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Leaked Obama workout tape: Well... that was awkward

© screenshot from youtube video by MostViewed02
Work it! Barack "I'm the most powerful man in the world" Obama is a bit of a light-weight.
A leaked video of President Obama pumping iron in a Polish gym has got social media in a spin. Far from complimenting the leader on his workout, people poked fun at the 'Nerd-in-Chief' for emboldening the enemy with his 'weedy' weights routine.

President Obama came to Eastern Europe to reaffirm his commitment to NATO allies over the crisis in Ukrainian amid criticism in Washington that he is not taking a hard enough line.

However, leaked footage of the President's workout in a Warsaw hotel has got social media users questioning Obama's tough-guy image. The video shows Obama making his way around the gym in a dark tracksuit, doing lunges and doing upper body exercises with a range of weights.

Comment: Compare and contrast:


Taking a load off! Bear spotted lounging in hammock

bear hammock
Summer in the Northern Hemisphere doesn't officially start until June 21, but last week in Florida a forward-thinking black bear got a head start on the rest of us.

Vincent James of Daytona Beach told WESH-TV he saw the bear climb into the hammock on Thursday and proceed to lounge like "a tourist or something."

According to James, this bear stayed in the hammock for about 20 minutes, relaxing and allowing a photographer to shoot several soon-to-be widely shared photos of the unlikely visitor.


Redacted Tonight: Monsanto, the Koch Bros, and the NSA

© RT America
In this episode, Lee Camp bites into Monsanto, which makes him ill, and John F. O'Donnell gets molested by the tentacles of the billionaire Kochtopus. Obama ends the War in Afghanistan with something other than peace, Chilean magician Papas Fritas makes $500 million in student debt disappear. Sam Sacks examines NSA reform - and by "reform," we mean ''business as usual." A second Deutsche Bank video against boasting bankers is mysteriously leaked, and speaking of leaks - radiation is leaking in New Mexico. Tennessee brings back a shocking punishment, and more!

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Artist creates bottled emotions

© Taylor Kinser
Therapists (and mothers) around the world have touted the old adage that it's unhealthy to bottle up emotions. For Tennessee-based artistTaylor Kinser, bottling emotions is just one of the ways she is able to express her creativity.

"Bottled Emotions" was born of Kinser's desire to mix a conceptual art piece with packaging. "I was interested in the idea of packaging something intangible, and emotions were an interest... I started thinking about how people are always so emotionally drained," Kinser told The Huffington Post, "We deal with so many emotions in any one day and that is amplified when big events happen -- deaths, weddings, breakups, births, holidays, injuries, etc. What does it even mean to be emotionally available anymore?"

We certainly don't have the answer to that; but Kinser's take on the big question sees bottles filled up with emotions like love, fear, confusion, anger, excitement and envy, each with a unique color to match the feeling. The project also includes a tonic book, which teaches people how to create cocktails for life's most emotional moments, like Black Friday, Mall Traffic or Tacky Sweater.
Green Light

Heron spotted using zebra crossing in Thamesmead, London

Large bird spotted using zebra crossing in Thamesmead
Is this a particularly safety-conscious Thamesmead heron?

The grey heron must have read the Green Cross Code and then decided to use the zebra crossing to navigate the busy Cannon Retail Park.

Twitter user @MrTaylan took the picture yesterday afternoon before adding: "What is it about birds in Thamesmead? Always just wandering around car parks."

This is not the first time Thamesmead has played host to interesting wildlife episodes.

An incredibly rare suacco heron was spotted in Crossness Nature Reserve in June 2007 while an equally uncommon Ferruginous duck sent twitchers crazy in West Lake near Morrisons in February 2012.


Child draws on dad's passport, dad can't leave South Korea

Seoul - A four-year-old Chinese boy managed to get hold of his father's passport, and apparently thought it needed an artist's touch. Unfortunately for the father, the budding Rembrandt has left him stranded in South Korea for unrecognizable documentation.

The father, known only by media resources as Chen, had taken his family on a trip to South Korea when he left his passport out for his son's eager hands to find.

The toddler found a black marker and covered the pages of his father's passport with various doodles including landscapes, animals, and flowers. He also altered his father's photo by adding a beard, a lion's mane, and darkening the eyes.

'No way to prevent this,' says only nation where this regularly happens

© The Onion
ISLA VISTA, CA - In the days following a violent rampage in southern California in which a lone attacker killed seven individuals, including himself, and seriously injured over a dozen others, citizens living in the only country where this kind of mass killing routinely occurs reportedly concluded Tuesday that there was no way to prevent the massacre from taking place.

Comment: Maybe they could stop handing out mind-altering drugs like candy?

Nearly every mass shooting in the last 20 years shares one thing in common, and it isn't weapons.

Magic Wand

Stephen Colbert satire: Pope Francis, Jesus, and God are foreigners, socialists

© Rawstory
On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert began by reminding his audience that he's the nation's more prominent Catholic. "My faith is so strong," he said, "doctors have actually called it a Messiah complex."

"I'm also America's foremost capitalist," he continued. "I love the Invisible Hand of the market so much, I let it get to third base." Which is why he was disturbed to learn that Pope Francis had called capitalism "a new tyranny" predicated on "the idolatry of money."

"I would never worship money," Colbert argued. "The dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on. That's why I've invested everything in golden calf futures."

"But as a Catholic," he said, "I try to give the Pope the benefit of the doubt, as does Bill O'Reilly."

Amazing coincidence! Missing pigeon 'homes' in on family member

missing pigeon
© Eliza Wiley/ Independent Record
Krys Holmes holds Foresta, her daughter's pet pigeon, after it caused a bit of chaos at Central School when it flew into town to find her owner.
Central-Linc Elementary School Principal Vanessa Nasset and teacher Rob Freistadt were walking outside their school Wednesday when the two were attacked by a pigeon.

"I hear this bird flapping its wings behind us. I start screaming and it lands on Rob's head," the principal said.

When the pigeon wouldn't budge, Nasset knew something strange was happening. But they had no idea the bird was the missing pet of one of the elementary school's students, or that it had apparently flown 15 miles to get there, despite having never visited Helena before.

So you think RT is an organ of Kremlin propaganda? Watch this!

Juice News: Crimea - media war games (ft. Abby Martin)

Join Robert Foster, caught squarely in the crossfire as he attempts to navigate the salvos, and find some underlying truth.

It's Mutually-Assured Mass-Media Destruction: Crimedia Wars - and the stakes are high - who will win the War of Perception? It's Juice Rap News, in the thick of it, as usual... Hysteria Is Happening.