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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. --Voltaire--


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Inspectors angered by US claims over Iraqi weapons - Demetrius Perricos, the Greek head of the team searching Iraq for chemical and biological weapons, strongly rejected American attempts to dictate the pace and style of inspections. Frustrated White House officials had marked the end of the first week of the new inspection regime, which has uncovered next to nothing, by calling for more intrusive inspections. - But Mr Perricos retorted: “The people who sent us here are the international community, the United Nations. We’re not serving the US. We’re not serving the UK. We’re not serving any individual nation.” - Breaching protocol, which dictates that UN officials should remain non-political, he also challenged the Bush Administration to share its intelligence if it wanted the inspectors to uncover banned weapons. Referring to the intelligence on Iraq amassed by the US, he said: “What we’re getting and what President Bush may be getting is very different, to put it mildly.” - Despite increasingly heated denials from Baghdad, President Bush has a “solid basis” for asserting that Iraq was pursuing covert weapons programmes, Ari Fleischer, Mr Bush’s spokesman, said. Referring to similar charges levelled by Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, Mr Fleischer said: “The President and the Secretary of Defence would not assert as plainly and bluntly as they have that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction if it was not true.” - Hardliners in the Administration, led by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, and Mr Rumsfeld, are pushing for the US to denounce Iraq immediately as being in breach and start the clock ticking for war.

America's flagging image around the world since 9-11 is crimping the Bush administration's ability to build a coalition for a possible Iraq war. - At the top of the US list of "essential" war partners, Turkey is a case in point. More than half of Turks see American antagonism towards Iraq not as resulting from the country's threat to world peace, but as "part of the US's war against Muslim countries. - "Dislike of the US is accentuated in Muslim countries, [but] most disturbing is a decline in favorable ratings in countries like Turkey and Pakistan," countries key to the war on terrorism or to any war with Iraq, says Andrew Kohut, director of The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. - Saudi Arabia is another telling case. In a country the US defended from Iraq in the Gulf war, poor opinion of American policy is forcing a regime already in a delicate position with its public to waffle on supporting the US on Iraq. Pew researchers were not allowed into Saudi Arabia, but America's tarnished image is clear in the Saudi press, as well as from concerns expressed by both countries' officials. -

President Bush said Wednesday that while he has little faith in polls, the US is working to demonstrate that it is fighting terrorism, not a religion, and that it will "continue to make that message work." Calling Islamic terrorists "a group of fanatics that have hijacked a religion," Bush said "I understand the propaganda machines are cranked up in the international community that paints our country in a bad light. We'll do everything we can to remind people that we've never been a nation of conquerors; we're a nation of liberators." Comment: It's a wonder he didn't choke to death on that one.

Mr. Bush said the world should pay more attention to the progress in one Islamic country - Afghanistan - following the US removal of the Taliban regime there. "I would ask the skeptics to look at Afghanistan, where not only [did] this country rout the Taliban, which was one of the most barbaric regimes in the history of mankind, but thanks to our strength and our compassion, many young girls now go to school for the first time." Comment: My, how we DO FORGET IMPORTANT FACTS. Bush fails to mention the following:

Afghanistan opium production leaps with overthrow of Taleban - the country's farmers produced an estimated 3,400 metric tons of opium in 2002. - That is around 18 times higher than last year's unusually low figure of 185 tons, which followed a ban on cultivation imposed by the Taleban in the last year of their rule. Comment: And I bet the CIA and Bush and the Warmongers are just dancing around the Poppy bush... (pun intended)

Anti-American sentiment is growing in South Korea, a close U.S. ally, after a U.S. military court acquittal two U.S. soldiers charged with negligent homicide in the road deaths of two Korean teenage girls. - Near the U.S. Embassy several blocks away, 50 female activists, dressed in white traditional Korean funeral clothes, sang anti-U.S. songs. A sorcerer danced and performed a ritual for the dead girls. "Bush, apologize!" and "Nullify the verdict," the protesters shouted. They demanded that rules be changed to give South Korea more control over U.S. soldiers here. - Activists pledged to organize large-scale anti-U.S. protests in Seoul and several others cities on Saturday.

Storm Knocks Power for Millions, 20 Dead - Millions of people shivered without electricity Thursday in the Carolinas as one of the worst ice- and snowstorms in years snapped tree limbs, snarled air travel around the country and kept children home from school in a large part of the East. - The Carolinas were the hardest hit as the weight of ice and snow snapped tree limbs and sent them crashing onto power lines. In Raleigh, N.C., the crack of buckling pines and oaks sounded like gunfire during hunting season.

The Americans take them shackled and hooded on to transport aircraft to Kandahar. They live in pens of eight or 10 men. They are given cots with blankets but no privacy. They are forced to urinate and defecate publicly because the Americans want to watch their prisoners at all times. But United States forces have not only failed to hunt down Osama bin Laden while they are preparing for war in Iraq: they are finding it almost impossible to crack the al-Qa'ida network because Bin Laden's men have resorted to primitive methods of communication that cut individual members of al-Qa'ida off from all information.

This extraordinary, grim scenario comes from an American intelligence officer just back from Afghanistan who agreed to talk to The Independent – and to supply his own photographs of prisoners – on condition of anonymity. His prognoses were chilling and totally at variance with the upbeat briefings of the US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. Even in Pakistan, he says, middle-ranking Pakistani army officers are tipping off members of al-Qa'ida to avoid American-organised raids. Comment: Of course. They are CIA "assets!" Duuhh!

Former vice-president Al Gore recently made a visit to China, where he is believed to have been paid to speak at a communist government-linked think-tank and attended a lunch hosted by former ENRON director Ronnie Chan Chi-chung. - The news of his visit, which was said to have been personal, is expected to raise questions about whether he was engaged in fundraising activities following his role in an Asian campaign donation controversy in 1996. Gore embarked on the China trek on the eve of his current book tour. "You can't be the leading Democrat candidate for the upcoming elections and come to a communist country, take money from a communist think-tank and declare it a private event," said Mark Simon, vice-chairman in Hong Kong of Republicans Abroad.Comment: Hmmmm... maybe the Chinese will back Gore in the next election... for that matter, maybe the Chinese will back SoDamn Insane against Bush just to get Gore elected? Ya think?

Nearly 120 people have been sickened with symptoms consistent with a Norwalk-like virus on a fourth cruise ship to report an outbreak of a stomach ailment in recent weeks.

Two dozen people aboard a thoroughly scrubbed cruise ship sailing in the Caribbean have reported stomach flu symptoms consistent with a virus that has sickened hundreds of cruisegoers in recent weeks, officials said Thursday. - More than 200 people aboard the Fascination's previous sailing complained of gastrointestinal symptoms. The cruise line worked to thoroughly disinfect the ship before it left port Monday, and continued their scrubbing at sea.

Burger King franchisee files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy - Faced with debt from overexpansion and declining sales, Burger King's second-largest franchisee on Wednesday filed for bankruptcy. - As part of its restructuring plan, AmeriKing this week closed 23 underperforming restaurants, leaving the company with 329 stores. The majority of the employees were offered positions at other restaurants. Comment: McDonalds has already closed a lot of stores, and Bush keeps beating the drums of war...

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon charged that al-Qaeda militants were operating in Gaza, a week after twin anti-Israeli attacks in Kenya and a day after outlining his vision of a future Palestinian state.

Top US officials insisted that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, even though UN weapons inspectors have found none, as President Saddam Hussein said he stands along with the Palestinians on the front line against a "US-Zionist alliance."

Cherie Blair forced to admit links to convicted fraudster - Cherie Blair accepted full responsibility last night for the misleading statements issued by Downing Street denying that convicted fraudster Peter Foster had helped the Blairs to buy two flats. In an attempt to limit the damage to the Government's reputation, Mrs Blair sought to make clear the Prime Minister's two official spokesmen did not lie to the media when they insisted earlier this week Mr Foster had not negotiated on the Blairs' behalf during the purchase of the two flats. Comment: Gee, it sounds like Jeb Bush's wife Columba trying to smuggle 19,000. bux worth of Paris fashions into Florida. Ethics seems to be in short supply among our "ruling elite" and their families. I guess that birds of a feather... and dogs with fleas and all that...

Carole Caplin has driven Tony Blair's closest advisers to distraction in the 10 years she has been nutritional, fashion and spiritual adviser to the Prime Minister's wife. - For years, Downing Street aides have been acutely aware of the public relations dangers posed by the women's friendship. Mrs Caplin's colourful past as a topless model and dancer, her links to a New Age cult accused of "brainwashing", and her keen advocacy of alternative therapies are hardly calculated to boost New Labour's efforts to appeal to Middle England. See also: The Prime Minister's wife, her crooked adviser, and a dishonest cover-up Comment: Looks like Blair is going to be busy for a bit - maybe too busy to beat the drums of war with Dubya...

Orange deputies to get smallpox shots - The Orange County Sheriff's Office will become the first law-enforcement agency in the nation to vaccinate its deputies and their adult family members against smallpox, officials said Monday. Sheriff Kevin Beary's agency has agreed to participate in a program that not only will protect the deputies but produce a treatment for the thousands of people who would get sick from the vaccine if mass inoculations were ordered to fend off a terrorist attack. - Federal health officials have directed the states to speed up plans to offer smallpox vaccinations to 500,000 hospital workers nationwide. And President Bush is expected to announce possibly this week that the task be finished within a month of his order. - The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one person in every 1 million vaccinated for smallpox will die from it. Thousands of people overall might develop serious complications that require treatment.

Satire: President Bush today named Osama Bin Laden to lead an independent investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. -

The mandate of the new commission is to conduct a wide-ranging inquiry into the causes of the attacks, whether they could have been averted, and what changes are needed to prevent a recurrence. “No man in or out of government is better qualified to answer these questions,” said Defense Secretary Donald “Rummy” Rumsfeld. -

The job of chairman of the commission is to be part time, although White House officials said they expected that Mr. Bin Laden would dedicate considerable time to it. They said he would not resign as chairman of Al Qaeda, his international consulting firm, and would serve as the commission’s chairman without pay. -

The reaction to the appointment on Capitol Hill was generally positive, with Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who is the outgoing chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, saying, “this bad boy brings a great depth of experience, wisdom and respect to the job.” -

“We’re pleased with both appointments,” he said. The choice of Mr. Bin Laden in particular showed that “the Administration is taking this very seriously,” he added. “Except for the ten years or so that Clinton and Reagan had him on the CIA’s payroll in Afghanistan, nobody can call Osama a crony of the White House.”

Commentary: The above satirical "take" on the current state of affairs regarding the 9-11 investigation may be a bit humorous, but it is sadly close to the truth. To name Henry Kissinger to head the investigation of the events on 9-11 just happens to be equivalent to naming Osama bin Laden. As we have been investigating and reporting since early Spring of this year, 2002, The War on Terrorism is a LIE and the pretext to wage this war - the "terrorist attacks" on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been created and executed by the Bush Reich and their minions.

This is the single most important thing for anybody in the world to discover and understand today. The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are the biggest frauds in American History. It is a fraud being perpetrated on the American people - and the peoples of the world - as the culmination of a long, slow, mind programming process that has been in the works since the turn of this century. Part of the mind-programming has been to debunk and marginalize the very idea that there IS a Control System.

Thousands of individuals have been subjected to an educational and media communication system that inculcates in them the conviction that everything that is on the surface is "as it appears," and that those who present themselves as "authorities" ought to be believed by their words, and their deeds ought not to be examined too closely. And of course, if the deeds are examined and it looks quite different from what they are saying, then it is the "right thing" to do to ask them for an explanation. And of course, if they explain, we must believe the explanation.

"Beware of false prophets who come to you dressed as sheep but inside they are devouring wolves. You will fully recognize them by their fruits. Do people pick grapes from thorns or figs from thistles?... A good tree cannot bear bad fruit; nor can a bad tree bear excellent fruit." (Matt. 7:15,23)

Manipulation of thought and public opinion is historically, the way masses of people are controlled with the least amount of effort. It was true in ancient times, it is true today. Machiavelli described the ways and means of accomplishing such control in great detail, and he was merely describing what he observed as the Standard Operating Procedure of his day. If anybody thinks things have changed, think again. And just as there were "clappers" planted in the audience of any play or political rally or other forum where masses of people gathered, so are "clappers" planted in our world in the form of the Mass Media and "professional debunkers." What this means, of course, is that WORK must be done to discover the TRUTH of any given situation. And that is, of course, what most people do NOT want to do. As Bertrand Russell noted:

Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth, more than ruin, more even than death....Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.

And thinking is most definitely what the Control System wishes to suppress. And they do this by "debunkery." Debunkery's chief tool is to call anything to be debunked: "Conspiracy Theory," pronounced with a sneer of contempt.

The first thing we want to think about is the fact that the word "conspiracy" evokes such a strong reaction in all of us: nobody wants to be branded as a "conspiracy thinker." It just isn't "acceptable." It's "un-scientific" or it's evidence of mental instability. Right? That's what you are thinking, isn't it?

In fact, I bet that the very reading of the word even produces certain physiological reactions: a slight acceleration of the heartbeat, and perhaps a quick glance around to make sure that no one was watching while you simply read the word silently.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY the word evokes such an instantaneous emotional reaction? Have you ever wondered why it stimulates such a strong "recoil?" After all, it is only a word. It only describes the idea of people in "high places" thinking about things and doing things that manipulate other people to produce benefits for themselves. That's pretty normal in the world of politics and business, right? So, why does it happen that certain ideas about who and what is going on "behind" the curtain result in the contemptuous dismissal as "conspiracy theory?"

There is a little known fact about hypnosis that is illustrated by the following story:

A subject was told under hypnosis that when he was awakened he would be unable to see a third man in the room who, it was suggested to him, would have become invisible. All the "proper" suggestions to make this "true" were given, such as "you will NOT see so- and-so" etc... When the subject was awakened, lo and behold! the suggestions did NOT work.

Why? Because they went against his belief system. He did NOT believe that a person could become invisible.

So, another trial was made. The subject was hypnotized again and was told that the third man was leaving the room... that he had been called away on urgent business, and the scene of him getting on his coat and hat was described... the door was opened and shut to provide "sound effects," and then the subject was brought out of the trance.

Guess what happened?

He was UNABLE TO SEE the Third Man.

Why? Because his perceptions were modified according to his beliefs. Certain "censors" in his brain were "activated" in a manner that was "acceptable" to his "ego survival" instincts.

The survival of the ego is established pretty early in life by our parental and societal programming as to what IS or is NOT possible; what we are "allowed" to believe in order to be accepted. We learn this first by learning what pleases our parents and then later we modify our belief based on what pleases our society - our peers - to believe. Debunkers count on this "fear" of thinking independently. They play to it, pander to it, activate it, and magnify it. "Oh, THAT'S just CONSPIRACY thinking!" they will say contemptuously. And everyone becomes silent because, of course, NOBODY wants to be branded a "conspiracy theorist!" It's just not done!

Anyway, to return to our story, the Third Man went about the room picking things up and setting them down and doing all sorts of things to test the subject's awareness of his presence, and the subject became utterly hysterical at this "anomalous" activity! He could see objects moving through the air, doors opening and closing, but he could NOT see the SOURCE because he did not believe that there was another man in the room.

So, what are the implications of this factor of human consciousness? (By the way, this is also the reason why most therapy to stop bad habits does not work - they attempt to operate against a "belief system" that is imprinted in the subconscious that this or that habit is essential to survival.)

One of the first things we might observe is that everyone has a different set of beliefs based upon their social and familial conditioning, and that these beliefs determine how much of the OBJECTIVE reality anyone is able to access. Families that are very concerned with social acceptance will frown heavily on any thinking that takes one outside of what is socially acceptable. The same condition is propagated heavily in the public school system. Even if different "cliques" form, they still form within certain "acceptable" parameters, and to step outside of your "group" is to court rejection. And of course, rejection is associated from early infancy with loss of support, of food, of the means of survival. So, debunkery plays on this inculcated fear - this basic survival instinct - and contempt and ridicule are the chief means of keeping people from thinking and from asking troublesome questions, and from investigating on their own to discover the TRUTH.

In the above story, there is clearly a big part of that reality that is inaccessable to the "subject" due to a perception censor which was activated by the suggestions of the hypnotist. That is to say, the subject has a strong belief, based upon his CHOICE as to who or what to believe. In this case, he has chosen to believe the hypnotist and not what he might be able to observe if he dispensed with the perception censor put in place by the hypnotist. The same thing happens when debunkers sneeringly pronounce the words "conspiracy theory."

And so it is with nearly all human beings: we believe the hypnotist - the "official culture" as represented by the "clappers" and debunkers - and we are able, with preternatural cunning, to deny what is often right in front of our faces. And in the case of the hypnosis subject, he is entirely at the mercy of the "Invisible Man" because he chooses not to see him.

Let's face it: we are all taught to avoid uncomfortable realities. Human beings - faced with unpleasant truths about themselves or their reality - react like alcoholics who refuse to admit their condition, or the cuckolded husband who is the "last to know," or the wife who does not notice that her husband is abusing her daughter.

Denial is a complex "unconscious defence mechanism for coping with guilt, anxiety and other disturbing emotions aroused by reality." Denial can be both deliberate and intentional, as well as completely subconscious. An individual who is deliberately and intentionally denying something is acting from an individual level of lying, concealment and deception.

Believing anything that comes down the pike is not the opposite of denial. "Acknowledgement" of the probability of a high level of Truth about a given matter is what should happen when people are actively aroused by certain information. This information can be 1) factual or forensic truth; that is to say, legal or scientific information which is factual, accurate and objective; it is obtained by impartial procedures; 2) personal and narrative truth including "witness testimonies."

I should add here that skepticism and solipsistic arguments - including epistemological relativism - about the existence of objective truth, are generally a social construction and might be considered in the terms of the hypnotized man who has been programmed to think that there "is no truth."

There are different kinds of denial. First, there is literal denial which is the type that fits the dictionary definition, the assertion that something did not happen or does not exist. This most often occurs in very painful situations where there are conflicts of love: the wife would say that the husband could not have molested his daughter, therefore the child must be making it up. This also seems to apply to denial of the state of our manipulated reality. Our love for our parents, our need for their approval, is often transferred to our peers, our employers, and the State. To think about stepping outside of the belief system that makes us "belong" is just too frightening. It assaults our deepest sense of security.

The second kind of denial is "interpretative." In this kind of denial, the raw facts that something actually happened are not really denied - they are just "interpreted." If a person is reasonably intelligent, and is faced with evidence of phenomena that do not fit into the belief system of one's family, culture, or peer group, there is nothing to do but to interpret - to rationalize it away. "Swamp gas" and the Planet Venus given as an explanation for UFOs are good examples. Another is Bill Clinton's "But I didn't INHALE" interpretation of his marijuana use. And then, there was the famous "I didn't have sex with Monica" interpretation.

The third kind of denial is termed "implicatory denial" where there is no attempt to deny either the facts or their conventional interpretation; what is ultimately denied are the psychological, political and moral implications that follow from deep acknowledgement. For example, the idea that America is being run by a madman with designs on the entire planet is recognized as a fact, but it is not seen as psychologically disturbing or as carrying any moral imperative to act.

Where do the "suggestions" come from that are so deeply embedded in the subconscious that, with just a few words, a debunker can activate them and send the individual into denial, looking as much like a deer frozen in the headlights of a car as anything? We have already mention early familial and social programming. But there is something more: television and other forms of Mass Media.

While everyone will readily admit that there is probably too much violence on television and that the ads are probably pure nonsense, very few people have a real conception of the precise nature and extent of the hypnotic influence of the media. Still fewer have any idea of the purposes behind this inducement. Wallace and Wallechinsky write in The People's Almanac :

"After World War II, television flourished... Psychologists and sociologists were brought in to study human nature in relation to selling; in other words, to figure out how to manipulate people without their feeling manipulated. Dr. Ernest Dichter, President of the Institute for Motivational Research made a statement in 1941... 'the successful ad agency manipulates human motivations and desires and develops a need for goods with which the public has at one time been unfamiliar -- perhaps even undesirous of purchasing. ,

"Discussing the influence of television, Daniel Boorstin wrote: , 'Here at last is a supermarket of surrogate experience. Successful programming offers entertainment -- under the guise of instruction; instruction -- under the guise of entertainment; political persuasion -- with the appeal of advertising; and advertising -- with the appeal of drama.' , "Programed television serves not only to spread acquiescence and conformity, but it represents a deliberate industry approach." [quoted by Wallace, Wallechinsky]

Aside from the fact that television has been conjectured to be extremely detrimental to children and that it is now thought that most of the deteriorating aspects of society can be attributed to the decaying values portrayed on television, there is a deeper and more insidious effect upon the human psyche. As quoted, it is a planned and deliberate manipulation to spread acquiescence and conformity and to hypnotize the masses to submit to the authority of the television. Allen Funt, host of a popular show, Candid Camera, was once asked what was the most disturbing thing he had learned about people in his years of dealing with them through the media. His response was chilling in its ramifications:

"The worst thing, and I see it over and over, is how easily people can be led by any kind of authority figure, or even the most minimal kinds of authority. A well dressed man walks up the down escalator and most people will turn around and try desperately to go up also... We put up a sign on the road, 'Delaware Closed Today'. Motorists didn't even question it. Instead they asked: 'Is Jersey open?'" [quoted by Wallace, Wallechinsky]

A picture is forming of a deliberately contrived society of televised conformity, literate and creative inadequacy, and social unrest and decadence. It is apparent that the media is in charge of propagating these conditions. It would seem that the motivation masters would, in the interests of their industrial clients, plan programming to bring about beneficial societal conditions -- which they could, in fact, do. It is apparent that the final authority on televised programming is in the hands of the advertisers, backed by the industries whose products are being sold. With all the psychological input to which they have access, it would seem that they would force programming to correct societal conditions before the fact which ostensibly costs them a lot of money to "correct" after the fact.

Over 25 billion dollars a year is spent to teach workers to read and write, after graduating from the combined effects of a public school system and the television.

It is suggested that the burgeoning violence in our society - most particularly among our young people - which certainly also costs these industrial giants vast sums of money, is mostly attributable to the frustrations and dissatisfactions engendered by the false view of reality presented over the television, via movies, video games, and the Mass media in general.

Why don't the government and the industrial giants use their financial resources to back the motivation masters - the experts in psychology - to figure out how to present programming which could effect positive changes in society?

Can it be that the conditions of society, including the programed response to "minimal signs of authority" are planned?

Would anyone care to suggest that the figures and studies relating to the detrimental influence of programming is not available to them and that they don't realize that it is costing them money? If that is the case, then they are too stupid to be arbiters of our values and we should disregard them entirely in any event. If it is not the case, then we must assume that there is an object to this manipulation and the money is considered by them to be well spent.

There is much evidence to support the idea that this purpose, or the object of this manipulation, is to create psychological and social disunity sufficient to permit the instituting of a totalitarian government at the behest of the people. It is further theorized that the "wealthy elite" seek to control the entire world from behind the scenes and it is to this end that they mastermind and fund the various actions which appear to the masses as political and international "accidents". FDR. said:

"Nothing in politics ever happens by accident; if it happens, you can bet it was planned!"

And he was in a position to know. So again we say:

The Bush Reich and the Mass Media continue to manipulate public opinion, to make their Fraud appear to be an indelible truth. The American People have been misled from the very beginning regarding the causes and consequences of the September 11 "attack on America."

As I quoted on this page yesterday:

"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." - Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (1913)

And debunkers, every day in every way are activating the hypnotic programs in the masses of humanity that have been put in place in order to cover up this fact stated by a former President of the United States. And they do it by activating post hypnotic suggestions that are already deep in our subconscious minds as a result of our familial and social programming and the effects of the Mass Media - the False Prophet. What is more, it is planned and deliberate.

There exists in our world today a powerful and dangerous secret cult.

So wrote Victor Marchetti, a former high-ranking CIA official, in his book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. This is the first book the U.S. Government ever went to court to censor before publication. In this book, Marchetti tells us that there IS a "Cabal" that rules the world and that its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In our opinion, the CIA is but one "arm" of the cult, just as Benedictines were but one order of the Catholic Church. To borrow from, and paraphrasing, Marchetti:

This cult is patronized and protected by the highest level government officials in the world. It's membership is composed of those in the power centers of government, industry, commerce, finance, and labor. It manipulates individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media. The Secret Cult is a global fraternity of a political aristocracy whose purpose is to further the political policies of persons or agencies unknown. It acts covertly and illegally.

And we are seeing it happen before our very eyes!

Now, for anybody who has been subjected to the contempt and derision of the "professional debunkers," please notice that the above is what is being said by an insider. And there are many insiders who say similar things once they have escaped to the outside. And also notice that this insider was censored. People only seek to keep secrets when revealing those secrets will harm them in some way. And in the case of the current administration, the biggest secret they want to keep is the Truth about the Events of September 11, 2001. Because it is upon this "event" that everything else has followed! Without 9-11 there would be no passage of laws abrogating the Constitution. Without 9-11, there would be no talk of War. Without 9-11, Bush would probably be facing criminal charges for rigging an election in cahoots with his brother Jeb, Katharine Harris and Bob Graham. Without 9-11, Bush would not have been able to rig the mid-term election, which most certainly happened, because it is hardly likely that the voters turned out in such numbers because they were PLEASED with the current state of affairs. But of course, as was described by Allen Funt: the fact that the "authorities" tell us that the election results were thus and so, nobody questions it. "Is New Jersey open?"

In 1958, Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in which he stated:

The older dictators fell because they never could supply their subjects with enough bread, enough circuses, enough miracles and mysteries. Nor did they possess a really effective system of mind-manipulation.

Under a scientific dictator, education will really work - with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.

Our world is currently managed by a VERY "scientific dictator," and Bush is only its puppet. The only problem is: this dictator has an agenda that includes eliminating fully 90 percent of the population of the planet.

It is in the awakening of America and the other peoples of the world that the possibility exists to change the course of the future. Just now, it is clear that we are facing the greatest Global Catastrophe since the Legendary Fall and Destruction of Atlantis. We have chronicled our research that demonstrates this to be true in our book: Ancient Science, and The Occult Significance of 9-11.

In order to bring a halt to the terrible, globe destroying events we are facing, people MUST wake up and they MUST demand the TRUTH. There is no point in marching against war, or having academic dialogues about the balance between safety and freedom. The whole thing is a LIE from beginning to end. There is NO NEED to sacrifice our freedom for safety because the threat to our safety is inside the gates in the Trojan Horse of the Bush Gang - members of the Secret Cult - and their minions such as Osama bin Laden and other International Terrorists, created and funded and trained and controlled - right up to the present day - by an "arm" of the Secret Cult - the CIA.

"In order to awaken, first of all one must realize that one is in a state of sleep. And, in order to realize that one is, indeed, in a state of sleep, one must recognize and fully understand the nature of the forces which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis. It is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from the very source which induces the hypnosis.

"Theoretically, (a man can awaken), but practically it is almost impossible because as soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming that the is awake or awakening." [Ouspensky]

And those forces that immediately put people back to sleep are the "debunkers," the "clappers" in the audience, whether they are professionally trained by the CIA or just simply running the program inculcated into them from infancy by their family and society.

"We are on the verge of global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." [David Rockefeller, Statement to the United aNations Business Council, 1994]

Yesterday we discussed several things about the present situation including two major facts which are connected:

1) The conspirators are working to convey the illusion of democracy. They "fabricate dissent." In other words, they must create and finance their own political opposition. In order to appear legitimate, they must actively encourage the type of "criticism" which does not challenge "their right to rule."

2) The 9-11 Terrorists did not act in a vacuum. They were instruments in a carefully planned intelligence operation supported by Pakistan's ISI, which owes its allegiance and existence to the CIA.

Both of these factors play into the comment made by David Rockefeller quoted above. They are part of the "right major crisis" which has been created and implemented in order that the NATIONS will accept the New World Order. And notice that the "New World Order" is not anything like the many prognosticators of the past 50 years suspected. It is not "out there" in the form of the Catholic Church or the European Union. It is right here, at home, in the body politic of the Bush Reich.

The question is, of course, what was Rockefeller referring to above in his remark "We are on the verge of global transformation..."? The "standard answer" that the Debunkers would like us to believe is that this probably refers to more or less the development of science so that a "global community" is desirable, and also that communication and exchange on a global scale would mandate a global ruling council to coordinate everything. That's a reasonable explanation, right? Sounds good to me. I liked it for years. However, some questions about a few interesting subjects that I had almost twenty years ago led me to understand that not only is nothing as it seems, it never has been. And, when we consider the remarks of President Woodrow Wilson about "a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive..." that even the most powerful men on the planet speak about it only in whispers, we just might think we have a bit of a problem here on the BBM.

Of course, part of the art of setting up diversionary information to cover up what is really going on consists in attributing the activities of the Bush Gang to all sorts of monetary motives. To many researchers, it's a matter of oil and greed. And certainly, at some level, this must be true. There are most definitely those individuals on the chess-board who believe that what they are doing is going to put power and money into their hands and this fiction is undoubtedly promoted from the inside of the insiders in order to motivate their minions and keep them in line.

But, when you consider the fact that economics - as it relates to money or valuable goods - is a completely artificial system, and when you consider the facts about oil and energy, you come to a sort of full stop because those answers no longer work. Playing games with the economy in order to make more money is a simple matter at the levels of power we are discussing. Diplomatic and financial deals to gain control of oil and resources is also a simple matter at those levels. Those who propose that wars are fomented to redistribute power and resources are missing the obvious fact that all of that can be easily accomplished via the simple "carrot and stick" method of diplomacy. In other words, everything that is being played out on the world stage of politics and power and greed is all a FACADE. It is a PLAY put on for the benefit of the MASSES of humanity.

For years this issue of just who is on first has been managed rather publicly by the production of endless books about the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the British Royal Family, the Catholic Church secret societies, and on and on. As I wrote in an article for a little New Age publication back in 1995:

All of the events of our world and aspects of our lives both temporal and spiritual, are like movements through a maze which constantly recreates itself. Every effort of research to discover the truth ends in a dead end of the maze. But, with dedication and knowledge we are sometimes able to get a glimpse of things before the clouds and howling mists swirl in to obscure our vision while the maze reforms itself.

What is there?

An Alien presence on our planet is real. Those who choose to close their eyes to this reality do so at their own peril. There is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence based on the government's own documents that our highest public officials and the elite of our security and intelligence organizations have been deliberately and persistently lying to tax-paying citizens on the subject of Aliens for the last 50 years or more.

There are those who say that we cannot surmise or conjecture what the purpose of the Alien presence on our planet might be because we are dealing with an intelligence so far in advance of our own that human logic cannot apply. I think we need to make a distinction between alien intelligence and intelligent aliens. "Occam's razor" holds that when seeking to understand a phenomenon, we should cut out all extravagant hypotheses and settle for the one that is most compatible with reason and proven knowledge.

A problem is defined in terms of two categories: objects and operations. The objects are the things that the problem- solver has to manipulate. They may be people, things, or situations. The operations are the steps by which object A is transformed into object B. Solving a problem is a process of understanding the sequence of transformation. To do this, we try to understand the differences between object A and objective B. These understandings lead us to the choice of operations. Those operations which will add to the transformation process will be retained, those which will diminish the process will be eliminated. I continue to maintain that we can come to some understanding of this problem in this way. A group of beings would not have attained the remarkable abilities the aliens demonstrate without some major adherence to the process described above.

An alien presence has been noted at many points in history of great disaster or mass death. Examination of the records and documents has led some scholars and researchers to conjecture that many of history's Darkest Hours have been CREATED by the alien presence.

There is a popular New Age "channeled" teaching that the reason things are so bad is because it is all our fault! We were an "experiment in Free Will" that went bad. We have screwed things up so badly that now we need help to haul ourselves out of the soup. And, the aliens, in their infinite wisdom and mercy are going to do that for us if we will just "let" them! Further, if we just think nice thoughts, nothing bad will ever enter our reality. And we must not look at evil because it just doesn't exist unless we believe in it! This is a dangerous and cunning lie. What better way to protect the forces of "Darkness" at higher levels than to deny their existence? And, my work has shown me that the vast majority of people want to do good, to experience good things, think good thoughts, and make decisions with good results. And they try with all their might to do so! With the majority of people having this internal desire, why the Hell isn't it happening?

What does this mean for us in practical terms, here, on earth, today? It means that Alien intelligences, throughout history, for some unknown purpose, have influenced the leaders of our societies to guide us down a particular, chosen pathway. They are here, they are deliberately terrifying us in every way they can to keep us confused and off balance. They are feeding philosophical lies and distortions into our culture to lead as many astray as possible. They control many of the lions of industry, government and culture so that what exists in our world is perverted by a "twist", a peculiar upside-down, disjointed, askew existence governed by deception and falsehood. We are living in a frightful, topsy-turvy world where everything we cherish as good, noble, honest and right has been disrupted, soiled, deformed and made ugly. And, more horrible than this, we accept it as normal! This "Control System," this infrastructure is a subtle, goal-seeking phenomenon. What they want to convince us of is that FREE WILL is our PROBLEM and we must give over our control and decisions to them. THEY WANT US TO GIVE OUR POWER AWAY!

The Law of Free Will is the most important law of creation. Without it, no differentiation of primal energy would exist! And, because of this, these aliens cannot just come in and take over! So, they sneak around in the dark, lie, steal, manipulate, plant disinformation and misinformation through thought control and every other means available so that we will give them what they cannot take! And this is being done through political maneuvers and human agents!

In recent times, military intelligence officers, physicists hired to work on secret projects, and many others involved in the cover up have come forward to warn the public. They may have done this for one of several reasons. One of these could be because, as they have penetrated deeper into the veil of secrecy, they have been so horrified at what they have discovered that their consciences have prompted them to come forward. It has also been conjectured that the government itself has sent them out to "reveal" truths as the possibility of forced exposure becomes imminent. We may not ever fully know their motivations. We only know that some of the information that is being disseminated exactly fits reports of those increasing numbers of citizens who have recalled either consciously or under hypnosis, scenes of unparalleled horror and abuse at the hands of some of the Alien visitors.

Researchers in the field have extrapolated on the great number of possible sightings and/or contacts and conjecture that there must be literally millions including those unreported for fear of ridicule as well as those unremembered, perhaps because of mind control techniques. Dr. Vallee comments that he finds it difficult to believe that members of a civilization with space/time travel capabilities would come in such numbers to do "stupid" things like abduct people and perform primitive experiments or examinations on them. And, we must look at our own interactions with "primitive" societies and ask ourselves if it is really likely that a higher civilization would take the time and trouble to "help us evolve" for OUR benefit? Just think about Pizarro and the Incas, Cortez and the Aztecs, the Europeans and the Native Americans. Let's get a grip on our minds, here! My point is that we are not dealing with three dimensional, earth based technology here! For God's sake, these guys can walk through walls, control our minds and emotions, paralyze our bodies, slow down, speed up or stop time, and control the forces of nature!! And, I am not saying that they are supernatural, either.

We come back, then, to the comment of David Rockefeller: "We are on the verge of global transformation..." which we have juxtaposed with the comments of President Woodrow Wilson about "a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive..." that even the most powerful men on the planet speak about it only in whispers... and we understand that it is NOT Greed or Oil or simple Power that is driving the Controllers behind Bush and the Gang. Certainly, it is possible that they may think that these are their objectives, but certain factors that emerge as we observe the events of the past 14 months argue against that. The key that unlocks our understanding of the factors in question is the clear and evident SCHEDULE that Bush is following. Anybody paying attention can see that all ordinary factors of the dynamics of socio-political relations are being completely ignored, brushed aside, and obviated to follow a SCHEDULE. That is to say: TIME is of supreme importance to the Bush Gang.

WHAT this "TIME Factor" might mean - what the SCHEDULE might relate to - makes very little sense when we subtract the arguments for greed and power and oil. However, the TIME Factor - the SCHEDULE - makes a LOT of sense when we consider the factors that it is key to. Those factors have to do with the convergence of certain facts that emerge from a wide field of study which includes history, geology, astrophysics, and physics - which contribute to our awareness of hyperdimensional realities, the cyclic nature of Time, and the evidence that these cycles are marked by Global Cataclysm. It is only with this knowledge that we begin to come to some understanding of the Objects and Operations, and what is driving the Bush Reich.

We have addressed these subjects in various articles on the site here, and there are those who have slyly suggested that this amounts to little more than Henny Penney running down the road crying "The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling." In other words, the debunkers have come along and connected what we have compiled in terms of hard research, and have suggested that it is a "cultic prognostication" similar to the claims of the "Heaven's Gate" cult. Let me make it very clear here: As we have declared in numerous places on the site, we do NOT take our "channeled" information as gospel. In fact, we have a very skeptical and challenging approach to the matter. We not only constantly test and challenge the C's, we get out and do the research so as to be able to know with some certainty whether or not what they are proposing has any basis in fact and hard evidence or not. As it happens, the C's have an extraordinary batting average. But again, that is probably because of the very nature of the contact and the persons involved. People who might wish to deify the C's, or who might respond to the information with "belief" and who do not have the nature and will to do the work we have done, probably will not get a call from them anytime soon. You can take that to the bank.

And so, the bottom line of what we are saying here is based on not just the clues given to us by the C's, but on some hard research in the areas mentioned above, and even more. Taken in the context of all the material on the site, the reader can understand that what we are saying here has little or nothing to do with prognosticating, but has everything to do with reading the signs, seeing the hyperdimensional dynamics, and estimating probabilities. In short, it is a series of "if, then" operations:" if THIS happens, then THAT will follow with high probability." In some cases, this DOES coincide with certain "prophetic" considerations, but for the most part, they are so interpretation dependent that it is only at the point in time when the events are "activated" that one is able to accurately "plug the data into" the analysis. Also, in this sense, many of the old "predictions" have been coopted for use by COINTELPRO for the very purpose of creating such things as Heaven's Gate type cults. As Ark has written in his commentary on the claims of Stewart Swerdlow:

What I want to state clearly: this channeling, the Cassiopaean channeling IS different than other channeling. It was different from the very beginning, it continues to be so, and it will continue to be different. We may give it a name: Critical Channeling. It is such by an intent, not by a chance. It is a channeling in which, by an intent, the messenger is as important as the message itself. They are inseparably entangled in a quantum way; an interfering quantum amplitude. They form a oneness, a whole. To separate the message from the messenger would be, in this Cassiopaean quantum experiment, like closing one hole in a double slit experiment. You close one hole, and the whole pattern is different, not just a part of it.

What is this "Critical Channeling?" In what way is it different than other channeling?

It would take a lot of space and time to describe it in details. One day we will do it. But for now, let me just make this observation: the Cassiopaean channeling has characteristics of a scientific experiment. Think of scientists in their lab, working on the great laws of the universe. They perform an important series of experiments. They are trained professionals, they know their stuff, they know their laboratory equipment and its quirks. But they are human beings. Once in a while someone will make some dirty joke, once in a while they will have to discard a series of data, because mice have messed up their equipment during the night. Now, think, what advantage it would be if they would write in their paper the dirty joke, include the mice data, the ink blobs etc. etc.

That is not the way of science. And the Cassiopaean experiment will proceed as a scientific one. With scientific standards in mind. The Cassiopaean channeling is Critical Channeling. It is in this respect that it is DIFFERENT from other channeling. And it will stay so.

The difference is in the approach.  We are searching for the truth.  Swerdlow is sure that he knows it, and he would like to impose it on other people, or manipulate other people, into believing what he says. When he states something - it comes from Oversoul and God-Mind. But when someone else dares to have a different way of finding the truth - it is necessarily "100% disinformation" and "crap."

What if Swerdlow is right?  Even if I consider it as highly improbable, what if he IS right?  Can he be right?

Of course, being a scientist, and using my brain in order to judge, I had to consider also this possibility, however improbable it may it look to me.  And I concluded that he cannot be right.  Here is my reasoning: it goes via "reductio ad absurdum" - which is often used in logic and in mathematical proofs.  You assume something to be true, and then by a chain of logical deductions you come to the conclusion that your assumption cannot  be true.  Somewhat tricky - but useful.

Applying this method to Swerdlow and his claim that "all channeling is 100% disinformation because it is coming via satellite".  Let us suppose it is true.  In order to be true it must include the capability of reading and controlling EVERYBODY'S mind at ALL times.

But if that is the case, then why would Swerdlow be exempt from this control?

Therefore, by logic, Swerdlow is also being influenced by programming and by satellites (if everybody is, then so is he).  If so, then what he writes is skewed.  And, because he is so loud, and so sure, about this subject, for no valid reason, it is a logical conclusion that what he is telling is NOT true, that it is disinformation.

So we see that starting from the assumption that he is right  (satellites affect everybody) we come to the conclusion that what he says is wrong (because he is simply repeating the satellite disinformation). So, here we have reductio ad absurdum.

But we can go even further. Can we see a reason why Swerdlow would say such evident nonsense?  Why?

Well, here we can have a hypothesis too.  If, as we know by the above analysis, NOT ALL channeling is from  satellites, that SOME channeling can provide us with real information from "benevolent higher beings", from "us in the future", or from "Mind-God and Oversoul", call it as you will, then it is only natural that there will be forces trying to discredit THIS channeling.  So, we have solved one problem here. He calls channellers disinformation agents, and if he is right, or even partly right, then we have reasons to suppose that Swerdlow is an agent of those forces.

There is one more exercise in logical reasoning and critical thinking that comes to mind. Swerdlow is not clear about what channeling is, so let me take as a particular example using the Ouija board, as described on our pages. Why do we use Ouija board? To screen out the external disturbance. In particular to make it more difficult for satellites, or other programming signals coming from human and hybrid technology, when and if they come, to affect the message. At least two persons are needed. No rituals. Critical thinking, sometimes, joking, often coffee, fresh minds, loud discussion, and the board. Thinking in terms of possible quantum physics involved in mind-matter interactions it is clear to me that the methods we use are more likely to be robust and shielded against deliberate bombarding from outside by mind controlling signals. On the other hand, talking directly to "Mind-God" as Swerdlow does is more susceptible to interference. For example, a weak outside EM signal can be talking directly to a tiny implant in our teeth, and we will take it for on Oversoul....

So, by logical thinking and by critical analysis we came to a working hypothesis. But, please, do not jump to the conclusion that we solved all problems. Important problems are still out there and need to be addressed. The above analysis does not tell us at all WHICH channeling (if any at all) is legitimate. It gives indications. To answer this question a full analysis, that takes into account not one but many aspects, is necessary. Completely different methods must be used. If A is an opponent of B, and if we find that A is wrong, that does not mean that B is right! To see whether B is right or not - is a different problem.

Let me just note that we were discussing many times C's channeling, on these pages and with other groups, and even our present "dissidents" have admitted openly that these C's have an amazing record.

But channeling is only as good as the research that it leads to. And the particular problems we are facing at present are addressed at length in our books: Ancient Science and 9-11. In both cases, channeled material has led to amazing discoveries in the various fields of scientific research which is assembled into these two volumes.

Coming back now to our present problem: The fact that the entire 9-11 Event was a creation of the Secret Cult which counts among its members George Bush and his Gang of Warmongers, we notice above all other things that it seems that the Secret Cult is driving Bush and the Gang according to a SCHEDULE. Michel Chossudovsky write:

The "war on terrorism" and the development of the authoritarian State are occurring at the outset of a huge global economic depresssion marked by the downfall of the State institutions, mounting unemployment, the collapse in living standards in all major regions of the world, including Western Europe and North America, and the outbreak of famines over large areas.

At a global economic level, this depression could be far more devastating than that of the 1930s. Moreover, the war has not only unleashed a massive shift out of civilian economic activities into the military-industrial complex, it has also accelerated the demise of the welfare state in most Western countries.

Five days before the terrorist assaults on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, President Bush stated almost prophetically:

I have repeatedly said that only time to use Social Security money is in times of war, times of recession, or times of severe emergency. And I mean that. [September 6, 2001][...]

The recession and war buzzwords are being used to mould U.S. public opinion into accepting the pilfering of the Social Security fund to pay the producers of weapons of mass destruction - i.e. a massive redirection of the nation's resources towards the military industrial complex.

We have to understand here that Chossudovsky is a professor of economics. He is very astute and he sees much deeper than the average thinker. But he has not taken certain other factors into account, and so his remark about the "outbreak of famines" is lost in the economic considerations. One has to wonder just where following THAT remark might lead? In the strictest of material terms, it might be thought that these facts are acting on the Bush Reich in a certain way: they wish simply to decimate large numbers of human beings for the sake of "economics." They are aware that in a "let them eat cake" society, what the inevitable results of millions of hungry people can be: Madame Guillotine for the Elite. And so, to prevent the rolling of their own heads on the block, they are making a pre-emptive strike to sustain their own controls. After all, in a world without enough food for its people, what good is oil and money?

But again, even that consideration does not help us to deal with the obvious TIME element - the SCHEDULE. Bush has a series of dates by which he MUST accomplish certain things, and so far, nothing has gotten in his way for longer than a day or two. Even if he comes across as a moron or crazy or a psychopath, make no mistake about it: he has access to data that the rest of us do NOT have. And this data is what is driving the SCHEDULE. There IS an "EMERGENCY," and Bush and the Gang KNOW about it. Let me remind you again that following the trail of logic leads us to understand that this "emergency" cannot be merely a desire for more money or more oil. However, the C's HAVE given a clue:

C's: ...when you say "M-IC," you have said a lot!
Q: Are you implying that there is a build-up of the Military-Industrial Complex for a reason?
A: To preserve status quo during "peacetime." This peace business is not very profitable, you know.
Q: Does that suggest that they are building up to set off a war so they can make more money?
A: Maybe if indeed, and if the populous can be hoodwinked. But, fortunately, the public is less hoodwinkable. Maybe the real enemy is "out there, " rather than "over there." Was it not always?
Q: Does any of this increased aircraft activity have anything to do with the increased awareness and activities of aliens in and around our planet?
A: As always. But, this awareness is factionalized and compartmentalized.

And so we have an idea that this "event" that David Rockefeller mentioned -"We are on the verge of global transformation..." and we find a deeper meaning to the comments of President Woodrow Wilson about "a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive..."

So, to recapitulate yesterday's commentary: if we do the research, if the mountain of government documentation is examined, we discover that the Militant Islamic groups are very likely created and funded by the CIA. The current U.S. foreign policy is NOT geared towards curbing Islamic fundamentalism. The development of radical Islam in the wake of September 11, in the Middle East and Central Asia, is consistent with Washington's hidden agenda. They plan to sustain rather than combat terrorism with a view to destabilizing societies around the world and to prevent the creation and growth of possible genuine social movements that might combat the New World Order plans of the Bush Reich. You can bet that the CIA continues to support the development of Islamic Fundamentalism, Christian Fundamentalism, Jewish Fundamentalism, and New Age Fundamentalism.

In the short term, Fundamentalism creates social and ethnic divisiveness. It makes it impossible for large groups of people to organize against the New World Order of the Bush Reich. We are, indeed, experiencing a Global COINTELPRO program that has something for everyone - the Devil's Supermarket of religions and beliefs, so to say. These organizations often foment "opposition to Bush" or the "American Agenda" in a way designed by the CIA handlers so that it does not constitute any real threat to the Bush Reich's main, global agenda.

And this brings us again to the ONLY thing that can be effectively utilized to stop the Juggernaut of the Bush Reich: TRUTH. The truth of their complicity in the 9-11 event.

Once the masses of humanity understand that they are being hoodwinked, induced to support a LIE, that Bush and the Gang are Wolves in Sheep's clothing, that we have all been led down the primrose path just like Little Red Riding Hood and that the Wolf disguised as Grandmother is about to swallow us whole, only then will the masses of people just simply refuse to participate in this madness, and only then will we have the opportunity to discuss other alternatives to the future that Bush and the Gang are planning on creating for all of humanity.

And notice here that I am NOT saying that it will stop any other events that may be part of the SCHEDULE of which Bush and the Gang are aware. However, the world that exists on the OTHER SIDE of the "Flood" depends entirely upon WHO IS IN THE ARK. Bush and the Gang plan on being the only ones, and you can bet that the world they intend to erect on the ashes of the old one has nothing to do with a restoration of the "Golden Age" from which mankind "fell."

And so, after long and careful analysis of the situation, we can see that the primary thing that is NOT being addressed is the illegitimacy of the presence of George W. Bush in the White House and WHY that fraud was perpetrated. Everyone in the U.S. went around in a daze during the election "scandal." Everyone asked "why is this happening?" And now it all begins to make sense. The people do not realize that there are EVIL men behind this administration, and that America is NOT engaged in a War against Terrorism - America is engaged in a war of Global Conquest and international terrorism has been effectively created BY the Bush Reich as the excuse to decimate the human population on this planet.

As we suggested yesterday, if the anti-war protesters continue to organize and march, they will only drive the Bush Gang to perpetrate more "terrorist acts" that will ostensibly justify their "war on terrorism" agenda. Because we see that they are driven by a SCHEDULE, we see that Bush WILL HAVE HIS WAR. The only way to stop it is to awaken the populace. If the people will NOT fight, there will be no war. And the only way an effective anti-war movement can succeed is if people are UNITED. And people can only be UNIFIED by the TRUTH of 9-11 being known to everyone from the smallest child in kindergarten to the oldest recipient of Social Security.

Yesterday, we pointed out that the mind manipulations of the Bush Administration propagated by the Mass Media, have worked very hard to eliminate any possibility of public inquiry into 9-11 or the election fraud. They are using Fear and Disinformation to control the masses. We are told almost daily that Osama and other terrorists are under the bed. And you can be sure that any terrorists that are actually found under our beds will have been put there by Bush and the CIA. Again, Islamic Terrorists are not just a creation of the CIA back in "old times" who got out of control - they are an active, current, "intelligence asset." And if there are going to be more "attacks," the CIA will be "the first to know."

Yesterday we noted several FACTS:

1) The purported 9-11 ringleader - Mohammed Atta - according to ABC news, was financed by "unnamed sources in Pakistan." According to Agence France Presse and the Times of India, an official Indian intelligence report informs us that the 9-11 attacks were funded by money wired to Mohammed Atta from Pakistan, by Ahmad Umar Sheikh, under orders from Pakistani intelligence chief General Mahmoud Ahmad. The report said: "The evidence we have supplied to the U.S. is of a much wider range and depth than just one piece of paper linking a rogue general to some misplaced act of terrorism."

2) General Mahmoud Ahmad was in the U.S. on September 11. He arrived on the 4th on a "routine visit." It was confirmed by news sources that Ahmad met with a number of U.S. officials. Here is the list: Colin Powell, Richard Armitage, Marc Grossman, CIA Director George Tenet, Senator Bob Graham, chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator John Kyl, Senate Intelligence Committee, Rep. Porter Goss, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Senator Joseph Biden, Chariman of Foreign Relations Committee.

3) On the morning of September 11, General Mahmoud Ahmad was having breakfast with Florida's senator, Bob Graham - chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Also present at breakfast was Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi. There were other members of the Senate and House Intelligence committees present.

4) In 1979, the CIA launched a covert operation in Afghanistan. The American agenda was to break up the Soviet Union. To accomplish this, they proceeded to pour money and expertise into Pakistan, which was then used to train tens of thousands of Muslim radicals in Pakistani Madrasahs. The CIA used Pakistan's military intelligence apparatus as a "go-between" so as to "cover" their own activities. Pakistan wanted to turn the Afghan Jihad into a war waged by all muslims against the Soviet Union. The CIA sponsored guerrilla training that was integrated with the teachings of Militant Islam. Osama bin Laden was a recruit into this operation. None of the recruits knew that their training, the funding, and the idealogy came straight from the CIA.

5) Now, it is common knowledge that the U.S. and the CIA supported the Mujahideen. It was declared to be in response to the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. What is not generally known - and little noted by the mainstream media, is that the CIA's military-intelligence operation in Afghanistan had been launched PRIOR to the Soviet invasion. It was, in fact, designed to deliberately trigger a civil war, to engage the Soviet Union, and bring it down.

6) The "spin" that is being put on the terrorist attacks against the US is that bad Osama "went against his father" and tricked his CIA/Pakistan intell handlers. Nothing could be further from the truth. The CIA has NEVER SEVERED ITS TIES TO THE Islamic Militant Network. What is more, Congressional documents confirm that members of the Senate and House of Representatives KNOW about the relationship of the current administration to international terrorism. They are fully cognizant of the links between the Bush gang and Osama. They know exactly that Osama was a pawn in the hands the Clinton administration, and now the Bush administration. They also KNOW that the "War Against Terrorism" is really a War against the American People by their own government. Republicans and Democrats have given their full consent to Bush and the gang to take America apart. In other words, a major war in Central Asia, supposedly to "crush" international terrorism, has been launched by the U.S. government, which created "international terrorism" as a part of its foreign policy. The whole thing has been fabricated to act on America exactly as it was fabricated to act on Russia as described above: to bring it and every other country on the planet down.

On May 16th, 2002, The New York Post dropped a "bombshell" in its headline:BUSH KNEW!

What this was designed to do was act as a "red herring." It was an "irrelevant topic" presented to divert attention away from the real issue. Because, of course, the real issue were the many questions being asked not only about the strike on the Pentagon that was questionable in more ways than one, but also the little leaks here and there that suggested that there was something going on behind the scenes. So, in order to completely divert suspicion, the Screaming Headlines were produced, got everybody's attention, and then the media talking heads just explained everything away - "Delaware is closed today."

Instead of focusing on direct culpability as one might think was suggested by the headlines, the discussions focused on the many "warnings" and "clues" of "possible terrorist attacks." And of course, these were all explained away as a "failure of intelligence" and "how could Bush possibly know what was going to happen?" The lame explanation was given that "yes, the FBI and the CIA knew something was cooking," but they "failed to connect the dots." And then, the apology given by House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt: "This is not blame placing... We support the President on the war against terrorism - have and will. But we've got to do better in preventing terrorist attacks."

And so, the Mass Media distracted everyone's attention away from the total idea of political deception by a pre-emptive apologia. Nothing at all was said about the years and years of ongoing political deception, the manipulations and activities of the CIA, the connection of the CIA to Osama Bin Laden and most especially NOT the link between Al Qaeda and Pakistan to the CIA right to the Oval Office of the White House and the Planning Rooms of the Pentagon.

It is certainly true that the rank and file of FBI agents probably are not privy to the details of the CIA's role in creating and driving the "Militant Islamic Network," but at the upper levels of the FBI, it is certainly known. And again, it is certainly WELL KNOWN among the members of Congress and the House of Representatives. So, the New York Post bomb managed to underscore the weakness of the FBI, the "failure of intelligence," and ignored completely the basis of the Islamic Militant Groups - the CIA.

Which brings us back to General Mahmoud Ahmad having breakfast with Bob Graham and others on the morning of 9-11.

On May 16, shortly after the New York Post bomb was dropped, Condoleezza Rice held a press conference to address the issue. At this press conference something very interesting happened: an Indian journalist asked Ms. Rice a question and in the public transcripts of this interview, it went as follows:

Q: Are you aware of the reports at the time that (inaudible) was in Washinton on September 11. And on September 10, $100,000 was wired from Pakistan to these groups here in thie area? And while he was here, was he meeting with you or anybody in the administration?

Rice: I have not seen that report, and he was certainly not meeting with me.

Now, what was excluded in the publicly released transcripts of this press conference - what was actually IN those brackets where we see the word "inaudible?"

Here is the copy of the Federal News Service, May 16, 2002, Special White House Briefing:

Q: Are you aware of the reports at the time that THE ISI CHIEF was in Washington...

Back up now - feets don't fail me - this is a real clue here.

WHY is this being hidden by the media? WHY is the designation of the individual who was in Washington being covered up in this stupid little gaffe - this (inaudible) when it was clearly audible and known?

WHO is being concealed?

The ISI Chief: General Mahmoud Ahmad. Remember our little collection of FACTS?

1) The purported 9-11 ringleader - Mohammed Atta - according to ABC news, was financed by "unnamed sources in Pakistan." According to Agence France Presse and the Times of India, an official Indian intelligence report informs us that the 9-11 attacks were funded by money wired to Mohammed Atta from Pakistan, by Ahmad Umar Sheikh, under orders from Pakistani intelligence chief General Mahmoud Ahmad. The report said: "The evidence we have supplied to the U.S. is of a much wider range and depth than just one piece of paper linking a rogue general to some misplaced act of terrorism."

2) General Mahmoud Ahmad was in the U.S. on September 11. He arrived on the 4th on a "routine visit." It was confirmed by news sources that Ahmad met with a number of U.S. officials.

Colin Powell,
Richard Armitage,
Marc Grossman,
CIA Director George Tenet,
Senator Bob Graham, chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee,
Senator John Kyl, Senate Intelligence Committee,
Rep. Porter Goss, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee,
Senator Joseph Biden, Chariman of Foreign Relations Committee.

And we come back to that most interesting item: On the morning of September 11, General Mahmoud Ahmad was having breakfast with Florida's senator, Bob Graham - chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Also present at breakfast was Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi. There were other members of the Senate and House Intelligence committees present. And that leads us right back to the Oval Office of the White House. Suddenly, all the pieces begin to fall into place.

When the news [of the attacks on the World Trade Center] came, the two Florida lawmakers who lead the House and Senate intelligence committees were having breakfast with the head of the Pakistani intelligence service. Rep. Porter Goss, R-Sanibel, Sen. Bob Graham and other members of the House Intelligence Committee were talking about terrorism issues with the Pakistani official when a member of Goss' staff handed a note to Goss, who handed it to Graham. "We were talking about terrorism, specifically terrorism generated from Afghanistan," Graham said.

Mahmoud Ahmed, director general of Pakistan's intelligence service was "very empathetic, sympathetic to the people of the United States," Graham said.

Goss could not be reached Tuesday. He was whisked away with much of the House leadership to an undisclosed "secure location". Graham, meanwhile, participated in late-afternoon briefings with top officials from the CIA and FBI." [Stuart News Company Press Journal, Vero Beach, FL, September 12, 2001]

The Miami Herald, on September 16, 2002, confirmed the meeting, and included the fact that General Ahmad also met with Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Graham said the Pakistani intelligence official with whom he met, a top general in the government, was forced to stay all week in Washington because of the shutdown of air traffic. "He was marooned here, and I think that gave Secretary of State Powell and others in the administration a chance to really talk with him," Graham said. [Miami Herald]

In fact, the News of Pakistan reported the visit BEFORE September 11:

ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Mahmoud's week-long presence in Washinton has triggered speculation about the agenda of his mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council. Officially, he is on a routine visit in return for CIA Director George Tenet's earlier visit to Islamabad. Official sources confirm that he met Tenet this week. He also held long parleys with unspecified officials at the White House and the Penatgon. But the most important meeting was with Marc Grossman, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. One can safely guess that the discussions must have centred around Afghanistan ... and Osama bin Laden. What added interest to his visit is the history of such visits. Last time Ziauddin Butt, Mahmoud's predecessor, was here, during Nawaz Sharif's goernment, the domestic politics turned topsy-turvy within days. [Amir Mateen, News Pakistan, September 10, 2001]

Nawaz Sharif was overthrown by General Pervez Musharaf. General Mahmoud Ahmad, who became the head of the ISI, played a key role in the military coup. [Chossudovsky]

It was in the news (even if the major media sources deliberately ignored it), so how come Condoleezza Rice didn't know about it? Of course, it's obvious that Bob Graham's freely quoted remarks at the time of the 9-11 event did not anticipate the fact that intelligence agents of India would discover that the $100,000 bux was paid to Atta on the orders of General Ahmad...

The existence of an ISI-Osama-Taliban-CIA-US government axis is a matter of public record. However, what was NOT expected - obviously - was the revelation by Indian intelligence - that the $100,000 bux was paid to Mohammed Atta on the orders of the guy having breakfast with Bob Graham - the same guy who was meeting with all the likely conspirators. The Bush administration's relations with pakistan's ISI - including the week of meetings and "consultations" with General Mahmoud Ahmad prior to September 11 - raise not only the issue of "cover-up" but of DIRECT COMPLICITY. At the very least, this suggests that key individuals within the U.S. military-intelligence establishment knew about the attack in some detail and failed to act. At worst, it suggests that the many irregularities noted about the behavior of Bush and his gang prior to, during, and following the 9-11 attacks were indicative of direct participation in the planning of the events, even to the "piggy-backing" of the drone plane attack on the Pentagon to divert suspicion away from the U.S. military.

What is crystal clear, however, is that this war is not a "campaign against international terrorism." It is a war of conquest with devastating consequences for the future of humanity. and the American people have been consciously and deliberately deceived by their government. [Chossudovsky]

Isn't it interesting to note that the last time the ISI chief of Pakistan was in Washington, the "domestic politics turned topsy turvy within days." Did the CIA help General Pervez Musharraf to overthrow Nawaz Sharif and now the favor was being returned? Just a little matter of the transfer of $100,000 bux - thirty pieces of silver to betray the American people?

More tomorrow...





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