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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
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September 20, 2002 - UN to upset Bush's war plans with one-year deadline for Iraq!! YESSSS!!!

But no time to rest: Yesterday the Bush administration asked Congress to endorse the military option before the UN makes its move. President Bush "reserves the right to act in the interests of the United States and its friends and allies", his spokesman said. Such a disavowal of the United Nations by the United States would spell both war and diplomatic disaster for Tony Blair, who helped to persuade Washington to bring the crisis back under the UN's umbrella.

The Bush administration made official its new philosophy of America yesterday: it is a country that reserves the right to act pre-emptively against a potential foe, brooks no military rival and regards most non-proliferation treaties as barely worth the paper they are printed on. - The approach has been evident almost from the moment George Bush took office. It could be seen in dismissive attitudes to non-proliferation and arms control treaties, in the "pre-emption" doctrine set out at the President's West Point speech in June and in the campaign to topple Saddam Hussein. But the document, "The National Security Strategy of the United States", which the White House has just sent to Congress, pulls together the strands as never before.

Bush to bulldoze military action vote through Congress - George Bush, Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, and Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary, all made the case that despite Saddam Hussein's offer to readmit UN weapons inspectors, he was not to be trusted, that he represented a clear and immediate danger to American national security and that unequivocal action against him was essential. Comment: The clear and immediate danger to America is George Bush and the Warmongers! Congressional Email Directory

Time to write the congress folks again. Only thing is, I don't think they are listening. We received a reply to our second email to Bob Graham that was word for word identical to the first one. I don't even think they read their mail. Maybe folks better start calling on the phone. If anybody else gets any replies from their representatives, please forward them to us and we will publish them so folks can know who is awake up there in Washington.

US sends forces to wage secret war in Horn of Africa - As Yemen emerged as the latest focus of America's "war against terror", it was revealed yesterday that 800 US troops and an unknown number of special forces personnel had been dispatched to Djibouti, the tiny African nation that faces Yemen across the Gulf of Aden. The assault ship Belleau Wood is also in the area and could be used as a platform for troops.

US wants wider exemptions from war crimes court - America is negotiating with Britain and other European Union countries to expand blanket immunity to cover civilian as well as military personnel who might fall foul of the new international war crimes tribunal in the Hague. The move is expected to seriously undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which opened for business in July. Comment: Why does the US want immunity from War Crimes Court? Well, the answer is obvious: Bush and the Warmongers intend to COMMIT War Crimes!

American intelligence received many more clues before the 11 September attacks than previously disclosed, that terrorists might hijack planes and turn them into weapons, a joint congressional committee was told yesterday.

Congress yesterday approved broad new investigative powers for the feds to help determine exactly why the Twin Towers collapsed. - While the bill is aimed at helping with future investigations, it also applies retroactively to 9/11 and will help the WTC probe, said Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who sponsored the bill. "This legislation will help us obtain some of those answers," said Clinton. NIST has already started a two-year, $16 million probe of the WTC collapse. Comment: Maybe some of the demands of their "constituents" just before election time has had an effect?

Bush aide failed to stop fraud in fund for US tribes - In a damning 267-page judgment US District Judge Royce Lamberth said he was "both saddened and disgusted" by the disgraceful conduct of the Interior Secretary, Gale Norton, and other officials in the department entrusted with overseeing the royalties earned from Native American lands. He found her in contempt of court and listed four examples where the department committed fraud against the court. Comment: So, what else is new? When are people going to wake up and ditch the whole Bush Regime? America is becoming the laughingstock of the world. Bush and the Warmongers are a HUGE JOKE in very bad taste.

More Quotes From The Leader Of The 'Free World' - Comment: Folks, after reading this and watching this Organic Portal trying to run our planet into the ground, I have realized there is only ONE solution: IMPEACH BUSH. If you agree, send us an email:

Bush fails to win Russian support for tough stance - Russia and the United States failed to resolve differences yesterday on what is emerging as the central issue in the Iraq crisis – US insistence that United Nations weapons inspectors cannot return until the UN has passed a stern new resolution spelling out the consequences if Baghdad fails to co-operate.

Something odd is circling our planet. It's small, perhaps only 60-ft long, and rotates once every minute or so. Bill Yeung, an amateur astronomer in California, first spotted the 16th magnitude speck of light on Sept. 3rd in the constellation Pisces. He named it J002E3. (Picture available at the link above.)

The White House was taken by surpriseby Iraq's agreement to the return of United Nations weapons inspectors and the turn of events has apparently forced the Pentagon to delay its planned attack on Iraq until February.

Meanwhile, suicide attacks have resumed in Israel and the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fears Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's move will extend Palestinian Authority's Yasser Arafat's weakening grip on power, Middle East Newsline reported.

Comment: As I have already noted, I find it surpassingly strange that these suicide bombings RESUME immediately AFTER Iraq has "pulled the rug out from under Bush's feet" in his war campaign. As long as the war looked pretty certain, there were no attacks. Now, all of a sudden, the war is "off" and the attacks begin again??? Geeze, how stupid do we look? Do we REALLY think that Islamic fundamentalists WANT us to bomb them??? Don't the Israeli people even suspect that their own Secret Government might be killing its own citizens to keep the anger and fear and turmoil at a fever pitch??? Wake up, Israel. The Illuminati Zionists are NOT your saviors. They got you all together in one small place, and now they want to start a war. THINK ABOUT IT!

Rick Weiss at the Washington Post writes onTuesday, September 17, 2002: The Bush administration has begun a broad restructuring of the scientific advisory committees that guide federal policy in areas such as patients' rights and public health, eliminating some committees that were coming to conclusions at odds with the president's views and in other cases replacing members with handpicked choices.

"This is a real turnaround. It's bad. It's terrible," said Neil A. "Tony" Holtzman, a Johns Hopkins University professor emeritus who chaired the HHS task force that led to the committee's creation. [...]

"... clearly that's what we're seeing here. It's wholesale change. The complexion has changed." [...]

HHS's Pierce said the committee remains balanced overall, and no prospective member of any advisory committee is subjected to political screenings. "It's always a matter of qualifications first and foremost," Pierce said. "There's no quotas on any of this stuff. There's no litmus test of any kind."

At least one nationally renowned academic, who was recently called by an administration official to talk about serving on an HHS advisory committee, disagreed with that assessment. To the candidate's surprise, the official asked for the professor's views on embryo cell research, cloning and physician-assisted suicide. After that, the candidate said, the interviewer told the candidate that the position would have to go to someone else because the candidate's views did not match those of the administration.

WHITE HOUSE GAME SHOW: MURDOCH NET PLANS 'AMERICAN CANDIDATE'; WINNER TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT '04 - 100 candidates will start the series. During subsequent episodes, candidates will square off in numerous competitions, like debates. The number of semifinalists will be whittled down each week, based on live audience response and telephone/Internet voting. Each episode will originate from all-American locales such as Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty. But the final episode of the series will be an "American Candidate" convention, held live on the National Mall in Washington around July 4, 2004! Viewers will determine the winning candidate from among three finalists. The series will be seeking "the Jesse Venturas of the world, finding messages people want to hear," added Kevin Reilly, FX's president of entertainment. "Hopefully, we'll find some very qualified civil servant who lacks a power base and maybe also a plumber from Detroit who (tells) it like it is." "It's like a cross between 'The War Room' and 'American Idol,"' producer RJ Cutler tells this weekend's Daily Variety. "We will be making available to every American who is qualified, by virtue of the Constitution, the opportunity to run for president."

David Rockefeller Speaks satire by Victor Thorn - Breaking News: Late last night, President George Bush admitted to “The Economist” magazine that not only did he and other members of his Cabinet know about the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, but that they also allowed them to happen so that American oil companies could further maximize their profits in the Middle East and Caspian Region of Turkmenistan. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, confirmed this startling revelation to the Washington Post by saying that the airplanes in question were never actually hijacked, but were flown via remote-control into the each skyscraper and the Pentagon while military jets were ordered to “stand-down” until this atrocity took place.

In another part of the world, Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, held a press conference in Harare, Zimbabwe where he confessed that the AIDS virus did not happen ‘accidentally,’ but was rather created by the World Health Organization in unison with rogue elements of the United States military in order to deliberately kill tens of millions of innocent people (or ‘useless eaters’ as they are called behind closed-doors). Annan further elaborated by saying that this genocidal program will continue indefinitely until “enough of the herd has been thinned.”

While this startling news unfolded, CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather broke into regularly scheduled prime-time programming to announce that the very foundation of American society – our right to a democratic vote – has been declared null-and-void, and that the American people have been bamboozled for the past twenty years via “Votescam.” In other words, Rather said matter-of-factly, every President in recent memory has been ‘selected’ beforehand by a group of hidden Controllers, while the process of voting at the ballot boxes has been nothing but a ruse.[...]

As this news flashed across computer screens the world over, David Rockefeller sat in a plush European boardroom with members of the Rothschild, Morgan, Warburg, and Bronfman families. And even though the above-mentioned revelations were highly damaging to the ruse they had perpetuated for decades, none seemed worried. Mr. Rockefeller began with an air of superiority.

“Why should we be concerned? Do you know what everyone on the Internet is going to do?” “What?” one of his shadowy cohorts replied. “They’re going to tap out a message on their keyboards, then rifle it off into cyberspace. Then someone else will read it, post it on a message board; and continue tapping away. Hell, we rammed two jets into the World Trade Center, and now they know the truth about what we’ve done! THEY KNOW THE TRUTH! It’s the same as when we blew-up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and made Timothy McVeigh our fall-guy. But what are they going to do? Send more messages on their silly computers! It’s a riot. Plus, we’ve also admitted that we actually STEAL their money via taxation, that we CREATED the AIDS virus to kill them off, that their votes DON’T matter, and that we’re going to start shipping their sons and daughters off to another Vietnam War in Iraq to DIE so that WE can make more profits for our energy and drug cartels. They all know the truth now … there’s no more doubt about it – and what do they do? Sit in padded chairs in front of their computer screens and type out messages to each other. It’s like: “Hey, George, guess what. The government really DID know about the World Trade Center attacks, and they let it happen anyway. Now I’m going to see if I can find any information about the UFO’s out at Area 51.””

“Doesn’t it trouble you, though, that there are so many people on the Internet finding out the truth?” another man blurted.

“Why should it?” Rockefeller smiled. “None of them are doing anything about it. Hell, they can read fifty articles a day. What do we care as long as none of them do anything about it?..."
[Click the link above to read the rest. This is one of those things that is so funny it hurts - because it's true.]

NOTE FROM VICTOR THORN: Please contact every online news site and organization that you know of and urge them to run the following WING article: "WING" - World Internet News Group (update) It’s crunch-time, folks. Do you want to take back your country, or are you content with the status quo where things will only get worse?

September 19, 2002 - Check It Out! - Hilarious parody of "We Are The World" featuring George Bush and the Warmongers. From France, where it is being played repeatedly on TV. Why are we not surprised?

An influential think tank has warned that an invasion of Iraq could worsen the terrorist threat, not reduce it. They fear it could disperse weapons stockpiles - and the scientists who can build and use them - into the murky world of global terrorism. - There are plenty of customers for the weapons in the region, and after a foreign invasion of Iraq there might be more willingness to use them in terrorist attacks. So beating Saddam could in fact set back efforts to combat terrorism.

UNSCOM discovered that, even before the Gulf War, commanders in charge of chemical and biological weapons were authorised to use them if Baghdad was hit. "What would those people do after a regime change?" asks Cirincione. "Wait around to be taken prisoner?" They might use their weapons on invading forces. But Cirincione thinks they would be more likely to smuggle them out through Iraq's suddenly uncontrolled borders, either to sell them or seek revenge on vulnerable targets. "A major biological attack on Tel Aviv could provoke a nuclear response from Israel," warns Cirincione. "That would open the gates of hell." Comment: As we have said repeatedly, we believe that "opening the gates of Hell" is precisely what Bush and the Warmongers wish to do.

Hidden extra dimensions are causing measurements of the strength of gravity at different locations on Earth to be affected by the planet's magnetic field, French researchers say. - This is a controversial claim because no one has ever provided experimental evidence to support either the existence of extra dimensions or any interaction between gravity and electromagnetism. But lab measurements of Newton's gravitational constant G suggest that both are real.

The above article is very interesting because of a session from 2001 which was recently transcribed and which contains some interesting remarks that relate to the 4th density, hyperdimensional nature of the Earth's Core:

Q: (L) Now according to these guys who are writing this web page about pole shift, they say it can be predicted where the poles will shift to. Is this in fact the case?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why can't pole shifts be predicted? Can't we know where the new pole will end up?
A: Chaotic function here.
Q: (L) Okay, in a pole shift does the lithosphere of the planet slide on the core? (A) No. We have to be very precise. There are three possible things that would come under the name pole shift. Only one of them may come, or two, or three, okay? And these are the following - the axis of rotation with respect to stars is changing, straightening out for instance; this is one thing; while all the rest goes with the axis, the lithosphere and the magnetic field. Second, the axis stays where it is, maybe it shifts a little bit; the lithosphere stays where it is - maybe it wobbles - but the magnetic field changes: for instance reverses. Third, axis stays, magnetic field stays, but the lithosphere is moving. So that's three ways a pole shift can happen. And of course there are things that come together. The most dramatic one which is seen from outside is when the axis of rotation changes. The next dramatic one is probably when the lithosphere changes. And the third of unknown consequences is when the magnetic pole changes, okay? So, we want to have an understanding what will be the main change. (L) Well I guess we ought to ask an even more basic question: are we looking at a pole shift happening? That's starting at the beginning. (A) Alright. (L) In the next ten years. Is a pole shift possible in the next ten years?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is a pole shift of the axis...(A) Honey, you ask if the pole shift is possible, of course it's possible. But suppose it's almost zero probability? 'Is it possible' is not the right question. 'Is it going to happen?' That's a question. (L) Okay you ask, carry on. (A) Are we looking at a pole shift during the next ten or so years with a high degree of probability?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) In this concept of pole shift, what would be the main feature of this pole shift, of all those which we were discussing?
A: New axial orientation, and magnetic reversal.
Q: (L) That's fairly dramatic. (A) Alright, now, change of axis or orientation of axis of rotation: can we say we would straighten up, getting almost perpendicular to the ecliptic? Or the other possibility is that it will fall down being almost parallel to the ecliptic. The third is that we'll flip completely by 180 degrees. We know it's highly unpredictable, but can we have a clue from which one is, so to say, dominate?
A: Perpendicularity will be restored.
Q: (A) We know the axis will change dramatically and magnetic reversal will happen. You didn't mention a change or shift of the lithosphere alone. Can we...
A: Lithospheric shift will feature to some extent.
Q: (A) But, that means eventually that the equator will almost not change because...
A: Correct.
Q: (A) So it will just shift a little bit, but its not going to go to Hawaii? (L) Oh rats! That was my theory! Well, it was a good idea. (A) What about changes in the lithosphere: can we predict a little bit of change in geography, coming from motions in lithosphere and changes in water level?
A: Chaotic features predominate but in general it will be safer inland and in mountainous areas since less folding occurs in such locations.
Q: (A) Now, the major, the change of the orientation of the axis, what would be the main trigger, force, or activity, or what kind of event will trigger this change of the axis?
A: Cometary bodies.
Q: (L) Are the planets of the solar system going to kind of shift out of their orbits and run amok? Is that a possibility?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Due to cometary orbits alone?
A: Yes. Twin sun also.
Q: (A) When we speak about these cometary bodies, are we speaking about impacts?
A: Some will hit.
Q: (A) What would be - if any - the role played by electric phenomena?
A: Twin sun grounds current flow through entire system setting the "motor" running.
Q: (L) Does this mean that all of the different bodies of the solar system are like parts of some kind of giant machine, and once this electric current flows through them, depending on their positions relative to one another at the time this current flows, that it has some influence on the way the machine runs?
A: Yes, more or less.
Q: (A) I want to ask about this magnetic pole reversal. It's the current theory or understanding of magnetic field of planets in terms of dynamo mechanism, where there is a liquid metal - iron - which is hot - there are convective currents, and there is self-excitation through magnetic field. That's the present model. They were able to model this magnetic pole reversal using this kind of magneto-hydro-dynamics. Is this model essentially correct?
A: Only partly.
Q: (A) What is the main thing that is important, and that is lacking from this model?
A: Crystalline ammonia core.
Q: (A) Everybody thinks that the core is a crystal iron; that's the present thinking. Say it's an ammonia core: is an ammonia core in all planets with magnetic fields? Is this so?
A: From this perspective, no but from the perspective of organic life, yes.
Q: (A) When we speak about crystalline ammonia, do you mean a new kind of crystalline ammonia that is not yet known on Earth to our scientists?
A: More or less.
Q: (L) I think we need to find out something about this crystalline ammonia. (A) What would make it go into the very core? (L) I don't know. We don't know enough about it to even know how to frame a question. I know we thought it was crazy when they were talking about Jupiter and the ammonia, and then of course all this ammonia showed up on Jupiter. And I remember them saying something about this at the time, but I don't think we ever followed up on it because I thought it was even to crazy to think about. Maybe we need to find out something about ammonia, crystalline ammonia. (A) Is there a mini black hole in the center of the Earth?
A: No.
Q: (A) Okay, now this crystalline ammonia core inside the Earth, can we have idea how big it is, what radius?
A: 300 km.
Q: (L) What is surrounding it, what is the next layer? (A) Normally people would say it's an iron crystal. What is the next layer?
A: Correct.
Q: (A) There is this ammonia - crystalline... (L) Surrounded by iron crystal. Is it crystal iron? (A) Probably at this pressure that is here, it may very well be crystal. (L) Okay, is the iron surrounding the ammonia, is it crystalline?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What's the next layer?
A: Molten iron.
Q: (A) Okay, now we know that some planets have this crystalline ammonia, and some do not. When we consider planets that have this crystal ammonia inside, how did it get there? Was it a kernel first around which the planet was formed, or first the planet was formed and then during some processes the ammonia sank and crystallized inside? I would like to know how it got there?
A: It is the natural formation process for ammonia to accrete iron from supernovae.
Q: (A) I understand that this crystalline ammonia core - 300 km radius - must have certain magnetic properties which are important. Because it was mentioned that it was lacking in dynamo theory or certain very important properties concerning heat convection. So there are these two main things in dynamo theory - conductivity and electric properties - on the other hand heat convection properties. Why is this ammonia important for the magnetic field because of what properties?
A: Super conducting.
Q: (A) According to what we know it's very hot inside the earth because of the pressure. Now, is this ammonia also hot, as much as iron?
A: Grows alternately cold and hot.
Q: (A) Is it super conducting even if when it is very hot?
A: No.
Q: (A) When it gets cold, how cold does it get?
A: 55 degrees below absolute zero.
Q: (L) What is absolute zero? (A) That is something you can't get below. That's why it's called absolute zero. It's a new thermo-dynamics. (L) How often does it alternate?
A: Close to hour long periods.
Q: (L) So when it gets so cold and becomes super conducting, the act of super- conducting is what heats it up? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well once it heats up, how does it then get cold again?
A: It stops conducting.
Q: (L) What is it conducting? When something is super conducting what does it conduct?
A: Electrons.
Q: (A) The point is, you see, that when something is super conducting it offers no resistance. Which means that the current it flows through it, is not heating it. Well we learned that it gets hot because it's super conductive, right? Which is somewhat contradictory because when it is super-conducting there's no reason for it to be hot except it can become hot because there is the hot external shell of iron. So that is very likely why it would become hot. Because by the very definition of super conductivity you don't become hot when you conduct, see? Well, IF there are big, very big currents, then okay, they can stop super conductivity, then it gets warm.
A: Currents of this nature set the surrounding iron to vibrating which produces heat, not heat produced by the current.
Q: (A) Now, I want to go back to this 55 degree below absolute zero. And here I would like to have a confirmation of this 55 degree below zero. Because. according to the current knowledge of physics, the absolute zero was set by definition, as the temperature on the scale, according to the science of thermo- dynamics, which is - so to say - nothing moves so you cannot go below this temperature. If you say 55 degrees below zero it means we have to redo physics and redo thermo-dynamics.
A: You have entered a different realm.
Q: (A) What?
A: Lack of movement as measured by physics is based upon 3rd density conventions.
Q: (A) What causes this appearance of new physics in the center of the planet? We do not see this need for new physics around us. But somehow there are specific conditions, apparently, in the center of the planet that cause necessity of entering this new physics.
A: Windows.
Q: (L) Let me ask this, if it was possible to measure a temperature of something that was being subjected to a very intense electro-magnetic field what would it show? (A) Well the question is different, you see, because we asked first about why there is this ammonia crystal inside, okay? The answer was it was a natural process. But now we see there is this window inside. What is the reason that there is this window inside? Now you suggest, honey, that the widow inside is because there are - or because who knows what causes what - but there are very strong electro-magnetic fields. Is the window inside related to the fact that we have to go beyond standard physics? Is it related to the fact that there are very strong electro-magnetic field inside?
A: Reciprocal function.

President Bush's spokesman on Thursday expressed outrage that Germany's justice minister drew a link between Bush's saber-rattling on Iraq to the tactics used by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Spokesman Ari Fleischer said the United States and Germany have long had a strong relationship, "but this statement by the justice minister is outrageous and is inexplicable." The regional Schwaebisches Tagblatt newspaper quoted German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's justice minister, Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, as saying "Bush wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. It's a classic tactic. It's one that Hitler used."

War on Iraq: It's Not the President's Decision - Bush acknowledged that skepticism was coming from some very intelligent people, promised to consult, and called these dissenting voices part of a healthy debate. - But in the same breath, the president resumed his unconstitutional and unilateralist ways by saying, ``But America needs to know, I'll be making up my mind based upon the latest intelligence and how best to protect our own country plus our friends and allies.'' - Doesn't Bush realize that the U.S. Constitution does not vest war-making powers in the office of the presidency? Doesn't he realize the founders deliberately, with the greatest care, placed a decision of such gravity in the hands of the Congress?

From these perspectives, under present conditions, it is clear that if the United States goes ahead and wages war against Iraq it will be guilty of what international lawyers call aggressive war, which was one of the principal charges leveled against surviving Axis leaders at the Nuremberg and Tokyo war crimes tribunals after World War II. - Richard Falk, professor emeritus of international law and policy at Princeton University, is board chair of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

War, it seems, is one of those things that the more you know about it, the less you want any part of it. With Iraq in the crosshairs, the leading voices to go to war belong to those who have no military experience. More often than not, those against a war with Iraq have served in the military. Here's a list compiled by CHRISTINE PELISEK, with an assist from the New Hampshire Gazette's Chickenhawks database. Comment: Among these most interesting revelations we find:

TOM DeLAY Title: House Majority Whip, R-Texas
Stance on Iraq: Pro-war
Military history: The most powerful hawk in the House of Representatives. A no-show in Vietnam. He is said to have once complained that he would have served but all the spots were taken up by ethnic minorities.

This arrogant, self-serving statement about Vietnam may just be one of the best quotes I've seen to describe Bush and his contingent of war- mongers, especially as concerns their real attitude towards the value of the lives of those who may be called on to fight in Iraq. Disgusting.

Hieroglyphics confirm Mayas had 'world war' - A bitter war between rival Maya city-states may have set the stage for the collapse of that once-great civilization, say scientists who translated recently found hieroglyphics on stone stairs in an ancient pyramid in Guatemala. - A hurricane last summer began exposing the carvings at a site known as Dos Pilas, and the story they tell is forcing scholars to rewrite history. - What was once thought to be a series of separate local conflicts in the seventh and eighth centuries turns out to have been the equivalent of a "world war" for the Maya, with battle lines formed by vassal states controlled by two superpowers, Arthur Demarest of Vanderbilt University's Institute of Mesoamerican Archaeology said Wednesday.

While many scholars believed the wars of this time were local and unrelated, the discovery supports the theory of Simon Martin of University College, London, and Nikolai Grube of the University of Bonn, Germany, that this period in Maya history was a "long world war" between the superpowers Tikal and Calakmul, said Demarest.

Comment: Those of you who have ordered (and soon will be receiving - we apologize for printer breakdown) our monograph: The Occult Significance of 9-11 - will understand how timely this revelation is. You will also have in your hands a piece of evidence that proves that the dating is off - most likely by many thousands of years. We expect that more revelations will be forthcoming that will demonstrate the cyclical nature of time - time loops, if you will - and that we are at the end of a cycle, and the World War of Atlantis may be replayed with America in the role of the Evil Empire that is soon to be destroyed in a single day and night. We are preparing an article for the site on this subject. Hopefully, it will be ready for publication by tomorrow.

In February 2001 Enron presented an imposing facade, but insiders knew better: They were desperately struggling to keep their Ponzi scheme going. When one top executive learned of millions in further losses, his e-mailed response summed up the whole strategy: "Close a bigger deal. Hide the loss before the 1Q."

The strategy worked. Enron collapsed, but not before insiders made off with nearly $1 billion. The sender of that blunt e-mail sold $12 million in stocks just before they became worthless. And now he's secretary of the Army.

Dick Cheney vehemently denies that talk of war, just weeks before the midterm elections, is designed to divert attention from other matters. But in that case he won't object if I point out that the tide of corporate scandal is still rising, and lapping ever closer to his feet.

An article in Monday's Wall Street Journal confirmed what some of us have long argued: Market manipulation by energy companies -- probably the same companies that wrote Cheney's energy plan, though he has defied a court order to release task force records -- played a key role in California's electricity crisis. And new evidence indicates that Cheney's handpicked Army secretary was a corporate evildoer.

Cheney supposedly chose Thomas White for his business expertise. But when it became apparent that the Enron division he ran was a money-losing fraud, the story changed. We were told that White was an amiable guy who had no idea what was actually going on, that his colleagues referred to him behind his back as "Mr. Magoo." Just the man to run the Army in a two-front Middle Eastern war, right?

But he was no Magoo. Jason Leopold, a reporter writing a book about California's crisis, has acquired Enron documents that show White was fully aware of what his division was up to. Leopold reported his findings in the online magazine Salon, and has graciously shared his evidence with me. It's quite damning. [...]

If outsiders had known Enron's true financial position when White sent that e-mail, the stock price would have plummeted. By maintaining the illusion of success, insiders like White were able to sell their stock at good prices to naive victims -- people like their own employees, or the Florida state workers whose pension fund invested $300 million in Enron during the company's final months. As Fortune's recent story on corporate scandal put it: "You bought. They sold." [...]

A story in last week's New York Times [...] concerned another company that sold a division, then declared that its employees had "resigned," allowing it to confiscate their pensions. Yet this company did exactly the opposite when its former CEO resigned, changing the terms of his contract so that he could claim full retirement benefits; the company took an $8.5 million charge against earnings to reflect the cost of its parting gift to this one individual. Only the little people get shafted. The other company is named Halliburton. The object of its generosity was Dick Cheney.

Comment: To really get a handle on what Cheney, Bush and the gang are up to, readers who have not already done so might wish to read the Adventures Series, beginning with Chapter 24. Then, go through the Signs of the Times Archives listed at the bottom of this page to collect additional clues, as well as reading Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Strike on the Pentagon. It's ALL smoke and mirrors and we are all being had by a gang of Global Elitists who are making their play to rule the world. I don't know how much more evidence needs to be accumulated to wake people up. Perhaps only if Bush and Cheney and the gang accomplish their goals and things get really unpleasant will folks finally see the handwriting on the wall. As my grandmother always said: A smart man learns from his mistakes; a genius learns from the mistakes of others. Add to that: Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it, and we have a real situation on our hands. It's really tedious to learn from making mistakes. Let's act FOR our destiny as geniuses, shall we?

Write your representatives. Share the background on Bush and Cheney with your friends, family and neighbors. Get the word out there! The Mass Media isn't going to do it! If the world still doesn't wake up, then so be it. But it won't be because we did nothing.

President Bush will seek"maximum flexibility" from Congress to deal with Iraq, including the authority to use military force, an administration official told CNN.

Comment: I don't think we ought to let our representatives give this authority to Bush. Since it seems that some of our efforts in writing congress might be having an effect with the gradual shifting of the balance of the situation, why don't we keep the pressure on for a bit just to see what happens?

Let's all write our representatives and tell them to vote "NO!" on Bush's Resolution. Again, here is the Congressional Email Directory -

Seems reasonable to demand a complete investigation into the World Trade Center attack BEFORE any resolutions is passed giving Herr Bush more powers. It might be easier to just copy and paste in Ron Paul's list of questions that need to be answered in any email or fax to your representatives. Just add: "Answer these questions before congress gives Bush any further powers! As a buttress for your argument, have a look again at the next link.

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001. The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a 'global Pax Americana' was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president), Donald Rumsfeld (defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy), George W Bush's younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff). The document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Laura gets second response from Congresswoman Karen Thurman

Laura gets response from Senator Bob Graham

"out-of-body" and "near-death" experiences -- in which people resuscitated on the operating table speak of being drawn toward a brilliant light, or looking down on their own bodies -- may be influenced by a portion of the brain misfiring under stress, a new study suggests. Comment: This is an old approach and never addresses the issue of the many individuals who "bring back" information that they simply couldn't have obtained if they had NOT been out of the body. However, since we have the idea that the spirit and body are "interactive" in significant ways, it is not at all unlikely that some special function of the brain is related to OOBE's and NDE's.

Antimatter is mass-produced - The antimatter was short-lived being destroyed when it bumped into normal matter. Detectors picked up the unique radiation signatures of antimatter as it was annihilated.

Cuba has issued a hurricane warning for the central and western parts of the country as a strengthening Tropical Storm Isidore moved through the Caribbean.

Storms rocked the Rockies and Midwest early Wednesday, while high pressure kept the Northeast dry and rain splashed the Rockies, Great Lakes and mid-Atlantic.

A suicide bomber set off a blast on a crowded city bus in downtown Tel Aviv on Thursday, killing at least five people, according to police. It was the second terror attack in Israel in two days, after six weeks without any bombings. Comment: I find it surpassingly strange that these suicide bombings RESUME immediately AFTER Iraq has "pulled the rug out from under Bush's feet" in his war campaign. As long as the war looked pretty certain, there were no attacks. Now, all of a sudden, the war is "off" and the attacks begin again??? Geeze, how stupid do we look? Do we REALLY think that Islamic fundamentalists WANT us to bomb them???

A statue of a falling woman -- designed as a memorial to those who jumped or fell to their death from the World Trade Center -- was abruptly draped in cloth and curtained off Wednesday because of complaints that it was too disturbing.

A judge in the murder trial of "hippie guru" Ira Einhorn ruled that Einhorn's wife will not be allowed to testify via satellite from her home in France, and the judge also refused to guarantee her immunity if she travels to the United States to testify in person. - Jury selection for Einhorn's trial is scheduled to begin next week. Einhorn is charged with murdering Holly Maddux, who prosecutors say was trying to end their stormy five-year relationship when she disappeared. Her remains were found in a steamer trunk in the couple's apartment 18 months after Einhorn said she went to the store and never returned. - The counterculture leader, anti-war campaigner, one-time mayoral candidate and self-described "planetary enzyme" maintains he was framed by the CIA after he uncovered mind-control weapon experiments. Comment: We are, of course, following this trial with extreme interest due to our own series of articles on Ira Einhorn as a psychopath.

Occasional killer asteroids could have spawned temporary rings of debris around Earth and played a major role in changing the world climate, according to U.S. scientists.

Shuttle cracks fixed, Atlantis to fly October 2 - The four-shuttle U.S. fleet was grounded in late June when tiny cracks were found in the fuel lines of all four ships, but those cracks have now been fixed - the shuttle fleet represents "yesterday's technology that needs to be upgraded," but none of the shuttles are ready to be retired. - Columbia, the oldest of the shuttles, is 22 years old; the youngest, Endeavour, is 13, Atlantis and Discovery are "1984-85 vintage orbiters."

The formerly conjoined twin sisters from Guatemala who were surgically separated in early August may return home as early as next month, Los Angeles hospital officials said on Wednesday. Comment: They are so CUTE! One of the examples of how modern medicine CAN do a lot of good!

September 18, 2002- Bush determined to attack Iraq - Dr Robert Jensen, associate professor of journalism at the University of Texas, says Mr Bush has "made it clear he would find a pretext for war". - Those of us here in the US who are trying to resist this mad rush to war work on the assumption that Bush will find the pretext.

The question is -- is the Bush Administration interested in true regional disarmament, is it interested in true regional peace and justice, or is it interested in creating the pretext for a war. I think it's clear what the Bush Administration is after.

They talk about things like terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, but it's quite clear they're not really interested in protecting people. What they're interested in is projecting power.

Is the international community willing to stand up for a sensible regime to lead to peace and justice?

Are the American people, the anti-war movement, progressive peace minded people willing to put pressure from within on the Bush Administration and, importantly, Congress because, of course, the Bush Administration while it's going forward at the Security Council is also going forward to pressure Congress for what will undoubtedly be a very wide-open resolution to give essentially President Bush the power to do anything he wants?

The initial reaction to Bush's speech last week from my point of view was not hopeful. It looked like the Europeans especially were essentially going to roll over to American demands. But it's really the hope of some of us in the United States that in addition to our own efforts, the international community will stand up for international law.

This isn't -- Bush very skilfully sort of turned everything on its head by saying that a unilateral US strike, which he was essentially announcing, would be to uphold international law. So it's a funny world in which the American President can stand up and say, "I'm going to ignore international law, violate international law, to uphold international law." In the US, unfortunately, most of that rhetoric goes unchallenged.

Given the history in the past year of congressional Democrats' so-called opposition to the Bush Administration, it's quite clear the resolution will be wide-ranging and authorise, basically, total war.

So I have very little hope for that process. I think if there is pressure in the US, it won't come from congress. It will come from the people. It will come from a popular movement. There's a lot more, if not out-and-out opposition to the Bush Administration plan in the public, there's a lot of questions. People aren't quite sure what's going on. "How come Saddam Hussein, who we've ignored for so long, overnight becomes the most important threat to peace?" "What about al-Qa'ida, you know, the number one leader was Osama bin Laden a few months ago, what happened to Osama bin Laden?" People have legitimate questions about these policies.

We are now an empire, that is we project power around the globe in ways that, quite frankly, are unparalleled in human history. We have a military with the most destructive capacity in the history of the world, and American leaders who have a willingness and demonstrated interest in using that power.

We are citizens of the empire. We have a really expansive political freedom in this country. I can say the things I'm saying -- nobody's hauling me off to jail. I think that puts an incredible moral burden on the American public. Are we going to say 'enough' to the empire? That's the challenge to the American people, I think, to be citizens of the empire who take that citizenship seriously and work against that imperial project.

Jeb Bush thanks Idiot who tipped police to possible terror threat. Comment: Well, what do you expect from a guy whose wife and daughter are not expected to comply with the laws imposed on everyone else?

Calling Iraq's offer to readmit U.N. weapons inspectors a "ploy," President Bush said Wednesday his administration would work this week on the language of a resolution about war with Saddam Hussein's regime.

Congress to reveal evidence on pre-9/11 threats - One of the main questions investigators are probing: Could the September 11 attacks have been prevented? - A congressional source close to the investigation described the classified data, collected by surveillance satellites, eavesdropping equipment and spies before September 11, as "sobering" because so much of it indicates the depth of the hatred of the United States by overseas extremists. - Lawmakers said they have also run into resistance from the agencies they are investigating. There is an effort under way to create an independent commission to investigate why .

Before a live, international television audience Tuesday, the Pyramid Rover -- a robot the size of a toy train -- took two hours to crawl through a narrow shaft in the Great Pyramid outside Cairo, drill through a door at the end and push through a camera to reveal: another door. - The tiny camera showed a small, uncluttered space backed by a vertical, sheer stone surface Hawass believes is another door. Hawass said the next job for researchers was to study the footage and plan for further inspections, which could take up to 12 months.

Will the universe expand forever and become cool and dark, collapse into nothingness in a cosmic crunch, or remain in equilibrium between the forces of gravity and expansion? - The debate, by no means settled among cosmologists, hinges on the role of mysterious and theoretical phenomena known as dark matter and dark energy.

Scanning the universe with the most powerful orbiting observatories, scientists have discovered different types of black holes in the most unexpected places - in the hearts of globular star clusters. - "Black holes are more common in the universe than previously thought," said Hubble scientist Roeland van der Marel. "These findings may be telling us something very deep about the formation of star clusters and black holes in the early universe."

At left, one of the most remarkable planetary nebula, NGC 6543 is the remnant of a dying star. Also known as the Cat's Eye Nebula, its eerie halo and filaments are material that the central star cast off thousands of years ago, according to astronomers. This color-enhanced image, which depicts nitrogen in reds and oxygen as greens and blues, comes from data from the Nordic Optical Telescope in the Canary Islands.

Italian astronomers have found signs of water, a necessary ingredient for life, in the atmosphere of planets orbiting distant stars.

Michael Mandeville's Earth Status report: Volcanic activity is stable; Current Alert-5; Restless-6; Active Eruptions List-20; Three Puff Day on Monday for El Popo; Earthquake activity MAY be picking up a little. Polar Motion stable; Solar Sunspot activity is up and down and probably going way up during the next twenty days; Looks like the Arabs and the world community are savvy enough to keep Bush from playing “The Lone Ranger”; Ritter is a very interesting man to watch. He is the only guy on the world stage who is taking on Condaleeza Rice directly in a fundamental debate.

Comment: The "quietness" of the planet is a bit worrisome. It almost seems like the "calm before the storm." On the other hand, a lot of the "storm energy" has been being manifested in the ongoing political conflict. For weeks now, Bush has been beating the war drum, and this site and hundreds of others have been resisting and promoting peace via knowledge and awareness. For the moment, there is a delicate balance. But don't expect it to last. We suspect that something new and dramatic will manifest in their efforts to tip the scales in their direction. As the C's once said:

"The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures." - links and satellite pictures of what's going on here on the BBM.

A former FBI agent, who became an insurance-fraud investigator known to colleagues as "the Rock of Gibraltar," called his former girlfriend and her lover into his Times Square office yesterday, shot them dead and then put a gun in his mouth and blew his brains out. - "Friends said Harrison had narrowly escaped death last Sept. 11, when his company's offices on the 28th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower were destroyed." They said he may have been suffering from after-effects of the tragedy. Comment: We found this story to be very interesting especially when considered in light of the C's comments as follow:

Q: (L) We watched one film [of the WTC attack] that showed a strange, dark object, shooting down towards the ground. What was that?
A: 4th Density energy surge.
Q: (L) Where was it surging from and to?
A: Dome of destruction energy time lock to ground.
Q: (L) Are you saying that there was a dome of a time lock over this area? Do you mean that they put a "time lock" over this area so that they could "harvest" bodies or energy?
A: Close.
Q: (BT) Was there any other purpose besides harvest?
A: Gathering records, gold, soul extraction.
Q: (L) What did they want the gold for?
A: 4th density uses gold for technology. [...]
Q: (L) For what purpose did they intend to use the souls that were extracted?
A: Remolecularization.
Q: What will they used these remolecularized beings for?
A: Insert them back into building to escape and be rescued.
Q: (L) Are you saying that this was an opportunity used as a very traumatic screen event of a mass abduction, so to say?!
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What was done to these people who were abducted? Was there a specific reason for a mass abduction?
A: Turn on the programs.
Q: (TB) So, those who "escaped" are very likely programmed individuals turned loose in our society. People with programs set to make them run amok at some point?
A: Close.

The colorful splash to the right is the supernova remnant known as Cassiopeia A, whose startling structure and color are the result of technological advance in X-ray imaging. Snapped by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, the X-ray energies of "Cassie A" are depicted in red, green and blue, from lowest to highest intensities. The supernova, located in the constellation Cassiopeia, is 10 light-years across and 10,000 light-years from Earth.

Interesting find by a reader: Valour by Chris Beckett. A wonderful story of stagnation and change. It's a simple concept - in the not-so-far future, humanity finds and decodes a steady broadcast from Cassiopeia. And ignores it. - Turns out the broadcast is mostly philosophy, not fancy new technology like the various funding governments wanted. - The 'valour' of the title is one of the three aspects of Cassiopeian morality philosophy - the one missing from the story's setting. - The Cassiopeian three-fold philosophy states that there are primary forces of the universe: Gentleness, Valour, and Evil, which may ally or oppose in any combination. Gentleness/Valour SEEMS to be a contradiction in terms. Evil/Valour produces untold horrors. Gentleness/Evil, is more insidious, however, because it produces a civilization that does the wrong things to make people feel better. This is a story set in the last combination, Gentleness/Evil, and the emergence of the Cassiopean Philosophy of Gentleness/Valour as an attempt to shake people out of it.

Bush and Blair press on for war against Saddam but international coalition is unravelling after Baghdad's announcement that it would allow the unconditional return of UN weapons inspectors to Iraq. - Bush wants a tough Security Council resolution, with a "one-strike" clause, demanding unfettered access for the inspectors and spelling out the consequences should that access be denied even once.

Arab states rejoiced yesterday over Iraq's "positive" step that may spare their region from a devastating war. - Arab League chief, Amr Moussa of Egypt, said the UN's mission ought to "remove any doubt which there may be of Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction." - Mr Moussa had earlier warned that US strikes would "open the gates of hell" in the Middle East. - Syria accused the international community of having double standards by not questioning Israel about its nuclear weapons and by failing to enforce resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Robert Fisk: President Bush wants war, not justice - and he'll soon find another excuse for it - You've got to hand it to Saddam. In one brisk, neat letter to Kofi Annan, he pulled the rug from right under George Bush's feet. - Saddam would do everything he could to avoid war. President Bush was doing everything he could to avoid peace. And now the Iraqi regime has put the Americans into a corner. The arms inspectors are welcome back in Iraq. No conditions. Just as the Americans asked. - No wonder the United States was whingeing on about "false hopes" yesterday. No wonder the Americans were searching desperately for another casus belli – be sure that they will find one – in an attempt to make sure that their next war keeps to its timetable. - But for now, the Americans have been sandbagged. It will take at least 25 days to put the UN inspection team together, another 60 for their preliminary assessment.

Major Scott Ritter, Iraq's nemesis-turned-saviour, was indeed – as an inspector – regularly travelling to Tel Aviv to consult Israeli intelligence. Then Saddam accused the UN inspectors of working for the CIA. And he was right. The United States, it emerged, was using the UN's Baghdad offices to bug Iraq's government communications. And once the inspectors were withdrawn in 1998 and the US and Britain launched "Operation Desert Fox", it turned out that virtually every one of the bombing targets had been visited by UN inspectors over the previous six months. Far from being an inspectorate, the UN lads – though they didn't all know it – had been acting as forward air controllers, drawing up an American hit list rather than monitoring compliance with UN resolutions. - Mr Bush's sudden passion for international adherence to UN Security Council resolutions -- an enthusiasm which will not, of course, extend to Israel's flouting of UN resolutions of equal importance – is in reality a cynical manoeuvre to provide legitimacy for Washington's planned invasion of Iraq.

Seven more deaths have been linked to the West Nile virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

A recent paper from the New England Journal of Medicine. It looked at prostate cancer and compared two groups: one had surgery and the other group was watched. They were able to conclusively prove that if prostate surgery was performed, then the risk of dying from prostate cancer decreased. However, the paper also showed that the overall survival was no different between the two groups, which makes it confusing.

September 17, 2002 - Pentagon RESCUE? Open, Bloody, Questions...

Fifth column: "A clandestine subversive organization working within a given country to further an invading enemy's military and political aims" (American Heritage Dictionary, 1976).

Comment: There are some interesting "finds" on this site, and some good questions being asked. However, as we find repeatedly, without awareness of the UFO/alien hyperdimensional issue, the author simply ends up in the same old tired "Zionist plot" rant. When will people wake up and realize that it is the old Machiavelli routine that induces them to blame the "conspiracy" on each other? It's not a Jewish conspiracy. It's not an Islamic conspiracy. It is literally a "clandestine subversive organization" of GLOBAL machinations - hyperdimensional beings who have designs on our planet. The reader only has to carefully peruse Dolan's book: UFOs and the National Security State to grasp the idea that even if the US is its agent, the real controllers are NOT human. And yes, Jews are being set up as patsies as well as Arabs, and have been for millennia.

Dolan's chronological history of the actual interaction between UFOs and the public and the corresponding behavior of the military, the intelligence community, the media, the scientific community in ITS interaction with the public, make this abundantly clear.

With a broad historical awareness of the facts, a firm grounding in the realization that most of what is out there is deliberate disinformation, the individual who surveys the plethora of "alternative information" in books and on the internet, can easily recognize the "noise" factor produced by the Secret State. Dolan tells us:

By the early 1970s, there were already means available to alter the moods of unsuspecting persons. A pocket-sized transmitter generating electromagnetic energy at less than 100 milliwatts could do the job. This is no pie-in-the-sky theory. In 1972, Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald testified before the House Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment on the issue of electromagnetic weapons used for mind control and mental disruption. He stated:

[T]he basic notion was to create, between the electrically charged ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the Earth, this neutral cavity, to create waves, electrical waves that would be tuned to the brain waves. ...About ten cycles per second. ...You can produce changes in behavioral patterns or in responses.

The following year, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, at Walter Reed Hospital, while in a soundproof room, was able to hear spoken words broadcast by 'pulsed microwave audiogram.' These words were broadcast to him without any implanted electronic translation device. Rather, they reached him by direct transmission to the brain. [ Dolan]

Consider the above in terms of "chemtrails" - obviously being utilized to create the "neutral cavity" described above - and the enormous proliferation of this activity in the years prior to the 9-11 event. Is it any wonder that human beings have been turned into sheep? And note the comments of C's regarding same, most particularly the identification of "the enemy":

Q: (L) But, the fact still remains, in my opinion, that there are a LOT, LOT, LOT of planes flying above us in the past few years! Whether they are dumping anything on our heads, or what, there are an extreme number of planes flying in these upper level criss-cross patterns. Now, whether they are just playing war-games, or they are spy planes, they are doing SOMETHING! What is the reason for all of this upper level flying that results in these criss-crossed contrails that everybody is seeing?
A: A lot of it is "training maneuver"oriented.
Q: Why are they training so many pilots? What are they preparing for?
A: Military budgets must be justified, you know. Review "Military-Industrial Complex 101."
Q: So, this is just training flight, justification of budget, and nothing more than that?
A: Well, we would not say "not anything more to it than that," but, when you say "M-IC," you have said a lot!
Q: Are you implying that there is a build-up of the Military-Industrial Complex for a reason?
A: To preserve status quo during "peacetime." This peace business is not very profitable, you know.
Q: Does that suggest that they are building up to set off a war so they can make more money?
A: Maybe if indeed, and if the populous can be hoodwinked. But, fortunately, the public is less hoodwinkable. Maybe the real enemy is "out there, " rather than "over there." Was it not always?
Q: Does any of this increased aircraft activity have anything to do with the increased awareness and activities of aliens in and around our planet?
A: As always. But, this awareness is factionalized and compartmentalized.

The C's comments of three years ago take on a whole new meaning in light of the present situation - 9-11 and all that, as well as Bush's drive for "war."

But, there's another piece that struck me, and notice that it was from November of 1995 almost 7 years ago. Also notice that it began with a question about terrorists! (I've edited out the chitchat so that the points are not lost in the noise)

Q: (L) Is there any relationship between all of the terrorist bombings that have been taking place in Paris recently, and any stepped up alien activity?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Is there anything we can obtain on that subject by formulation of correct questions?
A: USAir-194 crash; United Air crash, Colorado Springs; Connection? Get voice recorder tape transcripts.
Q: (L) Is this in some way related to the question about the Paris bombing? A: No.

Now, what the heck brought on that answer? It was obviously keyed by some word in my question, maybe "terrorist?" Were the C's suggesting that these were "practice runs" for the attack on the WTC?

Q: (T) This is related to what they were talking about last week, the bases turning 4th density, a plane flew into it and crashed.
A: Assumption! Strobe lights are used for 3rd density mind control.

Here again, a remark that tells us that the C's are trying to redirect us to a certain subject and we weren't getting it. Well, how could we? What we now see with hindsight, in terms of what was going on over the past many years, most especially the past 7 years when all the pieces have been being set up on the global gameboard, gives a whole new meaning to the communications from the C's.

[...] Q: (L) Okay. You mentioned the strobe lights. Are these strobe lights that are used to control minds, are these something that we would or might come in contact with on a daily basis?
A: Do you not already know? We didn't say: some strobe lights, we said: strobe lights, i.e. all inclusive!
Q: (T) Strobe lights come in many forms and types. TV is a strobe light. Computer screens are a strobe light. Lightbulbs strobe. Flourescents strobe. Streetlights strobe.
A: Police cars, ambulances, firetrucks... How long has this been true? Have you noticed any changes lately??!!??

This last remark from C's was kind of a doozie. Here we have a clear connection between the word "terrorist," plane crashes, and now strobe lights on police cars, ambulances, firetrucks... And the number of question marks and exclamations was theirs. So, in November of 1995, they are telling us that some big change has taken place... and somehow it connects all of these things together with MIND CONTROL.

Q: (F) Twenty years ago there were no strobe lights on any of those vehicles mentioned. They had the old flasher type lights. Now, more and more and more there are strobe lights appearing in all kinds of places. (L) And now, they even have them on school buses! (T) And the regular city buses have them too, now. (L) Okay, is the strobing of a strobe light, set at a certain frequency in order to do certain things?
A: Hypnotic opener. [...]
Q: (L) What is the purpose of the hypnotic opener being used in this way?
A: You don't notice the craft.
Q: (L) Oh! So we may be being continuously flown over by alien craft...
A: Assumption!

Now, notice that MY assumption was that this was to hide alien craft... but the C's came back pretty strongly that this was an assumption! The word "craft" takes us back to the listed plane crashes at the beginning of the session.

Q: (T) Okay, what craft are we NOT seeing?
A: Opener. Is precursor to suggestion, which is auditory in nature.
Q: (L) Okay, you said the "suggestion is auditory in nature." If this is the case, where is the suggestion coming from auditorily?
A: Where do you normally receive auditory suggestions from?
Q: (L) Radio, television... (T) Telephone... (L) Is that what we are talking about?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) If you encounter a strobe while driving, or you are sitting in front of your television, then the suggestions can be put into you better because of this hypnotically opened state? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What are these suggestions designed to do, to suggest? In a general sense?
A: Review.
Q: (L) Not see the craft?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Do we get these signals from the radio in the car even if it is turned off?
A: Depends upon whether or not there is another source.
Q: (T) Another source such as?
A: ELP, for example.
Q: (L) What is "ELP?"
A: Extremely Low Pulse.
Q: (T) ELF, Extremely Low Frequency, and ELP, Extremely Low Pulse - is this the same thing?
A: Sometimes.

Remember what Dolan wrote? "A pocket-sized transmitter generating electromagnetic energy at less than 100 milliwatts could do the job. "

Q: (T) This would be an external pulse or frequency?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Would it be originating from the source of the strobe?
A: No. They act in unison.
Q: (T) Two separate sources acting in unison?
A: Close.
Q: (L) And this process prevents us from seeing something, such as craft flying in our skies at any given time?
A: Or maybe see them as something else.

And that sure did happen with the pentagon plane. On August 24, 2002 we asked about the Pentagon Crash. Here is their answer.

Q: Did a Boeing 757, Flight 77, crash into the Pentagon?
A: No.
Q: What did produce the damage to the pentagon?
A: It was very close to what you have surmised: a drone craft specially modified to give certain "impressions" to witnesses. Even the windows were not "real."
Q: What happened to Flight 77?
A: It was landed and now resides, in part, in fourth density.
Q: What do you mean by that?
A: As we have mentioned before, certain bases have this property due to direct interaction with denizens of that realm.
Q: What about the passengers? What happened to the humans?
A: Let us just say that the "human" part now resides at 5th density.
Q: Did they kill them and use parts of them for DNA identification?
A: "Parts" is the correct word.
Q: (Guest comments) Oh! I was hoping they were still alive somewhere!
A: Do you think that any of them could be "allowed" to survive?
Q: When you say that the plane is now partly in 4th density, do you mean it was "taken" while aloft, as happened to the military jet over Lake Michigan some years back? It was "absorbed" by a UFO? [Case described in detail in Dolan's book.]
A: It landed in the normal way.

At the same session quoted above, the Cassiopaeans commented on the Global Elite - the Fifth Column - behind the 9-11 event and its obvious schedule:

Q: Since we know from Dolan that the real "elite" are not those who form our visible government, do any of those in the White House have awareness of the REAL reason these plans are being driven at this time?
A: The White House knows little of what transpires in any case.
Q: Well, how can it be that there is an obvious global conspiracy, with countries that appear to be in opposition on the surface, that are actually working in concert? Who are the members of this global conspiracy? Who is driving them?
A: At those levels, there is only one "Master."
Q: How can they control not only America, but China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and all the rest? What "levels" do you mean?
A: Levels that can hand down orders to bury or suppress. Those who are at that level have been bought and paid for by both giving knowledge of upcoming cataclysmic events, and promised survival and positions of power after. It is not difficult to realize that there is a body of such types in positions of power already. Power is not only attractive to such types, they are the kind most easily courrpted by it.

And it all goes together with the material in Dolan's book about the under-ozone "neutral cavity"... chemtrails - being constantly bombarded with ELP - while strobes are entraining people's brains... microwave towers everwhere probably doing the job... And of course, nobody will believe it because they are asleep.



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