Ice Cool Cat
© YouTube
Looking at the camera, the cat prepares to line-up for its daring stunt.
This cat displayed skills worthy of a ninja when it worked out how to open the door of a fridge freezer.

The amusing antics of the cat have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people after a video of its feat was uploaded to YouTube.

Believed to have been filmed in Prague, in the Czech Republic, the video is called 'the Indiana Jones cat' and has been dubbed with the infamous music from the classic adventure film.

The cat's moves appear to mirror a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where hero Indiana Jones pulls himself up the front of a moving truck.

The painstaking operation starts with the puss turning towards the camera with a knowing look.

He then lines up at the bottom of the fridge freezer and prepares for the pounce.

A quick as a flash the cat jumps up the fridge and clutches the handle.

Hanging on with his paws, he uses his weight to propel himself up the device and swings from the top handle to open the door.

It's then plain-sailing for the cat burglar as he holds on to the door as it swings open, his feet dangling underneath.

As he comes to a soft landing on the kitchen counter, the cat climbs back on his feet and surveys his handiwork, the freezer door wide open and its contents ready for the taking.

The video has been watched more than 160,000 times and has impressed viewers with the cat's skills.

One YouTube user said: 'This reminds of the Ace Ventura parody of Cliff Hanger, the opening scene where he lets the monkey drop from the hang wire. Very dramatic!'