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Ita remnants cause flooding, cuts power in New Zealand

Flooding New Zeland Ita
© RNZ / Lisa Thompson
Tamaki Drive in Auckland was closed because of flooding.
Thousands of people were without power throughout New Zealand's Northland and Auckland regions as a band of wild wet weather moves down the country on Thursday, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Fire Service has been inundated with calls, starting in Northland earlier on Thursday morning then moving to Auckland's North Shore and West Auckland as well as the central city.

It said high winds are causing the most damage, with many reports of trees down across roads and power lines.
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Cyclone Ita hits East coast of Australia: worst-hit areas could go weeks without power

Ingham flooded after cyclone Ita
© Twitter
Ingham flooded after Cyclone Ita.
More than 6000 homes and businesses remain without power in the far north as Cyclone Ita begins to move away from the Queensland coast.

Ergon Energy has restored power to about 20,000 properties since noon on Sunday, although Premier Campbell Newman said the worst-hit areas could go weeks without electricity.

On Monday morning, Energy Minister Mark McArdle said vegetation damage and issues with access had made it difficult to restore power to parts of Kuranda and the Cairns northern beaches.

There were also 736 properties in Townsville that were waiting to be re-connected and 1100 customers offline in the Mackay, Whitsunday and Proserpine regions.

Gusts of 100km/h are forecast between Sarina, near Mackay, and Yeppoon, northeast of Rockhampton on Monday.

But the Bureau of Meteorology said the gales should start easing as Ita weakened to a tropical low and moved away from the coast.

Extreme weather in U.S. has driven ten-fold increase in power outages over the last two decades

A new report from Climate Central has found that major power outages have increased ten times over since the early 1980s - and extreme weather is by far the biggest culprit.

The analysis defined a "major power outage" as a loss of electrical power for at least 50,000 people for at least an hour, or where the power supply interruption reached at least 300 megawatts, or where demand exceeded supply by at least 100 megawatts. It found the big upswing in such events occurred in the 2000s. Weather drove 80 percent of all outages between 2003 and 2012, and only three years in that time period saw non-weather related events account for more than 10 percent of all outages.
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Storms cause lots of damage in Michigan; 70,000+ homes without power

tree down in michigan from storm
© Unknown
Trees were uprooted after a storm went through Muskegon County, Michigan.
A string of strong spring thunderstorms went through several West Michigan counties, causing damage and knocking out power to thousands of people.

Heavy snow in Montana spring storm

rabbit in snow
© AP Photo/Casey Riffe, Billings Gazette
A rabbit heads for cover along a snow-covered path in Montana.
A spring snowstorm is expected to dump up to 2 feet snow in parts of southern Montana.

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings for an area that includes Red Lodge, Cooke City and Roscoe.

Signs of change: Extreme weather, seismic activity, and meteor fireballs in March and early April 2014

Comment: More rain in California in one day than it got in the past year, a record cold winter in the U.S., a "1 in 100 years" flooding event in New Zealand, a meteor explosion that shook homes in New Mexico, giant hailstones in places that don't usually get any hail, record earthquakes in California, the Andaman Islands and all along the Ring of Fire, two meteor fireballs lighting up the East coast of Canada and northern U.S. states in the space of 24 hours, landslides and flash-flooding putting out wildfires in Western U.S. states, and the "worst flooding in living memory" on the Solomon Islands (at the same time as a strong earthquake)...

The following video compilation is a sample of just some of the planetary upheaval recorded in the last month.

Visit HawkkeyDavis's Youtube channel to check out the rest of his awesome work chronicling the 'signs of the times'.

The world has been overwhelmed with disasters in recent weeks. A series of fireballs and earthquakes has rocked and shaken this planet to its core. Meanwhile, the "one-in-100-year events" continue to strike...

Even though it looks like it sometimes, this series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. If you are following the series, then you are seeing the signs.

For those who can't view YT videos:

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Powerful cyclone Ita approaches Australia's northeast coast

Cyclone Ita track

Cyclone Ita bears down on northeast Australia.
A powerful hurricane bore down on Australia's northeast coast Thursday, threatening tourism towns, low-lying communities and crops such as sugar cane.

Officials warned that Tropical Cyclone Ita was the most powerful storm to threaten Queensland state in three years. The cyclone - as hurricanes are often known in this part of the world - is expected to batter the coast with destructive winds and damaging flooding by the time it makes landfall late Friday.
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Huge strange cloud engulfs Alicante beach in Spain

Unusual phenomenon: The huge cloud which rolled into the city of Alicante form the sea caused concern among some locals at first

A huge cloud was filmed engulfing the main beach in Alicante, causing concern among locals and holidaymakers and prompting debate as to its cause.

The huge white mass is seen rolling across the sands of Albufereta beach, obscuring everything in its path - despite an otherwise cloudless sky.

Some speculated that the cloud was smoke from a fire, while others compared the apocalyptic scenes to the smoke cloud left behind when thousands of firecrackers are set off for the Las Fallas festival in neighboring Valencia.
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Storms, flooding, possible tornadoes, pummel Southeast U.S.

© AP/Jay Reeves
Firefighters rescue a family from their home, surrounded by floodwaters, in a mobile home park in Pelham, Ala., on Monday, April 7, 2014. Overnight storms dumped torrential rains in central Alabama, causing flooding across a wide area.
Severe thunderstorms dumped heavy rains across the Southeast on Monday and caused flash flooding in central Alabama, where crews in small boats and military trucks had to rescue dozens of people from their homes and cars.

In Mississippi, a 9-year-old girl was swept away and killed after the storms dropped nearly 7 inches of rain there over the last two days. A possible tornado in another part of the state damaged homes and hurt seven people, and a motorist in metro Atlanta was found dead after driving into a creek swollen with rainwater.

Strong winds downed trees, power lines and snarled rush hour commutes. National Weather Service forecasters in North Carolina say video indicates a tornado touched down near the town of Belhaven in the eastern part of the state. Authorities say a pickup truck was lifted off the highway, injuring a man and his son.
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Massive storm hits Argentina, 2,000 evacuated

Flooding in Argentina
A massive storm hit Argentina over the weekend and Monday, causing flooding and evacuations of more than 2,000 people across the country.

The provinces of Catamarca in the northwest and Neuquen in the southwest took the brunt of the storm, Maria Rodriguez, the national minister of security, said in a statement.

The federal government has deployed national forces, trucks, communications equipment and supplies of food, beverages and medicine to help evacuees and local governments.