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Recently I have been writing about the different types of Bigfoot-like creatures sighted around different parts of the world. The purpose of the information on these bipedal creatures is to show the constant impression of the global Bigfoot theory. These constant sightings cannot be a coincidence for many have been reported before the use of modern media, which has facilitated an instant spread of information in a matter of minutes if not seconds. On April of 2007, such an event occurred in India. That year, a sighting which caused mass hysteria spread across Garo Hills located in the Western edge of Meghalaya State in North Eastern India. A strange bipedal man-like creature caused a panic and national attention.

These creatures that are part of legends in many countries in the continent of Asia had been reported for thousands of years, yet in India such sightings had become part of legends and stories and the people of Garo only saw these beings as myth until 2007. The sighting quickly spread in India and once again just like in China, a government inquiry began because of the many reports of the hairy jungle man by many residents from the area. It was given the name Mande Burung, which means jungle man in the local language. Nine sightings have been reported since the 15th of November of 1995 in the general vicinity Garo, but not until April 2007 did the sightings gain national and international attention. Some researchers in India believe the Mande Burung may be the descendant of the Pleistocene primate Gigantopithecus.

Here is a description of the Mamde Burung per

Mande Burung
Mande Burung:

"Mande Burung" (Forest Man)or the ape man of Garo Hills is somewhat similar to the Yeti of Nepal, Yowie of Australia, Sasquatch of Canada and Bigfoot of America etc. The tales of Mande Burung is passed on through the generation by the words of mouth by our ancestors.

The description of the Mande Burung is as follows: It is very big and tall ape like creature walks on two legs, have brownish black long body hairs, have long head and looks like it is wearing a pointed cap, sometimes it smells too. The height is not known exactly but assumed to be around 8 feet tall judging by the size of his footprints. The footprint measures about 13 to 15 inches long and must be very heavy, judging by the depth of the footprint.

There are variety of Bigfoot in Garo belief and tales.

1. MANDE BURUNG (Typical Bigfoot)
2. MATDNGDNG (Same as Bigfoot but moves faster)
3. AJAJU (Bigfoot without knee joint and elbow joint)
4. MATMEMANG (Screaming evil spirit - it is invisible)

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