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Malaysian Boeing 777 carrying 295 crashes in eastern Ukraine

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A Boeing 777 Malaysian airlines crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border, Interfax is reporting, citing "a source in the aviation circles."

"Boeing Malaysian airlines operate flights to Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur for 50 miles before entering the airspace of Russia, began to decline, he was subsequently found burning on the ground in Ukraine," the source said, adding that 280 passengers and 15 crew members were onboard.

Reuters picked up the news first.
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Delusional Christian governor tells Iowans to 'repent' in official proclamation for revival at Capitol

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An official proclamation signed by Gov. Terry Branstad (R-IA) has called on Iowans to pray and repent on a daily basis.

In a public ceremony earlier this year, Branstad signed the proclamation ahead of a July 14 revival at the Iowa Capitol:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terry E Branstad, as Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby invite all Iowans who choose to join in the thoughtful prayer and humble repentance according to II Chronicles 7:14 in favor of our state and nation to come together on July 14, 2014.
On Tuesday, Branstad was also one of the speakers at the 11-hour Christian event.

The governor explained that his proclamation "was very much in line with the great tradition" that started with President George Washington.

Comment: Christianity, as it is promulgated today, is a complete fraud. Check out our SOTT Talk Radio shows here and here. See also:
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Anti-immigration group carrying firearms protests plan to house Central Americans in Michigan

More than 50 people carrying firearms and anti-government flags protested a proposal to temporarily house Central American children and teenagers in Vassar, Michigan.

The group, organized by anti-immigration activist Tamyra Murray, carried AR-15 rifles, handguns, Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flags, and a "Second American Revolution" flag - which combines the Betsy Ross design with the Roman numeral II within a circle of 13 stars.

They marched from Vassar City Hall to Wolverine Human Services' Pioneer Work and Learn Center, where 12- to 17-year-old boys from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala could be housed until their immigration cases could be heard, reported The Saginaw News.

"We're not against kids," Murray said. "We have sympathy for the kids being used and exploited by the feds."

The recent influx of children and teens from Central America across the U.S. border has sparked hysteria among some Americans - like Murray - who fear the immigrants may be carrying diseases or drugs.

Owner behind neo-Nazi website flees to Canada to avoid FBI warrant

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The California owner of an anti-Semitic website registered in the United States, but written in Hungary, fled to Canada after the Federal Bureau of Investigations issued a warrant for his arrest this week.

Béla Varga, owner of the domain, is charged with having threatened the life of lawyers who subpoenaed him regarding the hate site. The name of the domain, "kuruc," has nativist roots, referring to a patriotic nationalist Hungarian movement that opposed the foreign reign of the Hapsburg Dynasty. Its English-language "About Us" page describes it as "a patriotic Hungarian conservative, right-wing nationalist, fact-finding news site."

Varga allegedly worked at Claar Cellars, "a medium-size Premium winery in the Columbia Valley, as well as Chateau Soverain. According to, "Varga said he came to the U.S. in 1988, picking Healdsburg as home because he wanted to establish himself as a winemaker." However, the exact nature of his employment - as well the degree that qualified him to work at these wineries - has recently come into question.
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Meet the Night Wolves, Russian biker gang Putin calls his brothers

Alexander 'The Surgeon'
Meet the Russian Hell's Angels who have Putin's back...

There haven't been too many times in my life when I can say without much fear of contradiction that I am the envy of the Vladimir Putin.

But sitting on the back of a colossal motorbike as the engine revs and roars I reckon the President of Russia would for a moment swap places with me.

I am riding with the gang of hairy bikers Putin call his brothers and who have become outriders for his fiercely patriotic vision of a nation made great again.

They're known as the Night Wolves, and as evening falls I have been invited to their lair - a dark and forbidding place on the outskirts of Moscow where the bikes are loud and the Russian heavy metal music louder still.

I am for a rare meeting with the leader of the pack. Alexander Zaldostanov does not disappoint. He is a leather clad mountain of a man who in the fading light resembles a latter day tattooed Rasputin lookalike of the road.

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Yet again: Self-defense fighters downed two Ukrainian strike aircraft

SU-25 aircraft
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The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic downed two Sukhoi Su-25 assault aircraft belonging to the Two Ukrainian Air Force, which were attacking the positions of the region's self-defense fighters, Interfax cites Donbas militia's information center as saying.

"One of the aircraft was shot from a portable air defense system near Horlivka. It flew into clouds of smoke in the direction of Myrhorod airdrome. The situation with the second one is being clarified," the militia stated.

Other sources have not confirmed the fact as of yet.

In the last five days starting with July 12 self-defense forces have shot down four Su-25 aircraft and one Antonov An-26 military transport plane, according to reports of the Donbas militia, .

The Ukrainian army, however, confirmed only one instance involving an Su-25 shot down on July 12.
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Keiser Report: Russell Brand on the coming Armageddon

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined in the first half by Russell Brand to talk about the austerity headlines. They chat about the UK government's expanding debt and growing deficit, despite the alleged austerity and GDP expanding thanks to heroin addiction and prostitution. Russell learns about the water cannons bought for use against anti-austerity protests which the government itself will stoke. Finally, they talk about the people revolting as they must do when the social contract has been broken: and crypto currencies are one of the most visible revolts. In the second half, Max interviews Russell Brand further about his independent media outlet - The Trews; they discuss revolution and spiritual journeys.

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California Family Courts helping pedophiles, batterers get child custody

Karen Anderson suspected that something strange was going on between her ex-husband, Rex Anderson, and their 15-year-old daughter. Prior to the couple's separation in 1998, the girl would sometimes put on high heels and makeup, "visiting" her dad while he worked late at night in the family's basement. It was the same retreat in which he stored the dildos and artificial vaginas he used to stimulate himself sexually.

After the divorce, Rex was given primary custody of his daughter, as well as the couple's 8-year-old son. Karen says this was because he had a full-time job as a facilities engineer at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, while she was unemployed. While staying with her on weekends, her daughter would sometimes say she hated herself and wanted to die.
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Illinois and Virginia CPS' Conspire to Steal and Sex Traffic Children

When holding on to sensitive information, I have found it prudent to go public as I believe it gives the greatest chance of not becoming a statistic such as Breitbart, Hastings, Clancy and appropriately in this case, Nancy Schaefer. Subsequently, I am publishing notice of the fact that the state of Virginia Child Protective Services is sex-trafficking in children that it illegally seizes and that the Illinois Child Protective Services is cooperating with Virginia in order to complete a child abduction with sex-trafficking connections.
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California's 'dysfunctional' death penalty ruled unconstitutional due to systemic delays

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A federal judge has struck down the death penalty in California, declaring it unconstitutional due to lengthy delays in execution. The judge vacated the death sentence for a man condemned to die by the state nearly two decades ago.

US District Judge Cormac J. Carney, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, heard the case of Ernest Dewayne Jones. The death row inmate was sentenced on April 7, 1995. He was convicted for the 1992 rape and killing of Julia Miller, his girlfriend's mother. The murder occurred 10 months after Jones was paroled for a previous rape conviction, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In his ruling released Wednesday, Carney noted the death row inmate faced "complete uncertainty as to when, or even whether" he would be executed.

"Allowing this system to continue to threaten Mr. Jones with the slight possibility of death, almost a generation after he was first sentenced, violates the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment," the judge wrote in his decision.