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Happy birthday, Mr. President! 100K Chechens gather to wish Putin a happy birthday

putin chechnya
© RIA Novosti / Said Tsarnaev
The participants carried 600 meter Russian and Chechen flags chanting "Russia!", "Chechnya!"
Up to 100,000 people have taken part in a birthday celebration rally in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Chechnya's capital of Grozny, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported Tuesday.

The rally was launched at Minutka Square later moving on to Akhmad Kadyrov Avenue in Grozny, where "up to 100,000 Chechens attended the celebration", a spokesman for the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs told RIA Novosti.

The participants carried 600 meter Russian and Chechen flags chanting "Russia!", "Chechnya!"

The celebration will conclude with a birthday concert and Chechen folk dancing.

This year, on October 7, Vladimir Putin celebrates his 62nd birthday. According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the Russia leader took a day off and left for the Siberian taiga to mark his birthday.

Comment: Remember Chechnya? When Putin finished the war Yeltsin started against the Chechen 'rebels', the West had nothing to say except "war criminal"! You see, when the States fights terrorism, it's okay; not so if you're Putin. But the parallels only go so far: the U.S. not only has been responsible for all the 'terror groups' it has attacked (showing the utter cynicism and psychopathy of U.S. leadership), but it also had a hand in flaring up terrorism in Chechnya. The threat was serious to Russians, unlike the threat to Americans from terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. The 'rebels' (i.e., terrorists) in Chechnya were the ISIS of their time - racist, murderous, ruthless. Look at Chechnya now: stable, recovered, and in support of the man who 'invaded' them. Look at the U.S.'s similar ventures: Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan... Really similar, right?

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Gerald Celente: Global economy weakened by insane sanctions imposed on Russia

grocery shopping EU economy downtrend

The European economy and much of the global economy is on a severe downtrend. Sanctions on Russia are adding to the misery.
Sanctions and trade wars between Russia and the West will have severe economic consequences, Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal, told RT. He added that it is "absolutely insane" to impose sanctions when much of the global economy is so weak.

RT: US Vice President Joe Biden admitted that the US had to - in his words - embarrass Europe into sanctioning Russia. But how embarrassing is this revelation for Brussels?

Gerald Celente: Well I do not think it is embarrassing at all for them, because they have been kowtowing to what America wants them to do now probably since the end of World War II. So it is very clear that Europe does not have what it takes to stand on its own.

And worse than that, well not worse than that but equal to it, is that this is at a time when the European economy and much of the global economy is on a severe downtrend. And to have sanctions at a time when the economy is weak is absolutely insane. And I say that not for myself. If you pick up today's Financial Times - a warning over global economic growth, from the Brookings Institution. If you go back to Friday - IMF expects to cut its forecasts following the loss of output momentum. And I could go on and on. One forecast after another showing slowing economic growth. And sanctions on Russia? To destabilize the region even more? It is insanity.

Comment: The U.S. is attempting to undermine and ultimately destroy Russia's economic health and long-term sovereignty in order to re-establish the U.S. as THE preeminent world power - conscience and the greater well-being of billions of people be damned.


At least 19 dead as a result of artillery strikes on Donetsk over past 24 hours

At least 19 people died as a result of artillery strikes on Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, over the past 24 hours, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk's People Republic defense ministry's political department, Eduard Basurin told TASS on Tuesday.

Over the 24 hours at least three militias were killed and another 36 fighters were injured, Basurin said.

Earlier, the press service of the self-proclaimed Donetsk's People Republic Interior Ministry said the remains of the bodies of four people were found after artillery strikes between the village of Biryuzovo and the cemetery of the mine 29. A criminal case was launched under the article 'murder of two or more people'."

Artillery fire hit the Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kalininsky districts, the report states.

"Some people were killed at the scene and other people died in ambulances and hospitals," the press service said.
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Seattle to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Seattle City Council passed a unanimous decision on Monday to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day
The Seattle City Council passed a unanimous decision on Monday to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day in the city.

Tribal members and other supporters say that the move recognizes the rich history of people who have inhabited the area for centuries.

Last week, the Seattle School Board decided to have its schools observe Indigenous Peoples' Day on the same day as Columbus Day; earlier this year, Minneapolis made the same decision.

Comment: Columbus' reign of terror is one of the darkest chapters in our history. The REAL question is: Why do we celebrate a holiday in honor of this man?

Columbus Day? True Legacy: Cruelty and Slavery

Columbus and the Indians: By Howard Zinn

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German economy gets a taste of austerity, largely due to Russian sanctions

german factory orders
German industry is feeling the most pressure since the peak of the global financial crisis in 2009, putting Berlin in a difficult position as it preaches tough austerity to its neighbors. Russian sanctions are only exacerbating the economic misery.

Industry orders tumbled 5.7 percent in August from July, the fastest since January 2009 when they dropped 7.7 percent, the Germany Economy Ministry in Berlin said Monday. The drop was much higher than economists at Bloomberg (1.5 percent) and Reuters (2.5 percent) forecast.

Germany factory orders, adjusted for seasonal swings, were 4 percent less in August than in July, the biggest drop since 2009.

Comment: Germany has acted against its own interests to satisfy its US masters, and is now paying the price:

Sanctions against Russia starting to backfire, particularly in Germany

Brainwashed against their own best interest: Germany puts curbing Russia ahead of commerce

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NYPD thugs caught on video pistol-whipping teen with his hands up

Two NYPD officers are under criminal investigation after punching and bashing a 16-year-old suspect in the face with a gun despite the teen raising his hands to surrender, according to a video obtained by DNAinfo New York.

The surveillance footage obtained exclusively by "On The Inside" shows the two officers catch up to marijuana suspect Kahreem Tribble after a brief chase in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

As the teen stops running, one officer throws a punch at his face. Then, as the suspect raises his hands, the other officer clocks him with his gun.

Tribble was arrested for possessing 17 small bags of marijuana and disorderly conduct on Aug. 29. At his arraignment, he pleaded guilty to a violation and was released with cracked teeth and bruises.

The officers from the 79th Precinct are now targets of a criminal investigation conducted by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau and Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson.


New York City store selling "Putin the Peacemaker" t-shirts

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS
A shop selling T-shirts with printed portraits of Vladimir Putin opened in New York City on Tuesday when the Russian president is celebrating his 62nd birthday.

The Peacemaker shop run by young fashion designer Julius Kasinskis is selling T-shirts with images of Putin and slogans "Putin the peacemaker" and "All you need is peace" for $24.95.

The designer said that he was inspired by Putin's policy and considers him the greatest peacemaker of our time.

Vladimir Putin T-shirts created by the Moscow-based Anyavanya design duo won the hearts of Russian patriotic fashionistas this summer. The designers presented a new collection of Putin sweatshirts at Moscow's prestigious GUM department store on Monday evening ahead of the president's birthday.

Battleground America: militarization rampant as US Army surplus even going to coroners

The Pentagon's 1033 Program, which is militarizing state and local police forces with everything from high-powered firearms to armored vehicles, is also giving weapons to officials who have no law enforcement functions.

The practice is leading watchdogs and even some US government officials to question why the US military is so desperate to unload its cache of used military hardware that it is even willing to arm a local coroner, and other state and local officials who have no apparent need for firepower.

Doug Wortham is the coroner in Sharp County, Arkansas, whose working day consists of dealing with dead people. Nevertheless, he used the Defense Department's 1033 program to acquire an assault rifle, a handgun and a Humvee.

Explaining his need for the extra firepower, Wortham, who qualified for the program because as a coroner he is invested with the authority to arrest, told AP: "I just wanted to protect myself."

It was also reported that the coroner's office acquired items through the program but forfeited its rights last year following revelations about some of its procurements, including a kayak.

"Why would a coroner's office need a kayak?" asked Tina Owens, deputy director of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, as cited by AP.

Civic watchdog groups have been sounding the alarm over the militarization of local and state law enforcement agencies for years. However, the August shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, followed by violent protests that pitted hundreds of protesters against heavily armed police clad in military gear, attracted public attention to the issue.

Comment: Depth and extent of federal domestic militarization should shock U.S. taxpayers


2 Ryanair planes collide in Dublin airport, no injuries

ryanair collision
© Emily Carroll via Twitter
A passenger's eye view of the damage to two Ryanair planes after a collision at Dublin airport this morning
Two Ryanair planes have clipped each other while taxiing on a runway at Dublin airport this morning.

According to witnesses, there was minor damage to the two Boeing 737 planes.

There were no injuries reported and minor delays to flights.

Ryanair has apologised to customers "for any inconvenience" and reports that normal operations have resumed at Dublin Airport.

Both planes were departing Dublin airport when the collision happened this morning. One of the flights was destined for Edinburgh in Scotland while the other was heading to Charleroi in Belgium.

There were believed to be about 100 passengers on each flight.

Mother arrested after 4-year-old daughter brings backpack full of heroin to school

Police said 249 bags of heroin weighing 3.735 grams were found inside a 4-year-old girl's backpack.
A Delaware mother was arrested after her 4-year-old daughter brought over 200 bags of heroin to school and passed them out to other children at a local daycare, according to police.

Delaware State Troopers and medics were called to the Hickory Tree Child Care Center on Hickory Tree Lane in Selbyville Monday around 11:45 a.m. Staff at the daycare told police they spotted some children with small bags of an unknown substance.

The white powdery substance inside the bags was removed by the teachers and taken to the Selbyville Police Department. Investigators determined the substance was heroin.

According to investigators, a 4-year-old girl unknowingly brought the bags of heroin to the daycare inside a backpack that her mother, identified as 30-year-old Ashley Tull, gave her. Police said Tull gave her daughter the bag after her other backpack was ruined by a family pet.