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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

October 14, 2002
- Ark's Jokes - a new one every day.

Organic Portals and OPt and Other Considerations - Notice this in particular: thoughts must be channelled by participant in order to access reality bonding channel. They must then focus the energy to the proper dimensional bridge. The electrons must be arranged in correct frequency wave. All of these seem to be elements of a single process.

Now, think about New Age COINTELPRO - think about 6 billion human beings as the "perceivers of reality" accessing a "reality bonding channel" at the moment of a cosmic wave collapse - keeping in mind that the result of the collapse depends on the "observer."

Now, think about HAARP as the focuser of the energy to the "proper dimensional bridge."

And you then understand the reason for Cosmic COINTELPRO.

The Pentagon earmarked at least $4.22 billion on space-related projects this year, well more than double its total from the year before, according to an aerospace and defense consulting firm. study released Monday. - In 2001, the total military spending on unclassified space contracts was $1.56 billion. The Fairfax, Virginia-based Teal Group presented the findings at the World Space Congress in Houston, Texas.

Dubya, God's Chosen - I've read that Dubya reads the Bible every morning, and that Christianity is important to him. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it isn't, it makes me wonder how he squares his beliefs with the fact that he turns right around and plans, with the others in his administration, mass death, mass destruction, and mass theft – commonly known as "war"? - Dubya said he quit drinking when he was 40. The last 40-year-old I knew who quit his heavy drinking, after 25 years, was judged by psychological testing to be emotionally 15 years old. I'm not saying this is true about Dubya, but his "Either you're for us or against us" doesn't appear to be all that mature. - One person murdering another is always supposed to create something bad, yet one government murdering hundreds of thousands is supposed to create something good, based on little more than government defining itself as "good" and those it murders as "bad," or, barring that, merely as "collateral damage." - One phrase I've heard recently, concerning Iraq, is, "This time it's different!" I have added that comment to my Stupid Sayings file, along with "The check's in the mail," "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you," and "Hey, everybody, look at this!" (which is the punchline to the joke, "What are a hillbilly's last words?")

Cybercrime is costing the world economy billions of dollars and is on the increase, President Bush's cyber-security adviser said on Monday. Police in Finland say a chemistry student suspected of carrying out the country's worst bomb attack since World War II used an Internet chat room to exchange tips on home-made explosives. Comment: Can YOU figure out where this is going?

Trial in Brutal Killings Grips Kansas - The grim details of how two brothers allegedly committed a nine-day crime rampage that left five people dead are being closely monitored by a community that is still shaken nearly two years after the slayings and more than a month into the brothers' murder trial. - The apparently random abduction of five friends from a home on Dec. 14, 2000, is the darkest detail to surface. Investigators say the victims were forced to engage in sexual acts and withdraw money from automated teller machines. Then they were all shot, execution-style, as they knelt in the snow on a dark soccer field.

The commander of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, camp where suspected terrorists are being detained has been removed from his post, officials said. - published reports – this past weekend in the New York Post and earlier in The Washington Times – said that Baccus was undermining interrogators by being too nice to detainees.

Blair condemns extremists behind Bali attack as the epitome of evil - Blair said the weekend attack on a nightclub on the resort island of Indonesia, which killed more than 180 people, including as many as 33 Britons, showed "the appalling depths to which these extremists will sink."

Bin Laden Sez (supposedly): "America failed to kill or capture any of the Taliban or al-Qa'ida leadership or other mujahedin leadership. America failed to deliver its promise of uniting Afghanistan and forming a unified army to end control of militias. - America sees this and seeks to draw attention away from that failure by sounding the drums of war against Iraq.

With the countdown to war seemingly already begun in Washington, Tuesday's presidential referendum in Iraq has become not just the renewal of Saddam's mandate, but a major tool of defiance against the omnipotent superpower.

The recall of about 27.4 million pounds of meat is the largest in USDA history. It follows an Oct. 9 recall of 295,000 pounds of turkey and chicken products at the plant in Franconia, Pennsylvania.

His girlfriend's mummified remains were found stuffed in a trunk in his closet, former hippie guru Ira Einhorn testified for the first time Monday, saying the discovery "ripped me to pieces." - Einhorn said he last saw the 30-year-old Maddux on September 11, 1977. He was taking a bath in the Philadelphia apartment they shared.

See our Analysis of the Einhorn case: On September 11, 1977, Paul Herre, heard a very loud thumping on the ceiling of his apartment - "like somebody being bounced against the floor."  This was instantly followed by a "blood-curdling scream."  Since he lived in a "college neighborhood," and such things were not terribly uncommon, and since the "uproar" did not continue, he did nothing and thought no more about it.  After all, the upstairs neighbor, Guru Ira Einhorn, always had strange visitors and activity in his apartment.  He was also always fighting with his girlfriend, Holly Maddux. (for more details on the case and for bibliography check The Crime Library web site)

Later, the same day, Ira went for a drive with Jill and Sharon, two young women, just out of high school, who had been given Ira's name as a contact in the world of the paranormal.  Ordinarily, they came for sessions in which Ira supposedly taught them "psychic arts" such as meditation or astral travel.  But, on this particular day, instead of having a "session" in Ira's apartment at 3411 Race Street, Ira suggested a drive in Jill's car to the West River Drive along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.  According to Jill, Ira "seemed like he had a sense of urgency.  He said he wanted to ask us something." "I'm in some really, really deep trouble," Ira told them.  "I've got a steamer trunk that has some very, very valuable documents in it.  They're documents that belong to the Russians, and I need to get rid of it."  He wanted them to put the trunk in Jill's car and take it and dump it in the river.

"He almost had us convinced to get this thing [and do it.]  Sharon and I were looking at each other like, this is really weird.  I mean, why did he want to get rid of something like this?"

As it turned out, the trunk wouldn't fit in Jill's car, so the project was abandoned.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell has apologized for calling Islam's founder a terrorist, saying he "intended no disrespect to any sincere, law-abiding Muslim."

Comment: We are reminded of the "apology" Billy Graham for his remarks to Richard Nixon about Jews. Dick Farley, who we have met before, writes:

By its nature and by design of those on Earth who have been and still are involved in these murky areas of "almost science," the applications of "Anomalous Phenomena" for political, psychosexual and biowar non-lethal spacewarfare paranoia seeding counterintelligence for global fascism, a battle for the minds (some say the "souls") of humanity and our future on our home planet (if it really IS our home planet ;-) is underway. Billy Graham, a friend of Mr. Rockefeller's, who has funded much of what is described in [The Stargate Conspiracy], is "in the loop." Likewise some former presidents, world leaders and "who knows who" now.

What is going on is a battle for "control of the bridge of Spaceship Earth." At the level where this stuff may be or may not be "real," as we objectively may define reality, it's all just an academic exercise. But beliefs kill, as events of September 11 have shown us.

Reliance on yet another set of "revealed truths" from "hidden sky gods" is unlikely to advance humanity's collective intelligence sufficiently or in time for us to avoid, or resist, the planned depopulation and global takeover the oligarchs who have funded this clearly have planned for "the rest of us."

Mr. Rockefeller is said to believe, because one of the channellers of the Nine told him so, that he has been born again on Earth, (reincarnated), into his position of wealth and global influence, because he was once a Pharaoh, and before that a ruler of Atlantis. The "search" underway for artifacts of ancient Egypt, which these people believe is descended from the Lost Continent of Atlantis, which reputedly had contacts with ETs and in some fashion may have been caught up in a "War in the Heavens," as Billy Graham and others have called it (in print, variously), is the oligarchs quest for Legitimacy. They believe they were sent "back down here" to help Earth correct and avoid the mistakes of the long distant past, revealed to us now only in the fogs of myth and legends. Shamanically, using hallucinogens secreted from Nazi Germany before the end of the Second World War, these men (mostly men, at the beginning) believed that Hitler was on the right path, but his own megalomania corrupted and sunk him in his efforts to impose a Teutonic resurgence to world rule. This is what THEY believe!

To them, having stumbled into their "nest" and subsequently researched their own literature, doctrine and in literally thousands of hours of research and conversation with them, I have said. "Your plan will not work. You will have to 'show your talons' in order to impose your rule over humanity, because of core traits in human character. We love freedom; without it we die. But not all of us. You will never conquer us all."

And to them, and to you, I add this: "The degree of tyranny necessary to govern Earth in the future is inversely proportional to how effective we (and "They) can be as teachers." By their fruits, shall ye know them. Let's be careful "Out There." Dick Farley

As we have said before, and will say again, the Ultimate Objective of the US Consortium, demonstrated by the reams of evidence, is to destroy ALL Semites - Arabs and Jews together. This has been the agenda since the turn of the 19th century. It was the agenda behind the American funding of eugenics and Hitler. It was the agenda behind the formation of the state of Israel as a place to gather all Jews together to make it easier to destroy them. It is the agenda behind the pretended "friendship" of the US and Britain with Israel. It is the agenda behind their manipulations of Mossad to plan and execute the 9-11 attacks using mind controlled Arab pilots as patsies. It is the reason that there is so much evidence that the CIA, FBI, and other alphabet soup guys knew what was going on, but did nothing. It is the reason that Bush knew what was coming down, and did nothing. Mossad and Israel were falling right in line with the plans for the Final Solution.

Now and again, the facade slips, and those who pretend to be the friends of Jews are seen showing their true colors. A recent example is a series of remarks made by Billy Graham to Richard Nixon, revealed when 500 hours of Nixon tapes were released by the National Archives. Most were recorded between January and June 1972, but I can assure you, the attitudes behind closed doors in government have not changed even if the tactics have.

In the conversation with Nixon, the Southern Baptist evangelist expressed disdain for what he saw as Jewish domination of the media. "This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country's going down the drain," Graham said, agreeing with Nixon's own comments earlier in the conversation. "You believe that?" Nixon says in response. "Yes, sir," says Graham. "Oh boy. So do I," Nixon agrees, then says: "I can't ever say that but I believe it." "No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something," Graham says, reassuring the president.

Just keep in mind that Nixon was pardoned by Ford, and George Bush I was appointed director of the CIA by Ford. I seriously doubt that the opinions of these guys have changed a bit. But they are now, oh so cleverly, using the Jews' own control of the Media to set Israel up for total destruction. And how easily and gleefully the Jews are taking the bait. Their priests have fed them so long with the lies that they are "chosen" and that Israel is theirs by right, that it's easy to make them hate their close kin, the Palestinians and its pathetically simple to dangle the carrot of "we'll help you get rid of those nasty Palestinians if you'll help us with Media spin control." And so, the Devil's bargain is struck.

According to a biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and political ties with the Bush family go back to 1941 when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L A. newspaper, placed by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young, malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: Freedom Magazine, 1986, L.F. Prouty).

In fact, Prescott Bush is credited with creating the winning ticket of Eisenhower-Nixon in 1952.(Source: George Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988).

The reason why Bush will "do anything" is because his hands have as much of Kennedy's blood on them as do Nixon's, Hunt's, Sturgis's, Felix Rodriguez's and Gerald Ford's. This White House gang fears that if the public ever realizes how they shot their way into power it could set off a spark that would destroy their fragile fraud and land them in jail.

The following commentary from the Jordan Star raises questions about the "Christian Zionist" pact. What the writer does not realize is the level of deception of those in power manipulating Christians to support Israeli agendas, all the while they are holding their own opinions exactly as those expressed in private by Billy Graham and Richard Nixon - caught on tape - a rare peek inside the minds of the Conspirators. When the author says "Politics makes strange bedfellows," I don't think he realized that the Jews are sleeping with the enemy.

It is said politics often makes strange bedfellows, but nothing could be more perverse than the growing partnership between American Jews and Christian Zionists in support of Israel. While the pro-Israeli lobby has long been successful in subverting US interests for the sake of Israel, the growing influence of Christian Zionism over United States foreign policy in the Middle East represents a dangerous trend in American politics. [...] The efforts of Christian Zionists to manipulate current policy-making adds a disturbing dimension to an already biased and unfair US foreign policy for the Middle East.

n the days following the attacks, fundamentalist Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson compared the attacks on the United States to Palestinian attacks against Israeli occupation. Despite the fact that no comparison can be made between those who attacked the United States and legitimate Palestinian resistance against Israelis occupation of Palestinian lands, Christian Zionists have succeeded in linking the two in the eyes of many in the US Congress and the Bush administration. To make matters worse, Christian Zionists have joined forces with the pro-Israeli lobby in demonizing the Muslim world and supporting Israel's brutal campaign against the Palestinian people. Christian Zionists across the US are raising millions to benefit Israel, and they are also engaged in a well-orchestrated public relations campaign to distort American perceptions regarding the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Christian Zionists have strong ties with the Republican leadership in the American Congress, and recent statements by Republican leaders on Capitol Hill reflect their power and prestige. Recently, House Majority Whip Tom Delay of Texas told AIPAC's policy conference the West Bank and Golan Heights weren't occupied territories but part of Israel. House Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) went even further calling for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the Occupied Territories on MSNBC's high-rated program Hardball with Chris Matthews. [...]

"We are not willing to sacrifice Israel for the notion of a Palestinian homeland," Armey said, asserting that "the Palestinians should leave." Such sentiments by influential Republican leaders-combined with Bush's appalling silence during Israel's latest invasion-reflect the growing political impact of Christian Zionists on US policy toward the Middle East. While the Bush administration wages war against Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan and the Middle East, Christian Zionism continues to gain support in the United States, with devastating effects on US foreign policy.



Vice president Cheney blocks an independent commission to investigate 9-11 - Cheney strongly opposes the idea of any independent body's poking into the White House's conduct. He has repeatedly objected to efforts by a separate joint-intelligence-committee inquiry to obtain documents and interview key witnesses, including an FBI informant who lived with two of the 9-11 hijackers. Bush officials insist the VP's stand is based on "principle,'' not fear of embarrassments.

Senator Byrd asks: "How have we gotten to this low point in the history of Congress? Are we too feeble to resist the demands of a president who is determined to bend the collective will of Congress to his will - a president who is changing the conventional understanding of the term 'self-defense'? And why are we allowing the executive to rush our decision-making right before an election? Congress, under pressure from the executive branch, should not hand away its Constitutional powers."

"Why are we being hounded into action on a resolution that turns over to President Bush the Congress's Constitutional power to declare war? This resolution would authorize the president to use the military forces of this nation wherever, whenever and however he determines, and for as long as he determines, if he can somehow make a connection to Iraq. It is a blank check for the president to take whatever action he feels 'is necessary and appropriate in order to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq.'

On the floor of the Senate on Thursday night, in a chamber emptied of every member but those vocal few who had stood with him in his determined opposition, Byrd held forth a copy of the Constitution in one trembling, aged hand. Mr. Byrd is considered by every Senator to be the master parliamentarian in that body, and he keeps at all times that copy of the constitution in his breast pocket, next to his heart.

The judgment of history is all that remains. The step has been taken, the die cast, and the structure of governmental power has been forever altered. War is now in the hands of one man, George W. Bush, and not in the deliberative body that is Congress. This is unprecedented, and profoundly disturbing.

On Thursday night, an old man of the Senate, shaken but unbowed, stood before the American people to register one last time his fear and anger that Congress could have taken such a strange and dangerous action. For all the world, he seemed to have stepped whole from the mind of Shakespeare - the ghost of Hamlet's father, pointing with spectral hand towards a bleak future, and towards a king with blood on his hands.

"But know, thou noble youth," said the ghost, "the serpent that did sting thy father's life now wears the crown."

Searching for the Lost Tribes of Israel in India and Afghanistan - Halkin was shown texts that convinced him that the community, which calls itself the Bnei Menashe, has roots in the lost tribe of Menashe. The documents included a will and words to a song about the Red Sea. - Some Israeli rabbis believe descendants of the lost tribes number more than 35 million around the world and could help offset the sharply increasing Palestinian population. As founder of the organization Amishav (My People Return), Eliyahu Avichail trots the globe in search of lost Jews, in order to bring them back to their religion through conversation and direct them to Israel. He’s even hoping to make it to Afghanistan later this year. “I believe that groups like the Bnei Menashe are part of the solution to Israel’s demographic problems,” says Amishav director Michael Freund. The group has already brought 700 of the Bnei Menashe to Israel and believes thousands more are eager to come. Most have been put up in settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip—the main arena of Israeli-Palestinian fighting.

Comment: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Israel is being set up for the biggest double cross of all time. George Bush and the Warmongers are covertly engineering the achievement of the Eugenics agenda of the Illuminati. The intent is to gather all Semites into the Middle East and Nuke 'em. To this end, a COINTELPRO game is being run on Israel through it's own "priesthood." But then again, it's not much different than the game being run on everybody else. The ultimate objective is to reduce the Earth's population by about 90 %. The idea is to preserve the purest Aryan types. Before you think you are safe, better check your genealogy.

White House staffers gather for Bible study Voluntary meetings embrace president's emphasis on faith. COINTELPRO at its finest! Let's just juxtapose the image of George Bush leading a Prayer Breakfast with this: "DEATH EQUALS DEATH." Following which, "George W." chimed in with "I’m the President of the motha-fuckin’ U.S.A."–apparently just for the sheer pleasure of saying it. (He was sounding more like the real George W. all the time.)

FLASHBACK: At Skull and Bones, Bush's Secret Club Initiates Ream Gore - Using high-tech night-vision video equipment able to peer through the gloom into the inner courtyard of the Skull and Bones "Tomb" in New Haven, The Observer team witnessed: • The George W. effect: intoxicated by renewed proximity to Presidential power, a robed Bonesman posing as George W. harangued initiates in an eerily accurate Texas drawl: "I’m gonna ream you like I reamed Al Gore" and "I’m gonna kill you like I killed Al Gore." • Privileged Skull and Bones members mocked the assault on Abner Louima by crying out repeatedly, "Take that plunger out of my ass!" • Skull and Bones members hurled obscene sexual insults ("lick my bumhole") at initiates as they were forced to kneel and kiss a skull at the feet of the initiators. • Other members acted out the tableau of a throat-cutting ritual murder. [...]

The three-line Skull and Bones initiation-ritual theme that has bound three Presidents (including the present one) to their secret society: ‘THE HANGMAN EQUALS DEATH! THE DEVIL EQUALS DEATH! DEATH EQUALS DEATH!’

Could one detect a capital-punishment theme here–the hangman as executioner presaging George W.’s prolific execution rate as Texas governor? "George W. equals death," you might say. [...]

The bumhole tribute was followed by more cries of "Get the femur!" and at least part of the death mantra I’d heard before: "DEATH EQUALS DEATH." Following which, "George W." chimed in with "I’m the President of the motha-fuckin’ U.S.A."–apparently just for the sheer pleasure of saying it. (He was sounding more like the real George W. all the time.)

President Bush refuses to talk openly about his membership in Yale’s secret society. In his autobiography, “A Charge to Keep,” Mr. Bush only wrote: ''My senior year, I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can't say anything more.'' Bush may be keeping his lips sealed about his Skull and Bones membership, but he still maintains his lifetime ties with his fellow Bonesmen. Among the first guests Bush invited to the White House for dinner were his fellow Bonesmen from his senior year at Yale.

Italy: state attorneys expose police provocation at Genoa G-8 summit - In July of 2001, film clips of violent unrest on the fringes of the G-8 summit in Genoa, Italy were flashed all around the world. The port city witnessed violent conflicts between demonstrators and the Italian security forces. One demonstrator was killed, 600 injured, some seriously, and hundreds were arrested and held for several days. - At the time, those affected and their lawyers reported widespread police provocation and denounced the brutal methods of the security forces. Many of those arrested reported beatings and instances of torture. They complained that evidence had been manipulated and that statements had been extorted from prisoners under duress. - Reporters had observed and filmed supposed anarchists from the so-called “black bloc” engaging in discussions with the police, and then running amok without interference, thereby providing the pretext for attacks on peaceful demonstrators. - Now, state attorneys are substantiating the criticisms raised one year ago. Although their investigations are still far from over, it has already become clear that the security forces acted in a manner usually associated with military dictatorships. Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office has halted numerous proceedings against demonstrators and has instead opened eight new investigations against 148 police officers.

Science advocates scoop economics Nobel - Traditional economic theory considers humans as self-interested agents, making rational decisions calculated to maximize personal benefit or profit. In reality, however, peoples' decisions are often idiosyncratic, coloured by perceptions, beliefs, emotions and other subtle psychological influences.

Comment: Q1 You have a new drug that can either save 200 out of 600 people with a life threatening illness or the vaccine has a 33% chance of saving all 600. versus: Q2 You have a new vaccine where 400 will still die and has a 66% chance of failing to cure all 600 would you use it? The results were skewed high to YES on Q1 and No on Q2 due to the fear of loss.... Interesting since each item described the same result, the only thing different being the words used. Implications? They know very well how to manipulate the masses... they have been doing it for 50 years, and it is heating up big time NOW.

The Burich/Crain Affair - Astute reader comments: The Burisch doc is slippery. It gives everyone inculcated with the New Age COINTELPRO beliefs what they want: validation. Perfection in an imperfect world. No one left to complain? And what are the consequences to themselves if they do? Since this info is going on simultaneously (alternative and mainstream) there may be a connection. More COINTELPRO...

Q: (L) Okay, let's move on to Courtney Brown. (T) Is the book Courtney Brown wrote, "Cosmic Voyage," concerning the Martian population...
A: It is true that there are underground bases on Mars, but they are Orion STS.
Q: (T) Are there Martians as portrayed by Courtney Brown?
A: Not exactly. He is portraying the Orion STS as the Martians.
Q: (T) Is Courtney Brown a government disinformation agent?
A: More as an "agent provocateur."
Q: (T) Is he working for the government?
A: Not directly, and remember, the government is not one entity.
Q: (L) Who is primarily backing Courtney Brown?
A: Rockefeller group.
Q: (L) And, is Mike Lindemann and company part of this Rockefeller group at this time?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Linda Howe?
A: No.
Q: (T) Did Courtney actually do remote viewing to obtain the information in the book?
A: Not really. Not needed.
Q: (T) Does this mean that the whole story is concocted on his part?
A: Semi. Elements of it are factual.
Q: (T) Yes. I could see that there were factual elements. I could also see that there was a LOT that was questionable. that conflicts with EVERYTHING else that has come out from other researchers. This is all totally twisted and different.
A: Close.
Q: (T) Is Courtney able to do remote viewing?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) But he did not use it with this book?
A: No.
Q: (T) So, the book was made up the way it is. It is a story. Some factual information, some invented information, some pure BS thrown in to fluff it out. So, the book is NOT an account of work that has come from remote viewing sessions?
A: No, but not needed.
Q: (L) You have said twice that remote viewing was not "needed." Where did he get his information?
A: Secret sources. Agents of the nation "of the third eye."
Q: (J) What or who - is the "Nation of the Third Eye?"
A: Terran civilization under the surface. [...]
Q: Have the Aryans been glorified as the "master race" because they are more suited to living underground?
A: Close. All types there are "Aryan."
Q: (L) Okay, did the underground civilization develop on its own?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it managed or manipulated by Orions as well?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are these "managers" Orions from other densities?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) I don't understand. Are there some that are 4th and some that are 3rd?
A: The human types there are "bi-density." Grays and Lizards are 4th density. They can "visit" 3rd density, but they must keep returning to 4th in order to "regenerate."
Q: (T) Are you saying that the human/Aryan types can exist as long as they want in any density?
A: In 4th and 3rd.
Q: (L) They can move back and forth, existing with equal ease on either density?
A: Well, not with "equal ease," because 4th density is easier, naturally.
Q: (T) So, the information Courtney Brown was given to write this quasi fiction book, is about the Aryans and not about the Martians?
A: "Martians" is easier to understand for the less well- informed, not to mention any discussion of the densities!
Q: (T) Absolutely. Martians are easier to accept. A lot easier to understand than densities! (L) Okay, Third Eye. What is this?
A: That is what they call themselves when pressed for an explanation by surface types, such as yourselves. They were the inspiration for Masonic lore and Illuminati, too.
Q: (L) Does this "Third Eye" designation have a connotation of third eye abilities as we understand them?
A: Psychic.
Q: (T) Does Courtney know he has been had?
A: He has not been "had." He is under the employ of those who pull the levers, so to speak.
Q: (L) You said "pull the levers." Is Courtney Brown a robot, Greenbaumed, mind-controlled, implanted, or any or all of the above? (T) Or is he just foolish?
A: No. Not so foolish, he does not worry about paying the power bill. As Forest Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid does."... Knowledge can be procured by reading literature, then analyzing it.
Q: (T) Is the time table that he has given correct?
A: Close.
Q: (T) So, the powers that be are going to follow this time table and present the Aryans as Martians?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are the Aryans going to present themselves as Martians?
A: Initially. In order for the Terrans to get used to the idea of EBEs.
Q: (T) But, they are not the good guys. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
A: Some of the "good guys" are identical in appearance.
Q: (T) Is this a subterfuge on the part of the Aryans so that they can slide in quietly and take over?
A: No, they do not need that at all. It is a way for the "government" to introduce everyone to the new reality of the existence of intelligent life all over the place, not just here.
Q: (T) So, they have their own agenda, but it is not what Courtney presented in the book.
A: It does not matter. The book is a somewhat altered "New Reality 101."

It's to a seeker's advantage to keep an eye on all of the jugglers. See what follows:

Setting The Record Straight - Comment: We read "The Bible Fraud," and found it to be poorly reasoned, and the author even prestidigitates his facts. Caveat Lector.

Bush's Banana Republic - Ashcroft is now planning to reinstate the infamous COINTELPRO Program, whose atrocities against the civil rights and civil liberties of the American People have been amply documented elsewhere. Comment: I hate to mention it, but COINTELPRO never ended... In fact, it's the only reason Bush is president and able to get away with doing what he is doing. The Christians are asleep, the New Agers are asleep, and it is ALL COINTELPRO.

Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists - Voyager found dark material rising above Triton, indicating possible eruptive activity. - "There could be more massive activity on Pluto, since the changes observed in Pluto's atmosphere are much more severe," Elliot said. "The change observed on Triton was subtle. Pluto's changes are not subtle." - We just don't know what is causing these effects." Comment: Something Wicked This Way Comes... and it isn't Planet X.

In 1987, a naked-eye supernova erupted in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way. Unfortunately, at a distance of 190,000 light years, that supernova appeared no brighter to us than a fourth magnitude star. But during the past thousand years, there have been four recorded supernova in our own galaxy that were truly dazzling to the eye. There is a record of a brilliant supernova that appeared in the year 1006 in the constellation of Lupus, the Wolf. That explosion may have even rivaled the one that would appear in 1054. Another supernova in 1572 flared out in Cassiopeia, the Queen, and was extensively observed by the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. Yet another appeared in the year 1604, this time in the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder. Unfortunately, the appearance of this final supernova occurred just several years before the invention of the telescope. No other such dazzlers have appeared in our sky since. One has to believe that we are long overdue for another, that some night soon a new star will suddenly appear in the sky. Perhaps tonight will be that night.

WHAT THE FINANCIAL NEWSLETTERS LEAVE OUT - The earth plane is under preparation for the incarnation in the mortal body of Ahriman in the West - Dr. Rudolph Steiner has stated that ahrimanic goals include total control of the Earth, the making of the world wholly ahrimanic. Destruction, rigidification and enslavement characterize the advance toward ahrimanic control. Actions directed towards world control are all around us, cunningly masked by idealistic fronts, and we should be sharply aware that ahrimanic aims and agents always come to us as that which they are not. - Nothing of these machinations appears in the full light of day, which is what you would expect of the powers of darkness. Control of informational media is central to the main ahrimanic design, and the limitation and rigidification of thought in America today strangely coincides with the so-called "information age", wherein the brightest people have not an inkling of what is really happening. Media control is responsible. Media clones intone about the "tides of history" as one impeding government after another is destabilized and swept out of the way of the ahrimanic powers. - These vain and deceitful men have pursued the enslavement of their fellows under false banners of friendship and service. There is solace for the victims of their wickedness in the grinding wheels of the Lords of Karma.

Omega Agency: Introduction - The reader who sent in this link comments: While doing some research I surfed into this, almost by accident. It is a piece done by a woman who, from what I can gather, was intimately involved with a member of OA. It could be pure disinfo. As a matter of fact she even alludes (in part 6) that she might have been duped by "Robert" her source/lover(?). I've never heard of the Omega Agency, which seems strange to me, yet there is a certain feeling of truthfulness about it. Lies wrapped around a truth? Caveat Lector!

Bomb was 'intelligence failure' - The official said the government had been deeply concerned for months that something nasty would happen if the Indonesians did not get on top of the terrorist threat. A number of groups including Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network have strong links in the world's biggest Muslim country. Comment: I suggest we ask WHO BENEFITS? Obviously, the named terrorist organizations do not. Nor does fundamental Islam. The only, and obvious, result of the bombing of the French Ship and the Bali bombing, is that it has turned the tide of favor of both France and Australia toward the program of George Bush. Thus we see: Who Benefits. However, lest the reader think that this is not obvious to the officials in charge, think again. They are undoubtedly fully aware of the machinations of the Bush Regime. This then suggests that, at some level, they are ALL in kahoots and the object of deception is the peoples of the world.

Daniel wrote:

"Then I heard a holy one speaking, and another holy one said to the one that spoke, For how long is the vision concerning the continual offering, the transgression that makes desolate, and the giving over of both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled under foot? And he said to him and to me, For two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary shall be cleansed and restored."

We now know the date of the beginning of the Abomination: September 11, 2001. This means that the cleansing will come in January of 2008. Read The Future of the Beast Empire carefully.


Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million - U.S. government mind control programs, like MK-Ultra and Monarch, directed against helpless victims--human guinea pigs--have been virtually ignored by the Big Media Cartel. On Feb. 27, 1999, however, U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom found former Franklin S&L manager Lawrence E. King guilty of numerous crimes committed against mind control victim Paul A. Bonacci.





October 12, 2002 - The voice of America - Who can stop Bush on Iraq? Not the UN security council, it seems, where US diplomatic kneecapping and punishment beatings proceed apace. Not an intimidated US Congress where, with honourable exceptions, the call to arms trumpets irresistibly over November's hustings. And not any number of international lawyers, vainly brandishing the UN charter and pre-emptively disregarded by high counsel to the White House hyperpower. In Whitehall, worried marchers scare pigeons but not the Pentagon. As the drum beats and the rhetoric rises, respected analysts opine that nothing now can prevent the war. Bush will have his way because, whatever bishops and imams vicariously preach, no power on earth can stop him.

This is not entirely true; in truth, not true at all. Americans can stop America's next war as they have stopped similar planned or actual idiocies in the past. That the Bush clique pays scant heed to Arab and Muslim concerns, has no time for "euro-wimps" and other appeasers is brutally clear. But domestic public opinion is a different story - and that story is changing. Slowly, inconsistently but palpably, ordinary Americans are making their voices heard. This is no anti-war movement to compare with Vietnam. Their motivations are often practical, even mundane. But a strange phenomenon is now apparent in which Karl Rove, Bush's top electoral strategist and poll-watcher, may yet emerge as a more potent force than the Cheney-Rumsfeld axis and all the other full-spectrum dominators combined. [...]

That the anti-Bush, silenced majority feels it is being ignored by politicians and the mainstream media is abundantly clear from unsolicited American responses to a critique of this week's Cincinnati national address by Bush published on the Guardian's website* and on US links. This random sample also indicates rapidly rising anxiety, frustration and anger about Iraq, and Bush himself. Here, perhaps, the authentic voice of America may be heard.

"I have never seen so much bullshit thrown at the American public in my lifetime, with too many people thinking it may be true if the president says it," emails a 77-year-old from Manchester, New Hampshire.

"We are being rail roaded into war over here. I am astounded by our president and his tactics utilising fear," says one writer. "When I voted for Bush I had no idea what he would unleash," says another.

An Arizonan believes that Bush is "a complete and pathetic idiot ... I think enough Americans are beginning to see that the real regime change needs to take place at the White House".

"The Bush presidency should have been nipped in the bud by the supreme court," writes an Illinois resident.

"We've been bamboozled and Congress doesn't seem to know what to do."

From Maryland comes the cry: "As an American I am totally speechless at whatever emanates from Bush's mouth - I mean, my 12-year-old son would make a better president."

In New York, some feel the same way. "To attack with so little proof is ghastly ... As someone who smelled the World Trade Center and its human occupants burn every day for three months, I do not wish that fate on the long-suffering Iraqi people."

An emailer from Bush's Texas believes "all he is trying to do is divert attention from his failure as a leader ... under Bush we are giving up all our civil rights in the name of fighting the war on terror. If we do not agree with him, we are anti-American." A Californian agrees: "The American media shows complete indifference to ... the opinions of many if not most Americans (of whom) a majority are against this stupid adventure."

"As an older American who loves her country, I am terrified," writes Katie Redd. "Younger Americans just do not seem to realise the dangers of this arrogant, stupid little man. I pray God will help us - because our main press glorifies him and few congressmen oppose him." A resident of lower Manhattan says Bush is beginning to sound like a "movie trailer for Creatures with an Atom Brain".

Indeed, Americans are far more scathing about Bush than supposedly anti-American Europeans. "Redneck pea-brain" is one epithet; "King George", "Lord High Executioner" and "imperialist" are others. "Insane" and "madman" crop up a lot. "Loony" says a psychiatrist from Ohio. "Corporate terrorist" says a vexed lady from Florida.

There are voices from the other side, of course, enraged by foreign criticism. "Stupid, ignorant asshole ... Pathetic limey twit ... Islamofascist apologist ... Snotty eurotrash ... Parasitic appeasers ... When we want your opinion, we'll come over there and beat it out of you!"

But the balance is 9-1 against Bush.

Comment: What is so crazy about this whole thing is the fact that so many people ARE against Bush, but nobody really realizes it because the Media keeps acting like everybody is FOR Bush. Sheesh! And WHO OWNS THE MEDIA????

US plans military rule and occupation of Iraq - The occupation of the country would need an estimated 75,000 troops, at an annual cost of up to $16bn (£10bn), and would almost certainly include British and other allied soldiers. It would be run by a senior American officer, perhaps General Tommy Franks, who would lead the assault on Iraq, and whose role would be modelled on that of General Douglas MacArthur in postwar Japan. The occupation regime would track down war criminals and remove members of President Saddam's Ba'ath party from power, comb the country for any hidden biological and chemical weapons, and guarantee Iraq's territorial integrity. It would also administer the country's huge oil deposits. Comment: Why are we not surprised?

October 12, 2002 - Today we are at a point of imbalance in the world and are moving toward what may be the beginning of a THIRD WORLD WAR. If it happens, the likelihood is that 90 percent of the Earth's population will die in a nuclear holocaust. I realize that many of the New Age types who have fallen under the spell of Cosmic COINTELPRO are suggesting that we ought to all just concentrate on Ascension, and let the world go the way it wishes to go. However, I would like to suggest something here.

Mass consciousness is the arbiter of our reality. That is, even if a small percentage of a group do not agree with the group choices, in cosmic energy terms, those units do not count because their fluctuation in the whole is not significant enough to make a difference. Nations and groups of people invoke karma the same way individual human beings do. As members of national and global "bodies," we are responsible, karmically and energetically speaking, for the decisions and actions of our leaders - if we either vote for them, or do not resist their actions in word and deed - we have effectively given them our Free Will by proxy, and by default.

The karmic burden of George Bush's actions fall on all Americans. For those seeking "ascension," I suspect that this weight - if not actively refused - will ensure that no ascension occurs.

Early yesterday afternoon, the House voted 296 to 133 in support of the President's resolution. - around 1 in the morning last night, the Senate voted to support President Bush's proposal, 77 for to 23 against. Senator Byrd said, "I have fought the good fight. I might as well talk to the ocean." - this is a dark day. Our Congress has been stampeded into supporting a unilateral, pre-emptive war that most likely will set the Middle East on fire and turn the world against us, initiating Armageddon.

The Bush Administration is hungry for war, and Iraq has been on the agenda since President Bush and Vice President Cheney were on the campaign trail. When September 11th happened, Bush and the Warmongers tried to link it to Saddam. It didn't work. In fact, when the dust cleared, there were so many unanswered questions - including the most important one about what happened to Flight 77 which did NOT hit the Pentagon and the administration is lying through its teeth about that one - that the stench of what America is doing rises to heaven. When anthrax brought our capitol to a halt, the FBI was dispatched to find connections to Baghdad. Nothing surfaced except the fact that the Anthrax came from US black projects.

George Bush has demonstrated that he is willing to use every Machiavellian trick in the book to force our country to war. He hasn't hesitated to use our national tragedy - if he was not, in fact, part of the conspiracy to create it - to push his agenda. He hasn't hesitated to create and play off the fear of Americans. He hasn't hesitated to take advantage of this election year to divide and conquer his opposition. - We note with particular interest how quickly the opposition to the war in congress capitulated. I spoke to an investigative journalist on the phone yesterday, voicing my opinion that HAARP must be working on everybody, including our representatives. She pointed out that it wasn't even necessary to use sophisticated mind control techniques. The tradition from ages past is to send a guy in a three piece suit to visit the opposition with a manila envelope of photographs... and they don't even have to be real. And she is right. We don't have to haul exotic explanations out of the bag of tricks for this one.

The New York Times interviewed Representative Susan Davis (D-CA), from southern California: "Ms. Davis's San Diego district includes thousands of active and retired military personnel in the West Coast's largest Navy base, many of whom, she said, may not be happy with her decision to vote against the president's wishes. But having agonized over her decision until a few hours before the vote, she said she was persuaded by a large number of calls and e-mail messages from voters who were deeply uneasy about the prospect of a new war that could be fought with terrible weapons."

As it happens, we also called all of our representatives and demanded that they do NOT vote for Bush's resolution. Based on the remarks of the individual answering the phone, they were getting a LOT of similar calls. We have also heard from other people who made such calls, all of whom said that they, too, were told that there was a deluge of demands from the public that Congress refuse Bush and put an end to his aggession. Yet, we see that the voice of the people means nothing.

Do we think that so many members of Congress could be blackmailed into supporting the Bush agenda? Or is there something more here? What seems to be true is that, among the American people, support for the war is thin. We also note that France, now having experienced its own "terrorist attack," is "coming around to Bush's way of thinking." Well, naturally. C's said it would happen. It happened, and there you have it. The shootings the C's said were in the plans have also begun. The probable next thing that will manifest in George Bush's Terrorist acts against humanity is germ warfare. Look for it.

Whitty Rides Again - Strieber's Memory Conveniently Fails Him In Hale-Bopp Tale - Whitley Strieber's 'Journal' egregious corruption of reality Comment: This is worth a look simply for the disinfo factor. We have reported several times in the past that it really looks like Whitley and the Gang are running COINTELPRO on the public by creating a smoke and mirrors show around the alien reality. This article points out that Whitley is closely associated with Courtney Brown and Prudence Calabrese, two others that we have suspected, the C's have identified Brown clearly as an "agent" and Whitley and Art Bell as well. Whenever you find connections to that "remote viewing gang," you can bet there's some alphabet soup guys under the covers.

October 11, 2002 - Chapter 2 - Reality Split includes new session material. Added later: Chapter 3 - Reality Split

Earth's background base frequency, or "heartbeat," (called Schumann resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. Comment: Probably disinfo.

Iraq – First Stop on the Road to Empire - Forget all the technical arguments about weapons inspections, Iraq's alleged nuclear capability, and whether or not we need to get the permission of the UN before we slaughter thousands of innocent civilians and take over a country. There is something quite different about the prospect of this war that sets it apart from all the conflicts the U.S. has entered in modern times. It's something new, and I think we all feel it, and know on it some subliminal level: there's a change in the air, an electricity that some find exhilarating and others find ominous. I count myself among the latter. - We haven't seen this kind of grasping greed, at least here in this country, since the turn of the last century, when we had a similar national debate over the same question we are facing now. Will we stay a republic, or take the road to empire?

October 10, 2002 - New Sessions!

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