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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

New! October 9, 2002
- Death Merchants - 81; U.S. Taxpayers - 19. In short, what Bosnia, the NATO expansion, and the perpetual Middle-eastern crises have in common is - increased spending. Mostly by governments. More money for the "Princes of the 20th century" - the multinational corporations, the real winners of the globalists' perpetual war for perpetual commerce strategy. And who are the losers? Well, the 200 million humans killed by the governments in the 20th century alone, according to the University of Hawaii professor, R.J. Rummel, certainly qualify as losers. And so do the world's taxpayers who involuntarily financed such atrocities - against themselves!

TOP US EXPERT BRANDS BLAIR AS "LIAR" OVER IRAQ - Tony Blair is a liar, the man who headed the CIA's Iraq desk during the Gulf War said last night. "Bush and Blair want a war in Iraq and they are both prepared to lie if necessary, in order to get one," said Dr Stephen Pelletiere, who recently retired as professor of National Security Affairs at the US Army War College. "Blair's so-called dossier is supposed to be based on 'intelligence'," he said. "It insults our intelligence by recycling old, discredited propaganda and presenting it as fact. - "When lies appear in an official Government report to a sovereign Parliament, well then you have to ask yourself just what is going on." Pelletiere said that crucial claims made in the British Government's Dossier on Iraq - and repeated by Tony Blair in his statement to the Commons - were patently false. - In 1990, Pelletiere, Professor Leif Rosenberger and Lt Colonel Dr Douglas Johnson of the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College wrote "Lessons Learned: The Iran-Iraq War."

"It all boils down to two three-letter words," he said. "Ego and oil "Blair's dossier includes a photograph which I know for a fact was produced by the Iranian propaganda machine.

"Claims that Iraqis gassed their own Kurdish civilians are constantly invoked by the mass media. "That excuse was used by President Clinton in December 1998 to justify the further bombing and destruction of Iraq. "The Halabjah incident is one of the reasons being proposed now by Prime Minister Blair and President Bush for a full-scale military assault on Iraq. "Meanwhile, estimates of the number of innocents who have died in Iraq from relentless American-dictated U.N. sanctions range between a million and 1.7 million, including more than half a million children."

Comment: Oh, I see! What he is REALLY saying - though he doesn't want to say it, is that BUSH IS A LIAR! Not a surprise!

McDermott accuses Bush of plotting to be emperor. - saying the president is threatening military action in Iraq as part of a plot to crown himself emperor of America. - The Seattle Democrat, was back in his district yesterday telling cheering supporters that Bush is planning a war to distract voters' attention from domestic problems. - "And what we are dealing with right now in this country is whether we are having a kind of bloodless, silent coup or not." "This president is trying to bring to himself all the power to become an emperor — to create Empire America," he said. And he warned his supporters, "If you go along like sheep that is what will happen." - "If President Bush is engaged in a coup then his co-conspirators are Richard Gephardt and Joseph Lieberman," he said, referring to Democratic leaders.

Comment: The article also tells us that when McDermott arrived, he was followed by a few protesters, one of whom shouted after him, "Our president is not a liar. If you want to say it, say it here but don't go to foreign lands to say it." Sounds like the party-goers on the top of the skyscraper in the movie ID 4 waving the welcome signs at the aliens. And frankly, the situation is precisely the same. As we have outlined in the Adventures Series, the agenda of the STS controllers of the world is to use George Bush to initiate a global war so that the energy of death and suffering will fuel their takeover. As I have pointed out repeatedly, wishing it ain't so isn't gonna make it go away. Meditating on World Peace isn't gonna fix it. And it has nothing to do with "saving the earth." Read the following VERY carefully:

Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs... Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?
A: Part, but not "the whole thing."
Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?
A: Replacement.
Q: (L) Replacement of what?
A: You.
Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?
A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement... see?
Q: (L) Well, that answered my other question about the objective. Well, here in the book, Dr. Jacobs says that there is ongoing abductions through particular families.[...] To protect the intergenerational nature of the breeding program, it must be kept secret from the abductees so that they will continue to have children. If the abductees KNEW that the program was intergenerational, they might elect not to have children. This would bring a critical part of the program to a halt, which the aliens cannot allow. The final reason for secrecy is to expand the breeding program, to integrate laterally in society, the aliens must make sure that abductees mate with non-abductees and produce abductee children.' Now, this seems to suggest that there is a particular bloodline that is susceptible to...
A: We have told you before: the Nazi experience was a "trial run," and by now you see the similarities, do you not? Now, we have also told you that the experience of the "Native Americans" vis a vis the Europeans may be a precursor in microcosm. Also, what Earthian 3rd density does to Terran 2nd density should offer "food for thought." In other words, thou art not so special, despite thy perspective, eh? And we have also warned that after conversion of Earth humans to 4th density, the Orion 4th density and their allies hope to control you "there." Now put this all together and what have you? At least you should by now know that it is the soul that matters, not the body. Others have genetically, spiritually and psychically manipulated/engineered you to be bodycentric. Interesting, as despite all efforts by 4th through 6th density STO, this "veil remains unbroken."

Now, please pay SPECIAL attention to these remarks: we have also warned that after conversion of Earth humans to 4th density, the Orion 4th density and their allies hope to control you "there." Interesting, as despite all efforts by 4th through 6th density STO, this "veil remains unbroken."

Now, let's think a minute here. The C's have just said that the plan is to set things up for the 4 D STS harvest and that despite all efforts by STO, this plan is working out as the STS gang wants it to. What does that say about all the "spirituality" that is supposed to be going around? What does that say about all the methods, philosophies, beliefs, attitudes, that pass today for "enlightened spirituality?"


Q: (L) Now, the big question is: what are we supposed to DO with this information?
A: As with all else, it is not what you should do with it, it is just that you have it.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility of defeating the plans of the 4th density STS in this project?
A: Is there any possibility of defeating the Spanish Conquistadores and the English, French, Dutch and German "colonists?"
Q: (F) Did they say what I think they said? (L) Yes. That is inexpressibly depressing.
A: And you expected a Rose Garden?

Q: (L) If that's the way it is, why don't we all join the Heaven's Gate cult and commit mass suicide and just not deal with all this stuff?!
A: You chose to "deal with it," now did you not?

Nobel Laureate, Murray Gell-Mann writes in The Quark and the Jaguar:

I have never really seen a jaguar in the wild. In the course of many long walks through the forests of tropical America and many boat trips on Central and South American rivers, I never experienced that heart-stopping moment when the powerful spotted cat comes into full view. Several friends have told me, though, that meeting a jaguar can change one's way of looking at the world.

...[Arthur Sze writes] "The world of the quark has everything to do with a jaguar circling in the night." ...The jaguar stands for the complexity of the world around us, especially as manifested in complex adaptive systems. ...The quark and the jaguar seem to me to convey perfectly the two aspects of nature that I call the simple and the complex: on the one hand, the underlying physical laws of matter and the universe and, on the other, the rich fabric of the world that we perceive directly and of which we are a part. ...The jaguar is ...a possible metaphor for the elusive complex adaptive system, which continues to avoid a clear analytical gaze, though its pungent scent can be smelled in the bush. [ Gell-Mann, 1994, emphasis, mine.]

In these pages, we have met the Jaguar. We have described a reality out of your worst nightmare. Some of you have been able to actually see the Jaguar, and some of you have smelled its "pungent scent," and some of you have covered your eyes and held your nose and have fled in terror to the safety of more congenial belief systems. These latter have concluded that the Cassiopaeans are presenting "just another of those the-world-is-damned, and only a few are gonna be saved" rants. In regard to this, let me quote Dresden James who wrote:

A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.

In either case, whether you have seen or smelled the jaguar, or have denied its existence, holding the perfumed handkerchief of well-packaged lies to your nose, I think it is time to talk a few minutes about current realities. On July 16, 1994, the information about the "project to create a new race" was given with a completion date of 13 years in the future. That would put it right around the year 2007. We should either be running for cover, or on our knees praying, right? Nice linear thought pattern.

The question has been asked: If the Cassiopaeans are the "nice guys" who "serve self by serving others" that they claim, why in the world would they tell us about a reality that is so horrible? Is it their objective to create such a reality by planting it in our minds and convincing us it is real and we have no hope? Doesn't making people afraid provide a wonderful feast of fear for those nasty old 4th density STS controllers? Isn't that just what they want? And, if so, then the Cassiopaeans must be one of "them" in disguise providing them with a "feast of fear!"

At the same time, when the Cassiopaeans suggest that the many sources of information or systems of belief that make you feel safe, saved, warm and fuzzy, could really be setting you up for a fall, aren't they driving us away from the REAL sources of peace and harmony in which we must have faith in the face of any other evidence?"

Well, let me ask you a question: would you go hiking in the wilderness without proper clothing and equipment? If somebody told you about all the dreadful things that can happen on a hike in the woods, would it stop you from the hike? Would you be so terrorized by the prospect of encountering a bear or a snake or a jaguar that you would stay home? Or would you equip yourself properly, with both knowledge and tools, and go and enjoy your hike in safety?

Well, this analogy goes only so far because, as it happens, we are already in the middle of the wilderness and there are a lot of "teachers" around who are repeatedly telling us "There's nothing out there that can harm you! If you aren't afraid, no grizzly bears or snakes will appear! And, even if they do, if you don't feel fear, they won't bother you."

Well, on the occasions when just such a philosophy might seem to have worked, the survivor of the encounter is firmly convinced that it was just this quality of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" that preserved them. The only problem is, we have no way of knowing if the grizzly bear, the snake, or the jaguar declined to attack them simply because they weren't hungry at the moment, or they were distracted by other, more tasty prey. And a more compelling question is this: did they act in a manner so as to convince the experiencer that their "belief system" worked, so that they WOULD return and proclaim the gospel of faith and ignorance, thereby assuring their continued concealment? And, naturally, those who practice this philosophy and do NOT survive, have no voice at all and we never hear about them. Freud wrote that religion was:

A system of wishful illusions together with a disavowal of reality, such as we find... nowhere else... but in a state of blissful hallucinatory confusion.

And, of course, the Cassiopaeans have identified the essence of Service to Self as "Wishful Thinking."

Now, let me propose another interpretation of what the Cassiopaeans have told us; one that is actually contained within their words for those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear." Could it just be possible that they are, as they have said, probable future selves whose reality as 6th density beings is increased in direct proportion to our level of knowledge, and subsequent APPLICATION? In other words, are we not dealing with probable futures, and the only way of determining which future we experience is to choose based on accurate knowledge of the present?

Suppose that the information that the Cassiopaeans disseminate is true and we ignore it, are we then possibly subject to the very reality they tell us about? Conversely, if we accept it as true, or possibly true, and then ACT based on this information, are we not then capable changing the reality? That is, assuming that the reality is a result of mass mind non-awareness and a sort of "critical mass" of awareness can be achieved?

In short, does it not seem reasonable that probable future selves, given increasing probability by the awakening of a few people, are capable of interacting in our reality to help us only because some of us accept the role of being "contact points" to receive and disseminate the information necessary to wake people up in order to CHANGE the future?

Ouspensky, quoting Gurdjieff, writes: "... Furthermore no one can escape from prison without the help of those who have escaped before. Only they can say in what way escape is possible or can send tools, files, or whatever may be necessary. But one prisoner alone cannot find these people or get into touch with them. An organization is necessary, Nothing can be achieved without an organization.[P.D. Ouspensky, In Search of Miraculous]

Remember the most important principles that the Cassiopaeans have given us are Free Will and Knowledge Protects. These two concepts are inseparable. The more knowledge you have, the more awareness you have; and the more awareness you have, the more Free will you have. And the only way to understand the advanced information from the Cassiopaeans that evolved as we interacted with them is to understand nonlinear dynamics and complex systems.

First of all, it is important to note that the law of Free Will contains within it the explicit condition of non-linearity. And for those who wish to take issue with my remarks here, claiming that the Cassiopaeans have said that we are controlled by 4th density STS, and therefore this implies that there is no free will, keep in mind that we have as much free will in relation to 4th density as 2nd density creatures have in relation to us. The more awareness of 3rd density beings the 2nd density creature obtains, the more likely it is to avoid being captured and eaten.

Implicit in non-linearity is the fact that the future is, as the Cassiopaeans have said a thousand times, if they have said it once: OPEN. Not only is it open, it is multiple in probability. In their own words, there is an uncountable infinity of "quasi-quantum propensities."

Nonlinear equations are "math from the Twilight Zone" where the normal mathematical landscape can suddenly become an alternate reality. In nonlinear equations, a small change in one variable can have a disproportionate impact on other variables. This can be catastrophic or serendipitous.

It seems that is has not been without some sort of definite "plan" and "mission" in the "mind" of the Cassiopaeans that my husband Ark, was, before coming to America, heading a division of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems. It might even be deduced by the reader that there was an essential need for the participation of a physicist of exactly his background in this "project" or "mission." It might even be further conjectured that he and I both were aware of this plan prior to incarnating and that our different pathways, brought together by the direct intervention of the Cassiopaeans, were necessary experiences set up by our "future selves" in order to prepare the ground, as it were, for the "mission" that is unfolding in our lives. As the C's said above: You chose to "deal with it," now did you not?

The teachings of the Cassiopaeans are based on a nonlinear, complex, self-referencing and self-organizing cosmos. That is to say, when they answer our questions at any given moment, the answers are exactly correct for that moment in space time; that "branch of the universe" in which the question is asked. However, that information, if it is utilized, changes the complex system via a process of "back-propagation" or "feedback," and the universe can branch and change in a nonlinear way. That this HAS happened is evident - and maybe it has happened more than once, depending on our actions, or feedback into the system.

Nonlinear equations include feedback in the terms. These are terms which repeatedly multiply by themselves. But, there are two types of feedback. An example of a simple feedback loop is the thermostat in your home. The room cools down below a certain temperature set on the thermostat. The thermostat responds by switching on the heatpump, which then heats up the room. As the room warms up to the set temperature, the thermostat signals the heat pump to shut down. The action of the thermostat affects the heat pump and the activity of the heat pump affects the thermostat. The thermostat and heat pump are bound in what is technically called a negative feedback loop.

Negative feedback loops have been in used since as early as 250 BC when they were used to regulate the height of water in water clocks. In the 1930s, feedback loops were used to model the relationship between predators and prey. In the 1950s, scientists (mainly in cybernetics and control theory) began to take conscious note of feedback loops other than the negative kind. Positive feedback, for example.

The ear splitting screech you hear in a PA system is an example of positive feedback. (Yeah, I know, that sounds weird because there is nothing positive about those noises, for sure!) But what it means is that output from the PA amplifier is picked up by the mike and looped back into the amplifier where it is then emitted by the speakers in greatly amplified volume. The chaotic sound is the result of the output of one stage of the process adding to the input in another stage of the process.

So, calling it "positive" just means it "amplifies," just as negative feedback is a system of control. Think carefully about these two systems of "feedback." These two types of feedback are everywhere in our world. And nonlinearity is everywhere a potential.

If you think about our reality in terms of "feedback loops," you can see how it might be possible to "control" us by pumping a measured amount of "heat" or "teachings" into the system when it gets too cool when people begin to get restless and ask questions. This has been the state for millennia. Each time human beings have begun to awaken, it could be likened to the room becoming too cool. The control system then adds some heat in the form of a new variation on the old teachings that serve to "stabilize" the system. As soon as enough "heat" has been added, the "feeding" shuts down. A practical examples of negative feedback loops is the standard religions of the past, and now we have a similar effect in the new religion of the "alien rapture theory."

Positive feedback loops are a bit more problematical, and are the stuff of nonlinear dynamics. The key to positive feedback in terms that we are concerned with relates directly to the teachings of the Cassiopaeans. Their communications could be likened to the output from an amplifier - Us in the Future/Present - which is picked up by the microphone or "Us in the Past/Present" - which is then looped back into the amplifier - Us in the Past/Present, again- and then is emitted by the speakers in greatly amplified volume - or nonlinear change of the reality.

A: The Wave is transport mode.
Q: (L) Is that transport mode for many beings?
A: Yes. Wave is "crowded."
Q: (L) Are you coming to invade us?
A: No, merge.
Q: (L) Are others coming with the intention of invading us?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) So, everybody out in the whole universe who want a piece of the earth action are on this wave?
A: At realm border crossing. ...Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning... The grand cycle is about to close presenting a unique opportunity.
Q: (L) Does this mean that this is a unique opportunity to change the future?
A: Future, past and present. [...]
Q: (L) And why is there a convention attending this realm border crossing? I mean, is it just a "reely big shew!"
A: It is an opportunity. As in an opportunity to affect whole universe. Picture cosmic playing of "Pomp and Circumstance" AKA "Hope and Glory."

And then, more recently, the following:

Q: Are we supposed to build some kind of technology for SOME reason?
A: Yes. Later.
Q: Can you tell us what our mission is?
A: Keep learning. Hoot, holler!
Q "Hoot and holler?" Like "ride 'em cowboy?"
A: Yes. Voila! Joy! Now Learn!
Q: (L) In other words, learning is fun?
Q: It might be fun for you guys; however, there's certain things about this 3 D environment, like when you kick rocks, it hurts.
A: But it is more fun that way.
Q: Are we supposed to move to France?
A: Yes.
Q: When will we move to France?
A: 2003.
Q: Are we supposed to DO something in France?
A: Yes.
Q: What?
A: More work. U 5.
Q: "U 5?!"
A: 8835 million. Hope and glory is coming close! Point the way to love in realms of light. Trust on it.

Now, keep in mind what the C's said above, that the veil of deception had still not been broken regarding the plans of 4 D STS - which suggests that MOST of the so-called "spiritual info" of the past couple thousand years is PART OF THE DECEPTION.

Recently, a reader quoted the following as a means of suggesting that it was useless to ACT in this 3rd density world: "When you are allowing, Spirit will compensate you in a variety of unexpected ways. The only reason this has not happened before is that you just haven't believed it was possible, When you believe things are possible, reality changes."

That is New Age COINTELPRO. Take it to the bank. To assume that just "believing" things are possible will result in a change in your reality is, as the Sufi Shaykh Ibn al-'Arabi suggests, "assuming God's point of view." "To attempt to assume God's point of view and "mix everything" at this level, results only in STAYING at this level."

This assumption of God's point of view as though it "belongs" to this level, seems to be the foundation of not only STS disinformation, but also even information from STO sources that do not yet have sufficient "elevation" to understand the dual emergence from 7 D. They MAY have understood it prior to making their own choice, or they may have made that choice without full understanding. This is the point the C's were trying to make in their remarks about the Allies of Humanity in a recent session, which went on to discuss many other interesting things, including the fact that we are defining who and what we are by how we RESPOND to our environment in terms of action:

Q: (J) Are 'The Allies of Humanity' a valuable resource?
A: All is of value if examined with an open mind and proper perspective.
Q: (V) Well, just from reading the table of contents it looks like they're trying to define a lot of subject matter, they're trying to define what is God, what is...Spiritual.
A: Or from their perspective.
Q: (V) Where does the information emanate from?
A: Channeled.
Q: (V) Channeled by who? (J) Channeled by Marshall Summers. (V) But who is it that is channeling through Marshall Summers? (J) The Allies of Humanity. (V) That's a name, what are they?
A: 4th density.
Q: (V) STS, STO?
A: STO predominates. Keep in mind that the 4th density STO perspective had a tendency to exclude certain factors by virtue of choice of realm frequency. This means that the lesson profile of 4th density STO is to enhance the energy by association in networks that do not include ongoing contact with STS, and so their perspective is on the positive STO experience.
Q: (R) This has to go back to the question that you started with about Allies from 4D because, it's from, "all is of value if examined with a open mind and proper perspective," and our perspective is that any help that we would get from 4D STO is that we have to keep in mind that they don't have to deal with things that we do. (L) Right. (R) So any help that we get we will have to add the extra context...(L) Of our reality.
A: First awareness of the choice comes. Then making the choice. Then enhancing the energy to graduate. The problem of 3rd density is identifying what to choose, since so much is veiled from you. [...]
Q: (V) Twice maybe in the last 3 or 4 years, I was walking along and all of the sudden the environment has totally changed and it is like I was a light person, what was that?
A: 4D bleed through. We mentioned before that you ought to get used to it.
Q: (V) Well, it is not a getting used to thing, it only happened twice and it was magnificent, I mean it was an experience. I can say now that I am experienced. (laughter) (L) And not Jimmy Hendrix! (V) And is there no way to bring this on myself, it was just so spontaneous?
A: STS do that.
Q: (V) Do what? (L) Seek to achieve such awareness by techniques or rituals, or drugs, technology, whatever. (V) So is there a positive or negative aspect to this?
A: Not unless you are not experienced (L's laughing hard through the letter calling)!
Q: (L) I felt that coming and it was so funny! (V) While I was for these few moments in this altered state did I look the same to other people around me?
A: Yes. Perception is bonded by awareness. Others are bonded to their awareness of you and all else.
Q: (V) Well while this was happening to me was this also happening to others in my general area?
A: No. Not likely. You do not yet realize how rare higher awareness is.
Q: (V) Okay there were like waves, like these photons waves I hear talk about that are supposed to like swing through...(J) What triggered it?
A: Frequency envelope thinning due to patterning imprint repetition of V** in her environment.
Q: (V) Alright what's a frequency envelope. (R) Actually, frequency envelope, (asking Ark) isn't that what we were doing with the computer program? (A) Frequency envelope is something like that.
A: Your awareness maintains a frequency emanation in concert with those in your environment. When there are fluctuations in bonding frequencies both between you and your environment, and the frequency bonding of another, the fluctuations create discontinuities.
Q: (R) Okay, that makes sense. It's like resonance, if the environment has a particular frequency...hmm... And it's violet and violet is high energy, right? The color spectrum right? (The group reviews the previous C's answer...) (R) Exactly, so it's a quantum jump. Because you're at one level and unless something strange happens that's where you're at. (L) In other words--you emanate energy, the other person emanates energy, and the energy exchange is between you and the environment, and between you and the person and the environment, and your environment is maintained and the envelope of energy is maintained around you, but if there is... fluctuations? (R) Ah! "Your awareness maintains a frequency emanation in concert with those in your environment." Hence, if your environment has a frequency that allows for a higher frequency, I mean, it always has the lower, but in some cases it can allow for higher. .(L) Well they're saying that the fluctuations are in you (directed at V). (R) In concert with the environment. (L) And in concert with people who are other words, something is breaking up and you are no longer frequency bonded to the people in the environment in the same way, there is a fluctuation there, what is it when you add too much energy to something?'s unstable, it's unstable for some reason. Your reality construct is unstable. That's what I would say. (R) You have a bigger marble that you can fit in a bigger hole if the hole happens to be there. (L) Right.
A: Rejoice! You are growing out of your shoes. Basis: shoes.
Q: (V) Okay Perspective is a word that has been coming up a lot, so I am going to go ahead and ask about this-- We all live in the same world, but yet we view our environment, what is going around us differently. One time a few years ago I was with a woman who claimed to be a psychic counselor, a woman named P, and she insisted that in her world the Rainforest was not being degraded...
A: STS tend to make such statements because of denial of the very principle just described.
Q: (V) We were sitting there and I was whining about how bad humans treat the earth, this was when I was studying Environmental Science, and she was just insisting that in her world the Rainforest was just fine. And you know I was just sitting there looking at her and I just couldn't believe what she was saying was the truth. And I thought, okay, is this woman traveling back and forth between realms or realities or what is the deal?
A: She was abnegating any response...ability.
Q: (V) Well you know I stopped going and seeing those psychic people a while ago (laughter). (R) Good move.
A: Good plan! Hang out your own shingle and let them come to you!
Q: (R) But the thing is when she said, "in my world the Rainforest is okay," it means she has already made a judgment that...(V) Yeah, that she was somehow in a better place than I was. (L) Well it was also making a judgment against the wisdom of the universe, that if the Rainforest's are dying maybe there is a reason for it. (R) Exactly. All there is are lessons. (V) Well you know it was funny because I was in a Geology class at the time and we were supposed to go on a diving trip down south and it got stopped by a hurricane and she told me she could see me, with the healing stuff, going down there and all the dead coral would come back to life. (B) She could see that happen?
A: When the universe is ready to revive dead coral, you can bet it will revive.
Q: (V) Well I thought that was a pretty tall order for me to be taking care of all by myself. (R) The universe is infinitely capable of taking care of itself. (V) To get back to the perspective thing, personal perception...
A: Frequency envelopes are realms, however they are "in concert," which implies a degree of scripting at some level. Some members if the orchestra do not play well. Some do not play in tune. Some are out of synch. Others expect the one next to them to play their part.
Q: (R) Which makes even more sense that in 4D STS and STO don't like to mix because if they do they would play completely out of synch. (V) Is it like my frequency envelope is my consciousness, the representation of my consciousness contained? (R) No frequency envelopes are realms. (V) Okay, so I'm a realm unto myself. (J) You are Queen of your realm. (L) But your realm is part of an orchestra which means that it emanates a sound, you are giving off a sound, you are playing your part which either you play it well or you do not have the right rhythm. (R) But even if you are playing it well... (L) Those around you may not be. (R) Exactly. So that's also kind of a reason why 3D is such a low density because there is so much canceling out. I mean if you put a lot of 3D guys that are STS oriented in one place and if you put STO people in another place, physically, then there would be as much canceling out. So you wouldn't need as much awareness individually to make use of higher frequencies because you could have an orchestra. (V) Because you would be gathered together harmoniously. (R) So in relation to frequency envelopes and bonding of awareness to perception I was wondering if that related to creating the conduit. They said that you were creating conduit here. A bridge to 4th density. Okay, could it be the case that frequency resonance of all who are here together with you is because of the resonance makes it easier, it lowers the amount of energy needed from the environment to make...
A: The orchestra is able to produce greater volume when in concert.
Q:(R) Right, so is this concept in this sentence what is meant by creating a conduit?
A: Close. Frequency envelope has many applications.
Q:(R) Could you outline some of those applications?
A: For but one example: Joshua and the "Walls of Jericho."
Q:(R) Of course, so they used a conduit meaning a resonance of an orchestra of people to bring down the Walls of Jericho.
A: More or less, though it was not Jericho.
Q:(R) Okay, but the principle applies. If not the walls of Jericho then the walls of what?
A: Seek Atlantean events for the roots of myths.
Q:(R) Okay, I got you. I want to ask about our wave modeling program. The graphical artifacts that we are seeing in the program are they actual or are they caused by numerical problems or errors in the program?
A: Numerical serendipity is more like it.
Q: (R) Okay so, is it something that we should investigate or should we focus on other things?
A: Absolutely. Remember the Benzene Ring. Idea structure was seen first, then followed explication when application was realized.
Q: (A) Yeah, that's true. Well, can you help us with what is the application, give us some direction?
A: Think of the Benzene "Ring."
Q: (L) Maybe the key is the word ring. (A) No you see, what is mysterious, the fact that things are forming, like three dimensional spirals even if they are created in one dimension but I have no explanation to explain where these extra dimensions come from. I have no idea.
A: Ring.
Q:(R) Yes, because its a cycle. It's what was said before. It's like a loop. (L) Well let me ask this--you've got it moving back and forth between two barriers right? Can you make the ends connect? (R) Yes. But then nothing happens because then it just moves and moves and moves, it is just the initial shape moving out and coming in another. So it only happens when it has to react with a barrier. (B) Could the barrier represent a density? (R) It could, yeah, actually.
A: Double loop.
Q:The thing is like this, if you have a packet of energy going like this and it meets a boundary, okay, so either it can fold up like that and just under its own pressure and then spring back. Or, it can utilize the extra dimensions and coil. Like if you have a string and you just do like that it won't be at one point. So I think it's the same thing here, but how to find out? We need to have some algorithm for the 3rd dimension for this folding. I think that it seems like the only reason it is manifesting is because the wave is hitting an obstacle so the 3rd dimension it was always there as a possibility but it didn't manifest until the wave hit an obstacle, so the obstacle in effect is creating the additional dimension. It was always there but it didn't manifest until an obstacle was created, was put into the waves path.
A: Consciousness energy directors.
Q:(R) Exactly, because if the wave is hitting an obstacle, if it just follows mechanics it's going fold up because that's the law. But if you have consciousness interacting with the energy then it can say hey look it is more efficient if you don't fold up, it is more efficient if you utilize this extra dimension because there is then less pressure in the wave if you are using this extra dimension. (B) If our consciousness defines the parameters of 3rd density could the barriers on either side of the wave represent the barriers of the outside parameters of 3rd density which causes this continual looping back and forth and it may be doing something else in a different density that didn't have those barriers?
A: Frequency resonance envelope.
Q:(R) Okay, so frequency resonance envelopes are realms and our program shows that the only time interesting things happen to a wave is when it hits an obstacle and it only manifests the extra dimension if someone helps the wave on the way to choosing, which way to start folding out into the extra dimension. So if densities in effect are frequency resonance envelopes which exist as obstacles that waves of energy can resonate within...yeah exactly...that makes kind of sense. (J) What if the level of consciousness is the barrier? (R) Yeah exactly, because consciousness energy directors, and the more awareness you have the more possibilities you can see to direct the energy. (J) The less obstruction. (R) Yeah, or you can choose this... (V) You say you believe something because it's the law, but... (R) Yeah, because those are the parameters that you see, but the more awareness that you see that you can find infinite dimensions that you can escape into. You have the box, you say it's closed, we can't get out of it, but if you have more awareness you can say well there's some other dimension out of the box that we can use. Do I make sense?
A: You are going in the right direction...
Q:(R) Which is of course, it is kind of humorous since they just talked about consciousness as energy directors and we are going in the right direction, so we are directing the energy in a conscious way towards the right frequency resonance envelope. Okay, so the basic concept to recap is that densities are frequency resonance envelopes in the same way that the barriers in our program are barriers. They are the envelopes and you have energy bouncing back and forth and without conscious directing of that energy it's never going to utilize anything more than the paths that are kind of obvious. But as soon as you start to direct that energy you can direct it in such a way that you exceed the envelope. (B) Because you are redefining the envelope. (R) You are finding bigger and bigger slots.
A: Prime numbers show the door.
Q:(R) It's perfect. So in the simulation the spirals seem to always be prime numbers, we have 3, 5, 7, 11, 19 I think we have seen at some point. (A) 2 is also prime number (laughter). (V) But not a 13? (R) I think we have seen 13. It depends on what parameters you see, I think we can find pretty much any prime number depending on the values. (A) There are many other ways in which prime number can come into this game and probably they are coming into this game and it will be very nice to find out this.
A: Find out, in deed.
Q:(L) Well that's kind of a pun, find out...(B) In deed by doing. (R) We are on a very, very interesting path here because we just defined what density is. It's a frequency resonance envelope. (A) The question is frequency of what?
A: Yes, of those in the orchestra.
Q:(L) Who gets to pick what gets played?
A: Ah! There's the rub! You don't get to pick the selection at this level. But you in the future does. The question is: How well do you play, and can you play true if the others don't?
Q: (R) Okay, so in essence that means what we are doing now is assembling the orchestra, tuning the instrument. (J) So if our level of consciousness creates the barriers of where this wave can go and how it behaves can we... (R) No, No. No. Sorry. Consciousness doesn't create the barriers it's only aware of those barriers. It can see, okay, what are the barriers, oh these are the barriers I can see, okay, so here's what I get to play. But if your awareness grows then you get to see that there is these barriers, but there's these too, okay I want to play with this bigger one, I can play with the smaller ones if I want to but I have the awareness to see other barriers that are more extensive. (L) I think that the concept that we have a hard time grasping is that the musical selection is made, more or less, and we at some level, us in the future have chosen what instrument to play, what part to play and so that the options that we really have are how well we play, how loud we play, how in tune we play with others. Can we practice, can we stay in tune, can we do any numbers of these things and even if we find ourselves sitting next to some jerk who can't carry a tune and whose instrument is all screwed up and whatever. Can we still continue to play true because even though the rest of the orchestra, being heard from a distance may sound quite melodic, because we're sitting next to this guy who can't play it's distracting, it's pulling us off track. (R) It's about focus. (A) I have still a question, all our simulations show a slow collapse and no jumps, and yet we speak about consciousness, while there is this other concept that this consciousness that makes the wave collapse. So I see a contradiction and I don't know how to get out of this contradiction. There is no collapse and yet there was some encouragement that what we have relates to...
A: The music is on the page long before it is played.
Q:(R) So, when the orchestra starts playing you have the musical notes, the timing notes, right, so it's the same music you can play over and over again, but the difference is how well the orchestra plays and how well it is tuned.
A: The FRE is the notes on the page. It is the selection. The "playing" constitutes "events." Frequency resonant envelope: FRE.
Q: (L) Alright, let's think about this FRE idea and this application of it and then take it back to V**'s original questions about it. FRE is emanated and maintained in concert with the environment and others... (R) Well, it is also bonded to the perception through awareness. (L) Okay. (V) "Your awareness maintains a frequency emanation in concert with your environment. When there are fluctuations in bonding of another, the fluctuations create discontinuities." (R) So a discontinuity would be a quantum jump for example, yes or no.
A: Yes.
Q:(R) But this requires that you have an orchestra that is well tuned because if you don't have it well tuned it's not resonating so it doesn't matter if the... (V) So the orchestra's not going to make it to 4th density. (R) Exactly, so you have the concert hall, the audience is there, you have the notes, but the orchestra is not in tune so you get bad music, if the orchestra is not in tune, which is why it is important to...
A: Sing "Goodnight Ladies," Yes?
Q: (R) Yeah. I have one completely unrelated question about this woman I met chatting on the net and how she just turned into an attacker. I was just wondering if she was just doing all of that on her own or if she was just being helped.
A: FRV robot. You will encounter many more in times to come.
Q: (R) The question still is if she was doing it on her own or if she was being controlled. (L) Well, FRV robots are being controlled. They can download an agent into anybody at any time. (V) Let me ask real quick, what was that man at the grocery store who I KNOW he was following me?
A: The warning!!! Remember discontinuities occur when frequencies are no longer in synch.

Now, have a look at the following, keeping in mind that HAARP will affect everybody in one way or another because it is beamed into the "neutral cavity" that the MIC have created beneath the Ozone layer via chemtrails.

Q: (L) Are we going to have more terrorist attacks in the US? They already said no, but that's because we already know it wasn't terrorist. Are we going to have more violence in the US that may not be as a results of terrorists, but rather as a product of the governmet manipulations?
A: Yes.
Q:(L) What kind of violence?
A: Hit by focusing beam of the HAARP array.
Q: (L) Well that's weird. What will be the outcome of being hit by this focusing beam of the HAARP array?
A: Mind controlled violence.
Q: (L) Can we know what form it will take?
A: Shootings.
Q: (L) Are there going to be any other kinds of violence, such as bombs or airplanes being flown into buildings, or release of anthrax, or small pox, or any other kind of chemical or germ warfare activities. Any of those?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Which ones?
A: Fair chance of germ disbursement.
Q: (L) What kind of germ?
A: Influenza.
Q: (L) Do you mean a deadly form of flu?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) But nothing like anthrax or small pox or any of those really sick ones? Is that it?
A: No. Keep looking and listening.

Secret documents obtained by an IRA spy network included transcripts of telephone conversations between Tony Blair and President Bush, security sources confirmed yesterday....The disclosure that terrorists gained access to confidential information is likely to provoke FURIOUS REACTION IN AMERICA. David Trimble, Northern Ireland's First Minister and leader of the Ulster Unionists, compared the republican espionage as '10 TIMES WORSE THAN WATERGATE', WHICH LED TO THE RESIGNATION OF PRESIDENT NIXON." (Emphasis added.)

The secret transcripts and other high-level documents grabbed by the IRA reportedly prove the following, according to those familiar with them:

[1] In discussions with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, George W. Bush admits he is greatly troubled by suppressed documents of the American CIA proving there is no danger by Saddam Hussein and no basis for a pre-emptive military attack by the U.S. aided by the British on Iraq. [...]

[2] As apparently shown by the secret transcripts and other stolen documents, George W. Bush expressed his concern to Blair who agreed that Saddam Hussein, if left in power, and alive, is in a position to blackmail the Bush Family and the Queen of England. [...]

Both George W. Bush and Tony Blair, according to the secret transcripts and related documents,are concerned that Saddam Hussein, as a living witness, can give personal direct testimony, as to the treason by Daddy Bush in setting Iraq against Iran, and Iran against Iraq, resulting in the huge bloodshed in the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988. Used against Iran by Iraq was poison gas from ingredients reportedly supplied by a unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, of which Daddy Bush was a substantial owner and Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Director. [...]

[3] By their discussions, Bush/Blair show they understand that a full inquiry into the Iraq matter, will be detrimental... [See documented study in the book "Spider's Web---The secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman (journalist with the Financial Times of London), Bantam Books, 1993.]

[4] As shown by the secret transcripts and stolen records, George W. Bush shared with Tony Blair, Bush's complaint that the Israeli intelligence agency, The Mossad, was blackmailing Bush by letting it be known that The Mossad gave the White House, the American CIA, and the Justice Department specific advance warning that there would be the events of Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Blair tells Bush that Blair was likewise put in a position of prior knowledge but was forbidden to take action by certain business interests. Both Bush and Blair, according to the secret transcripts, cursed "The Jews" for interfering with the Bush/Blair agenda. [...]

Although there is no Official Secrets Act in the U.S., the Bush White House nevertheless has threatened various reprisals against the monopoly press if they publish or otherwise circulate the details of the secret transcripts. Off the record American lap-dog reporters divide into two positions: Some challenge the validity of the London Telegraph story about the IRA spy group having seized the secret transcripts and documents. Others more or less confirm they know the details but are not going to risk their jobs in an off year to even start working to add to the story...

The shootings began October 2 when someone fired a shot through a window of a Michaels crafts store in Wheaton, but no one was hit. Five people were shot and killed in Montgomery County during a 16-hour period from October 2 into Thursday morning. A sixth victim was shot dead Thursday night on a Washington street. A seventh person was wounded Friday in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She was released Tuesday afternoon from Inova Fairfax Hospital, a spokeswoman said. (Trail of the sniper) Authorities have not identified a suspect, but they said they hope a growing reward fund may help persuade anyone who knows anything about the killings to come forward. Comment: October 2nd was a strange period...

The American World Empire - Plunging the World into Despotism - Americans must constantly keep in mind that the Bush puppet regime may have planned and carried out the 9/11 terror against American citizens. Certainly, the "High Cabal" has no genuine regard for human life, as evidenced by its murder of an American president, American citizens (Waco, Ruby Ridge), and citizens of other countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Panama, etc.). [...]

What Americans must realize is that the "High Cabal," through its Bush II puppet regime is hell-bent on setting itself up as a New Roman Empire: a Pax Americana in which the United States will rule the world in exactly the way Rome or the British Empire ruled the world: through militaristic imperialism.

This vision of an American World Empire has been the plan of the "High Cabal" since it seized power over the U.S. in the early part of the twentieth century. But the confluence of elements for world domination has never before coalesced as they have now - with an American president totally under the control of the "High Cabal"

From the illegal seizing of power by the coup d'etat of the Supreme Court in 2000, the Bush II puppet regime has begun to make clear its world dominance strategy. In his State of the Union Address in late January, 2002 Bush announced the pretence that the unending, global campaign against international terrorism is a moral crusade in which the United States will destroy the "axis of evil": Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. The naked figure of world dominance is clearly seen beneath this facade: American military installations around the globe to control all other nations.

In his speech at West Point on June 1, 2002 President G.W. Bush asserted that the U.S.would unilaterally overthrow any government in the world he deems a threat to American power. "If we wait for threats to fully materialize, " he declared, "we will have waited too long," Bush calls this a "new doctrine" and his mandarins have now dubbed it the "Bush Doctrine."

On September 20, 2002 the Bush junta announced its National Security Strategy (NSS). Each administration uses such a document to describe its approach to national defense. A thoughtful reading of the Bush NSS reveals that the "High Cabal" has decided that it's time for them to force the world into a despotic American Ruling Order, unfettered by democratic rights or laws.

"The message of this document [NSS], stripped of its cynical euphemisms and calculated evasions, is unmistakably clear: The United States government asserts the right to bomb, invade and destroy whatever country it chooses. It refuses to respect as a matter of international law the sovereignty of any other country, and reserves the right to get rid of any regime, in any part of the world, that is, appears to be, or might some day become, hostile to what the United States considers to be its vital interests."

One of Dubya's allies in his "War on Terrorism" is Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconni, leader of the G8. A reactionary billionaire, Berlusconni is backed by a political [Silvio Berlusconni] coalition that includes neo-fascist parties such as the National Alliance and the Northern League. Go here to learn MORE....

In such extreme times as these, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the monolithic oppression of the Bush junta. It's easy to believe that the "High Cabal" has such a death-grip on world power that we can do nothing about it. But there are positive signs from which we can take hope and go ahead to take back our country from the plutocrats who have illegally seized control over our government and our way of life.

The very fact that the "High Cabal" is being forced to set up a military dictatorship is a sign of their economic and social decline. One of the major underlying weaknesses of American capitalism is that the world is losing confidence in American economic mythologies such as "free trade," "open economies," and "globalization." American workers and investors are seeing Wall Street for the rigged swindle it is.

The "High Cabal" is resorting to militaristic imperialism because it is losing economic strength vis-à-vis its major international rivals: the European Union, Japan, and China. The Bush II junta is, rightfully, growing increasingly fearful about fissures within the domestic social structure. The "High Cabal" looks to military imperialism as the means to counteract all these troubling negative tendencies and keep Americans cowed.

The Bush puppet regime shows increasing signs of a delusional state of mind, leading it to make costly errors which are becoming increasingly apparent to American citizens. It's become clear that Dubya can't be allowed to speak extemporaneously lest he put his foot in his mouth so outrageously that it's impossible to cover up his blundeers.

This entire American World Empire delusion indicates that the ruling elite has lost all sense of history and of contemporary reality, as well as common decency. A regime that looses touch with reality to this extent cannot remain in power much longer. So world citizens will just have to wait this out and make sure that the inevitable collapse of the American cabal does not take them with it.

America’s imperialist rivals in Europe and Japan will not accept the American junta's threatening them with economic strangulation, as it did with Japan in the 1940s and Iraq in recent years. Many nations are increasingly alarmed over America's paranoid delusions of World Empire, which has led to open opposition to the U.S. plans for war against Iraq. If the "High Cabal" does mount a war with Iraq, having coerced other nations into a counterfeit coalition, its geopolitical rivals will feel that they have no option but to join with others to restrain such unbridled, irresponsible massing of power.

Within American society, irreconcilable social conflicts are becoming increasingly apparent. After the exposure of corporate crimes that first became evident with Enron, American workers can see clearly, perhaps for the first time, the monstrous social inequality that characterizes American society. It is becoming apparent that there are two classes in America: the obscenely wealthy corporate executive class and the working class.

Though the American power elite asserts that it will not be restrained by the conventions of international law, the world is still mindful of the Nuremberg War Crimes tribunals and the laws of international justice. Those laws do not apply only to the suspected criminals of second-world nations, such as Milosovic, they apply to all people. The Bush junta's refusal to recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court is of immense world concern.

This action by the "High Cabal" clearly indicates that they are aware that their policies and actions are criminal and could lead to their being indicted by a future International War Crimes Tribunal set up by their victims. An entirely new legal concept formed the basis for the Nuremberg trials: that the planning for and decision to wage aggressive war constitutes an international crime against humanity. Acts of international aggression were even of higher significance at the Nuremberg tribunal than atrocities committed against peoples and races, civilians in occupied countries, and prisoners of war. American citizens are beginning to realize that complicity in unprovoked attacks against other nations, such as Iraq, could make them culpable in relation to laws of international justice. It is encouraging that large numbers of Americans were not taken in by the Bush junta's propaganda and demanded that Bush II prove his case for a war against Iraq.

These encouraging signs, which we've reviewed, give us some effective strategies in our struggle to take our country back from the plutocrats: Informed people throughout the world must now begin to form a working class-based coalition to regain countrol of our contries as the crises brought on by the present plutocratic leaders occur.


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