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Signs of the Times for Fri, 15 Dec 2006

By Israel Shamir
A talk given in Paris on October 5, 2006 at the presentation of Notre-Dame des Douleurs, the French translation of Shamir's book Our Lady of Sorrow
The Jews learned much from a stupid mistake made by their enemy, Haman, a character in the biblical Book of Esther. Prime Minister Haman was asked: "What shall be done to the man whom the King delights to honour?" The dummy answered: "He should be given the greatest honours". Of course, Haman thought that the King Ahasuerus was referring to himself when he asked Haman the question. It quickly became clear that Haman made a mistake: the King had in mind his bitter enemy Mordecai; and Haman was forced to pay obeisance to the Jew.

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by Liza Featherstone
The Nation
Dec 14 06
"A Kennedy!" The older ladies of Spofford Hills, a housing cooperative in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx, are brandishing cameras, thrilled to see the son of Robert F. Kennedy outside their building on this radiantly sunny day just before Thanksgiving. It doesn't hurt that Joe Kennedy is also president of Citizens Energy, a nonprofit providing heating assistance to low-income Americans, and that he's here to make a fuel delivery to Spofford Hills. But the real star of the day--though absent--is someone even more famous: Hugo Chávez.

Through Joe Kennedy's organization, the government of Venezuela--and Citgo, a petroleum company in which that country owns a controlling share--provides heating oil to poor and working-class Americans at a 40 percent discount. The gathering in the Bronx celebrated the program's second year, as well as its expansion: This winter, Citizens Energy and Citgo expect to deliver more than 100 million gallons of oil to more than 400,000 households in sixteen states, more than doubling the scope of last year's petro-philanthropy. Beneficiaries also include 163 American Indian tribes, most of them in Alaska.

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Jonathan Cook
Al-Ahram Weekly
Dec 14 2006
The official political leadership of Israel's more than one million Palestinian citizens issued a manifesto in Nazareth last week demanding a raft of changes to end the systematic discrimination exercised against non-Jews by the state since its creation nearly six decades ago.

Included in the manifesto - the first ever produced by the community's supreme political body, known as the High Follow-Up Committee - are calls for Israel to be reformed from a Jewish state that privileges its Jewish majority into "a state of all its citizens" and for sweeping changes to a national system of land control designed to exclude Palestinian citizens from influence.

The document is likely to further increase tensions between the Israeli government and the country's Palestinian minority, and has already been roundly condemned in the Hebrew media.

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Enough Already Iraq!

star.png Iraq set for final flourish

skullbones.png McCain calls for more troops in Iraq

mr-potato-head.png John McCain's Shameless Call for Escalation in Iraq

skullbones.png Army Top General Calls for More Troops in Iraq

stormtrooper.png War without End - "Fixing" the War

stormtrooper.png Why Withdrawal Is Unmentionable - Staying the Course with James Baker and the Iraq Study Group

vader.png Diplomat's suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war

search.png Former British diplomat makes public secret evidence on Iraq

reptile_eye.png Iraqis can't be blamed for the chaos unleashed by invasion - Bush and Blair must bear prime responsibility

perfume.png No Safety for Women in Iraq

stormtrooper.png Insurgents attack Iraqi president's convoy

search.png Britain's case for war in Iraq under fire

skullbones.png They saw the uniforms and knew to run

Around the World in 80 Clicks

scroll.png EU summit focuses on constitution

do_not_enter.png Tougher entry rules stall EU enlargement

cowboy_hat.png George W. Bush's Hero: Mugabe extends term to declare himself the 'President-for-life'

attention_sign.png The Dems & Bush's Deeply Flawed Lat. Am. Policy?

faucet.png US 'plot' to grab South America's water is all wet

cowboy_boot.png Washington and Caracas again on talking terms

red_flag.png Castro near death - Not much longer

fortune_cookie.png Japan creates first defense ministry since WWII

smiley-tongue-out.png Taiwan president's wife collapses at her corruption trial

garbage_can.png South Korea builds world's largest garbage-fuelled power plant

Stirring Up the Pot

cowboy_hat.png White House Sez: Syrian visits hurt progress - (Yeah, they might learn the truth!)

skullbones.png Civilians flee Somali town as government and Islamist rebels prepare for war

eagle.png France admits air raids on Darfur neighbours

reptile_eye.png New rape allegations against French troops during Rwandan genocide

alarmclock.png Tens of thousands displaced after Congo clashes -UN

stormtrooper.png Bombers hit Afghanistan as NATO launches operation

condiments.png War Whore "Wrong Way" Rice rejects engaging Iran, Syria on Iraq

tnt.png Pakistan accused of supporting Taliban

reptile_eye.png Who's running Lebanon?

Out to Get Ya!

vader.png Extremely odd behavior from the Washington Post re: the President's Rumsfeld lie

reptile_eye.png Neil Cavuto Giddy That Democrat Tim Johnson Had a Stroke

spying.png House considers independent ethics panel - But Don't Hold Your Breath With Pelosi in Charge

do_not_enter.png Republicrats To Voters: "The People Have Spoken! Now Shut The F**K Up!"

skullbones.png Anthrax Attack on U.S. Congress Made by Ft. Detrick, Md., Scientist and Covered Up by FBI, Expert Says

pie_chart.png Federal judge issues split decision on new Military Commissions Act

stormtrooper.png REVAMPING US FOREIGN POLICY, Part 1 - Full speed ahead, with menace

Manly Bullies in Britain

search.png Eliza Manningham-Buller MI5 chief to resign after only four years in charge

search.png Eliza Manningham-Buller - MI5 Chief - Neo-Fascist?

search.png Flashback: Eliza Manningham-Buller: Life in the shadows

search.png Flashback: Eliza Manningham-Buller sez: Defeating terror may mean giving up rights

search.png Flashback: Eliza Manningham-Buller sez: More Britons are turning to terror

search.png Flashback: Eliza Manningham-Buller Involved in Lockerbie False Flag Op

search.png Flashback: Blair: What he really knew - Did Eliza Know?

attention_sign.png Britain stops talk of 'war on terror'

Patronage Without Peer

skullbones.png 'National interest' halts arms corruption inquiry - Criminals Covering Up for Other Criminals

story_default.png Police quiz Blair inside Downing St on peerages

search.png 'National interest' halts arms corruption inquiry

reptile_eye.png Lord Michael Levy - Friend of Tony Blair

reptile_eye.png Flashback: Lord Levy: Labour's fundraiser - Blair's Buddy

Killing People to Show Killing People is Bad

skullbones.png Slow death prompts renewed calls to end US executions

skullbones.png Executions in the United States

skullbones.png BEFORE THE NEEDLES - Hanging, Electric Chair, Gas Chamber, Firing Squad and other historic methods of Capital Punishment

skullbones.png US campaigners rally after botched chemical execution

frog.png French murder verdict upheld - 82 years on - The System is Rotten Everywhere

People in the News!!!

academy_award.png Ban sworn in as U.N. secretary

mr-potato-head.png An Atheist Bullies the Faithful- And he's mostly right

u-s-flag.png Jon Tester: A New Kind of Populist

chemistry.png Inquest hears astrophysicist may have been poisoned at the South Pole

pc_mouse.png Thoughts on Gary McKinnon - The Computer Hacker and His Likely Fate

Major Manipulations

play_button.png Israeli 9/11 Hijacker Believed Planes Were Being Landed By Remote Control

skullbones.png The Holocaust Was Part of a Larger Genocide

heart.png Fall in love only with Jews

eagle.png TWA Flight 800 - 'Zoom climb' scenario falling apart

Murder Inc

perfume.png Gaza City: 'Free the women and you free the whole country'

reptile_eye.png Clashes at border as Hamas tries to bring in cash - Israel Steals Cash

red_flag.png Hamas accuses rival of PM attack

house.png Don't Abandon Bethlehem, Mayor Urges Christians Worldwide

Target Iran

envelope.png Iranians vote in test for Ahmadinejad

crusader.png Iran vote seen as referendum on Ahmadinejad - President criticized for failed promises

nuclear.png Arabs want action on Israel nukes

nuclear.png Iran seizes on Israeli PM's atomic 'confession' - Tehran demands U.N. action as tensions increase between two countries

India: The Future?

eye_of_ra.png India's shame

nuclear.png Indian minister defends U.S. nuke deal

stormtrooper.png Fencing the Porous Bangladesh Border

money.png Japanese business must regain lost ground in India: PM

The Science Desk

comet.png Comets hold life chemistry clues

syringe.png Battling a Black Epidemic

blue_questionmark.png Dramatic Drop in Breast Cancer Could Link to Hormones

star.png Physicist: Stars can be strange

attention_sign.png One gene 90 percent responsible for making common parasite dangerous

molecule.png Self-assembling Nano-ice Discovered - Structure Resembles DNA

alarmclock.png Breast cancer may be sexually transmitted

attention_sign.png USGS scientists worry about being muzzled

do_not_enter.png US scientists reject interference by Bush Administration

Grab Bag

u-s-flag.png Snapshot of the US: Annual survey published since 1878 shows dramatic changes in American lives

cow_skull.png Diverting Red Sea to Save Dead Sea Could Create Environmental Crisis

donald_duck.png Thieves make off with Bizet's bust in series of cemetery raids

garfield.png Embassies and public duped by Belgian TV hoax

penis_pump.png Google to "consider" removing "offensive material" from Google Earth

telescope.png Alarm sounded on future space warfare - Terrorists may target satellite systems, Bush administration says

Cosmic Weather

sun.png Feeling strange? Severe Space Storm Headed to Earth

sun.png Freak solar explosion disrupts satellites

red_x_sign.png Public preparedness for a big shake is down

lightning.png Do we still need to wake up to the future?

earth.png The Solution to Global Warming Is Us

earth.png Rising oceans could threaten low-lying coasts

Down the Tubes

fortune_cookie.png Data restrictions cost economy £500m

money.png US banks predict sterling set to crash

piggybank.png The Economy: Not Looking Like Christmas

fortune_cookie.png China, U.S. agree to tackle global imbalances

Cats and Snakes

book.png Fact or fiction? The incredible world of Kitty Kelley

reptile_eye.png Python living down the toilet

garfield.png Head of US polygamist sect to stand trial on rape charges

u-s-flag.png New bill for blind Texas hunters

Suffolk Strangler

spying.png Suffolk Strangler Update: British prostitutes get help as police hunt killer

spying.png Police warn Suffolk killer could strike again

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