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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

October 16, 2002
- Ark's Jokes - a new one every day.

FBI asks satellite operators to turn over images of places shootings took place... In my comments on the sniper story further down on the page, (article titled: Military Aircraft Will Return to the Skies), I said: I would also like for somebody to explain to me why and how it is, since we have satellites that are said to be able to read the numbers on a license plate, if not a watch, these types of technology do not seem to be helpful either in the case of the 9-11 attack, and now, in the case of the elusive sniper?

North Korea has admitted to having a secret program to develop nuclear weapons, a senior US official said. North Korean officials admitted the existence of the program in talks earlier this month with a visiting US delegation led by Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs James Kelly, the official told AFP on condition of anonymity. "They told Kelly and the others that they have a secret weapons program and we are calling on them to abandon it," the official said. A formal statement was expected later on Wednesday from State Department spokesman Richard Boucher, the official said. South Korean television earlier said that South Korea and the United States would make a joint announcement on the North Korean nuclear weapons program.

Massive black hole in Milky Way - Scientists said today they have discovered at the center of our galaxy a huge black hole, a mysterious celestial object that sucks in everything around it including light. "We have been able to exclude some still possible alternative configurations. ... There is nothing left that one would consider realistic and possible, other than a black hole."

Comment: I guess that means there are no "galactic core explosions" or "superwaves" that are gonna fry us as theorized by Paul La Violette who writes: "Hence by eliminating the infinite energy absurdity of subatomic matter, we at the same time dispense with black holes." [p. 144, SubQuantum Kinetics.]

A mummified dinosaur from Montana has revealed how the creature looked and how it lived 77 million years ago — down to the texture of its skin and the contents of its stomach, scientists say.

Osama Bin Laden appears to be dead but his colleagues have decided that Al Qaida and its insurgency campaign against the United States will continue, Israeli intelligence sources said. Al Qaida terrorists have launched a new campaign of economic warfare and are targeting shipping in the Middle East, according to U.S. intelligence officials. The Israeli sources said Israel and the United States assess that Bin Laden probably died in the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan in December. They said the emergence of new messages by Bin Laden are probably fabrications, Middle East Newsline reported. But Bin Laden's heir has been chosen and his colleagues have decided to resume Al Qaida's offensive against the United States and Western allies, the sources said.

South Africa set the tone for a marathon U.N. debate on Iraq, warning Washington against military action before U.N. inspectors returned to Baghdad. Dumisani Kumalo, South Africa's U.N. ambassador, who requested a public Security Council meeting, said that since Iraq allowed the weapons inspectors to return after a four-year hiatus, any unilateral action was illegal. Tunisia's U.N Noureddine Mejdoub was blunt. "I say this war is useless because its motives are not well-founded," he told the council. "This war is useless because U.N. inspectors have been expected in Baghdad since Sept. 17 to accomplish their mission." - "The American people do not want the inspectors to come back because if they did, they will prove the Americans have been repeating one lie after another, one allegation after another," Aldouri said.

President George W. Bush warned allies and foes alike not to doubt US resolve to disarm Baghdad, as he signed a congressional resolution authorizing him to wage war on Iraq. "Either the Iraqi regime will give up its weapons of mass destruction or, for the sake of peace, the United States will lead a global coalition to disarm that regime," he said Wednesday at a ceremony in the White House's ornate East Room. "If any doubt our nation's resolve, our determination, they would be unwise to test it," added the president, who was surrounded by lawmakers of both major US parties and both chambers of the US Congress. Comment: Yup, Bush is gonna get us all killed!

Q: (A) I want really to know what kind of mechanism is behind this 911 number coming up in the NY lottery [on 9-11].
A: Warning.  It ain’t over!!!
Q: (A) Who was warning?
A: Mass consciousness signals to self about clear and present danger.
Q: (A) Makes sense. (C) That we created it our own selves? (L)  No, that mass consciousness is sending itself a signal about a clear and present danger…clear and present danger of what?
A: Wait and see.
Q: Might it have something to do with Iraq?
A: No cheating.
Q: (V) Okay.  I’m a little curious, and I don’t know if it’s been asked before or not, what is China’s role in regards to Iraq, is there any…
A: Big question mark, eh?
Q: (V) Well, it just keeps popping into my mind, and popping into my mind, China, China, China, China.  They’re so quiet at this time right now, I don’t hear them saying anything…
A: Indeed…
Q: (V) Are they supplying them [Iraq] with the chemical and biological weapons?
A: And…
Q: (V) Nuclear weapons?
A: ?
Q: (V) You can’t, you can’t say that?
A: Nope.
Q: (A) In fact there is an answer.  The answer is yes.  I mean if you were China and you had nuclear weapons and you needed a LOT of money, what would you do?  (L) And there is somebody who needs what you have, and there is all that oil and all that money, are you kidding?  Saddam wouldn't be being as cocky as he is if he didn't have a really big boom-boom lined up.  And it's aimed at us, I can guarantee. (V) Now does our government and their so called intelligence know that this is happening? (A) Of course! (V) Okay. (L) Sure. (V) Are they in cahoots with them? (L) Sure. (A) On a certain level everybody’s selling everything. (L) At those levels above they are because their objective is to decimate the Earth’s population. (V) Is China the only one feeding Iraq weapons? (L) Why should they be?  The US is feeding them weapons. I mean it’s so dirty it’s inconceivable. They're all in bed together.  (V) Is Laura right, the world leaders, the 10 % that want to get rid of…
A: That is the plan.

Just minutes after a ceremony to start pumping water from the Wazzani river in southern Lebanon -- which flows indirectly into Israel's main reservoir, the Sea of Galilee -- Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said Israel would not tolerate any unilateral measures by Lebanon to siphon off key water reserves. - Peron and Sharon say that excessive pumping would constitute grounds for war. - Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim militia hostile to Israel, warned it would retaliate "within minutes" if Israel targeted the water project. - Analysts believe Israel could even use its officially unacknowledged nuclear capability to hit Iraq if Baghdad launches weapons of mass destruction at its densely populated coastal plain. Comment: Sombody please explain why Israel is allowed to have "unacknowledged" nukes, but nobody else is? Not to say that we think ANYBODY should have them.

Yemen admitted for the first time that a "terrorist act" was behind the October 6 explosion on a French supertanker off its coast in which a Bulgarian sailor was killed. The Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, made up of a handful of extremist militants including veterans from the Afghan war against the former Soviet Union, has claimed responsibility for the new blast. The group -- which is not known to have direct ties with al-Qaeda -- said its actual target was a US Navy frigate. But it said hitting the Limburg was not a failure, since the supertanker was "going to supply the (US) Fifth Fleet for striking the brothers in Iraq."

New Session - Includes questions about Abductions, Organic Portals, the August 15 Crop Circle, and more of what is going on with 9-11

Reports of a giant winged creature seen in Southwest Alaska in recent weeks have biologists and residents puzzled. - No one doubts that people in the region west of Dillingham have seen a very large raptorlike bird. But biologists and other people familiar with big Alaska birds say they're skeptical it's that big. - Pilot John Bouker said he was highly skeptical of reports of "this great big eagle" that is two or three times the size of a bald eagle. "I didn't put any thought into it." But early this week while flying into Manokotak, Bouker, owner of Bristol Bay Air Service, looked out his left window and 1,000 feet away, saw a very big bird. "The people in the plane all saw him," Bouker said. "He's huge, he's huge, he's really, really big. You wouldn't want to have your children out," Bouker said. - Raptor specialist Phil Schemf in Juneau is skeptical of the size. "I'm certainly not aware of anything with a 14-foot wingspan that's been alive for the last 100,000 years," Schemf said.

Reader report: While having a quick bite (to eat) I inadvertantly stumbled onto the news and watched bush giving his little pre-resolution signing address about the evil in iraq that threatens millions around the world that we must stamp out yadda yadda...forget about the fact that all his best spin doctors and liars cant even come up with one shred of evidence to back up the allegations. He basically stood there and spoke for the american people and their allies around the world. It has gotten to the point where even with the public saying "we dont agree with you" he responds as if they had said the opposite! He shamelessly stands there claiming that full public opinion is behind him when clearly - if anybody takes the time to cruise the net - it is NOT! You can almost see the moment of confusion on the media-sheeple's faces as this point actually registers for a split second but is then overruled by the thought: "well if the president said it, it must be true." Talk about cognitive dissonance! Anyway, the most sickening part was watching bushy sign the papers turning the resolution to allow him to attack Iraq, into law, while all his psycho-sychophantic cronies fought with each other to shake his hand and the media gave a standing ovation...I tell ya, I was giving my own commentary on the whole proceedings but had to stop as it was putting me off my lunch.

Australians fear Bush link backlash - Public opinion in Australia has begun to polarise in the aftermath of Saturday night's bomb attack. Unlike the reaction in the US after September 11, when people rallied round the president, Australia seems divided on how to interpret the bombing. - "This has happened because Australia has followed George Bush, otherwise they would have attacked a target in another country. This is why the love of our daughter's life has been killed," said Maggi Luke. "The majority of people here do not want to follow Bush. They don't want to put their children at risk."

The secret role of the army in sowing the seeds of religious strife - The missing link in yesterday's shock development is the role played by the nation's extremely powerful military - its meddling hand has been visible at virtually every stage of radical Islam's resurgence since the fall of the dictator General Suharto in 1998. - The fact that C-4 plastic explosive is thought to have been used in the bomb will further fuel conspiracy theories as the army's special forces are the only people in Indonesia with access to such explosives.

The shock wave from the car-bomb outside the nightclub on Kuta Beach in Bali went all the way to Australia in a matter of minutes. As soon as the young Australian survivors stopped trembling long enough to touch one button at a time, they were calling home to say they were all right. But there were some young Australians who did not call home, because they were not all right. The Australian casualty list is lengthening even as I compose this opening paragraph, and by the time I reach a conclusion the casualty list will be longer still. - Some of Australia's commentators on politics might already be realising that. Now they, too, must feel their way forward: the bomb has done to their certainties what it did to the revellers in the nightclub. Before the bomb went off, the pundits had all the answers about the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. -

According to the prepared text, the attack was really America's fault because of its bad behaviour elsewhere in the world. For insular Americans, the attack was a salutary illustration of what the Australian pundit Janet McCalman called their "lowly place in the affections of the poor and struggling". - A concept basic to the prepared text was that there could be no end to all this deplorable but understandable Islamist outrage until the Palestinian matter was settled: a settlement which was in America's power to bring about just by picking up a telephone and instructing Sharon to back off. There was one conspicuous reason, however, why America would never do this: John Howard was prime minister of Australia. Howard, sustained in his post by nothing except a majority of the Australian electorate, was a fascist in all but name. - Such was the consensus before the nightclub in Bali turned into a nightmare. -

But let us allow, for the moment, that the mass outcry against American hegemony is the voice of the true, the eternal and the compassionate left. Allowing that, we can put the best possible construction on its pervasiveness. Not just the majority of the intellectuals, academics and schoolteachers, but most of the face-workers in the media, share the view that international terrorism is to be explained by the vices of the liberal democracies. Or, at any rate, they shared it until a few days ago. It will be interesting, in the shattering light of an explosive event, to see if that easy view continues now to be quite so widespread, and how much room is made for the more awkward view that the true instigation for terrorism might not be the vices of the liberal democracies, but their virtues.

Comment: Well, we can see where this is going. I wonder if such writers as the author of the above remarks are as brain dead as they appear to be? Anyone with a few firing neurons can see what is utterly obvious about the two recent bombings - first in France and now in Australia. See the following:

Harry Mason Perth, Western Australia - Just a few weeks ago many Australians saw a TV interview with a somewhat gruff US Ambassador to OZ who, seemingly upset with the prevalent (majority) popular objection of Australian citizens to Australia's involvement in the planned US military invasion of Iraq (or "Regime Change" as it has become known in extant "Poli-Speak"), warned us that Australia was not immune to Al Qaeda style terrorist action. Crazy as it seems at first sight many who saw this interview gleaned his attitude to actually be an unspoken but implied threat of terrorist action if we did not mend our wayward non-compliant attitudes.

Our OZ ways have included a rising anguish at the treatment of the Palestinians by the forces of Israel as directed by Sharon and supported by Bush, AND a very widespread and fast setting view against helping in the US plans for a military invasion of Iraq, coupled with an increasing anger at the new Pax Americana planetary policies of Dubya's USA.

Meanwhile in Europe the Germans were fighting an internal political election battle over Yes-No re support for the planned US military invasion of Iraq. The NO side won and Germany came down solidly against any involvement in, or UN support for, the planned US-Iraq war. Similarly France held out against the USA and, although willing to support renewed UN site investigations, refused to back the US demand for stronger UN resolutions that would automatically lead via a short fuse to a rapid UN supported war on Iraq. Reportedly the vast majority of other European populations are also dead set against this new US war. Not only these peoples but also a very large percentage of Britons are similarly dis-interested in this new American game - with it's very real risk of devolution into World War III.

Then within a few days we were presented with fresh Al Jazeera TV announcements (a) that Osama bin Laden (aka they seek him here - they seek him there - the elusive pimpernel) was alive and well, and (2) a message - reportedly from another Al Qaeda Chief - threatening terrorist attacks against both French and German interests. These news items were immediately followed by a terrorist attack - an explosive laden motor boat against a French Super-Tanker off the coast of Yemen.

Back in OZ we simultaneously experienced nation wide TV warnings by one Rohan Gunaratna, the author of "Inside Al Qaeda". This previously unknown to us "expert on terrorism" issued a specific warning that Al Qaeda members have been trained to destroy targets in Australia, stating that he'd been given the information during debriefings of captured Al Qaeda members. Amazing how this author got access to these prisoners - the most tightly held since the Gulag Archipelago - and national TV airtime across OZ - he must have some very interesting connections.

Then last night there occurred the horrendous and despicable terrorist bombings of two night clubs in Bali - frequented predominantly by holidaying Australians. First reports talk of +182 dead (with the count expected to climb) plus hundreds wounded including many horribly burned. These casualties include many young Australian, English, German, Dutch, and Indonesian-Balinese.

Just what sort of "Muslim Terrorist" threatens to bomb the persons and interests of people who are basically for Human Rights in Palestine and against the US Dubya Bush plans for an invasion of Iraq ??? What sort of IDIOT would then do so and thereby ruin this genuine grass roots support for their cause within Germany, France, Britain, Holland etc, and Australia ???

Strangely unlike the Northern Irish or Basque terrorist actions these latest bombings of people and assets have NOT been followed by any public claims of authorship and their cause.

However this omission has been corrected by our Australian TV which has been running pictures of Saddam Hussein and linking the blasts to Al Qaeda or off-shoot SE Asian Muslim organisations - throughout tonight's Bali Bombing News slots. We are told tonight by our new ABC "terrorist guru" - Rohan Gunaratna - that "ONLY Al Qaeda have the intention and ability to carryout such terrorist bombings as that in Bali".

I seem to recall an almost identical line being spun on US TV - just minutes after the 9-11 New York Twin Trade Tower incidents: ONLY AL QAEDA can do this - NO ONE else - do not forget this viewers !!!

Obviously the Al Qaeda group lack quality spin doctors and planners amongst their other key personnel - the ones with the "sole planetary ability to mount such terrorist attacks" - since better strategic planning would presumably strike real enemies of the Muslim or Iraqi world - not their potential or real allies.

Equally obviously such claims that Al Qaeda are the ONLY possible sources of such terrorism are TOTAL bullshit. There exist many state run and possibly other independent organisations with the ability to mount such terrorist attacks. Even OZ's very own ASIO (a sort of low budget CIA) managed to place a little bomb outside a Sydney hotel a few decades ago - where Commonwealth Prime Ministers were meeting - they even blamed a religious sect (Ananda Marga) for the action and death of a council worker - not to mention their organising a series of wood chip factory bombings across the land - all well researched after the event as attempts at political interference to re-elect the Liberal Party to power. Not that I suspect our little ASIO of being the source all of this recent rather oddly targeted international terror.

Perhaps there is ANOTHER Third Party Agency at work here ??? One that wants a war between the Muslim and Western Worlds. One that wants to push the peoples of France, Germany, Holland, Britain, and Australia into the US led "Clash of Civilisations" and against Iraq and the Muslim world ??? One that wants to create a major World War ??? I wonder just who this could be ??? As in solving all crimes one must follow the motive and benefit line to it's logical conclusion.

As events begin to spiral along out of control on the road to a major war between Western and Muslim civilisation it behoves us to get it 100% right and identify the true "Terror of Mankind" who is running these inhumane actions - BEFORE we jump into aiding and abetting planetary mayhem by joining the Dubya "Rape, Loot, and Pillage Mission. "

The powers of darkness are unleashing the dogs of war and we might just have time to put them back in their kennel - but time is running very short mates.

Reader comments: If we remember the passport found at the scene of 9/11, we now find a simarlarity with Bali. The breaking news is that these two people have now been detained.

Indonesian police are still to give more details on the two Indonesian nationals held for questioning. One was reportedly seen in the area of the bombings, the other related to a person whose identity card was found at the scene. - Indonesian authorities also say they believe the military plastic explosive C4 was used in the attack. It is known C4 has in the past been used by groups linked to Al Qaeda but some Indonesian experts say theories of an Al Qaeda connection with the bombings are still speculation.

Comment: The following certainly gives the lie to the claim that Islamic terrorists are responsible for the Bali Bombing. Why would they bomb their friends?

Iraq, Indonesia oil cooperation - Iraqi Oil Minister Amir Mohammed Rasheed and his Indonesian counterpart Mr. Bornomo Sjiantor, signed two documents. The first includes a contract between Indonesian Bertamina Company and Iraqi Oil exploration Company to explore a site situated in the west of Karbala province and Najav in the Western Sahara, INA reported today. - This agreement came to complete the agreement which was signed in 1996 for economic cooperation.

From a reader: On the eleventh a bomb exploded in a shopping mall in Vanda, Finland. Not sure if you have heard about it, since it wasn't commented on. It was a huge blast, and lots of dead and wounded people.

Here's what is known:
*) It was done by a 20-year old chemistry student
*) He was alone
*) There is seemingly no motive
*) He himself died in the blast (="suicide bomber")
*) The bomb was designed to cause A LOT of damage (=shrapnel bomb)
*) He was previously unknown to the police

HAARP anyone? I get the impression that HAARP not only covers the states, but the entire globe. Could this be yet another individual that "went off"? Given the timing it seems possible. If he was "activated" on Sep 24, he would then start getting material and descriptions for how to make the bomb, then make the bomb, plan the attack, and finally execute it. It seems to fit quite well.

Military aircraft will return to the skies around the nation's capital to help search for the marksman who has killed nine people, the latest victim a woman gunned down a few feet from her husband. - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday night approved an FBI request for use of the military aircraft. The planes, equipped with high-tech surveillance equipment, will be flown by military pilots accompanied by federal agents.

Comment: I would really like for somebody to explain to me how military aircraft are going to find a sniper? I would also like for somebody to explain to me why and how it is, since we have satellites that are said to be able to read the numbers on a license plate, if not a watch, these types of technology do not seem to be helpful either in the case of the 9-11 attack, and now, in the case of the elusive sniper? My guess is that these planes are equipped with something other than "high tech surveillance equipment." We have received several recent reports of more chemtrail activity. Since we now suspect that this is related to HAARP activity, it looks like something is in the works.

Reader comments: I was just reading about the skull and Bones initiation ritual " the hangman equals death, the devil equals death and death equals death"! What was the card the shooter supposedly left with the empty cartridge ( the one that was..uh..leaked) to the media like everything else about this story has been? Anyone else noticed how this whole thing is being (guided) right down to telling where the road blocks are set up etc..insuring that those roads arn't used by the shooter. There is something very,very wrong about the whole story and it reminds me a lot of watching the news on 9-11!

Iraq has declared Saddam Hussein the winner with 100 percent of the votes in a referendum granting him another seven-year term, bringing bursts of celebratory gunfire in Baghdad's streets. The statistics-busting result were seen in Baghdad as a message of defiance to U.S. President George W. Bush and his declared desire to end Saddam's 23-year rule. - Iraqi officials said popular outrage at American threats to Saddam's regime made the turnout and percentage even higher than the last vote, in 1995, when Saddam received a 99.96 "yes" vote. - "If the U.S. administration makes a mistake and attacks Iraq, we will fight them," Ibrahim said. "If they come, we will fight them in every village, and every house. Every house will be a front, and every Iraqi will have a role in the war.

Comment: Actually, any good psychologist or student of human nature will tell you that when a big bully starts attacking a little guy, the little guy is gonna get all the sympathy and the attacks will do nothing but boost his ratings. One would think that the White House has access to such experts. And if so, it suggests that all of the Bush Gang bombast is designed to do exactly that. They WANT a solid wall of opposition so as to justify their planned genocide. The following certainly proves that the White House is aware of this principle:

President Bush will press Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to deliver on previous commitments to take steps to ease the economic and humanitarian suffering of the Palestinian people, senior U.S. officials said Tuesday. - One White House frustration is that the recent sieges have reinvigorated support for Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat just as he was facing internal pressure to accept reforms -- including some calls for him to yield considerable day-to-day authority over Palestinian affairs.

Reader reports: So, how is the White House dealing with the Hussein problem? I happened to turn on the TV this evening to see what was on the news. Channel was Fox News and they were going to commercial. The announcer said quite seriously, stay tuned we have some footage of Saddam Hussein that you simply won't see on any other channel. So I waited through the commercials. Then they came back and showed a cartoon -- I was really aggravated for a minute there that they'd baited people like that -- and the cartoon was basically Saddam on the phone, saying something like "What? Americans are coming? Let them come!" and then he was laughing "Ha ha ha" in defiance. Then after he hung up the phone he said something like "I better run and hide!" -- as if to imply he's lying to his people and is really a coward (elections going on there, right?) -- so they show him running down some stairs to some kind of bunker. He opens a bunker door and out pops the head of Osama who says "This one already taken! Go find your own, loser!" Something like that. And that was the end of it. And then of course, the Fox newscasters are laughing about it afterward.

OK, the art of the cartoon was cute the way they did it sort of Southpark-style, but even so, the overall presentation and the message delivered was really in seriously bad taste. And the way they baited the whole thing. It's really low, it struck me sort of hard how blatant this bait was, and how blatant the cartoon was. It's like a joke to them. Great. I'm not impressed.

Comment: This is just one of the very subtle ways that people are literally programmed. People watch something like this, laugh and walk away thinking that was it, they are not even aware that some time later the "message" in the cartoon will come out of them as "what I think". Very sad indeed. As the Cs have said in reponse to a question about what was the secret that if revealed would "explode society": "You are not in control of yourselves, you are an experiment" Think about all the implications of "you are an experiment."

Reader reports from Canada: This is becoming ridiculous... We were watching the (local) news last night, and they were talking about some new (local) initiative where by specially designing new neighborhoods they could reduce the potential for crime before the place is even built -- neat idea... However, the newscaster, at some point in the middle went off on a "...crime is defined as everything from vandalism to terrorism...[snip]...and while cities and towns in Europe have had years of experience dealing with terrorism, Canadian cities have not...[snip]... our focus on crimes of this type is much heightened since 9-11" (this is an almost verbatim snip -- to the best of my remembrance -- of the sections of her minute or so spiel that focused on the concept of "terrorism").

Now excuse me, but what the *hell* does a crime-free neighborhood development initiative have to do with terrorism???? There is no possible way that such a development could either reduce or encourage terrorism, and no other possible relationship to terrorism.

This just seemed to be the most blatant of the attempts lately to push the terrorism boogyman in our faces... And the funny thing is -- I really wonder if this is "controlled" media, or simply "gee, the big networks are doing it, we should jump on the bandwagon". If one controls the big media and the major news services, you can probably establish sufficient precendent and "taint" stories such that you don't need to control anything else.... I guess this falls back to the "self-sustaining lie" concept. It's just getting so blatant... Hard to believe that folks could still be asleep!

Also want to add: My wife's old workplace (this was a couple years back) offered to pay for flu shots, so both of us went for one. It turns out that they use egg albumen in the shot, so they refused to give it to me (egg allergy), so she was the only one who got the shot. Guess who got the flu that year? Yep, only her. We were both thoroughly disgusted -- and this was before learning anything about vaccinations.

A tropical depression neared the Cayman Islands Tuesday and was forecast to strengthen into Tropical Storm Marco as it headed toward central Cuba with heavy rains and gusty winds. - Forecasters said Tropical Depression 14 was expected to strengthen to a tropical storm, with winds of at least 39 mph, later in the day. Tropical storm warnings were issued in the Cayman Islands and parts of central and western Cuba.

October 15, 2002 - The Winds of Change - As we have noted, very strange things began to happen around September 23/ 24 (the Autumn Equinox was on the 23rd) and it is getting SO WEIRD that I thought I had better share some of it with the readers.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The COINTELPRO operators are really working on Cassiopaea in the past couple of weeks. If any of our readers receives an email from "Cassiopaea" with the subject heading "Garden of Eden," or anything else (as this may change) - delete it. It is a virus being sent around in our name. Standard COINTELPRO activity. the email address "cassiopaea" does not send email, it is only a site mail address for receiving mail from readers. We always reply from our private email address. We ourselves are receiving on average 10 to 15 virus emails per day. The question we would like to ask is: if what we are doing is so "wrong" and "off" and "contemptible," why are they exerting so much effort to shut us down?

Authorities evacuated a United Airlines plane at Sea-Tac Airport Monday night after a laptop computer was found on board that didn't belong to any of the current passengers. Comment: Oh! The horror of it! Really now, this is getting ridiculous. And we can thank Bush and his Skull and Bones gang for the whole nightmare in which we are living. It's really pathetic.

At the request of federal law enforcement, the Pentagon is looking at what types of military reconnaissance and surveillance equipment might be used in the investigation of the Washington-area sniper attacks, CNN has learned. - The plan would mandate that civilian law enforcement officials work hand-in-hand with the military. Military sources said that troops would be used solely to operate equipment and point out potential targets to law enforcement. - That procedure would avoid any potential conflict with the Posse Comitatus Act, the 1878 law that prohibits the military from direct involvement in civilian law enforcement. Comment: In other words, just as the C's said, the shootings will be used to justify martial law.

Q: (L) Are we going to have more violence in the US that may not be as a results of terrorists?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What kind of violence?
A: Hit by focusing beam of the HAARP array.
Q: (L) Well that's weird. (A) By mistake? An accident?
A: No.
Q: (L) What will be the outcome of being hit by this focusing beam of the HAARP array?
A: Mind controlled violence.
Q: (L) Can we know what form it will take?
A: Shootings.
Q: (L) Are there going to be any other kinds of violence, such as bombs or airplanes being flown into buildings, or release of anthrax, or small pox, or any other kind of chemical or germ warfare activities. Any of those?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Which ones?
A: Fair chance of germ disbursement. Influenza.
Q: (L) Do you mean a deadly form of flu?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) But nothing like anthrax or small pox or any of those really sick ones? Is that it?
A: No. Keep looking and listening.
Q: (L) Well we plan to. What is going to happen with the Middle-eastern situation; this Afghanistan or whatever?
A: Herding of population to much finer order of control.
Q: (L) What is the purpose of this control; this increasing control.
A: Preparation for war in Palestine.
Q: (L) But nobody has said anything about having a war in Palestine. They're all talking about having a war in Afghanistan. How does Palestine fit in here?
A: It is the ultimate objective of Israel.
Q: (L) Why would they want to have war in their own country? Well, aside from the fact that they've been having a war in their own country for a long time. I guess they want to bring it to a final conclusion. What is going to be the result of this plan?
A: Destruction of Jews.
Q: (L) Well obviously this is not what THEY are planning, is it?
A: No.

Q: My first question: People are talking about, and are concerned about, what is to be the proper attitude, or the proper action - if any - or behavior, or response to the current situation in the world: terrorist activity, the increasing controls of the government, that sort of thing. In other words, they are wanting to know if they should take action, or if they should just observe. Or, should they be guided by their individual situations. People are concerned. Can you respond to these concerns?
A: Most people will not be harmed in direct ways.
Q: If most people will not be harmed in direct ways, can you be more precise?
A: Force will not get out of hand yet. [Notice the YET.]
Q: (A) Which I read as a "negligible number of people will be harmed" in global terms. (L) Is it true that only a negligible number of people will be harmed in the upcoming period?
A: Yes.
Q: (B) Will the primary harm to people be psychological?
A: Partly but also real strictures.
Q: (L) Is this stricture going to be physical, or a stricture on our freedoms, or a combination of both?
A: Both.
Q: (L) Is there going to be a witch hunt in this country for people who the government wishes to identify as being potential terrorists, or anti-American, like the McCarthy era?
A: First there will be controls by laws. Then more force.
Q: (L) Is all of this going to culminate in some plan that is being activated at the present time? Is this all directed to a specific outcome by the powers that be, so to speak?
A: Mostly; but unexpected twists and turns from opposing forces.
Q: (L) And who are these opposing forces? Are there good guys, or is it just like another "gang," as in global gang wars? Using "gangs" metaphorically here.
A: 4th density STO will manifest help for some 3rd Density groups.

Today I had a short conversation with a woman who is in no way interested or connected to any "alternative views" of reality. She is, in fact, a very simple, good-hearted person who comes once or twice a month to help me with housekeeping. She said something that sort of shocked me - coming from someone with whom I had never shared any of our work (it's hard to get good help these days, and she's really good so I don't want to scare her off) - and what she said was this: "George W. Bush is the Anti-Christ." I stopped what I was doing, stared at her, and asked sort of hesitantly: "What makes you think that?" Her reply: "Well, hells bells! I knew it the first time I saw him on TV after September 11th last year. I think everybody knows it."

I don't think everybody knows it. But I DO think that she is right, that a lot more people see through the situation than we might think. What is so interesting is the vociferous ranting of those who, apparently, do NOT see through the games and fraud of the present administration. One is forced to think that maybe they have something to gain by going around the internet and ranting and raving and acting like "clappers" in the audience, trying to make everyone think that their opinion is the majority opinion.

The same thing certainly seems to be true in terms of the New Age and what are called "Alternative Ideas" in several fields. We are really bringing down a lot of fire on our heads at present, simply by publishing our views, the results of the research and discussion of the Quantum Future School, as well as the results of many, many years of independent research by ourselves, and by members of the school.

These attacks do not just stem from "metaphysical" groups. Oh, no indeed, they are spreading to the fields of history, alternative energy, "new physics," "sacred geometry," alchemy, and so on. Every day we receive emails from individuals who are compelled to "set us straight" on this matter or that one, quoting their favorite expert or pet theory. As many of you know, if such individuals would take the time to read the material on the site, they would discover that we HAVE encountered and investigated most of these ideas and have found them either contradicted by other ideas which have their own supporters, or are incomplete, or self-contradictory, or worse, outright fabrication. We merely report. Yes, we chat with the C's and we present their commentary, but we also do our homework. And so far, when the real work is done, the C's generally prove to be correct - sometimes even when WE have been sure they were wrong!

At the present moment in time, we are living in a world wherein "alternative ideas" have been pretty popular for over a hundred years. What we have seen in the past fifty years has been a veritable explosion of the "New Age" and "Human Potential" movement. We are told by many of the "experts" in such fields that spirituality is so advanced in the present age that souls can graduate more quickly. Such people haven't been paying much attention to what is going on "out there."

The one thing that is operative in our own work is this: it is RESULTS that count. "By their fruits you shall know them."

The evidence of "advanced spirituality" in our world is severely lacking in spite of the New Age claims that "light workers" can "help bring forth the ascension for the masses before physical death, before totally wearing out the physical body in resistance to evolution. Much more energy can be expended on the positive and much less wasted on the negative."

Again, we note that objective reality does not support such a claim. If anything, since the inception of the New Age "movement," if it can be so called, things have gotten a lot worse.

This leads to another point: it seems that we must accept the objective fact that attempts to change the world spiritually, or to regulate large scale events, by intent simply do not work. Yes, there does seem to be evidence that individuals or small groups of individuals can make small changes or produce effects with a limited range of influence. But for some reason, the world as it is, seems to operate based on rules or laws that we do not understand. The fundamental nature of the physical world seems to be antithetical to this "spiritualization."

There is a new book out by a gaggle of Ph.D.s that has been taken up with fiendish glee by "alternative researchers" as the "evidence" that mainstream science is now "waking up." Conscious Acts of Creation tells us:

This book marks a sharp dividing line between old ways of scientific thought and old experimental protocols, wherein human qualities of consciousness, intention, emotion, mind and spirit cannot significantly affect physical reality, and a new paradigm wherein they can robustly do so!

…utilizing a unique experimental protocla on both inanimate and animate systems, that the human quality of focused intention can be made to act as a true thermodynamic potential and strongly influence experimental measurements for a variety of specific target experiments.

After almost 400 pages of speculation and descriptions of experiments (and math) we are told:

Under some conditions, it is indeed possible to attach an aspect of human consciousness, a specific intention, to a simple electrical device and have that device, when activated, robustly influence an experiment conducted in its vicinity in complete accord with the attached intention. Thus, if they do it right, humans can influence their environment via specific, sustained intentions. […] Some new field appears to be involved in the information passage that occurs between conditioned locales that are widely separated from each other in physical space. Even with transmitters and receivers located inside electrically gorunde Faraday cages, highly correlated patterns of information appeared in the remotely located locales. […] Although we don't fully understand them, we now have some new tools with which to probe the deeper structures of the universe and a new adventure is underway for humanity.

It is important to note that the "intenders" of the experiments were long-time practitioners of Siddha Yoga and could thus be considered metaphysically "in tune" to some considerable extent. The question is: What did they accomplish? Based on the descriptions, it sounds pretty earth-shaking, right? Well, as noted, after almost 400 pages we find that the most significant result seems to have been changing the pH of a small sample of water.

Yup. That's it.

I DO, of course, agree that this is important for the simple reason that they managed to scientifically demonstrate a principle, even if the overall result was that it was - most often - an iffy proposition and there didn't seem to be a lot of control. Most results were "statistical" and this has always been a problem with the "create your own reality" idea. When all the data is examined, what we generally find is that it is six of one, half dozen of the other. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. What the real rules are, nobody seems to know.

But we are trying to find them out. And somebody "out there" is working as hard as they can to make certain that we do not. As I asked above: if what we are doing is so "wrong" and "off" and "contemptible," why are they exerting so much effort to shut us down? After all, we are only following Einstein's 1938 ideas which he "repudiated" rather abruptly - too abruptly in our opinion. As I wrote in Ancient Science:

In considering the general theory of relativity science usually utilizes a four-dimensional space-time continuum. In classical general relativity, the metrical properties of the continuum are intrinsic to the continuum, but a fifth dimension in which our normally sensed space-time is embedded can also be used to account for the curvature and properties of physical space. In the space-time continuum one can say that all parts of the four-dimensional world exist simultaneously, in the sense of a mathematical formalism, and this would naturally lead to a complete collapse of the philosophical ideas of causality.

However, many scientists who work with these ideas do not think that this continuum is 'real' in a physical sense, such that physical entities could move back and forth at will in and out of time as easily as changing direction in three-dimensional space. We, on the other hand, think that it is not only possible, but extremely likely based upon certain observations.

In relativity theory, time intervals between events are not completely fixed relative to moving systems or frames of reference. This has led to some speculation that there may also be analogies between precognition and anomalies. However, "time dilation," the contraction of time intervals between moving reference frames, is too small to account for precognition and would still require any information transfer to travel faster than light, and the special theory of relativity, when narrowly interpreted, does not allow for physical travel backwards in time but relegates this concept to an imaginary mathematical formalism.

Even though it is almost forbidden to question Einstein's restriction on superluminal travel, Einstein did, at one point, propose to consider the hyperdimensional world as "real." In 1938, with P. Bergmann, he wrote a paper entitled On a Generalization of Kaluza's Theory of Electricity:

So far, two fairly simple and natural attempts to connect gravitation and electricity by a unitary field theory have been made, one by Weyl, the other by Kaluza. Furthermore, there have been some attempts to represent Kaluza's theory formally so as to avoid the introduction of the fifth dimension of the physical continuum. The theory presented here differs from Kaluza's in one essential point; we ascribe physical reality to the fifth dimension whereas in Kaluza's theory this fifth dimension was introduced only in order to obtain new components of the metric tensor representing the electromagnetic field.

We believe that Einstein was following a path that was later to prove very fruitful. Einstein was somewhat nervous about this idea, but he followed it anyway, writing in his paper:

If Kaluza's attempt is a real step forward, then it is because of the introduction of the five dimensional space. There have been many attempts to retain the essential formal results obtained by Kaluza without sacrificing the four dimensional character of the physical space. This shows distinctly how vividly our physical intuition resists the introduction of the fifth dimension. But by considering and comparing all these attempts one must come to the conclusion that all these endeavors did not improve the situation. It seems impossible to formulate Kaluza's idea in a simple way without introducing the fifth dimension.

We have, therefore, to take the fifth dimension seriously although we are not encouraged to do so by plain experience. If, therefore, the space structure seems to force acceptance of the five dimensional space theory upon us we must ask wheter it is sensible to assume the rigorous reducibility to four dimensional space. We believe that the answer should be "no," provided that it is possible to understand, in another way, the quasi-four dimensional character of the physical space by taking as a basis the five dimensional continuum and to simplify hereby the basic geometrical assumptions.[…] The most essential point of our theory is the replacing of …rigorous cylindricity by the assumption that space is closed (or periodic).[…] Kaluza's five dimensional theory of the physical space provides a unitary representation of gravitation and electromagnetism. […] It is much more satisfactory to introduce the fifth dimension not only formally, but to assign to it some physical meaning.

Not only was this idea repudiated by Einstein post haste, the eruption of the mythos of the Philadelphia Experiment cast all eyes in other directions. As we have pointed out in several articles on this site, all of these things can be tracked and noted to have occurred at a time when the National Security State had a serious vested interest ( and still does, for that matter!) in making sure that no one had a clue about what was going on.

Anybody can read the literature, follow the logical steps, and come to the same conclusions. And they will also come to the same conclusions about what passes for "metaphysics" these days. It is impossible to look at the events chronologically, look at the results, and look at how so many things are all connected, and NOT see this. Which then leads to the logical conclusion that the only people who canNOT see it are either incapable due to some cerebral or emotional handicap - or unless the person has a vested interest in promoting the disinformation.

As it happens, Ark participates in a number of forums where both science and pseudo-science are discussed. As I noted, the new book Conscious Creation is being madly promoted by the "alternative crowd" as "proof" that all their "you create your own reality" ideas are true. As we have noted, there IS an agenda, and it will be clearly seen in the following exchange from one of these pseudo-science forums:

On 24 Sep 2002, at 17:15, xavier moon wrote:

Why Arkadiusz, you madcap......, As you have probably gathered by now, I am a simple man. As I suspected, you are a very funny man, toying with scientists in the peer reviewed literature with your clever play on "music of the spheres". tee hee hee. I'm glad you determined so quickly via your web search that Dr. Tiller is not in obvious error.

Ark: This we do not know yet. Needs research.

And he did his research. So, on Mon Oct 14, 2002 he responded to xavier moon as follows:

Ark: I did my homework. Got the book. Read it. Here is the result: Dr Tiller is not in obvious error. It's much worse. On p.399 the authors (Tiller, Dibble, Kohane - all PhD) write:

"One might ask why we have decided to communicate our work to the scientific community in this form rather than publish it in a series of papers in respected physics and biology journals. We have, of course, tried to follow that accepted path; however, the results so boggle the mindsets of most reviewers that the work is unconsciously (and maybe consciously) looked upon as a form of heresy so the papers are always rejected.(...)"

Now, if you go to where you can read:

"The most important issue is that the materials presented by Mr. Winter are not only taken from the works of others, but that he is deliberately misrepresenting those works. In other words, social, political, personal, and legal issues aside, the materials presented by Mr. Winter are bogus. Mr. Winter actually bragged -- when he was first confronted about his lying -- that he knew that what he was presenting (particularly with regard to the golden mean and the golden spiral) was untrue, but that his audiences -- in his words -- were "too stupid to know the difference.(...)"

The three authors (all PhD) of "Conscious Acts of Creation. The emergence of new physics" must have had the same approach: the readers are "too stupid to know the difference.(...)"

It is not because of "heresy" that the papers were rejected. It because the text serves as a disinforamation rather than add to what we consider as "science."

On the back cover we find the following banner:

"Intention-Induced Raising of Local Symmetry in the Substratum of Space Heralds a New Period for Both Physics and Human Potential."

Indeed - the authors do herald the new period - where science degrades to unprecendented level.

One comment: also there are three authors, quite often we will find sentences like this one: "At least one of us believes that .... blah blah blah". Although it is not stated explicitly which is "one of us" - it is easy to guess as there is only one "real physicist" on the team. And it is the blah blah that the reader is supposed to be too stupid to understand (read: to know the difference).

I am not commenting here at all on the experimental part, as this is totally disjoint from the "theoretical part", and I know very little about experimental protocols.


To which xavier moon responded: (including Ark's responses to xm's comments)

xavier moon: 1. What does Dan Winter have to do with William Tiller?

Ark:They share similar attitude towards the people who read their "publications"

xavier moon: 2. If as you say you found no obvious errors, what did you find so disconcerting?

Ark: Beacuse the theoretical part is either immaterial to the subject or it is a pure nonsense. I mean a large part is immaterial, the rest is pure nonsense.

xavier moon: 3. Could you perhaps grace us with the persean or cassiopean truth of the matter - so that we can get through the haze of disinformation being spread by this pernicious disinformer Dr. Tiller?

Ark: Sorry, I do not understand. What I am talking about has nothing to do with cassiopaeans. It has to do with physics.

xavier moon: Since we are trading in conjecture here, I think it entirely relevent that your "mainstream" scientific pronouncements are embedded in the specific context that we find them on-line. Do you understand that the material with which you freely associate your pronouncements tends to color the seriousness accorded the same?

Or do you now explicitly dissociate yourself from the higher consciousness channeling activities and sundry other commercial presentations being proffered at the aggregate persean/cassiopean websites?

4. Please tell me if the degraded "science" of Tiller and his associates is part of the Occult Conspiracy of 9/11'sbook.htm as your comments below lead me to suspect that it may be?

Ark: It has to do with the same approach that I am discussing on Hoagland-Bearden page It has to do with disinformation. In fact Tiller quotes Tom Bearden and the quaternion nonsense, as well as Evans - both analyzed on the Hoagland-Bearden page

xavier moon: The book is properly annotated and I can find no citation of Bearden.

Ark: Page 339 at the bottom:

"In reference 16, an entire journal issue has been devoted to these symmetry questions, particularly as they relate to electromagnetism."

Now, Reference 16 is precisely the AIAS publication that is discussed in extenso on the Hoagland-Bearden web page. AIAS is Tom Bearden's creation.

xavier moon: I happen to like Bearden quite a lot, as he points out numerous problems with the currently accepted world view. His value is precisely that.

Ark: I like him too. Unfortunately there is also the part that is discussed on the Hoagland-Bearden page. And that is a real pity.

xavier moon: Obviously the proof of Bearden's pudding would be the perpetuum mobile or overunity overthruster that should arise from the application of his conjectures.

Ark: Nonsense will remain a nonsense. You can have a device that does something, and a totally nonsensical explanation for it. As I said: I am talking about physics and its degradation through pseudo-physics and disinformation.

xavier moon: Please delineate for me and for interested others where the lines of demarcation between your science, your debunking, and your intimate association with channeling higher consciousness begins and ends. For the unitiated, it all appears to be a continuous stew. As I mentioned previously, your paper on projected fractal visualizations appeared under a link on sacred geometry.

Ark: Indeed. I fixed it. It is now under "Symmetries and Geometry". But even this classification is only temporary. [Laura's note: It was actually ME who created the link, and having no idea how to call it, that's the name I gave it.]

xavier moon: 5. Will you or any member of your organization be on the Art Bell Coast to Coast program any time soon to get the message out more widely about all these pernicious pseudo-scientists and hucksters that are polluting the atmosphere of consensus reality with their complicated scams?

Ark: It is always better to be constructive than to be destrucive. I prefer to spend my time on doing real physics. I study "strange publications" only when I am prompted to do so. In this particular case I was directly prompted by you. Otherwise probably I would not buy and study the book by Tiller and co.

xavier moon: Again, please share your model of higher dimensions (subtle domain) and then we will all see how constructive your theorizing is.

Ark: I know about higher dimensions, but I do not know how to apply them to a "subtle domain". Work in progress.....

xavier moon: Otherwise, as your work is embedded in a site focused on criticizing the theories of others, on calling many and sundry liars and disinformers, and on selling some of the strangest fucking publications I have ever seen, I am inclined to think you speak out of both sides of your neck.

Ark: I do not think your comments have to do with the subject of this particular thread, which is "Sacred Geometry Revealed?"

xavier moon: 6. Now that you've turned the cold light of advanced polish physics on this Stanford snake oil peddler, could you keep up the momentum and provide your sober analysis of the following disinformation rather closely related to what Tiller is bamboozling us about? I'm very concerned that there is a pattern of disinformation being woven by these formerly acclaimed scientists. Only a steely-eyed physics gumshoe - such as yourself - or the late Dr. Buck Banzai - would have any chance of keeping it real for us on the misty frontiers of alternative science.

Ark: It seems you are losing control over the way you address me now. It happens.

xavier moon: There was no need whatsoever for me to be sarcastic. Your work and its context speak for themselves.

Ark: Thanks. If you are interested in my work, visit There are couple publications that have been added recently. Even a 219 pages little book (but published only as a preprint). You can download it. It also deals with quantum theory and electromagnetism. Happy reading.

"In reference 16, an entire journal issue has been devoted to these symmetry questions, particularly as they relate to electromagnetism."

xavier moon:Tiller does state that other people theorize on this particular question still higher up on the page he stated, "other investigators have used higher dimensional frameworks as base spaces for the expression of natures laws" He does not, as you apparantly urgently want others to believe, cite any of that in support of his own suppositions. He merely states the obvious. "other people have used higher dimensional frameworks as base spaces". Moreover, he makes no reference to any of your work - which provokes me to wonder why specifically your magnum opus has languished on the vine lo these past 8 years? With that question in mind, I hit the link for your prepublication and got the following irony of ironies;

Lost in Cassiopaea?

and you're right Ark, I cannot sincerely apologize to you. But my sarcasm toward you and all that you represent were lost in translation, as much as your prepub is lost in cassiopea - so let me straighten that out for you.

I sincerely think that the cassiopean enterprise is a new age grift, intended to separate fools and their money. (not an intrinsically bad thing to do, but pretty awful when it is as shabbily done as the outfit with which you are intimately associated seeks to do it.) The cassiopean publications are a priori some of the strangest fucking publications I have ever seen.

Because you would associate yourself with such overt drivel, and because you spend so much of your on-line and on-list effort criticizing the theories of others, I remain inclined to think you speak out of both sides of your neck. No apologies offered here.

I will repeat that where I intended to be sarcastic, there was no need whatsoever. Your work and its embedding context speak for themselves. (that's the sarcasm part, get it Ark?) I'll wait to read about you in Discover, or hear you on the Art Bell program, whichever fills your ricebowl and whichever comes first. Though at this point, I don't think either event forseeably plausible....,

Laura comments: I hope that the reader noticed the main thing that this guy is hostile about is our PUBLISHING of our work and material. He says: "the cassiopean enterprise is new age grift, intended to separate fools and their money. (not an intrinsically bad thing to do, but pretty awful when it is as shabbily done as the outfit with which you are intimately associated seeks to do it.) The cassiopean publications are a priori some of the strangest fucking publications I have ever seen."

Now, of course, regular readers of this site will recall that "new age grifter" is what one individual who had been victimized by Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter used to describe their operation. In fact, it was repeated a number of times in the Weidner correspondence. Next we notice that the what is really under this guy's skin is our books! And what was Vincent Bridges so obssessively focused on? Our books. When he was proposing to be our "publisher," he couldn't praise them high enough. (All the while planning to either bury them, corrupt them, or gain control of them.) When we sought legal advice and withdrew from any agreement with him, his rage simply went out of control. Well, of course, there is the question: was it rage, or was it a failed assignment? Because he certainly made every effort subsequently to insure that we could never publish our own work. And when that failed, he sent in his partner, Jay Weidner.

As we are examining the writing of Mr. xavier moon, we are also struck by the repeated use of the term "embedded" or "embedding." These are also favorites of the same crowd of New Age COINTELPRO folks who assiduously promote the Fascist works of Schwaller de Lubicz and the Egyptian shtick used to underpin the New Age craze for Egypt and what Pinknett and Prince call the Stargate Conspiracy. In this respect, we notice that Mr. Moon used the "F word" specifically in reference to my books - The Occult Significance of 9-11 - which deals with the Stargate Conspiracy in all its trans-millennial permutations, right up to the present day when such individuals are actually acting as "clappers" in the audience of the Bush Reich. We may also assume that he is as hostile toward Ancient Science. And then a blanket inclusion of ALL of the material on the site - most of which, he surely must know is not written by Ark at all. Golly, gee whiz! I must be REALLY stepping on somebody's toes! Can't have the real thing circulating out there, now can we?

What is so interesting is how much this guy "xavier moon" sounds like our previous Petty Tryrant who was sent to extract information from me and the C's, and failed. And, as the C's have said, it is now their intention - if they cannot control me - to destroy us and/or our reputations via active COINTELPRO. We also notice that the guy started his baiting on September 24. As we have pointed out, it seems that it is very likely that HAARP was turned up on that day.

At the same time that Mr. xavier moon is making his "clapping" efforts, there has been a series of similar activities on our own discussion group, casschat. In fact, at the present moment, there is a certain Mr. David Morgan who writes suspiciously like Mr. Moon. Mr. Morgan claims to be an "alchemist" who has "achieved the second birth," as described by Mouravieff. We then find Mr. Moon - on another discussion list - describing his idea of how this can be achieved - by an induced NDE - specifically auto-erotic-asphixiation. He then proclaims knowlingly that this is most certainly how the early Christians were "initiated." I believe this idea was popularized in a fiction novel by Richard Milton entitled "Dead Secret," about occult initiations achieved by sexual intercourse while being strangled with a leather strap until the seeker of darkest secrets had, quite literally, expired. Such occultists believe that the act of will that is necessary to bring themselves back from the dead "fuses the magnetic center." And who knows? Maybe it can. But, as Mouravieff points out, it then becomes a "black magnetic center." Quite a number of embarrassing deaths have been caused this way, especially when it is done as auto-stimulation.

So, to make the point here, Mr. Moon is proposing a process of achieving the "second birth" by asphyxiating yourself during sex! And, while suggesting that, he also says about us:

I sincerely think that the cassiopean enterprise is a new age grift, intended to separate fools and their money. (not an intrinsically bad thing to do, but pretty awful when it is as shabbily done as the outfit with which you are intimately associated seeks to do it.) The cassiopean publications are a priori some of the strangest fucking publications I have ever seen.

Remember, Mr. Moon is proposing a process of achieving the "second birth" by asphyxiating yourself during sex!

Because you would associate yourself with such overt drivel

Remember, Mr. Moon is proposing a process of achieving the "second birth" by asphyxiating yourself during sex!

and because you spend so much of your on-line and on-list effort criticizing the theories of others

Remember, Mr. Moon is proposing a process of achieving the "second birth" by asphyxiating yourself during sex while criticizing US and calling our work "the strangest fucking publications I have ever seen."

I remain inclined to think you speak out of both sides of your neck. No apologies offered here.

Remember, Mr. Moon is proposing a process of achieving the "second birth" by asphyxiating yourself during sex. I'm inclined to think that, when considering the remarks of Mr. xavier moon, it isn't even necessary to be sarcastic. There is no need. He speaks for himself.

In any event, we see another occultist and his minions slithering out of the woodwork, his clever words that come across like so many writhing serpents on the screen. Neither Mr. Morgan nor xavier moon - whether they are one and the same, we don't know - seem to have any cerebral defects that would prevent them from understanding the written word. And so it seems that we cannot ascribe to them an inability to do the research, collect and analyze the data, and draw logical conclusions. We cannot think that they do not see through the machinations of science, history, technology and science, (all of which information can be gathered with some small effort), because they are deficient in synapses. And so, we can only conclude, following logic, that the repellant writing that issues forth from such individuals is for a definite and fraudulent aim: COINTELPRO.



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