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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. --Voltaire--

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December 9, 2002 - As the World Turns Brought to You by The Bush Junta, Produced and Directed by the CIA, based on an original script by Henry Kissinger, with a cast of billions....

At the instigation of Bush Administration officials the Immigration and Naturalization Service is preparing to deport the man whose Venice, FL. flight school served as a magnet for Mohamed Atta's terrorist cadre, effectively placing him beyond the reach of the upcoming 9/11 investigation. -

Rudi Dekkers, who began "marching Arabs across the tarmac" soon after his arrival in 1999 at Huffman Aviation, has run afoul of the Immigration and Naturalization Service for a variety of immigration violations, sources state, including being in the U.S. illegally. -

"Wally (Hilliard) and Rudi formed a fictitious company to keep Rudi in the U.S.," explained one aviation observer in Naples. "But the I.N.S. has known about that for years. Something else is going on." -

Aviation sources suggest the deportation move by the I.N.S.— widely-accused of having failed to do anything while terrorists roamed freely across U.S. borders— is less a sign of any renewed vigor at a beleaguered federal agency than an Administration effort to curtail the 9/11 investigation by placing Dekkers beyond the reach of questioning.

For the record, a spokesperson speaking for the I.N.S Commissioner would only say, "We do not comment on individuals being removed from this country."

The (acting) I.N.S. Commissioner is Michael Garcia, who headed the terrorism investigation for INS following the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

Whatever secrets Dekkers may possess about the terrorists, records from his flight school were deemed sensitive enough to have merited being escorted back to Washington by Florida Governor Jeb Bush aboard a C-130 cargo plane, which left Sarasota less than 24 hours after the September 11 attack.

Many in the South West Florida aviation community have begun to voice the suspicion that ‘Magic Dutch Boy’ Dekkers played a still-unexplained role in the story of the terrorist conspiracy’s time in Florida.

"The I.N.S. is acting to place the prime suspect in a wider-ranging 9/11 conspiracy investigation out of the reach of the Independent Investigation," said one skeptical Naples aviation executive. "They're getting Rudi out of town fast. And Wally Hilliard is heading out the door right behind him."

This statement is bolstered by records of recent Florida property transactions, which reveal that Rudi Dekkers has, indeed, been liquidating assets including airplanes and a condominium. [...]

The biggest unanswered question involves how Dekkers, running a flight school which trained both pilots who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center Towers, and a known fugitive from justice in Holland, managed to end up being invited to testify before the Congress of the United States of America... instead of behind bars.

Why did the FBI and the national media accept at face value (and so eagerly) Dekker's claims to being an innocent victimized businessman? Was Rudi, even in the immediate aftermath of September 11, somehow being protected?

"When the FBI came down the day after Sept. 11, it totally amazed me that they took everything Rudi said as the truth," said Sue DeAngelis, Dekkers’ former office manager, who let FBI agents in at Huffman Aviation when they arrived in the middle of the night.

Perhaps the answer is that Dekkers was already well-known in certain circles. A startling number of federal agencies, the MadCowMorningNews has learned exclusively, have files on Dekker's going back a decade. [...]

Dekkers, of course, is one of the two Dutch nationals whose curious and nearly-simultaneous appearance as flight school owners several years ago at the Venice Airport was followed by an influx of hundreds of Arab and German student pilots.

The other "Magic Dutch Boy" is equally mysterious, according to some. "Arne Kruithof sat across from my desk and told me he had trained at a U.S. military installation in South East Missouri," stated one aviation executive in Venice.

Comment: The whole thing stinks of CIA Black Ops especially considering what Chossudovsky has found as we reported in The Secret Cult... Do check out the Mad Cow site, and have a look at his articles. He's right: "The only real news you get after something big is in the first couple of days."

In addition to having been inducted into the U.S. flight training program by two Dutch-owned flight schools in Venice, Florida, as many as six of the terrorists, including ringleader Mohammed Atta, also received training at U.S. military facilities, according to a flurry of stories between Sept 15 and 17 in the Washington Post, Newsweek, and Knight Ridder newspapers.

Newsweek reported that "U.S. military sources have given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes used in Tuesday's terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s."

Knight Ridder’s news account was more specific. It said Mohamed Atta had attended International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala. In addition, Abdulaziz Alomari had attended Aerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force base in Texas, they reported, and Saeed Alghamdi had been to the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey, California.

If true, these reports would have dealt a blow to the consensus portrait then emerging of the terrorist cadre as puritanical Islamic fundamentalists.

Comment: No doubt. But it won't matter to the sheeple - they just want Kissinger to tell 'em that it wasn't their own government that set them up for slaughter so they can get some rest. After all, do cows think about the day they will walk up the chute into the back of the truck to go to the meat packing factory? How could they? It would ruin their lazy day! They will tell you a. Even if you know what's going on there really isn't anything you can because this stuff has been happening since the dawn of time b. You have to keep quiet or 'they' are gonna kill you. c. If you keep trying to learn about all this stuf you're gonna go crazy.

Mike Farrell and Anjelica Huston will release a letter Tuesday signed by a hundred celebrities who want President Bush to stop his war rhetoric toward Iraq. The letter reportedly is signed by stars including Kim Basinger, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Lange and Martin Sheen, publicists for the event said Monday.

Iraq Indicates Names of Arms Suppliers in Document - Iraq's long declaration of its past weapons programs is expected to include names of foreign suppliers, disclosures that may be embarrassing for nations on the U.N. Security Council. A table of contents, circulated to the Security Council on Monday, says Iraq listed "procurements" of its nuclear programs as well as imported chemical precursors and foreign technical assistance for its chemical arms programs. - Unknown is whether the United States and other council members will try to repress this part of Iraq's 12,000-page declaration, delivered to the United Nations on Sunday. Washington now has the sole copy of the report, which it is expected to distribute to Russia, Britain, France and China, the other permanent council members. The U.N. Security Council decided on Friday to purge the document of information that could lead to weapons proliferation, such as how to make a bomb. But no decision has been made on information about the suppliers.

Comment from "I don't know how the US Government pulled this off, but if I were Iraq I would immediately make the entire document public, because right now there is no way to verify that the copies the US is giving to the other Security Council members are accurate. I mean, why does the document have to go to DC for copying? Are there no Xerox machines or CD-Burners in New York City?"

The United States took possession Monday of the Security Council's copy of Saddam Hussein's massive arms declaration, as inspectors began combing the dossier for clues about whether Iraq is free of weapons of mass destruction. Reversing an earlier decision, the U.N. Security Council agreed late Sunday to give the United States and the four other permanent council members - Britain, France, Russia and China - full copies of the 12,000-page declaration. Deputy Russian Ambassador Gennady Gatilov said the United States had taken the council's lone copy to Washington where it would make duplicates for distribution to the four other powerful council members. The 10 non-permanent members, including Syria, will see only a censored version of the document once weapons inspectors have gone through the report and removed sensitive material - including possible instructions on bomb-making.

Asked whether the 12,000 pages finally answer lingering questions about Baghdad's weapons programs, a key Iraqi general shot back that the answers given long ago were good enough. Asked, in Washington, to show the world its "solid evidence" of Iraqi doomsday arms, the Bush administration said it would - sometime.

North Korea is trying to buy a chemical from China used in the production of nuclear-weapons fuel that U.S. intelligence officials say is a sign the communist government in Pyongyang is continuing to secretly develop nuclear arms, The Washington Times has learned.

Reverend Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network, has asked for a meeting with RNC (Republican National Committee) Chair Marc Racicot and has announced he will begin a national campaign calling for the removal of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. According to published reports, Lott said that “the United States would have been better off had Strom Thurmond won his 1948 presidential campaign.” Thurmond ran for President as a candidate for the breakaway Dixiecrat Party and was a known segregationist when he ran for President in 1948. According to Sharpton: “Lott’s statements are blatant racism at the highest order, and are insulting to all Americans at a time that America needs to be unified.” In a time of unprecedented attacks on the American way of life, to have the majority leader of the U.S. Senate give tacit support to a white segregationist’s political philosophy, is frightening and offensive.” Former Vice President Al Gore told CNN that the comment was "racist."

Former President Jimmy Carter, in Oslo to collect his Nobel Peace Prize, said Monday that his support of President Bush is solid, provided he keeps working through the United Nations and weapons inspectors for a solution in Iraq. The former president will accept his Nobel diploma and medal, and give a traditional lecture, at a gala ceremony Tuesday in the Oslo City Hall. The prize also includes a $1 million cash award.

Israeli troops shot and killed a mentally disabled Palestinian on Monday and arrested an alleged gunman accused of killing a 10-month-old Israeli girl last year in the West Bank city of Hebron. A Palestinian Cabinet minister, meanwhile, joined a growing chorus of Palestinian leaders questioning the use of violence in the 26-month-old uprising against Israel. Planning Minister Nabil Shaath said attacks on all Israeli civilians must stop, including those on Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "Stopping targeting Israeli civilians is a step that needs to be implemented," Shaath said. The Palestinian Authority has condemned attacks on civilians in Israel, but has said settlers and soldiers remain legitimate targets.

Venezuelans waited up to four hours for gasoline and stocked up on food and water Monday as a strike seeking President Hugo Chavez's ouster created shortages at markets, banks, pharmacies and service stations. The growing shutdown increased pressure on Chavez to give in to opposition demands to call a referendum on his government or resign. Already, the eight-day strike has crippled the oil industry - the world's fifth-largest and Venezuela's main source of revenue.

Mudslides triggered by torrential rains slashed through this southeastern city Monday, burying houses and killing at least 34 people, firefighters said. Some 1,500 people were driven from their homes by the torrent of water and mud in Angra dos Reis, a city of about 60,000 tucked between mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, 100 miles west of Rio de Janeiro.

WHY THEY CHOSE KISSINGER - by former Congressman John LeBoutillier (R-NY) - President Bush’s decision to name Henry A. Kissinger (HAK to his friends) as Chairman of the 9/11 Investigating Commission, is a dirty deal for all concerned. This appointment smacks of all that is wrong ‘inside the DC beltway.’ -

To understand a creature like Kissinger you have to think the way he does. All he cares about is his public perception. His reputation and lucrative consulting business depend on the perception that he is close to the Oval Office. -

He would do anything to get back into the good graces of an Oval Office occupant. And this 9/11 Chairmanship is the perfect, high-profile vehicle for Kissinger’s rehabilitation. -

All he has to do is do what the Bush Administration wants. Remember, they fought long and hard against this commission, which the families have been pushing hard for. Clearly the Administration has things they do not want brought to light – perhaps about the Saudi Government’s true role in the 9/11 attacks or about our behind-the-scenes deals with the Taliban. Whatever they’re hiding, they want to make sure this commission will keep it hidden. -

Kissinger has no scruples and no morals whatsoever. He is a total conniver and prevaricator. He’d happily sell his soul – if he has one – to get back that previous image of Mr. Foreign Policy Guru and Mr. Insider. -

The families of the 9/11 attack victims are all over the media praising the Kissinger selection. These poor people do now know the perfidy that comes from Kissinger. These families should go find the families of our Vietnam War POW’s and MIA’s – and ask them about the face-to-face lies Kissinger repeatedly told them while their loved ones were missing – and while Kissinger knew and hid the truth from these grieving wives and parents. -

So there you have it: the Perfect DC Deal. Kissinger gets back on the front page while standing in the White House; the Bush Administration keeps ‘control’ of intelligence secrets about the 9/11 attacks; and the families believe a real investigation by a credible personage will take place. Everyone wins – and only the truth and the American people get screwed.

Just when I thought there could be no further desecration of those who perished on Sept. 11, George W. Bush appoints Henry Kissinger to direct an investigation of the government's failure to prevent the terrorist attacks. Honestly, it took my breath away. Even in a time of cynical politics, this is stunning.

I realize, of course, that Bush never wanted any kind of independent investigation to take place -- that the families of the victims compelled him to act. And if the administration's goal is to contain and limit the probe, to avoid embarrassing revelations about U.S. intelligence failures, then Kissinger is just the man.

Forget Karl Rove. This is our true Machiavelli, a statesman famous for conducting foreign policy with a twist of treachery and deceit. From the clandestine bombing of Cambodia to supporting Pinochet's bloody military coup in Chile, Kissinger is a man who has many secrets of his own to hide. Talk about a conflict of interest! How can Kissinger, at age 79, a lifelong member of the national security establishment, a presidential advisor who wiretapped his own colleagues to prevent leaks, suddenly become a truly independent investigator of the CIA, FBI and the White House? Who would ever believe him?

There are those who argue that Henry Kissinger, the Cold Warrior who went to China, can surprise us once again, crowning his career and salvaging his reputation, by transforming himself into a steadfast inquisitor of his old associates, friends and patrons and getting to the bottom of 9/11. "He's working for his historic reputation now," argues William Safire, the former Nixon speechwriter.

Kissinger is too compromised, too feeble, too solicitous of power to name names and reveal any uncomfortable truths about what the government ought to have done to forestall the Sept. 11 attacks. My own experience with Kissinger only deepens my skepticism about his credibility and his willingness to reform a flawed system.

I met Kissinger last year in New York to interview him for a public television documentary I am making about the Vietnam War and the protests it provoked. When I arrived with my camera crew at his Park Avenue business address, I noticed that his consulting firm, Kissinger Associates, was discreetly missing from the lobby directory. Even prior to Sept. 11, the former national security advisor and secretary of state was cautious about his own security. There's no telling who might show up. In Paris last year the French police arrived at his Ritz Hotel suite to serve Kissinger with a summons to appear in court to answer questions about French citizens who disappeared during the U.S.-backed coup in Chile. Kissinger immediately fled the country. [...]

He motioned me into his office, closed the door and ordered me to sit on a couch to his left, explaining that he had a new "disability" -- a bad right eye. "What questions are you going to ask?" he demanded. Before I could answer he told me any mention of his being a "war criminal" was off-limits.

"If you are going to ask whether I feel guilty about Vietnam, the interview is over. I'll walk out."

Now I was nervous that Kissinger would bolt. I played my best card. I told him I had just interviewed Robert McNamara in Washington. That got his attention. He stopped badgering me, and then he did an extraordinary thing. He began to cry.

But no, not real tears. Before my eyes, Henry Kissinger was acting.

"Boohoo, boohoo," Kissinger said, pretending to cry and rub his eyes. "He's still beating his breast, right? Still feeling guilty." He spoke in a mocking, singsong voice and patted his heart for emphasis. [...]

In fact, McNamara, another old man, an architect of the Vietnam War, had told me, "The war could have been avoided." He said his "greatest regret" was urging President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 to commit American troops to a land war in Asia. McNamara called the war a "tragedy." "It tore the nation apart," McNamara said. "And I think to some degree we're still suffering from that." [...]

I still consider McNamara's failure in the late '60s to speak openly about the war unforgivable. He had championed the war, dispatched some 500,000 U.S. soldiers to fight it, and then neglected to mention he'd been wrong after all. But at least, late in his life, McNamara is taking some measure of responsibility and admits some of his mistakes.

Which is more than you can say for Henry Kissinger. [...]

Out of the blue, he complained that people had no right to call him a "psychopath" for his conduct of the war. "It gets to be a nuisance," he said, "but I'm a big boy." When the camera stopped rolling, Kissinger immediately said, "I bet McNamara was less strong than I was." [...]

As we packed up our gear, I asked Kissinger one last question. Something I really wanted to know. "What if the United States had allowed Vietnam to go communist after World War II?" "Wouldn't have mattered very much," Kissinger muttered. Lights off. No camera recording what he was saying. "If the Vietnam domino had fallen then, no great loss." With that he rose, stiffly, from his chair and left the room. [...]

Fifty-eight thousand Americans died in the Vietnam War -- nearly 21,000 of them during Kissinger's watch. More than 600,000 Vietnamese soldiers were killed during the Nixon-Kissinger years. No one is certain how many civilians died. And yet Kissinger had just told me that none of these deaths were necessary, from a geopolitical point of view. He is an old man now and he shows no signs of remorse. And he has never displayed a willingness to challenge the foreign policy establishment that continues to consult and flatter him. Kissinger promises a "full accounting" of the circumstances leading to the Sept. 11 tragedy and vows, "We will go where the facts lead us." But I don't know why anyone would believe him.

Kissinger's specialty is the coverup. He knows where the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively, and he knows how to keep them there. And President George W. Bush knew all that when he appointed him.

The following are the "Terrorist Headlines" from around the world today. While perusing this stuff, the reader needs to keep a firm grip on the mind and emotions, never forgetting that it is all manipulation of the masses of humanity. Never, ever forget the two rules of Intell: If it happens, you can bet it was planned, the one who benefits is the one behind it. If we hold this firmly in mind, we realize that there is some group behind all of this "terrorism" activity, and it most certainly is not Militant Islam, because they not only have the least ability to pull this stuff off, they have the least to gain by it.

Terrorists in our midst How and why Islamists, jihadists, sleeper cells are flocking to U.S. - Shortly after the release of his explosive PBS documentary "Jihad in America" – featuring video footage of terrorists and their supporters holding boisterous fund-raising rallies throughout America's heartland -- investigative journalist and terrorism expert Steven Emerson was informed by federal officials that an Islamist death squad had been dispatched to kill him. He should leave his home immediately, he was told. - Ever since then, the former CNN reporter, working full-time on tracking the spread of terrorist networks to American shores, has ceased to maintain a home address, varies his routine, takes a different route to work each day and practices other "living-underground" techniques.

Comment: Well, that ought to scare you out of a year's growth! And it is intended to. Never forget that the Mass Media is the servant of the Bush Reich. Who benefits from a World Population that is scared half to death? Think Machiavelli. Politics is about one and only one thing: getting and keeping power or authority. Everything else—religion, morality, etc—that people associate with politics has nothing to do with this fundamental aspect of politics. The only skill that counts in getting and maintaining power is calculation; the successful politician knows what to do or what to say for every situation. So, keep it in mind, sit back, read the news, and enjoy the show!

Selling The Iraq War To The U.S. - CBS news: Politicians have had to sell the public on going to war since Colonial times, but they never had the arsenal of advertising and communications techniques the Bush administration is using to sell a possible war on Iraq. Bob Simon reports on those techniques and those employed by the elder Bush prior to the 1991 Gulf War.

Simon reminds viewers that a horrible story spread widely by the first Bush administration prior to the Gulf War about Kuwaiti babies pulled from incubators by invading Iraqis turned out not to be true. The current Bush administration may be also misinforming the public in its efforts to justify a possible second war with Saddam Hussein.

One example of misinformation, according to physicist and former weapons inspector David Albright, was the Bush administration’s leak to the media in September about Iraq’s attempt to import aluminum tubes which administration officials claimed were headed for Iraq’s nuclear program.

“I think it was very misleading,” says Albright, who directs the Institute for Science and International Security. Albright says the tubes could be possibly used for a nuclear program, but were more suited to conventional weapons production. Government experts thought that too, Albright tells Simon, but administration officials “were selectively picking information to bolster a case that the Iraqi nuclear threat was more imminent than it is, and, in essence, scare people.”

Simon’s report examines the administration’s use of Madison Avenue to produce an ad campaign aimed at improving the image of America in the Muslim world. He also interviews a former CIA agent who investigated the oft-mentioned report that hijacker Mohammed Atta met with an Iraqi intelligence official in Prague several months before the deadly attacks on 9/11.

Despite a lack of evidence that the meeting took place, the item was cited by administration officials as high as Vice President Dick Cheney and ended up being reported so widely that two-thirds of Americans polled by the Council on Foreign Relations believe Iraq was behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Comment: Funny how this unconfirmed meeting reported by the CIA got so much play, while the CONFIRMED BREAKFAST MEETING between the PAYMASTER of Mohammed Atta and FLORIDA Senator BOB GRAHAM on the morning of September 11, is so little known. Of course, as the C's have pointed out: the only people who are subject to being fooled by the Bush nonsense are those of low FRV anyway.

Washington, D.C. plans smallpox shots for entire city - The D.C. Health Department is scheduled to deliver a plan to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday that proposes offering smallpox vaccinations to the District's entire population within a year. - Like plans in other cities and states, the District's vaccination program raises the possibility that smallpox vaccine will be offered to the entire U.S. population under a policy President Bush is expected to announce in about a week. - District health officials are coordinating their plan with similar vaccination plans by the Maryland and Virginia health departments.

Post Office Probe Urged in Anthrax Case - Group Calls for Probe of U.S. Post Office's Actions in Anthrax Attacks at D.C. Post Office - A conservative watchdog group is seeking a criminal investigation into the U.S. Postal Service's handling of last year's anthrax contamination that killed two workers at a Washington post office. Judicial Watch submitted documents to a federal prosecutor that it says prove postal and government officials knew anthrax spores had leaked from a letter sent to Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., into the Brentwood mail processing center but neither warned workers nor shut down the site. "The government does not have the right to injure people, to harm them, and that's what (officials) did through their action and inaction," Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch's chairman, said Saturday.

Two calls threatening possible anthrax contamination were made Wednesday, but no evidence backing up any of the claims made in the calls has been found, according to the Weatherford Police Department. The Police Department got a call from a local bank around 10:40 a.m. Bank employees said that someone had called and said every bank in Weatherford had been contaminated with anthrax, according to the Police Department.

An Ohio business that offered anthrax test kits which do not meet standards for confirming contamination must refund customers in Pennsylvania, the state attorney general said Friday.

Are Biological weapon tests being conducted over U.S. cities? - The Pentagon last week revealed that the United States secretly tested chemical and biological weapons on American soil, possibly exposing thousands of civilians in Hawaii, Florida, and Alaska to toxic agents. Roughly 5,500 servicemen were involved in the tests, also conducted in Maryland, Florida, and Utah, from 1962 to 1973. More than 50 veterans are seeking compensation for related health problems, but Pentagon and Veterans Affairs officials say they have yet to make the link between their symptoms and exposure to the biological "simulants" like E. coli, a bacterium believed at the time to be harmless. One of the agents used, Bacillus globigii, has since been found to cause infections in people with weakened immune systems. "The reasoning behind all of these," says William Winkenwerder, the Pentagon's top health official, "is not altogether clear from the record that we have." Will it ever be?

The Army has acknowledged that between 1949 and 1969, 239 populated areas from coast to coast were blanketed with various organisms during tests designed to measure patterns of dissemination in the air, weather effects, dosages, optimum placement of the source and other factors. Testing over such areas was supposedly suspended after 1969, but there is no way to be certain of this.

1950: The Army used aircraft and homing pigeons to drop turkey feathers dusted with cereal rust spores to contaminate oat crops, to prove that a "cereal rust epidemic" could be spread as a biological warfare weapon. September 20-27,

1950: Six experimental biological warfare attacks by the US Army from a ship, using Bacillus globigii and Serratia marcescens, at one point forming a cloud about two miles long as the ship traveled slowly along the shoreline of the bay. One of the stated objectives of the exercise was to study "the offensive possibilities of attacking a seaport city with a BW [biological warfare] aerosol" from offshore.

Beginning on September 29, patients at Stanford University's hospital in San Francisco were found to be infected by Serratia marcescens. This type of infection had never before been reported at the hospital. Eleven patients became infected, and one died. According to a report submitted to a Senate committee by a professor of microbiology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook: "an increase in the number of Serratia marcescens can cause disease in a healthy person and...serious disease in sick people."

Between 1954 and 1967, other tests were carried out in the Bay Area, including some with a base of operations at Fort Cronkhite in Marin County.

During the summer of 1994, U.S. military aircraft began dropping a gel substance on the tiny town of Oakville near the Pacific coast. Everybody in town came down with flu and pneumonia-like symptoms. Some people were hospitalized and remained ill for months. Pets and barnyard animals died. The police chief was patrolling the town one morning at 3 a.m. when a deluge of sticky stuff coated the windshield of his patrol car. He cleaned the goo with rubber gloves but just breathing it made him deathly ill. By afternoon he had major trouble breathing. The gel material was tested by a number of government and private labs which found human blood cells and nasty bacteria, including a modified version of pseudonomas fluorescens, cited in over 160 military papers as an experimental biowarfare bacteria. Unsolved Mysteries aired the story on national television in May, 1997. Several Oakville citizens reported bizarre encounters with FEMA officials and intelligence personnel from Fort Hood Texas -- home of the Black Hawk unit. These spooks made repeated visits to Oakville, probing people about their health and reportedly intimidating those who had been interviewed on television.

Also in 1997, rancher William Wallace was plowing his fields near Kettle Falls Washington when a U.S. Navy Intruder swooped down and sprayed him with a fine mist. He became so deathly sick he could not lift his arm above his head for days. He lost his job because of his illness. His cat's face became paralyzed and actually began to dissolve until it died. Wallace went to the CBS affiliate in Spokane with his story. Two days later, a turbo prop aircraft dived over his house spraying something that made him and his family ill again. Wallace told chemtrail investigator Will Thomas he felt this was a warning to "shut up." The CBS affiliate in Spokane finally did a two-part news interview with Wallace in the spring of 1999.

Again in 1997, in Southern Idaho near the town of Caldwell, seven healthy people died in their sleep when their lungs collapsed. All were in perfect health. An article in the Arizona Republic noted that people had suspicions that officials might be covering something up. Two years later an eye-witness report was filed about a dark fibrous material falling on Caldwell homes, cars and lawns shortly before the mysterious deaths occurred. Residents said the material looked like feces. Medical journalist Ermina Cassani has investigated nation-wide reports of such biological waste being dropped on neighborhoods from low-flying planes. Cassani investigated over 30 different yuk drops during the years 1998 and 1999. In 1998, she obtained a sample that looked like dried blood from a Michigan house. Examining this material, a University of Michigan lab found pseudonomas fluorescens, the same bug used on Oakville. It can cause horrible human infections including fatal shock, and because of its glowing properties, it allows the military to track its path.

Cassani also reported 29 biological "drops" in the state of Utah. HAZMAT teams in biochemical hazard gear cleaned up the feces with chlorine. Utah is home to the infamous Dugway Proving Grounds, a chemical-biological test center where hundreds of former workers have contracted Gulf-War like symptoms, according to a 1997 testimony before a government committee. During numerous chemtrail spray episodes, the small town of Sallisaw in Eastern Oklahoma area was saturated with a web-like material in which lab techs discovered an unusually large enterobacteria. The critter was a mutant of E. coli, salmonella and anthrax; undoubtedly one of the military's designer bugs. Sallisaw resident Patrick Edgar has reported on the internet that the entire town was made extremely ill by the spraying and that the town now has epidemic rates of both lupus and cancer.

CDC wants state smallpox plans Monday - NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- State and local public health officials said Sunday they will be scrambling this week to draft plans for the first wave of smallpox vaccinations in order to meet a Monday deadline set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according a representative of the American Association of Public Health Physicians. Dr. Jonathan Weisbuch of Phoenix, Ariz., told United Press International the CDC wants plan drafts in hand so the plans can be sent to the White House "before the president makes his announcement." Weisbuch said the plans will designate which hospitals and which hospital staff members -- from physicians to janitors -- should be covered with by phase I of the vaccination plan. He said he and other public health officers expect the president to finalize the vaccine plans in "the next week or so and then we would begin vaccinations around January 15."

HazMat Scare At Local Theater 1200 Evacuated, Six Sent To Hospital - eople panicked inside a local movie theater when a canister of pepper spray exploded and forced them to evacuate Saturday night. Movie-goers at the Pacific Theaters Cineplex in Lakewood suddenly experienced trouble breathing and burning eyes, according to police.

County ordered to prepare smallpox emergency plan - Orange County, like other areas in the state, is preparing for a possible threat of the smallpox virus being used as a biological weapon. Because of the possibility of a bioterrorism attack, the federal government surmises there is good reason to start vaccinating people again. Smallpox is a highly contagious and deadly virus transmitted through saliva. The Centers for Disease Control has asked all states to submit a Pre-Event Smallpox Vaccinations plan on Monday. This plan, if ordered by the government, will call for voluntary smallpox vaccinations of public health care workers and hospital employees. Doug McBride, press officer with the Texas Department of Health, said if the federal government issues a directive, vaccinations will be given first to public health investigators and medical staff who diagnose and treat smallpox. "This is all voluntary," McBride said from his Austin office. He said although there is some risk from the side effects of the vaccination, the chance of dying from the shot is less than succumbing to the virus.

Minnesota prepares mass-vaccination plan for smallpox attack - States were required to submit smallpox response plans last week as part of federal bioterrorism defense efforts that have evolved since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and subsequent anthrax attacks. - If smallpox broke out anywhere in the world, public health officials in Minnesota would launch an immediate response that could mean mass vaccination of the state's 4.9 million people in less than a week. In preparation, state health officials also plan to offer the smallpox shot over the next few months to about 10,000 Minnesota health care and law enforcement workers who would be part of the mobilization. State officials are awaiting President Bush's decision to authorize this step. - The decision to offer mass vaccinations is largely up to federal officials, who control the vaccine stocks. The federal government is preparing to deliver vaccine supplies to states within 12 hours if needed. All vaccinations would be voluntary, state officials said.

For more data on the Smallpox Manipulation - Scroll down to: Volunteers find smallpox vaccine pretty scary stuff - As physical specimens, the Baylor University students were fit and healthy, the "creme de la creme," in the words of researcher Kathy Edwards. Yet when she inoculated them with smallpox vaccine, arms swelled, temperatures spiked and panic spread.

It was the same at clinics in Iowa, Tennessee and California. Of 200 young adults who received the vaccine as part of a recent government study, one-third missed at least one day of work or school, 75 people had high fevers and several were put on antibiotics because physicians worried that their blisters signaled a serious bacterial infection.

Even for experts such as Edwards, the Vanderbilt University physician overseeing the study, the side effects were startling. "I can read all day about it, but seeing it is quite impressive," she said. "The reactions we saw were really quite remarkable."

President Bush is poised to announce plans, perhaps as early as this week, to resume vaccinating Americans against smallpox as part of a massive push to protect the nation from a biological assault. As he weighs the decision, researchers are becoming reacquainted with the unpleasant - often severe - complications of the vaccine itself.

Over 1,000 Iowans have been exposed to Norwalk-like viruses and over 400 Iowans have gotten ill in the last several weeks. These seven Iowa outbreaks have occurred in a wide variety of settings such as wedding and funeral receptions, business functions and schools. The outbreaks have no common links, but are spread by people failing to wash their hands after going to the bathroom and before preparing food and working while ill with vomiting and diarrhea. The number of outbreaks is larger than has ever been reported over such a short period of time, thus the great concern that more disease will spread as we go into the holiday season.

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Iowa Airport Security Stops Man With Gun - Airport officials say Eastern Iowa airport security guards stopped a man from boarding a flight after finding a loaded handgun in his carryon bag. Fifty-three-year-old Richard Wallen, of Ainsworth, has been charged with carrying weapons in last week's incident in Cedar Rapids. Mark Ekstrom is the airport's deputy federal security director. He said X-ray equipment detected the .32-caliber gun. Ekstrom said Wallen told security guards that he'd forgotten the weapon was in the bag. If convicted, Wallen faces up to two years in prison and a $5,000.

5,000 body bags ordered in case of terrorist chemical attack - The government is buying more than 120,000 decontamination suits to protect people from a terrorist chemical or biological attack on potential targets across Britain such as Trafalgar Square. Thousands of decontamination showers, shelters, stretchers and other equipment are also being ordered - as well as 5,000 body bags. The equipment, which is intended to be available by the middle of next year at the latest, will be stored at 16 locations, ready to be distributed within minutes of a terrorist attack.

Buildup Leaves U.S. Military Nearly Set to Start Attack - The United States will soon have enough heavy tanks, warships, aircraft, bombs and troops in the Persian Gulf region to enable it to begin an attack against Iraq sometime in January, senior military officials say. About 60,000 soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, as well as about 200 warplanes, are in or near the region. The Army alone has 9,000 soldiers, 24 Apache helicopter gunships and heavy equipment for two armored brigades in Kuwait. Equipment for a third brigade is steadily arriving on ships usually based in the Indian Ocean, and some matériel will be stored at a new $200 million logistics base, Camp Arifjan, south of Kuwait City.

SADDAM GROWING ‘SUPER SMALLPOX' - WASHINGTON - Iraq is developing a vaccine-resistant smallpox virus, a nerve gas that can penetrate protective gear and may be just months away from becoming a nuclear power. Those are the disturbing highlights of numerous dossiers compiled over the last decade by the CIA, British intelligence services, former U.N. arms inspectors and prominent arms-control think tanks that will be used in the coming weeks to counter Iraq's defiant claim that it no longer has weapons of mass destruction. - But U.S. intelligence officials and other experts say there is a mountain of evidence that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has ordered the secret development of massive amounts of super-lethal poisons and bacterial agents and has hidden them away in secret laboratories underneath hospitals, mosques, ordinary homes and even mobile vehicles disguised as milk trucks - most probably in Iraq's Sunni heartland.

You're not safe anywhere: al-Qaeda - TERROR network al-Qaeda has threatened faster, harder strikes against the United States and Israel in a statement on a militant website. "The Jewish Crusader coalition will not be safe anywhere from the fighters' attacks," the audio statement said, using a term common among Islamic militants for what they see as a US-Israeli alliance. "We will hit the most vital centres and we will strike against its strategic operations with all possible means." The statement was attributed to al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith. The site, which has posted previous statements attributed to the terror network, included what appeared to be a photograph taken from a video of Abu Ghaith.

Kenya on High Alert After al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for Attacks - Security has been stepped up in Kenya after al-Qaida reportedly claimed responsibility for last month's attacks on Israeli targets on the Kenyan coast. Kenya's deputy police commissioner, William Langat, says the whole country is on high alert against further terrorist attacks.

Headmaster puts girls' school on al-Qa'eda alert - Schoolgirls and parents have been issued with guidelines on coping with a day-time terrorist attack. Simon Langton Grammar School in Canterbury is believed to be the first to draw up an emergency plan to deal with the heightened security threat posed by al-Qa'eda. Anthony Stanton, the head teacher, addressed pupils last Friday and wrote to parents on the dangers facing their school and the nation. He warned of several possible disaster scenarios and advised on what steps would be taken to protect pupils and staff at the Kent school. The problems included a radioactive cloud spreading from nearby Dungeness nuclear power station, contamination of the water supply and a transport and communications failure. Some pupils reacted with alarm, but parents were supportive of Mr Stanton's forward-thinking.

Private bus owners put on security alert - Owners of bus companies have been urged by the Bus & Coach Association to order drivers to report any activity to police that they consider out of the ordinary. The heightened awareness comes after Prime Minister John Howard encouraged people to be wary of, and report, potentially dangerous activities and packages.

The Bangladesh government has ordered a nationwide security alert amid fears that the al Qaeda network or another terrorist group might be responsible. Fifty-seven of those injured in the blast are said to be in a critical condition.

Suicide bomb threat 'disturbing' - REPORTS of a terrorist plot to use truck bombs on key Australian targets overseas are "profoundly disturbing", the federal Opposition has said. Foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd said a report in today's Australian newspaper showed a clear preference by Jemaah Islamiah (JI) and al-Qaeda for suicide bombings. The paper reported JI planned to destroy Australian and other foreign embassies in Singapore using suicide bombers at the controls of deadly truck bombs. It said interrogation of a key JI figure had revealed the group's scheme, uncovered by Singapore authorities a year ago, before it was fully planned.

Israel says it has warning of al-Qaida threat in Prague - Israel has received intelligence warning of plans by Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network to attack Jews and Israelis in Prague, an Israeli security source said on Sunday. Israel named al-Qaida as the prime suspect in a suicide bombing at a hotel in Kenya on Nov. 28 that killed 13 Kenyans and three Israelis and a failed attempt to shoot down with missiles an Israeli airliner taking off nearby. "A specific warning was received recently about plans to attack Jews and Israelis in Prague," the security source said, without giving details. The capital of the Czech Republic is a popular destination for Israelis. Its centuries-old Jewish quarter attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and Jewish pilgrims each year. The source said Israel has received information from several foreign intelligence agencies warning of al-Qaida plans to target Israelis overseas.

Saddam 'was close to making A-bomb' - A SENIOR scientific adviser to Saddam Hussein hinted yesterday that Baghdad came close to developing a nuclear bomb. General Amir al-Saadi, who was trained in Britain, was briefing reporters on Iraq?s weapons declaration when he was asked about its nuclear weapons programme. "We have the complete documentation from design to all the other things," he said. "We haven?t reached the final assembly of a bomb nor tested it." Baghdad stuck to its claims that it had no weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, biological, or chemical. But it is no secret that Iraq tried to develop nuclear weapons.

GEORGIA ANNOUNCED COMMENCEMENT OF A LARGE-SCALE ANTI-TERRORIST OPERATION IN TBILISI - On Saturday Nika Laliashvili, director of the public relations service of the Georgian State Security Ministry announced at a press conference that Georgian law enforcement authorities on Saturday commenced a large-scale anti-terrorist operation in Tbilisi. According to Laliashvili, that decision was taken in connection with concentration of criminal elements in the capital. He pointed out that in the course of the operation, in particular, control over observance of the passport regime would be strengthened. -

At the same time on Saturday representatives of a number of Georgian non-governmental organizations came out with statements saying that Georgia was coming back into 1937. According to Gigi Bokeria, a representative of the "Freedom Institute" organization, it was not excluded that the operation was partially caused by a threat of terrorist acts in Georgia but "what is happening proves once again that we are not living in a legal state."

Representatives of the Freedom Institute stated that officers of law enforcement agencies participating in the operation were "blatantly violating human rights." In particular, according to them, in many cases armed policemen "broke into houses, carried out searches and arrests without any appropriate documents." In particular, Bokeria reported that after such a raid into his house of policemen Hizri Aldamov, leader of the Chechen community in Georgia, was hospitalized with heart attack. He stated that "all members of the family were interrogated and fingerprinted." According to Paata Gomelauri, chief of the public relations department of the Georgian State Security Ministry, these measures were taken due to the fact that Hizri Aldamov's name was mentioned in the evidence given by two people detained in the course of the operation to check the passport regime.

Iran said on Sunday it had no fear of being attacked by the United States because Tehran had good relations with many nations and was able to defend itself. Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said U.S. policy precluded normalisation of ties between Tehran and Washington, and there was no fear of a U.S. attack. "No fear because we are confident that we are an independent state that has very good relations with many nations," Kharrazi told a news conference in Damascus. "We are capable of defending ourselves," he said after talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara. Kharrazi described U.S. policy toward Iran as "hostile", citing unilateral sanctions and Washington's decision to freeze Iranian government assets in the United States. He denied reports that Tehran had permitted the United States to use its airspace for attacks on Iran's neighbour and former war foe, Iraq.

Israeli agents accused of creating fake al-Qaeda cell - The head of preventive security in Gaza, Rashid Abu Shbak, said Israeli agents posing as operatives of al-Qaeda recruited Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. "Over the past nine months we've been investigating eight [such] cases," Mr Abu Shbak said. His claims came after the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said al-Qaeda militants were operating in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon, raising fears of an intensification of Israeli military occupations. A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry branded the Palestinian claim as ridiculous and "some kind of propaganda campaign", adding that "the Palestinian territories have become a breeding ground for terrorism".

Yemen arrested dozens of people suspected of links to al Qaeda in a widespread crackdown following last year's Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. cities. Hittar said Yemen released Monday 24 people arrested during the crackdown. He said 12 suspects were freed last month. "The rest will be released soon if they pledge to shun violence, to respect the rights of non-Muslims and not harm embassies and foreign interests in Yemen," he told Reuters. Yemen, bin Laden's ancestral home, is trying to shed an image as a haven for Islamic militants and sympathizers of al Qaeda, blamed by Washington for the Sept. 11 attacks.

Foreign missions evacuated in Uganda bomb alert - Among the missions evacuated were the Dutch and Belgian embassies as well as the offices of the World Bank, the European Union and British Department for International Development. Nothing was found. An anonymous caller had telephoned one of the offices and said there was a bomb in the building. Uganda has stepped up security after two attacks against Israeli tourists in Mombasa, Kenya.

Security alert: US, Britian close offices - The British High Commission said last night it had closed its embassy until further notice after receiving a specific security threat. "We received a specific threat against the High Commission and have closed the High Commission until further notice while we conduct investigations," Mark Norton the embassy's spokesman told Reuters. Norton said he could not divulge the details of the threat, or who had issued it but said the embassy would remain closed indefinitely and would only reopen after the threat had been investigated. He spoke six days after three Israelis, nine Kenyans, three suicide bombers and an unidentified person were killed when a bomb-laden vehicle rammed into the Paradise hotel at the coastal tourist resort of Mombasa.

Dutch ANP News Agency Evacuated After Bomb Warning - The head office of Dutch news agency ANP was evacuated Wednesday after police received a warning that a bomb might have been planted in the building. "There was a report coming in from police in Rijswijk that there were explosives in the building. They had a warning," ANP editor-in-chief Rob de Spa told Reuters. "Everybody's standing on the street at the moment." The ANP head office is in Rikswijk, near The Hague. The police warning in Rijswijk came on the same day that all Dutch outlets of Swedish furniture retailer IKEA were shut after explosive devices were found at two branches.

Blasting comments attributed to Sen. Trent Lott, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. on Sunday called for the incoming Senate majority leader to quit. - "I want to say this about my state: when Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him," Lott said. "We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either." Thurmond ran for president as a candidate for the breakaway Dixiecrat Party when he was governor of South Carolina. "All the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, our schools, our churches," Thurmond said while campaigning against Republican Thomas Dewey and Democrat Harry Truman, who supported civil rights legislation.

The unemployment rate for blacks jumped from 9.8% in October to 11% in November, the Labor Department says.

Texas Officials seek cause of three local deaths - A Gregg County justice of the peace says local officials will likely have to wait until January before they get a better idea of what caused the deaths of three East Texas women who became ill and died over a span of nine days after experiencing similar symptoms late last month. - Family members of all three women said they thought the victims had a typical, winter-season virus, displaying symptoms including vomiting, stomach cramps, difficulty breathing, chills, sweating, fever and diarrhea.

Ashley Taylor Taylor died Nov. 30, within 42 hours after feeling ill. Cindy Taylor, her mother, said she thought the teen had a stomach virus when she woke up between 4 and 5 a.m. Nov. 29 (the day after Thanksgiving) complaining of stomach cramps and vomiting twice within eight hours. Her mother poured her cups of 7Up, but couldn't get her to eat much. She said her daughter, a former Spring Hill student who was being home-schooled this school year, stayed in bed the entire day, only rising to go to the bathroom. Cindy Taylor said she looked in on her daughter regularly.

The next morning, Ashley arose and told her mother that she was feeling a tad better and was going to take a shower. Her mother prepared her chicken soup and 7Up and her father, Jack Taylor, asked Ashley if she wanted to go to the doctor. Jack and Cindy Taylor drove to Dallas that day, and when they returned at about 8:30 p.m., Ashley's condition had worsened, her mother said.

Ashley eventually "broke into a real cold, cold clammy sweat and turned a grey color," Cindy Taylor said. "That look was totally unreal. I'm telling you that face will haunt us for the rest of our life." Then Ashley began to gasp for air and suddenly stopped breathing. A few pats on the back brought her back, her mother said, but she continued gasping. Her parents called 911 and her father, unnerved, ran through the trailer park where they live, shouting for his neighbors to help.

Ashley arrived at Good Shepherd Medical Center at 9:51 p.m., according to hospital records and she was pronounced dead at about 10 p.m., Jameson said. Her mother said she believed the child was dead when she arrived at the hospital. It had been just 42 hours since Ashley had taken ill, her mother said.

"It was the worst nightmare," her mother said. "Now we realize that we lost her right here in this home and didn't really realize it." "I know that they need to give me some answers to this, or I will never be able to rest. I'm just praying that the autopsy can give us some answers," Cindy Taylor said. "It never clicked in my mind that I was losing my daughter to a stomach virus," she said. "If I had known this could lead to this, as soon as she said ‘I have a stomach ache,’ I would have had her to the doctor."

California Is at Fiscal Brink - With its huge economy stalled and state revenues plunging, California has descended into its worst budget crisis in a decade and is now facing an excruciating round of budget cuts and possible tax increases. State officials are proposing deep reductions in education, health services and other programs to deal with a budget shortfall that could total $25 billion in the next 18 months.

Iraq urges US to let world see evidence - A DEFIANT Iraq yesterday challenged the United States to produce evidence of the weapons Baghdad insists it does not possess. With war looming, General Amer al-Saadi, President Saddam Hussein’s scientific adviser, said Iraq’s declaration of its arms programmes was “accurate, comprehensive and truthful”. Addressing Washington and London, who continued to brush aside the Iraqi dossier as untruthful, General al-Saadi told those who professed to have evidence to the contrary, to “come forth with it”.

IBM creates tiniest transistor for silicon chips - The proof-of-concept transistor measures six nanometers -- about 20,000 times smaller than the width of a single human hair, according to IBM. That's at least 10 times smaller than transistors in use today, which range between 60 to 90 nanometers, said Meikei Ieong, a researcher on the IBM project. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

Bickering between India and Pakistan forced the postponement of next month's seven-nation South Asian summit, with the arch-rival neighbours accusing each other of sabotaging preparations for the meeting. Pakistan announced a delay in the summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and gave no new dates, although it said the annual meeting would be held after consultation with member-countries. - Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee told reporters last week that he would only travel to Islamabad if Pakistan ends the "cross-border terrorism" he said Pakistan sponsored in the Indian zone of Kashmir, torn by a 13-year separatist insurgency. - India has refused any bilateral talks with Pakistan since a failed summit between Vajpayee and Musharraf in July 2001 in the Taj Mahal city of Agra. Indian hawks have been pushing for a harder line against Pakistan since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, which made the two South Asian countries strange bedfellows in the international "coalition against terrorism." The two countries deployed one million troops to their borders after an attack a year ago on India's parliament by gunmen allegedly linked to Pakistan. They announced a pullback in October after aggressive international diplomacy.

Serbia's political crisis looked set to deepen as Yugoslav leader Vojislav Kostunica prepared a legal challenge against a second election failure which robbed him of the presidency.

US kicks off war games in the Gulf - They were testing the capabilities of a 58 million dollar (euro) mobile command center, with sophisticated computers, maps and communications facilities that could direct an eventual war in Iraq. Officials of the US Central Command, which flew in some 600-700 top war planners from its base in Tampa, Florida, said the exercise started shortly after 7:30am (0430 GMT) and would last a week or more. Thousands of other servicemen were involved worldwide. About 300-400 British personnel took part at As-Sayliyah, but there was no word on the participation of any other nations.

British Group Mounts Court Challenge to Iraq War - An anti-nuclear group went to court Monday in a bid to outlaw any decision by Britain to join a U.S.-led war against Iraq without specific U.N. authorization. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is seeking High Court permission to launch a full legal challenge against the government, saying Britain would be acting against international law if it attacked Iraq without a fresh Security Council resolution giving the go-ahead to use force. "If there is a war against Iraq without a fresh resolution and it subsequently turns out that in law there should have been one, it will literally be too late," CND lawyer Rabinder Singh QC told the court. Britain has been America's closest ally in its bid to force Iraq to comply with U.N. demands and its troops are expected to play a key role in any military action. U.N. resolution 1441 -- at the center of the case -- threatens Iraq with "serious consequences" if it does not comply with weapons disarmament requirements.

Armitage meets Japanese leaders to drum up support on Iraq policy - Armitage met Koizumi just before Iraq's 12,000-page arms declaration arrived at the United Nations in New York, meeting a deadline imposed by the Security Council, and said he was in no position to comment on the document.

The long-simmering crisis in the Catholic church boiled over last week as files released by lawyers for alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse showed Law and other archdiocese leaders allowed priests accused of sexual misconduct to remain in the ministry -- and even gave new jobs to some of them.

According to Philip Cannistraro (Professor of History, Florida State University, Tallahassee), "Fascist ideology, largely the work of the neoidealist philosopher Giovanni Gentile, emphasized the subordination of the individual to a "totalitarian" state that was to control all aspects of national life. Violence as a creative force was an important aspect of the Fascist philosophy..."

According to unabridged dictionaries, fascism is any centralized autocratic national regime with severely nationalistic policies. The most common nationalistic policies include exercising regimentation of industry, commerce, and finance for nationalistic goals, rigid censorship, and forcible suppression of any and all opposition to the state. Nationalism always precedes fascism and is the essential component of fascism.

Nationalism is defined as an attitude or beliefs characterized by exalting one's own nation above all others at the expense of all others nations, regardless of whether the actions of a state are just or not. This socio-political environment causes the individual to derive their self-worth from the actions of the state as a whole and/or from what the individual can contribute to the perpetuation of state. This socio-political environment also encourages the generation of the worst form of humanity, the authoritarian personality. This type of personality favors a blind submission to authority as opposed to the individual freedom to examine their actions before acting them out. The authoritarian personality is extremely hostile and some times deadly to those who question the policies of those who are in power or are not like them. In short, the primary concern of the individual in a fascist state is the well being of the state, not an individual's well being or the well being of their family and friends.



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