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2 dogs appear to take owner's car for a joyride in Yarmouth, Canada

© Edward d'Entrement
One dog was in the driver's seat and the other was in the passenger's seat, making what looked like a getaway from the animal hospital in Yarmouth.
Some onlookers in Yarmouth were treated to an unusual sight last week after two dogs took their owner's car on a short lived joyride.

Harry d'Entrement and his friend, Edward d'Entrement, went for a coffee run on Friday morning and while they were driving on Parade Street, a car started to pull out of the animal hospital parking lot.

Harry d'Entrement said something didn't look right.

"At a glance, I thought it was a couple of old ladies driving a little car," he said Monday.

As the car got closer, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"I was kind of speechless. I couldn't make sense of what I was seeing," he said.

It turned out, the drivers were dogs. One was in the driver's seat and the other was in the passenger's seat, making what looked like a getaway from the animal hospital.


Mutual aid: Raccoon rides a boar to get to corn feeder


A raccoon was pictured on the back of a boar
It looks like something out of a Disney movie, but this picture of a raccoon riding a boar is completely legit.

The incredible picture was snapped by an automatic camera close to a corn feeder and is believed to have been taken in Texas.

After it emerged online, some commenters speculated that the raccoon was hopping on the back to reach the feeder - so both animals could feast.

One said: "The animals go to eat the corn that is dropped from the feeder twice a day, and the camera snaps a picture.

"Probably, the boar and the raccoon found themselves at the feeder every day waiting for the corn to come out.


Firefighters discover parrots calling for help in burning Boise home

The parrots were given oxygen after being rescued from a house fire.
Firefighters said they heard calls of "Help!" and "Fire!" before rushing in to save what they thought would be human beings.

Firefighters responding to screams for assistance in a burning Idaho home said they thought they were saving people but instead rescued a group of parrots.

Emergency crews first heard the pleas for help as they approached the outside of the residence in Boise.

"What was actually recorded was them saying 'fire, fire,' " Victor Islas with the Middleton Fire Department told KBOI. "That's what we got. 'Help. Fire.' Yeah. It's a smart bird, smart bird. So there was actually nobody besides the birds inside the house."

The birds were removed and given oxygen. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Evil Rays

Taking selfies after an EMP attack

Lifestyle magazine Balon has written a revealing guide on how to take selfies even after an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack.

An EMP attack by a rogue nation on the continental United States or Europe, or a solar flare would fry electronics from coast to coast, and electricity grids would be irreparable.

No computers, smartphones, banks or commerce would work. There would be no essential services, no water or food left in supermarkets. All vehicles apart from the horse and cart would be operational.

Selfies are a large part of modern life and the magazine suggests a vital solution to getting that all important narcissistic fix that dominates peoples' lives so much.

"First you would have to forget about feeding yourself or your family. Forget about finding fresh water or shelter. You need to take a selfie, and we're going to show you how this can be done with no smartphone, because the electronics got fried by the EMP blast.

"The only things you will need for this selfie is a piece of paper, a mirror and a pen.

"Hold the mirror up or lean it against an object, then take the pen and start to draw a picture of yourself on the paper. Et voila, you now have a selfie. You can take as long or little time on the selfie as you want, but make sure to make lots of copies to share amongst your friends, if they are still alive.

"You can even make a selfie stick yourself. Simply get a branch or stick and tie the mirror to the stick, then extend it making sure you get a good angle of yourself.

"If you are near a museum, you could always break in and find a 19th century camera, then put it on a stick, extending will be hard as they are such big cameras and each shot has to be posed for long periods of time. The only drawback is you won't be able to process the selfie because it will be hard to find the necessary chemicals. Better stick with the first selfie suggestion."

Next week: How to Share on Facebook After an EMP

Comment: Forget the fear mongering narrative in the video.The real threat is not from 'over there' it is from 'out there' - incoming celestial bodies - comets, meteor/fireballs; and the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which they generate.

Pierre Lescaudron discusses this in Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection:
Unlike conventional missiles, cometary bodies, because of their electric activity, have a strong electromagnetic signature that can trigger lightning bolts between incoming asteroids and the Earth's surface, which can fry electrical devices over a wide area. One naturally wonders if this is related to the media frequently reporting , since around 2008, the development of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons by the USA, Israel, China, South Korea, and the convenient suspect, Iran. The source mentioning the development of Iranian EMP weapons specifically states the following:

An EMP is an above-atmosphere level detonation of a nuclear device that produces enough radiation to wreak havoc with electrical systems.

Because of the protection provided by our atmosphere, an overhead cometary explosion is a far more probable event than a direct impact and could easily be mistaken for an 'above-atmosphere detonation'. And the EMP generated by such an explosion could, of course, be blamed on the 'Iranian EMP missiles'.
Victor Clube wrote, perhaps prophetically, in The Hazard to Civilization from Fireballs and Comets:
History, it now seems is repeating itself: it has taken the Space Age to revive the Platonist voice of reason but it emerges this time within a modern anti-fundamentalist, anti-apocalyptic tradition over which governments may, as before, be unable to exercise control....Cynics (or modern sophists), in other words, would say that we do not need the celestial threat to disguise Cold War intentions; rather we need the Cold War to disguise celestial intentions! [Emphasis in the original]


The Jon Stewart mysteries presents: The case of the Iranian agent

Former Vice President Dick Cheney makes an ironic assertion about the legacy and burden of President Obama's administration.


Tell it to the Marines: Russian army sings 'Barbie Girl' in attempt to liven up training drill


Chant: Russian Army liven up their training drill by singing the cheesy pop hit
The soldiers were filmed chanting the cheesy 90s pop song as they marched up and down training yard

A hilarious video has emerged online of a group of Russian soldiers attempting to liven up their training drill - by chanting the lyrics to 90s pop hit 'Barbie Girl'.

The men were filmed marching up and down a yard as they shouted the cheesy lyrics at the top of their voices.

'Barbie Girl', which was originally released by Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua, topped the charts worldwide back in 1997.


Direct Line with Vladimir Putin: Some of his best hotline answers

© Sputnik/ Evgeny Biyatov
As Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to field questions from around Russia and beyond on Thursday, at his next large Q&A conference, we take a look at some of his most interesting and witty answers from his previous hotlines.

Putin's hotlines have become a well-established tradition throughout the years of his presidency. Since his first live session, in April 2001, people from all over Russia have had the chance to ask him whatever they want to, be it about politics, economics, global affairs or even the president's personal life.

Here are some highlights that we have selected for you.

To a pensioner who asked if Alaska could follow Crimea's example:
"Faina Ivanovna, dear, what would you need Alaska for? We're a northern country. 70 percent of our territory is in the North or Far North. Is Alaska in the southern hemisphere? It's cold there as well. Let's keep cool about it."

Comment: Gracious, adept, good humored and inspiring. These are the kind of qualities that should be seen in all world leaders.


Mother elephant is overcome with emotion when reunited with her daughter after three years apart


After a 62-mile (100km) trek through the Thai jungle, Me-Bai, the small calf can be seen nuzzling her mother, Mae Yui, and joyfully flapping her ears in the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in the north of the country
The old adage that an elephant never forgets appears to be true, based on a touching video showing an Asian elephant returning to her mother after years apart.

After a 62-mile (100km) trek through the Thai jungle, Me-Bai, the small elephant can be seen nuzzling her mother, Mae Yui, while the pair joyfully flap their ears and caress each other with their trunks in the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary, in the north of the country.

Me-Bai was sold to provide rides for tourists in Thailand when she was three-and-a-half years old, and didn't see her mother, who also worked in the trade, for three years.

It is particularly sad because females tend to stick together in herds until they die, sharing incredibly strong bonds. They are very rarely separated before the calf is five years of age.

The small elephant left the tourism trade 'because she [Me-Bai] was too young [and] began to lose weight and could not carry the tourists any longer,' according to Elephant News' YouTube page.

Me-Bai was recently rescued and brought to the sanctuary after a tiring 62 mile (100km) trek in the hot sun that lasted four days.

Mr. Potato

Hillary running for president in 2016 - God help us all

Well, let's be honest America. Our only real "choices" in the upcoming bread and circuses election 2016 are really going to be Jeb Bush (Establishment) or Hillary Clinton (a Bush offshoot, more Establishment).

"Fooled you!"

Bad Guys

The pros and cons of body cameras for police

Following several high-profile civilian deaths at the hands of police officers, many Americans have called for the mandatory use of body cameras by law enforcement as a means of curbing the excessive use of force and providing clear accounts of officers' actions. Here are some of the pros and cons of body cameras for police officers:

  • Provides accurate record of where police were when they turned off their body camera
  • Helps to reinstate trust between Americans and surveillance
  • Unlimited footage of police officers breathing heavily during a foot chase
  • Turning camera askew allows officers to record beatings with stylish Dutch angles
  • More things to watch
  • Finally gives Americans glimpse at what it's like to turn on that siren and gun it straight through a red light
  • Major invasion of privacy for police officer and man he has in chokehold
  • Costs money that could be used on machine guns and armored vehicles
  • Police brutality might lose its mystique
  • Those could be anyone's arms bashing citizen with nightstick
  • Distracting to officers who must now shift focus to cinematography and mise en scène
  • Is still only going to be the irrefutable video evidence's word against the police officer's