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Ice Cube

Chunk of ice, megacryometeor, falls from sky mysteriously crashing through Chicago man's ceiling

megacrymeteor damage

John “Sinatra” Connors and his cat Oscar, along with the mysterious ice chunks that crashed through his ceiling sometime Tuesday morning, wrecking his living room.
A Chicago man arrived home from work on Tuesday evening only to discover three bowling ball-size chunks of ice in his living room and a freaked out cat.

John "Sinatra" Connors, an information technology specialist and occasional lounge crooner, said that whatever crashed through the roof of his Ravenswood Manor apartment building landed with such velocity that it shattered the ceiling beams.

"When I walked into my apartment the chair that is normally against the wall was pushed into the middle of the living room," he said. "There was ice everywhere. I could see the sky through the hole in my ceiling."

Connors found one chunk of ice in his bedroom, a good 15 to 20 feet away from the crash's epicenter. He says he was in was in too much shock to notice the frigid, arctic wind whipping through the gaping hole in his ceiling.

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Cloud Precipitation

Hurricane-force winds cause damage and travel disruption across north of Britain

© Danny Lawson/PA

A lorry blown over in heavy wind between junction 9 and 10 of the M74 near Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire
Rail services suspended and ferries cancelled in Scotland after winds reach 113mph overnight in worst storm of winter

Hurricane-force winds gusting to over 100mph left a swathe of damage across the north of Britain overnight, bringing down trees and power lines and damaging buildings and road signs.

There was widespread disruption to road, air and ferry travel and all domestic train services were suspended in Scotland before 8am, causing chaos for commuters.

Around 75,000 homes were left without power in the Highlands and Islands in the worst storm of the winter.

A wind speed of 113mph was recorded in Stornoway in the Western Isles overnight, the strongest gust recorded in the town since records began in 1970. Elsewhere, there were gusts up to 110mph at Loch Glascarnoch, and 97mph Altnaharra. A wind speed of 140mph was recorded on the summit of Cairngorm mountain.

Stornoway coastguard went to the aid of a vulnerable 80-year-old woman after the windows of her house in the village of Point, on Lewis, were blown in during the night.
Eye 2

Deadly eastern brown snake emerges from the surf on Australian beach

Unexpected arrival of the snake, from between the lifesaving flags at Forster beach, causes visitors to flee and lifeguards to warn people away

Visitors to a beach on the mid-north coast of New South Wales made a hasty retreat on Tuesday after spotting an eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, emerge from the surf and glide along the sand.

The unusual incident occurred at One Mile beach at Forster. The unexpected arrival of the snake, which emerged right between the lifesaving flags, caused visitors to flee as lifeguards warned people away.

Beachgoer Olivia Moffatt said that visitors were initially afraid it was a shark when lifeguards blew their whistles.

"The snake travelled out of the water and remained on the shore for a while until waves washed up against it," she told the Great Lakes Advocate.

"Raising its head, it headed for shade towards the lifeguard trailer and happily sat there until again moving up along the beach to the bush."
Snowflake Cold

Alabama breaks cold record from 1886

© Mike Kittrell/
Ice forms on vegetation in a pond Thursday morning, Jan. 8, 2015, in midtown Mobile, Ala.
Thursday morning Mobile was at 17 degrees, beating the 1886 record of 18 degrees, however the freezing temperatures should rebound by mid-morning according to the National Weather Service.

The area will have a hard freeze warning until 10 a.m., as many areas are in the upper teens to low 20s along the coast, according to Eric Esbensen with the National Weather Service Mobile. The wind chill Thursday morning put most areas at single-digit temperatures.

Officials at Hutchens Elementary School in west Mobile sent out an alert asking parents to pick up their children Thursday morning because of a broken water line.

Esbensen said Mobile can expect highs today in the lower to mid 40s near the coast and upper 30s, possibly hitting 40 inland.

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Are wolves on the loose in Stockholm, Sweden?

© Länsstylrelsen
The tracks discovered this week.
Officials in Stockholm say they have found evidence that a wolf pack has formed in the south of the city, including tracks, droppings and urine spotted when snow fell earlier this week.

Animal experts believe that two wolves have made the Swedish capital their home and are currently analysing what are believed to be their droppings.

The County Administrative Board of Stockholm (Länsstylrelsen), which is responsible for monitoring the movement of animals in the city, is investigating.

"The collected droppings will be DNA tested and this will hopefully provide answers on whether the two wolves have been marking their territory," said Arne Söderberg, a spokesperson for Länsstylrelsen in a statement.

Man mauled to death by his own dog in Frederick, Maryland

Eugene Smith, 87, was taking down his Christmas Tree today in his Frederick County, Maryland, home when his pet pit bull attacked him, according to officials. The Frederick County Bureau of Investigations is still investigating the attack, which ended in death. Smith was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Around 2:30 pm today, the Frederick County Sheriff's Department, Maryland State Police, and Frederick County Animal Control were called to the home. When they arrived, the dog was still mauling Smith. They were able to get the dog off the victim, but it was too late.

At the time of the attack, the elderly man was laying on the ground, taking down the Christmas tree. Smith lived with his son and his son's fiancé. The only other person home at the time of the attack was the son's fiancé.

The pit bull was a rescue dog that had been adopted by Smith in May 2014. It is unknown if the dog had displayed violent tendencies before. The attack was completely unprovoked and the 84 pound dog did not stop attacking the victim until several authorities were able to contain him.

Bizarro Earth

Elderly UK couple fears they may lose their home to giant sinkhole

sinkhole cottingham
© newsteam
David Mason, 77, surveys the hole that has appeared in front of his home in Cottingham, Northamptonshire
An elderly couple fear their £210,000 bungalow could be swallowed up after a giant sink hole appeared in their front garden.

Great-grandparents David Mason, 77, and his wife Sylvia, 75, first spotted a small hole by the kerb outside their home on December 30 but thought it was caused by a lorry.

But the hole expanded at a 'staggering' speed and now measures 16ft by 12ft and is only a few feet away from their front door.

The 3ft-deep crater was first caused by a burst water main but heavy rain meant it grew even further.

Comment: Sinkholes have been appearing with alarming regularity around the world. Many are being explained as being due to heavy rainfall after storms, or subsidence caused by some nearby disturbance, whether natural or man-made. However, combined with the numerous earth changes occurring worldwide, sinkholes provide more evidence that earth's surface appears to be breaking up. For more information on what is really causing these changes, read Pierre Lescaudron's book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.

Cloud Lightning

Violent lightning storm erupts inside Indonesia's Sinabung volcano

lightning storm inside Sinabung volcano
© Caters News Agency
German photographer Martin Rietze, 50, captured the stunning photos while visiting the volatile Sinabung volcano in Indonesia
This is the jaw-dropping moment a lightning storm erupted in an ash cloud as a notorious volcano spewed hot lava towards villages below.

Photographer Martin Rietze's stunning photos of the volatile Sinabung volcano in Indonesia are a fascinating display of the raw beauty and frightening power of planet Earth.

As the ash cloud billows into the night sky a barrage of lightning bolts crackle from deep within it - creating a mesmerising scene that looks like the entrance to the underworld.

It is believed that the collision of fine ash grains in the air creates huge amounts of static electricity, resulting in a spectacular electrical storm.

lightning storm at the Sinabung volcano
© Caters News Agency
As the ash cloud billows into the night sky a barrage of lightning bolts crackle from deep within it, creating a fascinating scene
While it is an amazing display the 8,000ft volcano, in North Sumatra, has proven to be deadly since it erupted in 2010 after being dormant for an estimated 400 years.

On this occasion some small villages were wiped out by the lava flow and many acres of farmland were buried by ash, the photographer said.

Known as a pyroclastic flow, the deadly mix of burning hot ash, gas and lava can quickly blanket large areas, exterminating anything and everything in its path.

Comment: Such violent lightning storms and tornado activity at volcanoes seem to be evident of an 'electrical phenomena'.

Electric universe: Previously dormant Mt Sinabung volcano in Indonesia spews river of fire, pyroclastic cloud and lightning (VIDEO)

An important question is: why are volcanoes now demonstrating more electrical activity?


Atlantic storms to batter UK bringing 100mph winds and snow

Here they come: Two storms are set to hit the north of the UK in quick succession later this week because of a strong jet stream, currently travelling at a speed of around 250mph moving across the Atlantic Ocean. It will bring winds of up to 90mph in northern Scotland
Britain is bracing itself for a storm bringing gale force winds of up to 100mph, which could rip up trees, damage buildings and severely affect public transport.

Two powerful Atlantic storms are set to batter the country, with winds as ferocious as those which caused misery last winter due to sweep in from this evening, forecasters have warned.

When the twin storms have passed there will be no break from the severe weather, as snow is expected to fall in parts of Britain on Saturday afternoon bringing further transport chaos.
Ice Cube

Crazy U.S. Weather: Schools close, 18-car pile-up... and that isn't even the worst of it! Sub-zero chill brings misery to the Northeast and East Coast and Phoenix sets record high of 80 degrees

Dangerously cold air has sent temperatures plummeting into the single digits around the U.S., with wind chills driving them even lower. Schools in Chicago, Boston and other large cities closed, unable to cope with the third day of sub-zero climes.

Frostbite warnings have been reissued across the Northeast and East Coast this morning, with millions of Americans urged to avoid prolonged exposure to the cold.

And meteorologists warn there is little relief in sight as an Alberta clipper rolling in from Canada, followed by another arctic surge, is set to make things worse before it gets better.

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