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Signs of the Times for Mon, 20 Mar 2006

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the way the world works? If you were to find yourself in a position to enact real change, to spread truth to the world at large, imagine the ways that you would get it done. Once you begin to think back to a time when you first started to question the lies, and when you felt that need to find the truth and help others to find it too, you will begin to see that you can really make a difference today.

Now is the time to rise up for the truth!

That is where we are right now, with our constant efforts in the past to push forward and get our material out to the world, we have positioned ourselves to go to the next level. Lobbying the Neo-Cons is useless, the only way to effect real change is to act now and give people the truth.

We are nearing the final stages of starting the unstoppable ball rolling, and now is the time that you begin to find yourself poised to help bring the world to the truth, and to expose the Matrix like reality!

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Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
March 20, 2006

Oil was up in dollar terms but still less than it was two weeks ago ($63.67/bl.). Gold is also lower than it was two weeks ago ($567.20/oz.). Why do market levels seem so normal when the underlying economic foundation seems so unstable? Could it be that military spending will take over the role of demand stimulant from consumer spending? Could it be that "the economy" will continue to look healthy while the average person sinks into servitude? While U.S. consumers are getting squeezed between lower wages and rising cost of debt and basic goods, deficit military spending is going through the roof...

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Signs of the Times
Regular readers of this site will be aware of the fact that, for about 4 years, we have been repeatedly trying to convince as many people as would listen that the "war on terror" is bogus...

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Baghdad Burning
It has been three years since the beginning of the war that marked the end of Iraq's independence. Three years of occupation and bloodshed.

Spring should be about renewal and rebirth. For Iraqis, spring has been about reliving painful memories and preparing for future disasters. In many ways, this year is like 2003 prior to the war when we were stocking up on fuel, water, food and first aid supplies and medications. We're doing it again this year but now we don't discuss what we're stocking up for. Bombs and B-52's are so much easier to face than other possibilities.

I don't think anyone imagined three years ago that things could be quite this bad today. The last few weeks have been ridden with tension. I'm so tired of it all- we're all tired.

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and JEFFREY ST. CLAIRMarch 18 / 19, 2006
Three years into the war in Iraq and now about two out of three Americans are against it, as against about one out of fifty elected politicians. In Iraq 2,315 Americans have died, and 17,100 wounded, many of them with limbs lost, some facing a lifetime in a wheel chair. Of the tens of thousands who have returned from combat to army bases or civilian life here, around 2.5 per cent are suffering from severe post traumatic stress syndrome, powder kegs, a menace to themselves and their families. There will be psychic as well as physical wreckage across America for years to come.

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Three Years Too Many

cowboy_hat.png Bush Marks Anniversary, Never Says 'War'

stormtrooper.png US troops to stay in Iraq for a few more years: commander

spying.png What Did You See at the War, Jimmy?

road_cone.png The central battlefield in the global resource war

red_flag.png Anti-war protesters in SLC, elsewhere lament apathy

stormtrooper.png How Operation Swarmer Fizzled: Not a shot was fired, or a leader nabbed, in a major offensive that failed to live up to its advance billing


reptile_eye.png Brzezinski calls for Iraq pull out

smiley-tongue-out.png Saddam Hussein turns the tables at US-run show trial

speaker.png Cobra II - The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq

35mm_film.png Video: The 50 Billion Dollar Robbery - Three years after the start of the Iraq war, where has the 50 billion dollars of reconstruction money gone?"

attention_sign.png The time for accounting - The case against the Iraq war and occupation has been entirely vindicated. It must be brought to an end

alarmclock.png Father who took up Iraq machine gun to avenge dead son is ready to go home

u-s-flag.png The farcical end of the American dream - The US press is supposed to be challenging the lies of this war

red_flag.png Quiet disapproval in US marks war's anniversary

alarmclock.png Fewer Protest Iraq War's 3rd Anniversary

stormtrooper.png Iraq embroiled in 'civil war,' says former PM Allawi

Sacrifices to Yahweh

reptile_eye.png Israeli forces to step up targeted killings: Mofaz

reptile_eye.png Amnesty International Calls On Israel to End Settlements and Constructing Apartheid Wall

reptile_eye.png Check Your Beliefs

road_cone.png Fatah stays out of Hamas cabinet

reptile_eye.png Gaza is still a prison - US-brokered agreements on Gaza are as worthless as every other lie the Palestinians have been told

reptile_eye.png The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

reptile_eye.png Little 8 yr old girl killed in Israeli raid

reptile_eye.png Just exactly who or what is anti-Semitic?

road_cone.png Abbas to accept Hamas cabinet lineup

reptile_eye.png Study: AIPAC works against US interests

road_cone.png Abbas urged to quit, scrap government

reptile_eye.png After weeks of Israeli closure, Gaza Strip is completely out of bread

reptile_eye.png The Israeli Raid in Jericho: The Background

attention_sign.png Israel's colonisation of Palestine blocking peace, says Jimmy Carter

attention_sign.png AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy

Running the US into the Ground

attention_sign.png The End Of Civilization

dr_evil.png Pink Slips Abound for Prosecutors and Therapists: Humanity Suffers the Savagery of the American Empire's Post 9/11 Worldview

pie-chart.png Poll: 46% of Americans favor plan to censure - 42% favor Impeachment

reptile_eye.png Embargoes on global arms trade have been total failure, says UN

cow.png Animal Farm: Former top U.S. general gets $200,000-a-year board gig

money.png The Matthews Speaking Fee Controversy

republican.png GOP senators introduce eavesdropping bill

republican.png US evangelicals warn Republicans

cow_skull.png For folly, billions; for survival, pennies - Bush bankrupts the nation paying for a needless war -- while cutting budgets that could protect us against catastrophes like bird flu.

stormtrooper.png NYC cops used covert tactics, 'proactive arrests' at protests

u-s-flag.png The Merton file - Dissent was once a cherished American value

reptile_eye.png The real meaning of 9/11

cowboy_boot.png A Collapsing Presidency - Will it take the country down with it?

u-s-flag.png The Torture Judge - U.S. court rules our government can break international laws to keep us safe

Global Chaos

stormtrooper.png Pakistan supplied American missiles to Taliban

road_cone.png Villepin vows not to back down as unions threaten strike over French jobs plan

attention_sign.png Saddam Was Trying to Capture Zarqawi?

attention_sign.png Interview by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov to "Los Angeles Times" Newspaper

attention_sign.png Interview by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov to "Associated Press" News Agency

attention_sign.png Belarus incumbent president wins re-election

heart.png Mysterious ailment in Chechnya is blamed on mass hysteria- Not everyone buys regime's explanation linking illness to effects of war on children.

road_cone.png Revolution? No thanks, say France's young protesters

Latin America Fights Back

attention_sign.png Blair calls for Guantanamo to close

road_cone.png Look at the latins: In resisting the abuse of US power the Middle East has a lot to learn from Latin America

heart.png Chavez pours oil on troubled waters - to many Americans actions speak louder than words.

road_cone.png Secessionists threaten Venezuela's unity

lady_liberty.png Latin America Unchained

smiley-tongue-out.png Cuba Demands America Return Guantanamo Bay

smiley-tongue-out.png Chavez blasts Bush as "donkey" and "drunkard"

Iran: How Many Years To Come?

penis_pump.png War Pimp US accuses Iran of "unhelpful activities" in Iraq

nuclear.png China requires IAEA report on Iran at Security Council

nuclear.png Do You Feel Safe With This Man's Finger on the Button? The Bush Doctrine of Nuclear Preemption

red_flag.png Iran links Britain to shooting of 21 officials

money.png Iran to invest one billion dollars in Iraq's industrial sector

smiley-tongue-out.png Britain breaks with the US over Iran

Mother Nature's Revenge

earth.png Super cyclone hits northeastern Australia

earth.png Severe Storms Develop in Texas

star.png Ottawa Scientist Says Cosmic Rays, Not Greenhouse Gases, Cause Global Warming

earth.png Australian Cyclone Worst in Decades

mr-potato-head.png Worker Inspecting Volcano that Erupts Feared Dead

earth.png Warmer Seas Creating Stronger Hurricanes, Study Confirms

Getting Down and Dirty

search.png OZ PM denies lying about kickbacks

money.png GOP gives only lip service to fiscal discipline - Senate approves billions in election-year deficit spending

cow.png Animal Farm: House GOP leader well traveled - Boehner has spent nearly six months on privately funded trips since 2000

smiley-tongue-out.png Congressmen get in fight, spew racial epithets

earth.png Industry decries clean-air ruling

u-s-flag.png The star-spangled fantasyland of the fake and home of the bogus - US politicians aim for rugged, macho images because insecure voters want to feel that real men are in charge

Science, "Science", and Conscience

mr-potato-head.png Video game therapy - a new frontier

star.png Alien particles found in 'comet rain' put under microscope at Welsh university

black_cat.png Is this a bleeding miracle?

search.png The Spell-Breaker - Daniel Dennett on why faith should be investigated scientifically, and why he's coming out of the closet as a nonbeliever.

sun.png Earth may have 'infected' Titan with life

Depopulating the Planet

syringe.png Avian flu confirmed in two more locations in south

syringe.png Second Human Bird Flu Case Found in Egypt

alarmclock.png Renowned Bird Flu Expert Warns 50% Could Die

syringe.png Blame 'Big Chicken' for Bird Flu

Blood, White, and Blue

heart.png To bleed and to die

stormtrooper.png Consequences of a War State

grenade.png Man Dies in 3rd Shooting at Calif. Denny's

road_cone.png Living in Illusion: A Powerful New Voting Block Emerges - The Anti-War Movement Becoming a Political Force That Cannot Be Ignored

Patently Absurd

money.png Oil shortage threatens military

bulldozer.png Violence by girls uncool

austin.png Book argues prehistoric boys doodled in caves to prove themselves

bart.png This Essay Breaks the Law

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