Rare waterspout spotted in Malaysia

The waterspout was spotted by motorist at the New Pantai Highway (NPE) around Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya area, Malaysia
Motorists at the New Pantai Highway (NPE) had sighted what was described as a waterspout around Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya area. A local webportal had uploaded a video on the social media of the waterspout which had garnered more than 7,000 views. The 66-seconds videos showed the sighting of what was believed to be a waterspout surrounded by storm clouds.

A Facebook user GP Bestari commented on the video, "Poor night market traders, they have set up their stalls but it was damaged by the strong winds." The heavy rain also affected several areas in Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Twitter user @TrafficDotMy had earlier reported the heavy rain had caused flash flood at Persiaran Kuchai, Salak Jaya at 4.16pm.

Traffic was slow moving at the area as motorists could only travel on one lane. The flash flood however had subsided six minutes later and traffic had returned to normal. The user had also re-tweeted a tweet of several fallen trees in Puchong, Selangor. When contacted, the Fire and Rescue Department said it had not received any reports on flash floods and uprooted trees.

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20 inches of hail falls in Sydney, Australia: Roads turn to rivers

© Heath Kelly/@HeathKellyDT
"That Sydney storm was something else. Downtown Leichhardt," Heath Kelly posted on Twitter.
Seven factories collapsed, football matches were halted, power cut and roads turned into rivers after Sydney was smashed by a freak storm today.

A booming cold system which formed over the southwest slopes and the Blue Mountains hit the western suburbs mid-afternoon before its destructive winds and hail turned streets into snow fields.

More than 50cm of hail dumped on parts of western Sydney, with kids making snow men, sliding on cardboard boxes and throwing balls of ice.

Grown men got their snowboards out and started sliding down one suburban street in Newtown.

Cars on the M4, Princes Highway, Parramatta Rd and the Great Western Highway voluntarily stopped in their tracks because hail and wild rain made driving impossible.


Reader Kerri Hampton took this picture in Newtown.


Rare waterspout seen off the coast of Nanaimo, Canada

© Denys Carrier.
Photo of the Nanaimo waterspout.
If you were in Nanaimo on Thursday and saw what looked like a water tornado, you weren't dreaming.

A waterspout watch was issued by Environment Canada yesterday at 5 p.m after one was spotted a few kilometers off the city's coast.

They form in much the same way as land tornadoes, created from air and water mist moving upward from an ocean or lake. Global BC meteorologist Kristi Gordon says a strong storm that moved down the Strait of Georgia on Thursday created the conditions necessary for this one.

While waterspouts can happen on B.C.'s waters, they are rare - this was just the second on the Georgia Strait this year.


Rare tornado touches down in Kunia, Hawaii

© Harmonie Klinetobe Morrison
The tornado that touched down in Kunia.
Our newsroom has been flooded with photos and video of a tornado that touched down in Kunia.

It reportedly formed at around 3 p.m., catching the attention of many in the area.

The National Weather Service confirmed a funnel cloud formed for less than half-an-hour and touched the ground at some point, which made it a tornado.

It was very weak. No damage has been reported so far.

Kapolei resident Rocky Lacuesta says he had just pulled into his driveway when he saw the tornado and went running for his camera.

"I ran to my wife and I said oh my God I think I just saw a tornado," he told KHON2.

"I came flying through the door and asked my wife are you seeing this," said Kapolei resident, Stephen Morrison.


Entire roof lifted up and blown away by sudden wind in Siberia

© ZabTV
The entire roof of a two-storey building was lifted into the sky with a single gust of wind in Siberia's, Zabaykalsky Kray. Stormy winds have been raging over the past week, causing massive devastation and deadly fires.The flying roof episode was caught on the dashcam of a passing car in the city of Chita, in the south east of Siberia. The gust was measured at 24 meters per second (54 miles per hour).

Luckily, the building was uninhabited as it is used to house a taxicab fleet. No injuries or damage were reported, according to the press service of the local emergency ministry department.The roofless building is now one of more than 1,300 houses destroyed in the region by fire or the elements. The devastating blazes, which have already claimed the lives of over 800 people, have now spread to neighboring Mongolia.

An area of just over 100,000 hectares has been affected, despite around 3,000 fire fighters doing their best to try and tackle the blazes. They have used planes and helicopters to attempt to put out the fires and have managed to save five settlements.

Comment: These sudden gusts of wind and cruel cold snaps seem to have become the norm nowadays.

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Hailstorms and heavy rains damage crops in Jagtial, India

© New Indian Express
Kula Ganga Reddy stands amid the ruins of what was once his banana plantation at Chelgal village in Jagtial mandal
A young farmer from Chelgal village in Jagtial mandal, Akula Ganga Reddy, could not contain his tears when asked about his banana plantation. He was upbeat until last week, working in his plantation by day and by night, watering the trees and cutting down the weeds.

His world, however, turned upside down in an hour on Monday night — the hailstorm, described by many as unprecedented, destroyed his two-acre plantation. Had it not been for the unexpected calamity, Reddy's efforts would have borne fruit in a matter of days. But, by Tuesday morning, 80 per cent of his plantation was lost.

"I pinned all my hopes on the banana plantation. I planted the trees in two acres by investing Rs 4 lakh which I borrowed from money lenders. All my hopes are dashed," Ganga Reddy said, tears rolling down his cheeks. His only hope now lies in government aid. He is praying for a visit from any government official to assess his loss and announce some form of compensation.

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Three dead as "once-in-a-decade" storm hit New South Wales, Australia

© Rex
A large tree down in Naremburn following severe overnight storms in Sydney

Three people died as the Australian state of New South Wales was lashed by a "once-in-a-decade" storm on Tuesday with homes washed away, thousands hit by power cuts and sand drifts sweeping inland off Sydney's Bondi beach.

Sea swells also hampered shipping as the region around Australia's biggest city suffered its second day of gale-force winds of up to 135 kilometres per hour (83mph) and torrential rain.

The Bureau of Meteorology said 119 millimetres (five inches) of rain had fallen in Sydney in 24 hours - the city's wettest period since 2002.

The destructive winds blanketed parks, pavements and roads with sand from beaches including Bondi, while trees were uprooted, crashing onto cars, and power lines blown down.

Dozens of flights were delayed and at least one cruise ship found itself stuck at sea outside Sydney Harbour.

© Jason Reed/Reuters

A man on Bondi Beach as heavy winds blow the beach's sand inland in Sydney

New South Wales state Premier Mike Baird said 4,500 calls had been made to emergency services.

"There is no doubt this is a very severe storm event, indeed it is a once in 10-year event," he said.

"We have lost some homes. There is a number of roofs taken off. We have also lost life. It is a huge storm event that is wreaking havoc across NSW at the moment."

New South Wales police said three people died in the country town of Dungog, 215 kilometres (133 miles) north of Sydney, which was soaked by 300 millimetres (12 inches) of rain in 24 hours.

"During the morning a woman and two men were located deceased within the Dungog township. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are still to be determined," they said in a statement.

Video footage posted online showed a wooden house being swept away by flash floods, although it was not clear if this was linked to the deaths.


Waterspout touches down in Manukau harbour during storms near Aukland, New Zealand


A waterspout over Waiuku, in south Auckland, on Monday afternoon - MetService said it lasted up to 20 minutes.
A waterspout formed in Auckland skies during stormy weather.

The waterspout - essentially a weak tornado that stays over the water and does not touch land - formed above Manukau Harbour 2.30pm and 3pm on Monday.

It was visible to many parts of south Auckland and prompted comment through social media and lasted up to 20 minutes said MetService.


A waterspout caught by a resident in Waiuku, south Auckland, on Monday afternoon.

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Severe storms throughout Southern US sprout tornadoes and drop hail

© Twitter/promud
Train cars overturned in Abbeville, Alabama.
Severe thunderstorms moved into the South Sunday, causing damage across several states. Several tornadoes were also spotted in the area.


There have been several reports of tornadoes in Alabama today, including a confirmed category EF-1 tornado that touched down in Russell County just west of Oswichee along AL-165. That tornado, which moved Northeast to the Georgia state line, traveled approximately 3.5 miles.

Another tornado was reportedly spotted in Henry County, in southeastern Alabama, around 9:30 a.m. Sunday, though it has not been confirmed by the National Weather Service. NWS did say that numerous rail cars were overturned due to the storm.

In Leesburg, winds blew a tree onto a home, causing the family inside to sustain minor injuries.

The NWS also reports that strong winds damaged agricultural buildings at Pleasant Valley High School located in Calhoun, Alabama.

Winds have knocked down trees in other parts of the state. In southern Alabama, at least 5,000 people have lost power, according to Alabama Power. In Madison, wind gusts up to 56 mph were reported, and in Huntsville, a large tree fell on a home.


Tourist carried off cliff by huge wave on Inis Mór, Ireland


Woman saved after wave sweeps her off cliff on Aran Islands
A student taking video in Ireland's Aran Islands captured the moment a tourist taking pictures atop a tall cliff was washed away by a massive wave.

Brian Smith, a U.S. student studying in Ireland, was taking video on Inis Mor, the largest of the islands, when a massive wave swept Aparajita Gupta, 21, off the cliff where she was taking pictures of the crashing waters.

Smith said he and his girlfriend ran to call for help.

"It was pretty scary at first," Smith told NBC News.

Gupta, who was visiting Ireland from India with her parents, estimated she fell about 50 feet to the water below.

"The water cushioned my fall, so when I finally fell the impact wasn't as great as it could have been and next to me, there was a boulder and I held onto it," Gupta said.

Seamus McCarthy, a paramedic, witnessed Gupta's fall and saw her limping at the bottom of the cliff.
"I could see her limping close to the bottom of the cliff. The waves were still coming in so it was very dangerous. When I reached down I could barely get my fingertips to her," he told the Irish Independent.