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Wed, 10 Feb 2016
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The official trailer for Dismaland, Banksy's "Bemusement Park"



Earlier this month, graffiti artist Banksy announced the opening of Dismaland, a limited-run "bemusement park" that turns the cheery magic of Disneyland into a grim and ramshackle dystopia. Now the park has released an official trailer, and it's a fun watch that comically hews to the template of promotional vacation videos.

The send-up starts, naturally, with an unhappy family of four, who decide to escape suburban ennui by piling into the minivan and driving to Weston-super-Mare, England, where "the happiest place on Earth" awaits. Needless to say, something a tad different is in store, but at least the kids have a good time.

Mr. Potato

A disappointed Yellowstone visitor left a comment card asking the park to 'train your bears to be where guests can see them'

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park obviously want to see wildlife, and the odds of spotting a crowd-favorite bear are "not too bad," according to the park's website, which notes that "visitors reported more than 40,000 bear sightings between 1980 and 2011."

One guest, however, is feeling left out of all that fun. On what appears to be a legitimate comment card from Xanterra Parks and Resorts, a Reddit user reported receiving this feedback:

"Our visit was wonderful but we never saw any bears," the unnamed guest complains. "Please train your bears to be where guests can see them. This was an expensive trip to not get to see bears."

Earlier this year, a grizzly was involved in the first fatal attack inside the park since 2011. That's due, in part, to the fact that Yellowstone National Park is not a zoo — and has no trained bears.


Donald Trump's face stuns woman who finds it in her tub of butter

© Jan Castellano
Can't believe it's not Donald Trump in a new carton of spread
When you open up some spread for your morning toast, the last thing you expect to see is the possible future leader of the free world

The face of Donald Trump can be seen everywhere at the moment - on American TV, in newspapers, online, and more.

So it makes sense that the entrepreneur's familiar visage would be turning up in foodstuffs.

The GOP presidential hopeful was spotted by Jan Castellano of Wildwood, Missouri.


Nation needs cheaper way to find worst people

© Scott Olson/Getty
Minneapolis — With U.S. Presidential elections now costing more than five billion dollars, there must be a cheaper way to find the worst people in the country, experts believe.

According to Davis Logsdon, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota, the United States could use current technology to find the nation's most reprehensible people at a fraction of the five-billion-dollar price tag.

"Any search for the worst people in the country should logically begin one place: on Twitter," said Logsdon, who recommends scouring the social network for users who consistently show signs of narcissistic-personality disorder, poor impulse control, and other traits common to odious people.


Roll over grizzly! Bear spotted tumbling childlike down a hill

© Mathieu Belanger / Reuters
Obviously tired of tramping the green hills of the Denali National Park, a young grizzly employs an unusual method of locomotion: it rolls downhill sideways and appears to be thoroughly enjoying itself.

A group of tourists recorded the video in one of America's most renowned natural reserves.

Maybe bears like rolling down hills as children do and then enjoy the dizzy sensation of not being able to quite stand up straight. Or maybe bears just like seeing the world go round and round.

Anyway, the grizzly rolls faster and faster as it proceeds down the hill.


Hilarious! Bad Lip Reading does the First Republican Debate

Sometimes Bad Lip Reading is funny because they transform something that makes sense into a garbled mess of nonsense. But what do you do when you already have a platform full of blathering idiots speaking gibberish? Watch this translation of the First Republican Debate to see what the candidates really had on their mind.

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John Oliver takes you to church

© Doubtful News
Praise Legal and Loopholes.
U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.


Stairway to Heaven now a reality with this new firework!

In the early morning hours of June 15, a huge white balloon filled with 6,200 cubic meters of helium slowly ascended into the sky above Huiyu Island Harbour, Quanzhou, China. Attached to it was a 500-meter long ladder coated completely with quick burning fuses and gold fireworks that was then ignited by artist Cai Guo­-Qiang (previously) who has become known for his ambitious pyrotechnic artworks.


Swarm of birds form a Super Putin!

© Sheryl Gilbert
In Russia, Vladimir Putin's face is a common sight on television, newspapers, T-shirts, book covers and patriotic graffiti. So it was no wonder that a Russian TV channel, Zvezda ("Star"), claimed that Putin's face could be seen in the outlines of a swarm of birds flying above New York. Zvezda is known for its strictly patriotic views and is owned by the Russian Defense Ministry.


Soldiers forced to shout 'bang bang' during training because of ammunition shortages in the Dutch army


The government says problem has been caused by 'high consumption' and 'long delivery times'
Dutch soldiers are being forced to yell 'bang bang' during training because the country's army is suffering from an ammunition shortage.

Frustrated soldiers are making the noises after being told they would no longer be able to use live ammunition in training - because too many bullets have been used on missions abroad.

It has led to a drop in morale, the military union VNM has claimed.

President Jean Debie told De Standaard: 'Even if you have no bullets, you have to train with your weapon. That means you have to call out bang-bang-bang.

'That is of course disastrous for the morale of the military.'