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German groom drives off, leaving new bride at gas station

Bride on stop
© Unknown
A newlywed German man had some explaining to do after he left his bride behind at a highway gas station as the two returned home to Berlin after honeymooning in France.

The woman was sleeping in the back of the couple's van when her husband pulled into the gas station late Thursday in the town of Bad Hersfield.

Her husband didn't realize that she had gotten up to use a restroom and he drove off before she returned, assuming she was still sleeping.

He didn't realize she wasn't in the van until he was about 2½ hours down the road.

He called police, who assured him she was patiently waiting.

Bizarre cargo impounded at Mombasa port

Bizarre Cargo
© Standard Digital
Bizarre cargo impounded in Mombasa.
Kenya: Horror and fear struck the port of Mombasa Thursday when Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) inspectors uncovered a container with bizarre looking implements, masks and trophies.

The cargo imported from China sparked apprehension in Mombasa, where belief in occult and clairvoyant sciences is strong as port officials linked the cargo an unnamed senior politician.

However, some analysts think the cargo which includes fake skulls, skeletons and limbs is a diversionary to conceal some other cargo while others associate it with Halloween.

KRA has launched investigations to unravel the link between the cargo and the politician.

Millionaire bet: Two Russians drink £130,000 worth of alcohol. Are you game?

Two Russian multimillionaire argued for the biggest check in one of the most expensive bars of London. After several hours of competition one of them won with a margin of £ 2,5 million

A pair of Russian multi-millionaires apparently went head to head to see who could splash the most cash in a top Mayfair bar - ending up with a combined bar bill of more than £130,000.

Owners of Kitsch London claim the mystery pair spent a small fortune trying to outdo each other in just three hours on the club's opening night.

According to onlookers, two arch rivals, in their 30s, racked up a bar bill that would buy a one-bed flat in the capital in just a few hours - and didn't even drink it all.

The men arrived just before midnight and started ordering large numbers of Dom Perignon and Cristal champagne.

Every time one table would order a set of drinks the other man would add more on his next order to beat the other.

By the end of the night, the bills were an eye-watering £66,778.91 and £64, 279.70 - making a grand total of £131,058.61.

The first man's bill for £66,778.91 included 30 Magnums of Cristal, 20 Bottles of Dom Perignon, 20 Crack Baby shots, six Espresso Martinis, 10 shots of 18-year-old Glenmorangie whiskey, eight bottles of mineral water, seven bottles of 1998 vintage Krug champagne and two magnums of Belvedere vodka.

The other bill for £64,279.70 included 64 bottles of Dom Perignon at £325 each which came to £20,800 on its own. There was also 25 bottles of Crystal champagne, 16 of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades champagne, 12 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose, 7 Mohitos, 10 bottles of Peroni, 20 cans of Red Bull, six Bellinis, six bottles of water, two bottle of Chivas 18-year-old whiskey, six bottles of Krug Grande Cuvee, and eight bottles of Belle Epoque Rose.

Psychiatrists deeply concerned for 5% of Americans who approve of congress

Noting that the individuals in question may be extremely mentally disturbed or suffering from a serious psychological illness, the nation's psychiatrists announced Wednesday that they are deeply concerned for the estimated 5 percent of Americans who were found in nationwide polls this week to approve of the U.S. Congress.

"With numerous members of Congress refusing to negotiate an end to the shutdown in the face of widespread federal furloughs and a looming deadline to avoid defaulting on government debt, we are extremely concerned for the mental health of those Americans who responded, 'Yes, we think Congress is doing a good job,'" psychiatrist Dr. Donald Levin said in a press conference this morning, telling reporters that the estimated 15.5 million Americans who approve of Congress are likely "very troubled" citizens who may in fact be experiencing psychotic episodes or delusional thoughts.

Brazen fox causes mayhem on golf course by lying in wait for players to tee off before pouncing on their balls and running off

  • Crafty animal has become unofficial mascot at the Swiss club
A quick brown fox is bringing chaos to a golf course by darting out to steal player's golf balls from right under their noses before racing off to hide them in the bushes.

Golfers at the course in the alpine resort of Verbier, Switzerland, have been left watching in disbelief as the wily animal suddenly appears on the fairway moments after they tee off.

The fox is estimated to have chased and gathered over 100 balls so far, often while they are in play, and shows no sign of getting bored.

Crafty: The wily fox nips out to grab another golf ball off the course in Verbier, Switzerland

Lemur gives his best Sherlock impression

Deep in thought, this little lemur appears to be ruthlessly plotting something.

This lemur is deep in thought
The primate looks remarkably lifelike in this series of poses captured at a Russian zoo.

Photographer Olga Yermolava, who captured the rare and remarkable moment, said: "I am so happy I managed to capture the lemur's expression before it moved. Its pose is so human that it makes a very funny picture".

What is he plotting?
Olga who often frequents the small zoo in Nizhny Novgorod on the weekends is a keen watcher of the lemurs and is no stranger to them pulling faces and poses.

"Generally lemurs have very rich facial expressions and it is always interesting to watch them."

She said this character reminded her of the charismatic King Julian from the film Madagascar.

The primate lives at a small zoo in Nizhny Novgorod

Duck spotted turnstile jumping in the subway in New York

© Imgur
When we first saw this image of a duck entering the New York City subway system, we naively believed that he stepped right out of a children's book and was playing out his magical and triumphant story about a little duck in a big city. And what joy this duck was surely bringing to fellow straphangers as he waddled along to catch the N train to their yelps of "Only in New York!"
Breaking News: Duck really wants to ride the N/R subway

- Travis W. Donovan (@twdonovan) September 23, 2013
But moments later we discovered that our new feathered friend did not make a personal choice to ride the rails today, instead he was forced to by the corporate overlords of one of the nation's largest insurance companies. Yep, it's the Aflac duck.

New Brunswick couple shocked to find horse standing on roof

Horse on Roof
© CTV Atlantic
A New Brunswick couple who raises horses says they were shocked to find one of their colts on the roof of their garage.

What was first thought to be a joke among brothers now has a family laughing in Hampton, N.B.

A couple who raises racing horses awoke Tuesday morning to find one of their colts standing on the roof of their garage.

Shocked by the scene, they rushed to help the horse, but not before snapping a photo of the one-year-old colt stuck on the roof.

"We saw the picture," says Pat Downey, who owns the horse with her husband, Stephen. "He called as soon as he got him off because he didn't have any trouble. Well, it took him a while, but he didn't have any trouble getting him off."

She says the horse, Must Win, stays on the farm with her husband's brother Archie and that it was Archie who awoke to the strange sight. She says she and her husband were baffled by the photo and convinced it was a joke.

UK Prime minister gets the respect he deserves: Manu Tuilagi makes rabbit ears sign at David Cameron

Cheeky rugby star sticks two fingers up behind PM in photograph outside Downing Street. Manu Tuilagi makes rabbit ears sign at David Cameron on British and Irish Lions visit Video.

Rugby players are notorious for what may be termed a 'naughty' sense of humour.

So David Cameron was perhaps taking a bit of a chance when he invited the British Lions squad to Downing Street yesterday for a reception to celebrate their summer triumphs in Australia.


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