Florida man kills black bear that broke into his Lady Lake home

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Black Bear.
Victor Peters thought at first it was a burglar who broke into a sitting room at his Lady Lake home.

But then the Michigan retiree noticed the only thing missing Wednesday morning was half a bag of dog food.

The "burglar" turned out to be a large black bear who made the mistake of returning Wednesday night when Peters was armed and ready for it.

"When I yelled at it, he looked [at me] like, 'Well, I don't care who you are,'" Peters told a Lake County sheriff's 911 dispatcher. "He just kept coming."

The animal bared its teeth at Peters, who fired his hunting rifle into the bear's head from 10 feet away. It died right there in Peters' Florida room.


9 pilot whales strand near St. Nicholas, Canada - 2 die

Stranded pilot whales near Linkletter.
Of the pilot whales that were stranded near St. Nicholas Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, two have died, two were rescued and the rest freed themselves.

Scientists and officers from several government departments, educational institutions and volunteer groups were on the scene Thursday morning as the last two whales were lead back out to sea.

The whales were discovered by a woman walking her dog Tuesday afternoon. A large male had beached himself in Sunbury Cove, between St. Nicholas and Linkletter, while eight females and juveniles swam around him.

UK: 300 per cent rise in the number of dogs attacks in Stevenage since January

The campaign was launched on Saturday in Stevenage town centre.
New data reveals there has been a rise of almost 300 per cent rise in the number of dogs attacks in Stevenage since January.

A total of 31 offences were reported to police in the last 10 months, compared with just 11 in the equivalent period last year.

Now Herts police have launched Is You Dog Fully Under Control? - a campaign that aims to educate people about responsible dog ownership along with the recent changes in the law. The Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood team were in the town centre on Saturday to spread the word.

Officers, Stevenage Borough Council staff and representatives of dog charities were on hand to talk about the changes in the law and give advice on training, identification and other issues.

Sgt Manjit Khela from the team said: "A dog can be dangerously out of control even if it is on a lead.

"The correct level of control needs to be exerted to ensure it does not go on to injure another dog or person.

"If a dog bites a person, it will be seen as being dangerously out of control - but even if the dog does not bite, but gives the person grounds to feel that the dog may injure them, the law still applies."

Boy bitten by a fisher in Rehoboth backyard, Massachusetts

A 12-year-old Rehoboth boy was bitten on the leg and hand on Monday night by what animal control officers believe was a fisher cat.

Wes Brown said he was throwing a football in his backyard with his cousin when he saw an animal coming toward him.

"I couldn't exactly see it because it was at night but it looked gray and it had pointy ears," he said.

At first, Brown thought it was a cat, but then it attacked him.

Brown said the animal latched onto his leg.
He ran into the house and used the door to get the animal off.

"It kept coming in and kept coming after me so I shut the door," he said.

His parents started throwing tools at the animal to scare it away.


Baby bear wanders into U.S. drug store

Black bear cub spotted stalking the aisles of a pharmacy in Oregon

Shoppers at an Oregon, US drug store were surprised to see a bear cub scurrying down the aisles.

Witnesses say the cub first showed up Sunday at a nearby hotel, hopped out a window and crossed the street to the Rite Aid in Ashland, a city 15 miles north of the California border.

Local media reports said that customers took photos and video until police arrived and scooped the little bear into a shopping cart.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding the cub until it can be moved to a rehab center or a zoo.

Demented jackal attacks devotees inside temple severely injuring 3, India

Indian jackal
Devotees sleeping inside the dargah Shehdana Wali got the scare of their life when a jackal entered the premises late on Wednesday and attacked three youths, injuring them severely.

The animal seemed to have gone berserk as it first bit into a youth's legs and clawed at him. As the devotees tried to save him and themselves, the jackal attacked two other youths - 19-year-old Faiz and Arif (24). The duo, along with 25-year-old Farman Ali, was admitted to the district hospital by locals.

After more than an hour of struggle, a few devotees managed to put a blanket on the animal and capture it after which they beat it up. They then took it to the Baradari police station, where cops also allegedly beat up the animal and asked locals to take it back.

The poor animal would have most likely died had it not been for the timely intervention of a team of People for Animals, which got him admitted to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute.

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Pack of jackals injure 17 villagers in Nepal


Bears kill eight within a week in Orissa state, India

Several people are reported to have been seriously injured in the bear attacks
Wild bears have killed eight villagers within a week in the eastern Indian state of Orissa causing panic among local people, forestry officials say.

A dozen others have been injured in attacks by bears from forestry in the area around Kotpad village.

Angry villagers last week chased the bears and beat one of them to death, the officials said.

They say that the bears could have turned violent following excessive consumption of intoxicating flowers.

Bear attacks elderly man in Sweden

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A female bear and its three cubs were slaughtered in Sweden after nearly killing an elderly man.
Swedish hunters authorised to destroy female bear and its three cubs after attack on 80-year-old man.

A bear and its cubs were put down after nearly killing an 80-year-old pensioner in northern Sweden.

Hunters were authorised to slaughter the female bear after it pounced on the elderly man while he was fishing by a lake in Homnabo.

The man, who has not been named, attempted to escape when he spotted the bear, but it quickly caught up with him and threw him to the ground.

The victim wrestled with the bear but managed to escape after being bitten on his shoulder and ear. He was later taken to a local hospital in Gävle.

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Hunter mauled by bear in central Sweden


Update: Bear to be shot after man found dead in Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

An order has been given to shoot a bear after a missing 61-year-old man was found dead having apparently been mauled by the animal in the Bieszczady Mountains south east Poland.

The dead man was found on Monday after two members of a rescue team were allegedly attacked by a bear on Sunday evening.

"According to initial findings, the wounds found on the victim's body indicate that he may have died after being attacked by a predator," commented police spokesperson Katarzyna Fechner.

"However, this will only be verified after the autopsy by doctors," she stressed.

The 61-year-old, a resident of the village of Olszanica, had been reported missing on Saturday.

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Wild boar attacks man in Inarajan, Guam

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A 57-year-old man was taken to Guam Memorial Hospital today following an attack by a wild boar at around 9 a.m. in Inarajan, according to Guam Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ed Artero.

The man was conscious and alert when he was taken to the hospital, Artero said.

At around 1 p.m., GMH spokeswoman June Perez said the man was undergoing treatment, but was in stable condition.

No further details of the incident were available.