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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind


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September 26, 2002
- The History Channel show on Skull and Bones - My mother called me this morning in a state of semi-hysteria because she had watched the History Channel's presentation of a film on various secret societies with plans to impose a fascist regime on the planet. "It's just what you have been saying!" she gasped in horror.

Well, I haven't seen the flick myself, but I thought I had better see what I could find on it. I found the above linked site which transcribed the whole thing and confirmed what I had said to my mother: "Mom, ya gotta realize that when the truth starts getting around, the system has a fairly standard way of dealing with it: portray the flakiest version of it with a "groomed naysayer" onboard who assures the audience in mellifluous tones that "everything is under control! See, we are dealing directly and honestly with these scurrilous conspiracy theorists!"

And lo and behold, I was right. As it turns out, the naysayer on the show, Daniel Pipes, is not only a member of The Council on Foreign Relations, one of the subject groups, but also worked for the George Bush Sr. campaign in both elections.

What is even worse is the fact that the two "conspiracy theorists" presenting their information happen to be the ones who have the least credibility in the eyes of the general public: David Icke and Jim Marrs. For those who want a more credible version of the situation to share with friends and family, see THE TRUTH BEHIND SEPTEMBER 11 by Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalisation.

Newsmax sez: Chinese colonels had proposed the attacks and cited Osama bin Laden by name in their book "Unrestricted Warfare.”three years before 9/11. - NewsMax has recently obtained the CIA translation of this astounding book and has made it available with an introduction by Al Santoli, editor of the prestigious China Reform Monitor.

Newsmax, and now the Jeff Rense site, are boldly proclaiming that "China's Military Planners Took Credit For 911" and that "China Knew!"

Comment: Right there, a red flag popped up and started waving. What can it mean that the CIA translated this "astounding book" and let Newsmax have it? Those of you who have some familiarity with how the CIA operates recognize right away that this should set bells to ringing.

Well, as always, the Devil is in the Details.

Have a look at the China Reform Monitor where we see an article by the above mentioned Al Santoli. Note that this site is the American Foreign Policy Council. Hmmmm...

When we look a little deeper into this matter, we find a comment about this book on a discussion group dated August 8, 1999. This post also contains a link to an original Washington Post article of the same date, which is no longer available on the WP site. Fortunately, it is fully transcribed in the post so that we have some better idea about the origins of this book that has "suddenly" and oh, so conveniently been "released." A quote from the article:

Among their sometimes creative and sometimes shocking proposals for dealing with a powerful adversary are terrorism, drug trafficking, environmental degradation and computer virus propagation. The authors include a flow chart of 24 different types of war and argue that the more complicated the combination -- for example, terrorism plus a media war plus a financial war -- the better the results. From that perspective, "Unrestricted War" marries the Chinese classic, "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, with modern military technology and economic globalization. "Unrestricted War is a war that surpasses all boundaries and restrictions," they write at one point. "It takes nonmilitary forms and military forms and creates a war on many fronts. It is the war of the future." The book is an important expression of China's feelings of powerlessness when confronted by U.S. might. By discussing terrorism and other controversial methods of waging war, the pair illustrates China's deep discomfort with a global system in which the United States seems to dictate all the rules -- even the rules of war.

We begin to get the uneasy feeling that the US planners must have read this book and decided it was a pretty good idea. Looking still further, we find an interview with one of the authors and publisher of this book now being touted as evidence that China has claimed credit for 9-11.

World Military Affairs [SHIJIE JUNSHI] in its January 2000 issue (PP. 28 - 31) interviews "Unrestricted Warfare" author QIAO LIANG and his editor XIANG XIAOMI [STC: 7309 1420 4717]. QIAO LIANG said that during a 1996 military exercise along the southeastern coast of China, he and his co-author decided to write a book of reflections on the revolution in military affairs that preoccupied military theoriests. QIAO said that "Unrestricted Warfare" had received considerable attention in RUSSIA, EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES. XIAO noted that during the summer 1999, the WESTERN MEDIA including CNN, VOA, BBC reported on the book. He added that NEW YORK TIMES AND WASHINGTON POST reports that implied that the authors were promoting terrorism had misunderstood the book. - The authors note in the book that the U.S. strategy and tactics lag far behind its own high tech prowess.

Going still further, we find that some of the ideas that the Chinese authors included in their book may actually have originated in the US! In aJanuary 2000 report from U.S. Embassy Beijing, we find the following:

How Much of the Book is Derivative, How Much Original? Evaluating the proportion of "Unrestricted Warfare" that is derivative of foreign work and the portion that is original is difficult. Even where the work is derivative, the authors by their treatment of the issues in considerable depth, have clearly made these ideas their own. One clue to how the authors built upon the work of their predecessors is to be found in the footnotes to the book which refer extensively to work by U.S. military theorists and U.S. Department of Defense documents.

Another way to judge the originality of the book is to compare it to earlier works. A search of the worldwide web from Beijing turned up many articles on "Unrestricted Warfare" themes such as the revolution in military affairs and information warfare by military and academic theorists of the United States and other countries. Some of these writings are on U.S. military and academic websites. One article the two senior colonels read especially closely was "Strategy and the Revolution in Military Affairs -- From Theory to Policy" (June 1995) by Steven Metz and James Kievit of the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. The following are quotes from the book itself which clarify the dependence upon US military strategist thinking:

The revolution in military affairs theory is so popular among military theorists today that it is really something like a fad -- like the popularity of Michael Jordan among basketball fans. It seems to be just another instance of Americans doing what they are so good at: packaging a fad and selling it to the entire world.

Although many countries are concerned about and resist the American cultural invasion, they seem to have accepted American thinking on military questions hook, line and sinker. Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry, when asked what are the most important results and theories of the U.S. revolution in military affairs, answered, "Of course it is stealth technology and information technology." For Perry and for most military thinking, if technology can tell a soldier "what lies beyond the next hill", the military revolution is complete. [pp. 121 – 122] -

The old types of wars were about territorial and nationality disputes, religious conflicts and quarrels over spheres of influence. These old causes of war are increasingly seen blended together with newer economic elements -- disputes over resources, markets, the control of capital, and trade sanctions. Some observers would say that these are not wars at all, while some others might call them quasi-wars. But the damage they cause in the area of attack is just as bad as in a war. We need only to reflect on the names of people like George Soros, Bin Laden, and Escobar to see that this is true. [pp. 123 - 124]

Groups such as Muslim extremists, Colombian drug cartels, and Italian gangsters can form a kind of military force that uses guns, aircraft, poison gas, biological weapons, and computer networks to achieve their objectives. States, based as they are on territory, now have to face a challenge that does not come from another well-defined territorial state but from many dimensions. For example the economic attack from speculators that Thailand suffered or the military and financial attacks upon Iraq.

With the end of the Cold War and the emergence of the United States as the only Superpower, we see that the United States has also become the country with the most enemies and the one that gets the most threats. For example for the past several years U.S. Department of Defense evaluations of potential national security threats has not been confined to just countries but also includes terrorists movements and anarchists. These subnational actors threaten to overthrow allied countries, threaten U.S. prosperity and economic growth, conduct the illegal trade in drugs and commit international crimes.

This broader conception leads also to a focus on grand strategies that encompass not only the military but also economics, culture, diplomacy, technology, the environment, resources, and nationalities. This can even be seen in Chinese philosophy: "The Dao gives birth to the first, the first to the second, the second to the third as so to the Ten Thousand Things [everything]. No matter whether it is two or three, it is all a matter of combining individual elements. With combination comes diversity, variability and flexibility. The multiplication of possible tactics has made the role of individual weapons less and less and so has expanded the modern concept of war. [p. 125 - 128]

Terrorist organizations and religious cults have learned how to use banks and legitimate corporations to cover their activities. Financial speculators although they aren’t usually considered to be terrorists, have created havoc in many parts of the world. In its international, hidden, and rule-breaking character and in the great destruction they cause, the vast daily international capital flows mobilized by speculators have all the classic signs of terrorist activities. Terrorists don’t follow rules. A terrorist with nuclear weapons is much more dangerous than any state with nuclear weapons. For Islamic terrorists like Bin Laden, for George Soros who hides behind the free market, and for hackers hiding in computer networks there are no borders and no rules.

This new terrorism is an unprecedented challenge to the present world order but it also makes us question the reasonableness of that world order. We need to stop the rule breakers but we also need to change some of the rules. To fight the people who break the rules, states also need to break the rules. We can see some signs of this in the U.S. using cruise missiles to attack terrorists and in the Hong Kong governments use of foreign currency reserves and administrative regulations [note: to fight speculators]. Yet these countermeasures by states have been unimaginative and weak. But in the end, the best teacher of the government of the world are those old-style terrorists who for the sake of their cause have no compunctions about using any tactic at all. [pp. 139 – 146]

We already know that warfare is no longer what it was. To a very large extent, warfare is not "warfare" but takes forms such as the contention of opposing forces on the Internet, confrontations in the mass media, attack and defense on the foreign exchange and futures markets. The "enemy" may not be whom we thought of as the enemy before; the weapons may not be the weapons of the past, and the battlefield is not the battlefield of the past. Everything is uncertain. Adding elements is the art of making combinations. The key is understanding how one plus one can be more than two. Many of the people who ignore this fact claim to be using combination of elements on the battlefield. Yet they are not combining tactic with tactic, weapon with weapon etc. The key is knowing just what to combine with what. [...]

A true revolution in military affairs depends upon clarity of thought. The real effect of the technological revolution in military affairs will depend upon whether its principles can be made clear and enunciated in military thinking. Many people, including many soldiers are limited by just seeing war as the battlefield and killing. [...]

The U.S. military theorists Steven Metz and James Kievit of the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute made this point in their work. They discovered a big gap between U.S. military thinking and the actual national security threats which confront the United States. Now ideology lagging behind the real world situation is certainly not a uniquely American problem, but the U.S. military is a classic case of it. They wrote "A band-width problem arises when a military force is so focused on one particular type of opponent" they might be attacked by another enemy outside their field of vision. [Note: in original text "it can be defeated by a different kind [of opponent]." End note]

Metz and Kievit properly expressed their concern about this. They wrote: "While official documents note that "the Army must expand its understanding of conflict beyond current Western paradigms," most descriptions of how the "digitized" Army of the 21st century expects to fight sound suspiciously like armored combat against the Warsaw Pact with the new technology grafted on. Yet if the U.S. forces encounter a low tech adversary, a medium tech adversary or an adversary at the same level, they might run into a problem of insufficient band-width." [pp. 153 - 155]

The U.S. has already run into this problem. Hacker attacks, the attack on the World Trade Center, and Bin Laden's bomb attacks all greatly exceeded the band-width understood by the U.S. military. Some non-traditional ways of thinking or ways of thinking which the military rejects offer the possibility of creating non-conventional tactics. Now a war might involve conventional military attacks. [...]

But now a combined approach might be a sneak attack by using manipulation capital flows to create a financial crisis, activating viruses installed previously on the enemy's computers combined with simultaneous hacker attacks. These attacks might cripple communications, trading, and mass media. Only then would conventional military means be gradually applied to compel the enemy to accept the will of the attackers. This strategy might even achieve victory without war.

Chinese readers unaware of the extensive Western literature may overestimate the originality of "Unrestricted Warfare".

"Unrestricted Warfare" may be the first Chinese book, however, to provide such a broad perspective on the implications of the revolution in military affairs. Western readers may not appreciate the considerable philosophic depth and originality, in particular in its critique of the excesses of U.S. high tech enthusiasm, its discussion of the combination of elements and its insistence that the even more than new technologies what is needed is a new, broader way of thinking.

Well, based on the attention the book got over here upon publication, maybe somebody over here was taking notes and modeled the whole present attempt at "Unrestricted Warfare," as it is developed by the Bush Regime, on this book by Chinese strategists. And now, of course, they handily point out that it MUST be the Chinese - after all, they wrote the book, didn't they?

How stupid do they think we are?

THE TRUTH BEHIND SEPTEMBER 11 - Michel Chossudovsky blows away the smokescreen, put up by the mainstream media, that 9-11 was an "intelligence failure". Through meticulous research, the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the coverup and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.

According to Chossudovsky, the so-called "war on terrorism" is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $30 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus.

The "war on terrorism" is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the "New World Order", dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.

The hidden agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire right around the world to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control outside the U.S. and a police state on the inside. Chossudovsky peels back the layers of rhetoric to reveal a huge hoax — a complex web of deceit aimed at tricking the American people and the rest of the world into accepting a military solution which threatens the future of humanity.

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international best-seller "The Globalisation of Poverty" published in eleven languages. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalisation.

This elephant in the living room is being studiously ignored. The Story we Hear on the News and Read in the Newspapers is simply not believable sez: Stan Goff Retired US Special Forces Master Sergeant - Based on [extensive] experience, and operations in eight designated conflict areas from Vietnam to Haiti, I have to say that the story we hear on the news and read in the newspapers is simply not believable. The most cursory glance at the verifiable facts, before, during, and after September 11th, does not support the official line or conform to the current actions of the United States government. - But the official line only works if they can get everyone to accept its underlying premises. I'm not at all surprised about the Republican and Democratic Parties repeating these premises. They are simply two factions within a single dominant political class, and both are financed by the same economic powerhouses. [...]

To put this in perspective we have to go back not to September 11th, but to last year or further.

A man of limited intelligence, George W. Bush, with nothing more than his name and the behind-the-scenes pressure of his powerful father-a former President, ex-director of Central Intelligence, and an oil man-is systematically constructed as a candidate, at tremendous cost. Across the country, subtle and not-so-subtle mechanisms are put into place to disfranchise a significant fraction of the Democrat's African-American voter base. This doesn't come out until Florida becomes a battleground for Electoral College votes, and the magnitude of the story has been suppressed by the corporate media to this day. In a decision so lacking in legitimacy, the Supreme Court will neither by-line the author of the decision nor allow the decision to ever be used as a precedent, Bush v. Gore awards the presidency of the United States to a man who loses the popular vote in Florida and loses the national popular vote by over 600,000. [...]

This de facto regime then organizes a very interesting cabinet. The Vice President is an oil executive and the former Secretary of Defense. The National Security Advisor is a director on the board of a transnational oil corporation and a Russia scholar. The Secretary of State is a man with no diplomatic experience whatsoever, and the former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The other interesting appointment is Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld is the former CEO of Searle Pharmaceuticals. He and Cheney were featured as speakers at the May, 2000, Russian-American Business Leaders Forum. So the consistent currents in this cabinet are petroleum, the former Soviet Union, and the military. [...]

We have not one, but three members of the Bush de facto cabinet with military credentials, which makes the cabinet look quite a lot like a military General Staff. All this way before September 11th. [...]

The actions we are seeing put into motion now are part of a pre-September 11th agenda. I'm absolutely sure of that, in fact. The planning alone for operations, of this scale, that are now taking shape, would take many months. And we are seeing them take shape in mere weeks.

It defies common sense. This administration is lying about this whole thing being a "reaction" to September 11th. That leads me, in short order, to be very suspicious of their yet-to-be-provided evidence that someone in Afghanistan is responsible. It's just too damn convenient. Which also leads me to wonder-just for the sake of knowing-what actually did happen on September 11th, and who actually is responsible. [...]

This cartoon heavy they've turned bin Laden into makes no sense, when you begin to appreciate the complexity and synchronicity of the attacks. As a former military person who's been involved in the development of countless operations orders over the years, I can tell you that this was a very sophisticated and costly enterprise that would have left what we call a huge "signature". [...]

So there's a real question about why there was no warning of this. That can be a question about the efficacy of the government's intelligence apparatus. That can be a question about various policies in the various agencies that had to be duped to orchestrate this action. And it can also be a question about whether or not there was foreknowledge of the event, and that foreknowledge is being covered up. To dismiss this concern out of hand as the rantings of conspiracy nuts is premature. And there is a history of this kind of thing being done by national political bosses, including the darling of liberals, Franklin Roosevelt. The evidence is very compelling that the Roosevelt Administration deliberately failed to act to stop Pearl Harbor in order to mobilize enough national anger to enter the World War II. [...]

Certainly, the Bush de facto administration was facing a confluence of crises from which they were temporarily rescued by this event. Whether they played a sinister role or not, there is little doubt that they have at the very least opportunistically pounced on this attack to overcome their lack of legitimacy, to shift the blame for the encroaching recession from capitalism to the September 11th terror attack, to legitimize their pre-existing foreign policy agenda, and to establish and consolidate repressive measures domestically and silence dissent. In many ways, September 11th pulled the Bush cookies out of the fire. And given them the green light to begin constructing a long-term scenario within which to establish fascistic control measures at home and abroad as a citadel for the ruling class in the catastrophic conjuncture that we are entering . [Read the rest, it's great...]

Michael Mandeville's Earth Changes Bulletin: Update As Of September 25 2002 Blowing In The Wind: The shifting of the poles appears to be accelerating and all seas are rising still more rapidly as the Mercury/Venus stormfront approaches… Space, in the oceans, and in human affairs. For the alignment on September 28, the sunspots are rising steeply higher to 235 headed for 300 plus in the next few days and three huge storms/hurricanes are in the que for bashing the Gulf Coast and Carribbean Islands. Not to be outdone by the mere wind, the world’s politicians in New York and Washington DC are huffing up a huge wind to create VERY CHOPPY POLITICAL WATERS. Wow! Hold onto your hats folks, the next 45 days are going to be going to be an incredible rush.

Kuwait, Jordan fear preemptive strike by Iraq - We just have to wonder if this is more of the alphabet soup disinfo media propaganda?

Blair and Bush's British dossier is scorned as 'propaganda' - Russia has dismissed as a "propaganda furore" the news surrounding Britain's dossier giving details of Iraqi efforts to pursue its weapons of mass destruction programmes. - France also reacted coolly to the document yesterday, saying that it had not seen proof to back up the claims in the 50-page report. - Germany, which has been criticised by the United States for its rejection of any military operation in Iraq, said the document provided no grounds for war. - In a blow to Britain, the Russian minister, whose country holds the power of veto in the UN Security Council, dismissed suggestions that Moscow had drawn closer to the American and British positions in agreeing on a tougher stand. - The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, called for a tough UN resolution and likened President Saddam's regime to Nazism. Referring to comments by Germany's former justice minister, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, who resigned this week after likening George Bush to Hitler, Mr Berlusconi said: "Any comparisons made with Adolf Hitler befit dictatorships and international outlaws, but certainly not the great American democracy and its President." Comment: Can we say Pusillanimous SYCOPHANT???

Tony Blair was warned yesterday the 53 Labour MPs who rebelled over Iraq on Tuesday were only "the tip of the iceberg" and he faces a much bigger revolt when the Commons debates the issue again.

An anti-war demonstration in central London this weekend will be bigger than any previous protests against military intervention by Britain, its organisers said yesterday.

Iraq takes journalists on tour to expose Blair 'lies' - Within two hours and 10 minutes of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction – The Assessment of the British Government appearing on the internet, the Baghdad authorities were taking a group of British journalists to see the sites of alleged manufacture and storage named in the document. - We, the journalists, chose both locations and neither had been visited before by the media. - "We have given detailed reports every year since the inspectors left in 1998. They are available for the inspectors. We want them to come and expose these lies as soon as possible." However, like the majority of Iraqis we have spoken to, Mr Said did not believe war could be avoided. "I think the Americans will bomb this place again, and use this false report as one of the excuses," he said.

Tom Daschle launched an impassioned attack on President George Bush yesterday, accusing him of politicising the debate over Iraq and of making offensive comments about Democrats. Bush had said Democrats were not "interested in the security of the American people". - The mild-mannered Mr Daschle spoke out after Mr Bush said this week that "the Senate is more interested in special interests in Washington and not interested in the security of the American people". The President's spokesman yesterday said Mr Bush stood by his comments. Comment: Georgie Porgie, pudd'n 'n pie! Kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.

President Bush on Thursday called for a civil debate in Congress over a proposed resolution about possible U.S. military action in Iraq. "We're near an agreement. And soon we will speak with one voice." Comment: Okay folks, this means NOW is the time to write your representatives - just print and send hardcopy versions of the statement found here: NOT IN OUR NAME While you are printing and addressing envelopes, send a few extra to friends and family and neighbors.

Britain fights to restrain US over combative UN resolution - The common front between Britain and the United States against Iraq was under strain last night as crucial differences emerged over a new UN resolution aimed at resolving the crisis.

Massive post-war rise in production of Afghan opium - In July 2000, the Taliban government banned farmers from growing the opium poppies, but since the regime was toppled, production of the lucrative crop has resumed. - Afghanistan is the source of 75 per cent of the world's heroin and 90 per cent of Britain's supply. Evidence suggests heroin supplies to western Europe had been running low, an international drugs conference in Paris will be told. Comment: What a surprise! we see one of the goals of the US and Britain's "war on terror", a bigger bunch of bare-faced LIARS we have never seen. The alphabet soup guys weren't getting all the dope they needed to make money for their Black Ops and planned drugging of the world's population as we note from the next article.

Military looks at drugs for crowd control - The U.S. military is exploring ways to use drugs such as Valium to calm people without killing them during riots or other crowd control situations where lethal weapons are inappropriate. Some critics say the effort violates international treaties and federal laws against chemical weapons, an allegation the military denies. "It's a rotten idea to drug rioters," said Edward Hammond of the Sunshine Project, a chemical and biological weapons watchdog group that is the program's chief critic. "Beyond being a horrible idea, it's illegal."

Christians tied up and killed in Karachi office - Seven employees of a Christian charity were tied to their chairs, gagged and shot through the head in Karachi yesterday. The clinical murders appeared to obliterate Pakistan's claims to have clamped down on violent anti-Western extremists. Comment: Another legacy of Bush's war on terror.

US refrains from veto of resolution demanding end of Arafat siege - The resolution, which condemns Israel for laying siege to Mr Arafat's Ramallah complex, was adopted in the early hours after 11 hours of tense negotiations in the UN Security Council. - Diplomats viewed the passage of the text as a signal moment for the council, which in recent times has watched as Washington has repeatedly stymied Arab-inspired drafts seeking to censure Israel. - A compromise text offered by the American delegation also contained language on Israel that was seen as highly unusual in its tough tone. It asserted that Israel's actions "aggravated" the situation and did "not contribute to progress on comprehensive Palestinian civil and security reforms". One Western diplomat observed: "That alone shows that American patience with Israel is not infinite." - Other delegations refused to agree to the naming of the two terrorist organisations seen by Washington as most responsible for the suicide attacks in Israeli territory – the Syrian-backed Islamic Jihad and Hamas groups. Comment: So, we see the US trying to slip through a tricky one while bluffing on a tough stance on Israel. These guys are truly comical!

''We're protesting global capitalism,'' said Rae Valentine, a member of the group. ''We're going to shut down Washington, D.C., for the day.'' - ''Our message is firmly rooted in non-violence,'' said Kate Loewe of the Mobilization for Global Justice. ''We want to help Americans understand the effects of this epidemic of corporate greed.'' - Friday's demonstrations will be the opening salvo of protests against policies of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund during their annual meeting. Police have raised concerns that the protests could provide cover for terrorists, block evacuation routes and hinder emergency workers, but they say they're prepared.

Three robbers opened fire inside a northeast Nebraska bank Thursday morning, killing four bank employees and a customer, authorities said.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has received an honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II - in recognition of Greenspan's "contribution to global economic stability." Greenspan, 76, has been dubbed the second most powerful man in America and has steered the country's economy through four presidencies. Comment: She obviously knows which side her royal bread is buttered on!

Condoleezza Rice AKA Medusa sez: Saddam Hussein has sheltered al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad and helped train some in chemical weapons development. And where, might we ask, did Condusa get this most helpful information??? Why from "detainees," of course. More precisely: "information she said has been gleaned from captives in the ongoing war on terrorism." In an interview with PBS' "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer," Rice said the U.S. government clearly knows "that there were in the past and have been contacts between senior Iraqi officials and members of al Qaeda going back for actually quite a long time." "We know too that several of the detainees, in particular some high-ranking detainees, have said that Iraq provided some training to al Qaeda in chemical weapons development," Rice said. "This is a story that is unfolding, and it is getting clear, and we're learning more. ... When the picture is clear, we'll make full disclosure about it." Comment: Never mind that "detainees" and "captives" have historically been known to say just about anything their captors want them to say. As we have noted in our series Who Wrote the Bible, John Hampden "repudiated the opinions he had held in common with Simon [...] in 1688, probably shortly before his release from the tower."

Nothing has changed since then except, perhaps, the methods used to get people to say whatever Bush and Condusa want them to say.

Isidore blows ashore in Louisiana - Louisiana and Mississippi declared emergencies to handle the storm and its aftermath. - Forecasters warned that the Southeast could see as much as 10 to 20 inches of rain in the next few days, causing life-threatening floods, and said the system's precipitation will reach as far as the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. The storm could also spawn tornadoes from southeastern Louisiana to the western Florida Panhandle. - Meanwhile, Kyle became the third hurricane of this year's Atlantic season Wednesday evening. At 10 a.m. ET, Kyle's center was about 480 miles southeast of Bermuda. It's traveling about 9 mph over the open Atlantic and is a threat only to shipping interests in the area.

Cyberattacks have reached an all-time high this month, digital risk-management company mi2g Ltd. says. The company, which has tracked attacks since 1995, says it has spotted 9,011 overt digital attacks so far this month, a sharp increase from the 5,830 attacks spotted in August and 4,094 in July. - Internet domains registered within the United States are under the most fire, with 4,157 successful attacks. That's considerably higher than the 835 attacks against Brazilian domains, 376 against Germany, and 285 against India. - The report says that "rising antagonism across the digital world against the U.S." may be partly to blame for the recent surge.

An Ohio man filed a $1.5 million lawsuit after finding a hidden camera in a bathroom light fixture in in the Knoxville Marriott hotel in July. - "The video camera was connected to the bathroom light switch such that the camera would begin recording when the bathroom light was turned on and would stop recording when (it) was turned off," the lawsuit states.

Israeli Rocket attack in Gaza and West Bank kill seven -At least 25 people were wounded in the blast, more than 10 of them children, hospital officials said. The strike occurred near a children's hospital in an area where there are also several schools, they said. - Earlier in Hebron, a 14-month-old Palestinian girl, Gharam al-Tel, died from tear-gas inhalation as scuffles erupted between Palestinian residents of the West Bank city and Israeli troops trying to impose a lockdown on Palestinian neighbourhoods, reoccupied like most of the territory since June.


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