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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. --Voltaire--

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November 21, 2002 - a Kuwaiti police sergeant pulled two U.S. soldiers in a civilian vehicle off the road Thursday morning, and then shot them at close range. - The soldiers, who were shot in the face and in the shoulder, are in serious but stable condition. - The soldiers -- who were wearing civilian clothing -- did not return fire. After the two soldiers were shot, the attacker returned home, got some money, and fled across the border to Saudi Arabia, Pentagon sources told CNN. Kuwaiti and Saudi officials are working to bring the man back to Kuwait. - The shooting is the latest in a string of violent attacks and threats against U.S. soldiers stationed in Kuwait and comes on the same day as a U.S. missionary was shot and killed in Lebanon.

Bonnie Weatherall, 30, was shot in the head three times with a 7 mm pistol shortly after she opened a health clinic around 8 a.m. (midnight EST) where she was a volunteer nurse, police and church officials said.

Comment: Do you ever get the feeling that maybe Americans aren't liked over there???? Can we think of a REASON??? No hurry... plenty of time here...

Canadian official calls Bush'a moron' for pushing Iraq onto NATO agenda. Defence Minister John McCallum bluntly told George W. Bush yesterday to stop lecturing Canada about increased defence spending after the U.S. president urged the federal government and the NATO allies to boost their military budgets to confront new international threats from terrorism and rogue states. - Earlier in the day, a senior Canadian official, who asked not to be identified, called Mr. Bush "a moron" because of his efforts to push the war against Iraq to the top of NATO's agenda. The summit was to focus on expansion and moderation of the alliance, but Mr. Bush has used his clout to make Iraq the dominant issue at the meeting.

Rioters in Nigeria have stabbed pedestrians and torched churches during violent demonstrations which have left more than 50 people dead and scores more injured. The protests were triggered by a newspaper article suggesting Islam's founding prophet might have chosen a wife from among contestants in the Miss World beauty pageant in Nigeria.

A young South African boy is missing, his friends say he was swallowed by a snake, and a snake expert says he believes them. "I've dealt with a few cases like this and I always dispel them as absolute rubbish. But in my opinion this one did happen," snake park owner Craig Smith told AFP yesterday. He said a group of boys, aged between five and eight, were playing in a mango plantation in the eastern harbour city of Durban at the weekend. One of the boys later ran home and told his mother his friend had been eaten by a snake. - There has been no sign of the snake since the alleged incident on Sunday.

Princess Royal fined £500 after her dog bites two children - Princess Annel today became the first member of the royal family to have a criminal record when she admitted a charge under the Dangerous Dogs Act after one of her pets bit two children in Windsor Great Park. Princess Anne, aged 52, was fined £500 and ordered to pay £250 in compensation and £148 in costs after pleading guilty to the offence when she appeared at East Berkshire Magistrates Court in Slough.

A Palestinian man wearing a bomb belt blew himself today on a bus packed with schoolchildren and soldiers in Jerusalem, killing at least 11 passengers and wounding dozens more during the morning rush hour attack... The Islamic militant group Hamas said it was responsible for the bombing and Israeli officials said the bomber came from Bethlehem, which raised the possibility Israel might retake the West Bank town from which it withdrew in August.

Comment: How do these Mossad guys always know right away all the details about the bombers? I mean, do they wear name tags or something? And why is it that they always come along to pave the way for the Israelis to do what they wanted to do anyway? And why Does Hamas always claim credit for it when it is absolutely the worst thing they could do for their own cause? Something is wrong with this picture...

Ariel Sharon gave the army permission to carry out operations in Bethlehem Thursday night hours after the blast which was apparently launched from the West Bank town, army radio said. - The suicide blast was first claimed by the hardline Islamic group Hamas and then later by its smaller rival, Islamic Jihad. - Sharon spokesman Raanan Gissin said Israel would continue dismantling Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority, which he accused of financing attacks on Israelis. - President Moshe Katsav called on Europe to threaten to sever all ties with Arafat if he does not act to curb attacks on Israel, and said he would backed his expulsion if he thought it would help the situation.

Comment: These guys are pathetically transparent... but gee, I guess the Israeli people are no more blind than the American people who still think that a 757 hit the pentagon and that George Bush is not a terrorist...

The US has captured Rahim al-Nashri, said to be the operations chief of al-Qa'ida in the Gulf. He is also the suspected organiser of the October 2000 attack against the destroyer USS Cole, in which 17 American sailors died. US officials said Mr Nashri – considered one of the top 10 al-Qa'ida operatives at large – was seized earlier this month in an undisclosed country in the Gulf region. He is the most senior member of the terrorist group to be captured since a joint US-Pakistani swoop netted Abu Zubaydah, its operations chief, in March. Like Abu Zubaydah, Mr Nashri is said to be providing information. His identity emerged yesterday, more than a week after the US revealed it had captured a big fish in al-Qa'ida.

Comment: Okay, great! Now we can call off the war, right?

Scientists piece together the 'dino-bird' fossil fraud - The fossil came to prominence in 1999 when the magazine National Geographic published an account of its discovery and how it had been scientifically validated as a fossil that many palaeontologists would die for. Archaeoraptor, however, soon went from "a true missing link in the complex chain that connects dinosaurs to birds" to "Piltdown turkey", a reference to the most famous forgery in palaeontology. - "This specimen was presumably assembled by a Chinese farmer who wished to make it a more complete looking fossil, which could be sold for a higher price," he said. The specimen ended up in America where it was bought by a private collector for $80,000 (£51,000). It appeared to be the perfect example of a creature that was half dinosaur, half bird and it became an icon for the evolutionary transition between the two. -

NATO committed itself to supporting "effective" action to back UN demands for Iraq to disarm, but key ally Germany made clear it would not be a party to any military action. - "Participation does not come into the question," German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said of the military option. His foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, was more blunt still, declaring his country's position on military action was "unequivocal: We will not take part." - The United States and its closest ally, Britain, meanwhile stepped up pressure on Baghdad with a pair of air strikes on mobile radars in southern Iraq.

Monstrous munitions dump blast in Ecuador kills seven and injures hundreds more. - Authorities are also searching for 271 children missing in the confusion after the blast, the Red Cross said. - As night descended on the stricken city Thursday, the only lights apparent were the flickering of improvised wood cook fires as families improvised in the continued absence of power. Power as well as telephone lines to Riobamba were cut by the explosions and communications were confined to military, police and civil defense radio bands.

An earthquake in Pakistan's remote mountainous north killed 20 people, a spokesman from the interior ministry said. - Minister for Northern Areas Nisar Memon told AFP that the quake had hit at about 2:30 am (2130 GMT Wednesday) and measured 5.6 points on the Richter scale. The earthquake occurred in the Karakoram mountain range, in the same vicinity as a series of quakes that killed 12 people earlier this month, he said.

Global warming will have a devastating effect on water availability in the western United States, a new climate forecast predicts. The report, released Thursday, involved more than two dozen scientists and engineers from around the country who undertook the study as a test of a national climate forecasting effort. What they found doesn't bode well for the West.

Russell Rollens was a picture-perfect baby. Then at 15 months he got his measles, mumps and rubella vaccination, or MMR. "He had a physical reaction to those vaccines, including a high-pitched scream and days of high pitched crying and listlessness," said Russell's father, Rick Rollens. Ten years later, those problems continue. Russell is now autistic. - "Thirty-three percent of children in families with autism believe vaccinations played a part in the development of their child's autism," he said. - The rate in California increased 273 percent between 1987 and 1998, according to a 1999 report by the California Department of Developmental Services. Byrd believes what's happening here is probably happening nationwide. But California has the only system for registering autistic children.

Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's on behalf of New York children who have suffered health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. - "People don't go to sleep thin and wake up obese," Lerman said. "The understanding and comprehension of what hamburgers and french fries do has been with us for a long, long time." McDonald's has asked Judge Robert Sweet to dismiss the case, arguing those who filed the claims cannot show their health woes were caused by Big Macs and insisting the company has never misled customers about its food. The judge did not immediately rule on the request.

About 15,000 years of friendship between man and dog have helped man's best friend to develop unique ways of understanding humans: abilities that still are somewhat mysterious to scientists and dog lovers, several studies released this week found. - Whether it's a beagle, basenji or basset hound, scientists say dogs all over the globe descended from one common ancestor, probably somewhere in East Asia about 15,000 years ago, and they have followed man through his migrations over the Earth. - DNA analysis of dogs worldwide showed the most genetic diversity in East Asia, meaning dogs have likely been domesticated there the longest. Another study that compared Old and New World dogs found that canines in North and South America also descended from that same Eurasian mother. - "Domestic dogs follow humans like a laser and watch the behavior of their humans with a focus that is astounding," said McConnell, a professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "This opens up big and interesting questions about how social intelligence is passed on genetically."

Former megastar Michael Jackson may have shocked more than just his fans with Tuesday's surprising appearance on a hotel balcony with his infant son. German authorities are looking into whether he actually committed a crime when he dangled the barefoot, blue-clad baby beyond the iron railing of his fourth-floor Berlin balcony, Reuters reports.

November 20, 2002 - ACTION ALERT ED Web Information Disappearing - The U.S. Department of Education (ED) issued an internal memo, “Criteria and Process for Removing Old Content from” on May 31, 2002. The memo established “Criteria for Keeping Information on the Web” dated prior to February 2001. One concern cited as reason for removal was that some content “runs counter to current Administration priorities.” Later in the memo this reason was reiterated in the section under “Current Challenges” which states ”Content is either outdated or does not reflect the priorities, philosophies, or goals of the present administration.”

It appears the web information removal activities are occurring throughout the federal system. On October 21, a group of 12 House Members sent a letter to Secretary Tommy Thompson, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, identifying “a pattern of events at the Department of Health and Human Services suggesting that scientific decision-making is being subverted by ideology and that scientific information that does not fit the Administration’s political agenda is being suppressed…Scientific information that does not serve the Administration’s ideological agenda is being removed from HHS websites.” Health issues involved include abortion, programs addressing risky behavior in youth, and contraception. Other federal government Web sites are reported to be facing similar problems.

Comment: We have reported on this matter in relation to our own work being "scrubbed" from google. After many complaints, complaints from readers, it seems that google has decided that too much attention was being drawn to the matter and we are "back," though it's up and down from day to day. However, as the reader who sent in the link said: Of course we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg and the rabbit hole goes ever so much deeper than this. But, it is a 3D starting point with visible evidence to get some started thinking.

Saying he didn't want to "hurt Alabama," Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman gave up his bid for a second term Monday and conceded the nation's last undecided governor's race to Republican Rep. Bob Riley. On election night, Siegelman initially led in unofficial returns and called on Riley to concede. But Riley jumped in front when officials in Baldwin County, a GOP stronghold, reduced Siegelman's total by nearly 7,000 votes, saying a computer glitch in their election system had overstated his returns.

Siegelman's supporters filed petitions in every Alabama county seeking a recount. The move was all but shut down by Republican Attorney General Bill Pryor, who said recount rules do not override a state law that keeps ballots sealed except in limited circumstances. The state Supreme Court had been considering the legality of a recount when Siegelman made his decision. In his announcement, Siegelman said "serious questions" had been raised about the vote returns in Baldwin County. He said the GOP district attorney in the county "threatened to put everyone in jail" who tried to conduct a recount. He also said Riley had "blocked a recount at every turn" and that 13 days after the vote, not a single ballot had been recounted. But, said the governor, he decided not avoid "a long, divisive fight."

George Bush sez: “The United States Senate voted overwhelmingly to better protect America and voted overwhelmingly to help people find work,” Bush said at a news conference Wednesday in Prague, Czech Republic, referring to bills creating the new department and bolstering businesses with terrorism insurance.

Comment: The emerging facts seem to say otherwise. The election was rigged! It's that simple.

Chinese folk remedy fights cancer - Seattle scientists have shown that a compound extracted from the wormwood plant seeks out and destroys breast cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells unscathed. - IN LABORATORY experiments, the compound killed within 16 hours virtually all human breast cancer cells exposed to it in the test tube, reports Henry Lai, a bioengineering researcher at the University of Washington. Just as importantly, he says, nearly all of the normal cells exposed to it were still alive. And a dog with a type of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma so severe that it couldn’t walk across the room made a complete recovery within five days of receiving the treatment. X-rays showed the animal’s tumor “had basically disappeared,” says Lai, adding that he believes the dog is still alive two years later. - In fact, a purified form of the plant compound is now the drug of choice for treating malaria in many areas, particularly where chloroquine-resistant strains have emerged, he says. - Experiments into why artemisinin works as an anti-malaria agent led to its tests as an anti-cancer drug. The key turned out to be a shared characteristic of the malaria parasite and dividing cancer cells: high iron concentrations.

Perception is Everything - How a person perceives something leads in turn to the creation of a set of beliefs which forms the basis of one's behavioral decisions. The control of information coupled with the knowledge that fear is a great motivator sets the stage for power-hungry leaders to begin practicing the ultimate in manipulation - getting others to do their bidding. -

Those in positions of power knowingly concoct fabrications, half-truths, and outright lies, repeated ad nauseam through carefully controlled media, to create the fear-filled reality needed to further their own personal, often repulsive, agenda. The leaders of the United States are by no means exempt from this tactic, but are truly the masters of deceit. -

Constant platitudes about our wonderfully sublime, brave, patriotic, and compassionate character are intended to shield us from the unspeakable truth of the very dark and evil side of our nation's history and foreign policies. - Yet, the average U.S. American hears very little of what is actually being carried out in his or her name. Compliant media owned by the same global, profit-driven corporations that run our government see to it that the U.S. public is kept in the dark about the nature and truth of U.S. aggression around the world. After all, we need to maintain our pure and wholesome image. Perception is everything.

The Homeland Security Monstrosity - The list of dangerous and unconstitutional powers granted to the new Homeland Security department is lengthy. Warrantless searches, forced vaccinations of whole communities, federal neighborhood snitch programs, federal information databases, and a sinister new "Information Awareness Office" at the Pentagon that uses military intelligence to spy on domestic citizens are just a few of the troubling aspects of the new legislation. - [O]ur most basic freedoms as Americans- privacy in our homes, persons, and possessions; confidentiality in our financial and medical affairs; openness in our conversations, telephone, and internet use; unfettered travel; indeed the basic freedom not to be monitored as we go through our daily lives- have been dramatically changed.

The last time Congress attempted a similarly ambitious reorganization of the government was with the creation of the Department of Defense in 1947. Back then, congressional hearings on the matter lasted two years before President Truman finally signed legislation. Even after this lengthy deliberation, however, organizational problems with the new department lasted more than 40 years! What do we expect from a huge bureaucracy conceived virtually overnight, by a Congress that didn’t even read the bill that creates it? Surely more deliberation was appropriate before establishing a giant new federal agency with 170,000 employees! - Rest assured that the new department represents a huge increase in the size and scope of the federal government that will mostly serve to spy on the American people. Can anyone, even the most partisan Republican, honestly say with a straight face that the Department of Homeland Security does not expand the federal government?

Senator Byrd Blasts Homeland Bill - I remember years ago, when I was in the House of Representatives, sending out a little booklet to the people in my then-congressional district of how our laws are made ...[describes the process of hearings, committees, debate, reports, etc. etc.]... we all remember how those laws are made according to the script as prepared there in those handsome little booklets that we send out. That is how the American people expect this Congress to operate. That is the way we are supposed to operate. But the way this bill was brought in here, less than 48 hours ago, a brand-new bill. It had not been before any committee. It had undergone no hearings, not this bill. It is a bill on our desks that has 484 pages. There are 484 pages in this bill. It has not been before any committee. There have been no hearings on this bill. There have been no witnesses who were asked to appear to testify on behalf of the bill or in opposition to it. It did not undergo any such scrutiny. It was just placed on the Senate Calendar. It was offered as an amendment here. And so here it is before the Senate now. There it is. That is not the way in which our children are taught how we make our laws--not at all. And this is one of the most far-reaching pieces of legislation I have seen in my 50 years. I will have been in Congress 50 years come January 3... Never have I seen such a monstrous piece of legislation sent to this body. And we are being asked to vote on that 484 pages tomorrow. Our poor staffs were up most of the night studying it. They know some of the things that are in there, but they don't know all of them. It is a sham and it is a shame.

Trent Lott said passage of the Democratic amendment would have meant prolonged House-Senate talks on the bill's final details. "The terrorists are not going to wait for a process that goes on days, weeks or months," he said. "I don't want to be singing 'Jingle Bells' here Dec. 21" still working on the bill.

They just wanted to go home, and so decided to wrap it up quickly.

"You can call me anything you like. Call me a monster or a murderer. Better a live Judeo-Nazi than a dead saint. Even if you prove to me that the present war in Lebanon is a dirty immoral war, I don't care. Even if Galilee is shelled again by Katyushas in a year's time, I don't really care. We shall start another war, kill and destroy more and more, until they will have had enough. Let them tremble, let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy if one of our children is murdered, just one! If anyone even raises his hand against us we'll take away half his land and burn the other half, including the oil. We might use nuclear arms. Even today I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us. And I don't mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal. What you don't understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it." - purported to be said by Ariel Sharon 1982 as attributed to Amos Oz. However, Amos Oz, contacted recently, had the following statement to make: "I have never interviewed Mr. Sharon. I have never even met Mr. Sharon. The text you refer to is an interview with a private citizen, an Israeli extremist who died several years ago." We only note that Amos Oz is a professor at Ben Gurion University in Israel.

No one expected Hitler to rise to power. He had failed at just about everything he had ever undertaken until he discovered politics. In the world of spin and power plays, a superficial gift of gab and bullish determination could replace intelligence and idealism without missing a beat. Hitler found that the path to the top was short: Just tell a discontent people what they want to hear and make promises you have no intention to keep. - His sidekick Goebbels, head of propaganda and undoubtedly the bulk of the diabolical brains behind the operation, gleefully wrote in his diary: "The struggle is a light one now as we are able to employ all the means of the state [which included the judiciary]. In addition, he noted, "Radio and press are at our disposal."

Hitler believed that to consolidate his power, he needed to create an "enemy of the state." Contrary to popular belief, the first "enemy" Hitler formally targeted was not the Jews but the Communist Party. Why? Because they were the most outspoken activists against his regime. Hitler was thus the first to invoke the spectre of "the Red Menace." To facilitate his demonization of the "reds," he sent provocateurs to orchestrate a staged act of "terrorism." Their dupe was a young revolutionary named Van der Lubbe, who was implicated in (i.e. framed for) the bombing of the Reichstag (the equivalent of the Congressional building). This incident gave Hitler the excuse he needed for "cracking down" on "enemies of the state." He rallied the Germans against the "terrorists" and passed the odious "Enabling Acts," in which the government was granted the right to bypass any due process for "suspects." One human right after the other was revoked: the Jews were stripped of all rights, trade unions were broken, and rival parties were made illegal. In addition, Hitler began to isolate Germany from the rest of the world: One of his first actions after assuming power was to withdraw from the League of Nations. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." --- George Santayana

Comment: In the present day, many people find it absolutely shocking at the lack of coverage given to the most important issues - including simple truth - by the mass media. Indeed, there are many websites and commentators who are regularly pointing out what is going on, but statistics show that half or more of Americans do not cruise the net for news, and of the half that may do so, many of them are doing it from a platform of "insufficient education," shall we say? In short, they are as easily fooled on the net as they are by the television.

And so, when it is all said and done, what is going to happen to this country could even be said to be a Zionist plot because nearly all of the electronic and print media in this country are owned or controlled by Jews - generally Zionist Jews with views similar to those of Ariel Sharon, quoted above. However, I would like to make an important distinction. It is certainly clear from studying history that the groups behind the Bush Junta are no friends of the Jews. And it is also problematical as to how much goes on in politics as a result of "blackmail" and other pressures brought to bear on immoral politicians in this country by secret services such as Mossad. If politicians didn't have dirty laundry, they wouldn't be subject to control by the Israeli state which seeks its own agenda and will, as Sharon has declared, pursue that agenda like madmen. And it is certain that they are aware of the role the United States played in the Holocaust with its covert support of Hitler and the Nazi death machine. And so, it is not stretching it to suspect that the Bush gang THINK they are manipulating Israel for their own agenda, while Israel THINKS they are manipulating the Bush Junta into self-destruction.

And so, the Jewish controlled media may be supporting the agenda of the Bush Junta for the very purpose of destroying the United States, while the Bush Junta may be supporting the aims of Israel in hopes of getting the war machine over to the Middle East so as to be able to destroy Israel - which appears to have been the objective from the beginning. It is truly "spy vs. spy."

In the end, they may cancel each other out - though it is a certainty that there won't be a lot of people left to appreciate the grim humor of the situation...

The Nazification of America - Phase 3 - In the 2000 and now again in the midterm 2002 elections, electronic voting has meant that our democratic right to have our votes counted fairly and accurately has been taken from us by the Bush junta. Since we now suffer under the situation where there is no opposition to the criminal Bush regime--most Democrats having effectively become pawns of the Republicans--then none of the state election frauds will be investigated. We can't be sure that key races such as that of Mondale in Minnesota and Carnahan in Missouri were not the result of massive vote fraud. We can be sure that the Florida gubernatorial race was completely fixed. This sinister phase 3 of the nazification of America is best understood by reviewing some of the information that Greg Palast has made available. Palast is the investigative reporter for BBC and the Observer who first exposed the 2000 Florida vote crimes. Electronic, touch screen voting is the basis for election fraud: * votes can easily be lost through "software glitches" * Democratic votes can become Republican votes and no one is the wiser - The "touch" screen computers are made by ES&S, the vendor chosen by Katherine Harris, Florida Secretary of State and current congressperson. The lobbyist who sold that company's system to Jeb and Katherine is Sandy Mortham, founder of Women for Jeb and Harris' predecessor as Secretary of State. Mortham was the person who instigated the scam in 1998 to find black voters who could be disqualified. ES&S machines, not surprisingly, failed to work in Black precincts in 2002. And of course with electronic voting there is no paper ballot back-up.

A 16-page Cyber Security Enhancement Act (CSEA) slipped into into the Homeland Security bill at the last moment to allow police to conduct Internet or telephone eavesdropping willy-nilly with no requirement to ask a court's permission first. In a statement, a sponsor of the Bill, republican Lamar Smith said: "We need a new government structure with a clear focus and clear mission to protect Americans and increase public safety. The new Department of Homeland Security will fulfill that vital role." This was the guy who said earlier in the year: "A mouse can be just as dangerous as a bullet or a bomb." The Cyber Security Enhancement Act demands life sentences for those hackers that "recklessly" endanger lives. The Act seeks to allow Net surveillance to gather telephone numbers, IP addresses, and URLs or e-mail information without recourse to a court, where an "immediate threat to a national security interest" is suspected. ISPs will also be permitted to hand users' records over to law enforcement authorities, overturning current legislation that outlaws such behaviour. The Act still has some way to go before it becomes law, but the Bushist propaganda will no doubt make it an act of patriotism in a time of insecurity to support the legislation.

I read recently that scholar Allan Dershowitz has been advocating the use of torture on suspected "terrorists" for the purpose of eliciting information. I think we all better be careful about embarking on such sadistic and hideous behavior and try to prevent it. The Cambodians (and some foreigners, too) who were victimized at Tuol Sleng had not been convicted of any crime. They were tortured simply in order to make them "confess" to being enemies of the state. Is that where America is headed? - Amidst all the disturbing news coming out of the U.S. lately, I have found two items particularly alarming: 1. The creation of a concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 2. The suggestion that we use torture to extract information from suspected "terrorists."

Comment: This is a very disturbing article, so brace yourself. Is it possible that what happened in Cambodia can happen in America? Commenting on the public reaction to the regime, Dr. David Chandler, Professor Emeritus of History at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, states that by 1978 (3 years into the Pol Pot regime) thousands of Cambodians were shifting their loyalties and that, "None of them, it seems, had judged DK as evil from the start." On Pol Pot's mindset during this time he says, "Like many authoritarian leaders, Pol Pot and his colleagues believed they were surrounded by enemies conspiring to overthrow them."

We call on all outraged women to join us in taking a stand, now. And we call upon our brothers to join with us and support us. These actions will be initiated by women, but not limited to women. Stand in the streets and marketplaces of your towns with banners and signs of dissent, and talk to your neighbors. Stand before your elected representatives: and if they will not listen, sit in their offices, refusing to leave until they do. Withdraw consent from the warmongers. Engage in outrageous acts of dissent. We encourage all actions, from public education and free speech to nonviolent civil disobedience that can disrupt the progress toward war.

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A Lawless World of Endless Wars - A letter from former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark to all members of the UN Security Council, with copies to the UN General Assembly. - George Bush Is Leading the United States and Taking the UN and All Nations Toward a Lawless World of Endless Wars. - George Bush is Public Enemy Number 1

President George Bush is seen as a bigger threat to world safety than Saddam Hussein, according to a new poll conducted by a senior US Republican and due to be broadcast today.

The Memory Hole demonstrates how powerful a tool the Web can be when it comes to the retrieval and dissemination of information (especially information that certain parties would prefer to suppress)...

Homeland bill advances in Senate The Bush Junta continues to give lip-service to the democratic process after their rigged election "victory."

Q: My first question: People are talking about, and are concerned about, what is to be the proper attitude, or the proper action - if any - or behavior, or response to the current situation in the world: terrorist activity, the increasing controls of the government, that sort of thing. In other words, they are wanting to know if they should take action, or if they should just observe. Or, should they be guided by their individual situations. People are concerned. Can you respond to these concerns?
A: Most people will not be harmed in direct ways. - Force will not get out of hand yet. Q: (B) Will the primary harm to people be psychological?
A: Partly but also real strictures.
Q: (L) Is this stricture going to be physical, or a stricture on our freedoms, or a combination of both?
A: Both.
Q: (L) Is there going to be a witch hunt in this country for people who the government wishes to identify as being potential terrorists, or anti-American, like the McCarthy era?
A: First there will be controls by laws. Then more force.
Q: (L) Is all of this going to culminate in some plan that is being activated at the present time? Is this all directed to a specific outcome by the powers that be, so to speak?
A: Mostly; but unexpected twists and turns from opposing forces. ... 4th density STO will manifest help for some 3rd Density groups.

Now, the date of the above session was October 13, 2001 - over a year ago. The C's said that "Force will not get out of hand YET... First there will be controls by laws. Then MORE FORCE. As to "help," well, I think that old saying "The Lord Helps those who help themselves" might apply here.

I would say that the first thing on the agenda of the Bush Junta is to force smallpox and influenza on the American people. As the historical studies show, "...compulsory smallpox vaccination campaigns in the late 19th and early 20th centuries...played a major role in decimating the populations of Japan (48,000 deaths), England and Wales (44,840 deaths, after 97 percent of the population had been vaccinated), Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, India (3 million [deaths]--all vaccinated), Australia, Germany (124,000 deaths), Prussia (69,000 deaths---all re-vaccinated), and the Philippines."

In 1919, out of a population of 10 million---all triply vaccinated over the prior 6 years---the Philippine Islands registered 47,368 deaths from smallpox. The epidemic came after a the culmination of a ruthless 15- year compulsory vaccination campaign by the US...In a speech condemning the smallpox vaccine reprinted in the Congressional Record of 12/21/37, William Howard Hay, MD, said, '...the Philippines suffered the worst attack of smallpox, the worst epidemic three times over, that had ever occurred in the history of the islands, and it was almost three times as fatal. The death rate ran as high as 60 percent in certain areas, where formerly it had been 10 and 15 percent.'"


Q: Now, there was a discussion about psychopaths and the fact that they are seemingly born that way. In one article, a reference was made to mercury content in vaccines and the opinion was given that there is a distinct possibility that the inoculations mentioned - childhood vaccinations included - may directly affect the brains of infants and turn them into psychopaths. Is that a possibility?
A: Such inoculations are designed to make the nervous system more "appropriately tuned" to 4D STS "downloads" and manipulation.

And so we see why this "inoculation" business is being so hotly pursued. It is intended to make people more controllable... those that aren't killed or maimed by it.

Lawsuits seeking damage for deaths due to vaccines to be prohibited in Homeland Security Bill. In other words you have to submit your children to the chance the government will kill them with no recourse.

A black hole that is speeding our way? - The observation is reported by scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Although the black hole is headed roughly in our direction, it is at a "safe" distance, 6,000 to 9,000 light-years away, in the direction of the constellation Scorpius.

Black holes 'on collision course' - For the first time scientists have seen two supermassive black holes existing together at the core of the same galaxy. The black holes are orbiting each other and will collide and merge to create an even larger black hole - resulting in a catastrophic event that will unleash intense radiation and gravitational waves. However, this will not happen for several hundred million years. - "The detection of a binary black hole supports the idea that black holes can grow to enormous masses in the centers of galaxies by merging with other black holes," said Komossa. - Over the course of the next few hundred million years, the two black holes in NGC 6240, which are about 3000 light-years apart, will drift toward one another and merge to form an even larger supermassive black hole. Toward the end of this process an enormous burst of gravitational waves will be produced several hundred million years from now. "This is the first time we see a binary black hole in action, the smoking gun for something that will become a major gravitational wave burst in the future," says Hasinger.

Comment: Question is, has it happened elsewhere already? And is such a "wave" headed our direction NOW?

Black hole brightens at our galactic core - A sudden increase in brightness from a cloud of very hot gas near the heart of the Milky Way seems to confirm the idea that a super-massive black hole exists at the galactic core. - Now, new observations of the core have detected a flare of X-ray energy that dimmed and brightened in just 10 minutes. The duration, combined with the earlier evidence, allows astronomers to calculate a mass and a size for their suspected black hole. They come out with a mass more than two million times that of our Sun, contained in a region of space just 150 million kilometres (93 million miles) across. A black hole is the only explanation for such figures, the scientists say.

Think the November 5, 2002 US General Election went smoothly? Think the Bush administration fairly won? Think again... - A recent scan on Google News turned up hundreds of press reports of "election glitches." Not all of these troubles were in Florida -- states included Texas, Alabama, Nevada, Georgia, California, South Carolina, Nebraska, and New Jersey. Voter News Service, the agency that provides exit poll data that might have been used as a cross-check against computerized returns, was coincidentally knocked out of service by an unidentified "massive computer glitch" on election day as well. -

The vendors and certifying authorities have taken a "trust us" stance, claiming that the machines are "fail-safe" and that the internal record and tally constitutes an accurate reflection of the ballots cast on the machine. In fact, machines have failed in actual use -- choices have been displayed that were not selected by the voters, and votes have been mis-recorded (in some cases losing them entirely, or shifting them to other ballot positions). Some of the machines enter a lock-down mode when the polls are closed, rendering it impossible to later check that votes could have been cast properly for each candidate or issue. Vendors have tied the hands of election officials and independent examiners by protecting their systems under restrictive trade-secret agreements, making it a felony to inspect the operation of the machines without a comprehensive court order.

U.S. Voters Hoodwinked The problems presented by the use of insecure voting machines have been ignored by the U.S. mainstream media, which minimized the widespread failures of voting equipment during the recent election as having been caused by “glitches” and “gremlins.”

On Election Day, callers to a Florida radio talk show complained “I voted for McBride, but the machine counted it as Bush. It did this three times. The polling worker finally said, ‘We have to re-program this machine.’ Another person was having the same trouble while I was there,” a voter told Neil Rogers on his highly rated AM radio show. Three of the largest voting machine vendors in the United States have convicted criminals in high positions ...How can it not be a criminal enterprise? In other words, the new electronic voting machines were put in place in order to conceal a massive election fraud. Plain and simple: that's how Bush gained full control of this country.

John F Kennedy was in constant pain throughout his short-lived presidency, suffering from chronic back pain and a life-threatening kidney ailment called Addison's disease. - JFK suffered from colitis, urinary tract infections, severe digestive cramps, anxiety and a proclivity for infections. It was not unusual for him to receive as many as eight consecutive injections before news conferences and high-profile events.

Comment: Just thought I would note that, as we approach the anniversary of JFK's assassination, the point at which the current Bush Cabal began their moves to take over the world, I can't help but wonder if they might wish to "commemorate" the event with some new "shocking" event by which they will declare their exultation at the present successes?

The Kennedy Dynasty vs. the Bush Dynasty

JFK: "Let us step back out of the shadow of war and seek the way of peace."

Dubya: "You're either with us or against us."

A Rare Glimpse Inside Bush's head? - "I do not need to explain why I say things. — That's the interesting thing about being the President. — Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." Comment: Apparently that includes the American people.

A federal appeals court Tuesday ruled that the U.S. government does not owe free lifetime medical care to World War II and Korean War veterans who agreed to serve 20 years in exchange, despite promises made to them when they were in the armed forces. The ruling represents a victory for the federal government, which had argued the veterans were not entitled to the benefits. The ruling will potentially save the government billions of dollars in health care costs. - In an emotional dissent four judges sided with the veterans. "If Congress can appropriate billions for this aspect of national defense and not know how it is accounted for, then God save the Republic. Of course Congress knew; of course the service secretaries authorized promises in return for service; of course these military officers served until retirement in reliance, and of course there is a moral obligation to these men," read the dissent.

Ex-Taliban says tortured in Cuba prison - "I heard the Arabs were taken out and forced to stand among the practice targets on the shooting range. The soldiers used dummy bullets, but they were trying to terrify and intimidate the al Qaeda members," Mohammad said. - The 37-year-old Taliban recruit was one of three Afghans released from Guantanamo Bay and flown back to Afghanistan in late October after Washington decided they were no longer of intelligence value and there were no grounds to prosecute them. More than 600 alleged Taliban and al Qaeda sympathisers remain in indefinite detention at the U.S. military base, despite international pressure on Washington to release the prisoners, try them fairly or grant them prisoner-of-war status.

What REALLY happend on 9-11? - You know, ordinary people say, "I was shocked." And the spin-masters are trying to create the impression that the same goes for the people responsible for air safety and air defense, that they're just like us. But they are not. Air traffic control is a carefully organized, military-type operation or else the planes would hit each other. When a plane goes off course, it doesn't have to be hijacked. And if they can't make contact with the pilot and find out what's going on, they have a procedure which is they send a plane up. They don't have to have evidence of hostile intent to send a plane up. - For instance, when Payne Stewart's Lear jet went out of control, they sent planes and chased it across the country and determined it was on autopilot and it was going to go to an unpopulated area. There was no evidence there of hostile intent. - The Pentagon was hit at approximately 9:45 Eastern Time, so we're talking about an hour and 40 minutes between the time they knew there was a hijacking and the time the Pentagon was hit. That hijacked plane was flying west from Boston. So they knew it could have been flying to Washington, right? Why didn't they put planes in the air? - Now, how would it be possible for a failure like that to occur out of incompetence? We're not talking about ordinary incompetence. Two planes had hit buildings in New York. They knew those planes had been highjacked. They knew a hijacked plane was coming towards Washington, D.C. They didn't know it for just five minutes. They knew it for almost an hour.

[W]as this something where our government knew something was coming and didn't take action? Or was it actually our government in connivance with the perpetrators? [O]bviously the political advantage since September 11 has gone to the Right - it's gone to the Bush administration and their allies in the military industrial complex. If you look at who's benefited, this is clearly something that has not only benefited what was previously a tottering and what many people saw as an illegitimate administration - and they now have some of the highest political ratings any have ever had. - [I]mmense amounts of money and power have moved from ordinary people to very rich people... - obviously, foreknowledge and planning mean the same. Because it's not reasonable that powerful forces in our government would simply know that terrorists were going to do this and let it happen without them having an intimate connection with those terrorists. That is, how could they know, otherwise? The facts are shocking and one doesn't want to believe them. And the easiest thing to do under that circumstance is to say. "You must have an agenda." Well, even if I did have an agenda - are the facts wrong? I'm saying we have evidence that suggests criminal action. And we know that powerful people throughout history have been capable of such things in the interests of money. That's been true throughout history. Why would our country be an exception?

Iraq war definite sez Lebanese Foreign Minister - He described U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441 as "booby-trapped" and said it could not end the possibility of war because Iraq had to submit an inventory of its non-conventional weapons within a month and a list of its scientists for the past 20 years along with their whereabouts to facilitate the operations of the U.N. inspectors.

After Iraq, Bush will attack his real target - Preparations for war are in an advanced stage. The U.S. has been quietly moving heavy armour and mechanized units from Europe to the Mideast. Three division equivalents and a Marine heavy brigade are now in theatre. An armada of U.S. warplanes is assembling around Iraq, which is bombed almost daily. U.S. special forces are operating in northern Iraq, and, along with Israeli scout units, in Iraq's western desert near the important H2 airbase. The war could begin as early as mid-December if there is no coup against Saddam Hussein. - But for all the propaganda about wicked Saddam, Iraq is not the main objective for the small but powerful coterie of Pentagon hardliners driving the Bush administration's national security policy. Nor is it for their intellectual and emotional peers in Israel's right-wing Likud party. The real target of the coming war is Iran, which Israel views as its principal and most dangerous enemy. Iraq merely serves as a pretext to whip America into a war frenzy and to justify insertion of large numbers of U.S. troops into Mesopotamia. - By February or March, the U.S. media will likely be flooded with dire warnings about the threat to the world from Iran. Israel's American lobby will turn its guns from Iraq to Iran. "Links" will surely be "discovered" between Iran and al-Qaida. The cookie-cutter pattern that worked for whipping up war psychosis against Iraq should work just as well against Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia - and win the next national election.

In the last two months, six children have died of starvation in Argentina, the media in Buenos Aires reported Monday, and the number of unconfirmed deaths mounts daily. - The deaths are a tragic side effect of the economic and political crisis that has brought this once-rich country to the brink of ruin.

Conspiracy of silence? - Why has the CIA ignored for 11 consecutive months the only anti-al Qaida Pakistani tribal leader who had tracked bin Laden's movements ever since his escape from Tora Bora last Dec. 9? - Could it be that the intelligence community is not too interested in a "we've got Osama alive" melodrama that might detract from the current "get Hussein" priority objective?

Daschle said Thursday that the failure of U.S. authorities to capture Osama bin Laden raises questions about "whether or not we are winning the war on terror." Comment: Of course, Daschle's comments only further support the idea that the tape of Bin Laden is "real." See the following:

Officials confirm bin Laden's voice on tape - U.S. intelligence officials have formally concluded that the voice on the audiotape broadcast last week by the Qatar-based, Arabic-language TV network Al-Jazeera is "almost certainly the voice of Osama bin Laden" and that it was recorded in the last several weeks. Comment: Sounds convincing, right? Look at the following:

" Gentlemen! We have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government." So begins a statement being delivered by Gen. Carl W. Steiner, former Commander-in-chief, U.S. Special Operations Command. - But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voice "morphing" technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. - Most Americans were introduced to the tricks of the digital age in the movie Forrest Gump, when the character played by Tom Hanks appeared to shake hands with President Kennedy. For Hollywood, it is special effects. For covert operators in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it is a weapon of the future.

Environmental disaster looms as stricken tanker sinks - carrying almost 21 million gallons of heavy fuel oil. - Salvage experts were hoping that oil compartments could remain intact as they dropped the 11,800 feet to the sea floor, moderating the spill damage. "There is nothing more we can do," said Lars Walder, spokesman for the salvage company. So far up to 2.6 million gallons of oil has leaked from the tanker. Miles of Spanish coastline has been polluted, but now the main slick is drifting toward the Portuguese coastline. - A row erupted between Spain and Portugal over which nation was responsible for the vessel. As it drifted into Portuguese waters, arguments raged over whether it should be sunk, burnt at sea or have its cargo syphoned to another vessel. Neither Spain nor Portugal would allow the vessel into port. Now it's too late...

Draconian powers to allow police to lock up suspects for longer and fingerprint them without being charged were announced yesterday in a drive to improve police "efficiency". Comment: Who would have ever thought that the two countries that joined forces to defeat Hitler, would - 60 years later - BECOME the new 4th Reich?

Daniel Pipes wrote in the October 25 New York Post that "it came as no surprise" that the sniper suspect is an African American who converted to Islam. "All this was near-predictable," he said, "because it fits into a well-established tradition of American blacks who convert to Islam turning against their country." -

The Nation of Gods and Earths was founded in 1964 on the streets of Harlem when Clarence 13X Smith [began teaching] Islam not as a religion but as a way of life, the basis of which is the attainment of self-knowledge and his revelation that the black man is God, the black woman is the earth. The name Five Percenters comes from the concept that 5 percent of the population know and teach the truth to 85 percent, who are being exploited by the 10 percent ruling elite, including organized religion. Men who belong have the family name "Allah" and women use "Earth." - Dumar Wa'de Allah, national representative of the NGE, says, "We are not that type of people; we are civilized. We are not a violent people. We are not a hate group. First and foremost, we teach freedom, justice, and equality to all the human families of the planet Earth, and I want to emphasize that, and second, our knowledge that we advocate to the world has nothing to do with violence. We are here to stop violent behavior that is taking place among our young people," he says. -

Pipes claims there is a "well-established pattern of alienation, radicalism, and violence among black American converts to Islam." And he even asks, "To what extent does Islam attract the disaffected, to what extent does it actively turn them against their country?" Rosa Clemente, 30, an organizer for the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Know Thyself Speakers Bureau founder, says the media should look elsewhere for the causes of dissatisfaction among African Americans. "They talk about what music [John Muhammad] listened to, [and] that he was in the NOI, but they never talk about the fact that he was in the United States military," says Clemente. "And if he did commit these acts, it's the training from the military that perpetuated that. You don't need Five Percenters to do anything extreme. This is an extreme country that uses violence to get what it wants, to have imperial domain over the world."

When Russian authorities revealed they had used fentanyl to rescue the hostages, about 120 of whom died from overdose, why did the controversy subside into a muted debate? Perhaps it's because the Pentagon wants to keep fentanyl in its medicine cabinet, in a drawer labeled "nonlethal weapons." If the U.S. denounces Russia for spraying drugs at a crowd, where does that leave us?

Russian immigrants who were invited to settle in Israel despite having only distant Jewish roots are being blamed for a startling outbreak of anti-Semitism in the country A growing number of incidents, including verbal and physical abuse, swastikas daubed on walls and the desecration of a Jewish cemetery, has led to calls for a rethinking of Israel's aggressive immigration policies. Minister to press for more stringent measures to filter out "undesirable" immigrants who have no intention of adopting Jewish customs. Comment: Talk about your "reverse anti-semitism!"

Vindication for the Atkins diet? - For years, some doctors have dismissed the Atkins diet, but the high fat, low carb diet might finally be getting its due. A new study partly funded by the Atkins Foundation suggests the diet can improve cholesterol levels while lowering weight. CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined CNN anchor Paula Zahn on American Morning to explain the research. Comment: Try to filter out air-head Paula Zahn...

November 18, 2002 - SMALLPOX/HOMELAND SECURITY BILL - C's recent comments:

Q: Now, there was a discussion about psychopaths and the fact that they are seemingly born that way. In one article, a reference was made to mercury content in vaccines and the opinion was given that there is a distinct possibility that the inoculations mentioned - childhood vaccinations included - may directly affect the brains of infants and turn them into psychopaths. Is that a possibility?
A: Such inoculations are designed to make the nervous system more "appropriately tuned" to 4D STS "downloads" and manipulation.

And so we see why this "inoculation" business is being so hotly pursued. It is intended to make people more controllable... those that aren't killed or maimed by it.

Lawsuits seeking damage for deaths due to vaccines to be prohibited in Homeland Security Bill. In other words you have to submit your children to the chance the government will kill them with no recourse.

Secret Court OKs Broad Wiretap Powers - The ruling was a blow to civil libertarians who say the expanded powers, which allow greater leeway in conducting electronic surveillance and in using information obtained from the wiretaps and searches, jeopardize constitutional rights.- In a 56-page ruling overturning a May opinion by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the three-judge appeals court panel said the Patriot Act gave the government the right to expanded powers.- Attorney General John Ashcroft hailed Monday's ruling and said he was immediately implementing new regulations and working to expedite the surveillance process.

Comment: I hope that the readers are noticing that we are already living in the 4th Reich. This is it. It's all over but the crying. - The ONLY thing you can do is protest, repeatedly and loudly, in hardcopy, to your reps and your news media.

Silicon chip to be inserted under skin of sex offenders - Britain is considering a controversial scheme to implant surgically electronic tags in convicted paedophiles amid fears that the extent of the abuse of children has been massively underestimated. Documents obtained by The Observer reveal the Government could track paedophiles by satellite, with a system similar to that used to locate stolen cars.

Officials confirm bin Laden's voice on tape - U.S. intelligence officials have formally concluded that the voice on the audiotape broadcast last week by the Qatar-based, Arabic-language TV network Al-Jazeera is "almost certainly the voice of Osama bin Laden" and that it was recorded in the last several weeks. Comment: Sounds convincing, right? Look at the following:

" Gentlemen! We have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government." So begins a statement being delivered by Gen. Carl W. Steiner, former Commander-in-chief, U.S. Special Operations Command. - But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voice "morphing" technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. - Most Americans were introduced to the tricks of the digital age in the movie Forrest Gump, when the character played by Tom Hanks appeared to shake hands with President Kennedy. For Hollywood, it is special effects. For covert operators in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it is a weapon of the future.

Mudslides and floods hit Europe - Torrential rain and strong winds have whipped across parts of Europe causing massive mudslides and severe flooding. Worst affected are Switzerland where a mud bank swept through the centre of one town, Austria where a derailed train left one person dead, and northern Italy where a mother and daughter are feared dead after their car was swept away. But the heavy downpour has also forced dozens of residents to find emergency accommodation in Scotland and tourists to wade knee-deep in water around Venice.

Ominous sign that nearby galaxy is headed for a catastrophic event. An international team of scientists will present their findings at a Space Science Update (SSU) Tuesday, November 19, at 1:00 p.m. EST at the James E. Webb Auditorium, NASA Headquarters, 300 E St., S.W., Washington. The SSU will be carried live on NASA TV, with two-way question-and-answer capability, for reporters covering the event at participating NASA centers.

You Are a Suspect - If the Homeland Security Act is not amended before passage, here is what will happen to you: Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend — all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database." To this computerized dossier on your private life from commercial sources, add every piece of information that government has about you — passport application, driver's license and bridge toll records, judicial and divorce records, complaints from nosy neighbors to the F.B.I., your lifetime paper trail plus the latest hidden camera surveillance — and you have the supersnoop's dream: a "Total Information Awareness" about every U.S. citizen. This is not some far-out Orwellian scenario. It is what will happen to your personal freedom in the next few weeks if John Poindexter gets the unprecedented power he seeks. Remember John Poindexter? See the following:

Meet America's New Big Brother - John Poindexter is a retired Navy Admiral, John Poindexter lost his job as National Security Adviser under Ronald Reagan, and was convicted of conspiracy, lying to Congress, defrauding the government, and destroying evidence in the Iran Contra scandal. On February 13, 2002, Americans were warned that our nation was facing the threat of danger to homeland security. Three hours later it happened, but nobody told America. That day, John M. Poindexter was appointed Director of the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office. Why is a person CONVICTED of those crimes being hired for such an important government post?

What to do? It's pretty clear that just calling or mailing the White House or your representative isn't going to do a thing. We already have seen that the possibility of a coup in action is overwhelmingly evident. We already have the idea that the election was rigged and that we are now living under a Banana Republic Regime... the Bush Reich. So, what to do? Well, it seems to me that it is easy for the representative or the White House to say: Oh, we have received a thousand calls and letters that favor what we are doing when in fact, 999 of the calls expressed exactly the opposite. The current administration lies, and does it repeatedly. So the obvious answer is that all action MUST be taken in hard copy, and it must be copied to various press organizations, preferably those that may still be somewhat independent. So, please DO write letters to your representatives and the White House, and make sure that copies of those letters are simultaneously sent to your local independent newspapers, city officials, the ACLU, and/or other Watchdog organizations. It will take a little bit of added effort, but what is the alternative?


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