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Signs of the Times for Mon, 20 Feb 2006

Signs Editorial:

Henry See
Signs of the Times
February 20, 2006
Many people in the United States see that their country is in the midst of the greatest crisis it has ever faced. However, as long as they remain blind to the fact that their government was complicit in the attacks of 9/11, they will remain impotent to confront their adversary, underestimating its deviousness and malicious character.

Jonathan Schell can write with passion. His book The Fate of the World, published during the Reagan years, was a powerful description of the madness of nuclear war. His account of nuclear winter, the aftermath of a "limited" nuclear war, a period when clouds of radioactive dust would block out the sunlight for years, turning the globe into an icy ball, has remained with me ever since.

Last week Tom Englehardt printed a column by Jonathan Schell that will appear in the March 6th issue of The Nation, a liberal US weekly. In it, Schell announced that he would end his old column, "Letter From Ground Zero", and begin a new series on "Crisis of the Republic". Mr. Schell senses the US Consitution is in danger and wishes to focus on that important question:

At the forefront of concern must be the question: Will the Constitution of the United States survive? Is the American state now in the midst of a transmutation in which the 217-year-old provisions for a balance of powers and popular freedoms are being overridden and canceled? Or will defenders of the Constitution step forward, as has happened in constitutional crises of the past, to save the system and restore its integrity?

Jonathan Schell is an intelligent and compassionate man, if his writings are any basis for judging. He sees the country which he loves changing for the worse, and he wishes to bring his skills to saving it. However, after almost four and one-half years of writing about the horrors that have come out of 9/11, Mr Schell, as so many other sincere and shocked viewers of the Bush regime, still accepts the official story that it was Osama bin Laden who pulled the trigger. If the US republic is in danger, it is in part because of good-hearted people like Mr. Schell who cannot imagine the adversary is as malevolent as it truly is and who are therefore blind to its true machinations and depravity.

Jonathan Schell's eloquent words about the crisis of the republic will come to nothing if the official story of 9/11 and the fairy tale of 19 Arab hijackers continues to be accepted by those who chronicle the crash and burn of that republic. As long as people refuse to recognise that 9/11 came from within, they will be unprepared and unable to face the true nature of the enemies of the republic they will remain incapable of defending it. Not only did this administration have foreknowledge of the attacks and allow them to happen, they were complicit in its organisation. Ever since, they have been lying and pinning the blame on Osama and the "Islamic fundamentalists".

Is it not curious the same media that bought and propagated unquestioningly the lies about Saddam's WMDs continue to buy the Big Lie? And people like Mr. Schell who know the Bush administration lied about WMD, and so many other things, refuse to consider they might also be lying about 9/11.

Why? Because they argue that it is impossible to organise a conspiracy of the scale of 9/11, or that American leaders wouldn't kill Americans. That is, they argue from preconceived notions rather than from the facts. They ignore or refuse to face the facts because accepting them means the disintegration of their world view. Truth takes a second place to preserving one's cherished beliefs.

Which is exactly why the perpetrators of 9/11, the Israelis and their supporters in Washington, can continue to get way with murder, of Afghanis, of Iraqis, of Palestinians, and, yes, even of Americans. That is why the Patriot Act was passed without debate, why Bush can spy on his countrymen illegally, why innocents can be jailed for thought crimes. That is why there is a crisis of the republic.

It is true that there are many crackpot theories about what happened on 9/11 that discredit the work of serious researchers into the question. But should we expect anything different? The perpetrators are well-schooled in the tactics of disinformation, but with a critical eye, one can see through it.

American society is being manipulated. Liberals are deceived into putting out small brush fires while the republic burns because they cannot imagine such a horror as a faked "terrorist" attack to justify all the subsequent events leading to the situation Mr Schell wishes to confront. Once more we come to a key element: the normal individual cannot put him or herself in the mindset of a psychopath. The normal individual cannot imagine the cold and calculating predatorial eye, unencumbered by empathy, compassion, or conscience. They do not know that what may be unthinkable for them is standard operating procedure for the psychopath.

People do not know about psychopaths, psychopathy, and the pathocracy. Not having these key pieces of the puzzle, they are like a child trying to do algebra without a knowledge of the multiplication tables or Christians who interpret the Bible literally. They are missing the more profound knowledge that would show the pieces in a new light, that would unlock the deeper mystery.

David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor is a lucid and objective look at the inconsistencies of the official version of 9/11. He piles up fact after fact that contradicts the accepted version. It should be required reading for anyone attempting to make sense of the events of the last six years. Griffin focuses uniquely on the events of 9/11. Those of you who want to understand the reasons behind the attacks might read 9/11: The Ultimate Truth by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the editors of Signs of the Times.

A understanding of pathocrats and the pathocracy can be had from reading Andrew Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology, a study of pathological types in power based upon his experience in Poland under communist rule. His analysis of the psychopath and the network of pathological types, who are well aware of their differences from "normal people" as Lobaczewski calls them, makes an important contribution to understanding what is happening today in the United States.

The psychopath has no conscience. Does that describe the Bush administration?

Yes, the republic is in crisis, but I fear it is much further along than Mr Schell or many other concerned Americans are willing to admit because of the inner prohibition against considering that 9/11 was not planned and carried out by Osama bin Laden.

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