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Road Cone

Eight vintage Corvettes swallowed by 40-foot sinkhole inside National Corvette Museum

© National Corvette Museum
The sinkhole is reportedly about 40 feet wide and at least 25 feet deep.
A sinkhole reportedly opened up inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY at around 5:44AM local time, swallowing eight vintage Corvettes that were on display. The sinkhole is reportedly about 40 feet wide and at least 25 feet deep. No one has been hurt.

The Bowling Green fire department was on the scene right away and geologists from Western Kentucky University have been called to investigate. Much of the western Kentucky region is underlain by karst, limestone that has been eroded to produce springs, sinking streams, caves, and sinkholes.

The sinkhole occurred in the museum's Sky Dome, a yellow cone-shaped dome 140 feet in diameter with a nearly 100-foot high glass ceiling. Cars in this area are rotated, as they are in the rest of the museum. No one is being allowed into the Sky Dome, but the rest of the museum initially remained open before reportedly closing later in the morning so an engineer could assess damages.

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Sinkholes opening up all over the world: Here's a tiny sample (VIDEO)

These unsuspecting victims were caught on camera as they narrowly cheated death as the ground dramatically gave way beneath them

One minute, you're going about your daily business and the next, you're being sucked into a killer sinkhole.

These unsuspecting victims were caught on camera as they narrowly cheated death as the ground dramatically gave way beneath them.

Three cars were sent crashing into an enormous sinkhole in Chicago last November when the road gave way .

Miraculously only one driver suffered minor injuries during the jaw-dropping incident, as the vehicles were dragged into the monstrous hole.

A teenager talking on her mobile phone had to be rescued by firefighters after she plunged 20 feet into a sinkhole.


80,000 homes without power after 100 mph storms hit north and west Wales

Gusts up to 80mph battered west and north west Wales
Some 80,000 homes are without power as winds of over 100 mph batter the coast forcing the closure of roads, rail lines and schools.

Wales has been offered military help following Wednesday's storms.

Secretary of State David Jones spoke to First Minister Carwyn Jones after the UK government's emergency Cobra meeting and offered the Army's help.

A red "take action" weather warning was issued by the Met Office as exceptionally strong winds hit.

The west and north west coast have been worst hit, and a gust of 108 mph has been recorded at Aberdaron, according to the Met Office.

Scottish Power says 45,000 homes are without power in mid and north Wales, while Western Distribution has 35,000 homes affected in south and west Wales.

Phil Davies, network services manager for Western Power Distribution, said: "We've got staff out there. We were prepared for it.
Ice Cube

U.S. Bone-chilling winter blast wipes out power to 300,000 in southern states

Deep freeze
An army of emergency crews were gearing up for battle Wednesday with a vicious ice storm in Georgia that had already cut off power for tens of thousands of people across a long arm of the Southeast and left the streets of Atlanta looking like a sci-fi wasteland.

Nearly 300,000 customers across Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and the Carolinas were without power early Wednesday. But Georgia was bearing the brunt of the wicked weather, with more than 200,000 customers in the dark Wednesday after frozen tree limbs slashed power lines, while emergency planners urged drivers across the state to stay off "deceptively dangerous" roads.

Metro Atlanta was a veritable ghost town as an eerie calm settled over desolate streets slick with ice. The highways were deserted as freezing rain and ferocious wind gusts kept drivers at home. At local retailers, shoppers scrambled to stock up on supplies before the brunt of the storm came crashing down.
Cloud Lightning

Hurricane-force winds leave over a quarter of a million customers without power In Ireland

A crushed van in Limerick
Hurricane-force winds have left more than a quarter of a million customers without power in Ireland.

It is the biggest power outage in the country for more than 15 years, with more than 2,000 separate faults across the network.

Among the worst affected areas are Cork, Kerry and Clare.

The worst of the storm battering the country is expected to pass by 7pm, but not before bringing winds which could reach 100mph (160kph).
Cloud Lightning

UK is on permanent red alert this winter: 170kph winds, 1.6 million homes without power and widespread damage from worst flooding in centuries

People living on Britain's west coast have been advised to take action and stay indoors after the Met Office issued a red alert for 100mph winds set to batter the country.

Forecasters said a storm front was on its way that would bring heavy rain, powerful winds, blizzards and snow across the UK today, but the red severe weather warning - the highest level possible - is a rare occurrence.

It means that there is a high likelihood of power outages, fallen trees and significant damage to property across north Wales and north-west England.
Bizarro Earth

USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.9 - 268km ESE of Hotan, China

Hotan Quake_120214
Event Time
2014-02-12 09:19:48 UTC
2014-02-12 17:19:48 UTC+08:00 at epicenter

35.922°N 82.549°E depth=10.0km (6.2mi)

Nearby Cities
268km (167mi) ESE of Hotan, China
493km (306mi) ENE of Leh, India
522km (324mi) SSE of Aral, China
546km (339mi) ESE of Shache, China
902km (560mi) ENE of Islamabad, Pakistan

Technical Details

Warning as sharks flock to Blue Whale carcass at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria, Australia

Increased numbers of sharks have been drawn to Cape Bridgewater by a recently beached blue whale, prompting warnings for swimmers, surfers and sightseers.

Flesh and liquid from the sub-adult whale measuring about 20 metres has washed into the ocean, leaving a trail which has drawn sharks from afar.

One family which ventured to the secluded rocky beach in a rubber dinghy to view the carcass reportedly saw a shark leap out of the water to kill a seal.

"If these people had fallen into the water it could have been very life-threatening for them," said Mandy Watson, Warrnambool-based senior regional biodiversity officer with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.
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Sinkhole opens up in Barnehurst back garden, UK

Gretel Davidson, 55, of Holmesdale Crescent, thought her daughter Mia, 12, was exaggerating when she called her to say a huge black hole had appeared in the middle of their lawn.
A giant sinkhole measuring 17 feet deep and 10 feet wide has appeared in a Barnehurst back garden.

Gretel Davidson, 55, of Holmesdale Crescent, thought her daughter Mia, 12, was exaggerating when she called her to say a huge black hole had appeared in the middle of their lawn.

The radiographer at Darent Valley Hospital did not realise the extent of the hole until she got home and peered into the void last Wednesday.

Gretel said: "I just feel totally helpless. Mia rang me to say 'Mum there is a massive hole in the garden'.

"I didn't really believe her and just thought she was going over the top.

"It is just unbelievable to think a hole that size could appear over night and out of nowhere." Feeling totally helpless Gretel knocked on her neighbour's doors to try and get some help but nobody had any idea what to do.

She added: "I got in touch with the council but they said they couldn't help because it's my own property.

Alert level raised on Indoneisa's Kelut volcano for second time in two weeks

Kelud Volcano
© Unknown
VSI raised the alert status to the second highest level 3 (out of 4), "Siaga" (meaning eruption warning) on Kelut or Kelud volcano. In its latest report, VSI informs that an ongoing slight deformation, suggesting magma intrusion, has been detected since September and that a strong increase in seismic activity started on 7 February. A seismic swarm occurred with hypocenters between 1.5-3.5 km depth beneath the summit area. The increased seismic activity triggered the decision to raise the status once more, after the volcano had put on alert level 2 already on 2 Feb. -