Initial Reports

27AUG2012 latimer rainhill, united kingdom 23:17gmt

3 seconds right to left bright blue and orange brighter than moon none visible blue fireball with orange centre and long blue tail

27AUG2012 Adam Barry Town South Glamorgan Wales 23:15pm

2 n/a green no sound sun no no

27AUG2012 Andy Jones New Mills, Derbyshire, UK 23:18 GMT

3 seconds E - W Green Very Bright like a firework No Directly under the moon

27AUG2012 Trudy boyton, Cornwall, UK 23:20:00

3 seconds w-e green red woomf bright no just absolutly lovelly

27AUG2012 I J Potter St Helens, Merseyside, UK 23.15 approx

3 seconds i was facing south, it came from the northwest headed southeast green with a long tail about half as bright as the moon long tail none

27AUG2012 Nicky Stow Hull, UK 23.10

7 secs S-E Green Mint Green Not sure Moving very fast

27AUG2012 Hannah Sabido United Kingdom 23:10ish BST(UT+1)

3 - 5 seconds SW - NE sited over head bright white ball with long bright tail possibly green hue, became more orange towards NE giving off orange "sparks" before bursting out. no sound distinguishable above background. began brighter than moon yes first noticed as very bright glowing light behind cloud, travelling very fast.

27AUG2012 T Doran New Brighton, Wirral, Merseyside, UK 23.10 BST ( ie GMT+1hr)

4 seconds We were on the beach walking towards the sea wall (facing SE). Travelled from R to L across sky. Start location?.. it just appeared in sky, then view was obscured by sea wall. Silent. Large orange and white globe, with long straight green tail. Very bright; brighter than the moon.. None seen; globe remained 'intact'. Wow!

27AUG2012 Nathan Jones St athan, Wales, UK 2310 GMT

after about 8 sec lost line of sight due to houses Facing north, direction of travel from west to east I saw object ( can't specify what ) with heat trail behind orange and white very bright also seemed very close not that i could see No photo taken, never seen something so amazing in my life. looked like it was skimming through the atmosphere due to the curved path it was taking.

27AUG2012 Gareth North Wales 23:16 GMT

half a second SE direction i was facing south Very bright orange nearly white fading off into slight blue and red nearly the same brightness as the sun but was only size of this 0 the 0 i just typed seemed to be in two parts I was playing a computer game at the time and it caught my eye, thought it was a firework that had extinguished but on second thoughts it did seem alittle more obviouse that it was some sort of meteor.

27AUG2012 D White uk south wales cwmbran 23

3 sec seen N left to right orange fire trails green front 2-3 mins later heard impact same as the sun no no pic sorry

27AUG2012 Kim Douglas 23:30:00

15 United Kingdom no sound like a ball of fire big and bright flying very quick in the sky till it went over the hill out of view. fire so like sun there were not parts falling off i though it was a plane going down at first but was moving too quickly.