Obama is not the "lesser evil". He has more in common with Romney than most people realize. The alternative? Step out of the tunnel vision of the two-party set-up. Forget about third-party candidates or Ron Paul. There is NO choice through voting in this corrupted system. If we want a better world, the denial needs to stop. Question everything, especially the illusion of national identification with a country and seeing yourself as "Americans".

You are a human being, not a label confined by imaginary borders.

The illusion of National Identification and Patriotism is something many people are chained to. As Krishnamurti said: "Patriotism is a disease". It keeps us separated just like religious identification and belief. The leaders of this country and the world couldn't care less about "America" and other nations. These beliefs are just part of the circus show to keep people confined and controlled. What rules the world are Transnational Corporations, run by psychopaths and other interests. Wars are also not fought for national security, liberty and freedom. The lie of "Patriotism" (with its emotional attachment of "Pride") is being sold to the masses to follow without questioning, re-enforcing the prison they are in through the Stockholm Syndrome.

By voting and by identifying yourself with a party (left or right) you actually give validity to the corrupt system, the two-party set-up and essentially your "permission" to keep it in place. In a sense you actually give up your "free will" by believing in lies (taking the false for the true and the true for the false) and supporting them with your "vote". It's how the "matrix" works and keeps itself in place: By the consensus of the people believing in it and supporting it through their actions and beliefs.

No matter how good a lie sounds, how good it feels or what seemingly "positive" effect it may have, there are metaphysical repercussions that affect everyone and the whole world "negatively" and actually feed entropy, essentially keeping the false system and control in place by giving it "energy", regardless if the people who support/believe lies (unknowingly or not) are very loving, positive and mean well. In a sense, by voting and buying into the illusion of "free choice" people tend to do more "harm" than any "good" - the exact opposite of what we're being told ("Rock the Vote!") and have been conditioned to believe.

Obviously it's not about just not voting and doing nothing. It's about gaining Knowledge and educating ourselves and see the "fraud" and the lies for what they are. Then we Know what to DO and most importantly what NOT to do. The more people engage in seeking Truth and work together in that regard, the better the chance that reality (as a Whole) will change for the "better", because we DO create our own reality but it's not as simple as portrayed in the many distorted New Age "You Create Your Own Reality" bits.

One of the questions I am often asked is:

"What do you suggest we DO if we don't vote?"

Well, what an interesting question, which reflects how we've been conditioned with basically only two options to choose from (left or right). I'm in no position to tell anyone what to do. I can give some suggestions and food for thought, but eventually the drive to seek truth and act upon it - living life beyond personal interests but with awareness of the bigger picture - needs to come from oneself.

Having said that, here are some suggestions:

1. Know Thyself

The most important part is to gain Self-Knowledge and work on oneself, cutting through our conditioning and programming to become a better person and truly "Be the change". Self-Knowledge and Self-Work is also needed to truly understand the world "out there". We are all works in process and all there is are lesson, but there needs to be effort to cut through our conditioning. It doesn't happen by itself. It's about conscious evolution.

"The change must begin with the human being, not with the outward structure. The human being is confused, the human being is conditioned. He believes, and therefore there is a contradiction in himself. He is really, deeply confused and if he wants to change the social structure, the change from confusion only breeds more confusion. Whereas, if he could bring about clarity within himself, and from that clarity act, then such an action is really a deep psychological revolution. That revolution is absolutely necessary."

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
2. Acquire Knowledge

Educate yourself and seek Information and Knowledge outside the realm of official culture and mainstream media. Question everything! A very good news site I can highly recommend to check out daily is Signs Of the Times. This site provides objective investigative Journalism with contributions from a global network. It is probably the best news site on the web.

3. STOP Watching TV

Turn off your TV. As a matter of fact, get rid of it. Create a meditation space there instead. Watching TV modifies and programs (literally) our behaviors, desires, beliefs and even is detrimental to our health. Take care of your health with exercise, yoga, qi gong, meditation, massage, breathwork, healthy diet (stay away from gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, incorporate healthy fats and animal protein), spending time in nature, etc. The body and mind are one. What you eat and how you live has an effect on how you think and feel. This breathwork/mediation program is very powerful: http://eiriu-eolas.org/

4. Speak Up & Raise Awareness

Network and talk about these topics to friends and family or new people you meet. Don't be afraid to speak up. Awareness is the first step to change. Of course it is not about preaching or forcing one's view on another, but about raising awareness and "pushing the envelope", spreading some "seeds" here and there if appropriate. There is a time to talk and a time to be silent, but not falling into complacency, conformity, self-importance, unproductive anger or rage. Meet on a regular basis with a group of like-minded people, so you can get feedback and keep each other "awake", discussing these issues, creating community based on Truth, Knowledge and essentially Love. Together we're stronger.
"Cowardice asks the question: 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question: 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question: 'Is it popular?' But conscience asks the question: 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because one's conscience tells one what is right."

~ Martin Luther King
5. Be the Media

Utilize Blogging and Social Networks to spread awareness and information. Facebook and other sites can be great tools to raise awareness and network beyond just talking about oneself, how much you love life or what you had for breakfast.
We can keep each other informed and provide better and more insightful news than the mainstream media.

True Change Can Happen

These are just some suggestions. More can be done and each of us should look deeply into ourselves, of how one is being honest with oneself, others and the world at large. Everyone can do something to raise awareness and make this world a better place, each according to his/her unique talents that go beyond immediate self-gratification or self-interest that keeps one in a subjective tunnel vision. However this also entail questioning what we believe to be true or not and not mistake objectivity for negativity or wishful thinking for positivity.

The future is not set in stone. It all depends on each of us. The more people wake up to truth and see the world as it is, not as we "like" it to be, the better for all. Awareness creates change, not simply "positive thinking", visualizing or meditating on "peace". Providing solutions without first getting a better understanding of ourselves and what is truly going on in the world can be self-defeating in the long run. Discernment is needed and separating truth from lies, within and without. This higher awareness then results in action that will have lasting positive results and not just change of "appearances".

There is much we'll have to come to terms with before true change can happen. Let's not miss the opportunity during this "Time of Transition". There is work to do, but it's what we signed up for.