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Looming crisis: Russia and China's new gas agreement will starve EU of natural gas


Russia only has so much gas to sell -- and it won't be going to Europe
China continues to siphon cheap Russian gas that once went to Europe. Without a plentiful supply of affordable natural gas, Europe faces a looming crisis

Russia inked a second blockbuster deal with China that will starve Europe for natural gas in just a few short years. It's now increasingly clear that 2018 will mark the beginning of the end for any hopes Europe had of returning to robust economic growth.

It was by far the biggest news of the day. While it did make headlines, you might have missed it because not much was made of the affair beyond the announcement. The story came and went as if Russia has oodles of natural gas (NG) to send to China.

It doesn't. And the supplies it has now contracted to send to China will be pulled from supplies that currently go to Europe.

For the people who understand global energy markets -- that energy is the one non-negotiable substance required for economic stability and growth -- this announcement was a huge deal.

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SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Russia to send 7th aid convoy - Poroshenko says Donbas children can sit in cellars

© REUTERS / Marko Djurica
Back in August the world was seemingly united and practically foaming at the mouth in moral outrage that Russia would presume to send food and medicine to the people of Donbas (eastern Ukraine, aka Novorussia). After agreeing to the aid convoy, and after Russia providing all documentation and inspections required, Kiev hemmed and hawed, further delaying the convoy's entry, Russia finally just said, To hell with it, we're going in. They did, Kiev cried Invasion!, the people of Donbas were happy, and after establishing the precedent, Russia has since sent five more such convoys with much-needed supplies for a people whose homes are being shelled daily by Kiev's forces. (The last, on November 4, delivered 100 tons of aid in 20 trucks, arriving and returning to Russia on the same day.) Now it's time for a seventh.

Planned to leave today, November 14, Moscow has officially asked Kiev for its assistance, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich: "We have officially turned to the Ukrainian side with a request to assist in allowing this cargo through as well as in helping with security issues. We also hope for cooperation with the International Red Cross," he said.

In a replay of the first convoy mission, Kiev will no doubt end up looking the bully to anyone actually paying attention. The convoy will be spotless (i.e., only legitimate humanitarian aid), Kiev will delay, cry Invasion! once more, and Russia will rightly look like the wronged humanitarian hounded by genocidal jerks. And speaking of genocidal jerks...


Sott Exclusive: The NYT goes batty over China's freedom of association

Get your hip waders on because the rubbish and sheer hypocrisy coming from the NYT is about to get deep and far-flung. Edward Wong's recent propaganda hit-piece, In New China, 'Hostile' West Is Still Derided says more about Wong's obvious contempt for China's choice and ability to break away from American influence than any genuine and generalized 'anti-American' sentiment in China.

What Wong fails to realize, or deliberately ignores, is that the rest of the world is getting fed up with the U.S. toppling governments, committing overt and covert war crimes, staging 'revolutions' and coups, spying, murdering, and being an all round global parasite.


Chinese blogger, Zhou Xiaoping
Wong starts off:
Even as his government was making red-carpet plans to host President Obama this week, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, praised a young blogger whose writing is best known here for its anti-American vitriol.

In one widely circulated essay published by state news outlets titled "Nine Knockout Blows in America's Cold War Against China," the blogger, Zhou Xiaoping, argued that American culture was "eroding the moral foundation and self-confidence of the Chinese people." He compared unfavorable American news coverage of China to Hitler's treatment of the Jews. In another essay, he said the West had "slaughtered and robbed" China and other civilizations since the 17th century, and was now "brainwashing" it.
I wonder, has Mr. Wong seen American culture lately? It has become such a toxic wasteland of gratuitous vulgarity, perversion and glorified pathology that it has sunken to the lowest of the low and any sensible person can see it does indeed 'erode the moral foundation and self-confidence' of any normal person who consumes it.

If this is truly what America has become, then Zhou Xiaoping's criticisms should be heeded not condemned. It's rather unfortunate that part of the American identity has adopted such a defensive and self righteous posture, rather than considering what others have to say. The inability to hear and seriously consider the viewpoint and grievances of others is the mark of a small and ultimately self-defeating mind. Calling a spade a spade only becomes 'vitriol' when America has become so self absorbed that it can no longer see the results of its own destructive actions. It's a rather amazing feat that America has had such a far-reaching influence over so many nations yet internally has remained so incredibly isolated and wrapped up in a supremacist ideology.


Blasts rock UAE and Egyptian embassies in Libya

© www.aljazeera.com
Two car bombs struck near the Egyptian and United Arab Emirates embassies in Tripoli.
Bombs exploded near the Egyptian and United Arab Emirates embassies in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Thursday though there were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage in the attacks.

The blasts followed a series of car bombs on Wednesday mainly in towns under the control of the internationally recognized government, based in the eastern city of Tobruk, which is facing a challenge from a rival government set up in Tripoli.

Both Egypt and the United Arab Emirates followed other nations in pulling diplomatic staff out of the capital over the summer after armed clashes in Tripoli between armed factions battling for control of the North African state.

A Reuters witness said the Egyptian embassy bomb had slightly damaged buildings and some stores, but it was not clear if the embassy had been hit. There were no immediate details of whether embassies were the target of the bombs or whether any staff or security guards were in the buildings at the time.

Three years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is caught up in growing unrest as rival armed factions compete for power and control of the OPEC country's oil resources.

Khalifa Belqasim Haftar is a Libyan general and a principal commander in the ongoing Libyan Civil War (2014). He served under Gaddafi and helped bring Gaddafi to power in 1969. A prisoner of the Chadian-Libyan Conflict, the CIA negotiated a settlement gaining Haftar and 300 of his soldiers refuge in the United States. Living near Washington, D.C. for two decades, he became a citizen and was ostensibly trained by the CIA in Langley. Haftar was part of the anti-Gaddafi forces in the 2011 Libyan Civil War and a member of the Revolutionary Command Council which governed Libya after the coup. He was also involved in toppling the Islamist-dominated General National Congress as part of "Operation Dignity," his actions condemned as a "coup d'etat." In May, 2014, he began a combined air and ground assault against the pro-Islamic militias of Benghazi. The Libyan parliament branded Haftar's enemies as "terrorists." Operation Dignity aims to completely dismantle the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as any other Islamist terrorist organizations within Libya.

Abdullah al-Thinni is a Libyan politician who has been serving as Prime Minister since March 11, 2014 when he took over in an interim capacity when Congress dismissed Ali Zeidan. He resigned April 13, 2014 after he and his family were victims of an attack. In September, Libya's parliament reappointed Thinni asking him to form a new government. Rocked by factional violence since 2011, Islamists now control the capital in Tripoli. Thinni's government operates out of a hotel in Tobruk.

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Israel hands a doctor who worked in the Gaza Strip during the latest Israeli assault a lifetime ban from entering Gaza


Mads Gilbert treating injured child at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza
Mads Gilbert, a doctor who worked in the Gaza Strip during the latest Israeli assault, has been banned from re-entering the Strip by Israeli authorities who cited security reasons.

The 67-year-old Norwegian has travelled to and from Gaza to treat Palestinians for several years, working in Shifa hospital during the most recent war.

During his stay, he highlighted the plight of the Palestinians living under Israel's bombardment.

In October, while he was trying to re-enter the Strip, the head physician specialising in anaesthesiology at University Hospital of North Norway was stopped by Israeli officials.

Comment: Hell is empty and all the devils are in Israel.

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Cameron compares Russia to Nazi Germany ahead of G20 Summit

© AP Photo/ Yves Logghe
David Cameron has compared Russia to Nazi Germany because of its actions in Ukraine on the eve of a tense meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Mr Cameron will on Saturday night challenge Mr Putin about Russia's continued acts of aggression in Ukraine as it supplies heavy weapons and tanks to the separatists.

Comment: As if he thinks we don't know about US/EU/NATO support to Ukraine.

In a reference to World War II, Mr Cameron said that the world must "learn the lessons of history" and intervene to stop "a larger state bullying a smaller state".

He said: "Russian action in Ukraine is unacceptable. We have to be clear about what we are dealing with. It is a large state bullying a smaller state in Europe.

Comment: Ah yes, the old "we covertly initiate a problem, blame some bad guy for it, then present a solution" gag.

"We have seen the consequences of that in the past and we should learn the lessons of history and make sure we don't let it happen again."

Mr Cameron is expected to meet Mr Putin in an unscheduled "brush-by" on Saturday evening.

Comment: A bunch of flowery, meaningless words as if Britain was the only virtuous country in the world. In other words Cameron is just a cheerleader. Compare and contrast to what Putin has to say. It's sad and a shame that Putin has to try and have an intelligent conversation with people like Cameron.

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Complicit Western media totally silent about U.S.-sponsored genocide in SE Ukraine

Here's a typical example of what's being blacked-out:

This is a photo of a Ukrainian soldier guiding a truck-full of prisoners toward a ditch, to which the prisoners are then dragged one-by-one, and thrown in, and shot - then covered over with dirt after all the corpses (and perhaps some living bleeding survivors) are piled in it.

(Of course, any survivors then quickly choke to death, from the dirt):

And here's an explanation of how this extraordinary video of a genocide being carried out, came to be found by the resistance-fighters against Ukraine's war to exterminate the residents in Ukraine's southeast, Ukraine's region where the vast majority of the people are ethnic Russians, or commonly called "Moskals" by many people in northwestern Ukraine, which term employed by them is equivalent to the terms "nigger," and "kike" that are used in some other countries: all psychological terms of de-humanization.


Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare architect, lies about healthcare exchanges and calls American voters 'stupid'

Does the name Jonathan Gruber ring a bell?

He's an economist and professor at MIT, best known for his role in the development of the Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as Obamacare.

We talked about him last summer. This might sound familiar:
Gruber was an architect of both the PPACA and its Massachusetts precursor, "RomneyCare." In 2009 and 2010, he was a highly paid advisor to the Obama administration during the congressional debate that produced the PPACA. According to the New York Times, "the White House lent him to Capitol Hill to help Congressional staff members draft the specifics of the legislation."

He boasts to the Times, "I know more about this law than any other economist."
He's the guy who agreed with the Congressional interpretation of the law - that intended subsidies to apply to everyone who purchased insurance on a federal exchange, regardless of the state's decision to participate in that exchange or not.

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Russian economy won't be ruled by 'dollar dictatorship'

© Mikhail Klimentiev
Russia is leaving the dictatorship of the market where oil goods are based on the dollar and won't back down in face of a drastic drop in world prices on energy resources, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

Russia plans to leave the "dollar dictatorship" of market oil prices and turn to using the country's national currency and the Chinese yuan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

"We are leaving the dictatorship of the market where oil goods are based on the dollar and will increase the possibilities of using [other] national currencies: the ruble and the yuan," Putin said in an interview with the Russian state news agency TASS.

On a November 9 meeting on the sidelines of the APEC summit Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the possibility of using the yuan in transactions in fields of mutual cooperation.

Putin said in his Monday speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in China that accounting in the ruble and yuan will most likely weaken the dollar's influence on the global energy market.

Putin added that possibilities to increase the use of the Russian and Chinese currencies in bilateral trade, particularly in the energy sector, were being studied.


More cracks in Google's 'don't be evil' mantra as data collection, political power soar

© Steve Rhodes
At a 2010 protest outside Google's headquarters in Palo Alto, California.
Google is amassing huge amounts of personal user data while simultaneously accruing big-time political clout, a new report from Public Citizen confirms.

"Mission Creep-y: Google Is Quietly Becoming One of the Nation's Most Powerful Political Forces While Expanding Its Information-Collection Empire" (pdf) looks at the ways Google is accumulating political power - through high-powered lobbying and sizable campaign donations - as well as massive amounts of personal information that make the company a "treasure trove for agencies like the NSA."

"Google is becoming exponentially more powerful in federal and state governments," said Sam Jewler, author of the report and communications officer for Public Citizen's U.S. Chamber Watch. "At the same time, it's pushing boundaries in technology, and it has shown that it can't always be trusted to do the right thing with people's information. When we see such massive influence, it raises the question, will regulators and lawmakers be reluctant to rein in Google?"

Comment: Who would trust Google to protect their privacy? It's like asking the NSA not to spy on you, and now Google has bought off Congress.