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Severe thunderstorms to hit southeast Queensland - again

© Penny Dahl, @pennycopter
A tree fell onto a house in Collingwood Park.
Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued for parts of southeast Queensland this afternoon, as the region continues to clean up following yesterday's wild weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology says severe thunderstorms have been detected on radar between Cooyar and Crows Nest, with damaging winds and large hailstones likely. Read the full warning here.

Residents in the path of the storm are advised to secure loose outdoor items, move their car under cover or away from trees, and seek shelter.

During yesterday's storms fallen trees blocked roads and caused damage, with one collapsing onto a home in Collingwood Park, about 30km from the Brisbane CBD, almost splitting it in two.

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Severe snow storm warning for Iceland

© Halldór Sveinbjörnsson
Tomorrow morning is looking extremely bad, weather wise.
Please be warned: tomorrow morning is looking extremely bad, weather wise. Halldór Sveinbjörnsson

Despite having already released a forecast for extreme winter weather tomorrrow, Tuesday, the Iceland Met Office has now issued a storm warning.

The storm is expected to hit Reykjavik early tomorrow morning, as well as most of South Iceland, which means that with the strong winds, snow will blow across roads. Many roads may become impassable. More snowfall accompanied by the storm is expected in the late morning and early afternoon.

People are strongly advised from travelling anywhere around Iceland tomorrow and possibly even travel within Reykjavik could become very difficult.

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Flooding and ice storms kill 14 over Thanksgiving in US Midwest

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Storms in the US Midwest have claimed at least 14 lives as temperatures plunged below freezing point over the holiday weekend. Tens of thousands of homes have been left without electricity, while driving conditions are treacherous due to icy roads.

A wintry storm system that has been moving through parts of the Great Plains and the Midwest since Thursday has brought extremely cold weather to the region. Eight people have lost their lives in Texas, with a further six dying in the state of Kansas.

The icy conditions are also causing havoc for local residents. Some 78,000 people in parts of Oklahoma have been left without power after trees collapsed onto power lines, according to Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co.


Australian outback music festival goes wild for mini-tornado

© Youtube/Synaptic TV
Rather than seeking shelter from the storm, a large group of people instead charged towards the wind gust and began dancing around it
Revellers did not run away when a whirlwind swept through a music festival in Australia on Saturday.

They instead sprinted directly towards the towering column of dust and debris so that they could dance in it.

Canadian Olivier Bonenfant filmed the incident at the Earthcore festival, which was held about 100km north of Melbourne.

He dubbed it a "doofnado" - "doof" is an Australian slang term for a dance party held in the bush.


Storm Clodagh batters Britain with 70mph gales and huge waves lash coastline

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Storm Clodagh batters the harbour wall in Porthcawl, South Wales, early this morning

Met Office issues weather warnings for whole of England and Wales as storm brings severe gales and Environment Agency warns of flooding

Britons are braced for more lashing rain as flood warnings were issued for parts of the country as Storm Clodagh wreaked havoc.

Flights were diverted, trains delayed and traffic held up on motorways at the weeknd as heavy rain and strong winds hit Scotland and the north west of England.

There is little sign of respite with the Environment Agency issuing yellow flood warnings for Wales and the north of England for Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, two days of rain could leave parts of north Wales under 60mm of precipitation.

The north of England could see 30-40mm of rain during the same period, say the Met Office. A spokeswoman also warned that parts of Scotland, which is on a yellow snow warning, could have 2.5cm of snow on Monday.

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Tennis ball-sized hail pounds Oakey, Australia


Sha Sha Atkins shows the size of the hail in Oakey.
Hailstones the size of tennis balls have turned the streets of Oakey white.

A freak hailstorm showered parts of the Darling Downs with hail between 3.50pm and 4.20pm this afternoon.

Hail has also been reported in Highfields and Pittsworth.

Houses and cars in Oakey have sustained damage from the hail.


All-time rainfall record on verge of being broken in Chennai, India

© M. Prabhu
Rains left the Madras war cemetery flooded on Tuesday.
Chennai is on its way to have the wettest November of the century and break an all-time rainfall record.

With Monday's torrential downpour bringing 93 mm of rainfall, Chennai has crossed 1,025 mm of rainfall for the month. According to the Meteorological Department, November 1918 was the wettest month as the city received 1088.4 mm of rainfall then.

The weather station in Meenambakkam has already recorded 1144.8 mm this November. Officials recall that Chennai recorded 970 mm of rainfall in November 1985 and 1077.1 mm in October 2005. The remaining few days of this month will decide whether the city gets to break the century's record.

The rains so far have been severe with many rain-related deaths, including the electrocution of a couple in Velachery, death of a youngster in a wall collapse in Pattalam and the fatal fall of a man in a trench dug up in R.A. Puram to drain stagnant rainwater. Schools and colleges in Chennai, Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts will remain closed on Wednesday. As reservoirs continue to get heavy inflows, city waterways are carrying rainwater to their brim. The Adyar River is in a spate as about 6,000 cusecs is being let out from the Chembarambakkam reservoir.

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Video captures dramatic lightning storms over Queensland, Australia

© Mark Calleja.
Lightning bolts over Brisbane during Monday’s storm.
Queenslanders catch dramatic bolts of lightning on camera during severe storms which battered the south-eastern parts of the state on Monday. More than 28,000 lightning strikes were recorded. Golf ball-sized hailstones are said to have damaged homes and crops and extreme winds and rain, along with the lightning strikes, left more than 4,000 homes without power.

Please note: this video has no audio

Source: AAP


Massive waterspout filmed off Saudi coast

A video went viral on Saudi social media showing the moments when a giant water tornado hits the coast of Ras Tannoura, east Saudi.

A waterspout looks like a tornado, funnel-shaped cloud suspended beneath a low-lying cloud, dropping to a body of water.

Usually weaker than land tornados and caused by unstable weather conditions.

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Worst floods in 40 years for Addu City, Maldives; 9 inches of rainfall in 12 hours

© Maldives Red Cross
Southern Addu City has suffered the worst storm damage in 40 years after 12 continuous hours of torrential rain left streets inundated and flooded some 200 households.

"This is the worst flooding I've seen in decades. The water is knee-deep in most areas, and a majority of houses are under a foot of water," saud Abdulla Thoyyib, the deputy mayor.

The Feydhoo and Maradhoo-Feydhoo wards suffered the most damage. According to the Maldives Red Crescent, some 32 houses in Feydhoo and 11 houses in Maradhoo-Feydhoo suffered major damage. A majority of household appliances were destroyed, a spokesperson said.

Residents are now worried of water contamination as sewers are full and overflowing. The city, home to some 20,000 people, and the second most populous region, is out of chlorine, according to Thoyyib.