Third bear attack on people in India within 4 days - 17 injured

A Bear attacked Banali village Near Boniyar, Thursday afternoon in this frontier town and injured 17 people including a wild life employee. The bear was later killed by a joint venture of locals and wild life officials.

The Bear was seen in the village at around 3 pm attacking the people mostly busy at their work in their fields.

In just half an hour 17 people got injured in the bear attack.

The injured were shifted to PHC Boniyar, were from three were shifted to Baramulla.

3 injured in 2 separate bear attacks in India

A bear attacked and injured Abdul Rahim Cheche resident of Checki Wargund, Ban Angan, near his house in Dooru, Islamabad, a police statement said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in another similar incident, two persons Abdul Ahad Lone and Manzoor Ahmad Bhat residents of Shonglipora Khag were injured in a bear attack at Shunglipora, Khag Budgam.

Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Alicante beach, Spain

Environment agents from SEPRONA and biologists from the Institute of Coastal Ecology are investigating the appearance of hundreds of dead fish that were washed up on San Gabriel beach, Alicante.

They were dead on the sand and shoreline amid a strong odour, forcing red flags to be flown to prevent people from swimming in the area.

Officials have collected samples of the water, which was black, and specimens of dead fish have been taken for detailed analysis.

As residents voiced their concerns about a waste spill or pollutants being pumped in the sea, biologists said the deaths could be from natural causes, possibly due to a loss of oxygen in the water from the heat and winds that inhibit the flow of water and therefore fish are unable to breathe.

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Two killed in a wild elephant attack in Maankulam, Sri Lanka

Two persons have been killed when a wild elephant rammed onto a vehicle along the A9 road in Maankulam last night.

Police said 4 persons including a female have sustained injuries.

The deceased are 70 and 74 years of age.

The injured are receiving treatment at the Kilinochchi and Maankulam Hospitals.

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2 killed in separate wild elephant attacks in India

Wild elephant attacks kills two in Sri Lanka


Man attacked by grizzly shot and killed animal

Montana wildlife officials say a hunter who was attacked by a grizzly bear over the weekend shot and killed the animal.

The father of the 47-year-old Stevensville man reported hearing a gunshot just before finding his son with serious injuries on Sunday afternoon.

The son was taken to a Seattle hospital for treatment. His name and condition have not been released.

On Monday, the father led a bear specialist, state game wardens and U.S. Forest Service rangers into the area of extreme southwestern Montana where the attack occurred while the men were hunting black bear.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Andrea Jones says the 10-year-old male grizzly died of a gunshot wound near where the hunter was mauled.


Bear attacks and kills 31-year-old man in Wyoming

Bridger-Teton National Forest
A 31-year-old Utah man doing research alone in a remote backcountry area has died in a bear attack in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in northwest Wyoming.

Officials aren't certain yet what type of bear killed Adam Thomas Stewart of Virgin, Utah.

"I'm assuming grizzly, but we don't have the bear so I can't say for certain," Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan said Monday. "At this particular time we're still putting stuff together."

Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee said Stewart was in a remote area checking on a research plot when he failed to return as expected on Sept. 5. He was reported missing on Sept. 7, prompting a search.

Hunter viciously mauled by his own dog in Austria

© Warner Brothers
Cujo, the rabid St. Bernard. Not the dog in the story.
A hunter in the Burgenland village of Mariadorf was seriously hurt on Monday after being bitten by his own dog.

The 61-year-old was tracking a deer, which had been injured in a traffic accident.

When his dog found a dead rabbit instead, it became aggressive and attacked the man.

The hunter was able to tie the animal to a traffic sign and alert the police.

When the officers arrived, the badly wounded hunter asked the police to kill his dog in order to prevent further danger.

The animal was killed with two shots and the hunter taken to hospital with serious injuries to his hands, legs and abdomen.

Denizen of deep water, cuviers beaked whale found dead on Titahi Bay beach, New Zealand

© RNZ / Diego Opatowski
A cuviers beaked whale washed up on the beach south of Titahi Bay near Wellington this morning.

Onlookers have flocked to a beach at Titahi Bay, north of Wellington, to see a dead 6m-long whale which washed up overnight.

The whale, believed to be a cuvier's beaked whale, was first spotted about 8am today.

Department of Conservation's (DOC) marine species team manager Ian Angus said the whale was a deep-water species and appeared to be mature.

He said although cuvier's beaked whales had stranded on New Zealand shores before, it was not common.

"I can't see any obvious damage to it or injury, so I presume it died at sea and a combination of wave and wind has brought to Titahi Bay," he said.

DOC has put up a cordon around the whale to discourage people from touching it; one person nearly stood on it, a DOC staff member said.

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Black Cat

Hunt on for man-eater leopard after 2 killed in Alirajpur, India

Meanwhile, throughout the day rumours about killing by leopard kept forest officials on their toes.
A day after a pregnant woman was mauled by a man-eater leopard at Chhoti Jwari village in Alirajpur district, wildlife rescue team and battery of forest officials have launched a massive hunt to trace the beast.

DFO Alirajpur RS Sikarwar said, "Nearly six teams have been sent to different directions to trap the leopard. The rescue operation is being carried out with two tranquilizer guns and other equipment to catch the beast. Local villagers are also helping us but so far we are unable to trace it. Search operation is expected to intensify from Friday morning."

Meanwhile, throughout the day rumours about killing by leopard kept forest officials on their toes.

"Today no one was killed by leopard and people are spreading rumours," said Sikarwar.

Comment: A total of 10 leopard attacks on humans ( though not all involving fatalities) have now been recently reported from India, all within a relatively short time span (29th July - 14th September).

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Brooklyn mother says rat bit her young son while he slept

Mauled: Nathaniel was attacked in his sleep by the rats at his mother's, Brooklyn home in August
A Brooklyn mother says she and her 3-year-old son are still traumatized after she found the boy covered in bite marks and blood in his bed from what she believes was a rat attack.

"There was blood all over his pillow," said Marilyn Abreu, who lives in a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment with her son.

The boy had open wounds across his face, neck and feet. Abreu believes he was bitten by a rat or several rats while he slept on Aug. 21.

"It wasn't no scratches, it was the actual teeth," she said.