The American Meteor Society has received over 100 reports of a bright fireball seen from mid western states at approximately 8:30 PM local eastern time. Witnesses from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania reported an extremely large and bright bluish green ball of light followed by a bright white tail. Sighting reports clustered the start and end point of the meteor near the Ohio and Kentucky border, heading from the east almost due west.

From Bill Cooke (Meteoroid Environments Office, NASA)
Time of this fireball was January 29 at 01:17:39 UTC (Jan 28 - 8:17pm EST.)
Best trajectory estimation:
Start location: 83.397 W, 37.809 N at 93 km altitude
End location: 84.278 W, 37.162 N at 70 km altitude
Speed: 36 km/s +/- 7 km/s
Radiant: RA 172.1 +/- 2 deg, Dec +40.8 +/- 0.4 deg
AMS Event #312-2014 – "Mid West Fireball" – January 28th, 2014 – 2D Trajectory

AMS Event #312-2014 – “Mid West Fireball” – January 28th, 2014 – 3D Trajectory
This mid western fireball event was followed by three more fireballs in different parts of the country a few hours later in the night. The three followup fireballs all occurred within 15 minutes of each other near 5:00 UTC time. AMS Event #313, over Missouri happened just a few 100 miles away from the earlier event in Ohio. AMS Event #314 was reported in California and a forth confirmed fireball, AMS Event #316 was reported in Florida.
January 28th, 2014 – Four Confirmed Fireball Events
If you witnessed any of these fireball events, please fill out an official fireball report.