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Liar in Thief

Politicians lie. It's their stock in trade. They have to if they are to be elected.

If they told you that once elected they would vote to continue stealing your money and stealing your liberty, that they would openly and unashamedly take political graft, that their primary aim would be to enrich themselves and their sugar daddies, that they would support laws that select societal winners and losers - and the people would always be the losers - they would never be elected.

So it is certainly no surprise that the undocumented White House usurper whose very life is a fraud would unapologetically tell you for three years that "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. Period," and then turn around and brazenly say that he never said that. And not only say it, but say it with all the aplomb that comes from believing that video and audio recorders don't exist.

The end of Barack Obama - looming end of American life as we know it

A wealthy Maryland journalist (who's neither a Democrat or Republican) has exposed a scandal brewing within the current Administration.

He says it could ruin Obama's entire Presidency... and would also result in some of the most dramatic changes to ordinary American life in more than 50 years.

Comment: For full video transcript visit this page

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Wisconsin and Minnesota to get "Top Secret" $19 Million DHS domestic security force

Armored Tank
© CudahyNow
The Department of Homeland Security is coming to Wisconsin in style. The DHS is going to spend $19 million dollars on a private armed security force unit in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The unit will have "Top Secret" security clearance according to the official solicitation which also suggests that the DHS is not looking to hire armed guards, but professionals or military trained mercenaries.

This just goes to show you how the Department of Homeland Security continues to treat the American public it serves as the enemy. What on earth is the Department of Homeland security preparing for?

Past Department of Homeland Security purchases being purchased by the Pentagon none of which is for use in wars overseas. Why does DHS have enough illegal hollow point ammo to fight a 7 year war on hand? Why are they getting mobile armored units and bulletproof checkpoints? Is it Al Qaeda who is recording all our telephone conversations, emails, instant messages, texts, banking statements and putting camera's up on the street corners?
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Traders accuse BP and Shell of fixing oil prices

Oil Rig
© Reuters/Ismail Zitouny
A new law suit claims some of the world's largest oil companies - including BP, Royal Dutch Shell, manipulated Brent Crude spot prices in collaboration with Morgan Stanley, Vitol Group, and other energy traders.

The plaintiffs accuse the companies of deliberately submitting false and misleading information about Brent prices to Platts, the energy and oil market news outlet, which is used by traders worldwide in daily transactions, Bloomberg reports.

"By providing false or inaccurate information and engaging in false or sham trading, defendants undermined the entire pricing structure for the Brent Crude Oil physical and futures markets," the plaintiffs allege.

By fixing the North Sea oil benchmark, the oil companies and traders, not only manipulated the oil market, but petroleum, food, and other products that look to Brent as a guide for buying and selling across world exchanges. Four traders - John Devivo, Robert Michiels, Anthony Insinga and Kevin McDonnell - filed the class act in a Manhattan court in New York on October 4.

Other companies accused of 'fixing' are Trafigura AG and Trafigura Beheer British Virgin Island, Dutch commodity trading firms, Phibro Trading LLC, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Vitol Group, a Swiss-based, Dutch-owned energy trader, S.A., and other unnamed traders.

The plaintiffs hope to bring some transparency to oil and commodity exchanges, where it is alleged the prices are superficially hiked up or driven down by the companies to gain the most profit in futures and spot trading. The plaintiffs describe this method as 'spoofing' - hiking the price of oil up to drive markets while planning to cancel them later.

Prices for Russian Urals and Dubai crude may are also being questioned.
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UK watchdog says investors lose 24 million pounds in carbon credit scam

SOTT psychopaths rule our world
© SOTT.net

Nineteen companies selling carbon credits have been shut in the past 15 months for bilking investors out of 24 million pounds ($38.7 million), British regulators said on Wednesday, warning more firms were trying to sell carbon as a viable option for private investors.

The UK Insolvency Service said more than 1,500 investors had been ripped off by the firms, which target mainly the elderly with high pressure sales techniques and promises of hefty returns of more than 40 percent.

"Salesmen played on peoples' keenness to 'do their bit' to save the environment while making an investment at the same time," the Service said in a statement.

The companies typically offer carbon offsets approved by the United Nations - a feature used to give the offering credibility - as well as those issued in the opaque and unregulated voluntary market. Each credit is equivalent to a reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide and can be used to offset a company's carbon footprint.

The Insolvency Service, along with Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), cautioned inexperienced investors against buying carbon credits because the market is illiquid and sellers often massively inflate prices.

The Service said it had seen an increase in the number of companies selling carbon credits in the past year.

'Al Qaeda-in-China'? Series of deadly explosions outside Communist party office in central China

At least one person was killed and eight injured in a series of explosions outside a provincial Communist party office in central China on Wednesday morning.

The blasts occurred at 7.40am outside of the Shanxi Communist party committee offices in Taiyuan city, the provincial capital of Shanxi, according to China's official newswire Xinhua.

"Judging by steel ball bearings scattered throughout the scene, [police] suspect an improvised explosive device," Xinhua reported. "Right now the police have blocked off the scene and the incident is under investigation."

The state broadcaster CCTV attributed the blasts to seven bombs hidden in roadside flower displays. More than 20 vehicles were damaged, CCTV reported. The motive for the attack was unclear.

"About 7.40 in the morning I heard some explosions," said a witness surnamed Gao, who lives in a dormitory close to the party offices. "At first I'd thought they were only firecrackers or something until I heard a police whistle. I realised something was wrong and immediately went downstairs to the scene.

Comment: Here's something from the Council on Foreign Relations, an unabashed propaganda outlet for the West's 'democratization' of the planet, but nevertheless with some useful background to the 'War on Terror' being set up in China too:
Does the ETIM have ties to al-Qaeda?

U.S. and Chinese officials say it does, but some experts are less sure. The State Department reports that the ETIM has received "training and funding" from Osama bin Laden's terror network and that ETIM militants fought in the ranks of al-Qaeda against the United States in the Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. officials are said to have gathered information about Uighur militants linked to al-Qaeda from twenty-two Uighurs captured in Afghanistan and detained at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Five of the detainees were released in 2006 and were accepted by Albania instead of repatriating to China.

In January 2002, a Chinese government study reported that the ETIM has received money, weapons, and support from al-Qaeda. According to the report, some ETIM militants were trained by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan , crossed back into Xinjiang, and set up terrorist cells there. But while experts agree hundreds of Uighurs left China to join al-Qaeda and its Taliban hosts in Afghanistan, some China specialists doubt the ETIM currently has significant ties to bin Laden's network. Beijing has a long history of falsifying data, they say, and since September 11 the Chinese have repeatedly tried to paint their own campaign against Uighur separatists in Xinjiang as a flank of the U.S.-led war on terrorism - and to get Washington to drop its long-standing protests over Chinese human rights abuses in its crackdowns in Xinjiang. ETIM leader Hahsan Mahsum was killed in raids on camps linked to al-Qaeda in 2003.


Impending collapse: Bank bail-ins and the black hole of our system

© theguardian.com
Bank of Cyprus
The bank bail-in rumble is growing louder. After the events in Cyprus, a small country and potentially meaningless in the eyes of most people, it seems that bail-in idea has spread like a virus across the Western world.

Only in the last week, we saw the following developments:
  • Slovenian parliament has approved bank bail-in rules. (source)
  • The leader of the Eurogroup Working Group (Thomas Wieser) revealed that the eurozone should introduce bank bail-in rules from 2016, as reported by the German Der Spiegel. (source)
  • UK based Co-operative Bank announced a bondholder bail-in rescue plan. (source)
All these events come right after the IMF super tax proposal of 10% on savings accounts of households with a positive net worth in Europe (reported on this site) earlier this month.

One could rightfully ask the question why this type of measures are considered in a world which is being flooded with liquidity on a scale that mankind has never seen before (whether one calls it money printing, quantitative easing, easy money, or helicopter money).

Comment: Although the legal framework for bail-ins has been put in place by many countries, it seems likely that confiscation/annuitization of pension and retirement accounts (amidst government promises) will precede wholesale bail-in of general savings accounts.


Twitter keeps suspending account critical of Obamacare

Twitter has repeatedly suspended an account critical of the Affordable Care Act.

The account, @mycancellation, was just getting started when Twitter suspended it - twice - before reinstating the account late Saturday night.

The purpose of @mycancellation or mycancellation.com was to allow some of the millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance to post pictures of themselves with their cancellation letters. "Help us show Washington the faces who lost what they liked," the account asked. "ObamaCare canceled your health insurance. Now, send us your letter," the tagline for the website advertised.
Real ppl are losing insurance they were told they could keep. Send your picture & letter: [email protected] pic.twitter.com/G0XY6IyQ4G
- My Cancellation (@MyCancellation) November 3, 2013

Pope goes after forced labor, prostitution

© AFP Photo
Pope Francis celebrates mass in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican on November 4, 2013Pope Francis celebrates mass in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican on November 4, 2013
Pope Francis wants action against modern forms of slavery including forced labour and prostitution, the Vatican said Monday after a meeting of experts called by the pontiff to debate the problem.

Dozens of academics, doctors and clerics were hosted by the Vatican to discuss issues close to the pope's heart, including the struggle against organ trafficking and people smuggling.

"Some experts believe human trafficking will overtake drug and arms trafficking in a decade, becoming the most lucrative criminal activity in the world," Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, told reporters.

Sorondo said the pope was heavily invested in a subject he knows well from his years in Latin America and had even invited two experts on human trafficking that he knows from Buenos Aires.

Nixon's dirty trickster: LBJ killed JFK

Abby Martin speaks with former Nixon White House advisor and self-proclaimed 'GOP Hitman', Roger Stone, about his new book The Man Who Killed Kennedy as well as his career behind the scenes of dirty politics.