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New! June 10, 2002 - Ashcroft says 'dirty bomb' suspect captured - The Justice Department said that Al Muhajir, who was born in New York, [ born Jose Padilla] served time in prison in the United States in the early 1990s, when he took on his new name. After his release, he traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and met with senior al Qaeda officials, Ashcroft said.

We find this report to be chillingly reflected in the following remarks from: The Godbox(tm) Holographic Waveform Projector :

"In the late 80's I met someone who calls himself "drunvalo" (at that time, he had not changed his name yet to Melchezidek, but kept his natural name of Bernard Perona, although he used to call himself as AKBAR ) - I was introduced to him by Bruce Mace of Aspen Colorado - Bruce had later revealed some background of himself - He told me after living for a while in Aspen in his earlier years he was basically forced to "leave the country", as he felt that he was treated as an outcast... So he told me that he traveled the world as a young man and ended up living in Afghanistan, trained by the Mujahadeen "types" in various skills... Bruce showed me what those skills were in the next ten years... frankly very amazing, this "network" is and how it is setup and what it intends to do...

"Now drunvalo after a while had insisted we all open our hearts (put away our logical minds) and give all the controllers and manipulators of the world, the benefit of the doubt - that reaching the children of the world is important. (see references: section article " Child Soldiers" - see the section on the Mujahadeen training of children - It seems to me that it is important to understand the underlying psychology in the depth of what has been happening).

"It was not until the early 90's that I was able to fully see what drunvalo meant by his actions which I saw were quite different from his words. You can also see much of my data being used (without permission and without citing my ownership or discovery of such) and that of others in his presentations he makes to people. I hope on this website you can get the missing pieces to the full picture of what has transpired over these many years. It amazes me to see how gullible good hearted people can be when presented with "soft" sounding words..."

And we remind the reader of the close association of Vincent Most and Alvin Wiley with Drunvalo... and his and Jay Wiley's repeated claims of being involved with children, kids camps, and so on. Kinda makes ya go "hmmmm...."

Bob Dratch wrote to us on Sat, 29 Dec 2001 18:53:06 EST:

Dear ark - It seems the best response I can give you to help you the most, is simply to say I wish you well - what we have available to the public is on our websites, and there is really nothing else being made public which is not on the websites, and we really like what you are doing to expose. [...] I provide, MY experiences as they are. I don't plagiarize as the sleaze's apparently do whom you are researching. Good luck with your program and endeavors ...

U.S. Summons Experts to Draft Asteroid Defense Plan - The U.S. federal government is summoning the world's top scientists to an urgent conference this summer to plan defenses against an attack that could wipe out an American city or disrupt the whole country's infrastructure. [...] While the world's attention is focused on the real threat of terrorism, the theoretical asteroid menace has been garnering a surprising amount of behind-the-scenes attention. [Why are we not surprised. See: C ometary Showers, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? ]

Greenland Ice Sheet Flowing Faster - This indicates that the ice sheet may be responding more quickly to the ever-warmer climate than was formerly thought.

COINTELPRO - Reagan, FBI, CIA tried to quash campus unrest - The broad outlines of the illegal FBI campaigns became public in the 1970s as Congress held hearings that showed the FBI and CIA had disrupted the lives of law-abiding citizens and organizations engaging in legitimate dissent. - Of course, the FBI tries to maintain that all of this is "in the past." Is it? Giving the FBI a Blank Warrant. George Orwell could not have conceived of how pervasively we are now going to be surveilled. St. Petersburg Times syndicated columnist Robyn Blumner has noted that we are already changing from being citizens to being dossiers. But you ain't seen nothing yet. Safe and Free in Times of Crisis - Center for Democracy and Technology

France turns against the far-right - The [election] result returns French politics to "normal", with a president and a parliament and prime minister from the same political "family". [M]any people will take comfort from this being likely to be Mr Le Pen's last election. He is 74 this month and there is no credible successor in sight.

French Link Murders to Cult Film

Subways on Alert - KYW has obtained a federal alert on Friday, warning of a potential nerve gas attack against American subway systems. - Is this true, or was it "released" as part of psychological warfare against the American people?

New! June 8, 2002 - Are the Mother Ships Arriving? [Is that why their minion, Bush, is pushing the Control Agenda so hard?] - [O]ur old friends at the University of Hawaii, claim to have discovered eleven more moons in what they call highly eccentric retrograde orbits. Last year the same astronomers reported the discovery of ten more moons around Jupiter, bringing the grand total to 39 moons in orbit around Jupiter. [...] Well... why didn't someone see them before now. What about the satellites that we have had out there snapping pictures of the area? Wouldn't it be just as practical to suggest that these new moons were NOT there a decade before? [...]

Is it possible that these objects have been coming into our solar system from the outside, from some distance? And could it be that they have been coming in over the last five to six years? [...] Could it be that these objects just weren't there a few years ago? Could it be that the times are coming together for one final showdown? For years it has been speculated that top government officials knew of such a force and that they have been attempting to, but failing to negotiate terms. [...] [W]hy all of the clandestine activity from NASA and our government? [...]

Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet says there will come a time when men will intentionally confuse right from wrong, he states, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter". And Jesus warns of a time when the "love of men will wax cold", and they both warn that then, shortly the end will come. Isaiah defines the time as a conflagration and a purifying by a great army from the far ends of Heaven. Mitch Batros accused us of having a Christian motive. These citings from the bible are only a few among literally thousands of stories that fortell the wrap up scenes of the story of man and the Earth. Doomsayers? Absolutely. Mentally ill? Hardly.

NIH Physician's Statement About Mind Control [T]his phenomenon [...] appeared to be as dangerous a threat to humanity as anything ever in history, because it was not yet traceable to a specific source, and that it was so malevolent, that it had the potential to lead humanity to its own destruction. [...] He had interviewed individuals in Soviet agencies, Israeli intelligence, our own CIA, NSA, and Naval Intelligence organizations. He found that many agencies in other countries had become aware of this and other similar phenomena, and although they acknowledged working on technology that could influence thought and feeling of human beings, made the distinction between their efforts and this phenomenon. [...] It has been suggested that this horrible technology is something covertly being used by our government. Although I cannot rule it in or out, I sincerely believe that something real is going on that is not a part of normal physiology to affect these people. Not everyone who hears voices is a victim of this, just as not everyone who is a victim of this hears voices. My experience suggests to me that there is something definitely impacting certain people, perhaps at random, from the outside in.

Laura's note: Read this report. We can't validate it, but it sure sounds like the hyperdimensional Control System described by the C's.

Silence = Complicity: "History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people."- Dr. Martin Luther King "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." --George W. Bush [...] "I came to America because of the great, great freedom which I heard existed in this country. I made a mistake in selecting America as a land of freedom, a mistake I cannot repair in the balance of my lifetime." --Albert Einstein, 1947 [...] Collective Silence allows criminals to take power. So do something about it already. Write letters. Make your voice heard!

Scary Question on a Fox News Poll

Losing Your Right to Just Say No The Federal Court of Appeals has refused a petition supported by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons to overturn the forced drugging of Charles Sell, a St. Louis dentist arrested for billing fraud in 1997. At a competency hearing two years later, the court determined that Sell was suffering from a delusional mental disease. He was subsequently hospitalized and anti-psychotic medications were administered. Sell's objections were denied, even with supporting testimony from his psychiatrist.

In March, the Court ruled that a defendant CAN be forcibly drugged even though he has not been convicted of any charges, nor has been found to be a danger to himself or others. "The stunning breadth of the decision," said attorney Andrew Schlafly, "leave few, if any, defendants free from the threat of being medicated against their will." Incredible!

The majority opinion acknowledged that "the evidence does not support a finding that Sell posed a danger to himself or others" but still found that CHARGES of fraud alone are "serious" enough to justify the forced medication. Further, the Court held that there are NO LIMITS on the quantity and type of drugs that can be used. Are you listening to this lunacy?

New! June 7, 2002 - Strongest known magnet in the universe discovered California Institute of Technology scientists have found evidence that a certain pulsar in the constellation of Cassiopeia is actually an object known as a magnetar. It is the strongest magnetic field known in the Universe.

Regarding the links posted yesterday demonstrating that while the Bush administration is focusing on consolidating power over human resources, they are doing nothing about planetary resources, that may not be precisely what is going on. If the reader will have a look at The Omega Project, they may come to the idea that whoever is pulling the Shrub's strings has a plan. Indeed, gain control over the human resources first, and then you can implement the "rest of the plan." The only problem is: how do you get rid of over 5 billion people? Keep in mind, also, that the author of this website is mentioned in the Adventures Series in the discussion of Game Theory and Alternative Three. He may have been in a position to know something.

New! June 6, 2002 - Bush Proposes Restructuring of Homeland Security - President Bush told the American people tonight that he wants to create a Cabinet-level domestic security office in what the White House says would be the biggest government reorganization in more than a half-century. Unveiled the same day that Congress opened an investigation into possible lapses by the administration and governmental agencies leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, the timing of Mr. Bush's speech was seen, at least in part, as an attempt to deflect some of the attention from those security hearings on Capitol Hill, where the administration has come under criticism from some members of Congress. [...] The proposed new Department of Homeland Security would be made up of 169,000 employees and $37.4 billion in budgets and would be created by folding agencies as diverse as the Coast Guard to the Secret Service under a single jurisdiction. [...] Congressional approval would be required for creation of the new agency, and Mr. Bush is expected to ask the lawmakers to act before year's end. We say that this means it is time for the most massive letter writing campaign to our representatives in history. Stop Shrub now - before it's too late! Click -> Find elected officials, including the president, members of Congress, governors, state legislators, local officials, and more.

Ignoring a Growing Peril - While the Bush administration is focusing on consolidating power over human resources, they are doing nothing about planetary resources. The Bush administration has acknowledged that the U.S. will experience far-reaching and, in some cases, devastating environmental consequences as a result of global warming. But it does not plan to do much about it. The administration has been so poor when it comes to climate change that this odd bit of news was initially seen as some sort of progress. It was thought, momentarily, that the president might be starting to pull his head out of the increasingly hot sand on this issue. [...] And yet even this most minimal acceptance of reality was too much for the troglodyte wing of the president's party. Shrieks of outrage arose among conservatives, who immediately and loudly demanded that the president turn his back on the report and bury his head even more deeply in the sand. [...] So on Tuesday there was George W. Bush dutifully distancing himself from his own administration's handiwork. He assured one and all that he had no plans to lead any assault on global warming. He was coldly dismissive of the interagency effort. "I read the report put out by the bureaucracy," he said. [...] Citing "plausible" model scenarios, the report said many areas of the country would undergo a change comparable to "an overall northward shift" in weather systems and climate conditions. [...] Japan ratified the Kyoto Protocol on Tuesday. And the 15 members of the European Union jointly presented their ratification to the U.N. last week. But with the mightiest power on the planet [is] unwilling to participate...

See also William Safire's commentary: What Else Are We Missing Now? As we engage in hindsight today about what data could have been assembled to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks, we can hope that Bush's National Security Council is also looking back from an imagined future. That's how to avert disasters. Journalists can help by examining even the most seemingly far-out claims. I see where Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of China's space program, told People's Daily that Beijing plans to establish a manned base on the moon within eight years. He then denied to the BBC that he ever said it. Must be a nut. Even so . . .

Leaking the 9/11 Charade Watch for many more "leaks" and hints in the weeks and months ahead--emanating from the Establishment itself--concerning the FBI/Bush/Israeli role in mentoring the Arab patsies who were cast in the starring roles in the towering inferno. This fits a pattern seen many times in the past in ritual crimes of great moment and psychological impact. The perpetrators themselves are going to tell us, incrementally, the awful truth about who really was behind 9/11. These truths will be revealed by a method every bit as ritualistic as the crime itself, with the intent that the revelation will fulfill the process. [...] The System itself is gradually going to give us the Truth, and if we in turn fail to give the System the Consequences, their hold over us will be strengthened exponentially. This is how they advanced their power and control in the 1960s, from assassination to assassination, by first freezing the truth and claiming "lone nuts" were responsible and then eventually thawing it and leaking information that Oswald, Sirhan and James Earl Ray were not "lone nuts," as first reported and officially declared. See also: Independent History and Research See also: William Safire on Mueller and Ashcroft

Life Jackets Issued to All Americans for Some Reason (satire! and very funny!) More Satire: "Bush's Trip to Europe Was Not An Embarrassing Disaster For America So Stop Saying That!" As Dick Cheney and Donald Rumfilled and others have said, another terrorist attack from Alkaheeda in America is not a question of if but when, although not because they are in on it.

The Universe is a Computer - The Universe is computing its own dynamical evolution ...As the computation proceeds, reality unfolds. (See also: Cyclic Universes which is another Cassiopaean proposal.)

Now where have we heard that before???

C's said on 11-19-94
Q: (T) Was the information sent by the good guys or the bad guys?
A: Different concept. [...]
Q: (L) Can you give us just a few words on this?
A: Okay, Laura. Cosmic retrieval system. ... Remember computer was inspired by cosmic forces and reflects universal intelligence system of retrieval of reality. ...
Q: (T) What you have described, on a very large scale, sophisticated...
A: Grand scale, close.
Q: (T) Can I access it through our earthly computer system?
A: In a sense, but not directly as of yet. But just wait.

But even before the C's said it in 1994, Ark was writing about the Universe as a computer program in his remarks quoted in the chapter of the Wave Series: The nonlinear dynamics of love and complex systems -
Debugging the Universe

And that is what Cassiopaea is all about: Debugging the Universe!

As part of that ongoing process of debugging, have a look at the additions to the Most Report on the Perseus Foundation Site. We have added some newly received documentation (scanned images) as well as commentary. This is an ongoing investigation, so expect updates and startling revelations about COINTELPRO operatives in the New Age community soon!

New! June 4, 2002 - Looks like Whitley Strieber is getting on the bandwagon now that the news has hit the mainstream media. He tells us sagely: "A terrifying and sobering group of news stories has appeared in recent days that suggest that individuals within the FBI had prior knowledge of 9/11 and suppressed it, both for personal gain and, in one case, because of horrific and apparently willful incompetence so great that it could even mask sympathy with terrorist elements." Well, no kidding. We've been saying it since Day One. Unfortunately, Whitley seems to be buying into the "party line" which seems to be part of the COINTELPRO operation since they are scapegoating the FBI to distract attention away from the real culprits. Whitley tells us: "I first became aware of the fact that something was wrong on September 13..." Well, for somebody who claims to be in touch with beings who can predict the future, that seems a bit odd, to say the least. What is even more interesting is that Peter A. Gersten, formerly of CAUS, has also gotten on the political soapbox - possibly for the same reasons. Since the questions and discrepancies in stories are slowly becoming public knowledge, ya gotta do damage control!

The Eleventh Commandment - We must be aware that art is not only a form of expression, but may also be an instrument of manipulation. Art can be dangerous, because uninformed people tend to take it literally, as if it were reality. They see all art as good and end up giving it too much importance, to the point of making it the priority in their life, regardless of whether it is good or bad. This, of course, is what the entertainment industry wants. Indeed, the more people come to regard all art as positive and important, the more the entertainment industry will prosper. © (A. Huxley, Jesting Pilate , pp. 234-235).

Internet ScamBusters Bookmark this site! Check any "offers" you receive on the net against the scams and "urban legends" reported at ScamBusters! The recent spate of the "Nigerian Fee Scam" has, apparently, resulted in identity theft, a billion dollars in losses, and in some cases, people have been murdered or gone missing. This is a very dangerous scam.

COINTELPRO in Cyberspace It seems that many others are becoming aware of the growing COINTELPRO problem on the internet. We here at Cassiopaea reported on this last fall after experiencing what seems to be a real, directed, COINTELPRO operation via Vincent Most/Alvin Wiley/Storm Bear Williams/Dr. Teresa Burns, and others, all of whom seem to be connected via various associations to Aviary members and the program to create a One World Government/One World Religion. This program includes Fascist agendas, population reduction via "controlled nuclear operations," and synarchic elitist oligarchy government, total control of the human population, body mind and soul as we have described in the Adventures Series.

Such agents, as described in the literature on COINTELPRO, will pretend to be anything to gain confidence. They will write articles that seem to be attacks on politicians (i.e. Wiley's recent article on George Bush), or which seem to present their agenda as "benevolent," all the while they are actually, subtly, promoting the Fascist takeover of humanity via the philosophy of Schwaller de Lubicz and the promotion of the Egyptian synarchic model a la Stargate Conspiracy. As Most wrote regarding the WTC attack: "The Ringing Voice of the Goddess [Sekhmet] is heard at last!"

They further expose their true agenda in their attacks on Cassiopaea as an "end of the world cult" which it certainly is not. Meanwhile, in their absurd rants on these subjects, their book "A Monument to The End of Time" which ought to be re-named "A Monument to The Egos of Maynerd Most and Alvin Wiley," they promote the End of the World in the clearest of elitist terms. For a clue to the truth of what they are after, see and hear Maynerd Most in his own words, with witness testimony, in the sessions presented in our article " Mirror, mirror on the wall." Also, carefully peruse the Wiley correspondence for an example of how COINTELPRO works - the slow and careful attempt to align with us and divert us, which failed. After this failure, Wiley was exposed for what he truly was in his own words. The classic identifier in this correspondence is Alvin Wiley pointing the finger at Maynerd Most as COINTELPRO in an attempt to convince us he was on "our side." In short, COINTELPRO utilizes the "good cop, bad cop" ploy as well as using multiple internet aliases that have "conversations" with each other on public discussion boards designed to ramp up support.

See also: Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet This article highlights a particular tactic of an individual writing as a "disinterested" observer. This tactic is also employed by the Most/Wiley/Williams/Burns gang. We have tentatively identified three of these "aliases" as "Mantismind," "Pale Rider," and "Laine Pomeroy."

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with using an alias on the internet. Everyone does it. But when it is used to promote lies, libel, defamation, and in terms of COINTELPRO, it is something else altogether. After all, free speech and the right to make anonymous publications is a time-honored tradition in American politics. The general rule of thumb is, however, if the exact same words, if printed or spoken in a traditionally nonanonymous medium, (i.e., most legitimate newspapers, magazines, and most broadcast media) would clearly be actionable as libel. In short, anonymous posters are not immune from liability for defamation or other action when the posters would be held liable if they attached their real names to their statements.

In the present time, when operations such as this are ongoing and will, in fact, accelerate, the knowledge of how these agents operate is crucial. We are, effectively, dealing with Agents of the Matrix.

New! June 3, 2002 - Climate Changing, U.S. Says in Report The Bush administration, the United States has sent a climate report to the United Nations detailing specific and far-reaching effects that it says global warming will inflict on the American environment. [...] It recommends adapting to inevitable changes. It does not recommend making rapid reductions in greenhouse gases to limit warming, the approach favored by many environmental groups and countries that have accepted the Kyoto Protocol, a climate treaty written in the Clinton administration that was rejected by Mr. Bush.

Unanswered Questions: is being launched by an independent, non-partisan network of citizens concerned about the growing number of issues surrounding September 11th that have yet to be addressed or resolved; and their related public safety and Constitutional implications. Invited panelists will offer statements, present well-documented research, and ask incisive questions relative to these issues while addressing how citizens can act now to ensure accountability from those in government directly responsible for public safety. A national press conference and formal web site launch for will be held on Monday, June 10th from 2-5 PM at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

New! May 31, 2002 - India set to launch "Small War." The battle-field scenario, says a senior Indian military official, is premised on the calculation that it will operate under the nuclear threshold and that the international community will step in to prevent the conflict from escalating. (Sheesh! I can't believe these people!)

Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet While, in the past, companies have created fake citizens' groups to campaign in favour of trashing forests or polluting rivers, now they create fake citizens. Messages purporting to come from disinterested punters are planted on listservers at critical moments, disseminating misleading information in the hope of recruiting real people to the cause. (This is a scary article and deserves some thought. We here at Cassiopaea certainly understand this tactic since it is the one employed by Vincent Most in his multiple internet personalities which actually have conversations with each other!) See also: The Doors of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

New Finds Worldwide Support Flood Myths Deep in the waters of Cabo de San Antonio, off Cuba's coast, researchers are exploring unusual formations of smooth blocks, crests, and geometric shapes. The Canadian exploration company that discovered the formations, Advanced Digital Communications, has suggested that they could be the buildings and monuments of an early, unknown American civilization. Floods Swept Ancient Nile Cities Away, Expert Says Also see: A MAJOR DISCOVERY OF SUBMERGED RUINS

Can Bacteria 'Talk' Through The Air? Study Says Yes physically separated colonies of bacteria can transmit signals conferring resistance to commonly used antibiotics.

Scams Away: The Boom Is Falling George Bush said that HE (not the White House, but HE) will no longer tolerate second-guessing on the subject of the growing questions of what did the Bush Administration know and when did it know it regarding threatened terrorist attacks against the United States prior to 9-11. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld then came out with a press release from the Department of Defense, stating that "those who ask questions could face government charges." The Bush Administration publicly stated that there is one congressional investigation ongoing into this matter, and they will not allow any further congressional investigations to be formed. Nor will they answer any further questions by the media on this subject. [...] Imagine the arrogance of Rumsfeld to say that those who ask any further questions may face government charges. Rumsfeld said -- Look at the homeland security act, the so-called USA Patriot Act, which very few people have read all the way through to the fine print. [...] Bush further said that anyone who continues to ask questions is acting "unpatriotically."

The Strange Case of the Iron Sun Manuel argues, based on his compositional data, that the solar system was created by a dramatic stellar explosion--a supernova--and that the iron-encased remnant of the progenitor star still sits at the center of the Sun. [...] In his theory, Manuel relies the neutron star at the center to make up for energy lost when hydrogen is taken out of the picture.

New! May 30, 2002 - Beyond Embarrassment "The news of the last few days has been so mortifying and so humiliating that I cannot believe that anybody, Republican or Democrat, can stand behind George W. Bush without making faces behind his back. [...] How, how, how did this guy get out of grade school let alone get to be president? [...] Not only did thousands of them protest against Bush and his policies during his visit to "Yurp," now they're also laughing their Old World butts off at him. And us. "

Faces from the Ice Age These images of "real people" - male and female faces, people in robes, hats and boots - may date back 15,000 years. This was long before the rise of the great civilisations and a time when Europe was firmly in the grip of an Ice Age. If correct, this would make them far older, for example, than the symbolic face recently recognised, carved into a rock at Stonehenge.

SONIC DOOM According to the Working Paper on Infrasound Weapons produced by Hungary for the United Nations in 1978 4, the frequency that is thought to be most dangerous to humans is between 7 and 8Hz. This is the resonant frequency of flesh and, theoretically, it can rupture internal organs if loud enough.

New York Times sez: F.B.I. Chief Admits 9/11 Might Have Been Headed Off if officials had responded differently to available information. We say it looks like the FBI is the scapegoat to distract attention from the real perpetrators.

New! May 28, 2002 - Scientists Begin to Heed Inuit Warnings of Climate Change in Arctic

Mars ice could flood planet

Anti-snooping operating system close to launch Computer activists in Britain are close to completing an operating system that could undermine government efforts to the wiretap the internet. The UK Home Office has condemned the project as potentially providing a new tool for criminals. ...Peter Fairbrother, a mathematician and computer enthusiast, is programming the new operating system, called M-o-o-t. "It is aimed at anybody who's concerned about the government being nosey," he says.

The Xendra Experience - seems that aliens and ufos really like South America. Has to make you wonder about all the folks promoting South American "spirituality." Reader's comments after perusing this article:

"Our 4D sts "amigos" just have to put out a call and the populace comes clamouring to get front side seats at the big show. I reckon this would be the same the world over, no wonder the Cs say that 4D sts are sure of themselves, its like taking candy from babies for most down here."

" It reminded me of the stories of the Virgin Mary sightings and the gullible religious believers. If there's any lull in beliefs, or any sign of an increase in questioning what they really are, they just summon up a bag of pretty tricks (for the chosen few, of course), and bang, zoom........back in control."

Another reader asked: "Might the fact that Chile is the world's largest producer of copper have anything to do with this?"

HR 8210 - A student at Harvard University has stumbled across the terrifying spectacle of a star in our galactic backyard that is on the brink of exploding in a supernova. It is so close that if it were to blow up before moving away from us, it could wipe out life on Earth.

An "Abdali" missile with a range of 180 km (110 miles) was tested on Tuesday. Pakistan has conducted its third ballistic missile test in four days, further adding to tension between Pakistan and India over the disputed region of Kashmir. Leaders around the world are concerned the border conflict could escalate into a nuclear war. A minimum of three million people would be killed and 1.5 million seriously injured if even a "limited" nuclear war broke out between India and Pakistan, warns a new study uncovered by New Scientist.

Solar flare silences Japan's Mars probe

Go to Earthweek for a weekly diary of our planet.

Today, mass extinction from cometary impact is considered mainstream science, supported by a huge body of physical evidence. In Donnelly's time it was unknown that cometary or asteroid impacts had even occurred on this planet. ...this event destroyed a civilization which had high technology, a civilization which vanished completely except for some myths; the disaster was accompanied by catastrophic fire followed by years-long cloud cover and extreme cold. Humanity survived only by hiding in deep caves; when they re-emerged they had to restart civilization from scratch. ...The book When the Earth Nearly Died by D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair [1995] (reissued as Cataclysm: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C.), brought together a mass of evidence that a catastrophic impact of extrasolar material occurred in 9,500 B.C.

Attacks on US will involve weapons of mass destruction, warns Rumsfeld

Note: On Tue, 21 May 2002 01:31:23 -0500, we received an Indymedia headline post with an article listed saying: "TOP STORY Quarter of mammals faced with extinction, says UN study." The following url was given as the link:
However, the story seems to have disappeared. Did anyone read it or save it? Why has it been pulled?

A new link to the above story sent by a reader: Thanks Steph!

British Psychological Society - Narcissists brilliant workers, but terrible colleagues. Rejection massively reduces IQ

New! May 27, 2002 - Ark and I have just returned from an eight day Clifford Algebra Conference held at Tenn Tech where Ark delivered two lectures and chaired some of the sessions. For a photo of the lecturers go HERE. Can you find Ark in the picture? If not, go HERE and see him circled.

The guy next to Ark with the strap on his shoulder is Stanislaw Woronowicz, an expert in noncommutative geometry and quantum groups, and Director of the Department of Mathematical Methods in Physics, at the University of Warsaw and a longtime friend of Ark's. Ark spent the night at his home on his way to America in October of '97.

Almost in the exact center of the photo, the gentleman with the gray beard is Bernard Jancewicz, who inquired about the C's in some detail. He is another longtime friend of Ark's; they went to school together from the age of 13.

The guy in the cowboy hat is Tony Smith, who we really adore and find his website to be one of the most fascinating on the Web.

On the very right, in the third row, you will find Shahn Majid. You can enjoy his article " ON THE NATURE OF PHYSICS." Over wine and a bottle of Glenlivet I had an interesting discussion with him about John Nash and game theory, including some of the findings we have published in the Adventures Series.

In the third row from the front on the left, wearing a white jacket and standing next to a fellow in a striped sweater, is Garret Sobczyk, who buttonholed me at a party given by Rafal Ablamowicz, chairman of the department of mathematics at Tennessee Tech. He was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Cassiopaeans. Apparently, he has had his own "experiences" a la J. B. Rhine experiments.

Ark had several helpful discussions with Pertti Lounestro who told me a joke about monks and eunuchs that I am still trying to "get." He is to the left of Tony Smith (in the cowboy hat), looking off to the side.

In the first row, on the left of the guy with sunglasses, wearing an orange shirt and dark jacket, you will find French mathematician and politician/philosopher Pierre Angles, who was very charming and delightfully Gallic, and kindly discussed the Cathars with me saying at last that "Metaphysics is the TRUE science!"

On the trip up, we stopped off in North Carolina, and traveled to Tennessee via the Cherokee Reservation, up 441 through the mountains. We had a good time, lots of ideas flowed, and after all this intellectual stimulation, we are back now and ready to rock and roll. Look for some new material rather soon!

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