Third elephant attack within 3 days in Sri Lanka: Two killed in jumbo attack

Two men were killed in a wild elephant attack on Monday night at Ellakattuwa,

The deceased were A. Gunadasa (65) and P. G. Sambarana (62).

The Wildlife officials said that the elephant had emerged from the jungles of Nochchiyagama and moved to Malwathu Oya after killing the two persons.

A team of Wildlife officials had moved to the area to capture the elephant and relocate it, the officials said.

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2 people killed in another elephant attack in Sri Lanka

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One person killed in wild elephant attack in Sri Lanka

Fourth elephant attack within four weeks in Sri Lanka

Two killed in a wild elephant attack in Maankulam, Sri Lanka


Large-scale die-off of Cassin's auklets reported along US West Coast

Cassins Auklet at night (Ptychoramphus aleuticus) photo taken in 2003 on Farallon Islands
Scientists up and down the West Coast are monitoring what appears to be a large-scale die-off of young Cassin's auklets, small seabirds whose breeding grounds include a colony in the Farallon Islands west of San Francisco.

Emaciated, white-bellied birds have been washing ashore in Sonoma County and along a broad swath of California coastline since early November after a period of ocean warming in the Farallones region and disappearance of the tiny krill that provide their main source of food, researchers say.

Scientists are still collecting data, but the largest concentration of dead birds appears to be in northern Oregon, according to monitors in the Pacific Northwest. Birds have been washing up in Washington, as well.

Scientists say anyone who finds a dead bird should leave it alone so that monitors surveying the beaches can collect accurate records on the die-off.

Over 30 dead or dying crows found in Portland parks, Oregon

© K0IN 6 News
About 30 dead crows were found in downtown Portland parks, Nov. 26, 2014
ODFW will conduct necropsies, Audobon Society helping to investigate

About 30 dead crows were found along the Willamette River waterfront and some Portland parks, and officials don't have any idea at this time what caused their deaths.

Several crows were seen suffering seizures and flopping on the ground at Waterfront Park, police said, and several dead crows were seen nearby. Other dead crows were found around Chapman and Lownsdale Square parks and the Lovejoy Fountain.

PPB Sgt. Roger Axtelm said the bureau "had a number of phone calls from citizens calling about the blackbirds that were down and apparently ill. Some were deceased."

A few of the birds were alive but in bad shape. Bob Sallinger with the Portland Audobon Society said the ones still alive "were convulsing."


Manatee from Florida makes rare visit to Texas waters

The manatee is expected to be taken to Sea World San Antonio or a Marine Mammal facility in Galveston.

Authorities in Texas said they are working on a plan to assist an unusual visitor -- the first manatee to visit the Houston area in 19 years.

The Chambers County Sheriff's Office said a deputy spotted the male manatee swimming up a channel Sunday near Baytown and barriers were put in place once the sea mammal settled in a spot next to a warm water outlet.

Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said waters in the area are too cold for manatees this time of year.

"The cold water makes them stressed, it makes them really tired, just like if you or I were out in a snowstorm," he told the Houston Chronicle.


Dead humpback whale washes up on Nantucket beach, Massachusetts

© Nantucket Natural Resources Department
A 25-foot humpback whale was found dead on a Nantucket beach.
A 25-foot humpback whale was found dead on a Nantucket beach early Tuesday morning.

The whale was found on Miacomet Beach, said Maggie Mooney-Seus, spokeswoman for the Greater Atlantic Regional office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It had has no visible wounds, Mooney-Seus said. She speculated it could have died from disease or been hit by a boat.

Mooney-Seus said with a nor'easter expected to hit the region Wednesday, the whale might have to stay put for a while.

"They're not anticipating being able to get in and move it at this point" because of the approaching storm, she said. It could also be a while until the carcass is removed because NOAA does not have staff who cover Nantucket and because marine officials' focus is currently on the hundreds of sea turtles that have been washing up along the Cape with hypothermia.

British tourist victim of 'worst-ever' attack by Gibraltar monkey

Brit holidaymaker needed 40 stitches after monkey attack

A British tourist needed 40 stitches after being attacked by one of Gibraltar's famous apes.

Stuart Gravenell, 53, was walking through the Upper Rock Nature Reserve with his son, Bradley, when he was attacked.

A pack of apes charged at them, and one male sunk his teeth into Stuart's forearm and shook its head, opening up two bloody wounds.

Stuart collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where nurses said it was the worst injury inflicted by a local ape that they'd ever seen.

Young woman killed by a mob of monkeys in India

Monkey tragic: A string of brutal attacks by the Langur monkey has plagued the city of Shimla
A woman in India has been killed by a mob of marauding monkeys.

The woman was reportedly cornered by a group of monkeys on her farm in Himachal Pradesh, before they attacked and killed her.

A legislation banning people from catching the monkeys and selling them for medical research has recently been passed.

Reports suggest this new rule has seen a primate boom in Shimla, where there is an average of 400 bites a month.

It is believed there are around 400,000 monkeys in the region, with the attacks being blamed on black-faced langur monkeys, which can grow to 4ft tall and weigh three stone.

Villager trampled to death by elephant in West Bengal, India

In the early hours on Wednesday, at Dhupguri area in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, a local villager was trampled to death by an elephant, a forest official said.

This shocking incident of animal attack on a human took place when a herd of elephants from the neighbouring forest entered Duramari village. This group of elephants damaged paddy crops and was on the way towards the dwellings of the village.

Jalpaiguri Wildlife Warden Seema Chowdhury said, The villager of Duramari Village named Dinesh Chandra Roy was killed by a pachyderm when he came face to face with the elephant as he stepped out of his house.

After killing a villager, the herd of elephants then returned to the forest.

2 people killed in another elephant attack in Sri Lanka

Elephant breaking a branch after a charge.
A wild elephant stormed into a crowded pilgrimage town in Sri Lanka on Wednesday and trampled two men to death near Buddhism's most sacred tree, a resident and police said.

Wildlife authorities fired tranquiliser darts to try to subdue the rampaging animal in the town of Anuradhapura, 200 kilometres (125 miles) north of the capital, police said.

The elephant ran past President Mahinda Rajapakse's official residence in Anuradhapura at dawn before crushing a cyclist and a bystander near the holy tree, the Sri Maha Bodi.

"It is very unusual for an wild elephant to go to town like this," a local resident told AFP. "The last time we saw something like this was when a tusker came to the town in 2001 but it did not kill anyone, unlike this time."

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One person killed in wild elephant attack in Sri Lanka

Fourth elephant attack within four weeks in Sri Lanka

Two killed in a wild elephant attack in Maankulam, Sri Lanka

Father and son killed in elephant attack, Sri Lanka


Elderly apple grower killed by bear in Japan

A 74-year-old man was found dead Thursday morning at his apple orchard in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, after having apparently been attacked by a bear.

Police said Kazuo Harada told his wife Wednesday night he was going out to see if there were any bear tracks near the apple trees, TBS reported. Harada's wife went to bed early and found her husband's body at 7:45 a.m. Thursday, police said.

Harada's face and throat had injuries and claw marks consistent with a bear attack, police said, adding that bear tracks were found near Harada's body.

Police said there have been numerous bear sightings in the area recently. Authorities said that in autumn, bears aggressively search for food before hibernating for the winter.