children's Trader Joe's breakfast cereal, and she is wondering what it is doing there. (The ingredient is found in other popular cereals as well).

Trisodium phosphate, otherwise known as trisodium orthophosphate, sodium phosphate, or TSP, is well known by construction workers, DIYers, and developers, but not to most parents shopping for their morning meal. It is an inorganic phosphate which can be detrimental to our health. It is often used in place of mineral spirits to remove paint!

Just some of the minor problems with eating TSP include:
- The reduction of bone density due to mineral leeching

- Calcification of the kidneys

- Serious irritation of gastric mucosa

- Abdominal burning

- Shock says that this substance should be avoided at all cost. Just as Subway removed a harmful additive to their breads recently due to a blogger's pressure and subsequent petition, signed by thousands, this substance needs to be removed from all food, or indigestible items - especially cereals or baby toothpaste that children consume.

CDC: If trends continue, the number of Ebola cases could reach 1.4 million by January

Ebola patient
Liberian nurses tend to one of a thousand patients with Ebola.
The number of Ebola cases in West Africa could reach 1.4 million by the end of January if trends continue without an immediate and massive scale-up in response, according to a new estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report released Tuesday is a tool the agency has developed to help with efforts to slow transmission of the epidemic and estimate the potential number of future cases. Researchers say the total number of cases is vastly underreported by a factor of 2.5 in Sierra Leone and Liberia, two of the three hardest-hit countries. Using this correction factor, researchers estimate that approximately 21,000 total cases will have occurred in Liberia and Sierra Leone by Sept. 30. Reported cases in those two countries are doubling approximately every 20 days, researchers said

Comment: The CDC can make all the reports they want. They are obviously not in control of this outbreak.

Humanity in denial: What we're afraid to say about ebola -- Mother Nature is in charge, and she's not pleased

Ebola outbreak: Now 'out of all proportion' and on an 'unprecedented scale'


Liberia's Ebola death rate actually 84%?

ebola virus mikroskopaufnahme
© dpa
1. So far, nearly 2,500 suspected cases have been reported in what the WHO says is the worst known outbreak of the disease. However, the WHO's website says the survival rate for people with Ebola in this outbreak has been 47%, which is a substantial improvement over the disease's survival rate, historically.

2. There is a 47% survival rate with this outbreak.

3. Approximately 300 infected patients have survived Ebola treatment in Liberia since the outbreak here from March to September, Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services, Tolbert Nyenswah, has announced.

The above comment (#1) is from an August 26 media report noting that 47% of Ebola cases in the current outbreak survive, in spite of the fact it is the worst known outbreak of Ebola. The same figure is currently cited on the Canadian Infection Prevention and Control site on Ebola (#2).

This survival number is from the WHO Ebola website, which had listed three bold headings characterizing Ebola in the current outbreak. The first headline, "H2H" reflected the fact that virtually all cases were due to human to human transmission. The second headline "2 to 21 days" reflect the wide range of reported incubation times. The third headline "47% survive" was followed by a claim that the survival rate was higher than most prior outbreaks (this headline was removed last week).

Comment: Put simply, 47% of cases at any given time are alive. That does NOT mean they will all recover. Based on these numbers, around 84% of all those infected will die from Ebola. If the CDC's reported projections are accurate, that could mean almost 1.2 million dead among those infected by the end of January.


Ebola epidemic far worse than reported: Sierra Leone running out of space in cemeteries to bury bodies

© Samuel Aranda for the New York Times
The grave of Marion Seisay at King Tom Cemetery in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Area residents say animals dig near the graves, creating dangers for the living.
The gravedigger hacked at the cemetery's dense undergrowth, clearing space for the day's Ebola victims. A burial team, in protective suits torn with gaping holes, arrived with fresh bodies.

The backs of the battered secondhand vans carrying the dead were closed with twisted, rusting wire. Bodies were dumped in new graves, and a worker in a short-sleeve shirt carried away the stretcher, wearing only plastic bags over his hands as protection. The outlook for the day at King Tom Cemetery was busy.

"We will need much more space," said James C. O. Hamilton, the chief gravedigger, as a colleague cleared the bush with his machete.

The Ebola epidemic is spreading rapidly in Sierra Leone's densely packed capital - and it may already be far worse than the authorities acknowledge.

Since the beginning of the outbreak more than six months ago, the Sierra Leone Health Ministry reported only 10 confirmed Ebola deaths here in Freetown, the capital of more than one million people, and its suburbs as of Sunday - a hopeful sign that this city, unlike the capital of neighboring Liberia, had been relatively spared the ravages of the outbreak.

But the bodies pouring in to the graveyard tell a different story. In the last eight days alone, 110 Ebola victims have been buried at King Tom Cemetery, according to the supervisor, Abdul Rahman Parker, suggesting an outbreak that is much more deadly than either the government or international health officials have announced.

Comment: As Pierre Lescaudron outlines in his book, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, sooner or later civilizations degenerate to the point where Mother Nature has to step in and provide a population-reducing plague. If humanity won't take a stand against evil being perpetuated on this planet, the Universe will.


Man bitten by child with Ebola flown to Switzerland

Transport bitten man
Transport of man bitten by Ebola patient flown to Switzerland.
Swiss authorities say a male nurse who was bitten by an Ebola patient while working in West Africa has been flown to Switzerland as a precaution.

The health ministry says the unidentified man was working for an international organization in Sierra Leone when he was bitten by a child infected with Ebola on Saturday.

The ministry says the nurse was wearing protective gear and is unlikely to have contracted the disease.

It said the man, who was flown to Switzerland by a private transport company Monday, will be kept under observation at Geneva's University Hospital for the incubation period of three weeks.

The ministry said it was the first medical transport to Switzerland from the Ebola-affected region.

Comment: According to latest numbers, more than 5800 people have been infected in West Africa. That is not to say there aren't multiple times that number in populations that haven't yet displayed symptoms. A recent culling of 100 exposed persons in Monrovia, Liberia, resulted in nearly 50% testing positive while the remainder are being held for observation. WHO warns we will soon face thousands of new cases.

Reason would have it that the protective gear worn by the male nurse either did not rupture, thereby insulating the victim from the virus...or...the gear is not as good as it is made out to be. Many uninfected countries now have Ebola workers under observation and the potential for new pockets of hemorrhagic fever to latch onto greater populations. Additionally, WHO has stated that there should be no travel bans to countries impacted by the outbreak. "Flight cancellations and other travel restrictions continue to isolate affected countries, resulting in detrimental economic consequences, and hinder relief and response efforts risking further international spread." "The Committee strongly reiterated that there should be no general ban on international travel or trade..." Does this sound like containment? What is the real plan here?


Over-medicated and immunosuppressed Americans will fall like dominoes in the wake of Ebola

The mass medication of Americans has created a nation of immunosuppressed individuals who are unique vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak. That's because medications rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals as documented in the book "Drug Muggers" by pharmacist Suzy Cohen.

All the popular mass medications, it turns out, deplete the body of precisely the same crucial nutrients needed to activate the immune system to fight off viral infections. These includes minerals like zinc; pre-hormones like vitamin D; and common vitamins such as thiamine and niacin.

The full title of the book is Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients - and Natural Ways to Restore Them. Authored by a well-informed pharmacist I've known for years, the book reveals exactly which nutrients in your body are depleted by each popular medication being prescribed today.

Comment: For more on ways to prepare yourself for Ebola see:

Pestilence, the Great Plague, and the Tobacco Cure

Natural treatments for Ebola virus exist, research suggests

Natural allopathic treatment modalities for Ebola virus

And of course there is the matter of strengthening the immune system through adopting a Ketogenic Diet.

Eggs Fried

Unknown avian virus strikes Bhaktapur, Nepal farmers

Poultry farmers of Bhaktapur district are once again worried after mysterious disease started killing adult fowls.

An epidemic of unknown disease has hit farms of Broiler poultry for the past one month. The disease which has not been yet identified has caused nervousness among poultry keepers, said poultry entrepreneur Laxman Gwachha.

The new disease shares the symptoms of the new castle disease. The Bhaktapur poultry farmers, who had been adversely affected by the outbreak of bird flu in the district a year ago, are worried as the mysterious disease is again likely to ruin their business.

Live fowls have also lost their weight. Chickens completing 30-35 days are dying due to the unknown disease . Generally, they become ready for supplying in 45-50 days of rearing.

Comment: On September 16, 2013 it was reported that crows and pigeons in Bhaktapur dropped dead in flight:

Terror grips Bhaktapur folk as birds drop dead in Nepal


Spreading across the country: California hit with first wave of enterovirus D68

© Reuters/Mike Cassese
The most populated US state confirmed its first batch of cases of the disease that has been spreading across the country, causing severe respiratory problems in infants and young children, according to the state's chief health official.

Four children, ranging in age from 2 to 13 and all from Southern California, have confirmed cases of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). One of the patients is from Ventura County; the others are from San Diego County.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from mid-August to September 18, 2014, a total of 153 people from 18 states were confirmed to have respiratory illness caused by EV-D68, which has forced dozens of children to be hospitalized.

"There will definitely be more. It's just a matter of time. This will spread across the entire country," Dr. Pia Pannaraj, an infectious diseases specialist at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, told KTLA.

Children who contract the virus may experience difficulty breathing and wheezing, particularly youngsters with asthma problems.

"These children start with what seems like a normal cold on the first day - runny nose, a little bit of cough - but by the second day, they can't breathe at all. They come in and they need a tube to help them breathe," Pannaraj said. More cases are anticipated in the coming weeks.

Comment: This virus is spreading rapidly and it appears that previous vaccinations make the children more vulnerable:
  • Unidentified respiratory virus hit more than 1000 children across 10 US states
  • Rare respiratory virus: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center sets patient record


John D. Rockefeller's American Cancer Society never meant to 'CURE' cancer

© Natural Society
Did you realize that all conventional methods of killing cancer have only a 3% overall 'cure' rate? Chemotherapy and radiation not only have low cure rates, but they also kill healthy cells and often make cancer worse, when this is completely unnecessary because most cells can be reverted into healthy, non-damaging cells with the right treatment.

That's not something the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure want you to know, though. They are in bed with Big Pharma, and financed by the legacy of John D. Rockefeller who started the ACS in 1913.

An Unfortunate History

The ACS was begun as a business model - not a means to 'cure' people from life-threatening illness. It's also a brilliant way to wash dirty money. The ACS, in fact, receives more money in contributions every few minutes than the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) (which has 90% 'cure rates') receives in a full year!!

John D. Rockefeller is also the son of the founder of the pharmaceutical industry in the US. Sterling Drug, Inc., the largest holding company in the Rockefeller Drug Empire and its 68 subsidiaries, showed profits in 1961 of $23,463,719 after taxes, on net assets of $43,108,106 - a 54% profit.

Squibb, another Rockefeller-controlled company, made not 6%, but 576% on the actual value of its property in 1945. At this time, the Army Surgeon General's Office and the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery were also heavily promoting vaccines to the tune of 200 million 'shots' per year.

A single dose of SSRI antidepressant can alter brain architecture in hours

© Joe Raedle / Getty Images
A single dose of SSRI antidepressants such as Fluoxetine, shown here, can change the brain's functional connectivity within three hours, a new study found.
A single dose of a popular class of psychiatric drug used to treat depression can alter the brain's architecture within hours, even though most patients usually don't report improvement for weeks, a new study suggests.

More than 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. use these drugs, which adjust the availability of a chemical transmitter in the brain, serotonin, by blocking the way it is reabsorbed. The so-called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, or SSRIs, include Prozac, Lexapro, Celexa, Paxil and Zoloft.

Comment: It is disturbing to discover that a single dose of these drugs can alter the brain, considering the vast independent research studies that have shown that these drugs can provoke suicidal thoughts, violent behavior and can be extremely dangerous to one's health. What is worse, they are useless considering that they have about the same efficacy as placebos, and in many cases are less effective than exercise and meditation in treating depression.