We love anomalous trail cam photos. Whether they're clearly fake images of the Chupacabra, widely circulated viral marketing for a film, or just a bear with mange, there's something eerie about a lonely camera snapping grainy photos of anything that wanders by. Well, we've got a brand spanking new one for you today, one that's especially strange... because it's so clear.
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This image, snapped by an as of yet unnamed game trapper from Alberta, certainly appears to be a rather good snap of what looks like some kind of big primate lounging around in the forest; a far cry from the usual "blobquatch" images of blurry brown specs viewed through leaves and digital zoom.

The photo is so striking, in fact, that one could easily wonder if it wasn't actually an image of a gorilla snapped in a preserve somewhere. The woman who uploaded the photo to Facebook a few hours ago, Penny, swears that isn't the case.

"I know this person. They are a dogsledder and would in no way be the type to try to fool around with fake pictures. They actually think it's a bear and cub but for some reason they only have one photo. Strange."
So, what do you think? Is this one of the cleanest shots of a Sasquatch since the Patterson-Gimlin film, or is it just another case of mistaken identity or intentional hoax? We're working on snagging some of the original photos and will bring you an update when more information comes in.

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