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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

October 18, 2002 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! - The Perseus Foundation is ready to take the next step in it's growth process and needs the help of people that support the ideas the Foundation stands for.

As the clock ticks, more people are becoming aware of the precarious position that mankind is in. It is the mandate of the Foundation to foster this awareness and make available to all who seek the knowledge required to protect mankind from those forces that work against our freedom.

Plans have been developed to establish a Quantum Future School center that will function as the focal point for Foundation activities. The center will be a place where all seekers can come to stay and experience time together with other like-minded people. It will also be the host for conferences and meetings, able to economically supply food and lodging for a large group of people. It may also, ultimately, be a place of refuge...

In order to serve the needs we see on the horizon, The Perseus Foundation has formulated plans to raise one million dollars to accomplish this goal. It is clear that Time is of the essence, and it is also clear that we have been, and will continue to be, blocked from wide media and other promotional avenues that are open only to those groups and activities that foster the wide Control agenda of the New World Order. Because of the urgency of the ambitious aspirations of the Perseus Foundation your help is desperately needed NOW. Please join with us to supply the human race with a refuge from the storm. Help us keep Cassiopaea online. To learn more about the Quantum Future School, please read our Testimonials from members.

The U.S. Pacific Fleet's warships and submarines were missing nearly 600 computers as of late July, including at least 14 known to have handled classified data, an internal Navy report obtained on Friday said. The fleet, based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, sought to prevent release of the Naval Audit Service report, even though it was not classified. "A release of this information could negatively impact national security," wrote Rear Adm. Jonathan Greenert, the fleet deputy commander in chief. His comments, dated Sept. 6, were contained in an appendix of the report. The audit service found "a serious risk that PCs containing sensitive and classified information have been lost or compromised, which presents a threat to national security and a potential embarrassment to the Department of the Navy." All 595 of the missing laptop and desktop units featured removable hard drives, had been leased to the Navy, and were capable of processing classified information, the investigators said.

The disclosure that North Korea has embarked on a nuclear weapons program highlights what appears to be a growing challenge for the United States in its efforts to curb the spread of atomic bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. - U.S. officials said Russia and China also may have been sources of nuclear material for North Korea, prompting a quick denial from Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko, who said the allegation concerning Moscow "has absolutely nothing to do with reality." There was no immediate comment from China.

The recent revelation that North Korea has violated agreements with both the United States and South Korea by failing to end its nuclear program is being interpreted by some as strengthening the hand of the Bush administration to attack Iraq. These rogue, erratic states that comprise the infamous ''axis of evil'' obviously cannot be trusted, some say, so let's stop pussyfooting around and just knock 'em out. - But rather than strengthen the argument for military solutions, the new complication in North Korea actually points out the absurdity of seeking military solutions. The U.S. military is well aware of the horrendous costs of a war with North Korea, and this has, in the past, tempered the military option. Perhaps this is also why the immediate U.S. response has been measured and reasoned, seeking help from our allies in the region to find a peaceful resolution. But what sense does it make to have a foreign policy that says we'll negotiate with North Korea, a state that is conceivably more of a threat because it already has such weapons, but we'll pre-emptively strike Iraq because we think it might be developing these weapons? Unfortunately, many countries around the world have or are developing weapons of mass destruction. We can't possibly go around the world waging selective pre-emptive strikes against them. That would indeed not only signal perpetual war, but also global destruction as attacked nations unleash their deadly weapons on our allies and on us. Comment: Ya don't say! Well, who'da thunk it? Moreover, we cannot ask countries to selectively disarm. In areas of intense conflict, such as the Middle East and East Asia, there must be regional disarmament. Finally, we can't continue to say that other countries must not develop weapons of mass destruction while we, by far the mightiest military power in the world, continue to refine these deadly weapons.

Two Navy Jet Fighters Crash Off California - The aircraft were missing about 80 miles southwest of Monterey, California, during a training flight. There was no immediate indication of the cause of the crash, Navy officials said at the Pentagon. Comment: Those of you who have read Dolan's book know that many of these "training flight" crashes are actually cases where UFOs have shot down our aircraft. Put this together with the recent green fireball activity, which Dolan also documents, and the obvious panic of the Bush gang, and the picture within the picture is beginning to emerg. Yes, indeedy, Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Terrorists could try to strike again soon in the United States, FBI (news - web sites) Director Robert Mueller says, while offering little assurance the agency can thwart the next attack. CIA (news - web sites) Director George Tenet says the current situation is comparable to the summer before Sept. 11. Comment: Not a doubt in my mind that they are planning another faked 9-11 attack. Note the following:

Q: (A) I want really to know what kind of mechanism is behind this 911 number coming up in the NY lottery [on 9-11].
A: Warning.  It ain’t over!!!
Q: (A) Who was warning?
A: Mass consciousness signals to self about clear and present danger.
Q: (A) Makes sense. (C) That we created it our own selves? (L)  No, that mass consciousness is sending itself a signal about a clear and present danger…clear and present danger of what?
A: Wait and see.
Q: Might it have something to do with Iraq?
A: No cheating.
Q: (V) Okay.  I’m a little curious, and I don’t know if it’s been asked before or not, what is China’s role in regards to Iraq, is there any…
A: Big question mark, eh?
Q: (V) Well, it just keeps popping into my mind, and popping into my mind, China, China, China, China.  They’re so quiet at this time right now, I don’t hear them saying anything…
A: Indeed…
Q: (V) Are they supplying them [Iraq] with the chemical and biological weapons?
A: And…
Q: (V) Nuclear weapons?
A: ?
Q: (V) You can’t, you can’t say that?
A: Nope.
Q: (A) In fact there is an answer.  The answer is yes.  I mean if you were China and you had nuclear weapons and you needed a LOT of money, what would you do?  (L) And there is somebody who needs what you have, and there is all that oil and all that money, are you kidding?  Saddam wouldn't be being as cocky as he is if he didn't have a really big boom-boom lined up.  And it's aimed at us, I can guarantee. (V) Now does our government and their so called intelligence know that this is happening? (A) Of course! (V) Okay. (L) Sure. (V) Are they in cahoots with them? (L) Sure. (A) On a certain level everybody’s selling everything. (L) At those levels above they are because their objective is to decimate the Earth’s population. (V) Is China the only one feeding Iraq weapons? (L) Why should they be?  The US is feeding them weapons. I mean it’s so dirty it’s inconceivable. They're all in bed together.  (V) Is Laura right, the world leaders, the 10 % that want to get rid of…
A: That is the plan.

A national opinion poll released today found that 72% of Americans believe the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity and 68% think the government knows more about extraterrestrial life than it is letting on. - Americans' overall trust in the government is also an issue. The poll revealed that while just over half (53%) of Americans say that their level of trust in the government has remained stable over the past five years, nearly a third (29%) say that they trust the government less than they did five years ago. - This study was conducted by RoperASW among a representative sample of 1,021 adults ages 18 and over. The telephone interviews were conducted from August 23rd through August 25th, 2002. The margin of error for the total sample is +/- 3%.

The U.S. Department of Defense has confirmed an apparent space rock that lit a fire in the night sky above a remote region of Siberia last month. Meanwhile, scientists struggle to pin down whether or not the object slammed into the planet. - Failing to properly identify a cosmic object as it slams into the planet could result in an unnecessary nuclear exchange, some military and asteroid analysts warn. Evidence for an actual impact near Bodaibo has not been verified by scientists. - "Unfortunately, at present we do not know exactly what happen there," said Michael Nazarov of the Laboratory of Meteoritics Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. "The Bodaibo [seismic] station recorded a signal which cannot be easily interpreted." Other seismic recorders farther from the event recorded nothing, indicating that if the rock did survive its heated plunge through the atmosphere to hit the ground, the impact was relatively small.

NASA eyes lasers to divert asteroids - Although there is only a remote chance an asteroid will strike Earth in the near future, the spectacular crash of the Shoemaker-Levy comet into the planet Jupiter in 1993 and a razor-thin miss between an asteroid and Earth only last year have sharpened attention on work NASA has been doing to prevent impacts and their devastating results. Even a small asteroid or comet only about 100 meters across could cause tremendous damage. An asteroid of that size flattened 2,000 square miles of forest in Siberia in 1908. Though there is only a 1-in-250,000 chance of impact, an asteroid roughly 1.2 kilometer across -- big enough to destroy a continent on impact -- is expected to pass near Earth on Feb. 1, 2019.

Bali, Australia & The Mossad - Rose Cohen speculated: that something would happen against the Australians after our PM broke the total international isolation of Bush and Blair. EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN whom I talked to, disagrees with our government - AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN including the Editorial of the Sydney Morning Herald.....this has NEVER happened before!

As ABC National Australia Radio and many Australian papers mentioned, our government practically invited such a terrible event by 'sticking our neck out' far beyond ANY international codes of behavior. As a result, we lost a one billion dollar Wheat deal with Iraq, while our 'friends' the Americans are increasing their taxes on Australian farm products!!! Outrageous? NO, this is the 'normal' international code of behavior which selfish Bush and his NWO mob are trying to impose on the rest of the world. Israel, IMHO tricked Australia, and forced our government into supporting Bush blindly in order to generate Islamic hatret towards Australia. Once this hate is established the rest is 'clear sailing' and they can use their Mossad contacts among radical Moslem groups to blow up Australians. These are CLASSIC MOSSAD PROTOCOLS. More...

Charley Reese: We have become a nation of liars. - There is a certain poem by Rudyard Kipling. I can't quote it exactly, but the relevant two lines are something like "When they ask why they died, tell them it was because their fathers lied." [...] A lot of America's sons have died because "their fathers lied." The U.S. government lied through its teeth about the Tonkin Gulf resolution, an authorization for war based on a nonexistent attack, which Lyndon Johnson used as an excuse to pour American troops into Vietnam. Franklin Roosevelt lied when he campaigned and promised he would never send American boys to fight in a foreign war. [...]

I have come to believe that the greatest civic sin is to lie to the people. It ought to be considered the unforgivable sin. It undercuts the very basis of self-government. That concept, pioneered by America's Founding Fathers, says that the people can make the right decisions in the long run provided they are given the facts. If they are lied to, they are denied the opportunity to make the right decisions. They are, rather than choosing their destiny, being manipulated by others for hidden reasons. [...] I have not seen an honest war in my lifetime or read of one since the War Between the States. Even World War II was based on lies. It's true that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. It is also true that the Roosevelt administration maneuvered them into a position in which they had no choice but to attack the United States.

We have become a nation of liars. The politicians lie, journalists lie, corporate CEOs lie, and stockbrokers and other salesmen lie. Advertisers lie. Businesses lie. Preachers and priests and rabbis lie. And because of those lies, the young in our own and in other countries die or have their lives blighted by wounds, disease and poverty. As Thomas Jefferson said, if God is just, we're in trouble.

According to Polybius, human sacrifice served a valid political purpose. Lives of human beings were ritualistically taken by priests “to maintain the cohesion of the Roman state,”– that is, “to hold the common people in check.” [See B. Twyman, The Ancient History Bulletin, 11.1 (1997) 1-11] But as Roman civilization imbibed Greek moral values, human sacrifice began offending the Roman sense of decency. The practice was finally banned by senatorial decree in 97 B.C., and prohibited among all peoples conquered by Rome. [...]

Human sacrifice became the indicator that distinguished Roman from barbarian. Livy called human sacrifice “a most un-Roman rite.” Yet the form wouldn’t quite go away. The people, encouraged by the priests, regarded gladiatorial deaths as sacrifices to deified spirits of the dead known as Manes. And Livy’s contemporary, the outwardly decent Octavian Maria, upon assuming the title of Caesar Augustus in 28 B.C., sacrificed three hundred Roman senators on an altar in Perugia to atone for the assassination of his adoptive father, Julius Caesar. [A. Del Mar, The Worship of Augustus Caesar, p 318]

This “most un-Roman rite” was just too politically expedient to give up entirely. Rulers periodically contrived sacrificial offerings of human flesh because it was the most efficient means of bending the naturally individualistic human species to the monarchic will. Witnessing violent human death can be deeply traumatizing. The spectacle informs the imagination, where thought begins. In its own emotional language, human sacrifice brutally and memorably implies two classes of mankind – the all-powerful and the all-helpless. Watching the all-helpless die creates in the viewer an emotional debt to the all-powerful. This debt permeates our thinking, and to stay alive we cannot conceive of disobeying the all-powerful sacrificer. Remember Polybius: humans were sacrificed “to maintain the cohesion of the Roman hold the common people in check.”

September 11th meets the criteria of human sacrifice except for one important element: the all-powerful sacrificer. If the sacrificer was the high priest of Muslim suicide, Osama bin Laden, as President Bush the younger seems to have convinced the nation and the world he is, who among its viewers is cohering in Osama's omnipotence? What population is being held in check by the Al-Qaeda or their god Allah? I know of none. So, either September 11th was not a classical human sacrifice or we have mistaken the sacrificer’s identity.

Presuming human sacrifice, and bearing Polybius in mind, let’s approach it from the other end. Which state has achieved cohesion from September 11th? Which people are being held in check by its results? The answer to both questions is every nation within Rome’s sphere of influence, principally the United States. Comment: Caveat lector. This site is running a religious agenda, but still, some interesting observations such as the above.

US changes its tune in bid to sweet-talk UN - During an open Security Council debate on Iraq that continued for a second day on Thursday, more than 36 countries refused to endorse the US demand for an upfront authorisation of military force. In speech after speech, ambassadors welcomed Iraq's decision to allow the return of UN inspectors. Many warned that a war would possibly engulf the Middle East in conflict and have dire consequences for global stability. Comment: Maybe this, along with the growing awareness that ALL of the American people are not asleep and susceptible to his lies, has slowed Bush down just a bit. But don't hold your breath. Now is not the time to let up the pressure. In fact, it is altogether possible that the entire drama is staged at some level of reality.

October 17, 2002 - Comparing Apocalypses - All Roads Seem To Point To Catastrophe - In Books By Joseph Noah, James Merrill And Others, Rare Confirmation Of Grim Details Of Mankind's Coming Tribulation - Hold onto your hats, folks. As if George W. Bush's warmongering speeches weren't enough, just about every prophet, trance-medium and New Age crank today--and some long dead whose words are being quoted--is predicting a bad time for mankind in 2003, and a world-wide conflagration, if not the Apocalypse itself, beginning in the year 2012. -

What's most alarming about all of this is that many of these (often reluctant) prophets present, though they may dress it up in somewhat different clothes, more or less the same vision of our future, no matter the respective backgrounds of the prophets. That vision: Atomic war with Islam, a drastic thinning-down of the earth's population by at least two-thirds, and the extension of the life span of the survivors to at least 1,000 years. -

What's equally alarming is that it's impossible to dismiss some of these prophets as your ordinary, garden-variety New Age kook or crazy. One, for example, is Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet James Merrill (1926-1995), whose 500-page poem The Changing Light at Sandover (1982), allegedly partially dictated by spirit guides, contains complex and far-reaching predictions for our future that match the above scenario. There are other prophets of doom as accomplished as Merrill who, if they don't see the same details, are unequivocal in their assertion that we're becoming involved, as 2002 turns into 2003, in an ever-downward-turning spiral of relentless violence. One of these is Dr. Chet Snow, a Ph.D. in history, living in Sedona, Arizona, a past-life regression therapist who is involved with a form of mental time traveling into the future. Another is the great French author of Les MisZrables Victor Hugo, who, in 1853-1855, while in political exile on the English Channel island of Jersey, attended over 100 "table-tapping" spiritistic sZances. Hugo's spirit guides predicted harsh convulsions to come in man's future, including a series of blows beginning in the year 2000. As a remedy, they proposed a radical change in man's nature, one apparently based on the ideas of Giordano Bruno and other earlier hermeticists such as Marsilio Ficino. Not only is the advice of Victor Hugo's spirit guides not followed; it is scarcely even known.

Comment: It is precisely this subject addressed by the Cassiopaeans. In our book, Ancient Science, we track the FACTS through history, comparing them with myth and legend, examining what is or is not known about the "state of ascension," and trace it to its roots in the "mythical Golden Age." What is VERY DIFFERENT about our work here is the fact that we have utilized channeled "clues" ONLY as clues, and have worked very hard to collect the actual data that supports, in VERY REAL TERMS the idea that there can be "survivors," and that yes, a radical change will occur in those whose frequency is raised and colinear as they pass through this cataclysm. Those who survive, transformed by virtue of the change in the nature of the cosmic energy of our space/time locator, may very well then live in a semi-physical state for a thousand years. We also contend that, not only is the advice of Victor Hugo scarcely even known, as reported in the above linked article, the true methods of ascension are equally little known. We have been uncovering the depth and breadth of the COINTELPRO activity on Planet Earth, designed to prevent Ascension to this radical new state of being here on this site. And as we strip away the lies, we find the gems of truth buried for long centuries in the mud of lies and deception and the manipulation of those who do not wish to see mankind restored to Eden.

There is one big difference, however: 2003 is not going to be the Big Kahuna - though it is going to produce some pretty startling events, no doubt, which may include some serious bellicose activity, and a possible small cometary strike on the earth. As we have noted before, there are two significant periods to consider: the first is june/July of 2004, and the second is January of 2007.

FAKE TERROR - THE ROAD TO DICTATORSHIP - The Romans were hoaxed into surrendering their Republic, and accepting the rule of Emperors. - Cicero, in order to demonstrate to the Romans just how unsafe Rome has become hired thugs to cause as much disturbance as possible, and campaigned on a promise to end the internal strife if elected and granted extraordinary powers. -

What Cicero only dreamed of, Adolph Hitler succeeded in doing. Elected Chancellor of Germany, Hitler, like Crassus, had no intention of living with the strict limits to his power imposed by German law. Unlike Cicero, Hitler's thugs were easy to recognize; they all wore the same brown shirts. But their actions were no different than those of their Roman predecessors. They staged beatings, set fires, caused as much trouble as they could, while Hitler made speeches promising that he could end the crime wave of subversives and terrorism if he was granted extraordinary powers. Then the Reichstag burned down; a staged terrorist attack.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt needed a war. [...] President Lyndon Johnson wanted a war in Vietnam. [...] President George Bush wanted a war in Iraq. [...] So, here we are today. Like the Romans of Crassus' and Cicero's time, or the Germans under a newly elected Hitler, we are being warned that a dangerous enemy threatens us, implacable, invisible, omnipresent, and invulnerable as long as our government is hamstrung by that silly old Bill of Rights. Already there have appeared articles debating whether or not "extraordinary measures" (i.e. torture) are not fully justified under certain circumstances such as those we are purported to face.

As was the case in Rome and Germany, the government continues to plead with the public for an expansion of its power and authority, to "deal with the crisis". However, as Casio watch timers are paraded before the cameras, to the stentorian tones of the talking heads' constant dire warnings, it is legitimate to question just how real the crises is, and how much is the result of political machinations by our own leaders. Are the terrorists really a threat, or just hired actors with bombs and Casio watches, paid for by Cicero and given brown shirts to wear by Hitler? Is terrorism inside the United States really from outside, or is it a stage managed production, designed to cause Americans to believe they have no choice but to surrender the Republic and accept the totalitarian rule of a new emperor, or a new Fuhrer? Once lost, the Romans never got their Republic back. Once lost, the Germans never got their Republic back. In both cases, the nation had to totally collapse before freedom was restored to the people. Remember that when Crassus tells you that Sparticus approaches. Remember that when thugs in the streets act in a manner clearly designed to provoke the public fear. Remember that when the Reichstag burns down.

Comment: The Reichstag has already burned down.

My, how things have changed for Einhorn - FOR YEARS it's been all about Ira, Ira, Ira. Now, the beautiful young woman whose mummified remains were found in his closet has finally received justices after two decades of Einhorn's psychopathic blustering bravado, staggering ego and outlandish tales. Don't ever doubt the talent of the psychopath/ Organic Portal to turn transform a smart, artistic - or otherwise accomplishing individual - into a frightened, tortured soul whose attempts to break free can result in their death at worst, endless, vicious personal attacks at best. There are, of course, those who suggest that such a fate is because we "create our own reality," and that the entry of a murderer or other psychopath into one's life is a consequence of having those elements within the self. That's like saying the cat eats the mouse because the mouse is really a cat inside. Nature is the greatest teacher, and the facts are that we live in a world composed of two basic types of humans: predatory and prey and our challenge is to develop - or "ascend" to a new kind of being that is neither.

"The one thing he loved to do was talk about all his important stuff," Rosen said of Einhorn's testimony. " 'I was involved in Earth Day. I founded Earth Day. I'm Mr. Earth Day,' " he added mockingly. Then Rosen got into Einhorn's face and said what many Philadelphians of the wannabe guru have wanted to say for years: "Fraudulent, phony, false, fake!"

"They had to drag this guy off the [Earth Day] stage because his bloated ego wouldn't allow him to get off," Rosen said. Einhorn, Rosen said, was never important enough in Philadelphia to inspire a conspiracy to frame him for murder. "No one wants to get him," Rosen sneered. "There's no reason to get him." At this point, Rosen, who spent well over a decade familiarizing himself with Einhorn's hot buttons, got closer to the defense table, stared the famous fugitive in the face and delivered the most searing insult: "He's nothing." Einhorn stared back, blinking quickly, but never changing his blank expression. The evidence against Einhorn is overwhelming, Rosen said. "That's why he ran," Rosen said, referring to Einhorn's flight before his scheduled 1981 trial for the murder. "That's why he stuck his tail between his legs. Every day of his life, he lived a lie." Comment: Now we know why Vincent Bridges compared himself to Ira Einhorn. (Notice the title of the article, and then compare the Bridges and Einhorn sagas to the commentary of Mr. Xavier Moon .

President Bush's concern over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is a pretext for a global strategy of pre-emptive attack. He and his advisers intend to establish precedents with Iraq that can be used against other states that stand out against US global control. The US, he says, cannot allow anyone the capacity to attack it, but the country will keep its own power to destroy all-comers. - Why then should President Bush's policy be opposed and what changes must we insist on? He summarises his policy as tackling "the worst weapons in the hands of the worst leaders". But little is being done with respect to the "worst weapons". Attempts by the international community to control nuclear, biological and chemical weapons have been relentlessly undermined by Bush's Republican party for more than a decade.

Military action against states flouting international norms on WMD can only be justified if we and the US are implementing them too. Saying "do as we say", not "do as we do", is an invitation to everyone to acquire them. Tony Blair is making terrorism and proliferation far easier by accepting Bush's deliberate introduction of anarchy in international security. Members of the Bush administration were in office in the 1980s and were silent when Iraq used poison gas on Iran, the US's arch-enemy at the time. And we in Britain may have forgotten that our airforce used poison gas to suppress rebellion in Iraq in the inter-war period; one can be sure that the Iraqis have not.

Bush faces new crisis after North Korea admits nuclear secrets - President George W. Bush faced up to a "sobering" nuclear crisis with "axis of evil" foe North Korea, with the United States already deeply committed to a battle against global terrorism and preparing for war with Iraq. - The stunning US announcement late Wednesday that North Korea had confessed to pursuing a secret nuclear weapons programme in violation of international agreements left US officials in a conundrum over their next move with Pyongyang. They must play the notoriously difficult game of reading the mind of enigmatic North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, and decide whether the revelations amount to an immediate security threat or another round of high-stakes brinksmanship. - North Korean officials admitted they had continued to develop nuclear weapons, in violation of a 1994 agreement, in talks earlier this month with senior State Department official James Kelly, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said late Wednesday. Pyongyang considers the deal -- known as the Agreed Framework, under which it agreed to freeze its nuclear programme -- "nullified," he added. Comment: Well, what do you expect? When Bush declares that the US is not going to be bound by the UN agreements, why should anybody else be bound? Bush has set the precedent for uncontrollable Nuclear conflict... he has sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind... and unfortunately, so will the American People.

Einhorn found guilty of 1977 murder - A jury took less than two hours of deliberations to return a guilty verdict in the high-profile case. - Upon hearing the verdict presiding Judge William Mazzola labeled Einhorn "an intellectual dilettante, who preyed on an uninformed and young victim." On Tuesday prosecutors made Einhorn read diary entries -- some of them decades old -- describing his anger at being rejected by a series of lovers. Einhorn appeared to fighting back tears when his attorney asked him to read a diary entry dated four weeks after Einhorn says Maddux disappeared, around the same time the prosecution said Einhorn beat her to death. "Holly and Ira fifth anniversary - what a way to celebrate," Einhorn read. "Talk about Holly eases the pain... . An angel lingers in my mind." To read the details of the murder, see Chapter 33 of Adventures.

Israeli tanks killed six Palestinians, including two children. The dead were a four-year-old girl and a 12-year-old child, two young men and two elderly women, Rafah hospital director Ali Mussa told AFP. The injured included a young girl in critical condition and a dozen people listed as seriously hurt, he said. - At least six people, most of them children, were killed last week in Rafah by Israeli forces in incursions into the self-rule Palestinian town on the Israel-controlled border with Egypt. One was a four-year-old child crushed to death when Israeli sappers detonated a nearby house reportedly used for arms smuggling.

RUSSIA, FRANCE HEAD OPPOSITION against Bush - Russia, which has deep economic interests in Iraq and stands to profit from an end to sanctions against Baghdad, has been annoyed at delays in the inspectors' departure stemming from U.S. insistence on a new U.N. resolution before they arrive.

I'm an American tired of American lies - Probably I should just relax, be happy and talk about the weather, but this war is under my skin - it affects my sleep. I remember playing basketball with an Iraqi in the late 80s while Iran and Iraq were at war. I didn't know at the time that the US and Britain were supplying weapons to both sides. I asked why they were always at war with each other and he said something that stayed with me: "If it were up to the people, there would be peace. It's the governments that create war." And now my government is creating its second war in less than a year. No; war requires two combatants, so I should say "its second bombing campaign".

I went to the White House when Harvey Weinstein was showing Clinton the movie Welcome to Sarejevo, which I was in. I got a few moments alone with Clinton. Saddam throwing out the weapons inspectors was all over the news and I asked what he was going to do. His answer was very revealing. He said: "Everybody is telling me to bomb him. All the military are saying, 'You gotta bomb him.' But if even one innocent person died, I couldn't bear it." And I looked in his eyes and I believed him. Little did I know he was blocking humanitarian aid at the time, allowing the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

I am a father, and no amount of propaganda can convince me that half a million dead children is acceptable "collateral damage". The fact is that Saddam Hussein was our boy. The CIA helped him to power, as they did the Shah of Iran and Noriega and Marcos and the Taliban and countless other brutal tyrants. The fact is that George Bush Sr continued to supply nerve gas and technology to Saddam even after he used it on Iran and then the Kurds in Iraq. While the Amnesty International report listing countless Saddam atrocities, including gassing and torturing Kurds, was sitting on his desk, Bush Sr pushed through a $2bn "agricultural" loan and Thatcher gave hundreds of millions in export credit to Saddam. The elder Bush then had the audacity to quote the Amnesty reports to garner support for his oil war.

A decade later, Shrub follows the same line: "We have no quarrel with the Iraqi people." I'm sure half a million Iraqi parents are scratching their heads over that. I'm an American tired of lies. And with our government, it's mostly lies.

The history taught in our schools is scandalous. We grew up believing that Columbus actually discovered America. We still celebrate Columbus Day. Columbus was after one thing only - gold. As the natives were showering him with gifts and kindness, he wrote in his diary, "They do not bear arms ... They have no iron ... With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." Columbus is the perfect symbol of US foreign policy to this day.

This is a racist and imperialist war. The warmongers who stole the White House (you call them "hawks", but I would never disparage such a fine bird) have hijacked a nation's grief and turned it into a perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to describe as terrorist.

But in wartime people lose their senses. There are flags and yellow ribbons and posters and every media outlet is beating the war drum and even sensible people can hear nothing else. In the US, God forbid you should suggest the war is unjust or that dropping cluster bombs from 30,000ft on a city is a cowardly act. When TV satirist Bill Maher made some dissenting remarks about the bombing of Afghanistan, Disney pulled the plug on him. In a country that lauds its freedom of speech, a word of dissent can cost you your job. More...

The Order of Skull and Bones - Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. A Reader sent in the link and the following excerpts from the document:

Page 2 "...In 1823, Samuel Russell established Russell and Company for the purpose of acquiring opium in Turkey and smuggling it to China. Russell and Company merged with Perkins (Boston) syndicate in 1830 and became the primary opium smuggler. Many great American and European fortunes were built on the "China" (opium) trade...

Page 8 "...Ever since Nixon re-established America's political relationship with China, many of our ambassadors to that country have been Bonesmen, including George Bush, the first Chief U.S. Liaison Officer to the Peoples Republic of China...

Page 8 "...Why all the interest in China? Well, China, among other things, is one of the largest producers and users of opiates in the world...In 1903, Yale Divinity School set up a program of schools and hospitals in China. Mao Zedong was among the staff ...The Bush family is still very much involved in the economics of "Red China"...Many researchers contend that George Bush has been with the CIA since the early 1950's, and that one of his jobs was to consolidate and co-ordinate the worldwide narcotics industry, the largest industry on Earth. Some say that one of the reasons behind the Vietnam...was a cover for the consolidation of the "Golden Triangle".

SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition) - Seems to be the "real terrorist." - SADM is tiny and lethally efficient: its tightly controlled 0.01 kiloton atomic yield generating the same explosive blast as ten tons of TNT, from a package small enough to send by motorcycle courier.

The establishment media recently (1993) suggested the World Trade Centre bomb was "home made" and placed in an underground car park by a blind Islamic militant from New Jersey. The claim was ludicrous, because the shock-blast needed to rip through seven floors of reinforced concrete car park, cannot be generated by components purchased over the counter at a chemical warehouse.

On 23 March, Tom Valentine of Radio Free America interviewed veteran nuclear physicist Galen Winsor, who said the blast was not caused by a low-yield conventional explosive charge. Galen Winsor went much further than this. "I'm sure it was just exactly what John McPhee predicted 20 years ago in his book, The Curve of Binding Energy" he said, "where McPhee quoted Theodore B. Taylor, a theoretical physicist out of Los Alamos, who said that someone someday was going to blow up the World Trade Centre with a small nuclear device, the size of a stick of gum." Winsor continued, "McPhee's book was published in 1975, although the prediction first appeared in the New Yorker magazine in 1973. Taylor worked in the area of the micronization of nuclear weapons, in other words making nuclear weapons small enough so the Israelis could carry them around in a briefcase."

The mega-blast in the City of London (1993), was the third in just over a year to warrant a permanent place on the Richter Scale. This bomb and others in London and the New York World Trade Centre all shared three common features: Each mega-bomb was detonated in a high-profile business district, each left few if any scorch marks, and the resulting shock-blast on all three occasions exceeded by far the normal explosive and logistic capabilities of any existing, known "terrorist" organization.

Unluckily for the public at large SADM also produces quantities of localized radiation, which can be detected by reading the ultraviolet spectrum in the immediate vicinity of the blast, but few workers in London or New York have access to the scientific equipment needed for such specialized monitoring. While the British Government was busy convincing its citizens "The IRA did it", London TV cameras were accidentally filming a team of experts entering the blast area wearing full nuclear protective clothing. Extraordinary behaviour from experts simply walking around taking a quick peek at the remains of an old-fashioned IRA bomb, traditionally manufactured from ammonium nitrate & diesel.

Almost exactly a year later the second London mega-bomb exploded in the same part of the financial centre. Like the first, damage was awesome with repair estimates running as high as US$1 billion. Once again the obvious was completely overlooked: repair bills from huge IRA bombs detonated in the centre of Belfast generally range from ten to twenty million dollars. Viewed in dollar-damage terms alone then, each mega-bomb in London was at least fifty times more powerful than its crude IRA cousins across in Northern Ireland. Put bluntly, the Irish Republican Army simply does not have access to the technology for the London mega-bombs.

Radiation left behind by nuclear devices, even micronized nuclear devices, can be extremely dangerous for those forced to work in the area after the bomb has exploded: Probably a very good reason for the American and British Governments to blame Islamic Militants and the IRA respectively. For as long as the general public remain unaware of the risk they will continue to commute to work and happily beaver away at their desks. If either government "went public" with the news that nuclear devices had been detonated, there might be widespread panic in two of the most important business districts in the world, perhaps leading to a complete refusal to return to work.

The question of exactly "who" is bombing some of the largest business centres in the world currently remains unanswered, though the brute power of the bombs limits the candidates. Much has been said in America about the possible involvement of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, but the only hard evidence pointing in its direction are the two London bombs exploding on a Saturday: the Jewish Sabbath. While this would certainly have limited the number of possible deaths among Jewish business staff in the City of London, the timings might be coincidental. Most likely the question of "who" will never be answered. The self-appointed "New World Order" has imposed its draconian will on a large number of resentful countries in a very short period of time, evidently wishing to change the world into a great, peaceful, American-led democratic environment. Perhaps one similar to that existing in Los Angeles after the first Rodney King verdict was handed down.

We are living in increasingly dangerous times. - War against Iraq and its people as well as a US military dictatorship aiming to control Iraq's oil is inhuman and illegal. It is an absurdity coming out of a groupthink that has lost contact with the rest of humanity. - They used to say that what is good for the United States is good for the world. I think this now applies to peaceful regime change and democratisation in Washington.

Police yesterday offered these tips for protection against sniper-style shootings - The reader who sent in the link comments: Our govt has at last found a way to protect us from mind controled shooters...walk zig zag...yeah, that's the ticket.

Reader comments from DC: Multiple witnessess, 9 deaths, 2 wounded in a densely populated urban area. Remarkable paucity of witnesses Differing descriptions of vehicles, weapons, and appearance of shooter. Increasingly efficient dragnets eluded. Very strange. Focusing of HAARP to scramble witness and pursuers thoughts? Portable or semi-portable HAARP like device? There is an urban legend going around that 9 killed, 2 wounded is 9/11 reference. Seems unlikely, but anythings possible, eh?

In the two weeks since the Washington-area sniper began his shooting spree, he has succeeded in eluding both description and capture in one of the largest manhunts in history. Comment: Which certainly suggests that he is a "professional."

Killing the Political Animal: CIA Psychological Operations and Us - CIA director William Colby's boasted that "the Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any major significance in the major media." A CIA instruction manual entitled "Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare" provides some clues. Written in the early 1980s (coincidentally, soon after Bush Sr. headed the Agency) the document was part of the US government's crusade to bring down Nicaragua's leftist government, by providing training and weapons to the Contra rebels.

PSYOP quote: "It is appropriate ... to guide the discussion of a group to cover a number of points and to reach a correct conclusion." The people "should feel it was their free and own decision."

PSYOP quote: "Always be prepared with simple slogans in order to explain to the people, whether in intentional form or by chance, the reason for the weapons." Reasons such as: "The weapons will be for winning freedom; they are for you," or "Our weapons are, in truth, the weapons of the people, yours."

PSYOP quote: "In places and situations wherever possible ... explain the operation of weapons to the youths and young men."

PSYOP quote: "Established citizens ... will be recruited initially as 'Social Crusaders' in typically 'innocuous' movements in the area of operations. When their 'involvement' with the clandestine organization is revealed to them, this supplies the psychological pressure to use them as 'inside cadres' in groups to which they already belong or of which they can be members."

PSYOP quote: "Bring about uprisings or shootings, which will cause the death of one or more persons, who would become the martyrs ... in order to create greater conflicts."

In "Body of Secrets," respected journalist James Bamford explores official government records in which the Pentagon "called for innocent people to be shot on American streets, for boats ... to be sunk on the high seas, for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington D.C., Miami and elsewhere," for "people to be framed for bombings they did not commit" and for planes to be hijacked, all in the name of convincing Congress and the American public to support a new war. Bamford writes about the early 1960s, but many of the Pentagon's proposals then seem uncomfortably reminiscent today.

From: Centre for Research on Globalisation - Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CFR Put War Plans in a 1997 Book – It is "A Blueprint for World Dictatorship," Says a Former German Defense and NATO Official Who Warned of Global Domination in 1984, in an Exclusive Interview With FTW - Summary "THE GRAND CHESSBOARD – American Primacy And It's Geostrategic Imperatives," Zbigniew Brzezinski, Basic Books, 1997. These are the very first words in the book, "Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some five hundred years ago, Eurasia has been the center of world power." - p. xiii. Eurasia is all of the territory east of Germany and Poland, stretching all the way through Russia and China to the Pacific Ocean. It includes the Middle East and most of the Indian subcontinent. The key to controlling Eurasia, says Brzezinski, is controlling the Central Asian Republics. And the key to controlling the Central Asian republics is Uzbekistan. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Uzbekistan was forcefully mentioned by President George W. Bush in his address to a joint session of Congress just days after the attacks of September 11 as the very first place that the U.S. military would be deployed.

As FTW has documented in previous stories, major deployments of U.S. and British forces had taken place before the attacks. And the U.S. Army and the CIA had been active in Uzbekistan for several years. There is now evidence that what the world is witnessing is a cold and calculated war plan - at least four years in the making – and that, from reading Brzezinski's own words about Pearl Harbor, the World Trade Center attacks were just the trigger needed to set the final conquest in motion.

FTW, November 7, 2001, 1200 PST – There's a quote often attributed to Allen Dulles after it was noted that the final 1964 report of the Warren Commission on the assassination of JFK contained dramatic inconsistencies. Those inconsistencies, in effect, disproved the Commission's own final conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone on November 22, 1963. Dulles, a career spy, Wall Street lawyer, the CIA director whom JFK had fired after the 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco - and the Warren Commission member who took charge of the investigation and final report - is reported to have said, "The American people don't read."

World events since the attacks of September 11, 2001 have not only been predicted, but also planned, orchestrated and – as their architects would like to believe – controlled. The current Central Asian war is not a response to terrorism, nor is it a reaction to Islamic fundamentalism. It is in fact, in the words of one of the most powerful men on the planet, the beginning of a final conflict before total world domination by the United States leads to the dissolution of all national governments. This, says Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member and former Carter National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, will lead to nation states being incorporated into a new world order, controlled solely by economic interests as dictated by banks, corporations and ruling elites concerned with the maintenance (by manipulation and war) of their power. As a means of intimidation for the unenlightened reader who happens upon this frightening plan – the plan of the CFR - Brzezinski offers the alternative of a world in chaos unless the U.S. controls the planet by whatever means are necessary and likely to succeed.

This position is corroborated by Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, Ph.D. a former German defense ministry official and advisor to former NATO Secretary General Manfred Werner. On November 6, he told FTW, "The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the CFR, The Trilateral Commission – founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller – and the Bliderberger Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens."

Regime Change in the US - What the United Nations Must Do - Rather than adopting the suggested regime change in Iraq through military force, the United Natioins must instead consider an entirely different course of action. This new course is based upon the facts alone, rather than political pressure. A regime change is indeed necessary, but not in Iraq. The primary regime which needs to be changed, is the one found in Washington DC. The greatest tyrant and true threat to world peace who needs to be ousted, is George W. Bush. The facts which clearly show the need for such a resolution against the U.S. are self evident...they demonstrate a "clear and present danger" to the world community. America is clearly a nation which aspires to global domination, through the use of the most expensive and high tech military the world has ever known.

Report from Australia: Have been reading Sign Of The Times regularly and find it most interesting as you are doing such a terrific job to keep up with all the news. Have just finished going through the latest and In regard to Australians feelings on going to War with Bush, I was very surprised what was printed. The impression that I am gauging around the place is the majority of Australians are ready to support Bush and his lies and are totally brainwashed into believing all that he promotes. Even on a phone survey they did on Victorian TV news about a month ago, the result was approx 64% in favour of going to war and supporting Bush. After the Bali bombing in which one of my clients is still missing, the local radio station had listeners ring in with their opinions and the majority were woman, saying yes lets go to war .

Comment: We think that it is fairly obvious that Australia is being subjected to the same media spin that is rampant here in the US. OUR media polls say the same things. But just go out and take your own poll, talk to people, listen to them, watch how they look around as if in fear before they tell the truth: they are scared and they know Bush is crazy.



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