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Illinois man named Rod struck by lightning for the second time in his life


Illinois man Rod Wolfe, 58, has survived being struck by lightning for the second time in his life
An Illinois man named Rod has survived being struck by lightning for the second time in his life.

Rod Wolfe, 58, was moved from his garden to the driveway at his Chebanse home when lightning struck a tree four feet away and the current traveled to his boots.

Wolfe's wife Sue was working out back when she said she heard the 'most god-awful bang'.

'I didn't know where I was,' she told NBC 5. 'I thought July Fourth? What happened?'

That's when Sue found Wolfe, who had been fixing a downspout in their front yard in preparation for a garden benefit walk, 'on all fours'.

'He couldn't move, he couldn't walk,' she said. 'He didn't know where he was, he had a headache.'

Cloud Lightning

33 cattle killed after lightning storm hits Perry County, Mississippi

© Linda Jordan
Thirty three animals were found dead because of a lightning storm that hit on Saturday night in Richton.
A total of 33 animals were found dead because of a lightning storm that hit on Saturday night in Richton.

"I never thought lightning could do something like this," said Ray Jordan, owner of the herd.

Jordan said he wanted to do a routine check of the herd after the lightning storm went through the area. On Sunday morning, he said he found the herd in a place where they usually go when it rains - an area in the pasture with two trees. Among the animals killed were 23 cows, nine yearlings and one bull.

He said he and his wife, Linda Jordan, expect to lose around $60,000 after losing the animals.

"A few of the cows were expecting, and we found one with a calf hanging out of the sack," Ray Jordan said.


At least 16 tornadoes with 3 inch diameter hail stones strike the Red River Valley, North Dakota


Tornadoes hit the Red River Valley
At least 16 tornadoes hit the Red River Valley Saturday, along with huge hail stones measured up to three inches in diameter. No injuries or structural damage from the tornado touchdowns have been reported.

The National Weather Service office in Grand Forks assessed some of the damage one day later. Two damage surveys so far have turned up tornado paths in northeastern North Dakota. Survey crews estimate a tornado touched down six miles northeast of Hatton, taking out shelter belts with estimated 120 mph peak winds. That tornado is rated an EF-2. A second survey revealed an EF-1 tornado touched down six miles northeast of Hope, ND, which also damaged trees and power lines. Estimated winds in the Hope tornado are 100 to 110 mph.



Oz-some! Ukrainians shocked by huge twister in their region (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Screenshot from YouTube user Russia24TV
A tornado hit several villages in the Dnepropetrovsk region in Ukraine's south this week. Locals reported that roofs were blown off, trees torn from the ground, and fish from the river covered the roads, adding they had never seen anything like it before.

The village of Volosskoe near Dnepropetrovsk suffered the worst, Rossiya 24 channel reported. The funnel cloud grew to 100 meters in diameter.

The tornado was gone in some 15 minutes, leaving people in its wake in shock. Locals said they had only seen such a weather phenomenon "on television, in programs about America," Kharkov news agency reported.

Cloud Lightning

Severe weather sweeps across U.S. causing flash floods, power outages

A stormy weekend across the country already proved to be dangerous, and officials cautioned Sunday that the threat wasn't over yet.

A 29-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter were found dead in their Chevy Chase, Maryland, home Saturday from apparent electrocution, according to police. Their bodies were found near a portable pump that was in standing water after heavy rainfall, police said.

Down the coast in St. Johns County, Florida, a man was injured by a lightning strike while standing in ankle deep water at a beach, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

And a Boy Scout was killed in flash flood waters that swept through a camp in Colfax County, New Mexico, early Saturday morning, according to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. Three other Scouts who were swept away were rescued.


Waterspout filmed off Oahu's Windward side

© Christina Viernes
The National Weather Service in Honolulu issued a special marine warning for Oahu's waters on the Windward side until 5 p.m. Saturday.

At 4:23 p.m., people reported a waterspout seven miles north of Heeia Kea small boat harbor, or about 15 miles north of Honolulu, moving west at 10 knots, or 11-and-a-half miles an hour.

Showers can produce waterspouts that can easily overturn boats and create locally hazardous seas. Seek safe harbor immediately.

Waterspouts tend to form within long cloud lines and are most likely to form under a large cloud buildup with a dark, flat base.


At least 40 sheep killed by giant hailstones in Nisland, South Dakota

© Sean Ryan
Jim Mickelson Jr. scratches the head of one of his sheep while walking through a pasture Thursday afternoon at his farm east of Nisland. Mickelson lost around 30 lambs and 10 ewes during a hail storm June 19, but he still hasn’t been able to get a full head count of his sheep.
In addition to suffering extreme damage to their roofs, a shed and expensive farm equipment to giant hail stones that fell last week, the Mickelson family is still reeling from a more emotional and heart-wrenching loss.

The hail that was as large as softballs crashed down upon their farm near Nisland and directly killed or led to the death of around 30 head of lambs and 10 ewes.

The loss of the animals has also taken a huge financial toll, since the family operation run by Jim Mickelson Sr., Jim Mickelson Jr. and his wife, Deanna, had planned to take the lambs to the fattened stage.

Earlier this week, Jim Jr. said he had not yet been able to get out in the pasture to check the livestock he had there.

"There may be more dead out there that drifted in the wind and rain," he said. Many of those that perished were in the small lot just south of the couple's home.

Comment: See also: Huge hailstones pound Nisland, South Dakota

Cloud Precipitation

Another 'freak' hail storm hits Australia

© Julie South
Freak hailstorm in Queensland's North Burnett region
Central Queensland grain growers say a freak hail storm that left a town looking like a "white Christmas" is unlikely to hurt the winter plant.

The storm passed through the Monto area of the North Burnett, west of Bundaberg, at about midday yesterday, blanketing a narrow path with pea-sized hail stones that resembled snow.

It continued on to parts of the Capricornia district and Gladstone, where larger hail stones were reported.

Julie South, from the Mulgildie Pub, said it was a day locals would remember.

"Absolutely amazing, I don't think anybody in the town has seen this before, it's just like snow," she said.

"White Christmas coming early.

"There [was] just white 'snow' everywhere, everything was white, the fields were white, it was beautiful."

Chairman of the Monto Grain Cooperative, Lex Dow, said the storm was highly unusual.

'It was an unusual winter thunderstorm, a lot of thunder, it was two or three storms that sort of split up and went this way and that way," he said.

"There was a fair amount of hail just in a narrow strip about a kilometre wide that went across the from the west towards the east, across the Burnett Highway near Three Moon.

"It was nearly six inches thick on the bitumen for a kilometre or so, but it was only small sized hail, so I'm anticipating that any crops that were in its path, because they are still fairly young; only probably three, four, six inches high, that the damage will be minimum."

Comment: So much for the mainstream meteorological mantra - "unusual storm is unlikely to be repeated". Another 'freak' hailstorm hit Australia only a couple of weeks ago, which turned the desert around Alice Springs white!

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"Dust Devil" turned "Water Spout" filmed over Kansas lake

Pretty much everyone knows Kansas weather can turn on a dime.

One example of how things can change quickly was sent to us by Laura Lemmons. While Laura had her camera out, she shot a photo of a dust devil that headed for water.

Laura kept shooting even though the dirt devil kept moving.

No one was hurt, and this amazing video shows once again that the only constant about Kansas weather is change.

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Flash flooding kills 9, leaves 6 others missing in northern Vietnam

© VNA/VNS Photo Dieu Chinh To
The flash floods inundated many houses, including the Hoang Van Phuoc's, in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau.
Flash floods that occurred in the wake of Typhoon Kujira, which hit northeastern Vietnam on Wednesday, had killed nine people and injured six others as of Thursday, local authorities said.

Eight of the nine deaths occurred in Son La Province, the provincial Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention & Control and Search & Salvage said yesterday.

The victims were swept away in floodwaters created by downpours that came after the typhoon hit the area between Quang Ninh Province and Hai Phong City on Wednesday afternoon and then weakened into a tropical depression.

Three people are also missing in Thuan Chau and Moc Chau Districts in Son La, and six others were injured in other locales, the committee said.

Rescuers are searching for the three missing people.