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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind


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New! September 9, 2002 - AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF 9-11 AND THE WAR ON TERRORISM - Comment: If you read this lengthy piece, please keep in mind that the author is stating surface facts. He has done a good job of collecting them, but he has fallen prey to the old "Zionist conspiracy" ruse. There is no Zionist conspiracy to "rule the world." However, throughout history, the Jews have been used and manipulated repeatedly to their own detriment. The present situation is no different.

Even if Mossad was manipulating Arabs to "do the deed" on the World Trade Center, thinking it would help Israel's cause, Mossad was, in turn, being manipulated by the CIA, NSA, FBI, and the rest of the alphabet soup guys. There was no "failure of intelligence."

It was, purely and simply, the culmination of a grand plan that was set in motion by Rockefeller back in 1905 when he funded the studies that resulted in laws being passed against Jewish immigration to America, while he backed the British in their manipulations to get Israel a homeland.

Keep in mind that George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was in bed with many of the corporations that backed Hitler and helped him to power. All the while, with the Rockefeller backing, America was buying Jewish scientists for Princeton, and saying "no" to the common Jews fleeing the death camps. Also remember that President George Bush I, was NO friend of Israel!

Now, after two World Wars, what is left of the Jews - being sufficiently motivated by terror as a result of the Holocaust - are nearly all safely tucked away in Israel. Now, the Bush/Rockefeller agenda is to start a war in the Middle East at whatever cost, so that it will result in the final "Final Solution."

Keep in mind that the Aryan supremacists have always believed that the Aryan race originated in Iran. They are all on a "grail hunt," and have been since somebody told Rockefeller something at the turn of the last century. They think that the Holy Grail is the Ark of the Covenant, and they are after it.

What we are seeing is George Bush implementing a plan that was set in motion over 2,500 years ago - whether by 4th density interference, or by time traveling agents of the US Secret State. The nation of Israel was SET up to be destroyed then. The creation of Judaism was the first Domino. The reviving of Judaism in the 11th Century, with the invention of Kaballah and the propagation of other "mystical secrets" that were designed to lead Jews down the wrong path, was the second Domino. The Holocaust was the Third domino because it drove all Jews together. Now it's time to push them over. See the Adventures Series, beginning with Chapter 24.

As for the present situation, the other night as I was collecting some excerpt, I stumbled on the following two that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Q: (L) Did the Philadelphia Experiment, as we have read about it, occur in the way it was described?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Was Al Bielek part of the experiment?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was the information he has given out about this factual?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Is the information he gives about being aged regressed in the body and his brother coming into a new body accurate?
A: No.
Q: (T) Is his brother, Duncan, really who he claims to be?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is Al Bielek really who he claims to be?
A: No. Was technician but not aboard vessel.
Q: (L) So he did not go back and forth in time?
A: Correct. ... He is an agent of the government.
Q: (T) Is Preston also a government agent?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Why are they coming out with this story? Besides disinformation...
A: Slow revelation to effect guage of public response. ... George Bush was involved with Philadelphia experiment.

Q: Okay, I had a dream about a massive explosion in the sky and the sky being full of UFOs...
A: Sort of like George Bush's "thousand points of light," yes?
Q: So, you mean that my thousands of little space craft...
A: Yes.
Q: So, George Bush's Thousand Points of Light are connected to a space invasion... One thing I noticed about these beings in these space craft, was that they could not respond to anything that was not in their program... and that this was their weakness. Was that an accurate assessment?
A: Yes when one is really a programmed biocyberprobe.

Now, let me round off the above with some more recent material from a mostly unpublished session.

Q: (L) Is the anthrax that has been contracted by several people around our country a terrorist act against our country by foreign terrorists?
A: No.
Q: Where did the Anthrax come from?
A: U.S. government.
Q: (L) Okay, when you say "U.S. Government," is that the government that we consider to be our government, or is that the secret government - some maverick branch that is operating without the approval of our elected officials?
A: Latter.
Q: (A) So, probably when they start to look for tracks of the Anthrax, it will certainly point somewhere abroad - to Afghanistan or somewhere else. (L) Right. That will give the government a reason to go and bomb somebody else. (A) So, is this reasoning correct? (L) Are they going to try to blame it on some foreign element?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, if they are going to try to blame it on some foreign group, can we have any idea of which group?
A: Iraq.
Q: (L) Are we ultimately headed toward bombing Iraq?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Notice however, one complication: groups all over the world, as we are now noticing, have started protests against America. People are going to the streets in Europe to protest. So, in order to avoid this protest, probably America will have to produce some new evidence. Maybe an explosion of anthrax - maybe something completely new. (L) Is that something that is going to happen?
A: Yes. In France. [Possible suitcase nuke to engender support for Bush.]
Q: (BT) Well, the thought that went through my mind, in such a scenario, is related to Cheney. Could he be part of the maverick group pulling the strings?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Are any of these people in the government, those in the public eye, the decision makers; are any of them consciously aware that they are furthering the agenda for the STS takeover of the planet? The main players.
A: No.
Q: (L) Bush is just a puppet. He's like Pinnochio. Every time he opens his mouth his nose just gets longer and longer. Pretty soon his nose will be so long he won't be able to walk across the room. How can you get mad at a complete puppet? I've never heard the guy say an intelligent thing that wasn't written down for him, and even then he manages to screw it up. (A) Yes, it seems so. Because those leaders who have proven NOT to be stupid in the past, have proved to be... (L) ...dead. (A) Or, they proved to be able to kill millions to stay alive. Yes, they can be stupid in a very intelligent way. (L) Are all of these people going to be exposed, caught, shown for what they are?
A: Ultimately.
Q: (A) Well, we still we have one problem: the problem of the involvement of Israel.
A: America may shift the blame.

Wake up Israel! You think you are playing Bush? Guess again. You think Yahweh/Jehovah is the "right god" and you are his chosen people? Guess again. He's an "Aryan god," and he was sent to do just what has been done - make you feel so special and chosen that you isolate yourselves for a couple of millennia, get you to produce some usable geniuses to do the work on UFT so that space/time manipulation was possible for the Consortium, and then herd you all into a tight little corral over there in the "Promised Land" just before the big show - cattle waiting for the butcher of Texas. Bush is pretending that he's after Sodamn Insane. But he's really comin' to get ya! And if this plan fails, you can bet you'll take the fall for WTC. When you "cut the covenant" with Yahweh, you signed your death warrant. Take it to the bank.

And we aren't the only ones who "see the unseen." Rayelan responds to THE POLLARD AFFAIR

Near-Earth objects pose threat - This summer, as India and Pakistan faced-off over the disputed Kashmir region, US early warning satellites detected an explosion in the Earth's atmosphere with an energy of 12 kilotonnes of explosive.

The detonation, equivalent to the blast that destroyed Hiroshima, fortunately occurred over the Mediterranean Sea. The detonation, equivalent to the blast that destroyed Hiroshima, fortunately occurred over the Mediterranean Sea.

Laura writes Bill Nelson and gets a "response." Is anybody in Washington AWAKE???

Let's keep the letters going. Maybe sheer volume will alert them.

Stop the War against Iraq Demonstration in London on September 28! All UK readers who are able, PLEASE ATTEND AND SEND US A REPORT!

The Stop the War Coalition urges everyone to demonstrate on 28 September, but also to spread the word. Tell your workmates, friends and neighbours, leaflet your street, publicise the demonstration in your trade union, church or tenants group, and get in touch with your local Stop the War Coalition group.

Stop the War against Iraq Demonstration in Washington on October, 26th Let's get out there if able! Leave children at home.

Those of you who can afford to, print thousands of copies of the letter below and pass them out in parking lots, in malls. Print copies of the announcement of the Anti-War demonstrations and pass them out!

Write Your Congressmen or tell your children: "Today I did nothing because I don't care about your future"

Or: Copy and paste the following letter into the email form to YOUR representatives. Copy and send it to all your friends and family and neighbors.

The current administration in the United States government is desiring – indeed promoting, a war with Iraq. This has nothing to do with any evidence of wrongdoing on their part – they have repeatedly failed to come up with any real evidence why a war should be considered. From all appearances, the real reasons for this “war” would be the profits derived from the seizure of oil fields and sales of war materiel. The administration promotes fear-based “pre-emptory” attacks which are both morally and legally unjustifiable. It is akin to setting your neighbors car on fire for fear that they might hit your child someday. For this, many thousands of Americans and non-Americans will needlessly die. They will die unless people take the time and energy to say WE’VE HAD ENOUGH.

If we do nothing now and allow a war with Iraq to happen, the consequences may be extremely severe across the planet. Our unprovoked attack will perhaps cause others to retaliate in ways and areas which we cannot even imagine, including right here at home. That is why it is critical to take the time NOW – TODAY – RIGHT WHEN YOU FINISH READING THIS to do something. Write, email or call your congressman. Tell them that in the strongest possible terms that you oppose any military action in Iraq and would like to know their position on this issue. If there are protests against the war in your area – take the time to attend. Do it for your children or grandchildren. You now have the information – if you choose to do nothing with it, that is still a choice. Remember that.

Some say they are afraid to speak out now – afraid of our own government. That fear is good and is justified by the situation in which we find ourselves. Within the past year, the so-called Patriot Act has hugely curtailed your civil rights and the Emergency Health Powers Act has given state governors unthinkable power over your life. To do nothing is to live in fear – to face the fear is to live in freedom. Those who would live in fear are already dead, they are just waiting for the body functions to cease. Those who are free realize that they cannot lose anything because freedom of spirit cannot be taken away.

Tonight, when you put your kids to bed, leaning over them with a kiss for the forehead, will you whisper in their ear, “Today, I did nothing because I don’t care about your future.” Let your voice be heard now.

Congressional Email Directory - We can DO this if we all do it together.

MINDFIELD The CIA and Its Secret Experiments with Germ Warfare. America’s Great State Secret by Gordon Thomas.

" Sensational never-seen-before documents from inside the White House, CIA and other agencies.
" Reveals the documentary evidence that links US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to the cover-up of the death of a top CIA scientist.
" Explains how the CIA financed a ruthless and systematic assault of the human psyche - using a British-born psychiatrist to spearhead the assault.
" World renowned physicians involved in the most sinister research programme ever created by any United States government - and its secret partner - the British government.
" Explains how the CIA deliberately pioneered the drug culture whose effects are still with us.
" Publishes the CIA Manual of Assassination"

Comment: As I read the introduction to this book, I had to get out the hairspray to keep my hair from standing up reading about all the stuff that was going on at Fort Detrick.

Those of you who have read most of the transcripts may have figured out that the woman who was under hypnosis in my house on the night of the flying black boomerangs, reported by Tom French in the St. Pete Times, was the wife of a physicist who worked at the underground base at Fort Detrick, Maryland. See session date: January 7, 1996 where this woman was being "probed" by the C's to reveal to us her Secret Government connections. It was their way of subtly warning us. The very odd thing is that, every session attended by this woman, was plagued by terrible static that made parts of the tape indecipherable. The C's remarks included the following: [Warning: at the time we were VERY naive and did not have a CLUE about such things, much less how to proceed with questions!]

Q: (L) Now, with all of us here, we would like to ask why the black, flying boomerangs showed up on the night Pat first came for hypnosis?
A: Examine issue carefully.
Q: (L) The first thing we thought about it was that this was a, if not necessarily rare, at least rarely observed type of craft, and the event itself was rare... is this correct?
A: It is rare.
Q: (L) If it is rare for it to occur in response to a hypnosis session, which person were the UFO's particularly interested in?
A: It was not a person, but information that is hidden in the subconscious memory of Patricia.
Q: (L) Were they wanting to get this information?
A: No. To monitor what would be revealed. [...]
Q: (L) Oh, they fear that she will act in some way to expose them...
A: Government proximities!
Q: (L) Oh! When I was talking earlier about families who have someone working for the government, such people tend to be abducted more. And just because Pat was married to a scientist who worked at JPL doesn't mean she knew anything. Does she know something?
A: Not what she knew.
Q: (L) Was it because of where she lived?
A: Because of proximity to consortium activity.
Q: (P) Was that activity in the tunnel?
A: Implanted for possible future activation. [...]
Q: (L) Maybe that is why there is a higher rate of abduction among family members of government employees, so that they can be activated or controlled? (P) But my husband wasn't really working on anything secret.
A: He had access to sensitive facilities.
Q: (L) Did he have a security clearance or was he friends with others who did? (P) I had a security clearance. (L) So, P had an implant put in. An actual, physical implant? Where is it?
A: Behind sinus cavity.
Q: (L) What is this implant designed to do?
A: Activate behavioral control reflex and thought pattern generation and alteration. [...]

On January 13, 1996, with Pat again present, the following information was added.

Q: (P) [Three names were given of scientists who worked for the U.S. government, asking if they were part of the reason P had been abducted and implanted as was described in the previous session. All three names were lost in static bursts, but the response to all three names was "yes." The last name was recorded in the notes and was Bob Nathan @ JPL. Then, the following remark was made.]
A: Big involvement there! Microwave technology has many applications. Laser, ELF, electromagnetic.
Q: Was Vic's last assignment... [remainder of question lost in static]
A: Was used, but not consistently.
Q: Was what Vic was told about the job he was doing a complete lie, or was it the truth?
A: Close, but a few details off.
Q: Was it because he was too strong willed to be controlled by an implant, that he was retired?
A: He was trained in applications, not reversal of command instructions.
Q: Does that mean that he wouldn't have sold out to the ones who put in the implant, that he was loyal to his employer?
A: Not quite correct concept, it means that he could not be relied upon to reverse "course" upon activation of subliminal instructions.
Q: (P) How could I be used to monitor personnel when I never noticed anything as being unusual?
A: Very complex, in fact, parallel subject. Pat is "locator probe" for the purpose of monitoring those in her midst. Telling is not important, reading is. Besides, most of the work performed did not involve conscious awareness.
Q: Is this still going on?
A: Partly, but also, Pat could be used as a probe to monitor all events taking place at JPL and other laboratories by examining aural imprints of her husband and others with whom she was acquainted. All events leave permanent imprints upon aural energy fields. This explains, for example, some sightings and apparitions. "Ghosts" are sometimes merely spontaneous activations of the aural records of the natural surroundings.
Q: [Question lost in static burst.]
A: No, Pat, the "blue thing" you saw was not an aural imprint reading, it was a 4th density craft partially transferred into 3rd density. Your deep subconscious memory remembers much, much more.

Office of Homeland Security - Bush's Plan for a Dictatorship - The proposed Department of Homeland Security: If approved, it will amount to the most significant reorganization of the government since the Department of Defense was created and put under the control of a single secretary of defense in 1949 during the Truman administration. The proposal calls for all or parts of 22 government agencies to be pulled together under a single department committed to protecting the nation from terrorist attacks. As outlined by President Bush, the department would have 170,000 employees and a budget of $37.4 billion. There is some debate over how the new department is to be organized, with disagreement over how much latitude the president ought to have in hiring, firing and transferring employees. Bush wants broad discretion in how to run the department.

Polls show decline in support for Bush as fears mount in America - Sixty-four per cent said they believed the Bush administration had failed to explain its position in regard to Iraq and why military action was required.

Mr Bush and Mr Blair have still not produced the evidence to justify war - Tony Blair claims that he and George Bush have a "shared strategy" for dealing with Saddam Hussein. That is as may be: what they certainly have is a shared tactic for dealing with the growing reluctance of their respective publics to go to war. Both leaders have cleverly used words to suggest that the threat of a nuclear attack on their home populations is real and imminent.

Seeing through the lies - People are bad at spotting liars because they look for the wrong signals, according to research presented to the British Association's annual science festival in Leicester. - "They think that liars avoid eye contact and fidget a lot. In fact, liars maintain more eye contact and they don't fidget." Do you know when you're being lied to? Probably not, since even experienced police interrogators are no more adept at spotting porkies than the rest of us. - The so-called "Pinocchio effect" - where liars give themselves away with a "classic" cue such as a hand over the mouth or finger twitching - is mostly the stuff of fairytales. - Having to think fast, startled liars actually reduce their hand and other movements as they devote their full attention to seeming "normal". Obviously, this is one exception to the body language rule. "If people sit very still and rigid and their behaviour appears flat, they may be lying.

Newsmax sez: One of Washington's top insiders tells NewsMax that the war with Iraq could have serious repercussions. He reports that Saddam will wait for the U.S. to make the first attack.

"Saddam wants the high moral ground before he responds."

The insider, who counts Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet and other top Bush administration officials among his friends, predicts that Iraq will respond with a "total war on all fronts" – this includes not only a full-scale attack on invading U.S. troops, but also attacks on Israel and U.S population centers. Saddam will deploy biological weapons, the insider says.

A space rock big enough to cause widespread damage and death will hit the Earth only about once every 1,000 years, but experts say the destruction would be so extreme that nations should develop a joint defense against asteroids. - Such a rock, estimated at 180 feet across, scorched through the atmosphere over Tunguska in Siberia in 1908 and flattened trees across 800 square miles of forest land. No crater was found and experts believe the damage came from atmospheric shock.

The United States spends between $3.5 million and $4 million a year to track asteroids and comets that might hit Earth at some point, but little on strategies to get our planet out of the way, said astronomer Don Yeomans of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

FBI Informant Was Hijackers' Roommate - The latest twist in the who-knew-what-when 9-11 saga: an FBI informant was the San Diego roommate of two hijackers, Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, members of the terror team which attacked the Pentagon, according to a report in Newsweek. -

Not since the Coleen Rowley revelations of May 21 has the malleable storyline of FBI Director Robert Mueller been so challenged. "I have deep concerns that a delicate and subtle shading/skewing of facts by you [Mueller] and others at the highest levels of FBI management has occurred and is occurring,” Rowley wrote at that time.

Rumsfeld to Congress: "There are three issues here," the Defense Secretary told them. "There is the issue of what we know. There is the issue of what we don't know. And there is the issue of what we don't know we don't know." - So much for a smoking gun. Rumsfeld's presentation left even stalwarts of the President's party unhappy. - This isn't just another military adventure. This would be unlike any other war the nation has waged. Bush & Co. aren't responding to cross-border aggression or an assault on American citizens or interests. To use the President's language, this would be "pre-emptive," launched against a country that has not—yet—attacked the U.S. or its allies. [...]

But moral principles gain their power by being consistently applied. If it is dangerous for ruthless dictators to develop lethal arsenals, why attack Iraq but not North Korea? If the Iraqi people deserve to live in a free and democratic state, why don't the Saudi people? If we are willing to pay the price of toppling Saddam, will we also pay the price of staying to clean up the neighborhood? And the thorniest question of all: If the last Gulf War helped inspire evil in bin Laden, will a new one create many more like him?

The Framers of the Constitution carefully laid out the decision-making process for war. Pursuant to the document, war is a decision to be made exclusively by the representatives of the people -- the Congress. Only Congress is authorized to declare war, raise and support armies, provide and maintain a navy, and make the rules for these armed forces. There is nothing vague or unclear about the language in Article I, ¤ 8, clauses 11-16.

Growing European opposition to any unilateral attack - Belgium led a chorus of European disapproval yesterday by claiming Tony Blair's "unquestioning" support for America was the main reason for the lack of a unified EU policy on tackling Saddam Hussein. - Germany and France added to the opposition by reiterating their opposition to a unilateral US attack. "We are jointly opposed to an isolated and one-sided action," said Chancellor Gerhard Schröder after meeting President Jacques Chirac in Hanover on Saturday.

German opinion of American policy plumbed new depths at the weekend when a senior member of Mr Schröder's governing Social Democrats accused President Bush of behaving like a Roman emperor. "Bush is behaving as if he were Caesar Augustus and Germany was his province Germania," said Ludwig Stiegler, the Social Democrats' parliamentary leader.

Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy chief, joined opposition from Greece and Spain to a unilateral American attack on Iraq. "We Europeans think we must follow the United Nations route. Kofi Annan has a margin in which to negotiate, although it is not infinite."

In Russia, Igor Ivanov, the Foreign Minister, said an attack on Iraq could undermine efforts to combat international terrorism and indicated that Russia might use its power of veto at the UN Security Council to oppose any attack.

Blair says Iraq has 'one last chance' - In a speech to the TUC conference in Blackpool tomorrow, the Prime Minister will underline Anglo-American efforts to build international support against President Saddam Hussein and stress that Iraq cannot be allowed to develop chemical, biological and possibly nuclear weapons.

Saddam 'several years' from building nuclear weapons - defence analysts said today. - Even with extensive foreign assistance, it would take Iraq "at least several years" to produce fissile material to build a nuclear weapon. - But Saddam Hussein has also stockpiled "perhaps thousands of litres of anthrax" and is capable of resuming biological weapons production in just a few weeks.

Pressure on Tony Blair from church leaders and trade unions opposed to a war with Iraq is continuing to grow.

Dr Keith Suter, director at the International Law Association and the immediate past President of the UN Association of Australia sez:. while Washington would now like UN authorisation for its strategies, it's certainly not assured. - The US realises that it would make its life a lot easier if it were to attack Iraq with United Nations permission- If the US decides to act unilaterally, I think it's going to make it much more difficult for other Governments to support the United States. In which case it will be very much the US and possibly the United Kingdom operating alone.

A tornado swept through central Utah on Sunday afternoon, ripping apart roofs, telephone poles and trees, and causing an estimated $1 million in damage, officials said.

Subtropical Storm Gustav headed toward the Carolina coast Monday with wind and strong surf. - Unlike the more common tropical storms, which are formed by warm air, subtropical storms have a combination of warm air in the lower half of the weather system and cold air on top.- Subtropical storms are not common, with typically only one or two forming every year.


Nine people were killed and three missing as Typhoon Sinlaku unleashed heavy rains and winds on China's southeast coast, state media said on Sunday. - The China Meteorological Administration has said Sinlaku packed sustained winds of 133 kph (81 mph).

The remnants of Tropical Storm Fay dumped heavy rains and spawned tornadoes Saturday as they moved inland over Texas.

Tiny memory chips made from molecules Thousands of new units could fit on strand of hair's end

Nanotechnology risky - some environmentalists fear that nanotechnology, the fast-advancing science of manipulating materials at the molecular scale, may create contaminants whose tiny size makes them ultra-hazardous. - "If they get in the bloodstream or into ground water, even if the nanoparticles themselves aren't dangerous, they could react with other things that are harmful," said Kathy Jo Wetter, a researcher with the ETC Group, an environmental organization that also opposes genetically modified crops.

More and more bars and night clubs, convenience stores and liquor stores are using high-tech ID scanners in order to look at the information that's actually embedded in many driver's licenses. - Critics cite privacy issues with these ID scanners, particularly because the machines are capable of storing the information that is read.

The number of human cases of West Nile virus has risen to 954, including an infection in a California woman that marks the first emergence of the mosquito-borne malady on the West Coast, the agency announced Saturday.

New! September 8, 2002 - While going over some of the footage I had taped on a Tivo recorder, a clip caught my attention that hasn't been noticed by anyone. A shot from the top of a building looking south shows both towers burning and still standing. Then in the lower left of the screen, at ground level quite a distance from the base of the towers a completely separate building collapses in a huge dust cloud. I repeat, this is before the collapse of the towers.

YOU can help stop the war against Iraq!!

Time is critical!!





ACTIONS: Do ANY or ALL of the below actions to stop the war against Iraq. Bush is obsessed with the war because: 1) Information is now becoming mainstream that he - with the help of his brother and Kathleen Harris - STOLE the election in Florida. 2) the TOP selling books on expose either Bush’s absolute incompetence in preventing 9-11, or his complicity in it, and it is now beginning to actually be discussed in mainstream media thanks to the courageous efforts of the 9-11 widow Kristen Breitweiser, who appeared on Donahue and in Vanity Fair this month.

BUSH WILL STOP AT NOTHING to distract America and the world from the above revelations.


1) Write your representatives and demand IMPEACHMENT OF GEORGE BUSH for criminal incompetence and TREASON. Urge your family members, friends and neighbors to write also. It is imperative that the will of the people be heard. The media tells us that George is still popular. This is a lie. Just ask the people you encounter and you will realize that the whole country is being railroaded by the Bush Gang.

2) ATTEND the March on Washington DC, or sister action in San Francisco on October, 26th to stop the war. Bush is expected to attack Iraq in early November. This action is CRITICAL to stop it. This is being organized by International ANSWER, who got 100,000 plus to the March on Washington in April, 2002.



4) EVERYONE, PLEASE dedicate yourselves and your networks, organizations, to BLASTING this action alert out to as many activists and groups, and bulletin boards as you can across the world.


PLEASE DO NOT WAIT, act now to build a global drumbeat for this action.

New! September 7, 2002 - Britain would breach international law if it used armed force against Iraq say leading lawyers from Cherie Booth's chambers. - A survey of Labour backbench MPs has also suggested that nearly all are unconvinced of the need for military action and want Parliament consulted. Of 100 who agreed to take part in a survey for the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 88 said there were insufficient grounds to declare war on Iraq. - [The] lengthy legal opinion, said using force would not be justified under international law unless Iraq's leaders mounted a direct attack on Britain or one of its allies. Furthermore, a military assault could only be legal if a strike on Britain or one of its allies was "imminent" and could be averted "in no way other than by the use of force". - "The UK should not follow any decision of the US to flout international law. This opinion says clearly that current Security Council resolutions do not authorise using force."

Don't bomb Iraq, says Putin - American efforts to win international support for military action against Iraq suffered a severe setback yesterday when President Vladimir Putin warned of his "deep doubts" about using force to topple Saddam Hussein. -The message was disregarded because of what sources describe as "warning fatigue". At the same time, the FBI and the CIA failed to take seriously warnings that Islamic fundamentalist students had enrolled in flight schools across the US. Comment: Don't believe it for a minute. There was no "failure of intelligence." It was deliberate for the express purpose of prosecuting a war. If Bush and the gang did NOT conspire to create a situation to support a war, let them prove it by backing off.

Is War a Ritual Human Sacrifice? - This mental illness, also called religion, is profound in the human species, and is at the root of practically all wars, those of the 20th century included, despite claims by religionists that Nazism and Communism were "godless" and "atheistic," a charge also laid against early Christians for their disbelief in the typical form of the supernatural. [...]

World War II did not happen in a vacuum. It was preceded by millennia of the same behavior on a smaller scale involving the same type of players. In particular, the history of the Germans and the Jews is oddly intertwined, beginning over 1,000 years ago in Germany. However, the conflict between these groups goes back to the time of the foundation of Judaism, i.e., the creation of the oppressive Law (7-6th centuries BCE) that Jewish or "Zionist" leaders imposed upon their often hapless followers. [...]

n reality, the creation of Christianity was an attempt to unify these various warring factions, while on the one hand raising up the Jews and their God as "the chosen" ("salvation is from the Jews" Jn. 4:22) and on the other striving to end the exploitative Law and bloody sacrifices of the priesthood, which included human sacrifice and cannibalism. Of course, Christianity also incorporated human sacrifice in its exhortations to martyrdom. Furthermore, in order to end human sacrifice, the Christians had to sacrifice millions of humans! [...]

[A] number of the pogroms against the common Jews of Europe over the centuries are alleged to have been not just mindless "anti-Semitism" by Christians bent on stealing their assets but deliberate sacrifices arranged by the elite and the ruling parties in continuation of their ancient practices.

Comment: And that is what is being set up by Bush and the gang. We actually think they are conscious because of their participation in certain "ritual societies." While the author of the above linked article is not aware of the hyperdimensional realities, she has still approached very close to the same understanding of the events that the C's explicate.

The United States and the United Nations ignored warnings from a secret Taliban emissary that Osama bin Laden was planning a huge attack on American soil.

Newsweek exposé of war crimes in Afghanistan whitewashes US role - In the Newsweek report, it is clear that the authors began with a political agenda—to acknowledge the atrocities, while minimizing, if not entirely denying, the responsibility of the US. The authors admit that their investigation “has established ... that American forces were working intimately with ‘allies’ who committed what could well qualify as war crimes,” - Newsweek’s attempt to exonerate the role of US military and civilian authorities defies common sense. Since US troops first arrived in Afghanistan last October, the Bush administration has characterized the campaign as an American war against terrorism.

On the one hand, the US boasts of going into Afghanistan to hunt down terrorists, utilizing the Northern Alliance to prosecute its war. But when evidence of massacres and atrocities begins to emerge, the Bush administration claims it had nothing to do with it and could do nothing to prevent it. This is a double standard that is untenable in the face of the facts. Comment: No wonder the Bush gang don't want to agree to the UN authority over nations that have committed war crimes. They are out there committing War Crimes NOW.

THE MOST SEXUALLY HAPPY NATION IS… Ruper Starch – the American sociological company published the sensational results of its work. As it turned out, the most sexually satisfied nation was the Ukrainians.

Aliens took part in a military exercise in Arkansas? - An American officer, who wished to remain anonymous, affirmed that aliens took part in a military exercise that took place in Arkansas several years ago. “There are some things that I cannot talk about. Yet, I think I can say something.”

In 1336, King Ludwig of Bavaria sentenced nobleman Ditz von Shaunburg and four of his associates to death. They were sentenced to death for rebelling against His Majesty and for disturbing the peace in the kingdom. The nobleman and his friends were to be beheaded. Before the execution, the king asked Ditz to express his final wish. The nobleman asked the king to forgive his friends if his beheaded body runs by them. Schaunburg specified that the convicted were supposed to get in a line with eight steps between each other. The king burst into laughter, but he promised to fulfill the nobleman’s last wish. Ditz got down on his knees in front of a block. The executioner cut his head off, but the body jumped up and ran by the other convicted people to the immense horror of the king and everyone who witnessed it. The beheaded body made 32 steps, having passed the last person in the line, tumbled down to the ground, and remained quiet. The king kept his promise.

Immigrants from the former Soviet Union make up the majority of recently arrived repatriates. According to information from a Jewish agency, 34 thousand repatriates came to Israel in 2002. A large number of them, 21,600 people, came from states that were part of the USSR. - These went to Israel because they were called to go there. They were promised a paradise (during war), yet they see nothing but discrimination instead. - You can wear a skull-cap, learn the Tora by heart, go to the synagogue, but you will always be an foreigner to them. So, what was the point of calling all of these people? Comment: May we suggest an answer? Maybe somebody wants to gather all the Jews in one area and then start a Nuclear War? Maybe somebody like Bush - following the agenda of the Rockefellers who backed Hitler? After all, Bush's grandfather was in bed with the Nazis too.

The Senate launched a contentious debate on Tuesday over President Bush's plans for a Homeland Security Department. Democrats flatly rejected White House demands for the power to waive labor-protection laws for its estimated 170,000 workers with Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle calling Bush's proposal ``a power grab of unprecedented magnitude'' that would undermine the government civil service system.

The Bush administration has threatened to bring in troops to quell a strike.

America has become a rogue state, a state that unleashes unprovoked warfare on other peoples and other nations. America has become a threat to the security of planet Earth and to the life and liberty of a growing number of its own citizens.

[W]hat I find so CURIOUS about the George Bush & Co. coup d'etat and ensuing dictatorial power plays and ploys is that so many of the Republican Right (this would include many fundamentalist Christians and camo-dude militia-types) who spent the 90s whining about how Clinton & Gore were going to use FEMA and the Arkansas Mafia to seize power and declare a dictorship (or something like that) have now gone weak in the knees and soft in the brain over Bush.

Secret telephone wire-taps, covert break-ins and searches of private homes, internet surveillance, secret arrest and imprisonment, body searches to use public transport, surveillance cameras sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms, police firing on protestors with rubber bullets and pepper spray as happened in Oregon this week, mass arrests of hundreds of people at a time as occurred last week in a Houston K-Mart parking lot-- these are the symptoms of a neo-FASCIST police state being born. [...] America has crossed the Rubicon into Imperial dictorship.

Never have the American people lost so much in so short a time. From the heinous attack on our center of international banking and military headquarters, through corporate shenanigans and bankruptcies in a failing economy, to a series of actions by our own government against the rights and fair treatment of its citizens as well as the new posture of waging war on the rest of the world. We are well on the way to tyranny. - "Two towers fell and the federalization of America took less than 48 hours to fall into place. People and governments do not react to truly unexpected events that quickly."

America! Wake UP! Bush is gonna get us all killed! But, if you prefer to sleep, you might want to check out the Nuclear Blast Mapper - fun for the whole family! See if you would survive a nuclear blast!

Firmly opposed to a military strike against Iraq, the leaders of Russia, France and China agreed Friday to President Bush's personal appeal to hear the U.S. case against Saddam Hussein but gave no sign they would bend to it. "We need to work together to make the world more peaceful," Bush argued in back-to-back phone calls that lasted but 30 minutes altogether and marked the start of an uphill campaign to soften overseas objections to his Iraq policy. Comment: Yeah, we need to make the world more peaceful. And, according to Bush, the way to do that is to BOMB it! A few billion dead folks will sure make it peaceful for the rest of 'em!

Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises - Over human history, one of the major ways that humans have adapted to changing environmental and economic fortunes has been to migrate from unproductive or impacted regions to more productive and hospitable regions. But today, the world’s population has grown too large. There is less usable, unpopulated territory to absorb migrants. National borders are less open, so it is difficult for people to move to other countries when droughts, floods, famines, and wars occur. These boundary effects could be particularly severe for small and poor countries, whose populations are often unwelcome in richer countries. In the 1840s, more than 1 million Irish people emigrated because of the potato blight. Can you imagine an equivalent migration of many millions of people today? Keep in mind that there were only about 1 billion people on Earth then. There are 6 billion now. [...] Are you comfortable and secure with this scenario?

New! September 6, 2002 - A perspective on potential climate changes presented by Dr. Robert B. Gagosian, President and Director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - Global warming could actually lead to a big chill in some parts of the world. If the atmosphere continues to warm, it could soon trigger a dramatic and abrupt cooling throughout the North Atlantic region—where, not incidentally, some 60 percent of the world’s economy is based.

When I say “dramatic,” I mean: Average winter temperatures could drop by 5 degrees Fahrenheit over much of the United States, and by 10 degrees in the northeastern United States and in Europe. That’s enough to send mountain glaciers advancing down from the Alps. To freeze rivers and harbors and bind North Atlantic shipping lanes in ice. To disrupt the operation of ground and air transportation. To cause energy needs to soar exponentially. To force wholesale changes in agricultural practices and fisheries. To change the way we feed our populations. In short, the world, and the world economy, would be drastically different. [...] And when I say “abrupt,” I mean: These changes could happen within your lifetime, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be confronting them.

And when I say “soon,” I mean: In just the past year, we have seen ominous signs that we may be headed toward a potentially dangerous threshold. If we cross it, Earth’s climate could switch gears and jump very rapidly—not gradually— into a completely different mode of operation. [...]

These warm-to-cold transitions happen in about 3 to 10 years. The cold periods lasted for 500 to 1,000 years. Such oscillations in temperature and ocean circulation have occurred on a regular basis.

Comment: I don't know how long this fellow has been saying the above, but the C's said it on 02-22-97: almost SIX years ago.

A: Climate is being influenced by three factors, and soon a fourth.
Q: (Laura) All right, I'll take the bait; give me the three factors, and also the fourth!.
A: 1) Wave approach.
2) Chloroflorocarbon increase in atmosphere, thus affecting ozone layer.
3) Change in the planet's axis rotation orientation.
4) Artificial tampering by 3rd and 4th density STS forces in a number of different ways.
Q: (Laura) All right, were those given in the order in which they are occurring? The fourth being the one that's coming later?
A: Maybe, but remember this: a change in the speed of the rotation may not be reported while it is imperceptible except by instrumentation. Equator is slightly "wider" than the polar zones. But, this discrepancy is decreasing slowly currently. One change to occur in 21st Century is sudden glacial rebound, over Eurasia first, then North America. Ice ages develop much, much, much faster than thought.

And then on 02-19-00:
Q: You also made a remark once that ice ages occur much, much faster than people ever thought...
A: Yes.
Q: Do we need to invest in some mukluks and snowshoes?
A: ??
Q: Well, what I am trying to get at is: should we start stockpiling firewood?
A: Maybe.
Q: So, it could be that fast?
A: Oh yes, and faster when in response to global"warming."
Q: When you put "warming" in quotes, you obviously mean warming in more than just an ordinary sense? Is that correct?
A: And/or not really "warm."
Q: Whitley Strieber and Art Bell have published a book about a "global superstorm." Is any of the information they have given in this book fairly accurate?
A: Derived from non-human sources known for stark accuracy, when convenient.
Q: What makes it convenient at the present time for them to be "starkly accurate?"
A: Fits into plans.
Q: Plans for what?
A: Do we not know already?
Q: In other words: world conquest and the takeover of humanity?
A: Not as simple. Call it amalgamation.

China, with one million HIV cases, warns of ten-fold increase - The country is standing on the verge of an AIDS epidemic, said Qi Xiaoqiu, head of the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Health. In the destitute central provinces, large numbers have been infected through tainted blood collections, while in the boom cities of the east coast, it is mainly transmitted sexually, he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Libya is working with such countries as Iraq, North Korea and Saudi Arabia to develop missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Sharon indicated that Libya has obtained expertise to launch a project to develop nuclear weapons. "Libya is becoming perhaps a more dangerous country than we thought," Sharon said on national television on late Wednesday. "Libya may be the first [Arab] country to have the worst kind of weapons of mass destruction." Comment: Well, that pretty well covers the "Axis of Evil," eh? But what is Saudi doing there? Bush was just having tea with those guys the other day. I DO wish they would get their enemies straight.

Former President Bill Clinton urged the Bush administration Thursday to finish the job with Osama bin Laden before taking on Iraq. "Saddam Hussein didn't kill 3,100 people on Sept. 11," Clinton said. "Osama bin Laden did, and as far as we know he's still alive."

Norman Mailer sez: "Clinton made a point of surrounding himself with people who might be 90% as intelligent as himself, but never his equal. Bush is smart enough to know that he couldn't possibly do the same, or the country would be run by morons."

In Massive Air Raid, 100 US-UK Fighter-Bombers and Other Planes Wipe out Surface Missile Batteries and Air Defense Installations at Iraqi H-3 Airfield Cluster 240 m W. of Baghdad Opposite Jordanian Border Air Strike with Reconnaissance and Tanker Aircraft Support Was Carried Out after Thursday Midnight from Air Bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain Comment: In other words, Bush is ALREADY doing as he damn well pleases and to hell with Congress and the American people.

Congressional leaders on Friday said President Bush had to present more evidence to support his claim that Iraq presented an immediate threat to the country before they could agree to any attack.

A U.S. Navy SH-60B helicopter crashed in the Gulf Friday after hitting the mast of a Syrian cargo ship off the coast of Iran, killing a civilian television cameraman and injuring four American sailors, the U.S. military said. The U.S. Fifth Fleet said from its Bahrain headquarters that the helicopter was based on the guided missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay, which is among Western warships inspecting vessels in the Gulf to ensure Iraq's compliance with a U.N. trade embargo imposed after its 1990-91 occupation of Kuwait.

Boulder-Size Meteor Almost Struck Australia? - Residents of Goolwa and Victor Harbour, south of the state capital Adelaide, inundated police with reports of a flash of blue light, smoke trails and two sonic booms. Bryan Boyle of the Anglo-Australian space-watching telescope in the eastern state of New South Wales told the Australian Broadcasting Corp that the sightings suggested the object was a meteor which came within 19 miles of the ground.

Animal Sacrifice Ritual Sparked L.A. Fire A wildfire in a forest north of Los Angeles that forced thousands of holiday campers to flee the fast-moving flames was ignited by candles used in an animal sacrifice ritual, fire officials said on Thursday.

NEW SEISMIC DATA REFUTES OFFICIAL EXPLANATION - New York seismometers recorded huge bursts of energy, which caused unexplained seismic “spikes” at the beginning of the collapse of each tower. - Seismographs at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, N.Y., 21 miles north of the WTC, recorded strange seismic activity on Sept. 11 that has still not been explained. While the aircraft crashes caused minimal earth shaking, significant earthquakes with unusual spikes occurred at the beginning of each collapse. - The Palisades seismic data recorded a 2.1 magnitude earthquake during the 10-second collapse of the South Tower at 9:59:04 and a 2.3 quake during the 8-second collapse of the North Tower at 10:28:31. - The strongest jolts were all registered at the beginning of the collapses, well before the falling debris struck the Earth.

Bad Astronomy - The Planet X Saga - Doomsayers seem to pop up every few years. Last time, it was the alignment of the planets that somehow managed not to destroy the Earth in May 2000. Now, we have Planet X. A few people are claiming that a heretofore unknown planet in our solar system is on a very long, elliptical orbit. In May 2003, it will pass close enough to the Earth to affect it in some way, causing it to flip over (what many call a "pole shift") and spur many other huge disasters. The end result will be the deaths of many billions of people. There are a large number of web pages, chat rooms and books about Planet X and its horrible affects on the Earth. So the question is, does this planet exist, and will it come by in May 2003 and cause all this horror? No, and no.

Comment: Michael Mandeville has recently said: "I do not cover anything related to Nibiru because I am firmly convinced that it is a figment of both Sitchin's and Zetatalk's imagination. In the case of Zetatalk, I am firmly convinced it is part of a cult fraud." We have been saying for a long time that the Planet X - Nibiru story is COINTELPRO.

We have done extensive research on cyclical catastrophes, and there does, indeed, seem to be "something" going on. We see it in our history when we look carefully and we see that something is disturbing our Solar System at the present time. We have also repeatedly said that something is "driving" the Control System and we believe that it is their knowledge of cyclic catastrophe. For those who have not yet done so, read our articles on the subject included in the Adventure Series, the background beginning with chapter 24, as well as our article on Sitchin.

A strong earthquake occurred in the TYRRHENIAN SEA about 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Palermo, Sicily, Italy at 7:21 PM MDT today, Sep 5, 2002 (Sep 06 at 3:21 AM local time in Italy). A PRELIMINARY MAGNITUDE OF 6.1 WAS COMPUTED FOR THIS EARTHQUAKE. On Wednesday, two earthquakes were monitored off Greece -- the first near the Dodecanese Islands, measuring 4.5, and the second later in the day near Crete, measuring 4.4.

Tony Blair has declared that Britain is ready to line up alongside America "when the shooting starts" in any US-led military assault against Iraq. - As Arab League foreign ministers warned that a strike on Iraq would "open the gates of hell" in the Middle East, Mr Blair also faced a challenge to his authority from within his own Cabinet over the issue. - Robin Cook, the Leader of the House, suggested that MPs should be allowed to vote on whether Britain would take military action. But Mr Blair is determined to avoid a formal vote after being warned by govern-ment whips that 100 Labour MPs could mount the biggest backbench rebellion since the party came to power in 1997. Comment: Strange, isn't it, that these warmongers are unwilling to allow the people to speak. I hope that our readers in UK are kicking up some dust.

Four U.S. Air Force F-15s, four British fighter jets and four U.S. Navy F-18s from the USS George Washington -- were used to drop more than 20 precision-guided bombs on a military airfield known as Rutvah, about 240 miles west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. - Comment: Precision guided bombs? Hmmm... Sounds like what hit the Pentagon.

With Democratic leaders expressing unease over the prospect of a military attack against Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney and CIA Director George Tenet delivered a classified, intelligence briefing about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein to a select group of congressional leaders Thursday.

The Bush administration has suggested that Iraq may soon develop a nuclear bomb. But multiple sources in the U.S. government said they believe Iraq is years away from having a nuclear device unless the country receives outside help. Most of these sources also said they know of no specific intelligence that would lead to a new timetable assessment. Comment: If "intelligence" sources are making the claims about Saddam's nuclear or biochemical arsenal, might we ask if these are the same "intelligence sources" that claim to have been in the dark about the 9-11 attacks? And we are supposed to believe them?

The Arabic television news network Al-Jazeera said Thursday it has taped confessions of two al Qaeda members claiming responsibility for the September 11 attacks on behalf of Osama bin Laden's terror group. - Comment: Ya just gotta wonder what they were promised to do this?

Tropical Storm Fay formed in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday and threatened coastal areas of Texas and Louisiana with heavy rains. - Tropical Storm Edouard, downgraded to a depression, was expected to bring bands of heavy rain, wind and high surf as it moved through Florida and Georgia on Thursday.

At least five people were swept away by the flooded Narmada river in India's Gujarat state, a senior government official said Thursday.

Taiwan's financial markets are closed as a powerful typhoon approaches the island, after lashing Japan's Okinawa and causing widespread damage.

Gore is considering another run for the presidency and has said he will make a decision by the end of the year. At the same time, he's been busy with other projects, from a book on his family to teaching to working at a financial firm.

A judge has revoked the citizenship of an 83-year-old accused Nazi collaborator, saying the man persecuted Jews during World War II. - The judge concluded the government had proven by "clear, unequivocal and convincing evidence" that Reimer supported those who participated in the clearing of Jews from the Czestochowa and Warsaw ghettos and the guarding of concentration and labor camps. Comment: Wonder why they don't revoke the citizenship of the Bush family? There is clear and unequivocal and convincing evidence that the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Bushes, and others were supporters of Hitler.

Russian officials Tuesday said 'N Sync singer Lance Bass will not be taking off for a trip next month to the orbiting international space station as Bass representatives say they are still trying to salvage the deal.




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