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Signs of the Times for Thu, 28 Dec 2006

Media Matters for America
December 28, 2006.
How extreme were conservative commentators in their remarks this year?

How about calls to nuke the Middle East and an allegation that a "gay ... mafia" used the congressional page program as its own "personal preserve."

Right-wing rhetoric documented by Media Matters for America included the nonsensical (including Rush Limbaugh's claim that America's "obesity crisis" is caused by, among other things, our failure to "teach [the poor] how to butcher a cow to get the butter, we gave them the butter"), the offensive (such as right-wing pundit Debbie Schlussel's question about "Barack Hussein Obama": Is he "a man we want as president when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be?"), and the simply bizarre (such as William A. Donohue's claim that some Hollywood stars would "sodomize their own mother in a movie").

Since there were so many outrageous statements, we included a list of honorable mentions along with the top 11, which, if not for Ann Coulter, we might have limited to 10.

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By Curt Maynard
December 25, 2006
Yeah, whatever, the AP can write whatever they like, but the truth is al-Maliki "punked," Bush, which is modern vernacular meaning that Bush was intentionally disrespected publicly. To my knowledge nothing like this has ever happened before - as a rule Presidential advisors do everything they can to ensure that the President of the United States never gets embarrassed in such a manner. In any case, al-Maliki's absence spelled out something quite clearly - Bush has no influence in the Middle East any longer - zero.

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By Eleanor Clift
26 Dec 06
In the spirit of holding our political leaders accountable, this year-end review will tabulate the worst lies told by Bush and company, along with several stories that were underreported in the media. Much of what was generated got lost in the fog of war, but the long arm of history will retrieve these moments. As the president said in his news conference this week, if they're still writing about No. 1-George Washington-there's plenty of time before the historians can properly evaluate No. 43. Judging by the mess in Iraq, it could be 200 or 300 years - if ever - before Bush is vindicated.

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by Gordon Thomas
20 August 02
Secret documents have revealed that Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld are "linked to the murder" of a former senior CIA scientist.

In 1953 Frank Olson, who was a key member of the CIAs secret brainwashing programme MK-ULTRA, was sent plunging from a New York hotel window.

He had threatened to reveal the CIA involvement in "terminal experiments" in post-war Germany and in Korea during the Korean War.

For almost half a century his son, Eric, a psychologist, has insisted his father was murdered "on orders from the highest level".

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A SOTT Special Report
Giving Consent

We were slightly taken aback when we found this item yesterday. We asked ourselves: Do they really believe this type of manipulation can work?

Then we remembered the WMD in Iraq, 9/11, the 2000 elections. Of course it will work.

No JFK conspiracy, new analysis shows

October 28, 2003

The United States' ABC television network said today it conducted an exhaustive investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, complete with a computer-generated reconstruction, which irrefutably confirms that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

A two-hour special on the event is scheduled to air on ABC News in the United States on November 20, two days before the 40th anniversary Kennedy's killing.

"It leaves no room for doubt," said Tom Yellin, executive producer of the special, narrated by Peter Jennings.

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That Lobby

reptile_eye.png Stalin's Jews - We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish

reptile_eye.png 'Corrie' canceled in Canada - Play has potential to offend Jewish community

reptile_eye.png Slime: Former AIPAC Director implies that Jimmy Carter has Nazi sympathies

reptile_eye.png I Witness the Israel Lobby in Action

reptile_eye.png Hillel Chapters Break New Ground by Hosting 'Breaking the Silence'

money.png UK: Sixty years on, we finally pay for the war - # £45m is the last instalment to US

handgun.png Egypt Sends Weapons to Abbas Through Israel

Killing Saddam - Or Someone Who Looks Him

do_not_enter.png Bush's support for death penalty for Saddam opens rift with UK

do_not_enter.png Iraq prepares for rapid Saddam execution

do_not_enter.png Saddam Hussein's Baath party threatens to retaliate if their leader is executed

scroll.png Saddam Letter Urges Iraqis Not to Hate

red_flag.png The trials of occupation - Executing Saddam will not bring peace to Iraq. That can only come when US forces leave

skullbones.png Cardinal Condemns Saddam's Sentence

skullbones.png Saddam Says Farewell; 23 Die in Baghdad - "Executing Saddam now is dangerous"

blue_questionmark.png The meaningless execution of a tyrant

attention_sign.png Flashback: LA Times: Bring back Saddam Hussein - Restoring the dictator to power may give Iraqis the jolt of authority they need. Have a better solution?

u-s-flag.png Flashback: The Capture, Trial and Conviction of Saddam Hussein - Another US Intelligence Farce

The Six Year Reich

dr_evil.png The GOP's $3 Billion Propaganda Organ

cowboy_hat.png Helen Thomas: Will Bush Explain Why War Continues?

cowboy_hat.png Bush is bracing for new scrutiny - White House hiring lawyers in expectation of Democratic probes

penis_pump.png Forget the President: Impeach Cheney

skullbones.png Five Years of Infamy: Close Guantanamo!

skullbones.png US tries to assure allies that extraordinary renditions are over

cowboy_boot.png Throw the Bums Out and Change Direction

skullbones.png From Foley to Frey: The Year in U.S. Scandals

joker.png Washington gets ready to gossip as DC sex blog goes to court

Iraqi Freedom

skullbones.png What has long been a catastrophic tragedy is also now a horrific farce

skullbones.png American Deaths In Iraq Surpass American Deaths On 9-11 and President Bush Wants To Escalate Again

reptile_eye.png Flashback: Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil

mr-potato-head.png Biden vows to fight any Iraq troop boost

skullbones.png U.S. soldiers' death toll climbs in Iraq

heart.png Reservist Due for Iraq Is Killed in Standoff With Police

Stealing You Blind

money.png Euro notes cash in to overtake dollar

money.png A coming of age for the European currency

money.png Dollar hit by news of central bank selling

money.png Dollar Slides; U.A.E. Says Selling U.S. Currency, Buying Euros

money.png Abuse could push Katrina costs to $2 billion

Killing Their Own

reptile_eye.png Russia fingers Israeli fugitive in radiation poison probe

mib.png Scaramella Arrested in Naples

reptile_eye.png Litvinenko - By Way Of Deception

reptile_eye.png Litvinenko - By Way Of Deception - Part 2

reptile_eye.png Litvinenko And The Apartheid State Of Israel

Star and Stripes 4Ever

u-s-flag.png Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers

handgun.png Murders Are Up in New York, Other Cities

mib.png FBI Says Files In Leak Cases Are 'Missing'

road_cone.png Dozens Of Pieces Of Lost Luggage Dumped In Trash - FBI, Local Houston Police Investigate

You Are What You Eat

cupcake.png Why Kellogg's saw red over labelling scheme

cupcake.png How constipation and masturbation cure became huge breakfast cereal business

cupcake.png Just add milk ... among other things

cupcake.png Food agency takes on industry over junk labels

Around the Neighborhood

flamingo.png Castro Outlives Another American President

piggybank.png Argentinians granted rights to lost savings

perfume.png The Big Question: Has Jacques Chirac's presidency been a complete disaster for France?

eagle.png Russian Jet Forced to Land in Prague After Attempted Hijacking - Hijacker Detained

Blair - Stayin' Alive

eagle.png Blairs' runaway jet drama - Cost for Holiday Flight: $40,000.00

money.png Shameless: Blair's freebie holiday at Bee Gee mansion

eye_of_ra.png Revealed: TB & Bee Gee on the QT - Runway drama blows his cover on Florida trip

Bad Skating

road_cone.png Big Quake Cuts Communications in Taiwan

snowman.png Ice on Israeli roads causes delay in school day for northeners

lightning.png Storms wreak havoc across Israel

Pick Your Poison

road_cone.png Reporting genocide isn't easy - The new generation of citizen journalists are a mixed blessing for humanitarianism.

skullbones.png Tuscan church reveals answer to mystery of Medici deaths - Poisoned!

One Year Ago: 2005

cowboy_boot.png 2005: A Ten-Step Program

u-s-flag.png 2005: Scandals: Six 'conspiratorial' and six not

u-s-flag.png 2005: Checks and No Balance: The story is Bush's spying, not the story's messenger

spying.png 2005: Rice authorized National Security Agency to spy on UN Security Council in run-up to war, former officials say

reptile_eye.png 2005: Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons

reptile_eye.png 2005: Israel and the Neocons, The Libby Affair and the Internal War

reptile_eye.png 2005: Former IDF Chief Pursued in US Court for War Crimes

u-s-flag.png 2005: Dozens indicted in alleged Katrina scam

volcano.png 2005: Volcano of Fire spews lava and ash

earth.png 2005: Travellers face chaos as freeze hits Europe

reptile_eye.png 2005: Israeli warplanes hit militant base in Lebanon

u-s-flag.png 2005: White House Leaked Classified Intelligence to Make its Case for War

Two Years Ago: 2004

earth.png 2004: Sign's Daily Wrap-Up

vader.png 2004: "Misspeaking" the Truth

u-s-flag.png 2004: Delta plane diverted to Florida after passenger's name found on watch list

stormtrooper.png 2004: Suicide bomber kills 15 in Iraq

reptile_eye.png 2004: Israel accused of obstructing Palestinian election in east Jerusalem

earth.png 2004: Quake rattled Earth orbit, changed map of Asia: US geophysicist

earth.png 2004: Editorial: Tsunami/Tragedy in a holiday season

earth.png 2004: Massive quake strikes Antarctica

earth.png 2004: Volcanic island a threat to US coast

money.png 2004: Dollar Falls to New Low Vs Euro

u-s-flag.png 2004: U.S. leads the dirty dozen spammers

stormtrooper.png 2004: Pondering the slaughter of innocents

reptile_eye.png 2002: Palestinians say troops shot child dead

Three Years Ago: 2003

deathstar.png 2003: ABC (Australia) Radio Interviews Gore Vidal

reptile_eye.png 2003: Israeli Army Shooting of Israeli Stirs Hot Debate

reptile_eye.png 2003: Feelings of invasion hang in the air

reptile_eye.png 2003: Chutzpah: an avoidance strategy

stormtrooper.png 2003: Saddam Threatens to Expose US

stormtrooper.png 2003: Rumsfeld Threatens Saddam's Family

stormtrooper.png 2003: Reality check for US in Iraq

vader.png 2003: Terror attempt on British jet foiled: report

u-s-flag.png 2003: Feeling A Draft: New law ties PFD to draft registry

u-s-flag.png 2003: Bush Screws Our War Heroes

u-s-flag.png 2003: We Hate Spam, Congress Says (Except When It's Sent by Us)

u-s-flag.png 2003: How many Americans are satisfied with their lives?

earth.png 2003: 40,000 DEAD IN IRAN EARTHQUAKE

Four Years Ago: 2002

stormtrooper.png 2002: President Bush said on Saturday the United States would confront the danger of "catastrophic violence" posed by Iraq

u-s-flag.png 2002: God Bless America & Pass the Ammunition

vader.png 2002: Rumsfeld gets tough on North Korea

stormtrooper.png 2002: Iraq gives names of scientists to U.N. inspectors

u-s-flag.png 2002: Non-U.S. students jailed over class load

reptile_eye.png 2002: Israeli destroyed the homes of two Palestinian militants

reptile_eye.png 2002: The Vatican, trying to counter charges it did too little to stop the Nazis

vader.png 2002: U.S. is using torture to interrogate top al-Qa'ida prisoners

u-s-flag.png 2002: 800,000 lose jobless benefits

vader.png 2002: Moscow points to Grozny's Arab tie

blue_questionmark.png 2002: Illness strikes 81 aboard cruise ship

vader.png 2002: Texas executes most in 2002

Five Years Ago: 2001

u-s-flag.png 2001: Hate and evil

u-s-flag.png 2001: 9-11 Proved Bush Legitimate Leader

chess.png 2001: Lebanese president confers with Iranian envoy

u-s-flag.png 2001: Arab-American secret service officer removed from flight

reptile_eye.png 2001: Israeli forces break into Hebron Abu Dees

vader.png 2001: Pakistan denies having him, Bin Laden warns the US of unexpected results

reptile_eye.png 2001: Lahoud: Lebanon has restored international presence, enjoys stability

reptile_eye.png 2001: Chairman of the Israeli Knesset expels four Arab members

reptile_eye.png 2001: Secret documents reveal Sharon's confession having responsibility for Sabra, Shatila massacres

reptile_eye.png 2001: Palestinian Authority libel: "Israel steals body parts from Palestinian martyrs to use in hospitals."

alarmclock.png 2001: Shoe bomb suspect brainwashed, says dad

cropcircle2.png 2001: The Face Of Things To Come... Cosmic Communications At Chilbolton Radio Telescope?

eye_of_ra.png 2001: Hell's Grannies - Shame Israel

eye_of_ra.png 2001: Israel: A monument to anti-Semitism

cowboy_hat.png 2001: President, General Franks Discuss War Effort

alarmclock.png 2001: Judge denies bail to accused shoe bomber

Remembering Gerald Ford

tomato.png Remembering Gerald Ford: Congressional Perks: How the Trappings of Office Trap Taxpayers NTUF Policy Paper 131

tomato.png Remembering Gerald Ford: The Farcical Definition at the Heart of the War on Terrorism

tomato.png Remembering Gerald Ford: An Interview With William Blum, Author "Rogue State"

nuclear.png Remembering Gerald Ford: U.S. endorsed Iranian plans to build massive nuclear energy industry

nuclear.png Remembering Gerald Ford: The nuclear hypocrites

u-s-flag.png Remembering Gerald Ford: Terrorists in Miami, Oh My!

skullbones.png Remembering Gerald Ford: Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken Us - An illegal war, a long list of eroded rights, and a country run by and for the benefit of corporate campaign donors -- all courtesy of the imperial presidency

cowboy_hat.png Remembering Gerald Ford (And his pals): It's the IQ, stupid

skullbones.png Remembering Gerald Ford: Be very afraid

syringe.png Remembering Gerald Ford: Who Inserted The Mutated Human Influenza Virus In A Pig In South Korea?

skullbones.png Gerald Ford's Role in the JFK Assassination Cover-up

skullbones.png Remembering Gerald Ford: Ford's legacy is Cheney and Rumsfeld

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