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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind


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New! August 31, 2002 - New Majestic 12 Documents Revealed - The first document is a two-page Secret memorandum from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence dated 4 November 1953. The second is a seven page document attributed to the Office of Scientific Intelligence in 1976, this is a photocopied onionskin document is titled UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem. The third paper is an Executive Briefing document for the Director of Central Intelligence titled " Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival." The fourth paper in the LCR collection, titled " UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power," is attributed to Edward Teller and is a five-page photocopy of onionskin paper.

Comment: Our resident expert on these matters says "Bob and Ryan Wood are part of the Alexander/Puthoff group the Warrior's path. Alexander, Puthoff, Vallee and Jones are Avarian advisors to the father and son MJ-12 group. My thought is it might be a smoke and mirrors act to get attention off what is happening NOW...

"Keep in mind the FAA reports UFO incidents to NIDS (coincidentally staffed by Alexander, Vallee and Puthoff).

"Personally I find the whole UFO exercise a waste of energy. After all we know that 4d rules us where a different set of physical reality exists. Why go chasing 3d nuts and bolts flying saucers, when clearly there is a whole different physical law at play?

"What I do find interesting however, is the social conditioning used by various COINTELPRO types to steer away the bulk of the seekers from the truth. It's much more fun for me to watch than looking in the sky for little green men."

The World Trade Organization yesterday authorized the European Union to slap $4 billion in tariffs on U.S. exports over a corporate tax break that violates international rules, ratcheting up pressure on Congress to repeal the law as soon as possible. - The law, which has caused the largest trade dispute in the WTO's history, allows U.S. corporations to funnel their earnings from exports through paper companies, known as Foreign Sales Corporations (FSC), that are set up in tax havens such as the U.S. Virgin Islands. The main beneficiaries include Boeing, Caterpillar, General Electric and Microsoft.

Making excuses for a war with Iraq? - In the usual sequence, a nation is presented with a powerful cause for war and then proceeds to fight. - But in the case of Iraq, the Bush administration began by making plans to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and realized only later that it might need to explain why. Comment: Ya gotta read this one! It's hysterical!

Germany hardens position on Iraq - Germany hardened its opposition to a U.S. strike on Iraq, saying it would pull a crucial nuclear, chemical and biological investigation unit out of Kuwait if America attacked. - The threat underlined Germany's emerging role as the leader of anti-U.S. sentiment in Europe.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said recently that Vietnam "protests any military acts aimed at overthrowing the administration of President Saddam Hussein." He explained, "The administration of Iraq was elected by the Iraqi people."

From the book: Women Who Run With the Wolves which I have adapted by replacing the word "woman" with "humanity."

"There's an important study that gives insight into humanity's loss of self-protective instinct. In the early 1960's, scientists conducted animal experiments to determine something about the "flight instinct" in humans. In one experiment they wired half the bottom of a large cage, so that a dog placed in the cage would receive a shock each time it set foot on the right side. The dog quickly learned to stay on the left side of the cage. Next, the left side of the cage was wired for the same purpose and the right side was safe from shocks. The dog reoriented quickly and learned to stay on the right side of the cage. Then the entire floor of the cage was wired to give random shocks, so that no matter where the dog lay or stood it would eventually receive a shock. The dog acted confused at first and then it panicked. Finally the dog "gave up" and lay down, taking the shocks as they came, no longer trying to escape them or outsmart them.

"But the experiment was not over. next, the cage door was opened. The scientists expected the dog to rush out, but it did not flee. Even though it could vacate the cage at will, the dog lay there being randomly shocked. From this, scientists speculated THAT WHEN A CREATURE IS EXPOSED TO VIOLENCE, IT WILL TEND TO ADAPT TO THAT DISTURBANCE, so that WHEN THE VIOLENCE CEASES...THE CREATURE STAYS PUT INSTEAD (emphasis, mine)

"In terms of ...humanity, it is this normalization of violence..."learned helplessness" that....causes them to feel unable to rise up to support the things they believe in with all their hearts: their art, their loves, their lifestyles, their politics...

Humanity face this issue any time they are stunned into doing anything less than defending their soul-lives from invasive projections, cultural, psychic or otherwise. Psychically, we become used to the shocks aimed at our wild natures. We adapt to violence against the psyche's knowing nature. We try to be good while normalizing the abnormal. As a result, we lose our power to flee...."

We are Dogs in a Cage and have been for many millennia. But in the past 50 years of mass media communication, this conditioning has accelerated to the point that entire populations are just laying down and giving up. And the fact that we are in this state indicates that the programming is "in place."

The plan for this multi-millennial "conditioning" is NOT a "human conspiracy."

Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?
A: Part, but not "the whole thing."
Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?
A: Replacement.
Q: (L) Replacement of what?
A: You.
Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?
A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement... see?

[Please take note of the remark: "mass reincarnate." This cannot be done without mass death. This is restated in the remark: "total destruction and conquest." See the Adventures Series for an in-depth tracking of the ultimate agenda of the Secret Government. Also see The Star of Sorcerers for clues as to who the human agents of the programming might be, and what their plans are to set up the stage and IMPLEMENT MASS DESTRUCTION!]

Q: (L) Well, that answered my other question about the objective. Well, here in the book, Dr. Jacobs says that there is ongoing abductions through particular families. I quote:

'Beyond protecting the fetus, there are other reasons for secrecy. If abductions are, as all the evidence clearly indicates, an intergenerational phenomenon in which the children of abductees are themselves abductees, then one of the aliens' goals is the generation of more abductees. Are all children of abductees incorporated into the phenomenon? The evidence suggests that the answer is yes. If an abductee has children with a non-abductee, the chances are that all their descendants will be abductees. This means that through normal population increase, divorce, remarriage and so on, the abductee population will increase quickly throughout the generations. When those children grow and marry and have children of their own, all of their children, whether they marry an abductee or non-abductee, will be abductees. To protect the intergenerational nature of the breeding program, it must be kept secret from the abductees so that they will continue to have children. If the abductees KNEW that the program was intergenerational, they might elect not to have children. This would bring a critical part of the program to a halt, which the aliens cannot allow. The final reason for secrecy is to expand the breeding program, to integrate laterally in society, the aliens must make sure that abductees mate with non-abductees and produce abductee children.'

Now, this seems to suggest that there is a particular bloodline that is susceptible to...
A: We have told you before: the Nazi experience was a "trial run," and by now you see the similarities, do you not?
Q: (L) Yes, I do see...
A: Now, we have also told you that the experience of the "Native Americans" vis a vis the Europeans may be a precursor in microcosm. Also, what Earthian 3rd density does to Terran 2nd density should offer "food for thought." In other words, thou art not so special, despiteth thy perspective, eh? And we have also warned that after conversion of Earth humans to 4th density, the Orion 4th density and their allies hope to control you "there." Now put this all together and what have you? At least you should by now know that it is the soul that matters, not the body. Others have genetically, spiritually and psychically manipulated/engineered you to be bodycentric. Interesting, as despite all efforts by 4th through 6th density STO, this "veil remains unbroken."

Cassiopaeans: Here is something for you to digest: Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???
Q: And what is this obvious thing?
A: Even if speed of light travel, or "faster," were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space "ark," living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.
[...] We told you of upcoming conflicts... Maybe we meant the same as your Bible, and other references. Speak of... The "final" battle between "good and evil..." Sounds a bit cosmic, when you think of it, does it not?
Q: Does this mean that there is more than one group that has traveled here in their space arks?
A: Could well be another approaching, as well as "reinforcements" for either/or, as well as non-involved, but interested observers of various types who appreciate history from the sidelines.
Q: Well, SWELL! There goes my peaceful life!
A: You never had one!
Q: Well, I was planning on one!
A: You chose to be incarnated now, with some foreknowledge of what was to come. Reference your dreams of space attack.
Q: Okay, what racial types are we talking about relating to these hypothetical aliens?
A: Three basic constructs. Nordic, Reptilian, and Greys. Many variations of type 3, and 3 variations of type 1 and 2.
Q: Well, what racial types are the 'good guys?'
A: Nordics, in affiliation with 6th density "guides."
Q: And that's the only good guys?
A: That's all you need.

Q: Wonderful! So, if it is a Grey or Lizzie, you know they aren't the nice guys. But, if it is tall and blond, you need to ask questions! [...]
Q: There is a lot being said about the sightings out in the SouthWest area. They are saying that this is the 'new' imminent invasion or mass landing. Can you comment on this activity?
A: Prelude to the biggest "flap" ever.
Q: And where will this flap be located?
A: Earth.
Q: When is it going to begin?
A: Starting already.
Q: Is this biggest flap going to be just a flap, or is it going to be an invasion? [...]
A: Invasion happens when programming is complete... See Bible, "Lucid" book, Matrix Material, "Bringers of the Dawn," and many other sources, then cross reference...
Q: Well, if something is fairly imminent, we are not gonna have time to do all the things you have suggested that we do!
A: Yes you will, most likely. ... All these things were suggested for this reason, among others.
Q: So, all the things you have suggested are to get us ready for this event?
A: Yes.
Q: Well, we better get moving! We don't have time to mess around!
A: You will proceed as needed, you cannot force these events or alter the Grand Destiny.
Q: I do NOT like the sound of that! I want to go home!
A: The alternative is less appetising. ... Reincarnation on a 3rd density earth as a "cave person" amidst rubble and a glowing red sky, as the perpetual cold wind whistles...
Q: Why is the sky glowing red?
A: Contemplate.
Q: Of course! Comet dust! Sure, everybody knows THAT! Wonderful!!! Anything further?
A: Stay tuned for all pertinent information.

Here at Cassiopaea, we are trying to "break the veil." The very fact that the Secret Government Agenda toward Fascism is being pushed so vigorously at the present time, the very fact that the condition of humanity is similar to the dogs in the experiment reported above - that few people are even aware, much less taking action - suggests to us that Time is Up: Something Wicked This Way Comes... and please read our evidence for the cyclical bombardment of the Earth by comets as well as the evidence for prior nuclear wars in conjunction with same. Time is cyclical and those who do not remember - or research - history, are doomed to repeat it.

U.S. Strikes Iraqi Sites Second Day in a Row - During a week when Vice President Dick Cheney made two speeches laying out a case for a U.S. attack on Iraq, coalition aircraft twice bombed Iraqi military targets near al Kut in southern Iraq, striking a missile radar system Thursday and the surface-to-air missile site itself Friday, according to U.S. Central Command.

It has been another dreadful month for United States-Saudi Arabia relations. On Aug. 6, word leaked out that senior Defense Department officials had been recently advised by Laurent Murawiec of the Rand Corporation that "Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain," and represent "the kernel of evil, the prime mover [and] the most dangerous opponent" in the Middle East (as opposed to, say, Iraq). - Nine days later, 600 relatives of Sept. 11 victims filed a US$1-trillion federal lawsuit against various Saudi princes, charities and banks, claiming they helped fund Osama Bin Laden and the World Trade Center massacre.

This past week, more than 100 Saudi scholars issued a joint statement saying Israel and the United States were part of an "axis of evil." Then, on Wednesday, the Financial Times reported Saudis had withdrawn US$100-billion to US$200-billion worth of investment from the United States in the past year, in large part because of growing political tensions.

To say the United States has an unusual relationship with Saudi Arabia is a pretty radical understatement. - All of which may help explain why the administration goes into spasms whenever pressed on its Saudi policies.

Despite almost a year into the war on terrorism, a draft UN report says Al-Qaida is "alive and well" and "poised to strike at will." Comment: Why are we not surprised since the so-called "war on terrorism" seems to be being directed at the American population. It really looks like the Secret State and its psychopathic puppet, Shrub, are setting us up for total destruction - all the while "sleeping with the enemy."

Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford told City Council on Wednesday that he was embarrassed by the mass arrests of 273 people on trespassing charges earlier this month, and he implied that officers should have disobeyed orders to arrest them. - The raid was supposed to target drag racers, but when none were found, Capt. Mark Aguirre ordered the arrest of everyone in the parking lot. Police first reported 278 arrests, but Bradford revised that number to 273 Wednesday. - Officers under Aguirre's command had conducted a similar raid a day earlier, arresting 25 people for criminal trespassing at a James Coney Island restaurant at 5745 Westheimer. - Thirteen police officials -- two captains, two lieutenants and nine sergeants -- have been suspended with pay in the wake of the arrests, including Aguirre. One of those arrested has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the city, and other suits are expected.

Al Gore once assured the American public that an Orwellian government would not monitor us. Even today, Al Gore will not claim that he planned to enable the government to tap every phone in the United States if it so desired. - In 1993, Vice President Al Gore spearheaded a project called "Clipper" which was designed to monitor America. Gore's leadership in this scheme to allow the Feds to have easy access to bug American telephones is all too well documented for him to deny. - Despite the public assurances by Al Gore that the Clipper project would require legal authority to monitor subjects, it was clear at the technical level that the chip did not require any authority other than a secret okay from the NSA. -

Gore was the only Clinton administration official whose objections the president would have had a tough time overruling, and his decision to leave removed the only potential obstacle to a plan that some say, with the hindsight of history, provoked the 9-11 attack on America.

The Iraq debate has featured a parade of foreign policy elders from previous Republican administrations bearing advice on Iraq. Their counsel may differ, but they share one thing in common: business clients with ties to the region.


The Road to Tyranny - 911 THE ROAD TO TYRANNY - Ya'll really need to watch this video. It really does document, on film and up close and personal, some things that everybody needs to know, and they need to know it pretty quick. There are things on this video that will make your hair stand on end. You can download the whole video from the site, which is adequate, or you can purchase a better quality copy. If you want to give a gift to someone you love, give them this video. Share it with your family on the anniversary of 9-11. [No, we aren't affiliated or even acquainted with the purveyor. We just think it's a good idea!] THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS WHITEWASHING AND LYING ABOUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON SEPT. 11 - it is the latest in a whole series of events designed to terrorize the American people and reduce them to little more than slaves.

BUT, keep in mind that Alex Jones is not seeing the whole picture! He is seeing only the bits and pieces of evidence left laying around that are designed to indict the US secret agencies. He is not seeing the global conspiracy nor its hyperdimensional controllers. In fact, much of what Alex Jones presents in his video is merely a chronology of the programming - the shocks to the dog in the cage - designed to make people feel hopeless and helpless so that they will seek "salvation" outside themselves.

Comments from readers:

**Just finished "911 The Road to Tyranny" on and I highly recommend it to everyone. I found the video to be impressive and credible and, I think there's the possibility of about 100 million Americans who'd agree with me...if all Americans watched the video. If anyone can figure out how to reach those 100 million Americans and convince them to watch this video, on a cost effective basis,we would all own the keys to the vault and probably a lot more.

**I just finished watching the whole version. Stunning. It was so good to see all of the different threads of information put together into one cohesive piece. Very scary. There was one piece that they mentioned in the segment on the military training they were doing in cities with civilians and they mentioned St. Louis, but I didn't catch the details. I would like to see if I can find out more about this. I'm going to have to watch it again to see what I missed.

**Recently you included this URL in Signs which I sent to a teacher friend who in turn sent it to another. Military Dictatorship USA? My corresponent saw the link called " The Destruction of American Education" and was so impressed she forwarded it to a friend at a Univ. and wrote me the following:

I sent that piece to a friend. She holds a Doctor of Education degree and teaches at _______ State. She recently told me how she was appalled that not one of her Master's students (already have the degree) had ever read Shakespeare. We are aligning our curriculum with the McGraw standardized test. We have to teach ONLY benchmarks and all material must be sent through office first. It is becoming such a living hell already, I don't know how I will make it. The kids are fine, it is the admin. Every day [we receive] memos that we must sign for, outlining more restrictions. Every Wed, the kids leave early so we can be indoctrinated into proper teaching. I was observed reading Emily Dickenson today so I can only imagine what now - except that the stupid bastards surely don't know her work. Who could be more harmless than poor Emily? But not in benchmarks. We have to keep the book of benchmarks out at all times. I think I am going to make one of! those things people put Bibles on and keep it on that with a candle at each side and a Madonna behind it.

Cassiopaea comments: After several weeks of digging into what the Secret State may or may not be doing, the one thing that stands out as critical is the part the mainstream media plays in the "game." It is pretty clear that Americans can't make intelligent decisions or hold informed opinions when they are not being given full and free access to the whole spectrum of information that IS available. " Democracy requires an electorate that understands what is actually happening in the world, beyond what the ruler-owned media tell us is happening. If American citizens receive an effective education we learn to inform ourselves and can see through the propaganda, the dictatorial actions, and the outcomes of the non-constitutional acts of our rulers."

The material on Alex Jones' video, The Road to Tyranny, is NOT outlandish "conspiracy theory" babble. Most of it is taken from news and legal sources at local levels which then seem to have been suppressed and drowned out by massive national media coverage of the government lies and deceptions. [You can check his sources on the original sites by going HERE for the links.]

Why does the media repeatedly choose to optimize the lies and deception, and minimize the legitimate, on-the-scene reports from both citizens and local news teams and journalists? Why are the facts suppressed and only the War mongering rhetoric of the conspirators given air time?

That's a question only they can answer, and maybe we should be asking them?

Openness in government is under assault throughout the United States--at every level. Can the news media, reluctant combatants thus far, mount a successful counterattack?

Using the threat of terrorism as a rationale, the Bush administration has been moving fast to erect new barriers.

Faced with such a challenge, most of the journalism community has not risen to the occasion. It has not marshaled the money, time, legal commitment or sense of conviction necessary to fight back. - "Reporters are more than willing to go to court," Harry Hammitt, the editor of Access Reports, a Virginia-based government watchdog publication, has observed, "but editors and publishers have decided they don't really want to spend the money."

"Normally, before Bush, we just played it by the book. But I'm saying within weeks of the Bush administration coming into power, we noticed that when FOIA requests were made, they were deliberately delayed."

William Powers of National Journal writes: "This administration keeps secrets like nobody in Washington has kept secrets for a long time--maybe ever." Journalist Bill Moyers said recently: "Not only has George W. Bush eviscerated the Presidential Records Act and FOIA, he has clamped a lid on public access across the board."

Some of the administration's most widely reported actions are the Ashcroft memo on freedom of information, the secret imprisonment of more than 1,200 foreigners on American soil, the closing of once-public deportation hearings, the proposal for secret prosecutions by military tribunals, Vice President Dick Cheney's refusal to release the names of those who advised his energy task force, and efforts by the Pentagon to shield the conflict in Afghanistan from the eyes of reporters. Less widely reported is the administration's effort to exempt its proposed new Department of Homeland Security from both whistleblower protection and, in part, from the FOIA.

I Call it Treason - I openly and publicly call the FED chief a traitor, a coward and a common white collar criminal. The system is beyond accountability and I have a bad feeling this will end in blood. "Strike for Liberty and Honor" was the battle cry of our Revolutionary War, the Irish and also Bonnie Prince Charlie's cry at Culloden. Our criminal leaders have to go to jail on treason charges and there is no beating around the bush, pun intended.

Alan Greenspan did conspire, manipulate and commit "high crimes and felonies" by forcing state pension funds to bail out the stock market on July 24th, 2002. Quite honestly, for this alone Mr. Greenspan should be tried and executed for treason. In fact, what's left of America is headed towards a racial, economic and cultural civil war. The system is collapsing a little more every day.

What the FED did is to loot the retirement plans of public employees. The government has already looted the private retirement plan called Social Security. The looting is done. The money is gone. What cynical, arrogant whores these people are. Common criminals posing as upholders of the law.

New! August 30, 2002 - In Memoriam - Full Details of the Last Day of Diana's Life - 7 pm, Friday, August 29, 1997: Silhouetted by the evening sun settling over the waters of Sardinia's Emerald Coast, Princess Diana stood in the stern of the anchored speedboat. Her one-piece maroon swimsuit outlined the slight thickening around her waist...


Bohemian Grove - Nixon, Eisenhower, and Reagan were members. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Now, for the First Time in History, Alex Jones Brings You Video from His Infiltration of Bohemian Grove. View the Elite Compound and Witness World Leaders Conducting a Bizarre, Occult Ritual, Worshipping a Giant Stone Owl Idol. You can view clips at the site. Order a copy and show it to your family, friends and neighbors who still think the Bozos running the Ship of State are anything more than clowns on drugs.

Attack Iraq? one Pentagon study has projected an "acceptable" death rate of 20,000-30,000 U.S. soldiers. Comment: Acceptable to WHO? Their parents, spouses, or children? Get real you bozos! The American people aren't your playing pieces on the Greed Gameboard!

According to just war theory, three criteria determine whether going to war is justifiable: the cause must be just, the chances of success must be reasonable and the authority to wage war must be competent. None of these conditions can be met by the preemptive strike planned against Iraq.

Almost no other country supports a U.S. invasion of Iraq. No Arab state supports it, nor does most of Europe, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. Israel and Great Britain are the two notable exceptions, although Tony Blair has pledged that no attack on Iraq will be permitted without UN assent. **Comment: I say that if Bush and Cheney and Ashcroft want to fight, let's set up a ring and let them duke it out with Saddam and a couple of his guys.

" If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." James Madison, while a United States Congressman -

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY." Hermann Goering, President of the Reichstag, Nazi Party, and Luftwaffe Commander in Chief, from Gilbert, G.M. (1947). Nurenberg Diary, New York: Signet [...]

9/11 was an unconscionable act of terror and whether the Bush regime planned and carried out that operation is still an open question . I would not be surprised if the "High Cabal" perpetrates a second terrorist act within the next year--to create a pretext for suspending all Constitutional liberties in the hysteria that would inevitably ensue. It's quite possible that the Bush-led junta will create a Weimar Germany style financial crash to usher in a complete Nazi-like police state.

Daring to Think the Unthinkable About 9/11 - In the coming months, you're going to have to respond to what the Bush administration does. You can only respond sensibly if you have at least a working hypothesis about what's really going on in the world. Intelligent behavior involves analyzing the problems and issues facing us to find an acceptable theoretical solution which we then test in practice.

September 11: Foreknowledge or Deception? - THE Bush Administration's "official line" for what happened on September 11 is that Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network were solely responsible for the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. This not only justifies the relentless bombing of civilian targets in Afghanistan, but also the repeal of civil liberties under the newly created "cabinet department for domestic defence". Democracy is crumbling into pieces before our very eyes.

Developing Critical Consciousness in an Age of Oppression - Living in an age of repression, we become accustomed to it. So what if our schools no longer teach people how to read or think, no longer help students gain an understanding of why human liberty is so precious and precarious. Our movies, TV shows, and books present images of "cool," illiterate, violence-prone savages dressed in the latest styles and exhibiting the popular ego-centered attitudes. Unable to understand the creativity of a well-written novel or screenplay, no longer capable of appreciating the depths of classical music, people today move in a grey world of ego-gratification and violence. Soon the false values become identified as the true, and we have movies such as Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, and As Good As It Gets touted as masterpieces. -

Americans have a history of ultimately ridding themselves of oppression, as in the American revolution and the passing of anti-monopoly laws in the twentieth century. As we create effective methods to assimilate the newly-arriving Americans into our historic cultural values of democracy and human rights, a mighty struggle is building against the current oppression of imperialistic globalism.

Deadly Flu Outbreak: Is History Repeating Itself? - An out-of-control outbreak of influenza which has killed as many as 700 people and felled almost 23,000 victims is ravaging Madagascar and health authorities fear that if the disease is not confined to the huge island it could spread around the world.- World Health Organization (WHO) officials have said that samples taken from victims of the illness have shown it to be Type A influenza, a strain of flu believed to have devastated the world in the horrendous 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic that killed more than 21 million people, a half-million in the U.S. alone. - Health officials say the illness - known as "raporapo" on the island - claims 95 percent of its victims from among impoverished peasants with no access to modern medical care. The infectious illness causes severe headaches, followed by neck and chest pains. **Comment: Looks like they are practicing on those poor people in Madagascar. Remember what the C's said:

Sept 24, 2001
Q: (L) Are there going to be any other kinds of violence, such as bombs or airplanes being flown into buildings, or release of anthrax, or small pox, or any other kind of chemical or germ warfare activities. Any of those?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Which ones?
A: Fair chance of germ disbursement.
Q: (L) What kind of germ?
A: Influenza.
Q: (L) Do you mean a deadly form of flu?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) But nothing like anthrax or small pox or any of those really sick ones? Is that it?
A: No. Keep looking and listening.

City staging major drill in bioterror - The plan for the "mother of all disaster drills" - as some medical officials have dubbed it - is expected to be unveiled today in Tucson by the new U.S. surgeon general, former Tucson trauma surgeon Dr. Richard Carmona, and Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. - Scheduled to begin on Nov. 20, the three-day exercise will put Tucson, as well as other undisclosed areas in Southern Arizona and Maricopa County, under a mass attack by a simulated bioterror agent known to cause widespread human illness and death. - The nation was already put to a real test of bioterror response, when anthrax-laced letters were sent through the mail in several Eastern states and in Washington, D.C, causing five deaths shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Comment: Looks like more Brainwashing of America.

Expert warns of dangers of the corporate psychopath - Corporate executives should be screened for psychopathic behaviour disorders, just as teachers and police are, a leading Canadian researcher says. "Why wouldn't we want to screen for them?" Robert Hare said yesterday after a speech to 150 members of the Canadian Police Association. "We screen ... police, teachers. Why not people who are going to handle hundreds of billions of dollars?" - He turned his attention to a little-known subset of psychopaths: the corporate kind. - The problem, he said, is corporate headhunters rely on resumes and standard face-to-face interviews, which reveal little about a candidate's psychological profile. "The average psychopath has no trouble moving through that process," Dr. Hare, who teaches at the University of British Columbia, said. "That's not even a hurdle." - When there's chaos, when the rules no longer apply -- enter, stage right, the psychopath. A psychopath flourishes in that atmosphere."

** Comment: Dr. Hare is absolutely right. We should not only screen corporate executives, we should screen candidates for elected positions. I think that the Ship of State is currently being steered by a gang of psychopaths.

There are other arenas where the psychopath flourishes - the New Age COINTELPRO, for example. We have been slowly, but surely, wading through this issue and much of the Adventures Series is devoted to the subject and our own experiences with psychopathy. We have posted a chapter of Hervey Cleckley's groundbreaking study on the site, which describes in some detail the exact type of personality that alerted us to this problem.

There are those of you who do not realize the EXTREME importance of this subject, and members of the Quantum Future School - which includes clinical psychologists and medical personnel from physicians to psychiatric nurses - are presently involved in developing the material for publication in article and book form. Just to give you the short version, psychopaths and the more efficient and effective Organic Portals are utilized by 4th density STS to vector not only ideas, but also energies so that potential STO candidates are disabled in their abilities to develop their magnetic centers so as to "seat" the soul and accelerate the Frequency Resonance Vibration. Psychopaths and Organic Portals literally "steal" soul energy. See our book: Ancient Science for details as to how this condition has become so widespread as to be the "norm." Psychopaths and Organic Portals are, in fact, the "machine" of the Matrix.

Mouravieff tells us regarding our potential for connecting with our Higher Self and "ascending": This passing from one state to another cannot be done without conscious efforts, without work and without struggle. The man who decides today to enter the track in search of the Way has, in principle, become another man; but in fact he remains as he was yesterday: weak, drowsy and pitiful. In this state, how can he overcome the resistance of the [Matrix] and so finally reach the Way? It is impossible. To attain this aim, he must first accumulate strength. That is why we insist on the necessity of silent progress in esoteric work, so as not to provoke greater pressure from the [Matrix]. This would quickly drain the new reserves of strength, which had been accumulated at the price of sustained efforts in the fight against this [Matrix and its agents]. One must therefore gain time and as much as possible delay the reaction of the [Matrix and its agents - psychopaths and Organic Portals].

Those of you who have not studied these articles and the supplemental information linked from them, might wish to do so in preparation for the imminent release of the material that we are working on at present which will clarify many issues of our reality, and our potentials for developing within it. It will also contribute enormously to an understanding of our present reality and the "agents" within it. Those who subscribe to the "Bomb 'em with Love and Light" or "You Create Your Own Reality" views, please note how bad things are getting in concert with such efforts. It distracts you from the REAL WORK and drains your energy to the STS agenda. You can take that to the bank.

Satellite Search Underway For Noah's Ark - Aircraft pictures taken in the late 1940s, as well as more recent secret spy satellite shots of the area do show something odd - a bit of strangeness that has earned the title of the "Ararat Anomaly". - On the lookout trail for the real deal is Porcher Taylor, a senior associate (nonresident) at the prominent think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C. He is an expert on satellite intelligence gathering and diplomacy. Taylor has worked for years to compel the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to declassify satellite images and other information related to the unidentified feature perched on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Indeed, the secrecy wraps have come off a partial set of aerial images taken over that location in June 1949. They do show something at the 15,500-foot level on the mountain's Northwestern Plateau.

Reader comments: I'm not finding any comments on your site about the WINCHESTER HAMPSHIRE ALIEN FACE CROP CIRCLE and wonder if you have asked the Cassiopaeans about it. I have your sessions up to September of 2000, but can find no later ones. Is there an available link to them?

The three lights of starships at the left of the Zeta's face seem to indicate the 3 waves of ships forecast by the Cassiopaeans.

Response: The issue of the sessions of 2001 and later is dealt with in our article Noë and The Ark. As it happens, we have looked at several recnt crop circles and have theorized that there is a Crop Circle COINTELPRO project underway in order to distort, confuse and corrupt. No longer are Doug and Dave working their cereal magic. Oh no! Now it is a rather larger project, complete with Hollywood movies and microwave corn in the fields to spread the disinformation. And then, of course, there is Rosemary Ellen Guiley, columnist in Fate Magazine...

THE POSTERS ARE FINALLY FOR SALE! - Check 'em out. Buy a few and put them up where it counts - in public places.

Imagine that we read of a Third World election in which the self-declared winner was the son of the former prime minister and that former prime minister was, himself, the former head of that nation's secret police (the CIA). Imagine that the self-declared winner's 'victory' turned on disputed votes cast in a province governed by his brother. Welcome to Murrka, the World's Newest Third-World Country, complete with a government chosen by Judicial Coup!

ISRAEL DELIVERS ARMS TO 'AXIS OF EVIL' - Our times are getting more and more astounding. White is mixed with black; good is covered with evil; instead of a floor, there is a ceiling. What is this all about? It is all about the same thing: Mideast contradictions and its key gambler: Israel. - Customs officials of the Hamburg port confirmed the detention of an Israeli vessel that was carrying smuggled goods to Iran. News agencies reported that the freight belonged to a private firm in Israel. The Israel Defense Department said that the ship was carrying spare parts for army vehicles. The department also informed that there was permission given and that Thailand was registered in the documents of the firm as the point of destination. See also: Secret Israeli-Iranian ties resurface over ship seizure

** Comment: Who is diddling who here? We seem to see the U.S. moving with a hidden agenda to pursue the Iraq war - possibly with hopes of "accidentally" destroying Israel in the bargain. On the other hand, it looks like Israel and other mideast manipulators are trying to bait the U.S. into a war they cannot win so as to justify dropping a few big ones on the USA so that America can get a "taste of its own medicine." In the end, only the 4 D STS overlords know for sure!

UK tightens Israel arms exports - Controversy was sparked last month when it emerged arms exports guidelines had been changed to allow military aircraft components to be sold for US F16 fighter planes destined for Israel.

ISRAEL: UNPARDONABLE WALL OF SILENCE - reports start to stream in to international press circles about the horror inflicted on civilians and foreign journalists by the Israeli armed forces. The photographs speak for themselves – savage beating of unarmed pacifists, male and female alike, the shooting of civilians as they enter and leave hospitals, the refusal to allow aid into the besieged areas, bodies lying around unburied and summary detentions and executions. - Journalists are also being prohibited from circulating freely, against the norms of international press rules, which require the authorities to do everything within their power to assist in their free circulation. This is printed on the International Press Card. -

Atta Isawat, a Palestinian photographer working with two journalists from AFP, arrested along with him, was subjected to acts of torture before the eyes of his co-workers, in broad daylight. The Israeli soldiers told him “You are walking strangely, we will have to shoot you”. He suggested that he should take off his clothes to prove that he was not carrying explosives. This he did, but was forced to lie in the street, under torrential rain, for over an hour, with his face in the mud and his hands behind his back, before an Israeli soldier smashed his face into the mud with his boot, shouting “This is a war zone”.

When a society loses sight of the path which is right and reason, its death-knell begins to toll. Israel has isolated itself from world public opinion. Now, if it does not change course rapidly, it is only a question of time. The palestinians have won their cause, paid in the blood of their men, women and children.

ISRAEL AND USA VS. THE WORLD - George Bush declared that “I believe Ariel Sharon to be a man of peace. I am convinced that he wants Israel to live in peace with its neighbours and I accept the idea of two states living side by side”. As for Chairman Arafat of the Palestine Authority, he declared that “Arafat has condemned terrorism, now we want him to act”. -

Kofi Annan has called on the international community to provide a peacekeeping force to be sent to the area, one which he describes as “a multinational force coming from a coalition of wills”, rather than an official UN force. He announced a four-point plan: a withdrawal of the Israeli forces to the positions of September 2000, as contained in the Tenet Plan, that the international force should guarantee peace, should help to provide a scenario where economic activity can be restarted and finally that emergency aid should be made available to those who need it. Upon hearing this plan, Ariel Sharon summarily rejected it.

Israel's old left finds a new voice - Candidate for Prime Minister, Amram Mitzna has staked out the only clear alternative to the hard-line policies of the government since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's election a year and a half ago. - He said that Rabin's decision to sign the Oslo agreement was "not a mistake, it was right to try to end the cycle of hostility. But the process was derailed after Yitzhak's murder." - "The friction with the Palestinians is a weight dragging us into the abyss," he says. "We must break free of it. We must tell the 200,000 people who settled in the territories as part of a national mission that the mission today is to return home."

MUSHARRAF: HANDS OFF IRAQ! - Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf has joined the growing and increasingly heavyweight group of politicians and experts around the world who call on George Bush to use his common sense and to seek a diplomatic exit to the growing tension in the Gulf. - There is no doubt that President Bush has received advanced warning from enough quarters to make any eventual failed venture entirely his responsibility and that of the hawks in his administration who stubbornly press for war.

President needs congressional approval to declare war on Iraq - Sadly, it seems we've reached the point where the Constitution is no longer relevant on matters of a president's war-making powers. Presidents, the Congress and the courts have made going to war, once a serious constitutional issue, and a purely political question. -

While conservatives often insist on following the letter of the Constitution on most issues, on matters of war they ignore it. That's a disgrace, because the Framers of the Constitution carefully laid out the decision-making process for war. Pursuant to the document, war is a decision to be made exclusively by the representatives of the people -- the Congress. -

Is a unilateral pre-emptive strike called for to prevent Hussein from getting nuclear weapons? Would such an attack destabilize the region and send oil prices soaring? Do we need -- or want -- allies involved? -

Members of Congress, however, have raised the more fundamental question of whether the President can launch a war against Iraq without Congressional approval. According to reports out of Crawford, Texas, President Bush thinks he can. He believes the authorization Congress provided his father in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm is still good. - Never has there been a more appropriate moment to re-examine the President's war powers. We should deliberate and decide to go (or not to go) to war, as our Constitution contemplates, and not merely start marching, as the chest-pounders in the Executive branch advocate.

New 'State of the First Amendment' survey suggests many Americans see freedoms as obstacles in war on terror. - For the first time in the annual State of the First Amendment survey, almost half (49%) of those surveyed said the First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees — a 10-percentage-point jump from 2001, which suggests new public concerns in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. **Comment: Which means that the Brainwashing of America is succeeding. See: Comments on the P3nt4gon Str!ke.

Here's a quick report on the progress of our "No War on Iraq" campaign. As of today, just ten days into the campaign, more than 160,000 people around the country have signed the online petition. And on Wednesday, thousands of us delivered the first batch of these petitions through meetings in Senate offices in each and every state. -

"As Senator Nelson's aide said at the end of our meeting, I came with no expectations today. But I left amazed at the eloquence and passion expressed by so many of you today. It gives me hope . . . I just wanted to thank you for your time, the mileage you put on your cars, but most of all for speaking out when so many people keep quiet under the false guise of patriotism. Our actions display true patriotism and love of country."

"We met with Tom Crohan (one of Sen. Kennedy's) aides) for about an hour. It was very friendly, constructive conversation. He didn't say it directly, but it sounded like Sen. Kennedy would definitely be against a war. Tom mentioned that when Sen. Kennedy mentions this topic, he remembers his brother and the Cuban missile crisis. He said his brother was right to seek a diplomatic solution first before a military solution. He feels that the Bush administration should do the same in this instance."

"We met with staff of Senator Crapo and Craig together. Very large, diverse group of participants including four Benedictine sisters and members of Lutheran Peace Fellowship as well as Idaho Peace Coalition and Snake River Alliance and independents. Everyone was very articulate and heartfelt and respectful. . . . We were also asked exactly what questions we wanted answered and folks gave great and pretty comprehensive responses."

"We were extremely fortunate to have, in our group, Democratic State Representative, Nan Grogan Orrock, Elizabeth Chestnut from WAND, and a few retired Armed forces personnel . . . who very eloquently told of the warnings given to her squad of going to war with Iraq. 'Too bloody,' they said, 'a big mistake. Do not go to war with Iraq.' The entire Gluck family was present to admonish Zell Miller that if the US went to war with Iraq it would be the children who ultimately would suffer those consequences."

Participating in the meetings and the petition has been a hugely energizing experience for many of us. When I was interviewed for an article in the Los Angeles Times today, I told the reporter that this is just the beginning. It is -- we're just starting to gather momentum. Our diversity, our organization, and the depth of our concern are the building blocks for a powerful and successful movement.

THE ANTHRAX PROBE: MORE FBI BUNGLING? - PHOTOGRAPHS produced Sunday by former government scientist Steven J. Hatfill, purporting to show his "girlfriend's" apartment trashed by FBI agents, evoked an uneasy sense of recognition among law enforcement experts. Applying pressure on loved ones of an investigative target is a favorite method by the Bureau, and rough treatment in the execution of a search warrant is a familiar application of that pressure. - The problem with the FBI, however, goes beyond strong-arm tactics. Since the FBI has affirmed that Dr. Hatfill is not a suspect in last year's anthrax murders, why is he subjected to such treatment? Why have the news media been tipped in advance of repeated searches of his home? These unanswered questions spawn unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that testify to the FBI's deteriorating prestige.

FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General John Ashcroft will say nothing about what they are up to, and congressional investigators generally get no cooperation in seeking answers from this Justice Department.

What the Justice Department and the FBI have in mind here is a mystery. Apparent absence of evidence suggests either incompetence at the level of false accusations in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park bombing - or something worse. By calling attention to its investigation of the scientist, the FBI invites speculation about an effort to divert attention from the unsolved anthrax case.

Dan Burton, no ACLU zealot but a traditional Indiana conservative. Speaking of the Hatfill case, Burton told me: "It always worries me when the accusations and investigations are put out in advance of solid evidence." - As chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, Burton was stunned when he learned of FBI complicity in the wrongful conviction in 1968 of four men (two of whom died in prison) for murder committed by FBI informants in Boston. To protect these sources, Director J. Edgar Hoover sent innocent men to prison.

Ashcroft's Justice Department resisted surrendering FBI files relating to this outrage by claiming executive privilege but gave up after Burton threatened to cite President Bush for contempt of Congress. Ashcroft is even more intractable than his predecessor, Janet Reno, in refusing information to the legislative branch. He is currently stonewalling requests by Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, about Justice's administration of the anti-terrorist Patriot Act. Predictably, efforts to get to the bottom of the Hatfill affair will meet the same resistance.

** Comment: The political shenanigans are getting more sickening by the day. Our ancestors died for what these psychopathic bozos are destroying before our eyes. We want America BACK! I say we impeach the whole damn lot of them!

WAR by late November! - Israeli military sources quoted a visiting U.S. general who heads army logistics as saying that Washington intends to strike the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by late November. - ** If so, the consequences are not going to be what the hawks expect. ** See our announcement at the bottom of Comments on the P3nt4gon Str!ke to order the booklet that reveals the objective of the Control System that is manipulating the puppets on the world stage. They are being duped big time, and they can't even see it.

New! August 29, 2002 - No War on Iraq - Great petition we all need to support. Site also has copy and paste text you can use to send to your own representatives. Act today before it's too late!

It was embarrassing on Tuesday, given President Bush's swagger on Iraq, to watch him fawn over the Saudis. At lunch at his ranch he entertained Prince Bandar, the man who got private planes to spirit Osama bin Laden's relatives out of the United States after the attacks. Bush also called Crown Prince Abdullah on Tuesday to assure him of the "eternal friendship" between their countries and to soothe hurt Saudi feelings over a lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims charging Saudi support of terrorism. - The Saudis have never formally apologized to America for the 15 Saudi citizens who came here and killed 3,000 Americans as they went to work one sun-dappled September morning. - If we're willing to knock over Saddam for gassing the Kurds, we should be willing to knock over the Saudis for letting the state-supported religious police burn 15 girls to death last March in a Mecca school, forcing them back inside a fiery building because they tried to flee without their scarves. And shouldn't we pre-empt them before they teach more boys to hate American infidels and before they can stunt the lives of more women? - Let's declare war on Saudi Arabia! Let's do "regime change" in a kingdom that gives medieval a bad name.

Britain calls for deadline to be set for Saddam - The plan was revealed by Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, last night as the diplomatic rift between London and Washington over military action deepened.

Swell of world opinion grows against America 'warmongering' - Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary general, also urged the US to show restraint, calling for dialogue and making clear an invasion was not the policy of the world body. - But the hostility abroad is cutting little ice among President George Bush's senior advisers. After vice-President Dick Cheney urged quick action to get rid President Saddam without allowing him to play for time by haggling over the return of UN weapon inspectors, the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld has weighed in with a blunt warning that the US was perfectly prepared to go it alone, if necessary. Comment: In short, we have a bunch of drunks running the Ship of State and they are determined to get us all killed. It's the evil empire of Atlantis trying to conquer the world all over again. And we need to remember what happened to Atlantis.

Four Palestinians, including a mother and two of her sons, were killed last night when Israeli tank shells landed in a Bedouin encampment near an Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip. Tanks moved into Palestinian territory near the settlement of Netzarim, blocking a main road, residents said. Gunboats patrolled the shore, where a day earlier Israeli forces had fired at objects in the water, suspected to be packets of smuggled arms.

ACCORDING to the FBI, a Florida doctor arrested after police found more than 15 homemade explosive devices in his home allegedly drafted a detailed plan to blow up an Islamic educational center. The search of Robert J. Goldstein's residence also turned up a list of about 50 Islamic worship centers in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area and other locations in Florida. - According to the damning evidence against the Florida podiatrist, there should be absolutely no hesitation in classifying Goldstein as a "terrorist." Yet, in news coverage from The Associated Press to CNN, there was not one mention of the word "terrorist." -

Instead of Goldstein, let's say his name was Dr. Muhammad. Assume the same bomb materials were found in the same Florida home. Instead of blueprints of Islamic centers and mosques, his house was littered with floor plans of more than 50 synagogues and Jewish day schools. - Surely, one would be hard pressed to find one person alive who would not consider the hypothetical man above a "terrorist." -

So why the double standard? There was not one mention of Goldstein's religion or political affiliation in any of the media outlets. - On the contrary, the media wasted no time in classifying as a possible "terrorist" Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, the man responsible for the shooting at the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport in July. Hadayet, a disgruntled limousine driver from Egypt, was automatically categorized as a possible "terrorist" because he was an Egyptian Muslim. In a rare flash of brilliance, the FBI cautioned the media against the classifcation. All evidence points to the fact that he was just a discontented limo driver who unjustly took his frustration out on innocent civilians. There were no AK-47s found in his home, no treatise on his hatred of a religious or ethnic group. Yet, Hadayet was vilified as a possible terrorist, while the extent of Goldstein's vilification was that he was a "podiatrist from Tampa." -

Only when we rightfully classify Goldstein as a "terrorist" and afford him the same treatment that we have bestowed on others charged with the same crime will I ever be convinced that this is indeed a war on terror and not on Islam.

We have little choice now but to conclude that President George Bush has made up his mind to go to war with Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein. - For the moment, the White House shelters behind its mantra that "no decision has been taken", absurdly blaming the media for a "frenzy" of speculation for which it alone is responsible.

Vice-President Dick Cheney's speech in Nashville on Monday was the Bush administration's most cogent attempt to make the political case for swift action in response to the doubts raised by sundry Republican luminaries who served under the current President's father. Now Donald Rumsfeld has set out the moral case in terms that chime exactly with Mr Bush's views of good and evil, and his country's basic conviction that it is uniquely, indeed divinely, guided to be the former. The Defence Secretary used a logic that brooked no argument as he poured scorn on America's unhappy allies, claiming that the rest of the world would come round to Washington's thinking: "When our country does make the right judgements, then other countries do co-operate." But, in any case, he added, "it is less important to have unanimity than it is to be doing the right thing". Translation: the US is going ahead, whether the rest of the world likes it or not. Mr Rumsfeld then threw in a comparison that will sound especially ridiculous to the British ears that Washington needs to bend, likening Saddam Hussein to Hitler, and therefore George Bush to Winston Churchill. If only.

Amid talk of war, only one thing is certain: fuel prices will rise Any interruption in oil supply because of war in Iraq could send prices into the stratosphere and end all hopes of economic recovery.

America opposes ecological principle - The US has indicated it cannot agree to measures binding countries to the set of principles without compromising some of its allies in the war on terrorism and subjecting its environmental record to more scrutiny. Critics say the US does not agree with anything that might hurt American business.

American grand juries have charged six men with conspiring to support Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'ida network as the US government stepped up efforts to cut off the flow of money and assistance to overseas terrorist groups. - Agents believe they have uncovered a broad effort by US residents — many who are citizens or legal residents — to use credit card thefts, illegal cigarette sales, diverted charitable funds and cash smuggled in airline luggage to enrich anti-American and anti-Israeli terror groups, the officials said.

9/11 Conspiracy - It can now be reported that there is a dangerous dirty double-dealing and deadly duel of blackmail going on behind the scenes between the United States and Israeli governments.

The Bush administration is arguing that documents related to a spate of pardons issued by former President Clinton as he left office should be withheld from the public to protect the right of the president to receive confidential advice.


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