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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
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New! September 14, 2002 - WHO PROFITS FROM THE CRIME? - Emmanuel Ratier published a document on the Internet on 18 October, one month after the attacks. On 21 March, it was in fact to him that Le Monde and Actualité juive gave first prize for this incredible news, illustrated with a series of photographs entitled: No plane crashed into the Pentagon. As surprises go, it was indeed a surprise! Incredible? One has only to examine the AFP photo to understand that it is the pure and simple truth: it stares one in the face!

The photograph was taken in the first minutes of the fire. Firetrucks are on the scene, but as yet these vehicles have not gone into action. Moreover, the upper floors of the building are yet to collapse. Now, there is no trace of significant debris, no engine, no black box, no undercarriage. Nothing! And yet, according to the official version, a Boeing 757-200, an air freighter with a wingspan of 38.05 m, a length of 47.30 m, a height of 13 m and a weight of 100 tons, struck the ground and first floors of the front of the building, hedge-hopping as it approached, flying just a few metres above the ground at a minimum speed of 400 km per hour, without knocking down a single streetlamp or even causing any damage to the magnificent lawn in the foreground, the car park, or the helipad. [...]

A terrifying conclusion: the official version is a lie. Whence the agonising questions: what caused the explosion that went off at the Pentagon and led to one hundred and twenty-five deaths? What became of American Airlines Flight 77 and its sixty-four passengers? And above all, why lie? Of what secret is this bloody con trick the smokescreen? - What “conspiracy” at the highest summit of the State lies hidden behind this «phantom plane» which did indeed exist, but which was diverted from its path… in what direction? - Are we dealing with an enormous breakdown or a deliberate decision to remain passive even while keeping highly alert?

Donald Rumsfeld said: "History is replete with instances in which warning signs were ignored and change resisted until an external, “improbable” event forced resistant bureaucracies to take action. The question is whether the US will be wise enough to act responsibly and soon enough to reduce US space vulnerability. Or whether, as in the past, a disabling attack against the country and its people – a “Space Pearl Harbour” – will be the only event able to galvanize the nation and cause the US government to act."

What? A "Space Pearl Harbor?"

Are we facing an invasion of which those at the highest levels of secret government are aware? Those same elitists who have hidden the existence of hyperdimensional invaders in our reality from the people? Are they now faced with exposure and are they trying desperately to tighten controls so that when they are exposed for their monstrous perfidy - their lies for the past 50 years - they will not be mobbed and torn to pieces by the masses?

Hunter Thompson is one of America's most acclaimed political and pop culture chroniclers of the past 30 years. The author of such classics as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail" is famed for his outspoken and brilliant writing style, his wild, partying lifestyle and his liberal politics. - Writing about Richard Nixon's pre-Watergate victory over George McGovern in 1972, Thompson eloquently conveyed his outrage and, well, fear and loathing. He said America had been reduced to a country of used car salesmen, and lamented: How low do you have to stoop to be elected President of the United States?

Watching a live CNN report about the police closing Alligator Alley, as they investigated a vague but worrisome report from a waitress in Georgia about a possible terrorist bomb threat.

Thompson said he was stunned by the attention stemming "from a conversation a woman overhears in some diner in Calhoun, Ga." She then phones her fear in to "some tip line." Thompson didn't even try to conceal his amazement that the police would go so far as to "shut down the interstate highway" and BLOW UP PEOPLE'S LUGGAGE!" The CNN story was an example of what he called the media taking its devotion to sensationalism "past all limits of absurdity." It was clear that Thompson was more outraged by the media attention being given to the story than to the realism of the threat.

Other points that Thompson made in our interview: * He has a new book coming out in December. The title? "Kingdom of Fear." That's basically how he views the state of the U.S. right now. * The only stock he said he ever bought was the Boston Celtics. * He still has harsh words for the "greedheads" and the Republican oil tycoons who come to Colorado and complicate his life. * His advice for President Bush: "QUIT!" * His advice for his fellow citizens: "Get out and vote."

Comment: Indeed, we have noticed that the Mainstream Media is functioning as clappers for the Bush Gang's abysmal performance. And again I suggest, along with deluging our representatives with demands for somebody out there to wake up, maybe we ought to similarly complain to our media moguls. Heck, maybe we ought to boycott the products of their sponsors. Anybody up to making a list?

Reader comment: It was while I was in the Navy overseas that I began to distrust the media. I was in several locations where international conflicts were taking place. When I was sent news clippings from home I noticed that they did not reflect what was really happening in the area. I began to understand that the news was altered for the audience that was reading it.

Reader comment: I was in Beirut in June of 1994 when the Ares got bombed. (We had been in Ares the day before. It's where the famous Cedars of Lebanon are.) I was watching the television at my sister in law's house. We were flipping between CNN and the local news station. The news people got here was grossly played down and whitewashed by the American media. Often in the late 70's and early 80's, my husband and I would get our news from sources in Lebanon. I learned early on that our media only tells us what it wants us to hear.

Reader comment: I don't often read newspapers or watch the TV news. I get most of my information from alternative sources on the internet. When I do occasionally watch the news on TV just to see what kind of slant the media are putting on it, I see story after story about terrorism. Even news items that are not directly related to terrorism are somehow linked to terrorism. This tells me that the controllers of the media have put out the word to promote fear of terrorists. As the events of 9/11 unfolded I watched the news coverage throughout the day and thought about how the matrix would use this incident. It seemed obvious that if the world view that I was learning from the Cassiopaean material was correct they would use it to further solidify their power and control. I remember hearing a commentator on the news saying that "America will never be the same." Pretty soon all of them were saying this. Then I began hearing people around me in conversations saying the same thing, "This country will never be the same". What did this mean? It meant that we can never have the same degree of freedom that we had in the past, and we need to just accept that. And people did accept it. Now we have Ashcroft and Homeland Security. Our individual freedoms are going down the drain and people accept it as inevitable.

New! September 13, 2002- Who is the Madman Here? Bush's UN Non-Sequiturs -a list of statements made by him that are either illogical, half-truths, or outright falsehoods, with responses to each. For example, Bush said: "Free societies do not intimidate through cruelty and conquest. And open societies do not threaten the world with mass murder." Response: Except, of course, the United States, which threatened the entire world with destruction for forty years, thinking billions of people better dead than Red. Bush's thesis seems to be simple: Iraq cannot have nuclear weapons. This seems reasonable only for the two seconds that it takes to realize that Bush is the leader of the only country ever to use nuclear weapons in anger. Hussein is not allowed even to contemplate a horrible act for which the United States remains not only unapologetic, but even proud.

Possible ET Abduction And Death - The newspaper confirms that the incident occurred, although the police officer stated that the decedant's remains had been returned to the family, contrary to the claims made by some regarding this case. - A man named Todd Sees was abducted and murdered by aliens on Montour Ridge in Northumberland County near the town of Northumberland, Pa.

"I'm not saying Iraq doesn't pose a threat," Ritter said on CNN's American Morning. "I'm saying it has not been demonstrated to pose a threat worthy of war at this time. Bush needs to make the case." - In his address to the United Nations on Thursday, Bush said: "The purposes of the United States should not be doubted. The Security Council resolutions will be enforced.

Time's Person of the Week: Scott Ritter Once expelled from Baghdad for challenging Saddam, the former weapons inspector returned this week to challenge Bush. - Never mind the naysaying European heads of state, the anxious Arab leaders or the skeptical senators — the unkindest challenge to President Bush's plans to take out Saddam Hussein this week came from erstwhile true-blue American hero Scott Ritter. Familiar to Americans as the rock-jawed Marine intelligence officer who stood up to Saddam's bullies in 1998 while serving with the UN inspection team, and got himself singled out for expulsion even before UNSCOM was withdrawn, Ritter was back on America's TV screens this week, but with a dramatically different message: President Bush had no proof of any new weapons of mass destruction threat emanating from Iraq, Ritter says, and he was lying to the American people to get them to go to war. - Ritter maintains he's been consistent all along, simply demanding strict adherence to the facts and the law, whether that be in demanding that Iraq submit to inspections or in challenging the case being made by the Bush administration for "regime change."

Military pilots charged in Afghan bombing - Citing a "fundamental lack of flight discipline," the Air Force Friday charged two Illinois Air National Guard pilots with involuntary manslaughter and assault for their role in the fatal accidental bombing of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan this past spring.

A Jordanian college student who was detained as a material witness in the September 11 investigation last year is suing the United States government for violating his civil rights. - A federal judge presiding over the criminal case has already found in favor of Osama Awadallah that the government misused the material witness statute against him. - U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is the top defendant named. - "There was a political desire to seize somebody to make it appear that the government of the United States was in control," said attorney James Meyerson, who filed the suit Thursday.

A hearing in the cocaine case against Gov. Jeb Bush's daughter was postponed Friday after prosecutors said the staff at her drug rehabilitation center was not cooperating with investigators. - Bush was not arrested because officers could not get sworn statements from staffers at The Center for Drug-Free Living.

Bush beats the drums of war - Mr Bush made it plain that unless the UN acted to enforce its own resolutions against the Iraqi dictator, the United States would take its own steps to topple Saddam Hussein. - Moments earlier Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, opened the session with a warning to the US to resist the impulse to act unilaterally. "Even the most powerful countries know that they need to work with others, in multilateral institutions, to achieve their aims," he said. - While not mentioning the US by name, Mr Annan made no secret of his disdain for the appetite in Washington to attack Iraq with or without international support. "For any one state – large or small – choosing to follow or reject the multilateral path must not be a simple matter of political convenience," he declared. - Already, US forces are being moved into position to strike against Iraq.

President Bush faces resistance to his assertion that the executive branch may designate certain U.S. citizens "enemy combatants," a classification that allows prosecutors to detain a person indefinitely without charging him or her with a crime or permitting access to an attorney.

The Case against War in Iraq - For weeks Ron Paul has been arguing that Congress needs to debate the wisdom of a war in Iraq. Recently he gave a speech before the House of Representatives outlining why he believes such a war would be exceedingly unwise.

"Iraq does not accept Bush's conditions. He wants to control Iraq, he wants Iraq's oil, he wants to protect Israel," Aziz charged on Friday. Iraq will attack Israel if it takes part in any U.S. strike against President Saddam Hussein's government, an Iraqi minister said in remarks published Friday. - ``Israel will suffer a profound and an unforgettable strike if it interferes in the (U.S.-led) war (against Iraq),'' Iraqi Trade Minister Mohammed Mahdi Saleh told the United Arab Emirates newspaper Al-Khaleej. Comment: The C's have said that THIS is what the US is hoping for and why they keep pushing the "Attack Iraq" agenda.

Massive world recession to occur if Iraq attacked - The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which operates under the Economist magazine, predicted that the world would suffer a massive recession if Iraq were attacked and Middle East oil producers protested by pushing up the oil price. - The imbalance in the US economy is severe, and we rate the possibility of a major recession - worse than the 2001 one - within the next two years as a 30 percent probability if the US attacks Iraq.

Allies fear economic and political impact - Berlin declared yesterday that it would do its utmost to avert a war in Iraq, warning of a possible "explosion" of oil prices that could derail Germany's economic recovery.

A dossier prepared by the American government claims that Saddam Hussein's regime is hastening its attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. - the report is a compilation of information already in the public domain, and is reliant on past UN weapons inspectors' reports and allegations made by Iraqi defectors. Comment: In short, it is more smoke and mirrors.

Scott Ritter: "Watch the movie before you come after me, because I tell you what, I made this movie for the people of the United States to get a fair, objective analysis, so that we don't have to listen to Richard Butler get up there and misrepresent the facts about what happened on his watch. - Inspectors aren't in Iraq today, but not because Saddam kicked them out, but because the United States ordered them out in 1998. Keep that in mind. - That was the result of Richard Butler unilaterally withdrawing from a system of inspection mechanisms. Comment: CNN anchor Paula Zahn shows her colors as a media manipulator saying: "People out there are accusing you of drinking Saddam Hussein's Kool-Aid."

Most international leaders appeared satisfied by President Bush's intent to work through the United Nations to deal with Iraq, although few were sold on the U.S. push for regime change in Iraq. - The French have made no secret of the fact they do not believe military action against Iraq is warranted. - Russia supports resuming weapons inspections in Iraq, but also has opposed the use of military force. - China has said the United Nations framework should be used to resolve the Iraqi issue.

Possible terror plot targeting Miami? - two cars were stopped early Friday on a stretch of I-75, called Alligator Alley, in Florida. Authorities closed a 20-mile stretch of Alligator Alley -- the main east-west road across south Florida -- around midnight Thursday after a Collier County sheriff's deputy pulled over one of the two cars because it matched the description of the cars identified in the warning. - A bomb-sniffing dog responded to both cars, and three men were taken into custody. Authorities said the dogs are trained to detect explosives and similar compounds, such as gunpowder in firecrackers or hunting gear, but they did not see anything to suggest why the dog responded. - No explosives were found in the vehicle, the commander of the bomb squad told CNN. After the search, a man, who was not wearing protective gear, drove the vehicle out of the way. Investigators are now searching the second vehicle.

Feds: Three suspects played stupid joke - ''It appears there isn't a terrorist threat as it relates to destrutive devices in the cars,'' Gov. Jeb Bush said at a Miami news conference Friday. ``If this was a hoax, my hope is these people would be prosecuted.'' Eunice Stone, a nurse, made the report based on a coversation she claims to have overheard in a restaurant. 'I hope I haven't done something wrong,'' she said. ``I hope I haven't caused someone problems that really didn't do anything because I wouldn't want to cause someone problems. But at the same time I thought what if they really are doing something and I caught them?'' Comment: In other words, a hysterical, imaginative woman created the whole drama. What a commentary on the state of the union. And YOU could be next. Be careful what you say anywhere, including restaurants! Do not joke, do not criticize, do not exercise your freedom to converse with your fellows in anyway. Eunice Stone may be listening!

September 11 sent us into one of Dante's circles of hell, where we reside today. - a cycle of fear, threat, and distrust has become a staple in the zeitgeist. - The administration must not only make the case for going after Iraq -- though it should certainly do that. It must also make the case for its domestic measures, by going to the American people and presenting what evidence it can safely release in support of its contention that the threat of terror is, in fact, imminent, and thus these measures are justified by exigency.

Twelve white farmers have been arrested in southern Zimbabwe for defying orders to leave their land to make way for new black settlers, a farmers rights group said on Friday. - Also on Friday, police arrested a recently retired judge, who had tried to sentence the justice minister to prison, accusing him of bias against the government and irregularities in office.

Vietnam Mekong floods kill 39 - the waters show no sign of abating, officials said on Friday.

Hanna took shape Thursday as the season's first hurricane, Gustav, sped away into the Labrador Sea off Canada. - Hanna has already dumped heavy rain in the Florida peninsula, well east of the storm. Rainfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches are forecast, along with large waves and dangerous rip currents along the Gulf Coast.

The National Geographic Society, using the same kind of robot used to search for survivors in the ruins of the World Trade Center, is trying to solve a mystery that lies deep in the bowels of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza. - On Monday night, the team hopes to dig deeper into the mystery. The rover will insert a fiber optic camera through cracks in the hatch to see what is on the other side.

An object recently detected in a chaotic Earth orbit is possibly a section from one the largest rockets ever built, a NASA monster taller than a football field that carried men to the moon, scientists said. - There was one caveat. Chodas, a research scientist with the space agency's Near Earth Program Office in California, which monitors potentially hazardous space boulders, noted that the object "could not be associated with any recent launch." - Dubbed J002E3, the enigma could be the third-stage of a Saturn V rocket, which took Apollo astronauts to the moon from 1969 to 1972, Chodas said. If so, why did the big scrap of metal remain undetected for so long? It probably escaped Earth's gravitational influence for years, according to NASA. Comment: Somehow, I am suspicious about this item.

Florida Voting Scandal Replay - Miami-Dade County officials lost faith Thursday in their own ballot count, saying a spot check of returns from Tuesday's botched primary revealed serious discrepancies that could require a re-examination of all 7,200 machines. - Several Miami-Dade precincts, each with hundreds of registered voters, are listed as showing one or even no votes cast Tuesday, a virtual impossibility. Broward's tabulation shows at least one precinct with hundreds of registered voters and no votes cast. ''When you get one vote in a place with 1,500 registered voters, you know there's something wrong,'' said David Leahy, Miami-Dade's election supervisor. Comment: Heck, for all we know, the "powers that be" set up the machines to control elections and the machines malfunctioned, backfiring on the controllers!

The nation's most secret appeals court has agreed to be a little less secret. - The surveillance court and the Court of Review were created under a law passed by Congress in 1978 as a means of establishing a formal system for judicial review of government wiretap requests in espionage and terrorism cases. Civil liberties groups and some lawmakers have asserted that new powers sought by the Justice Department would invite violations of the Constitution's prohibition against "unreasonable searches."

New! September 12, 2002- NEWSWEEK has learned that one of the bureau’s informants had a close relationship with two of the hijackers: he was their roommate. - This connection, just discovered by congressional investigators, has stunned some top counterterrorism officials and raised new concerns about the information-sharing among U.S. law-enforcement and intelligence agencies. - the belated discovery has unsettled some members of the joint House and Senate intelligence committees investigating the 9-11 attacks. The panel is tentatively due to begin public hearings as early as Sept. 18, racing to its end-of-the-year deadline. But some members are now worried that they won’t get to the bottom of what really happened by then. Support for legislation creating a special blue-ribbon investigative panel, similar to probes conducted after Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy assassination, is increasing. Only then, some members say, will the public learn whether more 9-11 secrets are buried in the government’s files.

The President as Incompetent Liar: Is "Coverup" one word? Or does it have a hyphen, you know, as in "Cover-up"? On December 4, 2001, President Bush held what was billed as a Town Hall Meeting in Orlando Florida. During the meeting he took and answered questions from local people. A White House Briefing was published with a transcript of the meeting. The newsworthy part of the transcript is Bush's exchange with Jordan, whom we are told is a third grade student (about 8 years old), who asked Bush how he felt on 9-11. - The problem with Bush's "You-Were-Stunned, I-Was Stunned" line of defense is that the Secret Service had open lines to the FAA starting at around 8:45 AM, according to Vice President Cheney. - Now, the FAA knew that Flight 11 had been hijacked at 8:20, or so they say. And it was Flight 11 that hit the World Trade Center. One would assume that the FAA imparted this information to the Secret Service when they took the emergency measure of setting up open lines. Therefore the Secret Service knew that "America is under attack" around 8:45, well before Mr. Bush and his staff, including the Secret Service, arrived at the Booker School. And this was about 21 minutes before Andrew Card whispered whatever he whispered in Mr. Bush's ear.

Biden calls unilateral military action `the single worst option' - The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee urged President Bush on Wednesday to rule out unilateral military action against Iraq, saying it was the ''single worst option'' for dealing with Saddam Hussein. - He said Iraq has biological and chemical weapons and is trying to add nuclear capabilities. But he said he sees Saddam as someone who would give up his weapons in order to retain power and is not bent on destroying the world. - They asked Bush whether an attack on Iraq ''would precipitate the very thing we are trying to prevent: the use of weapons of mass destruction against us or countries such as Israel.''

At first they thought that it was an ancient Scythian graveyard. Then, someone saw a medallion of a German soldier in one of the coffins. The finding was a grave of German soldiers. However, when archeologists arrived to the site, they were shocked with what they saw. Some of the human skeletons in the grave had their spines sawn lengthwise. Some of them did not have heads, others had skull trepanation. Other skeletons had little holes drilled in cannon-bones. After that, there were tens of other graves found. They were all covered with lime and calcium chloride. Some of those human remains preserved the vestiges of chemical impact. Someone was trying to find a “third eye” in the heads of several officers: their skulls were opened in several places. - Experts determined that the found graves were the vestiges of Ahnenerbe’s activities. This was the most secret organization of the Third Reich. The people of the true Arian race were its victims. Ahnenerbe’s doctors believed that medical tests and experiments were supposed to eventually result in a new breed of a human being.

Scythian fields are not the only place, where Nazi mystics performed their horrid tests. They were travelling all over the world. Ahnenerbe means “Ancestors’ Inheritance,” the organization appeared in 1933. After the establishment of Hitler’s regime in Germany, Ahnenerbe was entrusted with searching for anything about spirit, traditions, peculiar features of the Indo-German Nordic race. In 1937 Ahnenerbe was incorporated into SS. The study of the ancient German history was conducted with only one goal – to prove the superiority of the Aryan race within a scope of the Nazi race doctrine. [...]

Ahnenerbe was founded by philosopher Friedrich Gilscher and doctor German Hirt. It is interesting that professor Gilscher has never been a member of the Nazi party. He was in friendly relations with Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. In the beginning of 1940s, Hirt was appointed for the position of the chairman of the Anatomic Institute in Strasbourg. The institute was working on the scientific substantiation of the race theory. In the summer of 1944 Hirt was ordered to destroy his laboratories. He did not manage to do that, so the allied troops found numerous beheaded corpses over there. Hirt disappeared afterwards. People say that he was seen in Chile and in Paraguay. [...]

Karl Maria Willigut was the most conspicuous person in the organization. He was known as an outstanding specialist in the field of black magic. He was called Himmler’s Rasputin, due to his immense influence on Nazi high-ranking officials. His last name is translated as the “god of will.” According to the mystical terminology, this is a synonym to a “fallen angel.” Karl Willigut died in 1946, he was never called into criminal account for his activities.

Ahnenerbe’s members were all tall muscular blond men, like in all other Nazi services. They were supposed to get married in their twenties. Marriages could only be racially pure. Ahnenerbe was preoccupied with the same issues that the Soviet Institute of Human Brain. They tried to invent a psychotropic weapon there in order to obtain control over a human mind. Experiments and tests were performed on people. Ahnenerbe also dealt with the study of occultism, vivisection on people, espionage, invention of the arms of retaliation, and so on and so forth. By the end of the war, Germans had nine scientific enterprises that were testing the projects of “flying disks.” Some scientists say that Ahnenerbe had a big base in Antarctica. There are rumors that the base still exists. According to other rumors, there is an underground city called New Berlin over there, with two million-strong population. The people of the underground city allegedly deal with genetic engineering and space exploration. An indirect proof of such a city is the fact that UFOs can be often seen around the South Pole. In 1976 the Japanese fixed 19 round objects at once. They all came down on Antarctica from space and vanished from radar screens. Furthermore, scientists found several ownerless satellites on the orbit of the Earth.

Cs: Q: (L) I want to know who, exactly, and why, exactly, genetically engineered the Semitic people, and why there is such an adversarial attitude between them and the Celts and Aryans.
A: It is not just between the Jews and Celts, if you will take notice. Besides, it is the individual aural profile that counts and not groupings or classifications. But, to answer your question: there are many reasons both from on and off the planet.
Q: (L) Why was Hitler so determined, beyond all reason, even to his own self-destruction, to annihilate the Jews?
A: Many reasons and very complex. But, remember, while still a child, Hitler made a conscious choice to align himself with the "forces of darkness," in order to fulfill his desires for conquest and to unite the Germanic peoples. Henceforth, he was totally controlled, mind, body, and soul, by STS forces.
Q: (L) So, what were the purposes of the STS forces that were controlling Hitler causing him to desire to annihilate an entire group of people?
A: To create an adequate "breeding ground" for the reintroduction of the Nephalim, for the purpose of total control of the 3rd density earth prior to elevation to 4th density, where such conquest is more difficult and less certain!
Q: (L) Do you mean "breeding ground" in the sense of genetic breeding?
A: Yes. Third density.
Q: (L) Did they accomplish this goal?
A: No.
Q: (L) So, the creation of the Germanic "Master Race" was what they were going after, to create this "breeding ground?"
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, getting rid of the Jews was significant? Couldn't a Germanic master race be created without destroying another group?
A: No.
Q: Why?
A: Because of 4th density prior encoding mission destiny profile.
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: This means encoding to activate after elevation to 4th density, thus if not eliminated, negates Nephalim domination and absorption. Jews were prior encoded to carry out mission after conversion, though on individual basis. The Nazis did not exactly know why they were being driven to destroy them, because they were being controlled from 4th density STS. But, Hitler communicated directly with Lizards, and Orion STS, and was instructed on how to create the "master race."

And let us keep in mind that it was Rockefeller who funded the eugenics studies that led to the passage of laws against Jewish immigration to the US. Let us also keep in mind that it was this same Consortium that helped promote the repatriation of the Jews to Israel later. It is also this same Consortium that is now seeking to create a new War with the hidden intent of the Final Solution.

Q: (L) You have said that Hitler received instructions from higher density beings about creating a 'Master Race.' Why were the Aryan genetic types seen to be more desirable for creation of this Germanic 'master race?'
A: Both, similarity and ancestral link most unblemished from Orion 3rd and 4th density stock.
Q: (L) Okay, what is it about the Semitic genes that was considered to be so undesirable in the creation of this 'Master Race?'
A: Would blemish genetic characteristics inclined to ruthlessness and domination.
Q: (L) So, you are saying that there is something, some genetic tendency or set of genes in the Semitic type that would counteract this?
A: Close.
Q: (L) But isn't the nature of a person determined by their soul and not the physical body?
A: Partially, remember, aural profile and karmic reference merges with physical structure.
Q: (L) So you are saying that particular genetic conditions are a physical reflection of a spiritual orientation? That the soul must match itself to the genetics, even if only in potential?
A: Yes, precisely.
Q: (L) So a person's potential for spiritual advancement or unfoldment is, to a great extent, dependent upon their genes?
A: Natural process marries with systematic construct when present.
Q: (L) Well, if that is the case, and the aliens are abducting people and altering their genes, can they not alter the genes so that higher level souls simply cannot come in?
A: Not incarnative process, natural biological processes. Incarnative involves strictly ethereal at 5th density and lower, and thus is enveloped in triple cycle "veil" of transfer which is impregnable ay any means. However, any and all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th processes can be manipulated at will and to any degree if technology is sufficient.

A: The concept of a "master race" put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a "trial run" for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.
Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a "vehicle" in 3rd density, so to speak?
A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.
Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are "programmed," could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density - sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?
A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.

A: Now, some history... as you know, the CIA and NSA and other agencies are the children of Nazi Gestapo... the SS, which was experiment influenced by Antareans who were practicing for the eventual reintroduction of the nephalim on to 3rd and or 4th density earth. And the contact with the “Antareans” was initiated by the Thule Society, which groomed its dupe subject, Adolph Hitler to be the all time mind programmed figurehead. Now, in modern times, you have seen, but so far, on a lesser scale: Oswald, Ruby, Demorenschildt, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremer, Farakahan, Menendez, Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer, etc... You must know that Oswald was programmed to be the “patsy.” So that he would say many contradictory things. Demorenschildt was both a programmer and programmed. Ruby was hypnoticaly programmed to shoot Oswald. With an audio prompt, that being the sound of a car horn.
Q: (L) The question has been brought up, is there some way or means that one can distinguish or discern a victim of Greenbaum or other mind programming by some clues?
A: Not until it is too late.
Q: (V) I’d like to know if any Presidents have been Greenbaumed?
A: Yes. [...] Remember, the “Greenbaum method” is one of many in existence.

I think it is pretty safe to theorize that Dubya has been mind-programmed to do what he is doing. Especially with his father hooked up with the CIA. What a perfect set-up.

BBC: New 'moon' found around Earth - An amateur astronomer may have found another moon of the Earth. Experts say it may have only just arrived. Much uncertainty surrounds the mysterious object, designated J002E2. It could be a passing chunk of rock captured by the Earth's gravity, or it could be a discarded rocket casing coming back to our region of space. - It was discovered by Bill Yeung from his observatory in Arizona and reported as a passing Near-Earth Object. It was soon realised however that far from passing us it was in a 50-day orbit around the Earth. Paul Chodas of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California says it must have just arrived or it would have been easily detected long ago. Calculations suggest it may have been captured earlier this year.

September 11 Pentagon Attack Simulations Using LS-Dyna - Nice simulation. Only problem is, it ignores what was photographed at the scene. The model in the simulation shows the wings in place, crushing the main support columns. In other words, this "scientific" model shows that it could not possibly have been the 757 which hit the Pentagon! Looks like they forget to check the photos!

Reader writes: This is great. The scientists now show that the wings had to go somewhere. The simulations show the wings penetrating the building. That should have left a huge wing silhouette hole where they penetrated. Funny how in the real scene there are none. Where did the wings go. Oh yeah, they got sucked inside the entry wound made by the fuselage and totally disintegrated along with the rest of the plane. Oh yeah, the tail also did the same thing. I forgot for a minute.

Before an anxiously awaiting world, President Bush will urge the United Nations today to deal once and for all with the problem of Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction programmes, or face the prospect the US will do so on its own. [...]

Colin Powell the Secretary of State is leaving no doubt that while the President accepts the UN Security Council must be involved in the process, he will not allow it to become a tool of prevarication and delay in the hands of Saddam Hussein. - In a new sign that preparations for an attack are intensifying, elements of US Central Command, which would handle a military campaign against Iraq, are being moved from Tampa Bay, Florida, to the al-Udeid air base in Qatar. The base has been earmarked as a replacement for Saudi facilities likely to be denied the US by the Riyadh government. Comment: Great! Right in our backyard!

Whisked off once more to a "secure undisclosed location" Vice-President Dick Cheney – a leader of the hawks' faction which seems to have Mr Bush's ear – raised the spectre of a link between the Iraqi dictator and al-Qa'ida, a connection the administration has thus far failed to establish.

Comment: I have had the strong feeling that no matter what anyone says or does, Bush will pursue his agenda against all opposition. He HAS to. Something Wicked is driving him. I don't think that if everyone in America took to the streets, it would stop him. We have kept up the pressure here, for the simple reason that, when it's all over but the crying, at least we will have tried. The interesting item above, about the Earth having a "new moon," may have something to do with what is driving Bush.

We might as well brace ourselves for the "ride of our lives." And expect some MAJOR action from 4 D weather - and other - "invasive" activities.

A former U.N. weapons inspector speaks out against President Bush's position. - Based upon my experience as a [UN] weapons inspector from 1991 to 1998, while we had serious concerns about unaccounted aspects of Iraq's weapons program, we did ascertain a 90 [percent] to 95 percent level of disarmament that included all of the production equipment and means of production used by Iraq to produce these weapons. -  So if Iraq has weapons today, like President Bush says, clearly they would have had to reconstitute these capabilities since December 1998. And this is something that the Bush administration needs to make a better case for, especially before we talk about going to war. - 

Let's keep in mind that the reason why inspectors are out of Iraq isn't because Iraq kicked them out, but rather they were ordered out by the United States after the United States manipulated the inspection process to create a confrontation that led to Operation Desert Fox and then used intelligence information gathered by inspectors to target Iraqi government sites, including the security of Saddam Hussein. [...] 

If the United States shreds international law, rips up the United Nations charter and intervenes against Iraq unilaterally, we will be redefining the entire way the world chooses to deal with situations of this sort. What will then stop India and Pakistan from going to war? What will stop China from intervening in Taiwan? There will be no guarantees. There will be no mechanism. We will be unleashing chaos. 

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