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New! May 14, 2002 - Police Seize Rental Truck With TNT Traces near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Traces of explosives were also found on one of the truck's two occupants. Documents read to Fox News indicate that both driver and passenger were Israeli nationals.

Earthquake rattles San Francisco The 5.2 magnitude quake occurred at 10 p.m. Monday night, (1 a.m. EDT) and was centered three miles south-southwest of Gilroy, which is about 80 miles southeast of San Francisco. A 5.2 quake falls in the moderate category.

From a reader in Australia: Well we just got the Australian 2002 speech from our treasurer Mr Costello. Domestic security, border protection and WOT being the big selling points. Included was the statement: "The Government is also investing in the development of leading edge technology that has the potential to significantly improve passport verification processes. If successfully developed, a biometric identifier could record individual features on a magnetic strip on passports and provide distinctive matching for that individual at airports and other points of entry. This will be funded by an increase in the Passport Fee." Searches on the web indicate this has been in process since 1996.

New! May 12, 2002 - In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Find elected officials, including the president, members of Congress, governors, state legislators, local officials, and more.

Character Assassination of Rep. Cynthia McKinney Anatomy Of A US Military Smear Campaign Kill the Messenger 


Rep. McKinney’s Call for 9-11 Investigation

911- What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

Instant Messages To Israel Warned Of WTC Attack

Proclamation of Liberty


5th Annual Sovereignty & Your Rights Seminar


My implant is guarnteed for life! — APFN

New! May 11, 2002 - A new theory of the universe suggests that space and time may not have begun in a big bang, but may have always existed in an endless cycle of expansion and rebirth.

El Niño Expected To Develop By Year's End

Time To Resume Routine Vaccination Against Smallpox?

New! May 10, 2002 - US non-lethal weapon reports suppressed

Kids get 'abysmal' grade in history High school seniors don't know basics

New! May 9, 2002 - An iceberg 47 miles long and 4.6 miles across has broken off the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic, the National Ice Center reported Thursday.

Deadly blast hits Russian parade - 32 people, including 12 children, have been killed in an explosion in a southern Russian town during a parade for the country's Victory Day. 150 people were injured in the explosion. "I think that few people can have any doubt about this being an act of terrorism," said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Cosmic Catastrophe a Certainty - According to Dr Arnon Dar, of the Technion Space Research Institute, Israel, a particular type of exploding star going off anywhere in our region of the Universe would devastate our planet. [...] Dr Dar points out that many of the great extinctions that regularly punctuate the Earth's history are consistent with being caused by a devastating influx of radiation from space. He then adds: "Direct proof that it happened this way is lacking at present," he said, "but many people are looking for it." We are curious as to why so many scientists have to stretch to explain catastrophism by exploding stars instead of accepting the obvious fact that it is a cyclic event that is the result of factors within our own solar system, i.e. the Oort cloud, a companion star, and clusters of cometary/asteroid bodies?

New! May 8, 2002 - SHAME!

Evidence of Ancient Civilization in North America? see also: Forbidden History Covered Up : the site was abruptly shut down and the excavations were bulldozed with earth by some arm of our own government. An informed source close to the family that owns the land reported that the family was threatened with harm if they allowed anyone to dig on their land in the future. They were told to forget what they saw.

Ancient Celtic New Zealand?

A 5000 year old alphabet has been found on six global continents. Translations and grammar suggest a global human culture thrived in antiquity.

Overt Repression of Dissent in the USA begins...

Deadly Appalachian Storms Nine people have died in West Virginia since 5 inches of rain fell on the region within a six-hour period last week. Four others were missing.

Karachi Bus Bomb Kills 13

Death, destruction, devastation and despair 15 dead, dozens injured in suicide bombing.

All on board China plane dead Airline officials said eight non-Chinese were among the passengers -- from Japan, South Korea and other countries yet to be identified.

Atrocities in American Airports In response to this article, we have received confirmation from our own correspondents. One reader wrote: "Thank you for posting this letter. The civil rights of one of my own sons were violated. He is a citizen of the United States. He was born here. He was treated like scum. This letter is a timely reminder for those of us that travel by air." Another correspondent wrote: "Is there any way to confirm this story? Has anyone done so? It's absolutely revolting, but if I am to base future travel decisions on it I need to be sure it's not disinfo. [...] I found a bunch of Spanish newsmedia with it too. As above, if this can be confirmed I for one will have to think twice before coming to the US again. :-( Being in the software business that kind of makes things tricky..."

KLEZ virus: Don't Believe the "From" line We here at Cassiopaea echo the explanation posted by Award-winning Steely Dan band: "We are not infected with the Klez virus. We don't know if you are infected with the Klez virus. You may be. But even if you are not, someone out there who is infected has both your address and our address on their computer ... and therein lies the problem."

Pipe Bomber's Letter: No such thing as death...

New! May 7, 2002 - Airliner Crashes in China and Airliner Crashes in Tunis and Nigerian Plane Crash What's going on???

New! May 6, 2002 - US Renounces World Court Treaty provoking outrage from human rights organisations. ...withdrawing from the treaty was a "rash action signalling to the world that America is turning its back on decades of US leadership in prosecuting war criminals since the Nuremberg trials."

Two Crop Formations Near Kassel, Germany - More on the Aerial Triangles

Brilliant Venus is at the heart of a planetary gathering this month in the western evening sky. Millions of people are watching. If you're one of them, and something about Venus doesn't seem quite right, you may have spotted a rare Venus pillar. Or better yet ... a Venusdog!

New! May 5, 2002 - Jenin combat began with gunfire, ended by bulldozers

5 mailbox pipe bombs found in Nebraska

New! May 3, 2002 - Smokers face eviction See also: Why Smoking Can be Good For You

ET Pictures Found in Egyptian Tomb?

Classified NOSS Navy Satellites Offered As Dover Triangle Explanation

New! May 2, 2002 - California has a law that licensed physicians “MD” may only practice conventional medicine. California Citizens for Health Freedom.

New! May 1, 2002 -Note that this may be a hoax! Original article was dated April 1st! Bashkir scientists find stone stabs, 120 million years old, covered with the relief map of Ural Region. [...] Bashkir State University scientists have found indisputable proofs of an ancient highly developed civilization’s existence. The question is about a great plate found in 1999, with picture of the region done according to an unknown technology. This is a real relief map. Today’s military has similar maps. The map contains civil engineering works: a system of channels with a length of about 12,000 km, weirs, powerful dams. Not far from the channels, diamond-shaped grounds are shown, whose location is unknown. The map also contains some inscriptions in a hieroglyphic-syllabic language of unknown origin... [Note: relying on radiometric dating methods is, at best, iffy. See our comments on same: Radiometric Dating.]

New! April 30, 2002 - A 17-year-old shot and killed one teacher and wounded another Monday before taking his own life in front of 30 other students. Bosnia's first school attack came three days after a deadly shooting spree at a German school. [Are we seeing " Greenbaum" activation on a global scale?

Three on Maui die from flesh-eating bacteria In each case, the victims were healthy people with no significant medical histories.

New! April 29, 2002 - Triangle Formation of Moving "Stars" Over Dover, Arkansas. Multiple credible witnesses, photo, report by Linda Moulton Howe.

Tornadoes swept through southeastern Missouri, Illinois, western Kentucky and Maryland on Sunday, killing at least six people and damaging dozens of buildings. [...] The pattern of damage in the Midwest led authorities to suspect that a single tornado -- not several -- caused most of the destruction.

China ships missiles to Taiwan, US "intelligence" reports.

New! April 27, 2002 - The Insanity Escalates - Motorcycle Gangs Clash in Nevada Casino, Four Dead

The how and why of media deception in the US

Is Florida the New Weidness Zone?

Top climate scientist ousted - because he "has spoken very strongly about the need for action to combat global warming, enraging global warming sceptics. "

New! April 26, 2002 - School Shooting in Germany - 18 dead - Two female pupils, 13 teachers, a school secretary, a police officer and the gunman died at Gutenberg Gymnasium School in the eastern German city of Erfurt. - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said he was "staggered" by the shooting, and cancelled an election campaign planned to begin on Saturday. "It is such an event our imagination is incapable of dealing with it," he said.

2002 'warmest for 1,000 years'

Egypt ready to wage war on Israel ... for $US100 billion

Jerusalem hotel offers flak jackets - A Jerusalem hotel struggling to fill rooms in what has become one of the world's most dangerous cities is offering guests flak jackets as an incentive.

Budget Deficit for '02 May Top $100 Billion

New! April 25, 2002 - Planet line-up heralds tough time-Indian astrologer A prominent Indian astrologer who predicted a grim tragedy for the United States eight months before the September 11 attacks says the world faces tough times in coming months.

American seniors rack up debt like never before A dangerous trend in the imposing of total economic controls

Coming Food Shortages?: The punishing drought covering nearly a third of the United States has the potential to cause severe water shortages along the East Coast this summer, create one of the worst wildfire seasons in the Southwest and hinder the nation's fragile economic recovery, drought experts say.

New! April 24, 2002 - Lethal Mystery Virus in Greece! All schools and universities across Greece have been ordered to close today [...] The new infections bring the number of reported cases since April 18 to 32, with three deaths.

New! April 23, 2002 - A Plague of Locusts! As the gentleman who sent in this link commented: "It's getting damned Biblical out there!" Also Flooding Reported in Afghanistan

Henry Kissinger: "[A} quarter of a century on, the unrequited demands for justice threaten to destroy a vain old man's most precious asset: his reputation."

Bush Job Performance Rating Drops

Raid on Oil Refineries over possible price gouging. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is sifting through the files of oil companies Shell, Mobil and Caltex after conducting the largest corporate raid in its history.

Antarctic ice break-up devastates plant life

Muslim News Server Targeted By Pro-Israeli Net As it happens, Cassiopaea is also a target. We have received approximately a dozen of these viruses from the very same source identified in this article.

Berlin police: we did not advise Jews not to wear Jewish attire The warning comes in the wake of attacks on Jews and Jewish sites in Germany in recent weeks, and the rising wave of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe in recent months, against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

New! April 22, 2002 - BREAKING NEWS! An attempt to have former US secretary of state Mr Henry Kissinger arrested in Britain for alleged war crimes has failed. [...] The charges alleged that the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner "commissioned, aided and abetted and procured war crimes in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia". [...] There are no immunities from prosecution. No one is beyond the law".

The Pentagon Crash Pictures CLEARLY, THE PLANE THAT WENT INTO THE PENTAGON WAS LESS THAN HALF THE LENGTH THAN A BOEING 757. Very interesting analysis, and a lot of links to other sites with photos and more commentary.

THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE An Answer To The Threat of 76P And The Plight of Phobos

New! April 20, 2002 - Solar Terrestrial Activity Report What seems to be causing these high sunspot numbers and CME outbursts at this time when the current cycle is winding down is the appearance of cometary bodies that as they pass through the ecliptic there is an energetic/electric reaction between the two bodies. There have been two comets pass through this zone the last couple of weeks and this may be the result. So as the remnants of the last cluster or early arrivals of the new cluster approach we will see more of this "suprisingly", "unusual" activity.

NEW YORK (April 20) - A moderate earthquake occurred about 15 miles southwest of Plattsburgh, New York at 4:50 AM MDT, Apr 20, 2002 (6:50 AM EDT in New York). The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available. The earthquake was felt from Cleveland, Ohio to Maine and Baltimore, Maryland. A bridge was damaged at Jay, there was road damage at Keeseville and a chimney was damaged at Lake Placid. This earthquake was about the same size as the Blue Mountain Lake earthquake on October 7, 1983. ABC News Report. See also CNN

The Return of an Ancient Hatred We predicted this many months back. The actions of the Israeli government, the negative hyperdimensional forces behind the Zionist Movment, are all designed to generate hatred against the Jewish people. The Control System wants to destroy the Jews. Our advocacy for the Jews, and our pleas to forget religion and think about peace were virulently attacked by Zionist activists on the internet. We were forced, under threat by same, to remove our material on the Jewish genetic "mission profile." And now, the very thing that such Zionists and ADL types claim to be against, they have manifested themselves. It's only going to get worse. See also: Who Murdered the Oslo Accords?

Red Elk Speaks Interesting interview with a self-described Inter-Tribal Native American Medicine Man, a “half-breed” Native American from both the BlackFoot and Shoshoni Nations, as well as being part Irish and French. Excerpts: "We—this particular planet—is a mousetrap floating in space, and you and I are the cheese. We are the ones who will draw all to us. And they are close, I mean close. [...] Over the last number of years there are a fair number of so-called New Age authors and channels who have either made the statement that Lucifer is no longer on the planet, or he’s been bound, or he’s not really an active force anymore. And I think it’s really a disservice to man for people to be making those kinds of statements when he is very much a real force, and he is very much in the game. [...] Lucifer is a wonderful being. I’ve seen him, personally. I’ve faced him, personally. And he’s not red, with a long tail and horns! But nevertheless—he is a Master of deception, a Master of lying! [The caves] were made by the so-called gods, who originally came down to DNA us. That was two alliances. One, we call the Slopeheads, they were giants, 20-26 feet tall giants, who were in alliance with the ones who we call the Lizard people. [the Slopeheads, are literally sculpted and are the heads that are on Easter Island.] They made an alliance to come to this planet to mine gold, and other minerals. [...] This is kind-of odd to say that because the Christian world thinking we’re dealing with all spirit. Well, yes and no. They’ve learned to appear in spirit. I do that. But, nevertheless, they are very technical, physical-technical, and they have forever life.

New! April 18, 2002 - Dormant Volcanoes waking up!

New! April 17, 2002 - 'Virtual' Child Pornography Ban Overturned

34 tons of weapons-grade plutonium to be "stored" in South Carolina

New! April 16, 2002 - Israel Committing War Crimes? A monstrous war crime that Israel has tried to cover up for a fortnight has finally been exposed. [...] [In one place] Israeli soldiers piled 30 bodies beneath a half-wrecked house. When the pile was complete, they bulldozed the building, bringing its ruins down on the corpses. Then they flattened the area with a tank. We could not see the bodies. But we could smell them. [...] The UN says half of the camp's 15,000 residents were under 18. [...] Israel was still trying to conceal these scenes yesterday. It had refused entry to Red Cross ambulances for nearly a week, in violation of the Geneva Convention. Yesterday it continued to try to keep us out. Have a look at the Washington Post version of the story for contrast. Lives Reduced to Rubble

AP wire: Israeli Tanks Roll Into Suburbs RAMALLAH, West Bank –– Israeli tanks rolled into three Palestinian suburbs of Jerusalem and re-entered a West Bank city Tuesday, a day after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised the United States he would withdraw soldiers from most Palestinian areas by next week.

Europe must show its mettle and punish Israel On Friday I was in Jenin with a United Nations convoy. It took six hours before we were able to bring doctors, nurses, medical supplies and food to the local hospitals. [...] I have never seen international humanitarian agencies being denied access like this. [...] A UN ambulance showed bullet marks in its side. We learnt that the driver had been arrested with the keys and the ambulance could not be moved. [...] Later in the afternoon we met the women and children who the Israelis had sent out from the camp as they started their attack. The women were naturally very upset. They were not interested in the UN food and clothing supplies and instead kept calling for news of their husbands and sons, from whom they had heard nothing for three days. They claimed to have seen people stepping out into the camp's street with their hands above their heads, only to be gunned down by the Israeli military. Some were killed outright while others lay injured and bleeding on the ground. [...] All the feeble calls of the international community have had no effect. The Israelis, as Sharon has made quite clear, will stop when they want to and not before. The fact that journalists get all the access they want to areas where the Israelis have suffered suicide bombings but are denied access to the occupied areas is deplorable. It is not enough for the European countries to simply bleat in condemnation. They need to withdraw European ambassadors from Israel. They need to impose an immediate arms embargo, as Germany has done. They should consider what economic sanctions can be put in place.

The White House is Rewriting History A Soviet-style move to airbrush infelicitous phrases. "These transcripts are done for near-term history as well as long-term history and it's a real problem if they start rewriting them," said Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary for President Bill Clinton. [...] On Capitol Hill, lawmakers routinely "revise and extend" their remarks in the Congressional Record. [After reading this account of Bush Bloopers, read the disturbing account of psychopaths, including the fact that they are known for such word malapropisms.]

US gives lip service to Democracy - but the words don't match the actions. As recently as Friday, President Bush hailed the Democratic Charter in the White House's annual Pan-American Day proclamation, calling it an antidote to terror. The charter was approved by the 34 OAS member nations in Lima, Peru, on Sept. 11, the day of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. [...] Yet the first time elected governance was interrupted under Bush's watch, his administration punted.

New! April 12, 2002 - Washington Post! Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) is calling for an investigation into whether President Bush and other government officials had advance notice of terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 but did nothing to prevent them. As you can imagine the character assasination on her has begun in earnest, and the harder she pushes for the truth the more hateful it will become. Here are 4 things you can do today to help her in this courageous cause for truth she has taken on on behalf of all of us. We have a voice:

1). Contact the Washington Post and thank them for the article, and urge them to look at the FACTS Rep. McKinney has put forth, rather than simply quoting character assasination blurbs from other Congresspersons.

2). Contact Georgia Senator Zell Miller and complain to him about COVERING UP THE DISTURBING FACTS AROUND 9-11, and Bush ineptitude and possible complicity, by pathetic character assasination jibes and the courageous Rep. McKinney. Encourage Miller to get some lessons in courage and honor from Rep. McKinney, and drop his gossip campaign (see his pathetic press release . Miller's contact info is below the statement link.)

3). Send a donation to Rep. McKinney, and urge others you know to urge others they know, and on and on to do so. WHY? Because when a voice of courage stands up for us, the progressive movement too often leaves them dangling on the end of a rope. LET'S NOT LET THAT HAPPEN to Rep. Cynthia McKinney. Let's dig deep and work hard to urge everyone we know and every group we can contact to show this Congresswoman that she has our support in the most powerful way we can show it (the pocketbook.) PLEASE SEND DONATIONS AND CARDS OF THANKS TO:

U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney, PO Box 371125 DeCatur, GA 30037 USA

4). Send the Washington Post article (link below) out to all media and congresspersons you can. Congressional and media contacts are below. Also, send them the BBC and Canadian Television expose's of Bush complicity in 9-11.

Australian Press Announces: September 11 attacks exposed as 'an appalling fraud'

New! April 11, 2002 - Social Scientists Prepare for Asteroid Impacts On Friday, April 12, 2002, a handful of leading social scientists will gather for the first international workshop on the societal impact of a large asteroid or comet colliding with Earth. Held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association in Irvine, California, this full-day session on Managing Global-Scale Disasters will help psychologists, sociologists, and management specialists play catch-up in an area that has gotten increasing attention in the physical sciences in recent years. [Perhaps our ongoing efforts over the past six years - to bring this matter to the attention of the public is having some effect. The cat is out of the bag, and they know it. This is as close to an admission that they are going to make at present that, not only is it likely, but that it is known in advance when it will occur. And that will be a lot sooner than they are saying at present.]

Evidence Found for New Form of Ultra Dense Matter The [...] object, called 3C-58, became a new star in the sky in the year 1181, when it exploded. [What we find most interesting is the date of the nova - 1181 - and remarks made by the C's about how nova type explosions can affect human progress.] See: Supernovae

Clone pregnancy risks womb cancer Shock waves have reverberated around the world since New Scientist highlighted the claim of maverick Italian fertility expert Severino Antinori that one of his patients is pregnant with a clone ...

Anomalies hint at magnetic pole flip The Earth's magnetic poles might be starting to flip say researchers who have seen strange anomalies in our planet's magnetic field.

New! April 9, 2002 - On Saturday night, hundreds of citizens of Austria and Germany were deprived of their deserved rest. Some unidentified flying objects disturbed them, which looked like fire balls. [...] some scientists suppose this could have been “meteorite rain.” Meteorite discovery solves German UFO sightings A Bavarian farmer's wife found a 3ft wide crater in her vegetable patch with the meteorite lodged at the bottom.

Upsurge in activity at Pu`u `O`o

West Coast Earthquakes Ongoing The most recent evidence indicates there is an earthquake going on right now on the West Coast, yet no one feels it. The temblor, a so-called slow earthquake, has been ongoing since about Feb. 7, according to geologist Meghan Miller of Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

BUSH & THE MEDIA COVER UP THE JIHAD SCHOOLBOOK SCANDAL According to Washington Post investigators, over the past twenty years the US has spent millions of dollars producing fanatical schoolbooks, which were then distributed in Afghanistan. [...] according to unnamed officials the schoolbooks "steeped a generation in [Islamist] violence."

New! April 6, 2002 - Conflict begins a new debate on end times And now we understand why the Bible was written: to underwrite the conflict over Israel's "title deed" to a piece of land and possibly to draw the world into that struggle. I ask you: is this the act of a benevolent God? By their fruits you shall know them. The God of the Old Testament is an Archon of Darkness. See: Who Wrote the Bible.

New! April 5, 2002 - Wired News Reports: The Federal Drug Administration has ruled that an implantable microchip used for ID purposes is not a regulated device, paving the way for the chip's immediate sale in the United States, the manufacturer announced today.(April 4).

Human Cloning Project Claims Progress

Mysterious High Energy Bursts Linked to Supernovae

Homeland Defense for Planet Earth? "An object is out there and has our name on it. The name of the game is to find it before it finds us," said Andy Smith, head of the International Planetary Protection Alliance (IPPA), based in Albuquerque. Statistics argue for a call-to-action. "It is not a one-in-a-million-year risk. It's not one-in-a-thousand-year risk. It is a one-in-a-hundred-year risk. An object that is Tunguska size or larger hits us about every 100 years. So we're due for another hit," Smith cautioned.

New! April 4, 2002 - U.N. wants Israeli pullout 'without delay' U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned Israel that "self-defense is not a blank check."

- The Middle East Conflict - Has it Been Engineered by Extremist Rightwing Christians and Zionists Hoping to "Force" the "Rapture"? This site, "Unknown News," states that it "contains news, information, and opinion, intended for an audience that's mentally awake. If you're easily offended, if there are questions you'd rather not consider, or if you prefer being treated as a child, please go elsewhere."

EPIC is seeking the expedited release under the FOIA of OHS documents that discuss new technical and legislative proposals that could lead to the creation of a national identification system. The OHS did not respond to EPIC's initial expedited request, so EPIC has filed suit in a U.S. District court in Washington, D.C.

New! April 3, 2002 - A third of a tonne of extraterrestrial bacteria could be raining down on Earth every day.

Egypt - Israel relations breaking down. There is a real war being waged by Israel. It's only a matter of time before other Arab countries will refuse to sanction the bloodshed by silence. One by one, countries with treaties with one or the other of the two combatants will be drawn in. How long before a World War will be waged to support Israel's claim to a country that has belonged to the people they are murdering for over a thousand years? A claim justified by a God whose taste for blood is historically reknowned and seemingly unquenchable? Read Who Wrote The Bible for the background on this "claim" and draw your own conclusions.

New! Georgia Congresswoman Fights Back. Read her commentary on the "war on terrorism."

New! Europe's anger at the US reaches boiling point!

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