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California police field reports of creepy clowns

Clown Masks
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Finished clown masks sit in a pile before being packaged for shipment at a factory in Morelos, Mexico, on July 3, 2014.
Reports of creepy clowns carrying knives and other weapons have been scaring people in the California city of Bakersfield for the past week, police said on Sunday.

In the latest incident, a person telephoned the Bakersfield Police Department on Saturday night, reporting a clown armed with a firearm, said watch commander Lieutenant Jason Matson.

"We've been having sightings all over the city," Matson said. "They range from anywhere from a guy carrying a gun to a guy carrying a knife running up to houses."

The Bakersfield Californian newspaper reported earlier in the week that at least some of the reports were hoaxes. Matson said he did not know whether the incidents were pranks.

No, you're supposed to attack peaceful demonstrators: Ventnor's K-9 dog attacks and injures police handler

© Dave Griffin
Ventnor Police Department's Jamie Pirchio and K-9 partner Niko, graduate during the Atlantic County Police Training Center, John “Sonny” Burke Canine Training Facility, Atlantic County K-9 Scent Class #29 Graduation held at the Alton Theater at Stockton State College in Pomona.
Ventnor Police Officer Jamie Pirchio was recently attacked by her K-9 partner, Niko, causing injury to her legs, arms and hands and requiring same-day surgery.

Pirchio is on medical leave and Niko is in a kennel where he will stay until the department determines whether he can remain on the force, Police Chief Michael Miller said.

Pirchio was attempting to feed the animal at their Northfield home when it got distracted and turned on her, attacking her legs, arms and hands, Miller said.

She attempted to regain Niko's attention during the attack by using a toy, as she was taught in their training. Pirchio was able to get the dog back in its cage and run to her neighbor's house where she screamed for help.

Northfield resident Bob Webb, a retired police officer whose home Pirchio ran to, said he and his wife had just returned from church and were in their house eating breakfast when they heard Pirchio's screams.

Israel, Palestine draft joint Ebola response plan

© Reuters/Baz Ratner
To draft a joint action plan to prevent Ebola, Israeli and Palestinian officials held a meeting over weekend, while Tel Aviv is introducing hospital drills and setting tighter border controls to curb the threat of the deadly virus.

In a series of efforts to prevent the Ebola virus from spreading into Israel, COGAT, the Defense Ministry unit responsible for Palestinian civilian affairs, announced that Israeli and Palestinian officials met to discuss an action plan.

"During the meeting, updates were exchanged between the parties, and transfer of information was agreed upon by way of additional meetings to take place in order to further track the issue," said COGAT.

The discussion focused on a number of issues including special training in advanced epidemiology for Palestinian and Jordanian doctors, a source familiar with the matter told AFP.

"There are contacts with the Israeli side regarding this within the context of WHO's instructions on fighting this virus, which is a global task," Assad Ramlawi of the Palestinian health ministry told AFP. "There are common crossings and we have contacts on this, nothing more or less."

Explosion at Saskatchewan gas facility prompts evacuation

© The Canadian Press
An explosion and fire at a gas pumping station in Saskatchewan on Saturday prompted an evacuation.

RCMP said the blast occurred at a TransGas facility near this small community, northeast of Saskatoon.

Police say there have been no injuries reported.

The area around the facility that was being evacuated is just over three kilometres.

TransGas is a subsidiary of Crown-owned SaskEnergy, and company spokesman Dave Burdeniuk said several buildings at the site were damaged but there were no employees there when the incident happened.

Burdeniuk said automated equipment shut the facility down and vented off any remaining natural gas that was in the pipes, which he said isn't toxic.
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"It breaks my heart": How a SWAT team upended my baby's life - and got away with it

© The Phonesavanh Family
Bou Bou Phonesavanh
My son will be 2 years old next week. He's recovering from a total of eight surgeries, one of which was to reattach his nose to his face.

For those who don't know, it's been over five months since the night a SWAT team broke into the house in which we were staying. It was the middle of the night, and even though our minivan with car seats inside was parked in the driveway and our children's toys were in the yard, the SWAT officers claimed they had no way of knowing there were kids inside. We were staying with relatives and my whole family was sleeping in one room. My husband and I, our three daughters and our baby (nicknamed "Baby Bou Bou") in his crib.

Dressed like soldiers, they broke down the door. The SWAT officers tossed a flashbang grenade into the room. It landed in Baby Bou Bou's crib, blowing a hole in his face and chest that took months to heal and covering his entire body with scars.

On Monday, we were devastated and heartbroken by the grand jury's decision to not charge any of the officers involved in injuring our son. I relive that night every time I hold my son, see my daughters afraid and watch my husband in pain. Bou Bou will be 2 years old next week, and my gift to him will be my continued commitment to demand justice for what was done to him. We will not give up, we will not remain silent - we will continue to fight.

Bou Bou's birthday is October 14. We are very happy we can celebrate with him - after the raid, we weren't sure if he would make it. But our joy and relief he is alive can't take away any of the psychological damage done by that raid. We've been trying to find a new normal ever since. But it's been hard.

First Bou Bou was in intensive care and we spent all our time at the hospital, not knowing whether he would live. He came out of the medically induced coma only to be subjected to surgery after surgery. My tiny son has had eight operations in the last five months. In the most recent one, surgeons opened up his chest to scrape away all the scar tissue that was attached to the bone and reopened his face to reattach his nose. And it's far from over. Doctors tell us that my son will have to have double reconstructive surgeries twice a year, every year for the next 20 years.

NYPD bathroom cops arresting men in public bathrooms for 'shaking off'

A string of recent complaints filed by alleged victims of wrongful arrest are bringing question to NYPD practices of arresting men in public restrooms. There are currently undercover cops posted up in public restrooms across New York City, waiting to catch sexual predators in the act.

However, according to dozens of alleged victims, average men are becoming entrapped by these undercover agents, when they have done nothing wrong. Many of the victims have claimed that after urinating, "shaking off" and zipping up their pants, they were accused of "simulating masturbation" in view of the police officer.

The New York Times recently reported that police have been standing in public restrooms and staring down everyone who passes through, while they use the urinals. If the person makes any movements that the officer does not approve of, they can be arrested for "lewdness" with no evidence aside from the testimony of the officer. Since police have been stationed in public bathrooms, lewdness arrests have increased 7-fold. In the past year alone, over 60 people were arrested in one bus terminal restroom, many of them for alleged "lewdness" in the bathroom stall.

Dozens of the people who have been arrested in this trap have sought legal representation from The Legal Aid Society and other independent sources. Many of these people reported that the police made them feel uncomfortable by staring at them while they used the restroom, and it seems that if anyone is guilty of lewdness it was actually the undercover officer.
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Kailaqsh Satyarthi: Nobel peace prize winners' long fight against child slavery

Kailash Satyarthi
© Kailash Satyarthi
Kailash Satyarthi
Kailash Satyarthi, 60, who shared the prize with Malala Yousafzai, has campaigned all his life for children

Kailash Satyarthi was five when he first became aware that some children in India did not go to school the way he did, but worked for a living.

He had spotted a boy of his own age sitting on a doorstep polishing shoes. "Forget it," his relatives said: the child was poor, it happened. Still, he plucked up the courage to ask the boy's father why the child was working. "Sir, we are born to work," the man told him.

Even at that young age, Satyarthi felt that this was not the way the world should be. And when he finished his own education he turned his back on his intended engineering career and set out to put right the wrong he had perceived.

Comment: Contrast this man's lifelong campaign to help end child slavery with the records of other 'peace prize' winners, whose warmongering made the awards a complete outrage:

Revoke Obama's Peace Prize

When "war is peace": "Peace prizes" awarded to war criminals

The psychopathic warmongering Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Majority of Germans think the EU should stay out of Ukraine

© REUTERS/ Gleb Garanich
More than half of Germany's population thinks that the European Union should not be involved in the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, according to an ICM poll
More than half of Germany's population thinks that the European Union should not be involved in the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, according to an ICM poll commissioned by Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency.

The poll's results show that 58 percent of those polled think that the European Union should not participate in the settlement of the situation in Ukraine, with only 36 percent thinking otherwise.

The majority of people in Germany, 78 percent, are aware of the crisis in Ukraine. People aged 65 and older are most knowledgeable of the crisis, with 88 percent of them aware of the situation. People between 25 and 34 years old are the least aware, with only 61 percent knowing about the situation. Almost a quarter of the German population, or 22 percent, do not know about the crisis.

More men responded to have heard about the crisis in the media than women, at 84 and 72 percent respectively.
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Canada and Israel - Evil partners in racial and humanitarian crimes

© Unknown
As most of the world has duly noted, Canada under the neo-Conservative Harper regime has been a front-runner in supporting Israel in its racial apartheid policies in Israel. Also recently a discussion comparing South Africa's apartheid system with that of Israel has occurred with South African testimony indicating that while they are not the same, they are very similar, and in some circumstances, Israel's apartheid is worse. What is not seen is Canada's role in modeling apartheid for South Africa under the Afrikaner-dominated National Party. Canada's role in developing these systems of apartheid has been seldom noted academically, and is given very little attention either domestically or internationally.

It is generally recognized that North America was a series of colonies from Great Britain, France, Spain, and Russia with a few Dutch thrown into the mix. The first 'discoverers' of America, the Norse Vikings, died out through their lack of ability to adapt to the climatic changes that overtook them. The later colonial settlers survived in part because they did accept the graciousness of the indigenous peoples in assisting them, from which Canada and the U.S. derive their respective national holiday, Thanksgiving.

Ebola and the five stages of collapse - what sort of world will it leave in its wake?

At the moment, the Ebola virus is ravaging three countries - Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone - where it is doubling every few weeks, but singular cases and clusters of them are cropping up in dense population centers across the world. An entirely separate Ebola outbreak in the Congo appears to be contained, but illustrates an important point: even if the current outbreak (to which some are already referring as a pandemic) is brought under control, continuing deforestation and natural habitat destruction in the areas where the fruit bats that carry the virus live make future outbreaks quite likely.

Ebola's mortality rate can be as high as 70%, but seems closer to 50% for the current major outbreak. This is significantly worse than the Bubonic plague, which killed off a third of Europe's population. Previous Ebola outbreaks occurred in rural, isolated locales, where they quickly burned themselves out by infecting everyone within a certain radius, then running out of new victims. But the current outbreak has spread to large population centers with highly mobile populations, and the chances of such a spontaneous end to this outbreak seem to be pretty much nil.

Ebola has an incubation period of some three weeks during which patients remain asymptomatic and, specialists assure us, noninfectious. However, it is known that some patients remain asymptomatic throughout, in spite of having a strong inflammatory response, and can infect others. Nevertheless, we are told that those who do not present symptoms of Ebola - such as high fever, nausea, fatigue, bloody stool, bloody vomit, nose bleeds and other signs of hemorrhage - cannot infect others. We are also told that Ebola can only be spread through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual, but it is known that among pigs and monkeys Ebola can be spread through the air, and the possibility of catching it via a cough, a sneeze, a handrail or a toilet seat is impossible to discount entirely. It is notable that many of the medical staff who became infected did so in spite of wearing protective gear - face masks, gloves, goggles and body suits. In short, nothing will guarantee your survival short of donning a space suit or relocating to a space station.

Comment: A few additions to Mr. Orlov's mitigation strategy:

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