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Summary:  In a virtual replay of 9/11, criminals set off bombs in London , killing and injuring people.  The government assumes the perpetrators to be Islamic terrorists, managing to find the ID cards of people who were otherwise blown to bits.  A formerly unknown and secret organization claims responsibility via a web site.  Immediately, leaders and media begin telling people what to think of this, and who may have done it.  A prominent Israeli calls for world war.  Officials shout that restrictions on public freedom are necessary to stop the scourge of terror.  On an emotional high, the head of state rolls out draconian “control orders” (that were already waiting in the wings) that trim liberties, grant privacy-invasive powers to police, broaden the definition of terrorism and give the gov’t carte blanche to make anyone they want “disappear” without due process.  Just like America ’s PATRIOT Act or Hitler’s Enabling Act, the proposed measures violate human rights and would have been considered illegal just a short time before.  The public, not suspecting that what is “aimed at terrorists” could be aimed at anyone, applauds this further step toward becoming a police state.  Almost immediately, the police arrest hundreds of suspects in various countries and generally add to the atmosphere of public fear.  The media joins in this by speculating about more attacks.  Frightened people start picking on the nearest Muslims.  In the US , they put armed soldiers in subways and right-wing pundits warn of attacks on US soil any day.  British Muslims get blamed for the attacks, the media quickly disseminates the “profile” of a homegrown terrorist and instills additional fear of all Muslims, even their own citizens.  Attempted repeat bombings occur on 7/21, which, since they failed, convey the idea to the public that these were amateurs who can be stopped.  The next logical step might be an event that instills in all citizens the fear of each other.  The U.S. already distributes free cigarette packs to Iraqis, which, on the side, urge, “inform on your neighbors.” 


G8 leaders condemn 'barbaric' attacks

“Those responsible have no respect for human life.”  A clever way of misleading by telling the truth? 


Financial Times: British forces withdrawal from Iraq expected

“The British daily Financial Times disclosed on Tuesday that the British defense office has prepared a plan to withdraw a great part of its forces from Iraq .”  Is this an incredible coincidence or could it be that someone didn’t want them to withdraw?  If they were readying to pull out of Iraq , well, isn’t that what Muslims want?  Why would they plant bombs in London ? 


Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

“British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said…  Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks  Yet according to other news, the British people and law enforcement got no such warning. 


Israeli Minister Denies Scotland Yard Warning


Mossad Chief Confirms Netanyahu's Warning of London Bombing


Mossad behind destroying London Israeli embassy in 1994

“The British daily ‘The Independent’ on Thursday unveiled important information on spying attempts made by the Israeli Mossad and operations targeting the destruction of Israeli embassies abroad… the paper added that the person who is accused of being behind the bombing of the Israeli embassy in London in 1994, Rida Maghribi, was an agent recruited by the Mossad and was assigned by Israeli foreign intelligence for that purpose.” 


Former Mossad Head Calls for World War After 7/7 Attacks

There will be supreme tests of leadership in this unique situation and people will have to trust the wisdom and good judgment of those chosen to govern them. The executives must be empowered to act resolutely and to take every measure necessary to protect the citizens of their country and to carry the combat into whatever territory the perpetrators and their temporal and spiritual leaders are inhabiting.”  He’s pleading with people simply to give their lives and unquestioning souls over to people like Bush and Sharon, so that there will be resistance to the destruction of the people they choose.  “…international law must be rewritten in such a way as to permit civilization to defend itself.”  He wants unrestricted powers given to governments to take away all privacy and private property and to wage “pre-emptive war” wherever it wants.  Private enterprise will have to supplement the national effort in many walks of life.”  Here, he’s cutting the corporations in on the unlimited power.  the democratic way of life will be hard-pressed to produce solutions that will enable the executive branch to perform its duties…”  Basically, he’s saying that a dictatorship will keep you safe. 


Zionists finally strike London

Even the IRA never managed to execute such a complex terrorist attack on British soil. Not to mention the fact that MI5 later admitted that it was members of the intelligence services that planned and executed the majority of terrorist attacks on British soil that were blamed on the IRA at the time…  In typical 'false flag terror attack' style, the mainstream media claimed that a group calling itself the 'Al-Qaeda Organization in Europe' had accepted responsibility for the attacks; an organization that no one has heard of before!


Britain paid price for US, Israeli policies: Iranian cleric

“’Iran has linked the rise of Al-Qaeda to US policy in the 1980s, when the CIA and Saudi Arabia pumped billions of dollars into hardline Islamist groups battling the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and went on to back the Taliban militia -- which Iran opposed.’”


It's Up to the Anti-War Movement to Restrain the Thirst for More Revenge

Will the mood more resemble post 9/11 USA or Spain in the wake of the Madrid carnage? … The Blair government will doubtless seek to use this morning's atrocity to escalate its alarming attacks on civil liberties.” 


When the cops are the crooks

“How long are we going to permit this vicious tomfoolery to continue?  Every time there's an embarrassing incident, a charge of official malfeasance, or some nasty revelation to cover up, the powers that be stage a terrorist incident - randomly throw away the lives of an arbitrary number of innocents - and then blame some fantasy enemy as an excuse to further ratchet up the corrupt oppression of ordinary people.”


Londoners Suspicious Of Station Closures Before Blasts


Officials: Timing Devices Discovered in London

“The only claim of responsibility came today on an Islamist Web site, posted by a previously-unknown group. The site claimed the attacks on London were carried out because of the presence of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan , but there was no way to determine the authenticity of the claim or the group…  High on the list of suspects in today's attack is the same man who has been terrorizing Iraq - Abu Musab al Zarqawi.  A not-so-subtle hypnotic suggestion from officials that Zarqawi (who did not claim responsibility and whose very existence is unproven) carried out this crime. 


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Does London

“Actually, I am surprised it took this long: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi—the stuff of legend and ambiguous news reports based on third-hand information and wild supposition—is responsible for the London attacks last week. ‘Investigators in London are probing whether Iraqi explosives—possibly provided by Al-Qaeda’s top agent in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi—were used in last week’s terror bombings,’ reports Yahoo News. ‘Al-Zarqawi is a potential source since there’s an unlimited amount of explosives and munitions in Iraq that he controls,’ yet another unspecified U.S. official told Time magazine. ‘It’s just a matter of getting it out of Iraq and to the right people.’ … It should be noted there is absolutely no evidence al-Zarqawi had anything to do with any of the above incidents…”


Abu's Secret Syrian Rendezvous: Another Bush Lie

"Now they tell us:  ' U.S. intelligence has no evidence that terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi visited Syria in recent months to plan bombings in Iraq , and experts don't believe the widely publicized meeting ever happened, according to U.S. officials,' reports Knight Ridder. [...]  "Three officials who said that the reports of Zarqawi's travels were apparently bogus spoke on condition of anonymity because intelligence matters are classified and because discussing the mistaken report could embarrass the White House and trigger retaliation against them." [...] "It is not so much that "some officials are still quick to embrace dubious intelligence," but rather that they purposely create "flimsy and bogus intelligence" (lies) as a matter of course." [...] "In fact, there is no proof al-Zarqawi is doing anything-expect possibly pushing up a tombstone somewhere in the Sulaimaniyah mountains of northern Iraq ."


Zarqawi and the Scarlett Pimpernel

Bill Montgomery's ‘Form over Substance’ goes beyond expressing skepticism about the shadowy stories coming out of Iraq about top aides of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi being arrested. He suggests that the stories are a combination black psy-ops operation to influence public opinion, and scripted Hollywood entertainment value. I would only add that it is now often forgotten that the major politicians running Iraq are the same people who lied to the US public about Saddam's WMD and about Baath links to terrorism, etc.”


Fire and Bomb Resistant IDs in London

“Cockamamie… The Boston Herald tells us the ‘terrorists’ (possible patsies) in London ‘were all carrying personal documents’ because ‘they wanted their identities to be known…’ …if this was indeed the case the ‘terrorists’ (patsies) would have sent a statement to the newspapers, put a message on the internet, done something to leave a mark. Nope… a normal person would have big problems with this scenario, mostly because any documents…would be incinerated or blown to smithereens. But miraculously, like Mohammed Atta’s passport found in the smoldering rubble of the WTC (and in nearly pristine condition), the “personal documents” of the native-born Pakistani heritage suicide bombers were found in the wreckage.”


London Patsies: A Replay Of The Pristine 9/11 Passport


Eyewitness accounts debunk official story of bomb in bag, suggest it was placed on underside or tracks:

"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag"

One witness said the floor of the train he was standing on was "blown out" and other witnesses spoke of a huge hole being torn out of the floor.

"The middle of the train was blown out and there were people on the track. ... the floor of the train he was on was blown out, it was just gone," he said."


The London Bombings:  Terror Psy-ops


No proof bombers Muslims - Bakri

“The UK-based Syrian-born preacher said there was no evidence four young Muslim men filmed at a station prior to the attacks were responsible for the bombs.”


How the Government Staged the London Bombings in Ten Easy Steps


Explosive used in bombs 'was of military origin'


Does Anyone Really Believe This Horseshit? - British authorities finger patsies within days of bombings, country drinks it up… Déjà vu


A Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations



“One of the bombers who brought carnage to London taught disabled children, it has emerged.”


U.K. Officials Face Big Task in Bombings

"There is real passion now in the police to make arrests quickly before further attacks can be carried out…  A group calling itself ‘The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe’ said in an Internet statement that it staged the blasts in retaliation for Britain 's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan . Police said they couldn't confirm the authenticity of the statement…  In the end, authorities will have to identify "’whatever failings exist, if any, in the intelligence system that allowed this attack to take place, because it is an intelligence failure…’"  So, it was a “failure of intelligence.”  Must be those pesky freedoms we all enjoy, getting in the way again.” 


More on London bombs

“I prefer the hybrid model for all these attacks, by which I mean the involvement of real Islamic terrorists guided by an intelligence agency. The intelligence agency funds much of the operation, chooses the targets and the time, and provides technical assistance. The Islamic terrorists provide most of the manpower. In some cases the terrorists are completely fooled into participating…  The attack will almost certainly allow the imposition of fascistic ID cards on the British population, a goal that was dead prior to the attacks due to the complete rejection of the idea by the British public….  The Israelis got caught in a big mess attempting to claim that they were not given prior warning by British officials, when they clearly were given such warning, and Netanyahu changed his plans because of the warning…  Some are trying to argue that the sophistication of the attack means that the West now has to throw all caution to the winds and engage in a full fledged war against Islam.”

"This is what you wanted, you asked for this so play the game Tony."


ID cards 'wouldn't stop attacks' ( UK )

in future civil liberties may have to be curtailed.  Consideration would need to be given to checks on people boarding tube trains, ID cards and data exchange…” 


National ID Cards ( USA )

“As a security technologist… It won't work. It won't make us more secure.  In fact, everything I've learned about security over the last 20 years tells me that once it is put in place, a national ID card program will actually make us less secure…  the main problem with any ID system is that it requires the existence of a database. In this case it would have to be an immense database of private and sensitive information on every American…”


Govt admits it's considering ID cards ( Australia )


Academics 'bullied' over ID cards


Nobody has nothing to hide

“Identity cards will deprive the innocent of one of their most basic rights”


The London Explosions, the Rogue Network, Bush and Iran

SCOTLAND YARD KNEW IN ADVANCE...  That the British Government knew in advance that blasts would occur is not open to rational doubt  My thesis is that the London deaths were designed to deliver an ultimatum in favor of early war with Iran.


Blair's blowback

“The demand that we abandon rational thought, contextual analysis and critical appraisal of why this happened and what we can do to limit the chances that it will happen again, should not. To explain is not to excuse; to criticise is not to capitulate.”


Blair under pressure after think-tank link London attacks to Iraq war


Downing Street rejects Howard call for inquiry into the bombings

Blair doesn’t want the bombings investigated.  Wonder why? 


Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings

Downing Street said the prime minister believed an inquiry now into the outrage which killed at least 49 people would be a ‘ludicrous diversion.’  Meaning that he wants to be the one to interpret it for people and use it to his greatest advantage.  The truth might not be so aligned with his aim of restricting freedoms and increasing control.  “He is expected to tell his counterparts governments must ensure operators keep data on telephone and internet exchanges for up to a year.  He also indicated on Sunday that he would consider granting further ‘control orders’ if he thought they were necessary.” 


UK urging e-mail data retention

“Home Secretary Charles Clarke says firms across Europe should be ordered to retain phone and e-mail records to help track down terrorists…  ‘"We should guarantee the full traceability of the movements of terrorists’”  Or anyone, for that matter?  “…proposing that records of all private telephone calls, text messages and e-mails be retained by telecommunications firms so they can be passed on to the police and security services if necessary.” 


Control Orders

“The Government has decided to replace the Part 4 powers with a new system of Control Orders. Control Orders would be applied to any suspected terrorist, whether a UK national nor a non-UK national, whatever the nature of the terrorist activity (international or domestic). The control orders will enable the authorities to impose conditions ranging from prohibitions on access to specific items or services, and restrictions on association with named individuals, to the imposition of restritions on movement or curfews.  This is executive broadening of the definition of “terrorist” and removal of due process, as has already been done in the U.S.  


Europe condemns UK's terror control orders

“The long-delayed report said the UK has not been immune ‘to a tendency increasingly discernible across Europe to consider human rights as excessively restricting the effective administration of justice and the protection of the public interest’…  To limit the application of human rights or to deny them was ‘to effect ourselves of what terrorists wish to achieve’. Some control orders constituted criminal punishment without trial.” 


UK: Proposed "control orders" would violate human rights

“The prevention of terrorism bill makes a mockery of human rights and the rule of law…”


Control order flaws exposed


Tough measures favoured after London bombs -poll

“An overwhelming majority of Britons would support tough new measures to reduce the threat of attacks after last week's deadly London bomb blasts, a poll by The Times newspaper showed on Tuesday.  Some 86 percent of those questioned said they supported giving the police new powers to arrest people they suspect of planning attacks and 88 percent said they were in favour of tighter controls on who comes into the country...  Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday he may speed up the implementation of new anti-terror laws in the wake of the London bombings. 


Vanishing bombers and the mystery 'safe house'

There is support for deporting foreign Muslims who encourage extremism while 70 per cent favour police powers to hold terrorist suspects for up to 90 days without charge.”


Key terror law talks set to start

“The government is in talks with opposition parties to win support for new terror laws in the wake of the London bombings.”


Britain moves closer to tough anti-terror law in wake of London bombings

“…the government was ready to consider even tighter legislation if the security services deem such a move desirable…”


Blair Vows to Hunt Down Bombers and give police more powers

“The government is prepared to introduce new emergency anti-terrorism powers if the police and the security services felt these were needed, he said.”


PM meets police and intelligence

“Tony Blair is to hold talks with police and intelligence chiefs to establish what further powers they need in the wake of the London bombing atrocity…  Mr Clarke told MPs he wanted to apply more widely the home secretary's powers to exclude an individual from the UK if their presence is deemed ‘not conducive to the public interest’.  I intend to draw up a list of unacceptable behaviours which would fall into this - for example preaching, running websites or writing articles which are intended to foment or provoke terrorism.’"  There you have it, Britain ’s Homeland Security chief will personally determine the list of which behaviors are in the public interest. 


US Right turns on Blair for being 'soft on terror'

The American Right, for four years a fount of rapturous praise for Tony Blair, is showing signs of falling out of love with Britain over what it sees as its soft and ineffective record on terrorism.”


French government to tighten anti-terrorist measures


France terror alert level at red after London blasts

Downing Street has rejected a call by Michael Howard yesterday for a full inquiry into possible security failures before the London bombings.”  No surprise – the US president rejected the same call for investigation into the events of 09/11. 


U.S. Seeks to Firm Up Terrorist Sanctions


US House votes to renew sweeping 'Patriot Act' supervision laws

“The House passed the USA Patriot and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act of 2005 by a vote of 257-171  President Bush yesterday invoked the terrorist attacks in London as a compelling reason for Congress to renew the USA Patriot Act… 


Israel's Sharon muzzles ministers on London blasts

Netanyahu told Sky television in a separate interview that pressure should be applied by Western nations on Iran and Saudi Arabia, countries he accused of supporting terrorist groups…  Some ordinary Israelis voiced hope the London bombings would cause the British and other Europeans, whom they regard as biased in favor of the Palestinians, to have more sympathy for Israelis killed or wounded in Palestinian attacks.”


‘London, Tel Aviv blasts connected’

“German newspaper: Explosive material used by British terrorist who blew himself up on Tel Aviv beachfront in 2003 very likely the same as that used by terrorists who staged London attacks last week, Mossad tells Brits…  Moreover, the Mossad office in London received advance notice about the attacks, but only six minutes before the first blast, the paper reports. As a result, it was impossible to take any action to prevent the blasts.” 


Terror cell 'capable of further attacks'


We'll take fight to the enemy, says Bush


Italian police arrest 142 in security sweep

“Italian police rounded up 142 suspects, more than half of them illegal immigrants, in a massive two-day security sweep across the northern Lombardy region in the wake of the London bombings…  Reform Minister Roberto Calderoli welcomed the arrests, saying recent events in London had ‘demonstrated the need to intervene immediately to prevent and stifle any attempt at a terrorist attack on our territory.’” 


Pakistan detains 200 in post-London crackdown on Islamic militants

Pakistan has been under pressure to act since it emerged that three suicide bombers involved in the July 7 London attacks were Britons of Pakistani origin who had recently visited the South Asian country.”


London-Bound Flight Diverted to Boston

“…three Pakistani passengers were reported acting suspiciously…”


Forty Afghans deported on Franco-British flight


British police arrest nine men in bomb probe




Two more fugitive London bombers reported captured


Anti-terror team targets imam ( Canada )


Surveillance of radical imams to be increased ( France )


The devaluation of a society

“Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the last century, Western powers have followed policies that resulted in the social and cultural devaluation of the Arab and, by association, the Muslim Middle East .”


Italy police launch nationwide security sweep

“…beefed-up controls at Italy 's borders and an extension of the period a suspect can be detained for identification from 12 to 24 hours, among other measures.” 


British police raid 5 homes

“British police raided five houses in northern England Tuesday in connection with last week's bombings in London .”


Muslim leaders warn of mounting Islamophobia after attacks on mosques

“Abdul Munim sat amid the charred walls and smoky stench of his mosque yesterday and reflected on levels of religious and racial intolerance that are even worse than when he made Britain his home, 40 years ago.”  Read the rest of the articles for a rundown of the hate crimes perpetrated against Asians in the wake of 7/7. 


Islamophobia blamed for attack

“A Muslim man has been beaten to death outside a corner shop by a gang of youths who shouted anti-Islamic abuse at him…  [Police] say it was not connected to a backlash against Muslims following the London bombings, which has seen mosques firebombed and Muslims attacked in the street.” 


Fear in the city


Two-thirds of Muslims consider leaving UK

“Police have recorded more than 1,200 suspected Islamophobic incidents across the country ranging from verbal abuse to one murder in the past three weeks. The poll suggests the headline figure is a large underestimate.”


Special Branch to track Muslims across UK

“Special intelligence units are being planned across Britain to monitor Muslims so the authorities can collect "community by community" knowledge of where extremism is building up.”  Why wouldn’t Britons be Islamophobic when their gov’t sets such an example?  The source stressed that the squads would be open about their work.”  Apparently, a very visible example. 


Islamic cleric gets life in prison

Saying his words steered young men into terrorist training camps … Judge Leonie M. Brinkema sentenced an American Islamic scholar to life in prison Wednesday…  Al-Timimi's conviction for soliciting treason and other charges marked the first post-9/11 trial in which the government won a terrorism verdict for actions tied to words designed to aid the enemy, rather than actual deeds such as providing money, equipment or engaging in combat...  Al-Timimi's attorneys… characterized the scholar, who recently received a doctorate for work related to cancer research, as a gentle man of peace who had never been convicted of a crime or owned a weapon.  Now, entirely non-violent people who are contributing members of society can be imprisoned for life because of beliefs.  This is a hair away from Orwell’s concept of “thoughtcrime.” 


Britain bars over 200 foreign scientists amid terror fears


London mayor says West fueled Islamic radicalism

“Livingstone cited Western policy in the Middle East and early American backing for Osama bin Laden.  A lot of young people see the double standards  I think the particular problem we have at the moment is that in the 1980s ... the Americans recruited and trained Osama bin Laden, taught him how to kill, to make bombs, and set him off to kill the Russians to drive them out of Afghanistan.’”


U.S. Terror Attack - 'Ninety Days at Most'

“Counterterrorism expert Juval Aviv spoke with FOX Fan Central about what Americans can do to protect themselves in case of a terror attack.”


New York police to warn public on suicide bombers

“Alerting the public to identify suicide bombers is part of a broader plan…”  Reminiscent of former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s Operation TIPS. 


Pressure on U.S. to Use More Surveillance

“Sen. Hillary Clinton called for New York City subway officials to install more cameras, even though officials said some 5,000 cameras are already in use across all modes of city travel.”


7/21 "Bombers" Caught on Camera

Please note that in the intensely crowded London rush hour, the alleged bombers are alone in each photograph.  And, stranger yet, though London bristles with government video surveillance, there was no video of the alleged bombers nor of the explosions. 


No Video of the 3 Bombers Inside the London Subway Cars before they blew up?

“At present, the London underground has an analogue video network and video transmission at 180 stations. Confirmed by new reports, there are close to two thousand video cameras which monitor London 's Underground and mainline rail stations… EVERY London bus and Underground train car has multiple Video Cameras!

The Police claim the bus videos malfunctioned, but made no similar claim about the video cameras in the Underground train cars. The Muslim men are claimed to have ridden from Luton to King's Cross where they split up to take separate trains. I've also read it takes about 25 minutes to ride from Luton station to where the bombs were detonated.  Therefore, there MUST be some 25 minutes continuous video of first four men…”


Has anything said by the London police been true?


After the aftershock

The realisation that Britons are ready to bomb their fellow citizens is a challenge to the whole of society  If they had been a foreign cell, like that responsible for the Madrid bombing, we could have comforted ourselves… But there can be no such comfort if these killers were British citizens. We could shut out every last asylum seeker, expel every illegal immigrant, and it would make us no safer. This attack came from within.”  Do you see where this is leading?  Bringing the war, and the troops, to the “homeland.” 


Suicide bomber profile: The Teenager


UK bombs meant as carbon-copy, may be same group

Whoever was behind Thursday's attacks, they managed to manufacture four explosive devices and smuggle them on to the London transport network despite the highest levels of security and public watchfulness in London for years.”  So how’d they do it.  This should tell you that “authority” was behind this or that all this security is nonsense and useless against stopping terrorists.  So, why in the world pass the laws and take away freedoms?  “If the same group was involved, the obvious question is why the first wave of attacks was so professional and deadly and the second apparently so amateur.”


Police hunt would-be suicide bombers after London's lucky escape


More Explosions in London: Psy-ops in Progress

“Ask the question, who benefits? …if the government wanted to get those anti-terror measures through which were proposed after the 7/7 bombing, then this status of high alert is the perfect climate to get them rammed through without dissent.  Sky News reported that members of parliament could be recalled tonight in a special session for the express purpose of passing that legislation…  This immediately stalls questions about the first bombing.  This further promulgates the fearmongering and creates a pliable public that is willing to accept draconian anti-terror laws.  On the very day that the Patriot Act is due to be renewed, Bush can use the alert level to grease the skids and bully Congress into re-authorizing the bill.”


Al-Qaeda group claims responsibility for London bombing

But the authenticity of the statement was not verified yet.”



“Alarmed onlookers said they saw up to 10 plain-clothed officers chasing an Asian-looking man before opening fire.”  The victim was completely innocent, but didn’t this send a message to the public from police?


Police Shoot Suspected Suicide Bomber

Witnesses said police chased him, he tripped, and police then shot him.  They pushed him onto the floor and unloaded five shots into him. He's dead,’ witness Mark Whitby told the British Broadcasting Corp. ‘He looked like a cornered fox. He looked petrified.’”  Again, this man was not a criminal. 


Britian Says Man Killed by Police Had No Tie to Bombings

“’This is very frightening. People will be afraid to walk the streets, or go on the tube, or carry anything in their hands.’”


Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket (as initial reports claimed)


Shooting to kill saves tragedy will not change that (oxymoron of the day)

“WHEN I was Commissioner of the Met it was my sad duty to end many, many years of police tradition and bring in what's been called a shoot-to-kill policy against suspected suicide bombers.  Of course, in reality it is a "shoot-to-kill-to-protect" policy, to save innocent lives…  There is only one sure way to stop a suicide bomber determined to fulfil his mission: Destroy his brain instantly, utterly.”  Did the commissioner learn this from years of shooting suicide bombers in the subways of New York ?  But, Mr. Commissioner, there has never been one.  “…the vast majority of these people are driven by the most perverted, evil version of Muslim extremism.”


British boy wrongly labelled as London bomber


British Cops trained in Israel

“’Operation Kratos’: London Met Police Special Operations Unit ‘Shoot to Kill’”


Met chief warns more could be shot


The Myth of the Suicide Bomber

After reading The Logic of Suicide Terrorism--It’s the Occupation, Not the Fundamentalism by Robert Pape, the main idea that we come away with is that suicide bombers are real, very real indeed. Though we were promised a revelation of the logic, these questions remain: …”


The "Magic Bomb" Theory



“AN overwhelming 85 per cent of people blame the Iraq invasion for the London bombings…”


Bomb Scare Empties NYC's Penn Station


New York apologises after Britons seized in security scare

New York 's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has apologised to a group of British tourists after armed police swarmed on to an open-top sightseeing bus, handcuffed them and forced them to kneel on Broadway.”


New Yorkers witness third bomb scares in two days


"Big Brother" Takes Over Europe

"’Big Brother is Watching You?’ has become the mantra of today's Europe in the wake of the terrorist attacks on London …”


This war on terrorism is bogus (from 2003)





Trend:  Slaughter in Iraq continues unabated, rife with bombings, kidnappings, killings, attacks on journalists and chaos that could result in civil war.  Bush administration “stays the course” anyway as more and more people point out the official lies.  Suffering of the Iraqi people increases under the occupation.  The Iraqi forces the US are training use brutal torture, with US knowledge.  Evidence of torture and abuse of Iraqis by US personnel continues.  Evidence of mass destruction of Iraqi homes by US continues.  Administration continues to ignore anti-war protests at home.  Bush described as devoid of compassion.  Tensions and killings in Afghanistan rise sharply.  War profits continue to roll in from both battlegrounds.  The US continues to face military recruiting shortfalls at home, and now ammunition shortfalls in Iraq .  Despite this, both Democrats and Republicans plan to have an increased military (we wonder how).  Because the government redefined death, the true death toll of American troops in Iraq may be over 7000.  Despite all this, the ramp-up to physical confrontation with Iran continues.  In American Conservative magazine appeared the leaked plan of VP Cheney to use nuclear weapons in Iran should “another 9/11” occur at home, regardless of who perpetrates it, revealing escalating madness on the part of US leaders.  As more Americans realize the truth, President Bush’s popularity drops to a new all-time low in the polls and he resorts to more speeches to bolster war support, citing the development of the Iraqi constitution – a process that appears to be badly bogged down in conflict, yet is almost certain to incorporate Islamic law. 


Bush's Orgy of Carnage

Baghdad has morphed into an assembly-line for extremists churning out enough fanatics for 1,000 London-type bombings. This is Bush's work; and Blair's…  American newspapers are all breathlessly circulating their theory of "suicide bombers" in headlines across the nation. Why not? It fits nicely with the racist ideology the underscores Bush's war on terror. Washington knows that their support would disappear in a flash if they failed to conjure up the requisite racial stereotypes that feed the public rage. And, no one is better at demonizing and fear-mongering than the Bush administration. 


Child Abuse

Iraq 's children are dwindling and dying twice as fast under the coalition's benevolent care than under the despotism of Saddam Hussein…”


U.S. forces behind deadly children bomb: Iraqi experts

“Iraqi experts are saying that the recent car bomb that killed some 18 children was not the work of the anti-occupation fighters but of the U.S. occupation troops.”


Who Murdered 32 Iraqi Children? (Truth Comes Out)

“…this evil crime was perpetrated by occupation forces with the objective of murdering Iraqi children and blaming the national Resistance so as to lessen its base of support (sounds like Vietnam tactics all over again - Phoenix ).”


Unending Health Disaster for Iraqi Kids


Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war


Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps

“Secret torture chambers, the brutal interrogation of prisoners, murders by paramilitaries with links to powerful ministries...  Hanging by the arms in cuffs, scorching of the body with something like an iron and knee-capping are claimed to be increasingly prevalent in the new Iraq   These are not isolated cases. For what is extraordinary is the sense of impunity with which the torture, intimidation and murder is taking place…  What is extraordinary is that despite the increasingly widespread evidence of torture, governments have remained silent.” 


West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work

IRAQI security forces, set up by American and British troops, torture detainees by pulling out their fingernails, burning them with hot irons or giving them electric shocks, Iraqi officials say. Cases have also been recorded of bound prisoners being beaten to death by police…  The abuse has not gone unnoticed by the coalition, but little has been done to address it. A US State Department report in February stated that Iraqi authorities had been accused of "arbitrary deprivation of life, torture, impunity, poor prison conditions - particularly in pre-trial detention facilities - and arbitrary arrest and detention." A Human Rights Watch report also noted that "unlawful arrest, long-term incommunicado detention, torture and other ill-treatment of detainees (including children) by Iraqi authorities have become routine and commonplace". 


US military dogs bite Abu Ghraib detainees: witnesses


Transcript Suggests CIA Involved in Abuse


Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers

“…some say the country's new security forces are too aggressive, randomly rounding up suspects and abusing them during detentions.” 


Thousands of Karabila residents return to devastation

“Thousands of residents are gradually returning to the town of Karabila , 325 km west of the capital, Baghdad , after fleeing a heavy US-led attack two weeks ago but for many there is little to go back to...  The town, which is home to 60,000 people, showed signs of extensive devastation…”


Oil Facility Damages Have Cost Iraq $11B

“…there had been 300 acts of sabotage against Iraqi oil installations.” 


"My Brother Went Over There Gung Ho; Now He's Just Bitter" - The Horrors Done in Our Name


US corporal admits guilt in killing Iraqi officer


Iraq's top Shia cleric warns of 'genocidal war'


Last Throes of the Lying Charlatans?

Cheney, has boasted he stands by his statement that Iraq 's insurgents are in ‘their last throes’, because it all depends on what the meaning of 'throes' is…  In March to May there were 168 American soldiers killed and 534 wounded in Iraq   Let’s think back to 1967, to the quagmire in Vietnam . The US embassy in Saigon held a New Year's party to welcome 1968. The invitation read ‘Come see the light at the end of the tunnel’.” 


Former Reagan Official: This is War Waged by Liars and Morons


The lies behind the lies
Secrets and Lies: The True Story of the Iraq War, by Dilip Hiro, 564pp


Why the Memo Matters

The ‘Downing Street Memos’ story of last month, which expose the lies of Bush and Blair, appears to have been effectively submerged by the London bombings.


Mom, Who Lost Son In Iraq, Talks About 'Disgusting' White House Private Meeting With Bush

Cindy Sheehan … what she encountered was an arrogant man with eyes lacking the slightest bit of compassion, a President totally ‘detached from humanity’ and a man who didn’t even bother to remember her son’s name when they were first introduced.”


Afghans hurl stones at U.S. troops, try to break down gate at base in Bagram

More than 800 people have died in a surge of rebel attacks and government offensives since March, and U.S. and Afghan officials have warned that the violence is a threat to parliamentary elections scheduled for Sept. 18…  ‘We have supported the Americans for years. We should be treated with dignity," said Shah Aghar, 35. "They are arresting our people without the permission of the government. They are breaking into our houses and offending the people. We are very angry.’”


They Celebrated 1,100 miles of Pipeline, while we mourned our Dead

“On May 25th 2005, with hardly a smidgeon of news coverage, U.S. officials celebrated the completion of the first section of a 1,100-mile U.S.-backed pipeline bringing Caspian Sea oil to Western markets. British Petroleum (B.P.) Chief Executive John Brown, whose company leads the venture that built the pipeline, was in attendance and ecstatic with dollar signs dancing in his head (and in his bank account).” 


Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits

“Despite the scandals that plague KBR's military contracts, the Pentagon awarded $70 million in "award" fees to the company, along with four ratings of "excellent" and two ratings of "very good" for the troop logistics work under the Army's LOGCAP contract.  The Pentagon has provided preferential treatment to Halliburton on a number of occasions, including the concealment from the public of critical reports by military auditors.  Audits conducted by the Pentagon's Defense Contract Audit Agency determined that KBR had $1 billion in "questioned" expenses…”


US air strike 'killed 17 Afghans'

“The air strike by US forces in eastern Afghanistan last week killed 17 civilians including women and children, a provincial governor has said.” 


Basilisks in Our Midst: Kings of Serpents

What democracy exists in Afghanistan when the installed president is a former employee of our CIA, held in place by props supported by the master puppet in Washington …” 


Iraq envoy accuses US of killing

Iraq 's ambassador to the UN has demanded an inquiry into what he said was the "cold-blooded murder" of his young unarmed relative by US marines.” 


Egypt plea for seized ambassador

“Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said … he understood the ‘fury’ of the Iraqi people, but stressed that Mr Sherif ‘is working for the benefit of the Iraqi and the Egyptian people’.” 


Insurgents attack 2 diplomats in Iraq


Russia says embassy cars were shot at in Iraq


The Rumsfeld Solution; "liberating Iraq, one journalist at a time"

“Last week, Yasser Salihee, a reporter for Knight Ridder news agency, was assassinated in a perfectly executed gangland-style hit a few miles outside of Baghdad . He was struck by a single bullet to the head by an American sniper.” 


Gunmen attack top diplomat of Pakistan in Baghdad


Bahrain's top diplomat shot in Baghdad, mortar attack kills girl


Chickenhawk Headquarters

Learn a bit about the players who so vociferously promote war, yet avoided going to battle themselves.  Bush, Cheney, Libby, Rove, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz. 


Generation Chickenhawk

“In interviews, more than a dozen [Republican] conventiongoers explained why it is important that they stay on campus while other, less fortunate people their age wage a bloody war in Iraq . They strongly support the war, they told me, but they also want to enjoy college life and pursue interesting careers. Being a College Republican allows them to do both. It is warfare by other, much safer means.”



“’With supreme guts and righteousness, President Bush went into Iraq ,’ Gov. Pataki told the Republican National Convention last August…  Almost one year later, Pataki's son Teddy is, with supreme guts and righteousness, seeking a three-year law school deferment from the Marines  The governor… himself received a medical deferment during the Vietnam War… If the cause in Iraq is even half as important as the governor has led us to believe, then surely his son is more needed in Fallujah than in some Cambridge lecture hall.”


Ship young Pataki straight to Iraq

“The governor, who proudly announced last week that his son has been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marines, also noted that Teddy Pataki hopes to defer his military service for three years…”


Do It For Uncle Sam

“For the fourth month in a row, the army has fallen well short of its recruitment targets. The result is that they're turning to some pretty unconventional methods to persuade young Americans to do it for Uncle Sam.”


US Military Hits Ammunition Shortages

“But supplies of small sized ammunition is lagging behind demand and the United States is now relying on foreign producers, including from Israel , to help meet its needs.”


Dems aim to increase army size

Both the House and the Senate have called for an increase in troop levels in their 2006 defense authorization bill and it is likely that troop levels will be increased when the conferees meet.”  Seems likely that a draft, a new terrorist attack, or the collapse of the economy will be needed to swell the military ranks. 


Pentagon considering major military changes

The Pentagon is considering a change in its military strategy that requires U.S. soldiers to be ready to fight two major wars at the same time, The New York Times reported…  Military officials are also considering in detail what would happen if the U.S. decided to attack China , North Korea or Iran …”


Number Of Iraq Casualties Is Double Official Figures, Says Puerto Rican Government

“Official US . government reports on soldiers under US command killed in Iraq are so fragmented that they account for less than half of the total number…  more than 230 battlefront reports, which reveal that more than 4,076 troops under US command have been killed in 799 days of battle...  large discrepancies in counts have been publicized by news outlets such as the national German Press Agency (DPA), which ran a story reporting on US Army documents putting the number of US soldiers with war-related mental ailments at 100,000. 


US Military Report: The High Death Rates exposed

“U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals have not previously been counted. They total about 6,210 as of 1 January, 2005. The ongoing, underreporting of the dead in Iraq , is not accurate. The DoD is deliberately reducing the figures…  The government gets away with these huge lies because they claim, falsely, that only soldiers actually killed on the ground in Iraq are reported…  Anyone who dies just as the transport takes off from the Baghdad airport is not listed and neither are those who die in the US military hospitals.” 


Nearly 9,000 U.S. troops dead?

“’...DoD lists currently being very quietly circulated indicate almost 9,000 [ U.S. military] dead"; this far exceeds the ‘official’ death count of 1,831. How can this be? It's largely because ‘U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals have not previously been counted.’  In other words, "death" has been redefined.” 


Pentagon Casualty Figures Don’t Add Up (from February)


Antiwar activists say depleted uranium has led to 11,000 American deaths


Arlington Cemetery Undergoes Expansion


The Iran War Buildup


Cheney's Plan: Nuke Iran

“A recent poll shows six in ten Americans think a new world war is coming  this ominous news, revealed in a recent issue of The American Conservative by intelligence analyst Philip Giraldi:


"The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq , the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States . Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing – that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack – but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."


Two points leap out at the reader – or, at least, this reader – quite apart from the moral implications of dropping nukes on Iran . The first is the completely skewed logic: if Iran has nothing to do with 9/11-II, then why target Tehran ? As in Iraq , it's all a pretext: only this time, the plan is to use nuclear weapons. We'll wipe out the entire population of Iran 's capital city because, as Paul Wolfowitz said in another context, "it's doable."

The other weird aspect of this "nuke Iran " story is the triggering mechanism: a terrorist attack in the U.S. on the scale of 9/11. While it is certain that our government has developed a number of scenarios for post-attack action, one has to wonder: why develop this plan at this particular moment? What aren't they telling us?  I shudder to think about it.


The more I look at it, and the more I think of it, the more I sense a monumental evil casting its shadow over the world, and I have to tell you, it makes me wonder how much more time I want to spend on this earth.


Where oh where is the "mainstream" media on this? That's a laughable question, because the answer is heartbreakingly obvious: they are nowhere to be found, and for a very good reason. As the Valerie Plame case is making all too clear, the MSM has been a weapon in the hands of the War Party at every step on the road to World War…”


If WWIII Is Inevitable - Who Do We Blow Up?


The War in Iran, and the Next 9/11

So, how does our favorite administration top the quagmire in Iraq ? Start another quagmire in Iran , of course. And make sure there's a handy terrorism trigger to justify it in the American collective mind...”


What is the Plan if there’s Another 9/11?

One reader wrote, “This is really nothng new. Cheney was in command on 9/11, he chaired the Iraq working group and now he is ordering up plans for nuking Iran. That doesn't surprise me in the least.  What caused my eyes to pop out of my head was that these plans are in case of another terrorist event in the U.S.   That is what it would take now, for the American people not to have a flying hissy fit about turning yet another country into middle ages rubble, and recruiting even more fanatics for the CIA built Al Qeada.  It would also take the focus off Rove, for good. Two birds with one stone?” 

Another wrote, “Consider, if congress is on vacation, Cheney's got the run of the town. He'll do it, too. He don't care. He's old, stubborn, and narrow minded enough to call in an airstrike on himself. He knows his world is going to soon come crashing down around him, what with all the indictments and damning evidence of broken laws and deception of congress and the american people. He knows the curtain is being pulled aside to expose the machinations of the neocon cabal, of which he is in the center of. Why wouldn't he?”


Big plans for Iran.  Very big plans.


Republican Nuclear Threats


Iran War Plan?  Alarming if True



“The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11…”


Iran:  Bush’s Next Battleground


Eixo do mal Bush-Cheney planeia ataque nuclear ao Irão


In case of emergency, nuke Iran


Conservative mag says neocons have plan to nuke Iran


Preparing to Nuke Iran


'no good reason' is apparently enough


Plan: Nuke Iran


Forget Mecca, nuke Iran

Iran has always been the next target for the Bush administration, and Dick Cheney has made this even more clear, according to leaked instructions to generals from the Vice President. In the event of another 9/11 type attack…”


LaRouche Warns: - Cheney's `Guns of August' Threaten the World

“Lyndon LaRouche, on this Wednesday afternoon, issued an international alert, covering the period of August 2005, which is the likely timeframe for Vice President Dick Cheney, with the full collusion of the circles of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to unleash the recently exposed plans to stage a preemptive tactical nuclear strike against Iran. The danger of such a mad, Hitler-in-the-bunker action from the Cheney circles would be even further heightened, were the United States Congress to stick with its present schedule, and go into recess on July 30 until September 4. With Congress out of Washington , the Cheney-led White House would almost certainly unleash a "Guns of August" attack on Iran .”


Strong Personal Feelings about Nuclear Combat

“American foreign policy is now certifiably insane… So here's the plan: when another 9/11 happens, nuke Iran .“


US defence report eyes future uncertainties

“A United States military report calls for enabling the armed forces to manage various challenges in an uncertain future.”  


Governors Voice National Guard Concerns

“…concerned that troops returning from the war zone may resign if their spouses and parents raise objections to continued service…  National Guard soldiers represent about 40 percent of the U.S. ground force in Iraq .”


The war against veterans

“An official of the Department of Veterans Affairs admitted last week that it is short $1 billion for the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, but giving short shrift to those who have served their country is nothing new for this administration. For several years now, the Bush bean counters have been slashing funds for veterans’ medical care.”


Backing for Bush on Iraq is gone, local veterans say

"He's running scared," said Giblock, 63, a former Post 2500 member who lives in Anchorage , Ala. "His poll numbers are so low, he's got to say something, but the support is gone. It's gone. I don't think there's anybody in here who's behind him."


Zogby: Bush Job Approval Unchanged by War Speech, Number of Americans Favoring Impeachment Swells to 42%

“…more than two-in-five voters (42%) say they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found the President misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with Iraq .”


The sobering of America

In short, whether or not the invasion of Iraq was a crime, it's now clear that - at least in the form in which the invasion and occupation was executed by the Bush administration - it was a massive blunder.”


Iraq Attacks Preceded Congressional OK


WMD Claims Were Totally Implausible, says Key UK Diplomat


British Military Chief Reveals New Legal Fears Over Iraq War

“The man who led Britain 's armed forces into Iraq has said that Tony Blair and the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, will join British soldiers in the dock if the military are ever prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq .”


Bush's speech on Iraq draws smallest audience in US: survey

US President George W. Bush's latest address to call Americans to stand firm in Iraq drew the smallest US TV audience of his tenure, according to a study released in New York on Wednesday.”


Troops Respond to President's Speech

"We need honest answers, not pep rallies…  Last week, Vice President Cheney said the insurgency is in its last throes, but this week we're told to dig in for a 12-year battle."


Congressman suggests way to retaliate for nuclear terror

A Colorado congressman told a radio show host that the U.S. could "take out" Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons…  The congressman later said he was ‘just throwing out some ideas’ and that an ‘ultimate threat’ might have to be met with an ‘ultimate response.’  Consider that the neocon agenda is all-out war between East and West. 


Iraqi constitution nearly ready as US warns of more attacks

"No law that contradicts the universally agreed tenets of Islam may be enacted," specifies the draft text, which is still under discussion.”


Rumsfeld tells Iraqis to get on with it


Islam to decide Iraq law as Sunni Arabs end boycott


Democracy was only an afterthought

“The situation in Afghanistan is one of barely managed chaos…  Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon and the White House removed restraints on torture…  In April, the US succeeded in abolishing the office of the UN rapporteur on human rights for Afghanistan .”




Summary:  The courts have given the president the power of life and death over U.S. citizens and others, without any due process and outside the dictates of the constitution.  This has been accomplished step by step, inch by inch over the past four years – rights and freedoms are being stripped away under the guise of a “war on terror.”  A dictatorship effectively exists already, but won’t be obvious to most people until some policy, against which they’ll have no recourse, impacts their personal comfort zone.  Until then, the US , as a nation, is apparently content to let this happen.  The stories this month include:  Evidence of Karl Rove as a traitor continues to mount.  Fear mongering continues unabated.  Media pundits spew ever more hatred.  The police and secret agencies grow in power.  Political censorship by government and corporations against citizens grows.  Protestors are increasingly harassed, gov’t critics ridiculed.  Less and less serious offenses are becoming grounds for arrest.  Government secrecy grows.  The Supreme Court will likely get even more conservative.  More evidences of government scandals surfaces.  More evidence of official manipulation of facts surfaces.  Evidence that 9/11 involved factions of the US gov’t continues to be put forth, and that the “war on terror” is a scheme for increasing government and corporate power and profits.  More about secret torture, rendition, surveillance, police brutality, CIA misconduct overseas, hypocrisy, and the development of “non-lethal” weapons for crowd control.  Through it all, the administration is protected from serious scrutiny by the mainstream media, who have 60% of the US populace now expecting another World War. 


Master Plan

Recommendation:  read the whole article  “…now the very legal structures of the Republic are being dismantled…  Bush has granted himself the power to declare anyone on earth -- including any U.S. citizen -- an ‘enemy combatant … with no burden of proof’


The bomb and Karl Rove

“Perhaps the most important political question is whether the Bush administration is to be held accountable for any of its actions, or whether it now enjoys complete impunity and a free field of action to do whatever it likes - from waging war to designing and presiding over systems of torture to breaking domestic law.”


This war on terrorism is bogus (from 2003)


The Globalization of State Terror

The ‘evil ideology’ that underscores the war on terror is predicated on two basic theories; preemption and enemy combatants. Both of these run counter to fundamental principles of human rights and democratic governance. Both must be met head-on and defeated. There is no wiggle-room for equivocating or appeasement; this ideology is the greatest manifestation of fanaticism in the world since the rise of Nazism in the 1930's and must be collectively challenged...  This makes the US the most dangerous nation in the world; brandishing its high-tech weaponry at third world countries and threatening to attack if they fail to comply with Washington 's directives.”


Ramping up the fear quotient

Once you have a public fixated on this perceived enemy, it is necessary to maintain a constant level of fear and when necessary ramp it up  every time Muslim, Islam, schools, indoctrination, Quran, or any other ‘alien’ sounding word or connection is made, it reinforces every stereotype that the government and the media have implanted in the public’s mind about the nature of this elusive, ‘cunning’ and ‘evil’ enemy...  we have all been here before, several times in the past one hundred years and we all know what the outcome was every time; slaughter on an unimaginable scale preceded by witch-hunts and the deliberate demonisation of convenient segments of society. There is nothing new about the current situation. When the state itself feels itself under threat it will strike out using whatever means it has to hand. That there are a tiny minority who will resort to the use of acts of individual violence, is actually quite convenient for the state, for these can then be used to rationalise the use of the overwhelming violence of the state in ‘retribution’.”


Are The Good Times Really Over For Good? - Bush said he 'preciates folks dyin' for the cause.

“On Memorial Day, George W. Bush, the world's most bloodthirsty and deceitful man strutted to the podium at our National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, to once again regurgitate his woefully shallow and inappropriate stump speech – ‘Across the globe (sly smile), our military is standing directly between our people and the worst dangers in the world (pause, smirk)...the war on terror has brought great costs (no-nonsense head bob)...two terror regimes are gone forever (narrowed eyes darting nervously back and forth across the crowd), freedom is on the march (leaning forward earnestly), and America is more secure.  Unfazed by plummeting poll numbers at home or spiraling fatality numbers abroad, Bush remarked with shudderingly bad taste that all headstones look alike  They applauded him. It was astonishing….  Where is the raw horror that Christians should feel for a charlatan who boasts that he is on a mission from God -- a mission to rule over a world of hate and lies and fear and death and disease?”


US House votes to renew sweeping 'Patriot Act' supervision laws

“The House passed the USA Patriot and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act of 2005 by a vote of 257-171...  Thursday's House vote made 14 temporary provisions of the legislation permanent and extended two others that had been scheduled to lapse at the end of the year.” 


The Patriot Act Four Years Later

By US Congressman, Ron Paul.  “The tired arguments we're hearing today are that same ones we heard in 2001 when the Patriot Act was passed in the emotional aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks…America was not founded on a promise of security, it was founded on a promise of personal liberty to pursue happiness.”


O'Reilly Names Terrorist Helpers (Traitors?)

Bill O'Reilly announced tonight that he will be exposing and naming all the people and organizations he considers to be helping the terrorists on his show each night  Has Bill O'Reilly lost his mind completely? Will Fox News allow this to continue? First off, let's talk plainly. Bill O'Reilly is calling people traitors not "terrorist helpers" and he is doing this on national television. The audacity of this act is beyond belief.”


Meet the New McCarthyites

McCarthy-style witch hunts are coming back, and the first place we'll be seeing them is at Pennsylvania 's public colleges and universities…  The notion that leftists are in charge in academia, is as bogus as the notion that the media are dominated by liberals...  In the 1950s, academics were attacked by Sen. Joe McCarthy and a gang of right-wing zealots who equated liberals and free thinkers with Communist fifth columnists and hounded many honorable teachers out of their jobs.”


Court Rules Military Panels to Try Detainees
Washington Post, July 16, 2005

Domination by Detention
Deep Blade Journaly, July 16, 2005

Dark Passage: The Bush Faction's Blueprint for Empire
Excerpt from the book, Empire Burlesque

Ruling Lets U.S. Restart Trials at Guantanamo
New York Times, July 16, 2005

Alberto Gonzales' Tortured Arguments for Reigning Above the Law
LA Weekly, Jan. 14-20, 2005

Torture Treaty Doesn't Bar `Cruel, Inhuman' Tactics, Gonzales Says
Knight-Ridder, Jan. 26, 2005

Bush Has Widened Authority of CIA to Kill Terrorists
New York Times, Dec. 15, 2002

Special Ops Get OK to Initiate Its Own Missions
Washington Times, Jan. 8, 2003

Coward's War in Yemen
Spiked, Nov. 11, 2002

Drones of Death
The Guardian, Nov. 6, 2002


FBI Keeping Lengthy Files on Groups Opposed to Bush's Policies

“…(FBI) has amassed at least 3,500 pages of internal documents from political protest groups in what the targets say amounts to political surveillance of some of President George W. Bush's leading critics.”


FBI Monitored Web Sites for 2004 Protests

“Groups Criticize Agency's Surveillance for Terror Unit…  It's increasingly clear that the government is involved in political surveillance of organizations that are involved in nothing more than lawful First Amendment activities,’ said Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU. ‘It raises very serious questions about whether the FBI is back to its old tricks.’”


Police begin searching bags on NYC subways


How Comcast Censors Political Content

Comcast effectively censors discussion of particular political topics, and impedes the ability of people to associate with each other, with absolutely no compulsion to explain itself. There is no due process. A phrase or web address is tried and convicted in absentia and without the knowledge of those involved.”


Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

US INVESTIGATORS, including CIA agents, will be allowed interrogate Irish citizens on Irish soil in total secrecy, under an agreement signed between Ireland and the US last week.  Suspects will also have to give testimony and allow property to be searched and seized even if what the suspect is accused of is not a crime in Ireland   The deal was condemned yesterday by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) as "an appalling signal of how the rights of Irish citizens are considered by the minister when engaging in international relations"…  The person who will request co-operation is US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the man who, as White House counsel, instigated the notorious 'torture memo' to US President George W Bush which advised how far CIA agents could go in torturing prisoners.”


Man jailed for surfing "terrorist" sites

“Mohammad Radwan Obeid is a threat to national security because he surfed terrorist Web sites and visited terrorist chat rooms, the FBI claims.” 


War protester pulled from Oswego County parade, arrested

“An Oswego County sheriff's deputy pulled Joshua A. Davies, 23, of 25B North St. in Mexico , out of the parade and charged him with disorderly conduct. Davies had been walking in the parade carrying, Harris said, an "Impeach Bush" sign and another sign calling for an end to the war in Iraq ….  ‘This was a signal to the kids that you can't do that here," Harris said. "Dissent, I mean. I thought that's what being an American means – the right to protest, to speak your mind.’”


Time Magazine Breaks Ranks With The New York Times and Agrees to Turn Over Notes in CIA Agent Case

In one of the most serious legal clashes between the media and the government in three decades, Time magazine has complied with a court order to turn over the notes of a reporter threatened with jail for refusing to identify a source.”


Analyst: Cooper Documents Reveal Karl Rove As Source

“According to an article published Friday by Editor & Publisher, Assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor Karl Rove is the confidential source who outed Valerie Plame to reporters as a CIA operative.”


Report Shows Karl Rove May Have Lied to Federal Agents, a Federal Crime, During Oct 2003 Testimony Into CIA Agent Leak


Karl Rove/Real issue is the case for war


The Rove Factor?

The e-mails surrendered by Time Inc., which are largely between Cooper and his editors, show that one of Cooper's sources was White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove…  NEWSWEEK reported that immediately after Novak's column appeared in July, Rove called MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews and told him that Wilson 's wife was ‘fair game.’ But White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters at the time that any suggestion that Rove had played a role in outing Plame was ‘totally ridiculous.’”



“Rove and his collaborators should quickly resign and face prosecution for betraying their country, but given their sense of personal entitlement impeachment is probably the best we can hope for. Congress, and all Americans, should place patriotism ahead of party loyalty.”


Don't You Dare Call It Treason

“Rep Henry Waxman howls in Congress that ‘The intentional disclosure of a covert CIA agent's identity would be an act of treason. If Rove was part of a conspiracy and intentionally disclosed the name ­ then that jeopardizes national security’"


Memo Gets Attention in Probe of CIA Leak


Rove-Plame: The Word from Aspen

How is it that the second most powerful man in America is about to take a fall and the mainstream media are largely taking a pass? Could it be that the fear of Karl Rove and this White House is so great that not even the biggest of the media big boys are willing to take them on? Does the answer to that one go without saying? …  Just look at how the White House press corps is dealing with the story: by avoiding it completely. 


The One Very Good Reason Karl Rove Might Be Indicted

“All the judges who have seen the prosecutor's secret evidence firmly believe he is pursuing a very serious crime, and they have done everything they can to help him get an indictment.” 


Republicans Must Choose: Bush Or America?

’Karl Rove is loyal to President Bush,’ a correspondent wrote as Treasongate broke. "Isn't that a form of patriotism?" Not in a representative democracy, I replied. Only in a dictatorship is fealty to the Leader equal to loyalty to the nation.”


Bush Aide Deflects Questions On Rove

“In 2003, McClellan said it was ‘a ridiculous suggestion’ that Rove was involved. ‘I've made it very clear, he was not involved, that there's no truth to the suggestion that he was…’"


New report connects Rove to CIA leak

“Because Rove didn't actually name the CIA agent it's not likely that he will be charged with any crime.”


Shock over NY journo's jailing

“Judith Miller was sent to prison for refusing to name the source who published the name of a CIA agent…  This unprecedented sentence against a journalist who was merely exercising her professional prerogative is a serious violation of international law, a dangerous precedent, and the United States has sent a very bad signal to the rest of the world.’


Miller could take all of them down ...


White House fears indictment


Karl Rove, Jeff Gannon, and Joe Wilson... Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon - The unmaking of a media whore


Court nominee does well in poll; Rove does not

“by 34% to 25%, Americans have an unfavorable view of Rove; 25% have never heard of him.”  Possibly the most powerful man in government, and 25% of Americans never heard of him.  People don’t believe in secret government because they’ve never heard of it.  Well, this shows how many don’t even know the public government.  


Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal

A decent review of scandalous behavior. 




Isn’t it time we accepted the truth about Bush?

“No matter what he’s done or what’s happened on his watch, most refuse to see their “man’s” reckless behavior for what it is.”


Are Stupid White Men Really Stupid?

An excellent article about how the U.S. has seemingly become a nation of glazed-over zombies.    “…when it seems that we cannot, when we – we who are free to select from all of our extraordinary people not just some arbitrary nobility – still select inbred dynastic fools to lead us, when we allow the most commonplace of buffoons to guide the supertanker of state that is America , Europeans take notice. When we get it wrong twice, they feel the sense of failure and disappointment even before we do ourselves...  What blinded nearly 60 million Americans to the folly of casting their collective lot with big-money-globalists and against their own? against their nation's economy? against their families? against their freedoms? against their futures? against their civil liberties? against their – and our - blood-won civil Constitution?


Save Me From Myself

“Parentalism is in a sense more insidious: It emerges when we begin to suspect that we ourselves are not competent to make our own choices, to yearn for someone to relieve us of the burden of choice.”  Could this be why we refuse to see the failings of our leaders?  Marxist psychologist Erich Fromm diagnosed the totalitarian movements of the 20th century as symptoms of an urge to ‘escape from freedom,…’"


One-On-One Interview With Ray McGovern, Former CIA Senior Analyst, Who Warns U.S. Headed Down A Fascist Road And Highly Critical Of President Bush and Neo Con Explanations OF WMD, 9/11 And Manipulation of Intelligence Gathering

Insightful, highly recommended interview. 


Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off Two NASA Research Scientists In 1987 About U.S. Government Plans To Cause 9/11

“Welch not only learned about the U.S. government's pre-planning of 9/11 from the bin Ladens back in 1987, but this week from her Albuquerque home Welch added more, saying when working for NASA as a scientist on brain development research in Phoenix, she obtained a secret computer code and was able to uncover the findings of a government-funded project titled "Global Cleanse 2000," a study outlining strategies for global war and population reduction.”  Note:  massive de-population has long been said to be a major goal of the “power elite” and might include everything from planned wars to induced starvation to deadly germ disbursement.  “‘There is a global catastrophe right around the corner and they may even make it look like a natural disaster. But I saw the plans back in the 1980s and after 9/11. I know it is going to happen unless we quickly get Bush out of power.’  Welch and Logsdon became aware of this radical element in our government, trying to create this new world order, when they worked together as scientists at NASA's Application Technical Center Institute in Phoenix .”



“Eyewitness testimonies have generally been excluded from the official version of 9-11. In the Shanksville area, where many residents believe Flight 93 was shot down, there are scores of eyewitnesses whose testimonies contradict the government's claim that courageous passengers fought hijackers, forcing the jetliner to crash rather than be flown into a building.  Some local residents here are deeply offended by the official explanation of what supposedly happened to United Airlines Flight 93, calling it a patriotic pack of lies…  An Indian Lake resident told AFP that federal agents had visited the marina after Spinelli had spoken to the Pittsburgh news channel, TV 4, and told him to stop talking about what he saw.  Local firefighters were also told not to talk about what they had seen at the crash site.”


McKinney reopens 9/11

“Conspiracy theories implicating president aired at 8-hour hearing…  But why would the president or his administration want the 9/11 attacks to occur? Power, the panelists agreed.”


NY Fireman Lou Cacchioli Says 9/11 Comission Twisted His Words

“’I finally walked out. They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth and when they wouldn't let me do that, I walked out.’”


Former Asst. Sec. Of Treasury Under Reagan Doubts Official 9/11 Story

9/11 is "’only a part of a mysterious but deadly Neo-Con puzzle’ and the NeoCons are ‘making such fatalistic mistakes and are about as insane as Hitler and the Nazi Party when they invaded Russia in the dead of the winter.’”



Bush off the hook in U.S. media

“If clear evidence emerged showing George W. Bush had written in his diary that he had lied to the American people to justify his invasion of Iraq, would the U.S. media even consider that a story? … The Senate committee promised last summer to probe what role the White House may have played in concocting the faulty intelligence — but only after the presidential election.  Once the president was re-elected last fall, the Senate committee chairman, Republican Pat Roberts, simply cancelled the promised investigation of the White House's role… Roberts' decision to let the administration off the hook on Iraq was barely covered in the media.” 


Bush loses some luster on credibility

“…can Bush reverse his slide in public trust?  ‘That's very event-dependent,’ says political scientist Bruce Buchanan of the University of Texas , Austin .” 


Bush sets up domestic spy service

US President George W Bush has ordered the creation of a domestic intelligence service within the FBI, as part of a package of 70 new security measures.  The White House says it is enacting the measures to fight international terrorist groups and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction.  The authorities will also be given the power to seize the property of people deemed to be helping the spread of WMD.”


Bush's Grimmer Vision

“Bush's ‘grim vision’ always recognized that the ‘war on terror’ abroad would require restricted freedoms at home – as well as expanded powers for the police and military. So, just as in 2002, when the ‘Bush Doctrine’ on preemptive wars laid the intellectual groundwork for invading Iraq, new doctrines are now being promulgated to justify the creation of a full-scale ‘security state’ inside the United States…  the ‘Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support,’ sets out a military strategy against terrorism that envisions an ‘active, layered defense’ both inside and outside U.S. territory…  The likelihood of U.S. military operations overseas will be high throughout the next 10 years…  the Bush administration is prescribing a large dose of military action and political repression as the cure for Islamic terrorism.”



“"Those who would renegotiate the boundaries between church and state must therefore answer a difficult question: Why would we trade a system that has served us so well for one that has served others so poorly? … The First Amendment, after all, was enacted to protect unpopular ideas. Think about it: Popular ideas hardly need protection…  Without that broad tolerance of dissent -- even flag-burning -- the flag loses much of its meaning  Since we're sacrificing so many lives to promote our democratic ideals in the Middle East , you'd think we'd show a little more respect for them here at home. "


Detainee Trials Are Upheld - Court Backs Bush On Military Panels

“A federal appeals court yesterday backed the Bush administration's plan to let special panels of military officers conduct trials of terrorism suspects…  The ruling was an important test of the government's strategy of denying such detainees access not only to civilian courts but also to the more formal proceedings of military courts-martial, in which they would enjoy additional rights and legal protections…  The panel said courts should defer to President Bush's decision in 2002 that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to detainees…  lead civilian counsel, Georgetown University professor Neal Katyal, denounced the decision as ‘contrary to 200 years of constitutional law.’”  This decision gives the president unchecked power to create an alternate justice system, outside the constitution, that he controls entirely. 


Everything You Need to Know About Michael Ledeen

“’Paradoxically, preserving liberty may require the rule of a single leader—a dictator—willing to use those dreaded ‘extraordinary measures, which few know how, or are willing, to employ.’ … ‘We should not be outraged by Machiavelli’s call for a temporary dictatorship as an effective means to either revivify or restore freedom.’ … The belief in a single voice that governs the public should cause all Americans to understand these men want to convert this nation to a permanent dictatorship.”


Show your Independence on the 4th; Burn a Flag

Apparently, it's alright to incinerate Iraqis, but not okay to burn a 5'x7' piece of tri-colored cloth…  The flag burning issue is mainly a way for puerile congressman to entertain themselves while the matters of state are conducted by an iron-fisted White House…  ‘The flag’, Einstein wrote, ‘is proof that man is still a herd animal’. We gather around these tribal symbols to identify ourselves with the gaggle of humanity, excluding ‘the other’ as a vital threat to our survival... The Bush Administration has been particularly astute at marshalling the dormant energy of terror and putting it to use in carrying out its radical agenda.” 


July 4th and the end of America, land of the free

There is no longer anything resembling "private property" in this country. There is only the illusion of ownership, as long as it is allowed by your government…  The U.S. government simply kidnaps anyone they want, ships them off to Gitmo, then leaves them there to rot, without being charged, without a trial, and without legal representation…  That our own government is systematically destroying the Bill of Rights is proof that our forefathers were correct… we have a police state, operated under the illusion of freedom. 


Harvest of Pain and Sorrow

War without end. Rape of Mother Earth by faceless corporations. Exploitation of the poor. Subjugation of the masses. 9/11/01 marked the beginning of a new era of profound fear and suffering for the human race. Contrary to the Ministry of Truth of the United States government, the terrorists are not the source of this misery. A malevolent force has taken root in the United States . This force is rendering damage terrorists can only fathom in a dream… Bush spreads fear and loathing, not ‘freedom and liberty’…”


Senators want to nix 1898 telecom tax

When people cede something to the government, they rarely get it back.  “The Spanish-American War may have ended over a century ago, but anyone in the U.S. with a telephone line is paying a 3 percent "luxury" tax created to fund the conflict in 1898...  The obscure telecommunications tax took center stage in January when a congressional committee suggested the tax could be extended to include "all data communications services" including broadband, dial-up, fiber, cable modems, cellular and DSL (digital subscriber line) links. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department have said they are considering whether the tax should apply to Internet phone calls.”


U.S. Counts 3,200 Terror Attacks in 2004

“…using a more stringent definition of terrorism, the State Department and the counterterrorism center had tallied 651 significant international terror attacks with more than 9,000 victims…  the shift was primarily the result of new, broader criteria for what constitutes a terror attack.”  This is convenient for broadening the “war on terror” and being able to identify more people as “terrorists,” allowing for greater use of all those new “anti-terror” laws. 


U.S. Holding 5 Americans for Iraq Activity

“The U.S. military is holding five U.S. citizens suspected of insurgent activities in Iraq   Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. government has held more than 70,000 people in Iraq , Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay , Cuba .” 

Poll suggests drop in Bush's personal credibility

Inside Guantanamo Bay


Protesters Demand Guantanamo Shutdown


The U.S. – a world leader in hypocrisy

“This past Sunday, U.S. President George Bush said that the United States is committed to eliminating torture worldwide…  Contrary to Bush's rhetoric, the U.S. has also been a major stumbling block in the world's attempt to build effective institutions to deal with the problem of torture and war crime…  Far from being committed to ending torture, the present U.S. administration under Bush has not only failed to act against torture, except when to do so aids the pursuit of some other self-serving purpose, it has actually endorsed torture in some instances, trained people to carry it out, and supplied implements of torture to repressive regimes.”


Glorious torture keeps homeland free

“Don't you just feel safer? Don't you just sleep better at night knowing that our glorious leader detained a whole lot of folk by lying? Don't you feel just warm and democratically snuggly knowing that torture is used in your name on folk that did not one thing to you?”


More Nuremberg Trials?

“My own humble proposal to put an end to war and terrorism everywhere is somewhat different, namely that the International Criminal Court in The Hague be empowered to investigate, indict and try every high-level – and only high-level – governmental leaders whose policies have led to the murder of civilians.”

Secret 'gas' test staged at Grand Central Station

Supreme Court Justice O'Connor retires

“Her resignation allows Bush to make his first appointment to the high court, which must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.”


Bush assails Gonzales critics from right and left

“President Bush on Wednesday assailed critics of potential Supreme Court nominee Alberto Gonzales … The Republican president's choice could shape the court for years to come”


Bush picks conservative judge for US Supreme Court

“…Bush nominated conservative judge John Roberts to the US Supreme Court, a move that could shape the outcome of battles over volatile issues like abortion for decades.  Republicans welcomed the choice of a candidate with a reputation as a brilliant lawyer with right wing credentials…  nobody really knows what (he) believes, because he has been unusually careful about not discussing his views.’


Introducing Judge Dread: The Affable Accomplice of a Coup d'état

“…Roberts' most dangerous decision, issued just last Friday, when, as part of a panel of appeals judges, he upheld Bush's outrageous claim of dictatorial powers: the right to dispose of anyone he arbitrarily designates an ‘enemy combatant’ as he sees fit; in this case, sending them to the kangaroo court ‘military tribunals’ he has concocted…  Roberts' decision is part of an on-going process of elevating the president beyond the reach of law  What we are witnessing is the creation of a ‘ Commander-in-Chief State ,’ where the form and pressure of law no longer apply to the president and his designated agents.’ … George W. Bush has granted himself the power to declare anyone on earth – including any American citizen – an 'enemy combatant,' for any reason he sees fit. He can render them up to torture, he can imprison them for life, he can even have them killed, all without charges, with no burden of proof, no standards of evidence, no legislative oversight, no appeal, no judicial process whatsoever except those that he himself deigns to construct, with whatever limitations he cares to impose.


White House denies access to Roberts' tax returns

“Although nominees in recent decades were required to provide their three most recent annual tax forms, the administration will neither collect such documents from Roberts nor share them with the Senate Judiciary Committee…”


Kissinger regrets India comments

“…shortly after a meeting with the visiting Indira Gandhi. "We really slobbered over the old witch," says President Nixon. "The Indians are bastards anyway," says Mr Kissinger. "They are starting a war there." He adds: "While she was a bitch, we got what we wanted too….”  Nice to know that our leaders act instinctively out of rational thought first, and could never stoop to anything as childish as name-calling.  When will people realize that leaders become leaders because they are self-interested and are seeking control of others?  The most successful are the most ruthless.  The well-intentioned and moral in politics are destroyed by it.  The president is well known to be incredibly foul-mouthed, even in the presence of foreign leaders. 


CIA methods exposed by kidnap inquiry

“Agents' use of commercial mobiles gives Italian police detailed picture of how Muslim cleric was abducted.”  More on this caper that was covered last month. 


Egyptian Imam Was a CIA Informant

A radical Egyptian cleric allegedly kidnapped from Italy by the CIA once provided the American spy agency with valuable information about Islamic militants in Albania , according to a published report.”


Italian court issues arrest warrants for more CIA agents

“An Italian court has issued arrest warrants for six more alleged CIA agents, accusing them of helping kidnap an Egyptian Muslim cleric in 2003, a court official says.”


Politicians demand inquiry into CIA operations in Italy


Did the CIA undermine Italy's war on terror?


Egyptian Imam Was a CIA Informant


The New World Order

Among democracies, only in America do soldiers and other uniformed servicemen figure ubiquitously in political photo ops and popular movies. Only in America do civilians eagerly buy expensive military service vehicles for suburban shopping runs…  a perilous time in our history, one I do not think enough people take seriously. Too many people in America are a-historical. It seems to me they think that we are immune to history's worst impulses.”



“Summer plans for dozens of French kids wanting to visit New York City are toast - the apparent victim of anti-French feelings here since the start of the Iraq war.”


France and US form secret antiterror partnership

France and the United States are cooperating on a unique antiterror partnership, tasked with analysing the transnational movements of terror suspects and developing operations to catch or spy on them, the Washington Post reported Sunday…  Funded largely by the CIA's Counterterrorist Center , Alliance Base consists of small numbers of US intelligence case officers working with handfuls of foreign operatives, often in tentative arrangements.


UK and France announce joint anti-terror measures


Feds blacklist 'illegal' Cuban Web sites


L.A. police kill gunman holding baby; child also dies


DoE Seeks Star Trek Phasers For Nuclear Plants

Energy weapons capable of harmlessly stunning intruders are being developed and should be in general use by 2008…  an emerging class of non-lethal weaponry using 95GHz millimeter-wave directed energy 


Military's Energy-Beam Weapons Delayed


CIA-backed tech can instantly spot terrorists in a crowd

’It does a reasonable job of matching people that sort of look alike,’ Pixlogic chief executive officer Joseph Santucci said.”  Apparently, the cameras we have everywhere already do not amount to enough surveillance of the public. 


The Pain of Remembering Aug. 6, 1945 - Sixty years after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima


Taser controversy refuses to die (Victims have no such problem)

“The ‘less-than-lethal’ weapons have been involved in 74 deaths in the United States and Canada , according to Amnesty International.  It also claims Tasers have been used gratuitously - against children or the elderly or on people posing no real threat.”


No Charges in Taser Gun Death

Dead after cop scuffle

Man dies after Taser shot

Report Cites 103 Taser-Related Deaths

Pregnant Woman Tasered by Seattle Cops

Taser trigger fingers

Taser use on boy, 6, brings outcry

Police stun 75-year-old

Police officers to carry Tasers in schools

“…authorized to shock anyone including students


Recipe for extinction

Criminal governments, corrupt media, comatose public: the perfect combination to permanently eradicate the human species  The dire predictions of so-called conspiracy theorists are all coming true: senseless wars are being created with transparent lies for the profits of a select few; the populace is infected with obvious poisons from both the medical profession and the food industry who because of recently passed laws are immune from legal action by the victims of these cruel concoctions; and our money is being steadily stolen by inbred elitist bankers who use accounting sleight-of-hand to funnel currency to that same small segment of the population who all seem to be immune from laws that guarantee poverty for the rest of us…  Isn't it strange so few Americans have objected to the new, out-front use of torture on people who have never even been tried in a court of law - never mind convicted - especially when underground reports of those taken prisoner and persecuted at Guantanamo reveal them not as terrorists but as hapless victims abducted to lend apparent authenticity to a minor detail of Washington's contrived terror fantasies?”


Are you prepared for World War Three?


New name for 'war on terror'

“The Bush administration is abandoning the phrase ‘war on terror’ … senior administration figures have been speaking publicly of ‘a global struggle against the enemies of freedom’, and of the need to use all ‘tools of statecraft’ to defeat them.” 


Maurice Strong loses UN job

“Canadian businessman Maurice Strong has lost his job as the United Nations top envoy to North Korea over his connection to the oil-for-food scandal, said the UN.”  Strong advocates the collapse of the industrialized nations.  See here.


Former Bush official to get RFID tag

“Thompson has joined the board of Applied Digital, which owns VeriChip, the company that specializes in subcutaneous RFID tags for humans and pets.”


Payola Shocker: J-Lo Hits, Others Were 'Bought' by Sony

Payola is nothing new, but think of how interesting it is that our minds are molded, our tastes are shaped by corporations in this way.  Think of the other ways, too – see the connections? 


They Just Never Meant Very Much To Us

“The truth is that we are trained to value the lives of our countrymen more highly by a socio-political system that has much to gain from a restricted, patriotic version of compassion, and much to lose from an excess of popular concern for suffering inflicted on 'foreigners' by our governments and corporations…  If they do something to us, the world is coming to an end. But if we do it to them, it's so normal, why should we even talk about it?”



Trend:  Oil hits record high prices.  Commodity prices in general continue rising, suggesting lack of confidence in stock markets.   U.S. housing bubble thought near to breaking as home mortgages, property taxes and general inflation increase -- could sink economy of US and the world.   US job creation is weak, continues losing jobs to overseas.  True US deficit is staggering.  Corporate profits are down, defaulting on pensions is up.  Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer.  Other nations concerned about US debt.   Israel wants US to foot the bill for their pullout of settlements from Gaza . 


Why the Bears Are Smiling

“Halfway through 2005, the stock market has nothing to show for itself. And if you're waiting for the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates before you buy equities, don't hold your breath...  the economy is navigating myriad threats to growth.”


Asset-Inflation Economy Could Go on a While Longer

“…making the ultimate reckoning even worse…”


Homeowners Deal With Rising Property Taxes


Six Myths About the Benefits of Foreign Investment in the U.S.


Oil hits record as storm looms


Oil Prices Plunge Amid London Explosions


U.S. stocks drop after London explosions


NY gold rises on London blasts, other precious up


US economy creates 146,000 jobs in June

“…less than expected by Wall Street…  They reckon that an average rise of 150,000 a month is needed to keep pace with population growth. 


U.S. losing lead in science and engineering-study     


Allegations of Fake Research Hit New High


U.S. workers say they waste 2 hours a day


WorldCom's Ebbers Gets 25 Years in Prison


White House: Deficit Plummeting to $333B

Bush said the improving deficit picture vindicated his stewardship of the economy and budget…  ‘Over the last three years, the Bush administration has posted the three worst deficits in history and though the deficit for 2005 has improved, it remains among the largest on record.’


Federal Deficit Reality: An Update

When the U.S. Treasury reported the official 2004 federal budget deficit at a record $413 billion last October, the hisses and boos in the financial media were unrelenting. Two months later, the Treasury reported the actual 2004 deficit using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to be an incredulous $11.1 trillion, up from $3.7 trillion in 2003, yet nary a word was heard in the financial media, from Wall Street or from any political denizen… For nearly four decades, officially sanctioned accounting gimmicks have masked federal deficit reality.”


Human Toll of a Pension Default

The scale of the default, the largest in U.S. history, has received more attention than the toll on the lives of the bankrupt [United] airline's 120,000 employees and pensioners.”


A Hands-Off Policy on Mortgage Loans

“For two months now, federal banking regulators have signaled their discomfort about the explosive rise in risky mortgage loans.  First they issued new "guidance" to banks about home-equity loans, warning against letting homeowners borrow too much against their houses. Then they expressed worry about the surge in no-money-down mortgages, interest-only loans and "liar's loans" that require no proof of a borrower's income.  The impact so far? Almost nil.”  The “easy money” that’s out there, designed to stimulate the economy, has placed home-buying within the grasp of a vast number folks who can’t truly afford it.  These folks are betting on rates staying low (but they can’t) or wages rising (but they haven’t in thirty years).  So, losing the bet will mean financial ruin for these consumers and a dire threat to the solvency of lending institutions and then to the entire U.S. economy. 


US deficits aren't just China's problem

“If creditors face an endless stream of additional borrowing and a good chance of default at the end of it, they should refuse to throw good money after bad. They will then impose huge costs on the debtor.”


Help the Economy: Invest Your Son

“In recent years, some eminent pundits and top government officials have become brazen about praising war as a good investment  Since the United States and its coalition partners have invested a great deal of political capital, as well as financial resources, as well as the lives of our young men and women -- and we have a large force there now -- we can't be expected to suddenly just step aside…’  I went through the latest annual reports from some American firms with Pentagon contracts. Those reports acknowledged, as a matter of fact, the basic corporate reliance on the warfare state.”


Part of US oil future tilts in the ocean

“BP Plc.'s Thunder Horse platform… is tilting 20 to 30 degrees after Hurricane Dennis hit the Gulf of Mexico …”


DreamWorks Lowers Full-Year Profit Outlook


A tale of two classes

fewer workers are able to amass any significant savings or put money away for retirement. Instead, they have been forced deeper and deeper into debt...  pay for American CEOs has continued to rise, reaching levels far in excess of pay for executives anywhere else.


American Taxpayers Footing Israel's Withdrawal From Gaza

“… Israel …wants the American taxpayers to cough up $2.2 billion in addition to our regular $3 billion-or-so annual subsidy to pay for the withdrawal from Gaza   A normal president would view Sharon 's actions as unacceptable…  If Washington gives in, we taxpayers will be spending about $227,000 per Jewish settler.” 



Trend:  Ariel Sharon appears to be every bit as dishonest and as far to the radical right as the top members of the US administration, hell bent on destruction, yet there are factions in the Israeli government who want him out of office because he’s not radical enough!   Israel prepares for pullout of 8000 settlers from Gaza , though some fear this will be followed by a massive increase in Israeli hostilities there.  Violence continues, with Palestinians taking the brunt of the casualties.   Israel , drifting toward theocracy, continues to pass laws and take other measures that discriminate against the native Palestinians, and continues to interfere with US politics via lobbying groups such as AIPAC, recently implicated in spying.  Yasser Arafat is confirmed to have been murdered, and Steven Spielberg starts a film about Israeli assassins. 


Israeli rightists place death curse on Sharon

A group of extreme rightists said they had held a ceremony and placed a death curse on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon … Tuesday's ceremony organizers included Rabbi Yosef Dayan, who was among the rabbis who had placed a death curse on Rabin.”


Sharon's son charged over fraud

“Charges have been brought against the son of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over the funding of one of his father's election campaigns in 1999.”


REAL INSIDERS A pro-Israel lobby and an F.B.I. sting

How foreign countries interfere in U.S. politics:  “Asher went on, ‘He beat Findley with a lot of help from Jews, in-state and out-of-state. Now, how did the Jewish money find him? I travelled around the country talking about how we had the opportunity to defeat someone unfriendly to Israel . And the gates opened.’ Durbin, who went on to win a Senate seat, is now the Democratic whip…  Rosen's main role at AIPAC, he once told me, was to collect evidence of "Iranian perfidy" and share it with the United States   He was fired earlier this year by Howard Kohr, nine months after he became implicated in an F.B.I. espionage investigation.”


Children Without a Country:  Israel's Theocrats

Israel's government is taking gigantic steps towards instituting a theocratic rule of control  In an effort to boost Israel 's Jewish population, the government opened immigration lines with the former Soviet Union 's Jewish community. However, over 60% … live in mixed marriages. …the non-Jewish partner in such marriages cannot bring his or her children to live with them in Israel if they do not come together - even if they do, the child cannot become an Israeli citizen. Such a child, like so many Palestinians living in Israel , has to live without any legal rights or status. 


Israel approves separation barrier for Jerusalem, drawing Palestinian ire

“The cabinet on Sunday approved a plan to build 11 passages through the Jerusalem barrier. The ministers did not explain how they would ensure quick passage of tens of thousands of Arab residents who need to get to schools, jobs and hospitals and the centre of the city.”


Palestinians rage at proposed fence across Jerusalem


Palestinians shut out from their farms

Israeli occupation forces are preventing Palestinians from passing through gates in the separation barrier to work their farms  other gates, such as Gate 45, had been shut for more than 18 months and that farmers had no practicable access to their own land…”


MKs pass bill, pare down family reunification for Palestinians

A host of new rules to limit the rights of Palestinians in Israel . 


Charge: killing a child; Sentence: a scolding and a promotion

“An Israeli military court sentenced a soldier charged of killing a Palestinian resident in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, to disciplinary measures but did not delay his promotion.”


Dahlan: Settlers poisoning land

“…accused Jewish settlers of "poisoning" the lands in the settlements slated for evacuation. Dahlan told reporters in Gaza City that the aim of "poisoning" the lands was to cause severe damages to them so that the Palestinians would not be able to use them after the Israeli pullout.” 


40 settlers beat Palestinian boy while soldiers watch

“Hilal Majidi is critical condition in the hospital…”


Arik's Horror Show

All the world saw the horror on TV: a Palestinian boy lying on the ground, unconscious. An Israeli soldier bending over him, not knowing what to do. A settler coming up from behind and throwing a stone at the head of the injured Palestinian. Another settler dropping a big stone on him at point-blank range. A bearded medic, also a settler, approaches the wounded boy, hesitates, and then goes away without treating him, pursued by the chants of a chorus of settler boys and girls: ‘Let him die! Let him die!’”


Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian teen in W. Bank

Mohamed al-Missimi, 17, was killed after being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, said the medics at a hospital in Nablus   local Palestinian residents said the killed was a 17-year-old teen and was not holding a gun.”


Police arrest alleged ringleader of Muasi lynch in Jerusalem

“In the videos Jewish youths are heard shouting "lynch him, lynch him", and seen throwing stones.  The Palestinian took a few direct blows to the head and lost consciousness.  His life was saved thanks to a few IDF soldiers and journalists who took him to saftey.”



Though legal proof is not and may never be available -- short of a 'Deep Throat' coming forward -- the overwhelming preponderance of circumstances, threats, and evidence traces the assassination to the Israelis with American, and in fact with some Palestinian, connivance.”


Fatah chief: Yasser Arafat was poisoned

’I can categorically confirm that Abu Ammar (Arafat) was poisoned,’ exiled Fatah chairman Faruq Qaddumi told reporters.”


Ariel Sharon orders forces to target leaders of Islamic Jihad


Israel raids West Bank town


Israel - The Source Of Atrocities


Withdrawal is a prelude to annexation

“There's no Palestinian state in a unilateral move. The real purpose of the move is to derail the road map and kill the comatose peace process. For Sharon , withdrawal from Gaza is the prelude not to a permanent settlement but to the annexation of substantial sections of the West Bank .”


The 3rd Category and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement

It is all about viewing Jewishness as the key element in one's being. Any other quality is secondary.”


Israel and Palestine: the end of the "calm"


Settlers stab a child to death near Nablus


‘I acted in God’s name’

Ultra-Orthodox man charged with three counts of attempted murder over Jerusalem gay parade stabbing  “I came to murder on behalf of God. We can’t have such abomination in the country,’”


Israeli president warns extremists opposed to Gaza pullout could kill Sharon


Lithuanian paper fined for saying Jews rule the world


Phony Trauma

ISRAEL IS SET to evacuate its settlements from the Gaza Strip in mid-August.”  Many watchers are certain that this is a ploy by Sharon to enhance Israel ’s grip on the West Bank, were there are 30 times as many settlers as in Gaza . 


What May Come After the Evacuation of Jewish Settlers from the Gaza Strip

“A Warning from Israel   We believe that one primary, unstated motive for the determination of the government of the State of Israel to get the Jewish settlers of the Qatif (Katif) settlement block out of the Gaza Strip may be to keep them out of harm's way when the Israeli government and military possibly trigger an intensified mass attack on the approximately one and a half million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, of whom about half are 1948 Palestine refugees…  The scenario could be similar to what has already happened in the past - a tactic that Ariel Sharon has used many times in his military career - i.e., utilizing provocation in order to launch massive attacks.”


Israel poised for ground assault, Gaza mass demo planned

“For a second day running, thousands of extra soldiers and armoured vehicles remained deployed across the border with Gaza , awaiting the green light for a threatened large-scale assault, should rocket attacks continue.”


2 religious soldiers suspected of placing J'lem fake bomb

“Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers from an infantry regiment of ultra-Orthodox troops were arrested on suspicion of placing a fake bomb at the Jerusalem central bus station last week…

Since the beginning of March, right-wing extremists have planted six dummy bombs: two in a Tel Aviv train station and four in Jerusalem . In those incidents the fake bombs also bore notes reading, ‘The disengagement will explode in our faces.’”


Spielberg's Biggest Gamble

“Even to raise the topic of Israel ’s extra-legal assassination policy requires walking on eggshells.   Mr. Spielberg quietly began filming the most politically charged project he has yet attempted: the tale of a secret Mossad hit squad ordered to assassinate Palestinian terrorists after the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich   Indeed, the movie's terrain is so packed with potential land mines that, associates say, Mr. Spielberg has sought counsel from advisers ranging from his own rabbi to the former American diplomat Dennis Ross, who in turn has alerted Israeli government officials to the film's thrust. Mr. Spielberg has also shown the script to Mr. Ross's old boss, former President Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton's aides said Mr. Spielberg reached out to him first more than a year ago and again as recently as Tuesday. Mr. Spielberg is also being advised by Mike McCurry, Mr. Clinton's White House spokesman, and Allan Mayer, a Hollywood spokesman who specializes in crisis communications.” 



Trend:  Bad press continues to increase against China , which the US knows is its ultimate rival for power and control of the world.  This month, the Chinese ban US beef.  They are blamed for higher oil prices by building their own strategic reserve tanks.  They are identified as a dangerous enemy by the US military, even a nuclear threat.   China responded with the threat of nuclear retaliation in case of attack by the US .   China joined with Russia in demanding US exodus from central Asia and joined with India in expressing concern over the political activities of the US-funded National Endowment for Democracy.   China did give in to US pressure to unpeg its currency from the dollar, but it’s unknown if a more expensive yuan will really help make US products more attractive. 


China continues to ban imports of cow, beef from US

“…following confirmation of the country's first homegrown case of mad cow disease…”                                  


China to fill strategic oil reserve

China will start to fill its strategic oil reserve in the fourth quarter of this year with its own oil…”


Unocal may back bid by China's CNOOC if it meets conditions


From China, Some Relief on Oil Demand

China's overall oil use declined 1 percent in the second quarter from the comparable quarter a year earlier, the agency said…  world oil prices could take a heavy blow if Chinese use did not increase…  Mr. Birol said there had been a vigorous debate in the last two days within the International Energy Agency over how to explain the decline in Chinese consumption, and he acknowledged that other, longer-term explanations were possible.”


Pentagon cooks up report on China's military

“A Pentagon report on China 's military is being worked on by several U.S. government agencies, the Defense Department said on Tuesday, suggesting an expanded drive to make sure it meshes with the Bush administration's views…  The report is sensitive because China has objected strongly to being portrayed by the United States as a growing threat to the military balance in Asia .  The wave of ' China military threat theory' whipped up by the U.S. military is a dangerous practice,’ People's Daily said … ‘setting up all kinds of obstacles in the way of the development of Sino-U.S. relationships…’”


Pentagon report reflects "cold war mentality"

“Chinese military experts said Pentagon's annual report on Chinese military power is full of ‘guesswork and prejudices’ and it reflects the animus and ambivalence of certain forces in the United States toward China 's peaceful rise.”


China stocks nukes as anti-U.S. tactic


China Tells Congress To Back Off Businesses

“The Chinese government on Monday sharply criticized the United States for threatening to erect barriers aimed at preventing the attempted takeover of the American oil company Unocal Corp. by one of China 's three largest energy firms, CNOOC Ltd.” 


China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar

China Severs Currency's Peg to the U.S. Dollar, Retains Controls on Its Exchange Rate  Malaysia simultaneously announced it was dropping its own policy tying its currency, the ringgit, to the U.S. dollar and would adopt a similar arrangement.”


China Unpegs Itself


China Floats, America Sinks


China revalues currency; repegs to basket of currencies

US Treasury Secretary John Snow had warned China that if it did not move on its currency by mid-October, the White House was prepared to name China as a currency manipulator, a move that might have led to trade retaliation.”


Dollar sags as China scraps currency peg


Yuan hits high as tests waters


US deficits aren't just China's problem

“Yuan kicks dollar butt by rejecting ‘free market’…”


Forget Unocal. Real China Risk Is Treasuries

“…Asia's No. 2 economy has a disturbing amount of leverage over the U.S. If U.S. politicians want to protect national security, they should be looking at how much their government is becoming indebted to China   What if China began dumping U.S. debt? …  The U.S. used to fear Japan , the biggest holder of U.S. debt, in this regard. Japanese officials in the past have made not-so-veiled threats about pulling the plug on U.S. debt…   China and other Asia nations have made it possible for the U.S. to live far beyond its means.”


Pentagon considering major military changes

The Pentagon is considering a change in its military strategy that requires U.S. soldiers to be ready to fight two major wars at the same time, The New York Times reported…  Military officials are also considering in detail what would happen if the U.S. decided to attack China , North Korea or Iran ...  ‘War with China or North Korea or Iran ... would require a much more capable Navy and Air Force,’ "War with China or North Korea or Iran ... would require a much more capable Navy and Air Force…”


China, Russia push for U.S exit from Central Asia

A regional alliance led by China and Russia called today for the United States and its allies in Afghanistan to set a date for withdrawing from several states in Central Asia, reflecting growing unease at the U.S. military presence in the region…  The United States rejected the call for a deadline… The military said Uzbekistan hosts at least 800 U.S. troops, while 1,200 U.S.-led troops are in Kyrgyzstan   Russia 's suspicion of the West has increased recently amid speculation the United States is encouraging the overthrow of Central Asia 's pro-Russian governments.  There is strong evidence that the US is funding the “soft revolutions” in former Soviet republics and in Lebanon . 


US on Nepal's case

“Fresh from its perceived success in Kyrgyzstan , the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an American non-governmental organization, has a new mission in Nepal , where King Gyanendra has assumed autocratic powers…   Beijing has even more reason to concern itself with the NED's presence in Nepal , next door to sensitive Tibet . The NED makes no bones of its concerns about Uighur Chinese, and is known to have earlier funded anti-China forces in Tibet   The significant aspect of the NED, however, is its recent role in the "color-coded" revolutions in Central Asia - in the backwaters of Russia . Those "democratic revolutions" were designed to help Washington and antagonize Moscow and Beijing . It is too early to tell whether these "revolutions" will have the necessary staying power - but what is certain is that the NED was an active player…  The most notable of NED's "conquests" in recent months took place in Kyrgyzstan India 's worries concerning the NED are broad and indirect..  Formed during the Ronald Reagan era in the 1980s, the NED is a favorite of the Bush administration. In fact, on the issue of spreading democracy around the globe, the Bush administration and the NED are in total sync. Not for nothing, President George W Bush, in his January 22, 2004, state of the union message, vowed to double the NED budget…   China is a more direct target of the NED. Reports have confirmed the identification, looting and arson of Chinese and Turkish properties in Bishkek on the evening the "Tulip" revolution" took to the streets and drove out Akayev.


The London Explosions, the Rogue Network, Bush and Iran

“SCO: US GET OUT OF CENTRAL ASIA  -  The US, UK and Israel have been on the brink of war with Iran for at least a year, and the rogue network is generally aware that time is not on its side. There is also an important new development which threatens the ability of the Anglo-Americans to wage war. On July 5, the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which brings together China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Krygyzia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan plus new members India, Pakistan, and Iran, issued a call for the United States to vacate the bases seized in the autumn of 2001 under the cover of the 9/11 emergency and the looming invasion of Afghanistan. The parties to this call represent about half of the world's population. “


Top Chinese general warns US over attack

"’If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,’ said General Zhu Chenghu.”  Shocked?  What about these bits from March 2002:  Britain 'Prepared to Use Nuclear Weapons' and US plans widespread use of nuclear weapons in war – “Bush orders Pentagon to target seven nations for attack.  These include China and Russia , the two powers which have long been targeted by the US nuclear arsenal; Iraq , Iran and North Korea , the three countries demonized by Bush as the "axis of evil" in his State of the Union speech; and Libya and Syria .” 



Summary:  Last month saw the brutal slaying by government troops ( most recently trained by the U.K.) of anti-dictatorship protestors in Andijan, Uzbekistan, a police state ruled by the tyrannical Islam Karimov, one of President Bush’s close allies.  Well documented stories describe the U.S. policy of  rendering suspected criminals to that country’s prisons, where they often undergo torture. 


U.N.: Uzbeks Troops to Fault in Uprising

“It demanded an international inquiry into ‘what amounted to a mass killing.’  Uzbek opposition groups and human rights activists claim more than 700 people - mostly unarmed civilians - were killed on May 13 in Andijan  The report also said there was urgent need for neighboring countries to halt deportations of Uzbek asylum seekers and Andijan witnesses back to their home, saying they would face the risk of torture if returned to Uzbekistan . 


Trial of U.S. Media Group Employees Begins in Tashkent

“Uzbek authorities have begun the trial of a former director and another employee of the U.S.-based media rights and training organization, Internews group, the Svoboda radio station reported Monday…  Karimov has alleged that Western organizations helped the opposition in those two countries [ Georgia and Ukraine ].” 




Summary:  Inexplicably, despite open threats against the U.S. , North Korea has not received the treatment of Iraq , which never threatened the U.S.  


N. Korea defector seeks help from Bush

“’The people who are at the camps, the [North Korean] government wants to kill them all,’ Kang Chol-hwan said in an interview with The Washington Times. ‘Instead of executing them, they kill them slowly, making them work in forced labor...’”


North Korea has nuclear bomb, would-be defector claims




Trend:  The war of words between the US (dominated by the right wing and the power elite) and Venezuela (led by the leftist president Hugo Chavez, who is sharing the national wealth with all the people), although in a lull this month, continues.   Venezuela is the fifth-largest oil-producing nation in the world, and thus of great interest to those who seek to control the world’s resources. 


Chavez stresses state sovereignty on Independence Day

“Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stressed state sovereignty in a speech to mark the oil-rich South American country's Independence Day on Tuesday. ‘Here the Venezuelans rule; there is no hegemonic power from any other part of the world that has to do with the sovereign decisions taken in Venezuela .’”  It’s clear who he’s talking about.  Chavez, a fierce critic of the United States, has accused the Bush administration of trying to topple his government. He also said Venezuela will remain a steady supplier of oil as long as there are no US ‘aggressions.’"  




Trend:  Most of the news involving Iran is covered in sections above.  The trend is continued demonization of Iran , over its nuclear development, by the US , despite no evidence that Iran is doing anything illegal in this regard. 


Iraq to launch military, anti-terror cooperation with Iran

Iraq 's defence minister, on a landmark visit to Iran , called for reconciliation between the two neighbours and former arch-foes and pledged not to allow Iraqi soil to be used for attacks against the Islamic republic…  Dulaimi pledged that the two sides would begin military and anti-terrorist cooperation, but nevertheless asserted it was too soon for US and other foriegn troops to pull out of his country…  The Iraqi minister pledged that the United States could not oppose the cooperation between the two countries: ‘We are going to cooperate and no one can stop this cooperation’…  ‘Our Iranian brothers have promised us a billion dollar aid as a loan,’ he added.”



Trend:  Russia seems to want emulate the US in terms of “fighting terror” – to take advantage of an unseen and largely unidentifiable enemy as an excuse to project power.  Of course, Russia has identified different enemies as “the terrorists.”  There is also mounting evidence that Russia , as well as the EU and China are concerned about limiting or stopping the “gone wild” foreign policy of the US . 


Death toll in Russian terrorist attack rises to 11

“…the blast in Makhachkala , capital of Daghestanian Republic .” 


Russia’s Putin Wants Preventive Strikes Against Terrorists

“President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian interior ministry to conduct preventive strikes against terrorists.”  The U.S. has set the precedent for leaders everywhere to capitalize on this type of “kill now, ask questions later, if at all” policy that has become “the way the world works.” 



Africa's new best friends

“The US and Britain are putting the multinational corporations that created poverty in charge of its relief…”  Readers might not understand that corporations pay the leaders of developing countries to gain access to natural resources, rightfully the wealth of the local people.  The corporations take and sell the resources in return for hiring a few locals.  The payoffs never seem to mange not to trickle down to the citizens.  The G8 is saying, “business as usual,” lending credence to the notion that world leaders serve wealthy corporations first, and are effectively controlled by them.   Few would deny that one of the things Africa needs is investment. But investment by many of our multinationals has not enriched its people but impoverished them. The history of corporate involvement in Africa is one of forced labour, evictions, murder, wars, the under-costing of resources, tax evasion and collusion with dictators. Nothing in either the Investment Climate Facility or the Growth and Opportunity Act imposes mandatory constraints on corporations.” 


Why I won't be watching Live 8

“I simply do not think it is right that ex-pop star Bob Geldof should be the human catalyst for one of the biggest problems facing mankind - it is beyond the wisdom of Solomon, let alone Geldof.”


Sixty Percent Of All International Aid Is 'Phantom': Actionaid

Some 60 percent of all announced international aid does not exist, global pressure group ActionAid said Thursday, singling out the United States and France as the main culprits in "phantom" aid.”


Zambians march to call on rich nations to act on promises


African Union: Rich countries must fulfill promises





Trend:  There is increasing polarization of groups highly devoted to particular religious teachings.  There is also increasing hypocrisy evident within extremist factions of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish groups.  This polarization and extremism seems to be driving members of these various groups to deeds, in the name of religion, that are anything but holy. 


Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels - Signed Letters from Cardinal Ratzinger Now Online


Thousands Gather to Celebrate Megachurch

America 's largest church celebrated its move into the former arena for the Houston Rockets with a capacity crowd of 16,000, an upbeat sermon from its televangelist pastor and a spirited welcome from the governor of Texas .”


Soldiers of Christ

“Inside America ’s Most Powerful Megachurch   She called it ‘spiritual restoration.’ Anyone can do it, she promised, ‘even a gay activist.’ Linda had seen with her own eyes the sex demons that make homosexuals rebel against God, and she said they are gruesome; but she did not name them, for she would not ‘give demons glory.’”


Articles on the Rise of Dominionism in America


The Crusaders:  Christian Evangelicals are Plotting to Remake America in their Own Image

“Life and liberty for all who believe




In an age where the powerful seek, as they always have, to control information and its flow, the internet is a mixed blessing.  It allows for identification and tracking of people, but allows for information to be disseminated outside of the corporate mainstream system.   The current internet model allows for too much freedom to suit our leaders.  It may be prudent to expect that they’ll try to do something about that, openly or covertly. 


U.S. Won't Cede Control of Net Computers

“The U.S. government will indefinitely retain oversight of the main computers that control traffic on the Internet, ignoring calls by some countries to turn the function over to an international body…”


Univ. of Southern Calif. says database hacked

USC learned of the breach June 20 when it was tipped off by a journalist, Harrington said. It has since shut down the Web site and has notified people whose names and Social Security numbers were in the database of the security breach.”


In Canada: Cache a page, go to jail?

“A bill before Canada 's Parliament could make it illegal for search engines to cache Web pages, critics say, opening the door to unwarranted lawsuits and potentially hindering public access to information.”


Web of Deceit: How Internet Freedom Got the Federal Ax, And Why Corporate News Censored the Story

The days are now numbered for surfing an uncensored, open-access Internet, using your favorite search engine to search a bottomless cyber-sea of information in the grandest democratic forum ever conceived by humankind. Instead you can look forward to Googling about on a walled-off, carefully selected corpus of government propaganda and sanitized information "safe" for public consumption…  Federal government--from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the White House--and corporate mainstream media have worked cooperatively to quietly block open access to cyberspace  Broadband and DSL are therefore on their way to becoming extensions of corporate mainstream media. In fact, the companies that have taken control of the Internet are themselves part of an intricate web of corporate media ownership.


Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings

“He is expected to tell his counterparts governments must ensure operators keep data on telephone and internet exchanges for up to a year.” 


UK urging e-mail data retention

“Home Secretary Charles Clarke says firms across Europe should be ordered to retain phone and e-mail records to help track down terrorists…  ‘"We should guarantee the full traceability of the movements of terrorists’”  Or anyone, for that matter?  “…proposing that records of all private telephone calls, text messages and e-mails be retained by telecommunications firms so they can be passed on to the police and security services if necessary.” 


Google has engaged in questionable censorship practices


Downloading 'myths' challenged

“People who illegally share music files online are also big spenders on legal music downloads, research suggests.”




Report offers no clue to cause of plane crash

“The pilot who crashed his small Cessna airplane into Hamburg Mountain on June 19… only minutes after achieving his maximum altitude…”


Crashed plane still submerged in pond
NEW YORK – “A plane in Bowline Pond remained submerged yesterday as authorities continued an investigation into the crash that sent a Manhattan man to Nyack Hospital .”


Plane crashes at Fort Payne airport

ALABAMA - A plane crashed while taking off at the Fort Payne Municipal Airport Thursday morning. Two people were in the twin-engine Navaho airplane when it went down.”


Pilot was cool on way down

“FLORIDA - Jerry Robinson wouldn't change a thing he did two weeks ago today when he was forced to crash-land his single-engine plane in a swamp with his wife and son aboard.”


Pilot survives crash after plane engine quit

“INDIANA - A former military pilot who crashed his single-seat airplane in rural Putnam County Thursday night escaped with minor injuries.”






North Atlantic Ocean Temps Hit Record High

Australia admits secret climate pact talks with US

Stalagmite fuels climate debate

“A stalagmite from an Alpine cave may indicate that global warming is not as unusual as many think.”

G-8 say global warming requires urgent action

World environmentalists meet in Cuba

Call to Save Mt. Everest from climate change

Writing the Planet's Epitaph

With each passing month it becomes increasingly unlikely that the human species will come to its senses before destroying the planet that gave it life.”

Vital marine species under threat

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us (from February)

Key findings of the Pentagon (from February)

“Future wars will be fought over the issue of survival rather than religion, ideology or national honour…”



Flash floods block Paris-Brussels motorway

94 die in torrential rains, flash floods in India's Gujarat state

Hurricane Dennis Kills Five in Haiti

Hurricane Dennis Blows Through Ala., Fla.

Hurricane season set to be stormy

Dennis Leaves Many Without Power in Fla.

Emily Strengthens to Category 4 Storm

Hurricane Emily Lashes Yucatan Peninsula

China evacuates 600,000 after typhoon lashes Taiwan

Floods sweep Bulgaria, ruined grain crops threaten to hike up bread prices

Floods kill dozens in India as Bombay under water

Indian monsoon deaths near 900 after stampede, bodies dug from landslide

Tornado hits Birmingham

“We have an average of 33 reports of tornadoes in the UK each year but these are especially rare in built-up areas and there has not been one of this strength in many years…”



Fires blaze in south of France and Corsica

France's rivers run dry

“The whole pattern of our agriculture will have to change, from Africa to northern Europe .”

France faces drought, locusts

Drought-hit Portugal battles wildfires, homes threatened

Drought and locust plague leave Niger on the brink of famine

Locusts invade Cirebon regencies

Hot Weather Hampers Colorado Firefighters

Heatwave bakes China, power demand up

Heat wave pushing power consumption in Eastern Canada

How Hot Is It? Arizonans Are Complaining

Drought parches lawns, cripples water supply in Midwest

Ice Shelf Collapse Reveals New Undersea World

Con Edison reports record energy usage ( New York )

Record power demand sparks Calif. blackout scare

Chicago Experiencing Driest Summer on Record

Wildfire Forces Evacuations Near Denver

Relentless Heat in Phoenix Kills 18

Ferocious Heat Maintains Grip Across the West

Triple-Digit Temperatures Scorch Midwest

Blistering heat wave causes more misery across the U.S. Midwest and East

Melting Greenland glacier may hasten rise in sea level

Heat Wave Prompts Summer School 'Snow Day' ( Philadelphia )

Nearly all of Illinois declared drought disaster

Catastrophic Sand Avalanches, Sea Level Changes Found In Gulf Of Mexico

Mysterious Hot Spot Sparks Fire ( Santa Barbara CA )



FDA issues warning on antidepressant drugs

“Use associated with possible increased suicide risk, says U.S. agency… a second public warning today that adults who use antidepressants should be closely monitored for warning signs of suicide…

Bird Flu May Pose Threat to Humans

Signs Point to Global Influenza Oubreak - WHO Warning

Bird flu: World is on the edge

ASIA 'S bird flu outbreak is at a critical stage where it could easily become a human pandemic, health experts warned yesterday…” 

Flu mutates quicker than thought

Death toll in China's mystery illness rises to 19; 17 in critical condition

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

“If an influenza pandemic struck today, borders would close, the global economy would shut down, international vaccine supplies and health-care systems would be overwhelmed, and panic would reign.” 

Bloggers surfing, sharing science in quest to understand pandemic threat

-Crawford Kilian's H5N1,

-The Flu Wiki,

-Effect Measure,

-Melanie Mattson's Just a Bump in the Beltway,


-Avian Flu,

UN says it may take a decade to beat bird flu in Asia



Earthquake rocks Nicaragua, no injuries or damage reported

Small earthquake shakes Baja California

Moderate earthquake hits north Andaman

Big shake's 'unlikely' as quake swarm rattles on

Strong Earthquake In Northwest Sumatra

Low Intensity earthquake hits northern India

5.4-magnitude earthquake near Kamchatka

Eastern Japan shaken by earthquake

Earthquake hits Palu, Indonesia

Earthquake Hits Sea Waters near Japan's Izu Islands

Earthquake shakes northeast Albania

Asian quake tears 1,000km rupture

Swarm of quakes heightened possibility of larger temblor

Earthquake shakes Big Island

Moderate earthquake jolts southern Pakistan port city, no injuries reported

Two small temblors hit eastern San Bernardino County

Minor earthquake of 3.6 magnitude rattles south central Utah

Moderate earthquake jolts Kupang eastern Indonesia

Earthquake shakes historic Myanmar temples

Quake jolts Indonesia's Aceh

Earthquake hits Aceh, Indonesia

Quake sounds reveal Earth 'ripping apart'

Another earthquake shakes the Big Island

Earthquake hits Dien Bien Phu

Small earthquake felt in Anchorage

Magnitude-5.8 earthquake jolts eastern Indonesia

Earthquake Hits Tokyo

Major earthquake hit India's Nicobar Islands

Tokyo earthquake a foretaste of expected disaster

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake - WESTERN MONTANA

Moderately strong earthquake hits Tokyo area

Moderate Quake Jolts Alaska Village





Lava Dome Falls Into Mount St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens Still Kicking

Mount St. Helens still cooking: Quakes shake, lava domes build

Japan Investigates Giant Column of Steam in the Pacific

High lake temperatures puzzle regional scientists

Mexican volcano rumbles to life once more

A Volcano In Austin?

Shiveluch volcano becomes active in Kamchatka

Volcano heats up on Indonesia's most densely populated island



Experts eye SA meteor site

Drilling set at Chesapeake Bay meteor site

Meteor seen in Siskiyou skies Tuesday

Kaali crater: still having an impact

Space Debris, Meteor Or What?

Scientists Use Meteors To Investigate Climate Change And Giant Waves At 'Edge Of Space'

New Comet Findings from Deep Impact

Fireball Streaks Across Oregon Skies Tuesday

Meteor seen in Siskiyou skies Tuesday

Meteorite hits tractor



New Mexico City UFO Fleet Sightings Cause Commotion

For UFO expert, sci-fi is real life

The Great UFO Debate

UFO sighting in Exeter - again


Scientists predict brave new world of brain pills

“Common use of drugs to improve the mind poses ethical challenge…”

Gravity doughnut promises time machine


Ancient Aryan civilization achieved incredible technological progress 40 centuries ago


Scientists find genetic evidence for southern origin of modern humans in East Asia


Roman legion founded Chinese city


Super current created at Nevada site


Distant object found orbiting Sun

“Astronomers have found a large object in the Solar System's outer reaches. It is being hailed as ‘a great discovery’.”


450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

ISTANBUL , Turkey -- First one sheep jumped to its death. Then stunned Turkish shepherds, who had left the herd to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff, Turkish media reported.”  What can we learn about following the herd? 


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