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Signs of the Times for Mon, 18 Dec 2006

Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
December 18, 2006

Augusto Pinochet died last week. Add to that the death of his groupie, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and his economic mentor, Milton Friedman, and it really does seem like the end of an era. Good riddance to them all.

The mainstream press in the United States attempted a "balanced" portrayal of Pinochet. That in itself speaks volumes.

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Toronto Star
A young Israeli was in Canada last week raising ethical questions about the conduct of Israeli soldiers in the Occupied Territories.

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Israel - Apartheid State

reptile_eye.png Opposing Israeli apartheid Results in Personal Attacks and Defamation

crusader.png Jimmy Carter - Revisiting 'Apartheid'

crusader.png Jimmy Carter's Mideast book polarizes opinion

chess.png Israel wants to sabotage Baker

blue_questionmark.png Different narratives in the Middle East - No, Israelis are not Nazis. But it's time we talked of war crimes

money.png Congress extends Israel loan guarantees

reptile_eye.png An enlightened occupier- Israeli Supreme Court Legitimizes War Crimes

reptile_eye.png Ex-soldiers break 'silence' on Israeli excesses - Yehuda Shaul tells Haroon Siddiqui 'something rotten' is going on in Gaza and the West Bank

reptile_eye.png We must speak out - Cultural Boycott of Israel?

reptile_eye.png Palestinians Stranded in Egypt

reptile_eye.png Palestinian factional feud worsens

reptile_eye.png Shooting resumes, Gaza cease-fire ends

crusader.png Defiant Hamas rejects call for elections

stormtrooper.png Abbas forces overrun part of Gaza after polls call

Winning The Destruction Of Iraq

stormtrooper.png Iraqi death squad leader evades capture as more US troops die

crusader.png Dozens kidnapped at Baghdad Red Crescent office

smiley-tongue-out.png Powell sez: We Are Losing In Iraq - Former Secretary Of State Says More Troops Isn't The Answer

attention_sign.png "These people should be court-martialed"

stormtrooper.png About Face: Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal

cowboy_hat.png Bush to Ask for 20,000 or More Additional Troops to be Sent to Iraq

road_cone.png US general says Iraq could 'break' army

stormtrooper.png The Green Zone Follies: U.S. Army Mutiny in Progress?

smiley-tongue-out.png Britain never thought Saddam was threat - diplomat

America's Zionist Body Politic

reptile_eye.png Groups Mute Criticism of Iraq Report After Bush Assurances That He Will Ignore It

blue_questionmark.png McCain's Character

money.png US accused of using aid to sway votes in UN security council

cowboy_hat.png Enthusiasm for president waning among Greenwich Republicans

cowboy_hat.png UAE Opinion: Bush Response to Baker Report 'Truly Astounding'

frog.png Propaganda: An American Global Retreat: A Scenario for Catastrophe in 2010

search.png Tucson military recruiters ran cocaine - Some kept visiting schools for 3 years after FBI caught them on tape

syringe.png Lethal injection halted in Calif., Florida

Feed The Rich - Starve The Poor

skullbones.png More Americans hungry, homeless in 2006

money.png The Great Wealth Transfer - more of the nation's bounty held in fewer and fewer hands. And Bush's tax cuts are only making the problem worse

money.png Wealth Transfer? Hunger and Homelessness? The Real Culprit: Corpocracy

money.png How Dangerous is the Dollar Drop?

money.png Pentagon to ask $468.9 bln budget for fiscal 2008 - While More Americans Go Hungry and Homeless and Without Healthcare

piggybank.png Tax Leads Americans Abroad to Renounce U.S.

money.png Land of the Free: Seizing of debtors' cars is curtailed

Creeping Fascism Spreads In Western "Democracies"

search.png Showdown Looms Over Domestic Spying

donald_duck.png Tortured Canadian Cleared By Ottawa Inquiry Still on U.S. 'Watch List'

reptile_eye.png Criminalizing Compassion in the War on Terror: Muslim Charities and the Case of Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir

pie_chart.png 66% Think U.S. Spies on Its Citizens - 52% in Poll Back Hearings on Handling of Domestic Surveillance

cowboy_hat.png Aussie Man Wearing Anti-Bush T-Shirt Not Allowed To Board Flight

spying.png US Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research

speaker.png Telephone lie detector claims to catch fibbers

key.png History lessons from the 'splendid little war'

Setting Up Syria And Iran

u-s-flag.png Bush accused of gagging critic of Iran policy

do_not_enter.png White House Forbids Publication Of Op-Ed On Iran By Former Bush Official

reptile_eye.png Olmert rejects Syrian calls for peace talks

condiments.png The Truth About The Tehran Holocaust Conference - By One Who Was There

reptile_eye.png Spin-doctoring Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria

werewolf.png Russian Opinion: Does Iran Really Want a U.S. Withdrawal? ... Hell No!'

nuclear.png Iran offers Arab states nuclear technology

reptile_eye.png Iran bloggers test regime's tolerance

Death Through Health

baby_bottle.png High-dose fertility drugs put mothers and babies at risk

reptile_eye.png Medics face death while Libya uses HIV children as diplomatic pawns

reptile_eye.png Stem cell baby deaths probe 'too close to the truth', claims investigator

reptile_eye.png Ukraine babies in stem cell probe - Healthy new-born babies killed in Ukraine to feed international trade in stem cells

reptile_eye.png Israeli Pharmaceutical Giant Involved in Stem Cell Research: From primordial cell soup to a therapy

syringe.png Drug maker accused of cover-up - Documents show side effects of Eli Lilly schizophrenia pill were played down in marketing

syringe.png Diabetes breakthrough - Toronto scientists cure disease in mice

condiments.png Mass. health plan drawing interest as model for US - Universal care issue reemerges

syringe.png Corporate Agribusiness Is Behind Our Deadly Food Supply - An E. coli outbreak in China could spell disaster in your own dining room

cropcircle3.png Farming polytunnels unlawful, says judge

Climate Chaos

lightning.png Pacific NW winds kill four, leave 500,000 powerless

snowman.png 1 climber found dead, 2 still missing

snowman.png Thousands in Northwest bracing for fifth night without power

snowman.png Carbon Monoxide Poisons 100 in Northwest - People Using Generators and Grills for Heat and Light After Major Storm

lightning.png Australian bushfires leave grisly trail of environmental damage

sun.png Fast-tracking global warming - A Texas utility giant hopes to be able to emit more CO2 than most countries.

earth.png Seven dead, 150 injured in Indonesian earthquake

earth.png Global Warming: Shorelines may be in greater peril than thought

fireball.png Fireball Friday 15th December Over Albuquerque

Corruption: Business as Usual

money.png Ethics are dead. Long live BAE! - Dropping the inquiry into the Al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia is a triumph of realpolitik over principle.

money.png Flashback: US accuses British over BAE arms deal bribery bid

money.png Flashback: BAE faces corruption claims around world - Disclosures on Czech deal to be referred to police

money.png Flashback: Homes for executive's mistress 'bought from BAE fund'

money.png Blair defends decision to drop fraud probe into Saudi arms deal - Business Profits Supercede the Rule of Law?

money.png Arms and the man - Blair and the Saudi Arms Deal Probe

reptile_eye.png Blackmailed by dictators - Blair has shamefully flouted the law to protect the arms industry's bungs. It's an all-time low

Closing in on Tony Blair

garfield.png Blair on surprise Baghdad visit

stormtrooper.png Blair sez: UK troops to stay in Iraq until job done

garfield.png The final, ghastly days of Blair

search.png No 10 investigated for perversion of justice

garfield.png Knives are out for Lord Levy as Blair rift grows

garfield.png Blair aides deny 'shambles' memo link

garfield.png No. 10 secret memo: We are seen as a shambles

Publishing Shenanigans

eye_of_ra.png Time magazine's "Person of the Year" is You

smiley-tongue-out.png Publisher of OJ Simpson murder book is sacked

smiley-tongue-out.png Fired Editor's Remarks Said to Have Provoked Murdoch

joker.png Crichton finds novel way to exact revenge on critic

penis_pump.png Cock and Bull - Michael Crichton: Jurassic Prick

penis_pump.png Jurassic Prick's Child-Rape Fantasies Revealed

35mm_film.png U.S. Fines Oliver Stone as Part of 'Barbaric Blockade'

Suffolk Murders

mib.png Suffolk Strangler: Police release CCTV footage of murdered prostitute

mib.png Suffolk Strangler: British police begin putting together 'jigsaw puzzle' of Ipswich murders

mib.png Suffolk Strangler: No 10 'blocked move to legalise prostitution'

blue_questionmark.png Suffolk Strangler: Twist religious motive behind deaths sez psychic

mib.png Man held over Suffolk murders

Developing Chaos

stormtrooper.png Bangladeshi detainee flown home from Guantanamo

road_cone.png Pakistan wedding fire - Kills 27 Women and Children Including Bride

reptile_eye.png Bombay frees killer leopards to roam wild in city

heart.png Judge Unity Dow, the first woman to be appointed a high court judge in Botswana

Britain - Echoes Of Empire

donald_duck.png Desperate Mugabe allows white farmers to come back

do_not_enter.png British tycoon seizes TV crew in battle over Mugabe film

handgun.png Drugs boom fuels Dublin gang killings - five murders in a fortnight testify to a ruthless underworld war

grocery_bag.png Minister warns 'can work, won't work' Britons over benefits

European Unity

search.png Shvets sez: Litvinenko killed over dossier on Russian

frog.png France to withdraw special forces from Afghanistan

blue_questionmark.png Le Pen dynasty's bid to renew appeal of far right

do_not_enter.png Journalist Predicts: Turkey is not going to join the EU

The Human Condition - It's All In Your Head

blue_questionmark.png It's all in your head - Diagnosis Made by Hallucinatory Voices

perfume.png Over 50 Vietnamese girls faint due to mass 'hysteria'

cupcake.png 'Holy' chocolate sighting linked to survival instinct

blue_questionmark.png With just a touch, a spirit is healed

ufo.png "Do You See What I See?"

ufo.png 'Ridicule factor' fading, UFO buff says

pink_rose.png Why are we so hooked on conspiracies?

In God's Name

dr_evil.png Religious offering: Faith, hope - and Western vanity - From Hair to There

eye_of_ra.png America's religious right: God's own country

reptile_eye.png Catholic church in new sex abuse row

crusader.png Solved at last: the burning mystery of Joan of Arc

blue_questionmark.png When was Jesus born?

Cornering Cuba

flamingo.png US lawmakers set to wrap up visit to Cuba

flamingo.png Cuba says ailing Castro well enough to work the phones

flamingo.png Cuba denies Castro has cancer

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