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Sun, 07 Feb 2016
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Plant shop faces massive sinkhole again in Anderson Township, Ohio

© T.J. Parker
Sinkhole formed feet from an Anderson Twsp
In a horrible episode of déjà vu for an Anderson Township plant shop, a massive sinkhole opened Wednesday after heavy rains deluged the Tri-State.

Plants by Wolfangel owner Barb Henry reported on Facebook Thursday that the hole was quickly fenced off.

"The unknown of an event like this is scary," Henry told WCPO Thursday. "Just standing there yesterday watching the earth crumble in, the sounds of it, the smell of it, it's all familiar and it doesn't bring back good memories."

Plants by Wolfangel was shut down for nearly two years after sinkholes in April and June 2011 swallowed the parking lot and threatened to cut the property in half. The store reportedly lost merchandise into the hole that was never found.


Dead whale found on beach in Odisha, India

© Express
The carcass of the whale was found at Chinchira beach, an unmanned island under Rajnagar block of Kendrapara district on Saturday after which local fishermen thronged to see it.
Two days after a 33-feet long Sperm whale beached on coastline of Ganjam district in Odisha, a 66-feet long whale washed ashore on an unmanned island of Kendrapara district in the state.

Though it is not clear to which species the whale belongs, Rajnagar divisional forest officer Bimal Acharya said the 66-feet-long animal bore no injury marks. It may have been a normal death, he said. Whales are Schedule-I animals.

The carcass of the whale was found at Chinchira beach, an unmanned island under Rajnagar block of Kendrapara district on Saturday after which local fishermen thronged to see it.

Two days ago the 33-foot sperm whale, which washed up on the Rushikulya beach of Ganjam district, its carcass bore injury marks. Experts said the whale might have died after being hit by fishing trawlers. The district officials later got a crane to lift the carcass and bury it.


Hydrogen sulfide poisoning suspected for mysterious cattle deaths in Kansas

Following the mysterious death of seven cattle near an oil field in Kansas, public health authorities are investigating whether oil drilling could be the cause.

In late December, seven dead cattle were found near an oil field in the Cimarron National Grassland, Kansas, and authorities believe that cows inhaled something toxic, prompting them to deny public access to the 2,500-acre Cimarron National Grassland until at least May.

Six of the cattle were discovered together in a low-lying area, while a seventh was found a short distance away, with local veterinarians identifying the ingestion or inhalation of something toxic leading to pulmonary edema or fluid in the lungs as a possible cause, though the cause of death has not been officially declared.

More specifically, they suspect the cattle may have inhaled hydrogen sulfide—a toxic gas that can be released in the oil and gas drilling process. They haven't pinpointed the cause officially, but it was enough to implement an emergency order to halt public access to the area for a prolonged period.

Comment: As well as hydrogen sulfide being released in the oil and gas drilling process, natural outgassing of toxic gases can also occur.

Other possible cases of outgassing around the United States in recent times include:


Fish rain down on Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Fish on road
Residents of Dire Dawa observed the rains of fish in the town. According to sources, it was dust particles that was dropping in balls. Later the fish drop everywhere. The residents are familiar with such a rain since it rain in the past.

While asked his comments on the unusual incident Haromaya University Academician in the field of Meteorology and Climate Mr Efrem Mamo said such incidents are common in areas where ocean currents and winds are heavier than the usual. Mamo who said he had once heard similar thing happening in Hawasa about 10 years ago added, to have a clear view on today's happening it will be necessary knowing recent day's metrological data of Dire Dawa town.

Source: gudnew.com


Young beached gray whale rescued in Mexico

© Profepa
Beached gray whale
Federal environmental officials have rescued a young gray whale stranded on a beach in Baja California Sur.

The environmental protection agency Profepa said the whale was found during a routine inspection at El Mariscal on the Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Guerrero Negro near the city of Mulegé.

A roll-and-tow technique was used to rescue the whale, which was found to be in good condition, and release it back into the sea. Officials said it might have been separated from its mother, become disoriented or caught by a low tide.

The Ojo de Liebre is one of two lagoons in the El Vizcaino Whale Sanctuary and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Source: Notimex


Body of sperm whale that died on Norfolk beach to be tested; 29th to die in Europe within 4 weeks

© Matthew Usher
Investigations have started on the second whale which has washed up on Old Hunstanton Beach, the second in the area within a week.
Tests are to be carried out on a sperm whale that died after washing up on a Norfolk beach in an attempt to explain a spate of recent deaths.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue said the bull died shortly after 8pm on Thursday. It had been stranded at Hunstanton since that morning.

Stephen Marsh, operations manager at the rescue organisation, said: "We're very sad to confirm that the whale has died but it is a bit of a relief because it had been in quite a lot of suffering." He added that work would now be carried out to establish the circumstances surrounding the beaching.

The whale is the 29th to have died after becoming stranded on beaches in northern Europe and the east coast of England.

Last month, three dead whales washed up on the Lincolnshire coast and another was found at Hunstanton.


Dozens of dead and dying starlings found on road in Wichita, Kansas

About 40 Starlings were found dead on a street and in a neighborhood in West Wichita on Wednesday.

"It's kind of weird," said Seth Dugan, who works nearby.

The birds were found dead on Carr Avenue, south of Kellogg and Maize Road.

"Completely clear and then come back out 20 minutes later and there was a ton of birds laying out here and people were stopping and taking pictures on their cell phones," said Dugan.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Wichita Fire Department responded to the scene and gathered the dead birds. The Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism also responded and investigated the cause of death.

Wildlife Biologist Charlie Cope has ruled out poison and guns as the cause of death.


Demonic dog attack: 6-year-old boy fighting for his life following pit bull mauling in Wilmer, Alabama

Michael Bulger, of Eight Mile, says his 6-year-old son Andrew was attacked by a pit bull Monday night at approximately 6:30 p.m.
A six-year-old boy is fighting for his life in the hospital after a vicious pit bull attack in Wilmer. This is the second pit bull attack on a child in our area in a week. As we reported, 13-year-old Hunter Sharman was attacked in his front yard in Mobile.

Six-year-old Andrew Bulger is in critical condition undergoing his third surgery in two days at the UAB children's hospital in Birmingham. His first two surgeries were at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, but his injuries were so bad, he was transferred for specialized treatment.

"The worst is watching him suffer," said Andrew's grandmother, Rene Bulger. "That's the hardest part, you know?"

Andrew can't talk, he can barely move and he can't breathe on his own. Family members say they can't believe their fun-loving little boy is now fighting for his life. Doctors say there is an unknown amount of surgeries ahead and there is no guarantee he will ever talk again.

"What they're going to try and do in the surgery is repair the trachea check out the voice box," said Bulger. "It's very hard, especially when we first came. They restrained him because of the tubes."

Black Cat

Bobcats attacking pets in Richardson, Texas

Efforts to stop a spike in bobcat attacks on pets are running into an unexpected problem. For months animal control officers in Richardson have been trying to crack down on the bobcats.

The city has had some success with about six traps set throughout the city. Owners of pets killed by the bobcats are hopeful the problem doesn't get any worse, but they're asking for the public's help.

10-year-old Yorkie, Denali is one of the lucky ones. When a bobcat leaped into her backyard, it went after her owner's other Yorkie, Dakota.

"She's confused. She doesn't know what's going on. Last night when we were in bed she was looking around like, where's Dakota?" David Dinsmore said about Denali.


Dog missing for 3 days found buried alive in sinkhole, Platte County, Missouri

A dog missing for three days is found buried in a 5-foot sinkhole in Platte County.

Lisa Van Valkenburgh said she let her dog Maverick out Thursday evening to relieve himself and he wandered off. Van Valkenburgh said she and her family searched for her dog and found him Saturday afternoon.

"I walked this road. I walked down and back and walked on this side and came right here and heard a moan, like a bark," Van Valkenburgh said.

Maverick's owner said she couldn't believe her 12-year-old German Shepherd was buried alive. "That would swallow a child; that is a dangerous situation," she said.

When the dog was pulled to safety Van Valkenburgh said he was lethargic and dehydrated.

Greg Sager, the Platte County Director of Public Works said water caused the pipe to rust and the soil was washed away, creating the sinkhole. Sager said a new pipe was ordered today and he expects to have it replaced in a week or two.

As for Maverick, his veterinarian said he's expected to make a full recovery.