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Signs of the Times for Sat, 11 Mar 2006

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the way the world works? If you were to find yourself in a position to enact real change, to spread truth to the world at large, imagine the ways that you would get it done. Once you begin to think back to a time when you first started to question the lies, and when you felt that need to find the truth and help others to find it too, you will begin to see that you can really make a difference today.

Now is the time to rise up for the truth!

That is where we are right now, with our constant efforts in the past to push forward and get our material out to the world, we have positioned ourselves to go to the next level. Lobbying the Neo-Cons is useless, the only way to effect real change is to act now and give people the truth.

We are nearing the final stages of starting the unstoppable ball rolling, and now is the time that you begin to find yourself poised to help bring the world to the truth, and to expose the Matrix like reality!

If you were to donate €100 to help the project to expand and reach more and more people, we know that you would feel proud of the immense results that occured thanks to supporters like you in our network!

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New Signs of the Times Podcast!

Welcome to the Signs of the Times Podcast with editors (from left to right) Joe Quinn, Henry See, and Scott Ogrin.

Signs of the Times editors Scott Ogrin, Joe Quinn, and Henry See receive noted author Stanley B. Stillingfleet to discuss the subject of his forthcoming book on the trafficking of humans, drugs, and arms, a glimpse into the dark side of pathocratic society. The book will be published by Red Pill Press later in 2006.

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Sexual Exploitation as Control System
Organic Portals and Psychopathy
Supernovas, Comets, and the Middle East
The Media Part 2
Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
There are approximately 6 billion of us on this planet, the lives and fortunes of whom are directed in various ways by a relatively small group of elected, or unelected, individuals who together make up what is called 'government'.

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Kurt Nimmo
9 Mar 06
It is interesting to follow the corporate media’s take on Iran’s response to threats of military action, most recently amplified by John Bolton and Dick Cheney in speeches delivered to the primary constituency of the United States government, AIPAC. Iran’s “President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s [comments about retaliating if his country is attacked] came as Tehran struck an increasingly threatening tone, with the top Iranian delegate to the U.N. atomic watchdog agency warning a day earlier that the United States will face ‘harm and pain’ if the Security Council becomes involved,” according to ABC News.

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March 10, 2006
Dave McGowan
Center or an Informed America
One of the most amazing things about this case is that even if we accept without question the tale told by Cheney and Armstrong - if we accept that this 'accident' occurred exactly as we have been told it happened - it is perfectly obvious that the consensus media opinion that there was no misconduct or negligence is simply untrue. By his own account, Cheney was hunting by vehicle, a decidedly unsafe, and unethical, practice. By his own account, he was out in a three-man hunting party. By his own account, he made no effort to ascertain the whereabouts of anyone else in his party before firing away. By his own account, he was firing at a bird that would have had to have been flying ridiculously low. By his own account, he swung his gun far beyond "the mid-point" to take his shot. By his own account, he had been drinking that day (undoubtedly far more than he has admitted to). By his own account, he was hunting in flat terrain with a party that included a hostess, two other hunters, several guides and outriders (scouts on horseback), a medical team, and a Secret Service team -- and yet he swung his gun around blindly a full 180º to take a shot at an alleged bird that was supposedly flying just a few feet off the ground.

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March 10, 2006
Dave McGowan
Center for an Informed America
It's hard not to notice, by the way, that two alleged members of the hunting party just happen to have the same last name as the police constable who determined in record time that "this in fact is an accident." Small world, isn't it? It's also hard not to notice that the name of another member of the party contains the names of two of the handful of towns that make up Kenedy County, Texas: Armstrong and Sarita. One wonders if Kenedy County is little more than the Armstrong family's private fiefdom. Perhaps this is a good time to take a quick look at some Armstrong family history.

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Chaotic States of America

smiley-tongue-out.png 30 US Reps for Bush Impeachment Inquiry - APN Interviews Conyers, Swanson, and Goodman

heart.png Soldiers Back From Iraq, Unable to Get Help They Need

heart.png Join The ExxonMobil War Boycott - Buy Citgo - VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS

cow_skull.png Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low - fewer Americans consider Bush likable, honest, strong and dependable

cow.png Americans take their ringside seats for the great conservative crack-up

attention_sign.png House votes to dump state food safety laws

money.png 'Washington Post' To Cut 80 Newsroom Jobs, Sources Say

attention_sign.png Vote spike blamed on program snafu - Adds 100 K Phantom Votes

attention_sign.png Man Votes for Himself, Machine Flips Vote to Opponent!

cow_skull.png Bush Jokes are No longer Funny

cowboy_boot.png Typical political arrogance - George W. Bush has managed to make us miss Bill Clinton.

Big Brother

heart.png 260 Doctors Call for End to Force-Feeding at Guantanamo

reptile_eye.png The Gitmo Documents - Four Characters in Search of a Prosecutor: Miller, Boykin, Cambone and Feith

search.png Why Data Mining Won't Stop Terror

search.png Watch What You Say - How the telephone company listens in on your calls and what they tell the government.

search.png Pentagon admits errors in spying on protesters

smiley-tongue-out.png US found guilty of violating Shoshone human rights

reptile_eye.png The Most Powerful Weapon In The World - Strategic Communication Laboratories and the war for your mind

reptile_eye.png G.O.P. Senators Say Accord Is Set on Wiretapping


reptile_eye.png Illegal Spying, Spineless Congress: Oversight by Capitulation

Neighbourhood Bully

reptile_eye.png UN: Israel wall forcing Palestinians out

reptile_eye.png Int'l organizations balk at Israel's demands on seam-line workers

reptile_eye.png Israelis Want Aipac-Backed Bill Softened

reptile_eye.png From AIPAC to Check Point - Is Check Point's problem over Sourcefire caused by a hostile Washington bureaucracy?

smiley-tongue-out.png Hamas attacks Israel border plan

reptile_eye.png West Bank settlements: Wrong from the start

nuclear.png How Britain helped Israel make the bomb

nuclear.png Britain gave Israel plutonium, files show

Time to Kill Our Children and Sing About It

penis_pump.png War Pimps and Whores: The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran

nuclear.png War Whore US Beefs Up Iran Dossier

nuclear.png War Pimping US congressmen press for Iran sanctions bill

nuclear.png War Pimp Israel sez 'US not doing enough to stop Iran'

nuclear.png War Whore Bush: Iran 'grave' security concern

reptile_eye.png War Pimp Ex-Israel Military Chief:West Can Cripple Iran Nuclear Program

penis_pump.png Media Whore Bill O'Reilly: Blowing Iran "off the face of the earth ... would be the sane thing to do"

Science and Beyond

heart.png The Physics of Friendship

road_cone.png Blessing of Da Vinci date error

attention_sign.png Key to Strong Memory in Old Age: Just Believe

ufo.png 'Phoenix Lights' mystery still debated

ufo.png 'UFO sighting really took my breath away'

easter_island.png View of Easter Island Disaster All Wrong, Researchers Say

key.png Satellite Sleuth Closes in on Noah's Ark Mystery

lightbulb.png Three cosmic enigmas, one answer

syringe.png Nipple piercing may have caused fatal infection in Newfoundland 17-year-old

clock.png Ark's Quantum Quirks

As the World Burns

cowboy_hat.png U.S. More Intent on Blocking Chavez - Venezuela's leader seeks to rally opposition to Washington as elections near in the region.

epluribus.png The Coming Resource Wars

smiley-tongue-out.png Berlusconi faces corruption charge

reptile_eye.png UK cited for 'obsessive' anti-Semitism

attention_sign.png De Menezes Case: Senior officers: we knew wrong man was shot

mib.png Revealed: Maxwell was under investigation for war crimes - Police files cast new light on mystery of tycoon's death

road_cone.png Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead in Cell

Push and Tug

smiley-tongue-out.png New world relationships

money.png Feds Order U.S. Banks to Sever Syria Ties

nuclear.png Dr Strangedeal - Congress should veto George Bush's nuclear agreement with India

road_cone.png Reuters Claims US Military to Blame for Killing of Reporters - Not Reported in US Media

heart.png The White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent

smiley-tongue-out.png O'Connor Decries Republican Attacks on Courts

Busharro World

smiley-tongue-out.png Scholars for 9/11 Truth - A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon

attention_sign.png Important for 9/11 Research: Brain Blindness

bart.png Chickenhawk: Bush Goes on Offensive To Explain War Strategy - Speeches to Combat Public Pessimism

cow_skull.png Bush says his beliefs unshaken by poor poll numbers


Money, Money, Money

bart.png Externalizing the Cost of War

u-s-flag.png Former Top Bush Aide Accused of Md. Thefts - Refund Scam Netted Grifter $5,000, Police Say

money.png Despite Another $67 Billion, Our Army is Broke and Badly Depleted

money.png Lawmakers: Wal-Mart threatens US payment system

money.png The Fed Officially Kicks Off the Next Recession

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