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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

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October 28, 2002 - From - Wellstone Murdered? - Shadow government and Israeli Mossad involved. Senator Wellstone was seen as a leader in a movement that would have the U.S. take a more equitable approach in Middle East policy.There is a growing cabal of Zionist controlled political officials that has taken over our government. Putting pressure on Israel to give the Palestinians their own state is the last thing these dangerous individuals want. Senator Wellstone was seen as a threat,a voice of reason. This must be investigated. Ask Rudy Boshwitz or better yet, ask the Bush family.

Binary Companion Research - While there is no obvious visible companion star to our Sun, there could be a dark binary, such as a brown dwarf or possibly a relatively small black hole, either of which might be very difficult to detect, without accurate and lengthy analysis. Beyond direct detection – one way to determine if we are in a binary system is to see if the Sun is curving through space. To us on Earth that means we should experience a gradual “changing orientation to inertial space.”

Precession of the Equinox is the age old phenomenon whereby an observer on Earth will notice that after one exact year*, he will not realign with the exact same point in inertial space. In ancient times observers on Earth noticed that the equinox aligned with the constellation Aries, then after a few thousand years with Pisces. Now as many of you know, we are at the dawning of the age of Aquarius. This backward precession is the precession of the equinox – whereby the equinoctial point slowly precesses through the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, completing a full cycle in about 24,000 years.

There is another simple way to cause the same observable, a precessing equinox, without requiring the Earth's axis or the tropical year to change, that is: if the Sun is curving through space. In this model, precession of the equinox occurs, but rather than requiring two equinoxes in less than a 360 degree period, and rather than having the precession axis tilt change the seasons (without concurrent slippage of the equinoctial point), the Earth and Sun can keep the integrity of their relationship and precession is a simple by-product of a binary orbit.

Is America Becoming Fascist? - Since mainstream left-liberal media do not seriously ask this question, the analysis of what has gone wrong and where we are heading has been mostly off-base. Investigation of the kinds of under-handed, criminal tactics fascist regimes undertake to legitimize their agenda and accelerate the rate of change in their favor is dismissed as indulging in "conspiracy theory."

Liberals insist that this regime must be treated under the rules of "politics as usual." But this doesn't consider that one election has already been stolen, and that September's repeat of irregularities in Florida was a clear warning that more such thuggery is on the way.

If the "f" word is uttered, liberals are quick to note certain obvious dissimilarities with previous variants of fascism and say that what is happening in America is not fascist. It took German justice minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin to make the comparison explicit (under present American rules of political discourse, she has been duly sacked from her cabinet post); but at the liberal New York Times or The Nation, American writers dare not speak the truth. [...]

The pace of events in the last year has been almost as blindingly fast as it was after Hitler's Machtergreifung and the consolidation of fascist power in 1933. Speed stuns and silences. [...]

If the test of any theory is its predictive capacity, Bush's extreme risk-taking is better explained by the fascist model. Purely economic motives are a large part of the story, but there is a deeper derivation that exceeds such mundane rationales. Several of the apparent contradictions in Bush's governance make perfect sense if the fascist prism is applied, but not with the normal perspective.

To pose the question doesn't mean that this is a completed project; at any point, anything can happen to shift the course of history in a different direction. Yet after repeated and open corruption of the normal electoral process, several declarations of world war (including in three major addresses, and now the National Security Strategy document), adventurous and unprecedented military doctrines, suspension of much of the Bill of Rights, and clear signals that a declaration of emergency to crush remaining dissent is on the way, surely it is time to analyze the situation differently.

Absent that perspicacity, false diagnoses and prescriptions will continue. It is fine to be concerned about tyrannous Muslim regimes, and surely they need to set their own house in order, but not now, not in this context, and not under the auspices of the American fascist regime.

The similarities between American fascism and particularly the National Socialist precedent, both historical and theoretical, are remarkable. Fascism is home, it is here to stay, and it better be countered with all the intellectual resources at our disposal. [...]

In the near future, America can be expected to embark on a more radical search to define who is not part of the natural order: exclusion, deportation, and eventually extermination, might again become the order of things. [...] Nazism never had the support of the majority of Germans; at best about a third fully supported it. About a third of Americans today are certifiably fascist; another twenty percent or so can be swayed around with smart propaganda to particular causes. So the existence of liberal institutions is not necessarily inconsistent with fascism's political dominance. [...]

With all of Germany's cultural strength, brutality won out; the same analysis can apply to America. Hitler never won clear majorities; yet once he was in power, he crushed all dissent. Consider the parallels to the fateful election of 2000. Hitler's ascent to power was facilitated by the political elites; again, note the similarities to the last two years. Hitler took advantage of the Reichstag fire to totally change the shape of German institutions and culture; think of 9/11 as a close parallel. Hitler was careful to give the impression of always operating under legal cover, even for the most massive offenses against humanity; note again the similarity of a pseudo-legal shield for the actions of the American fascists. One can go on and on in this vein. [...]

Liberals might complain that in America there hasn't been a declared revolution, a transformation that asserts itself as such. But as noted above fascism simply takes over the liberals' language of "clarity, decency, and natural laws," as well as its ideals of "tolerance and freedom." That sounds like the sleight-of-hand performed by the fascists here. As Mosse says:

Tolerance. . .was claimed by fascists in antithesis to their supposedly intolerant enemies, while freedom was placed within the community. To be tolerant meant not tolerating those who opposed fascism: individual liberty was possible only within the collectivity. Here once more, concepts that had become part and parcel of established patterns of thought were not rejected (as so many historians have claimed) but instead co-opted - fascism would bring about ideals with which people were comfortable, but only on its own terms.

So to be liberal means to be intolerant, out of sync with the American democratic spirit. That suggestion has taken hold among large numbers of people. [...]

No doubt, fascism is a descriptor too carelessly thrown around; but Nixon and Reagan, no matter how reprehensible their politics, were not quite fascist. Bush is the most dangerous man in contemporary history: Hitler didn't have access to weapons that could blow up the world, and no American or other leader since World War II with access to such weapons has been as out of control.

Psycho at the top? - Psychologists probing the wave of corporate crime in America have noticed a trend that may not surprise many workers: the boss could well be a psychopath. Researchers say psychopaths and chief executives tend to share many personality traits - in particular an ability to appear plausible and attract followers while at the same time hiding low self-esteem. Comment: And we have a wave of "global crime" emanating from the White House. Coincidence?

Physics bitten by reverse Alan Sokal hoax? - " What is going on??? guys?? the claim is now that the Bogdanoff brothers are not a fraud and that they not only won Phd's with these papers that no one can understand, that yesterday everyone was convinced were fraudulent, they won appointment as professors to a french university, Bourgogne!!!

So no one in the string group at Harvard can tell if these papers are real or fraudulent. This morning told that they were frauds everyone was laughing at how obvious it is. This afternoon, told they are real professors and that this is not a fraud, everyone here says, well, maybe it is real stuff.

"Prepare to be Destroyed by Satan's Hand" - In the past few weeks, several people have written in to tell me that they have had dreams of my life being in danger. I had a dream myself of being stalked by a psychopath. In the present day and time, when we realize that many "programmed" individuals are being activated to carry out the agenda of the New World Order of the Bush Reich, I don't think that the letter we received in today's mail is an idle threat.

Two professors were shot and killed Monday at the University of Arizona's College of Nursing, a university spokeswoman said. The gunman then may have committed suicide, according to the college's Web site, and Tucson police said there was a fourth fatality but would not identify the person. A witness said a student angry over being barred from midterm exams entered a classroom and began shooting with a handgun.

Comment: Have a look again at the C's comments about programmed shooters being set to go off all around the same time in order to spook the populace and soften them up for the New World Order controls of the Bush Reich. Again and again, C's have come through with accurate info about our reality.

World unable to cope with famine - Global warming is helping to cause an unprecedented series of famines which is pushing the world beyond its ability to cope, according to the United Nations. The warning – the starkest yet issued by the UN on how climate change is affecting world food supplies – comes as a second massive famine looms in Africa. The new head of the UN World Food Programme, James Morris, will announce in London tomorrow that drought in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa is precipitating a food shortage as great as the one now afflicting southern Africa.

Calls are growing in Russia for an investigation into why doctors were not provided an antidote to the gas used during an operation to free hostages held at a Moscow theatre.

Comment: Considering the information we have now presented in our COINTELPRO Timeline (read carefully exactly what has been done, what might be done, how it can be done, and what kind of environment we are living in), there is certainly a possible reason for why the Russian government is not talking about the so-called "Secret Gas." In fact, a reader from Eastern Europe has proposed the following:

The official version for the innocent deaths is: Gas.

This version leaves many questions. My scenario is the following:

- blocking the electrical detonators of the explosives by EM field (this Russian technology was available and tested beginning in 1958, never disclosed, only witnesses, including myself);
- using combined acoustic, visual and psychotronic attack to induce sleep condition (Again, this is not just rumored technology; I witnessed acoustic attack back in 1977. This technology has a good enough "focusing" capability that it could have been used here);
- using finally some non-lethal gas as a camouflage for the use of the above "secret weapons."

These ideas are supported by the observable facts after the special forces attack:
- not one of the many explosives was detonated;
- only two of the hostages was shot
- not one of the special forces or the rescuers wore gas masks (at least as seen on the TV reports);
- many of the rescued hostages were highly disoriented and not able to move, others were unconscious and carried on stretchers.

Finally, my conclusion is that the Russian special forces used, possibly for the first time in "public" - in a real situation - the full range of their psychotronic weaponry.

Bush Reich plans to Nuke New York as pretext for global power grab. - The problem Brzezinski says is that most average Americans don’t have a taste for crusades of global conquest... Unless... ...there’s a sudden terrifying threat. - A thorough scientific analysis of the swirl of events, people, nations, motivations, propaganda, personalities and histories involved in this current moment in history, leads to only one conclusion - That clandestine forces aligned with George Bush Sr. are planning to attack the US population, blame it on Islamic terrorists and use the attacks as a pretext for a total clamp-down on dissent, basic civil liberties, normal democratic processes.

In the confusion that will follow they will wage unchecked war and aggression against Iraq, and other nations, Islamic and otherwise, who have natural resources and particularly oil reserves that this shadowy group of petrochemical and arms industrialists are thirsting for. Their ultimate goal? The conquest of Eurasia.

Three quarters of the world's population and resources are to be found on the Eurasian landmass. It has been the principal focus of State Department and military strategists since presidential National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined it twenty years ago as the principle American “Imperative.” Meaning - To survive, we MUST conquer. But what of all those nations that we will be conquering? According to Brzezinski and his cabal of adherents in the Military and State Department and industry for whom his writings are like a biblical tome - it’s for their own good.

Comment: There is more to it than that. See the revealed agenda by COINTELPRO agent and New Age Guru Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

A U.S. diplomat was shot dead near his home in Amman, Jordan's information minister said. The Information Ministry said the masked gunman opened fire as Laurence Foley, an official with the U.S. Agency for International Development, was leaving for the U.S. Embassy, striking him with six bullets as he was getting into his car. - The U.S. Agency for International Development is an independent agency that provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States, according to its Web site.

Sen. Paul Wellstone's desk on the Senate floor was draped in black Monday as Democratic officials in Minnesota indicated former Vice President Walter Mondale could take his place on the November ballot. - "The choice of the Wellstone family is Mr. Mondale. Mondale said if the Democratic Party would ask him to run, he would absolutely consider that," party chairman Mike Erlandson said Sunday. - With Wellstone's death, the Senate is now split 49-49-1. Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont bolted from the Republican Party last year and declared himself an Independent, but he caucuses with the Democrats.

A reckless driver stoned to death in South Africa - The driver crashed his BMW at speed into the group, which had just attended a funeral in the northwestern Limpopo province town of Klipgat on Sunday, and then tried to drive on, police Inspector Tyron Seate told Reuters on Monday.

Fountains of ash and sand continued raining down from Mount Etna for a second day on Monday, as at least two rivers of lava poured down its slopes and more cracks opened up. - The volcano came back to life on Sunday, after a series of some 200 small earthquakes rattled eastern Sicily, some creating panic and sending people to the streets. - Analysts said the eruption was expected to continue for a few more days. "There are no signs of a decrease in the eruption, but the situation is expected to remain stable," Stefano Cresta, a geology professor with Catania's University, told RAI state television.

Mexico Tells Bush It Won't Support Iraq Resolution - Mexican officials made it clear that Mexico is siding with France in the debate at the United Nations. - Mexico is a crucial swing vote in the Security Council, and the lack of explicit support from President Fox is a setback to the United States in what American officials say will be the final days of the difficult deliberations. "The crucial thing is collective action," he said a few hours after meeting for about 35 minutes with Mr. Bush, who seemed somewhat short-tempered after their discussion. American officials had expected that Mexico, one of the 10 nonpermanent members of the Council, would be what one called "an easy vote."

Comment: LOL! Somebody told the Boy Who Would Be Emperor "no!" I bet Georgie Porgie couldn't even enjoy his PB&J and juicy juice snack! What's more, the Turks are going wishy washy on him:

Turkey Grows More Worried Every Day About a U.S. Attack on Iraq - "We know that the United States cannot carry out this operation without us," he said last week. "That is why we are advising that it abandon the idea. We're telling Washington that we are worried about the matter." - So unanimous are Turks against a war in Iraq that it has hardly been raised in the campaign for parliamentary elections on Nov. 3. The election looks certain to expel the coalition led by Mr. Ecevit in favor of an untried party with roots in political Islam, which worries many here as a threat to Turkey's secularism.

October 27, 2002 - When You Dance With the Devil - a COINTELPRO TIMELINE presented by the Quantum Future School demonstrates that we are in BIG trouble... well, without knowledge, that is...

Here it COMES! Europe's biggest volcano spews lava as earthquakes signal latest return to life. Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, exploded into life again yesterday, spurting molten rock 650ft into the air above Sicily and producing streams of lava that engulfed small buildings on the island. Officials evacuated the area in the path of the lava flows after a new vent opened early yesterday morning. There were no reports of injuries. By late afternoon, the eruption had destroyed a line of ski-lift pylons used to reach the summit, as well as a pine forest. Firefighting aircraft with water supplies were sent to try to slow the lava flow. - Residents were first alerted by a series of small earthquakes that were felt along the east coast of the island. Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology said more than 100 tremors, up to 3.5 on the Richter scale, struck. The epicentre was located close to the main crater. Comment: I guess we have our answer about the "earthquake swarms." And I guess I know why several of the sensitive members of the Quantum Future School spent Sunday in bed in agony, yours truly included. Look for Vesuvius and Thera to act up also, as well as a small "rattle" in the US on the East Coast.

Winds gusting up to 100 mph swept across northern Europe, killing at least 24 people were killed and two blown out to sea on Sunday as wreaking havoc on roads and railways and disrupting flights and shipping. Six people, including three children, were killed in Britain as trees were ripped from the ground, crushing cars and blocking train lines. In Germany, a man died when the roof of his house collapsed. A Dutch woman was also killed in Germany when a tree hit her car and a 56-year-old farmer died after being struck by lightning. In the Netherlands four people died, including a 77-year-old man near Amsterdam blown into an iron fence. One person was blown into the sea near the Dutch town of Scheveningen. "Normally a person would not survive this," a coastguard spokesman said after a fruitless search. Another person was later reported blown into the sea near Vlissingen. In France, two car passengers were killed when a tree fell on their car. A hunter was struck by a falling tree and a man was killed when the roof of a home under construction caved in. In Britain, where all the deaths came from falling trees and debris, emergency services warned people not to venture out. - "The damage is enormous," Antwerp Mayor Leona Detiege said.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan acknowledged Saturday that suspected sniper John Allen Muhammad is a member of the religious group.


C's: The programming is mainly intended to produce erratic behavior, for the purpose of “spooking” the population so that they will welcome, and even demand, a totalitarian government. Think of the persons who have inexplicably entered various public and private domains, and shot large numbers of people... Now, you have “met” some of these Greenbaum subjects...

Now, some history... as you know, the CIA and NSA and other agencies are the children of Nazi Gestapo... the SS, which was experiment influenced by Antareans who were practicing for the eventual reintroduction of the nephalim onto 3rd and or 4th density earth. And the contact with the “Antareans” was initiated by the Thule Society, which groomed its dupe subject, Adolph Hitler to be the all time mind programmed figurehead. Now, in modern times, you have seen, but so far, on a lesser scale: Oswald, Ruby, Demorenschildt, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremer, Farrakhan, Menendez, Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer, etc... you must know that Oswald was programmed to be the “patsy.” So that he would say many contradictory things. Demorenschildt was both a programmer and programmed. Ruby was hypnoticaly programmed to shoot Oswald. With an audio prompt, that being the sound of a car horn.
Q:(V) I’d like to know if any Presidents have been Greenbaumed?
A: Yes. ... Remember, the “ Greenbaum method” is one of many in existence.

Hillary Clinton sez: Bush Was 'Selected' President, Not Elected; Says Bush's Machine Has Raised Far More Money to 'Ruin the Reputations of Our Candidates' - You know, I'm a fan of Clintonomics," she told the crowd while standing from a perch on the staircase of movie producer Alan Horn's art-filled Bel Air home, "and this administration is destroying in months our eight years of economic progress." - "But, you know, you have got to hand it to them," Clinton said with what sounded like a rueful appreciation. "These people are ruthless and they are relentless."

Voters in Florida, VOTE JEB OUT! Not because McBride is any angel, but just on principal.

"George Bush, you can't hide. We charge you with genocide!" chanted the demonstrators, who were escorted by mounted U.S. Park Police and watched by 600 police officers along the route in the heart of the nation's capital. A group of about 20 children led the parade as protesters carried signs bearing pictures of Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld beneath the words "weapons of mass destruction." - In Germany, demonstrations were staged in about 70 towns and cities. The largest was in Berlin, where almost 10,000 people marched. In Amsterdam, some 4,000 people rallied in heavy rain to protest against U.S. policy. - "We must not be diverted. In two years we've lost 2 million jobs, unemployment is up, stock market down, poverty up," Jackson told a spirited crowd in Washington. "It's time for a change. It's time to vote on Nov. 5 for hope. We need a regime change in this country."

France still opposed to US Iraq policy - Iraq called on the UN Security Council to block the tough new disarmament resolution that the United States wants to push through the divided body this week. "The Security Council, notably the permament member states, must stop attempts by the US administration to pass this new resolution," senior Iraqi MP Salem al-Qubaissi told AFP. "It's a declaration of war against Iraq," said Qubaissi, head of the parliament's committee for Arab and international affairs. - France has stiffened its resistance to the US hardline stance, saying it would put forward its own proposal if no accord is reached with Washington. - Speaking a day after US President George W. Bush again said he would take action if the world body fails to, de Villepin warned: "If there is no breakthrough, we shall obviously officially submit our own document." - Several thousand demonstrators meanwhile marched Sunday through the Spanish capital Madrid to protest against possible US-led military intervention in Iraq. - Their protest came a day after opponents of US policy staged rallies in cities around the world, including Washington, where some 50,000 protesters circled the White House and speakers denounced Bush as a war criminal. The Washington protesters, estimated by organizers at 100,000 in total, beat drums and chanted slogans reminiscent of the huge anti-Vietnam war protests, such as "1-2-3-4, we don't want your racist war."

Iraq war 'will increase risk of terror attacks' - A US-led war on Iraq would heighten the risk of further terrorist attacks by al-Qaida, according to a report. The report by the Oxford Research Group warns the civilian death toll in Iraq would reach 10,000 from conventional warfare alone. The Baghdad regime is bent on survival at any cost and would in retaliation use "all available military means", the report says. This would include chemical and biological weapons, which could in turn trigger a nuclear response from the US and Britain. The report states a US-led attack is likely to "increase support for organisations such as al-Qaida and to prove counter-productive to peace and stability in the region".

Precognition? Or just knowledge of the Beast? - Article published in May, 2001 predicts: Democratic Senator To Be Assassinated Soon- Assassination Teams Actively Preparing Hit - You will see, within in the coming months, for absolutely certainty, the untimely death of at least one Democratic Senator, to "rebalance the scale". The private covert intelligence groups behind George Bush Sr. are extraordinarily well funded with petrochemical billions. They are deadly, work completely autonomously, in a terrorist formation identical to a terrorist organization, and are absolutely religiously dedicated to accomplishing their objectives. They will not rest until the Senate is under the control once again of the darkest force ever to seize control of the American Empire - The clandestine industrial / military / intelligence triad who is currently represented by George Bush Jr.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have gathered in cities across Europe, the United States and beyond for a show of opposition to U.S. President George W. Bush's policy toward Baghdad. In Berlin, crowds of people brandishing placards converged Saturday on the downtown Alexanderplatz square and marched past the German Foreign Ministry. Police estimated that up to 8,000 people , while organizers put the number at 30,000. No trouble was reported. - Some 2,000 people turned out in Frankfurt, and hundreds in Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Bremen, according to police, while another 1,500 rain-soaked demonstrators gathered under umbrellas outside the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark and more than 1,000 hit the streets in Stockholm, Sweden. - "Saddam Hussein is one of the absolutely worst dictators in the world today... but that doesn't justify the U.S.A.'s war plans," Gudrun Schyman, leader of Sweden's former communist Left Party, told the crowd in Stockholm. "You don't disarm a regime by conducting an armed war." - As many as 5,000 people gathered in the rain in Amsterdam's central square, with banners including one that read: "The biggest lunatic isn't in Baghdad, he's in Washington." - In Baghdad itself, American anti-war activists protested in front of U.N. offices, urging the U.N. Security Council not to give Bush a blank check for war against Iraq. - In Tokyo, about 300 Japanese staged a "peace walk," holding up placards urging governments to "stop the war before it starts." - In the U.S. capital, tens of thousands of anti-war protesters circled the White House after the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other speakers denounced the Bush administration's Iraq policies and demanded a revolt at the ballot box to promote peace. - In San Francisco, demonstrators stretched about a mile (1.6 kilometre) as they marched from the financial district to City Hall, carrying placards that read, "Money for jobs, not for war" and "No blood for oil."

Deaths in the Russian hostage rescue caused by gas - used to subdue the hostage takers, Russia's chief medical examiner said Sunday. Of the 117 hostages who died, 115 apparently died from the gas, and more than 600 people who survived the ordeal remain hospitalized, the medical examiner said. Russian officials said the gas was used to "neutralize" the Chechen rebels who seized the theater. The Russian government is refusing to divulge any details as to the chemical agent it used. Foreign embassies have asked for details of whatever substance it was to treat some of their nationals who have been affected. Russian doctors have been angered that they do not know what it is -- but [there are] no details whatsoever as to what this agent was. - Russian forces ended the 58-hour standoff early Saturday when they stormed the building where Chechen rebels had held about 800 hostages for three days.

Putin has already claimed connections between the theatre gunmen and the 'international terrorists' behind Bali and 9/11. The substantial financing needed for such an operation came from abroad, Moscow insists. Barayev's team were equipped with satellite phones, enabling them to call the Reuters news agency in Ankara, Turkey, late on Friday night.Comment: Is Putin suggesting that the US and/or Mossad financed the Chechen terrorists?

Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11 - Geeze! We and quite a number of other "not so mainstream sources" have been saying that all along... However we notice that Vidal hasn't even gone far enough in his thinking. He thinks that the Bush Reich "allowed" the attacks to happen. We say that they PARTICIPATED! - America's most controversial writer Gore Vidal has launched the most scathing attack to date on George W Bush's Presidency, calling for an investigation into the events of 9/11 to discover whether the Bush administration deliberately chose not to act on warnings of Al-Qaeda's plans.

Vidal's highly controversial 7000 word polemic titled 'The Enemy Within' - published in the print edition of The Observer today - argues that what he calls a 'Bush junta' used the terrorist attacks as a pretext to enact a pre-existing agenda to invade Afghanistan and crack down on civil liberties at home. Vidal writes: 'We still don't know by whom we were struck that infamous Tuesday, or for what true purpose. But it is fairly plain to many civil libertarians that 9/11 put paid not only to much of our fragile Bill of Rights but also to our once-envied system of government which had taken a mortal blow the previous year when the Supreme Court did a little dance in 5/4 time and replaced a popularly elected President with the oil and gas Bush-Cheney junta.'

Australia lied about refugee children - Australia's government deliberately lied to the public during last year's parliamentary election when it said that refugees had thrown their children into the sea to attract the attention of an Australian naval patrol, an inquiry has found. - An Australian senate report said yesterday that Peter Reith, the then defence minister who has since retired from politics, "engaged in the deliberate misleading of the Australian public concerning a matter of intense political interest during an election period". He claimed that refugees on a ship off the country's northwest coast had been throwing their children overboard, in an attempt to force the Australian navy to recover them and allow them to claim asylum. Photographs of Australian naval officers attempting to save refugees after the sinking of the boat were released to the media and presented as images of children supposedly thrown into the water. The claims were repeated by leading members of the government, including the prime minister, John Howard, though the report stopped short of directly implicating him.

Comment: I could just write: "so? what else is new? Lies and liars and manipultors, all of them!" However, there is more than just that. We are beginning to understand precisely how the French people felt about the Aristocracy just prior to the French Revolution. We are also beginning to get a glimmering of the state of mind of the citizens as they fed the elitists of their time to Madam Guillotine...

Jeb Bush's daughter, Noelle, released from jail early Saturday, 10 days after a judge ordered her locked up for violating terms of her court-ordered drug treatment program. - The governor and his wife Columba briefly visited Noelle in jail Tuesday. Besides her parents' visit, jail officials allowed C. David Brown II, a Bush family friend and GOP campaign contributor, to see her October 19.

Horror stories replayed for the public in a marathon set of clemency hearings that death penalty opponents now believe may have backfired and hurt their cause. The hearings, which are being held for nearly every inmate on Illinois' death row, were set in motion by Republican Gov. George Ryan, who suspended all executions nearly three years ago because of flaws in the criminal justice system. But the procedural flaws discussed at the hearings have been overwhelmed by the litany of bloody horrors, and the governor himself has become the target of bitter attacks by the relatives of murder victims. "The pain and passion of these families is deafening," said Larry Marshall, a Northwestern University law professor who has been a driving force in exposing problems with Illinois' death penalty. "It's so overwhelming that people are forgetting all the problems that got us here." Chicago's two major newspapers have urged Ryan to stop the hearings. "Halt the anguish, Gov. Ryan," implored a Chicago Tribune editorial. "Ryan's hearings cruel and unusual," headlined a Chicago Sun-Times editorial. - Last month, Ryan even suggested that he might grant blanket clemency to all 159 people on death row. But the governor backed away from those comments this week.

The wife of a podiatrist accused of plotting to bomb Islamic centers was charged Thursday with being his accomplice. - Court documents released Thursday allege she stood by as her husband filled their house with weapons and explosives and talked for at least four months about bombing Muslims. - Robert Goldstein, who is Jewish, wanted to bomb the center "to retaliate against Arabs and Muslims for both the events of September 11th, as well as the ongoing hostilities in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews," Hardee said in court documents.

Rain fell heavy over the Southeast on Sunday as central states and the Southwest received drenchings of their own. - Several areas along the Gulf Coast reported more than an inch of rain, with Lafayette, Louisiana, receiving nearly 4 inches by early afternoon. Several areas of southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi had flood warnings out through Tuesday, with several rivers expected to crest above flood stage by Monday night.

Google censoring web content - Researchers at the highly-respected Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University have found that the company is actively removing sites from its database, and that this censorship is going unnoticed. - Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman have built up a reputation for their careful analysis of the ways in which web content is filtered, censored and controlled. They have looked in detail at the practices of national governments, specifically China and Saudi Arabia, and provided lots of useful information for those of us who want to promote freedom of speech both online and offline. -

Their latest paper deals with the differences between the results returned when searching, the US/world version of the site, the French site at and the German site at -

They have discovered over one hundred sites which can be found by searchers in the US but not by those in Germany or France. - Responding to the discovery, Google spokesman Nate Tyler said on tech news programme ZDNN that the sites were removed to avoid the possibility of legal action being taken against the company, and that each site was removed only after a specific complaint from the government of the country concerned. - [...]

On first sight this seems perfectly reasonable - after all, Google isn't a public service but a private company trying to make money out of its technology and database, and it has no obligation to index everything. It certainly has a duty to its owners (it's a privately held company) to stay out of legal battles with governments, since they can be pretty expensive. -

Unfortunately things are not that simple, and the censorship of the French and German versions of the Google database is a clear demonstration of just what is wrong with internet regulation today. What is happening is that a government is saying to Google: 'we don't like that website - so drop it from your database' and the company is acquiescing.

The people running the website aren't told. The people looking for the website aren't told - they aren't even told that this policy exists. The rest of us aren't being told either - Google's Nate Tyler said clearly that 'as a matter of company policy we do not provide specific details about why or when we removed any one particular site from our index.'

The result is that one of the web's most important tools is being deliberately broken at the request of governments, with no publicity, no legal review and no court orders. [...]

The problem is not that content is being censored - that is inevitable and in many cases desirable. The problem is not that content is being censored - that is inevitable and in many cases desirable. I agree with our current laws against child pornography and have no difficulty at all endorsing the view that these sites should not be allowed online.

The problem is that Google itself is deciding what should be censored and that its motives are entirely commercial, making it possible for government agencies to influence it without having to go through due process or defend their requests in public.

A crowd estimated at more than 100,000 gathered in the nation's capital Saturday to rally and march in protest of a potential war with Iraq. - On the stage, Jesse Jackson -- his voice amplified across several acres of Constitution Gardens -- shouted, "If we act out of fear and not hope, we get bitter and not better." - Similar demonstrations were scheduled Saturday in San Francisco, Chicago, London, Rome and other cities all over the world, organizers said. -

"This is just the tip of the iceberg," said one of the organizers, 21-year-old Eli Pariser, in an interview. Pariser's organization, Move On, said it raised $1.6 million in nine days via the Internet for congressional candidates who voted against the Iraq war resolution. Pariser said he was shocked and surprised at the number of people that had contacted him lately who wanted to participate and told him, "I've never cared about anything this much before in my life."

People arrived in Washington by the thousands in buses, vans and cars packed with students, parents, families, and senior citizens. There were Muslim women wearing headscarfs, Catholic priests carrying placards, and children with peace signs on their T-shirts. And the numbers were as large, if not larger, than the organizers predicted.

More than 30 people spoke against the war at the rally, including former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, the Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network, and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Actress Susan Sarandon spoke as well. "I am here as a mother because I am afraid for my children," she shouted. "I'm afraid for our children. I'm afraid for the Iraqi children."

The group criticized Congress for not representing the people when it authorized Bush to use force if Iraq refuses to allow inspections and removal of weapons of mass destruction. They shouted in protest against the Bush administration's foreign policy, which many of them said was imperialist. Comment: There IS hope, as long as people continue to talk to people, to network and wake others up. Now is NOT the time to "seek a place of safety and freedom within" and "accept slavery on the outside," as Whitley Strieber and other New Age COINTELPRO cults are suggesting. NOW is the time to keep the pressure on, to put knowledge of the Elitist plans to take over our world into ACTION, and ACT IN FAVOR OF FREEDOM! Knowledge in Action Generates Light! Service to Others is Knowledge in Workclothes!

Q: What is the reason for all of this upper level flying that results in these criss-crossed contrails that everybody is seeing?
A: A lot of it is "training maneuver"oriented.
Q: Why are they training so many pilots? What are they preparing for?
A: Military budgets must be justified, you know. Review "Military-Industrial Complex 101."
Q: So, this is just training flight, justification of budget, and nothing more than that?
A: Well, we would not say "not anything more to it than that," but, when you say "M-IC," you have said a lot!
Q: Are you implying that there is a build-up of the Military-Industrial Complex for a reason?
A: To preserve status quo during "peacetime." This peace business is not very profitable, you know.
Q: Does that suggest that they are building up to set off a war so they can make more money?
A: Maybe if indeed, and if the populace can be hoodwinked. But, fortunately, the public is less hoodwinkable. Maybe the real enemy is "out there, " rather than "over there." Was it not always?

New York Times: Dead Parrot Society - The Washington Post's Dana Milbank wrote an article explaining that for George W. Bush, "facts are malleable." Documenting "dubious, if not wrong" statements on a variety of subjects, from Iraq's military capability to the federal budget, the White House correspondent declared that Mr. Bush's "rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy." Also in the last few days, The Wall Street Journal reported that "senior officials have referred repeatedly to intelligence . . . that remains largely unverified." The C.I.A.'s former head of counterterrorism was blunter: "Basically, cooked information is working its way into high-level pronouncements." USA Today reports that "pressure has been building on the intelligence agencies to deliberately slant estimates to fit a political agenda."

Reading all these euphemisms, I was reminded of Monty Python's parrot: he's pushing up the daisies, his metabolic processes are history, he's joined the choir invisible. That is, he's dead. And the Bush administration lies a lot.

Let me hasten to say that I don't blame reporters for not quite putting it that way. Mr. Milbank is a brave man, and is paying the usual price for his courage: he is now the target of a White House smear campaign. [...]

The recent spate of articles about administration dishonesty mainly reflects the campaign to sell war with Iraq. But the habit itself goes all the way back to the 2000 campaign, and is manifest on a wide range of issues. [...]

It's tempting to view all of this merely as a question of character, but it's more than that. There's method in this administration's mendacity. [...]

For the Bush administration is an extremely elitist clique trying to maintain a populist facade. Its domestic policies are designed to benefit a very small number of people — basically those who earn at least $300,000 a year, and really don't care about either the environment or their less fortunate compatriots. True, this base is augmented by some powerful special-interest groups, notably the Christian right and the gun lobby. But while this coalition can raise vast sums, and can mobilize operatives to stage bourgeois riots when needed, the policies themselves are inherently unpopular. [...]

What remains puzzling is the long-term strategy... Right now the administration is playing the war card, inventing facts as necessary, and trying to use the remnants of Mr. Bush's post-Sept. 11 popularity to gain control of all three branches of government. But then what? [...] The big question is whether the press, which is beginning to find its voice, will lose it again in the face of one-party government.

Comment: I would like to point out that this interesting series of events in the Major Print Media - where it looks like they are finally waking up - may merely be another ploy in the global-political game. As we have pointed out, the Jewish controlled media has been supporting Bush and suppressing facts simply because they think they are playing Bush to fulfill their agenda. It may be that Mossad and Company have begun to figure out that the Bush Reich has its own agenda, and the future does not include Israel. Perhaps these little "leaks" are their way of warning Bush: play ball, or the watch dog will turn against you. The last question in the above article almost sounds like a direct challenge to the Bush Mob...

Another thing I would like to point out is that what is now being hinted at in the Major Print Media is merely the tip of the iceberg of what has been discussed among the independent media publications; which only goes to show you, if you want the real scoop, ignore the Major Media.

ABC News Reports: Bush Talks out of Both Sides of his Mouth Again - During a visit to China earlier this year, Dubya said, "When my country makes an agreement, we stick with it, and there is (something) called the Taiwan Relations Act and I honor that act, which says we will help Taiwan defend herself if provoked." On Friday, Dubya of the Forked Tongue said: the United States would use its influence to ensure China and Taiwan settle their differences peacefully and promised to make it clear to Taipei that Washington does not support independence. Comment: Again we come face to face with the fact that Georgie Porgie is a psychopath. [Click the link and re-read the segment on psychopathic lying and syntax.]

U.S. Raises Pressure on Russia and France for Iraq Resolution - In its proposal today, France made a concession to the United States by strengthening its own language about "serious consequences" and placing it at the end, a location normally reserved in the Council's resolutions for threats to be acted upon. - Russia, struggling with a crisis in Moscow in which Chechen terrorists have seized a Moscow theater and taken hundreds of people hostage, has emerged in the last two days as Washington's firmest opponent. The Russian proposal did little to strengthen the weapons inspections issue, and included no mention of "material breach" or "serious consequences" — that is, no threat of military action. - American officials argued that they did not need a Security Council resolution to attack Baghdad because President Bush had already secured the necessary authorization from Congress. They said their goal was to get United Nations backing for tough weapons inspections. "The real hidden trigger is no resolution at all," Mr. Grenell said.

Oklahoma Teenager Kills Two, Injures at Least Seven in Shooting Rampage in Eastern Oklahoma. Comment: Over and over again we see that the C's info about these matters, delivered years ago, are proving correct:

Q: (T) OK, the question: is the fellow that just shot three professors in San Diego, ... was he a Greenbaum?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Why did they turn him 'on' at that point?
A: Not correct concept. What if: those programmed in the so called "Greenbaum" projects are preprogrammed to "go off" all at once, and some "malfunction," and go off early?

Afghanistan opium production leaps with overthrow of Taleban - the country's farmers produced an estimated 3,400 metric tons of opium in 2002. - That is around 18 times higher than last year's unusually low figure of 185 tons, which followed a ban on cultivation imposed by the Taleban in the last year of their rule. Comment: And I bet the CIA and Bush and the Warmongers are just dancing around the Poppy bush... (pun intended)

October 26, 2002- Enter The Cassiopaea House Giveaway! Limited number of tickets available makes for better odds! Support the Perseus Foundation Quantum Future School and you could win a house in Florida! TOUR THE HOUSE!

Many readers have written to ask as to whether or not the C's will continue to communicate when we move from this house. Actually, we see this move as the next step up the staircase to solving the issues of creating the conduit to an STO reality for all of those who wish to have that option. [ More...]

Former aerospace engineer Brian Desborough, in his ground-breaking and highly-recommended book, "They Cast No Shadows: A collection of essays on the Illuminati, revisionist history and suppressed technologies" (Available at iUniverse) says that crop circles are in many cases due to Mossbauer Beam technology. Comment: While we do not for a moment think that there isn't technology in the hands of the Consortium that can produce crop circles of great complexity, there is more to this guy than meets the eye. Smells like COINTELPRO to me.

Foul play suspected in Wellstone death - Shortly after the news was announced, speculation broke out on Indymedia that his death was no accident. On a post to the Twin Cities site, the question is asked , "If Bush had died in a plane crash, would there not be immediate open speculation about the possibility of assassination? Wellstone held the balance in the Senate for the Democrats; he was as opposed to Bush policies as any Senator could be, in issues of war, health policy, and labor issues. His death has great political and social significance." So far, corporate media has not raised the possibility of assassination and is pointing to bad weather conditions as the cause of the crash. There is much doubt about this story, though. - "Paranoid Observer" notes that a key detail in an ABC news story was changed: A quote: The pilot had reported no problems before and there was no severe weather in the area at the time, the Federal Aviation Administration said. Now the same story says this: The cause of the crash was not immediately known, but sources (which sources? - P.O.) told ABCNEWS that during the pre-flight weather briefing, the pilots were told they they would have "adverse icing conditions throughout the flight."

Sherlock Holmes solved at least one case by noticing that something that should be present was missing. In the Hound of the Baskervilles, he solved the case by noticing that no one reported a barking dog. So what's missing in terms of the Wellstone plane crash? For the last 14 months, anytime there has been a plane crash, the media go way overboard in assuming that this must somehow be a terrorist incident. The initial reaction of the media in the first hours of the event is always now "oh my, I hope this isn't happening again. I hope this isn't another terrorist attack." Just a few days ago, there was a news story that Al-Queda may be targeting US Senators. The story referred to the possibilities of sniper attacks on golf courses. Just a few days later, a US Senator dies. So, what's missing? Sen. Wellstone's plane crashes, and there is absolutely no speculation that this is a terrorist attack. Somehow the media immediately knows that this plane crash was caused by bad weather, and this is in no way a terrorist attack. The media dog has been barking "terrorist" steadily for 14 months. Today the dog didn't bark.

Bush White House embraces assassination

America is gripped in a protracted, internal power seizure - this much is certain. The whole world is united against the policies of this shadow American government. Yet it appears that each and every violent act since 911 and including 911 has been perpetrated by Americans, NOT Muslims. And now, Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone is the latest victim of this clandestine assassination group, racing to consolidate total power in the hands of George Bush.

Mr Wellstone's death was strikingly similar to the circumstances in which Mel Carnahan, the Democratic governor of Missouri, was killed in 2000. Mr Carnahan also died in an aircraft crash during a closely fought Senate campaign against John Ashcroft, the current attorney-general who was then a Republican senator. - He was the only Democratic senator running for re-election to vote against granting President George W. Bush the authority to use military force against Iraq. - Mr Wellstone was known for a playful approach to his own improbable appearance as a senator, with his dishevelled garb and unapologetically anti-establishment views. He once amused his colleagues with a fast-talking, arm-flapping speech saying: “I don't have any money so I have to talk fast.” - "When I first met the President, he called me 'Pablo,'" Wellstone jokes. "That lasted a day or two. Then they started trying to figure out how they were going to get rid of me." Comment: Well, perhaps we now know the 'method' of 'removal'.

COINTELPRO The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent - "[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap." FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Peal Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Get Your Mark of the Beast NOW! - Step right up Sheeple! The maker of an implantable human ID chip has launched a national campaign to promote the device, offering $50 discounts to the first 100,000 people who register to get embedded with the microchip.

Paul Wellstone, Fighter - now dead in a mysterious plane crash. Have a look at this article written in May, 2002 - Minnesota's senior senator is not just another Democrat on White House political czar Karl Rove's target list, in an election year when the Senate balance of power could be decided by the voters of a single state. Rather, getting rid of Wellstone is a passion for Rove, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the special-interest lobbies that fund the most sophisticated political operation ever assembled by a presidential administration. "There are people in the White House who wake up in the morning thinking about how they will defeat Paul Wellstone," a senior Republican aide confides. "This one is political and personal for them." Comment: Looks like the Bush Reich is up to its old tricks again. Take this along with the recent terrorist event in Moscow, and figure it OUT! Recent events have confirmed that the USA is playing hardball with Putin - blackmail almost, a power play. The Bush mob is hardly even trying to hide the fact anymore. The chechen rebels and the washington sniper situation, and now the death of Paul Wellstone - are glaringly obvious setups that it is a wonder that even the sheeple haven't figured it out yet. Let's just hope that the C's are right, in that the Bush Reich will not succeed in its plans and will be found out. But that will probably only happen with a little cataclysm...

Q: (T) Is the government planning to stage an invasion by aliens to cause the populace of the world to go into such a fear state that they will accept total control and domination?
A: Open. But if so, will "flop".
Q: (T) Why?
A: Many reasons: 1. Visual effects will be inadequate and will have "glitches". 2. Real invasion may take place first. 3. Other events may intercede.
Q: (T) Such as what?
A: Earth changes.

US President George W Bush and his Chinese counterpart, Jiang Zemin, have said they both oppose any nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula. Comment: What a pair! Just look at their human rights record!

F.B.I. Issues a Terror Warning, Citing Possible Threat to Trains - Al Qaeda may be planning to attack passenger trains, "possibly using operatives who have a Western appearance." Comment: Which means that ANYbody is now a suspect! Wake UP, people!

Study Finds Storm Cycles Etched in Lake Beds - Four times since the last ice age, at intervals roughly 3,000 years apart, the Northeast has been struck by cycles of storms far more powerful than any in recent times, according to a new study. The region appears to have entered a fifth era in which such superstorms are more likely, the researchers say.

Q: You made a remark once that ice ages occur much, much faster than people ever thought...
A: Yes.
Q: Do we need to invest in some mukluks and snowshoes?
A: ??
Q: Well, what I am trying to get at is: should we start stockpiling firewood?
A: Maybe.
Q: So, it could be that fast?
A: Oh yes, and faster when in response to global"warming."
Q: When you put "warming" in quotes, you obviously mean warming in more than just an ordinary sense? Is that correct?
A: And/or not really "warm."
Q: Whitley Strieber and Art Bell have published a book about a "global superstorm." Is any of the information they have given in this book fairly accurate?
A: Derived from non-human sources known for stark accuracy, when convenient.
Q: What makes it convenient at the present time for them to be "starkly accurate?"
A: Fits into plans.
Q: Plans for what?
A: Do we not know already?
Q: In other words: world conquest and the takeover of humanity...

Union leader who filed law suit against Coca-Cola shot dead - Adolfo de Jesus Munera was a regional leader of the Sinaltrainal food industry workers’ union and a former employee of the Coca-Cola plant Embotelladora Roman in the town of Barranquilla. Before Munera, seven other union leaders from Coca-Cola plants in Colombia have been murdered and others have been abducted and tortured. The attacks against the union activists are usually accompanied by threats to all Coca-Cola employees to quit their union.

Dirty little secret about sniper suspect - Here are the facts the INS doesn't want you to know: Lee Malvo is an illegal alien from Jamaica who jumped ship in Miami in June 2001. He was apprehended by the Border Patrol in Bellingham, Wash., in December 2001, but was then let go by the INS district in Seattle in clear violation of federal law and contrary to what the arresting Border Patrol officers intended, according to my law enforcement sources.

Large-scale attacks on US possible by mid-December, sources say. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz has ordered all military bases in the United States to draw up emergency plans for response. U.S. bases could be attacked in retaliation for any U.S. military action against Iraq, defense officials said. - The services are scrambling to put together emergency plans for dealing with what Pentagon officials call "CBRNE" attacks — strikes from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-explosive weapons.

Comment: I have been saying it over and over and over again. This is what the Bush Reich is after: decimation of most of the world's population. They INTEND that America will be bombed. That's you and me, here. Your kids, your supermarket, your schools, your churches, your neighborhood. In the above article you see an official source finally hinting that, yes, it's likely. I hope the readers of these pages are waking up and spreading the word. We will not be able to continue to do this much longer, I can assure you. Our predictions on 9-11 that the attack would lead to complete control and censorship of the internet is yet to be fulfilled, but it is coming. NOW is the time to make a donation to Perseus Foundation so that if there is anything at all that can be done, if there is any way at all that we can continue to work, to seek the solution to "bringing down the walls of Jericho," we will be able to do it. But we can do nothing without support. Give now. It may change the future.

Bush Reich May Demand Court to Dismiss a $1 Trillion Suit Linking Saudis to Al Qaeda and 9/11 Comment: Sure, if it goes to court, it might force the Saudis to reveal the truth...

Can gun control reduce crime? - Australian Prime Minister John Howard has called for a ban on handguns following a shooting rampage at Monash University that left two dead and five wounded. Meanwhile, the string of sniper shootings in the area surrounding Washington DC has prompted calls for tighter gun control in the United States.

New York Will Face Bus Bombs, MTA Security Czar Is Warning. - “There are only so many people we can keep our eyes on, only so many cars and trucks we can check,” this official said. “It really is not a question of if but of when.” The official went on to say that the recent attack in Bali just adds to the concern.

Troops Say Anthrax Vaccine Was Reason They Left Military Service - Randomly selected guard and reserve troops surveyed in 2000 by the General Accounting Office also reported adverse reactions to the vaccine at double the rate claimed by the manufacturer, BioPort Corp., the GAO said. Military members who have left represent some of the most experienced and highly trained individuals in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve "and are people not easily replaced," the GAO said.

Woman is slain on Concord Pike during rush hour - Stabbing witnessed by rush-hour drivers. - Police spokesman Lt. Tim Winstead said none of the motorists who stopped on Concord Pike tried to confront the man with the knife.

War in Iraq? It never stopped - Allied planes bombed a military air defense site in the northern no-fly zone over Iraq on Tuesday after taking fire from Iraqi forces, defense officials said. The bombing brought to 51 the number of days this year that such strikes were reported by the United States and the United Kingdom coalition, whose mission is to patrol two zones set up to protect Iraqi minorities following the 1991 Gulf War.

The Holy Grail of Warfare - After more than four decades of doggedly pursuing the elusive technology, engineers working in at least three laboratories around the Southland have been quietly developing high-powered, solid-state lasers that some defense analysts say could revolutionize warfare. Comment from reader on this item: For me this type of scenario, where evolution (however much aided from outside) has developed to the point where these types of weapons are available, is another signal that "the end is nigh" or at least a major change is. When it gets to the point where certain individuals/groups are in a position to so completely dominate the world and the lives of its inhabitants, then the grand experiment has run its course. The original school idea and enviornment has been compromised (which is part of the free will aspect of the school in the first place) to the extent that the board must be wiped clean. Seems it has taken 309,000 years for it to come to a head in this way, which is syncronistically linked with the arrival of the wave, it is all concurrent in "no time" anyway. The death dealing capabilities of these weapons and george bush and the proliferation of domination and HAARP technologies and war, are all just symptomatic of the culmination of the experiment/school, the last days of school before summer if you will.

Ten Q&A On Antiwar Organizing - How does our dissent affect government policy? Our actions do not educate the government. It is not that we open their eyes to moral precepts they had missed, or to world relations they were blind to. Their morals are not changed by our actions, but remain unswervingly self-centered, profit-oriented, and power-driven. And they see the same world that we do; it is just that they like the implications we reject. The result of our activism is not the reeducation or moral uplift of elites, Rather, dissent creates a new context in which elite calculations change. - Why, then, would the government jettison or reverse a policy...? Not due to a change in heart, but, instead, because conditions change such that for all its elite benefits the proposed war is seen to also have dangerous drawbacks, and because those drawbacks are deemed too great to bear. Effective activism raises the social cost to elites of policies that activists wish to reverse. When that cost is raised high enough, elites begin to switch their positions to try to reduce the social costs, no longer favoring but now opposing the policy. If enough members of elite corporate and political sectors switch their priority, the policy changes.

October 25, 2002 - A number of people were suffering debilitating physical symptoms today, including Laura. One of the reporting readers only experiences certain symptoms prior to some sort of EM event, such as an earthquake. Notably, a major CME occurred on this day, expected to hit earth on the 26th or 27th. Watch for Auroras. See: Space Weather. - A giant magnetic loop filled with glowing-hot gas blasted away from the Sun Friday morning. Astronomers call such events "eruptive prominences." This explosion was unusually beautiful--and it apparently hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. Sky watchers should be alert for Northern Lights when the cloud sweeps past Earth on Oct. 26th or 27th.



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