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Signs of the Times for Mon, 20 Feb 2006

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Signs of the Times
We get many emails from readers asking what they can do. They see the dire situation facing the United States and feel helpless. Many say that before finding our site, they wondered if they were crazy or if they were the only one that saw what was happening to their country. If you have benefited from our work, then there is likely to be someone else out there who could, too. But how do we reach them?

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Donald Hunt
February 20, 2006

There was much optimism about the U.S. economy from mainstream analysts last week, buoyed by rising stocks and falling oil prices (down 3.3%) and, for a while, falling gold prices (gold actually ended up a bit). The hope is that fresh quarterly earnings reports from major retailers this week will keep the U.S. stock market rising...

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Henry See
Signs of the Times
February 20, 2006
Many people in the United States see that their country is in the midst of the greatest crisis it has ever faced. However, as long as they remain blind to the fact that their government was complicit in the attacks of 9/11, they will remain impotent to confront their adversary, underestimating its deviousness and malicious character.

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Signs of the Times
Joe Quinn
There can be little doubt that the very same Western powers that created the modern-day Middle East are now in the process of destroying it. Yet it is a constant source of amazement to us how a Middle East plan that began with then British Secretary for War Winston Churchill employing chemical weapons to 'placate' the indigenous Arab tribal population of then Mesopotamia, can have continued on so seamlessly for almost 100 years of the history of the political elite, until today, when Churchill's heir finds himself slavishly devoted to the same destructive impulse. What mechanism exists that can ensure the success of such a nefarious generation-spanning agenda?

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Kurt Nimmo
Another Day in the Empire

Occasionally I will take note of the lunatic wanderings of the Israeli settler Steven Plaut, a so-called economics professor in Israel (no doubt teaching his Jabotinsky-inspired brood how to steal land from Palestinians), if only to correct his lies and counter his slanderous remarks about your humble blogger. For instance, since the demise of David Horowitz’s Moonbat Central blog (probably retired because the reactionaries posting there often engaged in slander and outrageous if not transparent lies instead of making actual logical arguments, thus opening Horowitz and his CIA-connected meal ticket Richard Mellon Scaife to lawsuits), Plaut has since wandered about, “guest” posting on the blog of another dispossessed Horowitzite, Rocco DiPippo. In one such recent post, Plaut claims I was “fired” from Counterpunch.

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Kurt Nimmo
Another Day in the Empire

All of a sudden Saddam, or one of his groomed doubles, is talking on tape. Bush was right all along about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, or at least partially right, and there is a new shine of legitimacy on the invasion of Iraq and the murder of thousands of Iraqis who probably should have known better than to live in a country with such a perfidious dictator, a guy who messed around with weapons of mass destruction behind the back of the United Nations and the Greatest Darn Country on Earth.

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Bush's Amerika

reptile_eye.png Lawmakers Deride Assurances on Arab Port Firm

reptile_eye.png U.S. Blocks Accounts Of Ohio Islamic Charity

u-s-flag.png US lags in propaganda war: Rumsfeld

spying.png White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

stormtrooper.png The FBI and the Myth of Fingerprints:
A "100 Per Cent Certainty"

republican.png Who's Counting Bush's Mistakes?

u-s-flag.png From Conservatives to Brownshirts

cowboy_boot.png Talking to Bush Republicans: Don't Expect Any Smart Answers

spying.png No Child Left Un-recruited

Around the World

garbage_can.png EU trio join UN call for closing Guantanamo camp

dr_evil.png Torture flights landed in UK, admit air controllers

reptile_eye.png U.S.-German Flare-Up Over Vast Nazi Camp Archives

nuclear.png France and India in nuclear deal

academy_award.png France denies meddling in Lebanese affairs

story_default.png Airbus secures $2.5bn Indian deal

pc_mouse.png Reference Tool On Web Finds Fans, Censors

attention_sign.png Ruling Has Canada Planting Seeds of Private Health Care

vader.png Chavez to Rice: 'Don't Mess With Me'

attention_sign.png Mexican coal mine explosion traps 65 workers

Poisonous Planet

ducky.png India quarantines six as bird flu spreads faster

ducky.png Three more bird flu cases confirmed in Bulgaria

ducky.png German leader warns of 'serious' outbreak as bird flu spreads

ducky.png Health Experts Surprised at Rapid Spread of Bird Flu

black_cat.png Animal Diseases Jumping to Humans

syringe.png Children 'wrongly given' Ritalin

syringe.png Vaccinating For Profit - From Cradle to Coffin

red_flag.png China toxic spill leaves 20,000 without water

cow.png Meat with suspected anthrax found at Moscow market

9-11 and the War on Terror

u-s-flag.png Better Late Than Never Dept:
A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

questionable-story.png In audiotape, Osama bin Laden vows never to be captured alive

red_flag.png Afghan cartoon protesters threaten to join al Qaeda

reptile_eye.png Indonesian Muslims attack U.S. Embassy

Israel and Palestine

reptile_eye.png Israel halts payments to Palestinians, rules out contact with Hamas

red_flag.png 'Palestinians Will Get a Lot Thinner'

reptile_eye.png Abbas warns of financial 'crisis' after Israel cracks down

reptile_eye.png Why is Israel against Russia's meeting with Hamas leaders?


vader.png Iraq Bombings Kill 24 People

stormtrooper.png British troops executed unarmed Iraqi

stormtrooper.png Basra cuts co-operation with British over beating video

nuclear.png Bombing of Baghdad 'linked to UK radiation rise'

dr_evil.png Navy Counsel Issued Warning On Torture

donald_duck.png What if Cheney had Apologized for Iraq?


nuclear.png Iran to accept Russian proposal

nuclear.png Iran to pursue atomic research despite Russian plan

nuclear.png Iran's nuclear power

vader.png Georgia denies bases option for U.S. operation against Iran


earth.png Winter storms, frigid temperatures hit across US

attention_sign.png Development Raises Flood Risk Across U.S.

earth.png Bush's Chat With Novelist Alarms Environmentalists

Science and Quirks

lightbulb.png Born Believers? UA Researcher Examines Biological Bases for Religious Belief

frog.png There's something fishy about human brain evolution

vampire.png Japanese cult guru judged fit for appeal

film_strip.png Actress charged in TV show scheme

hotdog.png Ark's Quantum Quirks

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